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Mega Man from the Ruby-Spears animated series.

"I'm as good or better than you Proto Man!"
―Mega Man, Episode 1: The Beginning

Mega Man is the main titular character of the the animated TV series Mega Man created by Ruby-Spears.


Unlike his other incarnations, Mega Man is portrayed as a tall muscular teenager with a can-do attitude and a sharp wit.

He is voiced by Ian James Corlett.


Rather than copy a Robot Master’s abilities after defeating them, Mega Man can simply copy the data of their weapons by touching their weapons, though he doesn’t change color when he does.


Season 1


Season 2



  • Mega Man didn’t change color when he copied another Robot Master’s abilities because the color change effect would be too confusing during animation. [1]
  • Ian James Corlett has done a number of other works in the franchise, including Dr. Wily and Dr. Light in Captain N: The Game Master.


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