Mega Man as he appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

Mega Man is a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series, debuting in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. He returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Mega Man debuts as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. While his proportions and movements are closely based on his NES appearance, his appearance possesses traits from his design in Mega Man Universe. His special moves in his moveset can be swapped out for some variations once they are unlocked.

Mega Man's playstyle is unique and unorthodox when compared to other fighters, having many projectiles in his moveset (his neutral attack, forward tilt, forward smash, neutral aerial, up aerial, Metal Blade (Standard Special), Crash Bomber (Side Special) and Leaf Shield (Down Special; thrown) are all projectiles). However, this only makes Mega Man's comboing ability better and more reliable, as his attacks can easily link into the other when used correctly, allowing Mega Man to easily rack up large amounts of damage on an opponent. His Metal Blade (Standard special Move) and Crash Bomber (Side Special Move) are considered to be two of the best projectiles in the game, as both have a wide variety of uses: Crash Bomber is a reliable mindgame tool that forces a punishable reaction out of the opponent: a defensive move (such as shielding or rolling), rushing Mega Man down in an attempt to give back the crash bomber, or simply taking the damage from its explosion. It also dishes out a good amount of shield damage and can combine well with the Metal Blade, forward smash, up aerial, and leaf shield for shield pressure. Metal Blades can string into a grab or dash attack, edgeguard, pressure shields, and even string into up tilt for a kill at higher percentages. Leaf Shield deprives the user of many of his options but in exchange he is granted four hitboxes around him and gives him the unique ability to attack while shielding or during invincibility frames, and it can also be used to gimp or interrupt recoveries of certain characters (such as Ness). When fired as a projectile, it also travels at a further range than any of his others and has high priority, it will outprioritize many other projectiles and continue moving. Complementing his heavy weight, Mega Man possesses an above average recovery in Rush Coil that makes him difficult to kill: it not only boosts him at a high distance, but has the unique quirk of allowing Mega Man to still use his double jump if he hasn't already and should Rush remain on-screen long enough, bouncing off of him can save the player if Mega Man gets meteor smashed.

Mega Man does have some notable flaws, however: While Mega Man has a good amount of attacks with good knockback, the majority of his kill moves are considered situational, difficult to set up, or and/or are easy to punish. As such, he has a more difficult time killing than other characters and it requires good reads to successfully finish off opponents. Characters that have a move that either reflects projectiles or can nullify them (such as Fox or Lady Palutena) can also prove to be an annoyance for him due to his over-reliance on projectiles to combo opponents and bait reactions and it can render his Forward Smash (one of his better kill moves) unreliable, though this can be worked around by firing the Mega Buster twice at a time, and most reflectors are punishable if baited and he can still grab them. Although Mega Man can effectively zone opponents at medium ranges with the Mega Buster, most of his other moves are fairly laggy or gimmicky and his only reliable tool in close range is his grab, and as such faster characters (such as Greninja or Captain Falcon) can bypass his zoning more easily and put work on him in closer ranges and due to his above average weight and falling speed, Mega Man is somewhat easy for these characters to combo once they get in, assuming that they have any combo potential.

All in all, and like in the original games, Mega Man excels at medium range, having little to no trouble to keep opponents at distance, though it can be risky for him to fight at close range. He has to use his fantastic projectiles at medium range and bait opponents so he can grab them to rack up damage, all while keeping his distance until the opponent is weak enough to finish it with one of his slow, yet powerful finishing moves.


Attack Name Damage Description
Neutral attack (Jab) Mega Buster 1-2%
2.5% (sweetspot)
Mega Man fires up to three bullets from his blaster. They dissapear after travelling a moderate distance. Does more damage if the foe is near Mega Man's arm cannon (the sweetspot).
Forward tilt (Strong Forward Attack) Mega Buster 2% Same as before, but Mega Man can move while shooting. The cannon does no damage unlike in his neutral attack.
Up tilt (Strong Up Attack) Mega Upper 17% (clean hit)
12% (mid hit)
8% (late hit)
This is Mega Man's strongest physical move. It comes out very fast, and inflicts heavy damage if the opponent is hit at the start of the move, KOing them at high damage percentages (90% or more). Does less damage and has less KO potential if the opponent is hit during the mid or the ending part of the move.
Down tilt (Strong Down Attack) Sliding 8% (clean hit)
5% (late hit)
Mega Man slides to attack the foe. It comes out very fast. Low knockback, but can avoid projectiles. It does more damage at the start of the move.
Dash attack Top Spin 1% (hits 1-7)
3% (hit 8)
10% if all hits connect
Mega Man spins forward, hitting opponents he comes contact into several times before stopping.
Side Smash Charge Shot 11.5%
(19.5% if fully charged)
Mega Man fires a charged shot. Like the Mega Buster, it disappears after travelling a moderate distance. The longer the move is charged, the farther it travels, the stronger it becomes and the larger the projectile becomes.
Interestingly enough, and unlike his other smash attacks, this attack doesn't adjust to the global multiplier bonus when a smash attack is charged (x1.4), as the attack's hitbox is coded with 10 damage.
Up Smash Spark Shock

2% (hit 1)
1.5% (hits 2-6)
6% (hit 7)
16% if all hits connect (22.4% when fully charged)

Mega Man transforms his hands into electrodes that electrocute opponents above him, hitting the opponent multiple times (2-3%), the last hit causing three times more damage (6-9%). After the attack, the Mega Busters open, venting out excess heat, meaning this move's cooldown is a bit long.
Down Smash Flame Blast 17% (23.8% when fully charged, clean hit)
14% (19.6% when fully charged, mid hit)
9% (12.6% when fully charged, late hit)
Mega Man puts his busters on the ground, creating two flame pillars on either side of him. Can KO opponents easily when fully charged if the clean hit is landed at medium damage percentages (65% or more) due to its very high knockback. After the attack, the Mega Busters open, venting out excess heat, meaning this move's cooldown is rather long.
Neutral aerial Mega Buster 1-2%
4% (sweetspot)
Like the grounded version. The cannon has high knockback.
Forward aerial Flame Sword 9% (sweetspot)
5% (sourspot)
A quick overhead slash with a flaming sword. Sourspot is at the end of the move. Good for combos.
Back aerial Slash Claw 3% (hit 1)
4% (second hit)
5% (third hit)
(12% total)
Mega Man slashes opponents behind him. May hit opponents three times. The last hit has high knockback if the opponents' damage percentage is high.
Up aerial Air Shooter 1-3% per hit Mega Man shoots a mini-tornado that elevates the opponent upwards if the first hit connects. May KO the opponent at mid-high damage percentages, especially if the opponent tries to jump to avoid it.
Down aerial Hard Knuckle 14% (sweetspot)
12% (sourspot)
Mega Man fires his fist downwards. The start of the move sends opponents flying horizontally (sweetspot). If hit near the move's end, the move is a meteor smash, which will send any opponent in the air downwards (sourspot), one of the very few projectiles in the game with this trait. Although safer than most other meteor smashes, this move requires a set distance between you and your opponent in order to meteor smash and has long startup, making the move situational and outclassed by his other edgeguarding options.
Grab Super Arm Mega Man grabs the opponent and lifts them over his head.
Pummel 2-3% When grabbing them, Mega Man squeezes the opponent on his grip. Rather slow.
Throws 8% (forward)
11% (back)
7% (up)
4.5% (down)
Depending on the direction inputted, Mega Man will throw the opponent in that direction. When thrown downwards, the opponent bounces upwards when it hits the floor. The back throw is Mega Man's strongest throw, and it can KO at high damage percentages if it is used near the stage's ledge.
Standard special Metal Blade 3%, 5% if thrown
(usually hits twice in both cases)
Mega Man throws a Metal Blade in any of eight directions, which can be inputted just before throwing the Metal Blade. If thrown to the floor, it sticks to the ground. It can be picked up and thrown again if the opponent catches it or if it's stuck to the ground or a wall, and deals increased damage if used that way. Mega Man can't fire another Metal Blade until his previous dissapears.
Standard special (Custom 1) Hyper Bomb 8% Mega Man throws a bomb in any of eight directions like the Metal Blade, but in an arching motion. Cannot be picked and explodes in contact with the enemy.
Standard special (Custom 2) Shadow Blade 2% per hit Mega Man throws a Shadow Blade in any of eight directions like the Metal Blade, but it doesn't stick to the ground and can't be picked up. It has shorter range, but boomerangs back to where it was thrown.
Side special Crash Bomber 1-2% per hit, up to 8% Mega Man fires a Crash Bomb, which latches onto fighters and can be transferred between them. After a short time, the bomb explodes, hitting multiple times. Dissapears after travelling a moderate distance. Operates identically to the Gooey Bomb from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but with a shorter time before exploding, and the bomb flies straight ahead.
Side special custom 1 Ice Slasher 4% Mega Man fires an icy spear that deals half the damage the Crash Bomber deals, but pierces enemies and may freeze them at medium damage percentages, sending them straight upwards into the air for positional advantages and juggles.
Side special custom 2 Danger Wrap 13% total: 3% (first two explosions) 7% (last explosion) Mega Man fires a bomb encased in a big bubble that slowly rises upwards. Upon contact with an opponent, it explodes, dealing reasonable damage and high kill power.
Up special Rush Coil None Mega Man summons his trusted dog, Rush, which helps him greatly bounce upwards on his Rush Coil. Jumping a 2nd time will make Mega Man bounce higher. Opponents can also bounce over him, even when activated mid-air. After a while, Rush teleports away. Similar to Sonic the Hedgehog's Spring.
Up special custom 1 Tornado Hold 1-2% per hit, up to 6% Mega Man drops a fan on the ground that creates a tornado, helping him slowly rise to the air. Pushes away anyone caught in the the tornado, inflicting damage. If used mid-air, the fan will fall as Mega Man gets pushed up.
Up special custom 2 Beat None Mega Man summons Beat, which he grabs onto as it lifts him upwards with greater vertical distance, but carries him at a slower speed than Rush Coil.
Down special Leaf Shield 2% per leaf
4% when thrown
Mega Man summons an orbiting shield of leaves. It blocks projectiles at the cost of one leaf. It can be fired forwards by pressing the special button again. The leaves dissapear after some time.
Down special custom 1 Plant Barrier 4% when orbiting
6% when thrown
Mega Man summons an orbiting shield of petals. Like the Leaf Shield, it blocks projectiles, but the petals do not dissapear when hit, circulate around the user in a wider area, and deal slightly more damage. In exchange, it has slower startup (both on activation and when fired) and flies a much shorter distance when thrown at a slower speed. It also lasts a shorter duration, which can be both a harm and a help depending on the situation.
Down special custom 2 Skull Barrier 0% when orbiting
2% when thrown
Mega Man summons an orbiting shield of blue skulls. It does no damage at all, but it reflects projectiles back. It also travels a bit slower like the Plant Barrier.
Final Smash Mega Legends 1-2% Black Hole Bomb
around 37% beams
Mega Man fires a Black Hole Bomb forward. After shooting, the bomb will detonate after a set distance, but can be detonated prematurely by pressing the special move button or if the bomb touches another player, causing 1%. Pressing the button again will instantly force the bomb to suck the opponent(s), dealing 1-2%. If anyone touches the black hole, they will be sucked in. A cutscene then occurs where Mega Man summons his other four incarnations: X, MegaMan.EXE, MegaMan Volnutt and Star Force Mega Man. All five proceed to charge their respective Busters and fire energy beams at the opponent, causing around 37% damage. It KOs at mid-high damage percentages, starting at 58%.


Mega Man
North America:
The main hero from Capcom's 1987 action game, Mega Man. He travels from stage to stage, defeating Robot Masters to obtain new weapons. He uses this vast arsenal in Smash Bros. in a variety of ways. Metal Blades, for example, can be fired in eight directions and picked up off the ground!

In 1989, Capcom's new action hero, Mega Man, arrived in Europe! He made his way through levels, defeated bosses and took their weapons. He's got plenty of weapons in this game, too. His Metal Blade, for example, can be thrown in eight directions and goes right through foes! If it sticks in the ground, though, anyone can pick it up.

Mega Man (Alt.)
Mega Man has more than 10 different weapons at his disposal. His forward air attack, Flame Sword, affects a wide area and doesn't leave much of an opening, making it useful in a variety of situations. His Leaf Shield special spins four leaves around him to deflect projectiles or hurt foes. He can also fire the leaves forward.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Mega Man as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Mega Man returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate along with all the past playable characters as part of this new game. Gameplay wise Mega Man is mostly the same as before, but due to the removal of the custom move system for the characters' special moves, the variations for all of Mega Man's special moves have been removed. In addition, his Mega Legends Final Smash has been updated to include both Proto Man and Bass as part of the attack. Unlike the previous game, Mega Man is no longer part of the starting roster and needs to be unlocked, since only the 8 starting characters from the original Super Smash Bros. will serve as the starting roster.[1]

Unlocking criteria

To unlock Mega Man, the player must meet the following criteria

  • Mega Man is the 42nd character unlocked by playing VS matches.
  • Clear Classic Mode with Pikachu or anyone unlocked within Pikachu's Classic Mode, being the 4th character in it's unlock path.
  • Rescue Mega Man in World of Light.


  • In his debut trailer, he fights against Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, and various other characters, and after holding his own, he proceeds to turn the tables via his Special Weapons system moveset.
    • He also appears in the trailer "Red, Yellow, and Blue", which, as implied by the title, he alongside Sonic the Hedgehog share the "blue" designation, while Mario represented "red", and Pac-Man, the subject of the trailer, represented yellow.
  • He appeared in the Ultimate Ridley reveal trailer, where he alongside Mario and Samus are exploring a dark mechanical area, but Mega Man got impaled by Ridley's tail. During this time, the death sound effect from the Mega Man series (which plays when Mega Man loses all his stamina and it kills him) is briefly heard.