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Grey employing the Model A Biometal

A Mega Man (ロックマン Rockman) in the Mega Man ZX series is a person who can activate a Biometal and perform the Megamerge. They may also be referred to as Chosen Ones (選ばれし者 Erabareshi Mono) or Biomatches (適合者 Tekigousha).


Mega Men may be either humans or Reploids, and despite the name, they can also be female. There is no age restriction either, although most of them tend to be young. In Mega Man ZX, the manner in which one is selected to become a Mega Man is unclear, but Fistleo the Predatoroid implicates that the Mavericks spare those deemed worthy of the Biometals.

In Mega Man ZX Advent, it is revealed by one of Model A's ciphers (code UC80 to AC195) that all Mega Men have the DNA of Master Albert, the man who made Model W and one of the Sage Trinity. Because of the laws promoting bionic bodies for humans and lifespans for Reploids, members of both species are required to go to Legion at some point of their lives, allowing Master Albert to embed his DNA on those considered worthy. The reason for this is the existence of a cipher made by Master Albert which locks Model W's power to his DNA; therefore, only those with Master Albert's DNA can unleash the power of Model W. Promising candidates are manipulated by Prometheus and Pandora, who match them with Biometals under Master Albert's orders to perpetrate the Game of Destiny.

It is also implied by Model A that only Chosen Ones can hear the voices of Biometals.


Main article: Game of Destiny

The first known Mega Men are Prometheus and Pandora, sibling Reploids made by Albert with the commandment to determine the strongest Mega Man. They were given a fraction of Model W's power and sent out to match Albert's Chosen Ones with Biometals, making them fight until only one was left. This marked the beginning of the Game of Destiny, in which the survivor would attain Model W and rule the world as Mega Man king. For centuries, Prometheus and Pandora drafted many Mega Men into the fight for Model W, which is the central point of conflict in the Mega Man ZX series.

List of Mega Men


  • The existence of multiple Mega Men was first established in the Mega Man Legends series, where the name "Mega Man" is applied to the units at the service of the Master System. However, the Legends series is set in the far future of the ZX series.
  • Ashe is the only Mega Man who was not actually chosen by Master Albert. However, Ashe is Albert's biological descendant and their genetic similarities allow her to use the power of Biometals.
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