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This article is about Mega Man's appearance in the Mega Man comic book series by Archie Comics.
"I know you don't want to make fighting robots anymore, and if I can get the others to stop being bad, I will. But if I have to fight...I have to fight. Otherwise, who will help everyone?"
—Mega Man, Mega Man #1

Mega Man (created 200X), civilian name Rock, is the main protagonist of the Mega Man comic series, published by Archie Comics. He is a human-based helper robot from the year 20XX, who protects Mega City.

Rock and his sister Roll were created by world-renowned robotics engineer Dr. Light as his lab assistants, but quickly came to be regarded by Dr. Light as his children as well. They helped him build his Robot Masters, robots designed to help humanity. Unfortunately, Dr. Light's old colleague Dr. Wily became jealous of Light's successes and reprogrammed the Robot Masters for his own efforts in taking over the world. With no one else capable of stopping Wily, Rock agreed to be modified into a combat robot in order to stop the renegade Robot Masters, and thus became the heroic Mega Man. He would go on to challenge Dr. Wily and other threats, and gain new allies along the way.


Early life

Rock Light and his sister, Roll, were created by Dr. Thomas Light after their older brother Blues had run away from home. Rock, similar to his sister and brother, had been named after a musical genre (in his and Roll's case, "Rock and Roll") due to Dr. Light's love of music.[1] Both Rock and Roll were built to assist Dr. Light at Light Labs, whether it be everyday tasks or building robots. It was also theorized by Dr. Noele Lalinde, Light's close friend and colleague, that Thomas may have built Rock and Roll for Blues so that if he ever chose to return he would no longer be the only Robot in the family. Other Robot Masters were created later, but appear not to have been considered Light's children or Rock's siblings.

Let the Games Begin!

In the year 200X, at the Titanium Park, Rock, Roll, and Dr. Light were preparing for the unveiling of the Robot Masters-Cut Man, Guts Man, Bomb Man, Elec Man, Fire Man, and Ice Man-when Dr. Light's co-worker, Dr. Albert W. Wily, came in to check up on Light. Rock and Roll tried to help Wily in any way they could, but he brushed them off and Dr. Light whether he (Doctor Wily) would get any recognition as Dr. Light presented the Robot Masters. Dr. Light gently told his old friend no, as Wily's history of unethical work in the field of robotics could prove damaging to Light Labs' reputation. After a brief discussion Dr. Wily seemingly backed off from his position, but during the ensuing press conference Rock noted him leaving in an obvious huff.

Rock declares his selfless sacrifice on defeating Dr. Wily.

That night, Rock and Roll helped Dr. Light get ready for bed, but questioned him regarding his upset about a question posed by the report Ripot during the press conference about him previously building war robots. Light admitted that he had previously built such robots in order to raise funding for his real work: building robots who could become "more than just tools" and making the world a better place for people and machines. Unfortunately, the trio awoke the next morning to find the Robot Masters gone, with the news showing footage of them attacking the city. Dr. Wily then pirated the broadcast signal and announced that he was behind the attack, and demanded that the world surrender to his rule. Dr. Light, horrified, told Rock and Roll that nobody could hope to stop the Robot Masters due to their advanced technology. However, after some silent contemplation, Rock volunteered to do the job himself by having Dr. Light modify him to fight. Impressed by his determination, Dr. Light agreed, and fitted him with armor and weaponry, including the Mega Buster and Copy Chip. Taking inspiration from his primary weapon, Rock declared himself to be Mega Man.

Mega Man noticing the two soldiers that were eavesdropping on the robot.

Mega Man was subsequently teleported to war-torn Mega City, which served as a test of his new means of travel. Aghast at the destruction, he contacted Dr. Light and questioned why Wily would do such a thing with the Robot Master, and was informed that his adversary was "a selfish man of petty thoughts" who needed to be stopped. Dr. Light advised Mega Man to go after Bomb Man first, prompting some complaint from Rock as to why his "father" hadn't created Origami Man or Pillow Man instead. Light responded that his robots were made to help people, and Mega Man apologized and attributed it to nerves. He was then surprised by a pair of soldiers, who had overheard his intention to confront Bomb Man, and reassured them as to his noble intent. He then began looking for Bomb Man, only to be attacked by Fleas and a Sniper Joe, whom Dr. Light seemed to recognize but then advised him to avoid. Mega Man soon found Bomb Man and tried talking with him, but the volatile Robot Master attacked him with his Hyper Bomb. Forced to fight back, Mega Man disabled him with the Mega Buster and then copied his weapon, and was informed that he could only use one at a time.

Mega Man obtaining Bomb Man's weapon.

Feeling that a single weapon was "already too much" as he looked on the downed Bomb Man, Mega Man set out to find the next Robot Master. Teleporting to a nearby quarry, he ran across a force of robots including a Met, and to his despair was forced to destroy them, something he felt wasn't right given that they had been reprogrammed against their wills. He then confronted Guts Man, who despite his low intellect proved too powerful for the Mega Buster, forcing Mega Man to employ the Hyper Bomb. Taking Guts Man down and copying his Super Arm, he then asked Dr. Light to send him to Cut Man's location, surprising the doctor with his abruptness. As he proceeded into Cut Man's facility, Dr. Light and Roll recognized that Rock's change in attitude was due to feeling that he had betrayed his peaceful programming by fighting other robots, despite that it was for a good cause. Roll then surprised Mega Man by calling him and helping him see that his feelings of regret were evidence that he wasn't a monster like Dr. Wily. Defeating Cut Man with the Super Arm, he thanked Roll for helping him get his head on straight before expressing his intentions to finish the job.

Mega Man squared off against Elec Man, who had taken over a power plant, next, and was nearly fried by his opponent's electrical traps. However, he managed to reach Elec Man and defeated him using Cut Man's Rolling Cutter, allowing him to add the Thunder Beam to his arsenal. After expressing his confidence, Rock was surprised when Dr. Light immediately transported him to a water treatment planet taken over by Ice Man. Having gone from depressed to cocky, Mega Man blasted his way through the defenses to confront Ice Man, and handily defeated him using the Thunder Beam. After obtaining the Ice Slasher he moved on to Fire Man's base, the result of yet another abrupt teleport by Dr. Light. Dismissing it as urgency on the doctor's part, Mega Man faced off with Fire Man and easily dispatched him, claiming the Fire Storm as his prize. Much to his shock, Mega Man found himself teleported back to Light Labs and trapped in a forcefield, and angrily tried to escape using his weapons, only to come to a halt as a terrified Roll fled the room in response to his tantrum. Ashamed, and feeling that he had become as bad as Wily, he asked Dr. Light to take away his weaponry, including the Mega Buster.

Dr. Light dissipated the forcefield and informed Rock that he was not evil, but that he had been overwhelmed by the power and responsibility he carried. Light then explained that while he had created Rock, the passion that made him Mega Man wasn't Light's doing. He then assured him that he would do everything to help him, and that he would remove the weapons once Dr. Wily's threat was ended. Mega Man was then equipped with a new tool, the Magnet Beam, and apologized to both Dr. Light and Roll, though his sister gave him an earful over wrecking the floor. By analyzing the data he had copied from the Robot Master, Dr. Light was able to give Mega Man the location of Dr. Wily's Robot Manufacturing Plant, Bidding his father and sister farewell, he teleported to the fortress, unaware that Wily had recovered the Robot Master and prepared them for a rematch with him. After fighting his way through various defenses, he ran into the Yellow Devil, who proved to be a formidable adversary but fell after Mega Man discovered the weak spot in its single eye. Finding a teleporter pod, Mega Man used it in hopes of reaching Wily, only to land himself in the midst of the six repaired and angry Robot Master. Mega Man informed them that he was confident he could beat them given his previous victories, but then announced that he had no desire to, and that all of them were doing things that weren't their purpose.

He invited the six to come back to Light Labs for reprogramming, only to cause a division: Cut Man, Fire Man, and Bomb Man proved to be in favor of rejecting Wily, but Elec Man, Guts Man, and Ice Man wanted revenge for their prior defeats. A battle ensued between the six that Mega Man wisely used to cover his escape, and then employed the Magnet Beam to cross a room full of spikes. Unfortunately, Wily had another nasty surprise for him, in the form of a machine that created a duplicate of him: the Copy Robot. A stalemate resulted as the clone proved to possess all the same weapons Mega Man had obtained, but Mega Man escaped the fight using the Magnet Beam. The six Robot Master then surprised him by destroying the copy, which they saw as fulfilling their orders to destroy "a" Mega Man. Reconciled with his fellow Robot Master, Mega Man was then forced to deal with the Wily Machine 1, which Wily piloted against him while mocking him as an "embarrassment" of a robot not worth the effort of stealing. However, Mega Man then hit the weapon with a barrage of Special Weapons, retorting that while he had Dr. Light and Roll to care for him, Wily had been forced to steal the Robot Master for publicity and hadn't even been able to stop Mega Man with them.

In the midst of the confrontation, Mega Man ran out of ammunition for his Special Weapons, and Dr. Wily attempted to escape. Mega Man managed to bring down the machine with his Mega Buster, and in its wreckage Wily muttered that his genius had been thwarted by "the brute force of [Light's] robots" and that he would perish "knowing that [he] was the better man." Mega Man surprised his foe by dragging him out of the wreckage, but the ungrateful Wily ordered the Robot Masters to destroy him when they arrived. However, using their defeat of Copy Robot as an excuse, they claimed that they had fulfilled their orders. Mega Man was then able to get in touch with Roll and Dr. Light again, and informed them of his victory and imminent return. Unbeknownst to him, however, Wily had a pair of aces left up his sleeve: the Robot Masters Time Man and Oil Man.

Time Keeps Slipping

Mega Man and the reprogrammed Robot Masters were soon hard at work repairing the damage caused by their attacks on the city. He, Bomb Man, and Guts Man made a game of the reconstruction effort, though their antics quickly got on Roll's nerves. They continued while Dr. Light was being interviewed by federal agents Gilbert D. Stern and Roslyn Krantz, but got a little carried away and upset Roll yet again. At Dr. Light's suggestion, Roll went to go pick up groceries while he and Mega Man left to join the escort taking Dr. Wily from the county jail to federal prison. As the convoy was in motion, Rock questioned what would become of Dr. Wily, and Dr. Light explained that he would be held there because he violated human laws. Rock questioned whether or not he would be reprogrammed to make him safe, but Dr. Light explained that people couldn't be reprogrammed like robots. Dr. Light extolled the virtues of human free will, but was forced to inform Rock that he and the other Robot Master didn't possess such a capacity for choice. However, he did express his hopes that one day a robot could be created that possessed the X-Factor that granted true free will.

After Wily was picked up from the prison, the convoy was attacked by a Sniper Joe, and Mega Man took it on. Unbeknownst to him, however, the attacking robot was merely a distraction that enabled Time Man to sneak in and rescue Wily. His handy dispatch of the Sniper Joe impressed Agent Krantz, but when Wily was discovered missing Agent Stern accused both of them of helping Wily escape. Dr. Light denied this accusation vehemently, and Agent Krantz broke up the argument between the two men. Mega Man then volunteered to help find Wily, but Stern's suspicions prompted him to refuse. Dr. Light then turned himself in to assure the agents of his innocence in the matter of Wily's escape. Mega Man tried to convince him not to do so, but Light chose to trust in justice and asked Mega Man to return home and watch over Roll. Reluctantly, Mega Man returned to Light Labs, only to find that Roll had been abducted by Oil Man on Wily's orders. Despite Wily's warning not to send anyone after him, Mega Man approached the other Robot Masters for help. After some discussion, it was decided that Cut Man and Ice Man would accompany Mega Man in his search while the others continued the cleanup effort.

Returning to Wily's lair, the trio of Robots fought their way through the remaining defenses before reaching the room where Mega Man fought the Copy Robot. They then discovered a previously unknown passageway that led them to a subterranean level, which led to a flooded chamber containing the CWU-01P. After an intense struggle they managed to dispatch it, before making their way back up into the castle and then regrouping with the rest of the Robot Masters. They were then joined by Agent Krantz, who had learned of Roll's abduction after checking on Light Labs when Mega Man didn't answer Dr. Light's calls. After conferencing with Agent Stern and Dr. Light, they determined that Wily might be hiding out in a workshop where the Robot Master were tested, and Agent Krantz set out for it with the Robot Masters for backup. Unfortunately, their numbers began dwindling mysteriously as they made their way deeper into the facility, and they found Roll and Wily only to be attacked by Time Man and Oil Man. Mega Man engaged them while Agent Krantz tried to rescue Roll, only for the other Robot Masters to reappear under Wily's control.

Mega Man urged Agent Krantz to rescue Roll while he challenged the Robot Masters, although he admitted that he was fairly certain it would lead to his demise. Asking him to call her Rosie, she carried out his instructions, and he engaged the Robot Masters only to find himself at Time Man's mercy. However, Elec Man and the others then came to his aid, revealing that it had all been an act-Dr. Light had installed safeguards against them being reprogrammed again. They then took care of Time Man and Oil Man while Mega Man was reunited with Roll, who suggested that he stop Wily. However, the doctor had the last laugh, as he had addressed them using a hologram and had long since made his escape. Mega Man was then reunited with Dr. Light, and asked Agent Stern whether he trusted them yet. Stern responded that he didn't, but added that "[he didn't] trust anyone" and that Mega Man had done well. Rock and his father and sister then set to work repairing Time Man and Oil Man, with Dr. Light remarking that he feared Wily might yet pose a problem. When Roll expressed fear that his new developments might make them obsolete, Light assured them that they were his children and nothing could ever be more precious. Unbeknownst to them, they were being watched by a mysterious figure.

The Return of Doctor Wily

Days after Wily's escape, Rock (mostly clothed in his blue armor), Roll, Dr. Light, and Auto are celebrating the memorial of Rock's alias, Mega Man, and his services to the world. As everyone except Auto are happy for Rock to finally return and to help at home with his family, but Auto tries to talk Rock returning back into Mega Man, as the green robot thinks Rock looked super cool with his armor and when he was shooting evil robots. Auto tries to negotiate with Dr. Light on telling said doctor that Mega Man needs to remain a hero since [Rock] will be giving up his future glory. Dr. Light denies, as he is in full agreement with his two children. Auto, agitated, decides to mention that if Wily returns, then the green robot can say "I told you so!". Rock then mentions that Dr. Light doesn't think Wily is a threat anymore, and to back up this statement, Dr. Light then explains that Wily was a threat when he stole the Light Robot Masters. But, since the Light Robot Masters are completely tamper-proofed of any of Wily's malicious coding, Wily has no resources nor the time to make any Robot Masters even if he could.

Roll then brings up the fact that even if Wily returned, then the police would immediately catch the evil scientist. Auto then yells that he can't help Dr. Light because Mega Man is home, but Rock then tells Auto that there's always room for help as well as Auto's shop. Roll then tells Rock that Auto is being a fanboy and that reasoning with him should stop since there is no end. As everyone except Auto is laughing at this joke, a mysterious character inside the house fake-laughed at the joke. Suddenly, the mysterious character, revealed to be Quick Man, runs towards Mega Man, asks if the Light family seriously thought they had beaten Dr. Wily, and punches the Blue Bomber. The Robot Master then throws two Quick Boomerangs at Rock while the latter is heading to a wall, trapping the Blue Bomber at the wall. Quick Man then slide-kicks Roll, catches her, and throws her to Dr. Light as the two make it on a rolling chair. Quick Man then punches Auto before he could finish his sentence that he started when Mega Man was punched by Quick Man (this implies that Quick Man was so fast, that Auto barely could finish his sentence that was less than ten words long).

After getting the Light family's attention, Quick Man introduces himself, and announces that Dr. Wily has returned, seeking revenge on both Mega Man and on the world. Quick Man continues to explain that his seven brothers are ready to destroy the city at will in six hours, unless the "bwave, wittle, Mega Man" can stop Quick Man or his brothers. Quick Man then mentions that only Mega Man can stop the Wily Robot Masters, as if the authorities or other forces are contacted, the Robot Masters will attack the city earlier. Quick Man tells Mega Man to meet him at Titanium Park when he's ready. Quick Man then leaves Light Labs, and Auto tries to get Mega Man out of Quick Man's boomerangs traps.

Roll asks Dr. Light how Dr. Wily could build more robots, but Dr. Light is stumped, as he doesn't know how Dr. Wily could have the time or the resources to build eight Robot Masters quickly. Mega Man, furious that Dr. Wily hurt and threaten his family, then decides to go after Wily once again. Dr. Light warns his son that the Robot Masters made by Wily were designed for combat and destroying Mega Man–unlike the Light Robot Masters, which were built for work. Dr. Light then comments how the message was announced too brazen; as if it was another trap. Mega Man then states that this Robot Master attack is another trap, but because Wily is threatening his family this time, he will go after Wily to but his evil ambitions to rest. As the Light family are helping Mega Man prepare to transport to Titanium Park, Dr. Light will monitor and help his son like he previously did when the Light Robot Masters attacked. Mega Man, telling his family farewell for now, transport to Titanium Park.

And so, Mega Man is teleported to Titanium Park to find Quick Man. Unbeknownst to Rock, however, is that Quick Man is spying on the former and was about to destroy Mega Man quickly until Dr. Wily interrupts the Robot Masters, reminding Quick Man that he was supposed to lure Mega Man to Titanium Park to fight the Robot Master there–Wood Man–and return back to his location. Quick Man argues with Wily, suggesting that if he would destroy Mega Man now, Wily's plan would be complete, instead of Mega Man destroying Wood Man. Wily then replies that either way would work for his "master plan," and tells Quick Man to return to his post. Quick Man then unwilling returns back to his post, and Mega Man heads to the North Gardens. When approaching Wood Man, Mega Man is confused, questioning Wood Man (who is sitting down with Kukku, Robbit, and Friender robots) not being the Robot Master [Rock] had saw.

Wood Man reveals to Mega Man that the Robot Master that ambushed him back at Light Labs was Quick Man, and Mega Man tries to reason with Wood Man, only for the latter to refuse, as what purpose would an all wood-robot have? Wood Man then shoos off the robotic pets away as he prepares to face Mega Man. Mega Man then faces Wood Man, declaring that no one will ever threaten his city or family again. Wood Man blocks Mega Man's Mega Buster shoots via the Leaf Shield, and then thrusts the Leaf Shield towards Mega Man, damaging the Blue Bomber. After hiding from Wood Man's Leaf Shield thrusting in a robotic tree, with Wood Man asking if this was the best Rock could do, Mega Man is contacted by Dr. Light, who tells Mega Man then Wood Man can be easily destroyed with a charged Mega Buster shot. Mega Man asks Dr. Light if the former can save Wood Man, not destroy him, but Dr. Light replies to this question, saying that Wood Man was made to destroy Mega Man, not to help humanity. Mega Man, understanding what must be done, charges a Mega Buster shot, runs towards Wood Man, and shoots the Wily Robot Master at a point-blank range, destroying Wood Man.

Depressed that he couldn't save Wood Man, Mega Man copies Wood Man's Master Weapon, which immediately gives the Blue Bomber the weapon but also an energy spike simultaneously. Dr. Light notices this and asks Mega Man if he is all right, but Mega Man forgets about that and asks Dr. Light if the latter can rebuild Wood Man and the Wily Robot Masters Mega Man encounters later back to normal. Dr. Light assures Mega Man that, while no promises will be made, he will try his best to rebuild the Robot Masters and give them functions. Dr. Light then tells Mega Man that the new Robot Masters are keeping a low profile, but Rock then speculates that Wood Man was at the central point to ambush the city, and a waterway leading to a hydroelectric plant is nearby the park.

Dr. Light tells Rock about the speculation, agrees, and tells his son to watch out for the water currents. As Mega Man is progressing through the hydroelectric plant, Bubble Man is spying on Rock, soliloquizes about Mega Man falling to his doom at the lair of the persona. Mega Man goes under water, avoiding spiked-mines and Shrink enemies from the Anko robots. Bubble Man, who watches the Blue Bomber destroying the robot enemies, is furious at the latter destroying and making a mockery of himself. Bubble Man then has had enough of being mocked by not only his Robot Master brethren, but by Dr. Wily himself. Mega Man then interrupts Bubble Man, asking if there is a dangerous Robot Master nearby. Agitated, Bubble Man shoots his Master Weapon, the Bubble Lead, at Mega Man. Mega Man, luckily, switches to the Leaf Shield weapon and launches it towards Bubble Man, decapitating and ripping apart the Wily Robot Master.

Quick Man ambushing Mega Man, forcing him on the floor.

Mega Man, being burned by the sulfuric acid via the Bubble Lead, finds a piece of Bubble Man's armor, which gives him the Bubble Lead ability but also another energy spike. Dr. Light realizes these energy spikes are parts of viruses, but Mega Man brushes it off and decides to face the next Robot Master. Dr. Light asks Rock to come home and rest up, but Rock denies, as he has limited amount of time to face the remaining six Robot Masters. As he reaches the hydroelectric plant floor, Dr. Light tells Mega Man that he is letting the power going through his head once more, but Mega Man rejects that, as this is a different situation. As Mega Man asks Dr. Light to find the nearest location, Mega Man is suddenly ambushed by Quick Boomerangs, in which Quick Man forces Rock on the floor, asking Rock if he remembers him.

Mega Man then immediately begins to fire at Quick Man, but misses due to the Wily Robot Master's supersonic speed. Mega Man takes out the anger on Quick Man for ambushing his family earlier, but Quick Man, bemused at the fight, subdues Mega Man and begins to "speed things up a notch", as Quick Man and Mega Man teleport to a Geothermal Plant, the very location Heat Man is located. Quick Man reminds Mega Man to survive long enough that way the former can destroy the Blue Bomber. With this, Quick Man runs away from Mega Man, and the Blue Bomber begins to explore the area, attempting to find Heat Man. Dr. Light, who can barely communicate with Mega Man due to the weak signal, tells Mega Man that losing the geothermal plant would be drastic, and that Rock needs to hurry and defeat Heat Man. While the two are talking, Mega Man is ambushed by Telly robots, but he is able to shooting most of them down.

Mega Man then enters a room that has a sweating-Heat Man inside, waving his hand to produce some air. Heat Man notices Mega Man and asks if Fire Man ever gets hot, as Heat Man is a direct model based on Fire Man. Heat Man states that he doesn't even want to move, which allows Mega Man to ask if Heat Man wants to fight or surrender. Heat Man declines and begins to shoot himself like a fireball to Mega Man. Mega Man tries to contact Dr. Light, but is unable to due to a weak signal. Trying to shoot at Heat Man, Mega Man switches to the Leaf Shield weapon, only for it to burn to smithereens by Heat Man's Atomic Fire weapon. Mega Man then rethinks his strategy, as didn't think the Leaf Shield would burn.

Nevertheless, Mega Man switches to the Bubble Lead weapon, shoots it at Heat Man, and the latter is soaked. Heat Man surrenders himself, while Mega Man copies the Atomic Fire from Heat Man, again, receiving the malicious coding. Heat Man tells Mega Man to pass on a message to the Robot Master above, Crash Man, the message being "hello." Mega Man promises to Heat Man, and without hesitating, shoots at Heat Man's face, putting the Wily-Robot Master offline. Unbeknownst to Mega Man, his eyes turn red as he does this, indicating that the virus is beginning to have a greater effect on him.

Mega Man, from direction by Roll and Auto (Light being unavailable due to his working on an anti-virus system after witnessing Mega Man's uncharacteristic brutality on Heat Man and suspecting that Wily implemented malicious coding into his Robot Masters) then went to the top of the building where Crash Man was located at. The Blue Bomber then proceeded to taunt Crash Man in various ways, including the latter's lack of hands, eventually getting Crash Man enraged enough to recklessly cover the entire room with his crash bombs. Mega Man proceeded to use the Leaf Shield to evade the explosion in the nick of time. He then approached Crash Man (who was stuck under rubble) and copied his power. After Crash Man complimented him for his power, citing it was to "die in," Mega Man then finished him off by destroying the remains of the building in a controlled explosion, leaving a line of Crash Bombs in the process while under the influence of the virus.

Mega Man, after spotting the weather control center that Air Man was located at, then proceeded to enter the Control Center and fight his way to Air Man, although not before refusing to come home to Dr. Light to have a disc (containing the anti-virus) uploaded into him due to wanting to prove that he can stop Dr. Wily and Quick Man by himself. He initially had problems against Air Man, who taunted in a bored tone his superiority over Mega Man while blowing him. However, Mega Man then expended the remaining amount of power in his Leaf Shield to clog Air Man's fan, causing him to detonate. Light once again tells Mega Man to come home so he can get the virus update, although Mega Man, mostly because of the virus having a stronger effect on him from copying both his special weapon and part of his energy, refused. He then was informed by Dr. Light that Agents Krantz and Stern reported an attack by robots at a factory and quarry, causing Mega Man to deduce that was where the remaining two robots besides Quick Man were located.

Entering the factory first, he evaded the pressers only to end up ambushed by Metal Man, also injuring his leg from the latter's Metal Blade. Mega Man then proceeded to distract Metal Man by using Crash Bomb on him and then copying him from behind. Afterwards, he then decapitated the Robot Master, also plowing through Metal Man's attack in the process. Light then attempted to force Mega Man to return home for the update, but Mega Man broke the radio and turned off his transporter module. He then left for the rock quarry. Unknown to Mega Man, however, Light, after having Roll make calls, decided to remotely hack into Mega Man's systems to install the virus update. He eventually locates Flash Man, and conserved his energy by evading his attacks. However, he is eventually placed in the mercy of Flash Man via the latter's Time Stopper. His helmet then fell off revealing hair, much to Flash Man's chagrin, as he lacks hair. Mega Man eventually ended up saved by an unlikely savior: Quick Man, as he wanted to fight him.

Secretly, however, Mega Man copied Flash Man's data before pursuing Quick Man down various laser-locked areas. He then trapped Quick Man with his Time Stopper and finished him off with the Mega Buster while telling him that he and Wily won't hurt the people or his family again. Unfortunately, after copying Quick Man's power, he is fully corrupted, with the download being interrupted as a result. He is then forcibly teleported to Dr. Wily's new castle, where Wily confirmed to his new slave that he had implemented malware in each of his robots to bring him under his control. Light, left with no other options, had the original eight Robot Masters (whom he had Roll call earlier) summoned to rescue Mega Man, also handing them a databox containing the remaining 2% of the virus download to directly interface with Mega Man. He then narrowed down Mega Man's transportation to find the location of Wily's Castle.

In the meantime, Mega Man was given a purple scarf (making him resemble Mega Man?) and dusted. He then left to confront the Robot Masters as they fought the Wily Dragon, although hesitated to attack them when he had the opportunity. He was then restrained and had the remaining virus uploaded onto him. Mega Man then helped the other Robot Masters finish off the Wily Dragon with the Quick Boomerang, although not before Elec Man got himself injured. After being informed about what happened, he then received from Cut Man some program data containing the transport items and made his way with the other Robot Masters to Wily's inner chamber. However, all but Bomb Man were forced to deal with the other defenses, and eventually Bomb Man is forced to let Mega Man go on his own after all his Hyper Bomb ammo was depleted from dealing with a Boobeam trap. Mega Man then tried to throw everything he had at Wily in his Wily Machine as payback for the virus, but quickly decided against it after his first weapon of choice, the Metal Blades, ended up doing an unexpected amount of damage to his vehicle, causing him to wish he procured the weapon first.

Mega Man then tried to get Wily to surrender, but discovered that Wily had in fact been a space alien, or so it seemed. He eventually discovered that Wily was in fact using a hologram giving the illusion that he was an alien, and located Wily inside the main projector and forcibly removed him, angered and disappointed that Wily would resort to a cheap trick like a fake alien invasion. However, he was forced to let Wily escape after the latter set off the self-destruct sequence for the castle, saving all of the Robot Masters in the nick of time during the evacuation. They then celebrate, and Mega Man learned from Dr. Light that he has a new support unit: Rush. Because of Wily's escape, they ended up having to have Rock continue to be Mega Man indefinitely. Meanwhile, Wily is headed towards Lanfront Ruins in the Amazon.

Spiritus Ex Machina

Rock later accompanied his father, sister, Rush, and Elec Man to the Advanced Robotics Trade Show. The Robot Masters were supposed to be part of the Advanced Support Robotics, but Rock and Roll, largely because they were programmed to act exactly like human children, quickly became captivated by all the various robotics and machine parts and left while Dr. Light was about to explain to them what the event was all about. He eventually got into an argument with Pharaoh Man, one of Doctor Cossack's Robot Masters, in defense of Roll after the latter accidentally bumped into Dr. Cossack's daughter, Kalinka, although her father eventually quelled the argument and forgave Roll, knowing his friend Dr. Light would never have his creations do deliberate harm.

Rock then wondered how Dr. Cossack knew them, although Dr. Light eventually revealed how upon finding them. Rock also wondered, after witnessing Dr. Light knowing not only Dr. Cossack, but also Dr. Lalinde, if all the robotics scientists knew each other, although Kalinka informed Rock that they actually knew each other from college. He then asked Cossack what Dr. Light was like back when he was before a doctor. He was also introduced to the emotionless Geological Survey Robot Master, Quake Woman (who originally went by the name of Tempo), and revealed his identity as Mega Man to her in the process. He also explains his functions as Mega Man to Pharaoh Man, also explaining he was named such for his primary weapon, the Mega Buster, when the latter expressed confusion regarding Mega Man's ability to copy other Robot Masters special weapons despite his name.

He eventually was bumped into by a supposed security guard and apologized to him, who forgave him (unknown to Rock at the time, the "security guard" was actually a member of the anti-Robotics terrorist group known as the Emerald Spears who alongside most of the members had replaced the actual security guards to stage a takeover of the convention). He also watched the resulting debate about free will between Dr. Light and Dr. Lalinde with interest, alongside Quake Woman (who was uninterested due to her emotionless nature) and Rush expressed concern. He quickly becomes Mega Man (he adopts the Mega Man armor the same way he changes special weapons) after it became apparent from a blackout and a sinister voice that the Emerald Spears took over the convention, and charged the stage as Doctors Light, Cossack, and Lalinde question his motives, also telling Rush to calm down.

He then tries to warn Harvey Greenleaf to not harm anyone at the convention, while also threatening one of the guards when they tried to forcibly remove Dr. Light. However, because of the three laws of robotics, he was unable to make do with his threat, as he cannot attack humans unless it is to save the lives of others, causing him to realize he was powerless to stop them. Nonetheless, with Dr. Light's input of disabling all the explosives in the convention center to stop the imminent threat the terrorist group posed with the three doctors distracting Harvey Greenleaf, Mega Man, Rush, and Quake Woman managed to leave the area to hunt down the bombs. Mega Man, also using his civilian identity of Rock, worked with Rush managed to distract the Emerald Spears soldiers and defeat them without violating the laws of robotics by locking them up in rooms while Pharaoh Man gave the locations of the bombs and Quake Woman and Elec Man located and disabled the bombs with their respective abilities.

However, after an incident where Rock/Mega Man sealed two soldiers into a stall in the rest room, he realized he can't keep up the act for long, and after getting a status report (Quake Woman having already disabled two and having located the third bomb, Elec Man disposing of a bomb and is in the process of diffusing the second while laying low, and Pharaoh Man having transmitted the locations of the final bombs and planning to diffuse several by himself if possible). Mega Man then told them to keep up the good work, and to hurry as he suspects the Doctors won't be able to stall for much longer. True to his suspicions, Xander Payne, who forcibly took command due to being unhappy with Harvey Greenleaf's attempts at ensuring their goals, ordered all available Emerald Spears members to attack the Robot Masters.

At first, Mega Man, alongside Quake Woman, Elec Man, and Pharaoh Man were powerless due to the three laws of robotics, but eventually fought back when the soldiers actions were endangering innocent people nearby. The bombs eventually went off near the lecture hall courtesy of Payne as a last ditch effort, although the Robot Masters and Rush weren't significantly harmed by the explosion. Mega Man, witnessing the explosion, realized that the Emerald Spears detonated their bombs while not only innocent people, but also their own forces were still nearby, and expressed shock and disgust at the action, although he realized with relief that Roll managed to get out of there with Kalinka. Elec Man and Quake Woman then arrived at Mega Man's location and tried to warn him about the doctors. Mega Man thought he meant they were in general danger and proposed evacuating everyone, although Elec Man then explained he actually meant the doctors specifically had still been in the lecture hall, which was one of the few locations that the Robot Masters hadn't diffused the bombs, one of them being responsible for the doctors' current situation.

Mega Man, realizing there is still time to save them, then plotted for Pharaoh Man and Rush to use the latter's abilities as a ruins excavation robot to track down the scientists, and that Quake Woman and himself will use the Quake Drill (Mega Man via his Special Weapons systems) to dig down and rescue them. He also told Quake Woman, when the latter implied callously that they might not survive before they get there, that they always should have hope regardless of whether the situation looked bleak. He then tells Elec Man, when the latter protested about not being able to do anything, to direct the other Robots to help out the humans, especially the wounded, and get them to safety. As they were about to start, however, Payne, having witnessed their survival, rushed outside the security hall to personally confront them and proceeded to shoot at Mega Man. Mega Man then warned Payne that his dad is still buried underneath, and he will stop him if he interferes, even if it means having to attack him.

Payne ignored his statements by citing that Mega Man cannot stop humanity and he will tear him apart if necessary, but was interrupted upon noticing Elec Man, the Robot Master responsible for harming him back when Dr. Wily took over Dr. Light's six Robot Masters. Capitalizing on the distraction from Payne's infuriated reaction to Elec Man, Mega Man used the Quake Drill to make the ground unstable for Payne and some of the soldiers accompanying him. He and Quake Woman proceeded to eliminate most of the rubble and, after evading some collapsing rubble, located the doctors. Unfortunately, they also discovered from Pharaoh Man that one of the other bombs was still active, and set to blow at any moment. Mega Man and Quake Woman then nearly sacrificed themselves by using the Quake Drill to vibrate the components out of alignment, and if that failed use the rubble to contain the explosion, but they narrowly managed to escape via the quake drill. Mega Man then is relieved upon learning that most of the Emerald Spears members were brought into custody, save for three (Payne himself and two other unidentified members).

Rock of Ages

Rock, back at Light Labs, proceeded to clean out the database, although he eventually questioned his father about "Blues," assuming it to be an error due to Rock being the first Robot Master. Light, however, reluctantly explained to Rock that it was no error, and that Blues was his brother. Rock was excited at the prospect of having an older brother and asked when he can meet him, although Light explained that he most likely won't, and with a heavy heart explained how he created Blues, and that Blues was most likely dead thanks to him. Although Rock believes after hearing the story that they should try to find him, Light believed it to be a waste as his malfunctioning core probably had dissipated by now.

Rock also appeared briefly in the second part of the Proto-Type arc, where Blues witnessed Light hugging him and Roll, to his distress (due to the implication that Light may have created them specifically to replace him). It was also implied that Wily was indirectly responsible for Rock and Roll's creation due to his telling Dr. Light, while the latter was grieving Blues' disappearance, to create some housekeeping robots.

Rock, or rather, Mega Man, eventually ended up undergoing modifications by Drs. Light, Cossack, and Lalinde (specifically, an upgrade to his legs that would have given Mega Man the ability to slide). Because of this, as well as unexpected errors that shut down the slide maneuver whenever it entered modes 9 and 10, Dr. Light was unable to take any calls, not even from Roll relating to a ship running aground at the beach she, Quake Woman, and Kalinka were at. Mega Man and Drs. Light and Lalinde eventually learned of the shipwreck from a news report after the upgrades were completed. They then rush over to find Roll, Quake Woman, Rush, Oil Man, and the recently-activated Splash Woman helping out all the people on the boat. Roll tries to be modest about it, although the others pointed out she actually did most of the work. Mega Man then aided Roll in helping out the evacuated people from the sunken ship.

Sometime in the future, Mega Man proceeded to enter the Chronos Insitute (which had been "modified" by Dr. Wily after accessing the facility's ability to control time) by blasting a hole in it. After being warned by Light about Wily's likely control over time, he ended up unintentionally dragged through time by Dr. Wily (the latter traveling through time himself to find out his status in the future), being zapped to the time he defeated Ra Moon (with him expressing confusion regarding Ra Moon's presence as he had defeated him earlier), fighting Gamma (also being surprised at his presence and Wily taunting him), and eventually discovering to his shock that he was in space, also confronting a mysterious green robot who claims his arrival was "destiny." His journey continued with defeating the Cossack Catcher and expressing confusion about Cossack's claims about a girl being dead and asking help regarding time fluctuations just as time zaps; being forced into a fight with Terra; and briefly witnessing the First Annual Robot Tournament as well as seeing himself, Roll, Eddie, Auto, and Dr. Light watching a match between Yamato Man and Knight Man, before leaving for Light Labs to find a way to stop the time travel.

Unfortunately, another jump found him fighting Bass in a ruined city (unintentionally dragging him along in the next time fluctuation); witnessing Duo falling into the ocean and wanting to help him only for Bass to stop him due to being disinterested, as well as pondering an anomaly (also giving Mega Man the first sighting of it); fighting alongside Proto Man a Robot Master named King (who expressed interest in recruiting the latter); and encountering Quint, or rather, Rockman Shadow, at a cityscape, and also telling Bass to calm down and focus on their current problem (resulting in a near fight between them just before they warped again). This time Mega Man ended up fighting Splash Woman (who made a cryptic reference to not wanting to retire to the scrap heap during the fight); and eventually being briefed by Dr. Light about the Roboenza virus. Mega Man and Bass eventually find the anomaly and proceeded to destroy it, aware that it might carry the risk of destroying themselves (although Bass implied that he was willing to do so especially if it destroyed Mega Man). Mega Man survived and awoke at Light Labs, with most of his memory of his time being mysteriously gone as well as an odd calibration of his time, though he decided he'll try to figure out what was going on later when given time.

Breaking Point

On New Years Eve, Mega Man gave (to the best of his ability, due to some shyness) a brief speech thanking them for making him the guest of honor and that they enjoy the festivities. He, alongside Roll and Dr. Light, later encountered Agent Krantz, and learned that the heavy police presence was because they suspected three members of the Emerald Spears terrorist group, who escaped after Mega Man had earlier thwarted their attack on the A.R.T.S. Show, would do an attack during the New Years Eve celebrations, and that Mega Man's presence might encourage them to do so. Mega Man then asked whether that was meant to infer that he should go into hiding, although Krantz corrected him and requested that he assist in protecting the city for the night, with Mega Man heartily agreeing.

Agent Stern then briefed Mega Man on what they know so far after interrogating the figurehead leader of the terrorist group, Harvey Greenleaf also confirmed that Xander Payne, the official second in command of the terror group, was the man who jumped the gun and set off the explosives during the A.R.T.S. Show while the doctors were still inside, and that he escaped with two other currently unidentified members of the Emerald Spears, also citing that, while bringing the two unidentified members would be nice, Payne is the top priority as he was the more dangerous threat due to a military background and a fanatical devotion to the cause. Mega Man, Stern, and Krantz then observe the footage and Mega Man briefly ponders whether they'll appear with the surveillance and drones nearby, although Stern tells him that he has a "gut feeling" that they will, much to Mega Man's confusion as robots don't have "guts," though they do have "internal diagnostics." After a drone was taken down, most likely by one of the Spears, Krantz and Stern proceed to go in separate directions to confront them, as well as give Mega Man conflicting orders to look after the other.

Mega Man got an idea with Rush to fulfill both commands by having Rush fly and then, with his Mega Buster, causing fireworks to fly. He ended up shot at by Xander Payne, who bore a grudge against Mega Man for his role in foiling his earlier attack on the A.R.T.S. Show, although his attack also had Mega Man spotting him, and contacting Krantz with Payne's location and proceeds with Stern to pursue the extremist. Mega Man then tries to save Stern after Payne nearly threw him off the building, although Stern tells him while hanging on to go after Payne. He then barely arrives at the countdown ball within ten seconds and defeats Payne, also having Rush take the bomb a safe distance away from everyone and blasts the bomb with his Mega Buster. Afterwards, Mega Man then gave a speech to everyone present as Payne is carted off to prison.

Later, on Valentine's Day, Mega Man and Roll, at Ice Man's request, arrived at his station to help Ice Man with deep ice research, also reminding a complaining Roll that she was the one who said they needed to get out of the lab once in a while and that they were given the ability to react to temperature alterations, particularly cold temperatures so that they'd know when they are in areas too cold for them to operate. However, Ice Man ended up ignoring Mega Man's greeting for Roll (obviously due to a crush on the latter). Mega Man also noticed that Quake Woman was nearby, and was also impressed when learning that she managed to use her Quake Drill to carve the ice heart that Ice Man tried to show off to Roll earlier, even requesting that he copy her ability and try it for himself.

This also led to Roll to match make Quake Woman and Mega Man. Roll then convinced Mega Man to have a date with Quake Woman under the pretense that it would help with her regaining emotions. However, as neither he nor Quake Woman have any understanding about romance, they tried to ask Ice Man for advice, although he coldly blew them off due to feeling frustration regarding not winning Roll's heart. They then tried to talk to each other while using Quake Drill, but it resulted in the ice giving way beneath them and all four of them falling in. Mega Man manages to get in contact with all but Quake Woman, as the latter couldn't respond. However, Ice Man senses the heat signatures for Quake Woman and directs him to her location while he searched for Roll. Mega Man then comforts Quake Woman (who was terrified due to memories of her near-fatal accident in the quarry) and agrees with her to just be friends as they search out Ice Man and Roll.

After they regroup, Mega Man, briefly getting an idea from Ice Man's warnings about their being in a high-pressure pocket and potentially getting crushed by the ceiling if it bursts from drilling, decided to drill the pocket and have Ice Man immediately create an ice platform for them to escape to the surface in. Although berated by Ice Man for the recklessness of the idea, Mega Man nonetheless pointed out that it worked. They then went inside to get warm.

A month later, on Mega Man's birthday, Mega Man was being prepared by Auto, Dr. Light, and Roll for the occasion. Mega Man briefly joked on Auto's obsession on polishing him by stating that he might have to be renamed Bright Man if he kept it up, with Light briefly telling Mega Man that Dr. Cossack was already working on a Robot Master of the same name. Mega Man briefly felt guilty for the city celebrating his birthday yet not for Roll, although Roll informed him that he deserved it due to stopping Dr. Wily three times, as well as the Emerald Spears twice. Mega Man then pointed out that Roll also had a major role in averting the ship disaster, with their eventually agreeing that Roll can get a holiday named after her after she does four more saves before telling him to quit worrying and enjoy his day, citing she was proud of him. They were supposed to go to the truck, but they ended up swarmed by reporters wanting to know some details about Mega Man before they could even get out of the door, including whether the rumors about Mega Man's love life were true as well as a possible soccer deal from Mega Man, and even one accusation of hiding Dr. Wily in the basement.

Mega Man was then asked by one of the reporters about how he feels about the celebrations, with him bashfully thanking everyone and just saying he wants to help. Unbeknownst to him, however, Dr. Wily, who had been in hiding at the Lanfront Ruins in the Amazon Rainforest, also saw the report, and also showed it to Mega Man's long lost and presumed deceased "older brother," Blues, rechristened Break Man, to instigate a fight between them while Wily tries to make contact with "Ivo" regarding their current plan. During the celebrations (where Guts Man, Cut Man, and Bomb Man each gave Mega Man gift cards due to being unable to find a proper gift in time despite fully intending to do so), Mayor Dorado then gives Mega Man the key to the rechristened Mega City, although the key is destroyed by Break Man (whom Dr. Light recognized as Blues due to his distinct tune).

Mega Man, not realizing the connection between the seemingly red Sniper Joe and his long-lost brother, tries to convince him to come down from the building he was on. However, Break Man attacks again, resulting in Mega Man and Rush flying up to confront him, as well as Bomb Man, Guts Man, and Cut Man arriving to back him up after Break Man injures Rush. He then helped Rush teleport away before noticing that the three Robot Masters were effortlessly and brutally defeated by the anonymous robot, who then introduces himself by saying "I'm Break Man... I broke them." Mega Man, sickened at Break Man's uncaring nature, then decides to not hold back and proceeded to fight him. However, Break Man manages to beat Mega Man with a charge shot and is about to land another blow when Mega Man surrenders and admits defeat, requesting only that Break Man spare his I.C. chip so Dr. Light isn't heartbroken. However, Break Man, unable to find it in him to kill his brother, tries to flee, but Mega Man stops him, citing that he still has to answer for his actions, and tries to unmask him, deducing he is not actually a Sniper Joe, but stops when he notices everything engulfed in a bright white light.

Worlds Collide

Sonic fighting against Mega Man.

Far into the future, thanks to the Second Genesis Wave launched a long time ago by a past incarnation of Dr. Wily and his new partner Dr. Eggman, Rock found Dr. Light lost in thought, apparently due to sensing something amiss, and asked him if he was all right. Rock then inquired what they were building today with the hopes that it isn't weaponized. Dr. Light then stated that it was a Robot Master he had put off since the original line, Bond Man, although their project was interrupted by a worried Roll, informing them to turn on the news as there is a big battle in downtown Mega City, and that Blues is not only involved in the battle, but severely outnumbered. Realizing that Proto Man must be trying to stop some kind of threat, they watch the breaking news story, where Proto Man is fighting four mysterious Robot Masters and clearly on the losing end in Mega City's Financial District. Rock is wondering what those Robot Masters are, with even Dr. Light being at a loss as he never saw any of them before in his life.

Rock then transforms into Mega Man, vowing to get answers after he saves Blues, with Dr. Light warning Mega Man to not underestimate them. He then teleports in and saves Proto Man just before he could be destroyed by one of the Robot Masters' Special Weapons, Piko Hammer, also briefly distracting Rose Woman with the Mega Buster beforehand. He then confronts them in person and warns them to surrender if they don't wish to get hurt. He manages to fight them off, and even stuns them with the Mega Buster, although he was confused that the Mega Buster only stuns them instead of actually doing any damage to them. However, he is ambushed by another robot, who moved far too fast to get any detailed analysis on the robot other than it being a blue bur, with the four Roboticized Masters escaping through a Warp Ring. Mega Man attempted to give pursuit, also stunning one of the Roboticized Masters (although not without him nonetheless going through the Warp Ring). As it was rapidly closing with it being too powerful for Mega Man to halt, Mega Man was forced to enter through the gate, with Proto Man briefly witnessing the gate before leaving for Light Labs to be repaired.

Mega Man then encountered and fought Sonic the Hedgehog, whom he believed to be the blue blur, and Sonic likewise believing him to be responsible for the kidnapping of his friends. Mega Man believed him to be an incredibly advanced robot who might have been working for Dr. Wily. Sonic, likewise, believes that Mega Man is one of Eggman's Badniks due to his robotic nature, and he fights against him to discover where his friends are. Mega Man notices that Sonic is faster than any of Wily's robots he had encountered by that point, most notably Quick Man and Nitro Man. During the fight, after Sonic briefly threatened him to give up the doctor, Mega Man was shocked from this talk, as this implied that Sonic was attempting to go against Dr. Wily, although he didn't think much on it, because it wasn't the first time Wily built a rebellious Robot Master.

At first the two blue heroes are evenly matched, but Sonic uses the landmark and his speed for his advantage, and he manages to disable Mega Man's Mega Buster. However, Dr. Light manages to reopen the portal between the two worlds, and Mega Man returns home, taking Sonic with him. Mega Man calls Rush, Eddie, Beat and Tango to help him, using Eddie to enable his Mega Buster and recover energy. He also privately remarked that Sonic was a jerk when the latter arrogantly reminded him that he couldn't use his Mega Buster due to stealing a critical component.Sonic complains of Tango, who uses an attack similar to his. At one point Mega Man starts chasing Sonic with the Rush Jet, although because he was moving between cars, he couldn't risk firing on Sonic without harming anyone nearby, Mega Man then tries to convince Sonic to return the jewel he and his friends stole from the museum. Sonic says he didn't steal anything and states that Mega Man kidnapped his friends, who replies that he hadn't kidnapped anyone.

They were then ambushed by one of the Roboticized Masters from the theft, Tails Man, who had secretly been observing their battle under Eggman and Wily's orders. Sonic and Mega Man then called a truce to save the innocent civilians caught in Tails Man's attack. Afterwards, they then teamed up to attack Tails Man. After disabling Tails Man, Mega Man attempted to use his Special Weapon copying ability to find out any information on Tails Man, only for the Roboticized Master to unexpectedly revert to his original form, Tails, when touched. Sonic is glad to see Tails again, and also learned from Tails that Wily and Eggman had teamed up and were responsible for Tails and the others' abduction. They also realize the doctors used their duplicates to trick them into fighting. They are teleported by Mega Man to Light Labs (with Sonic becoming queasy from experiencing the teleportation aspect from Mega Man's realm), where they see Bass and Metal Sonic kidnapping Dr. Light. After some analyzis, they manage to reopen the portal and Sonic, Tails, Mega Man, Proto Man, and Rush arrive in the strange Skull Egg Zone.

While walking through the zone, the group is attacked by the Genesis Unit and Copy Robot. Sonic faces Buster Rod G, and after their defeat, they encounter the other Roboticized Masters. Proto Man leaves the group and the doctors decide to send most Roboticized Masters after him, leaving Sonic and the others fighting against Vector Man, Charmy Man, and Espio Man. Sonic keeps them busy while Tails modifies Mega Man's Mega Buster, allowing him to change the Roboticized Masters back to their original form with a special shot, and Sonic took down Espio Man when he tried to ambush Mega Man with Chroma Camo.

With the Chaotix back to normal, the three go after Proto Man while Sonic, Tails, Mega Man, and Rush continue in other direction. They fight against both the Roboticized Master Shadow Man and the Robot Master Shadow Man (causing confusion among them due to their having the same name). The Roboticized Shadow Man then used Chaos Cannon on Sonic until Mega Man disarmed Shadow Man with Tail Wind and reverted him back to Shadow the Hedgehog. When Shadow uses his Chaos Control to leave, the disturb in space-time caused the group to glimpse their life in the original realities, and Sonic explains that this is not the first time he dealt with it.

The doctors not only linked their worlds, but they also rewrote their realities with a Genesis Wave. Afterwards, he and Mega Man are attacked by Silver Man and Blaze Woman. However, Blaze Woman nearly killed Sonic and Tails with her Fire Tornado, although the restored Silver stopped it and holds Blaze Woman, allowing Mega Man to change her back into Blaze the Cat. Afterwards, they were ambushed by the last two Roboticized Masters, Rose Woman and Knuckles Man (who warped in ironically after Sonic expressed hope that they just ambush them to make things faster). Both he and Mega Man barely managed to revert them before they self-destructed.

Proto Man contacts Mega Man and informs the group the location of the doctors' base, the Wily Egg. With all Roboticized Masters freed, the heroes decides to reunite everyone, with Sonic and Amy searching for Shadow the Hedgehog. Afterwards, Sonic and the rest of the characters regrouped and fought against several Robot Masters to get to the teleporter. During the fight, Sonic slid under Mega Water S and then kicked him into the air, also knocking out several Robot Masters in the process, before elbowing Plant Man, all while conversing with Mega Man about needing to get to the teleporter. He then aided Proto Man and Mega Man by using a homing attack on Yamato Man and Knight Man, and also managed to take out Spark Man, Bright Man, and Hard Man, also taking out Top Man for Shadow, to the latter's irritation. He then fought against Quick Man (who bragged about his speed), Charge Man, Slash Man, Metal Man, Turbo Man, and Nitro Man while also commenting that while they are faster then Mega Man, they don't have his skills. Sonic likewise aided Mega Man in reverting Rouge Woman back to Rouge the Bat by dragging her down.

Sonic and Mega Man, alongside Rush and Tails, later broke off the attack to go directly for the Wily Egg to save Dr. Light. However, when they notice Dr. Light being thrown out of the Wily Egg, Sonic panics as Light is falling directly into the crater and thus Sonic can't save him. After Light is saved by Shadow, Sonic and Mega Man then proceeded to enter the Wily Egg after Tails cracked the code, and proceeded to fight the Mega Man Killers. Sonic engages Punk in combat and complains that he stole his moves. Sonic and Mega Man managed to wipe out Enker and Punk by ramming them into each other, and then proceeded to finish off Ballade, although not before the latter wounded Tails with his Ballade Cracker. Rush takes Tails back to the others to be treated and Sonic and Mega Man proceeded. The two are attacked by the Chaos Devil, although they couldn't beat it, and Sonic ended up trapped after an attempt to double team it backfired until they were saved by Duo.

Racing towards the central area of the Wily Egg, they eventually confronted Bass and Metal Sonic, the last defense. Sonic then proceeded to fight Metal Sonic while Mega Man fought Bass, the fighting, combined with that between Duo and Chaos Devil, also proceeding to do extensive damage to the Wily Egg. Mega Man, while fighting Bass, dodged his attacks and eventually landed a hit on Treble, Bass's pet wolf robot. He and Sonic eventually decided to switch tactics when they realized that fighting their regular rivals was delaying them, although he ran into problems when Metal Sonic proved to be too quick for him to get an opportunity for a good aim at the mechanical hedgehog, and the one direct hit he landed on Metal Sonic ended up blocked by his black barrier. He then changed tactics with Mega Man again: This time, by ganging up on one of their rivals before focusing on the other, with Mega Man using the abilities of the Roboticized Masters. After a game of Rock Paper Scissors, they decided to target Bass/Treble first, and then Metal Sonic. Upon defeating them, they attempt to depart for the doctors' main chamber, only to be ambushed by the doctors themselves with the Egg Wily Machine X.

They are then encapsulated inside the containment pods, and learned from Eggman and Wily their full plans. They are eventually freed by Dr. Light, Proto Man and Knuckles, with Sonic getting the idea to access their super forms via the Chaos Emeralds when Light suggested to Mega Man to use the super adapter to fight off Eggman and Wily. Although the emeralds were out of their reach in the generator, Sonic decides to have Mega Man help him up to reach the emeralds. They eventually succeeded in getting the emeralds and becoming super, although not before the doctors did a full system restore on the Egg Wily Machine X while they were fighting Knuckles and Proto Man. Super Sonic attempted to use a super spin dash on the machine when it dodged Super Mega Man's attacks, only to be repelled by its laser. Sonic then suggested that Mega Man use his current invulnerable state to attack the machine. Super Sonic then distracted the doctors by banging on the machine's shield while Super Armor Mega Man proceeded to fire a devastating beam on the machine. Sonic then fights Eggman due to the latter refusing to give up, which resulted in his attempt at reversing the Genesis Wave going awry.

Breaking Point (continued)

After the light vanished, Mega Man was surprised to learn that everything seemed to be back to normal, and even the other Robot Masters' and his own damages were undone. However, he then turns to Break Man and demands that he surrender and explain himself. However, Break Man activates his Proto Buster (making clear he had no intention of surrendering), and Mega Man, initially taken aback, decides to settle things Break Man's way and reengages him and the other Robot Masters. However, the fight is temporarily interrupted by Roll, who reveals that Break Man may actually be Blues, Mega Man's long-lost brother. Roll then intercepted a shot fired by Break Man that was intended for Mega Man. Mega Man then told Break Man to back off due to this, not wanting to let Roll be harmed by him any longer, but ended up shut down due to Ra Moon's EMP wave, alongside all robotics and electronic devices (except Break Man, due to an immunity).

Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon

Two weeks later, Mega Man rebooted in Light Labs inside a culture tank with an unknown fluid. He then requested to know what happened out of confusion and concern, especially when he last remembered fighting Break Man and the latter shooting Roll, and discovering upon awaking that Light Labs is a wreck. Dr. Light then comforted Mega Man and told him he'll explain everything, or at least everything he can explain and mentioned that Mega Man needs to do a self-diagnostic of himself. Mega Man mentioned that, a few memory errors aside, he was fine, although his internal clock was two weeks off. Dr. Light then explained to him that two weeks ago, Mega Man and virtually all technology had been placed offline, and that the only reason Mega Man became online again was because of the coating protecting him from the EMP wave that was also developed during that time period. Mega Man, after pondering about the protection, then became concerned for Roll and demanded her location.

Dr. Light then reluctantly revealed that Roll is in a coma due to both the EMP wave and Break Man's earlier actions, and that while she is at the present stable, the EMP Wave is growing worse by the day even while inside the capsule, and that Dr. Light cannot do any repairwork on her due to all of his tools being rendered unavailable, and they can't risk giving her the solution because of the risk of worsening her condition. Mega Man, briefly despairing, also demanded to know what the wave was. He then was introduced to Dr. Pedro Astil, an old colleague of Dr. Light's as well as a survivor of a disastrous UN investigation into Lanfront Ruins, as well as Astil's Robot Master, Plant Man, who endured the EMP wave only because of his unique botanical basis.

He then demanded how to stop the EMP wave and discover its origins to save his world and especially his sister. Although they don't have any concrete ideas, Astil relayed his history as their only lead, which even he admitted was similar to a ghost story. They then restored Auto, as well as Rush, Bomb Man, Cut Man, and Guts Man, with Mega Man discovering that Break Man's the reason behind their supplying the formula. They later took a hobby-plane belonging to Astil to go to the LanFront Ruins to stop it, which was functional due to also being coated with the protective substance, although they eventually ended up shot down by revived versions of Wily's first Robot Masters (specifically, Metal Man, Bubble Man, Flash Man, and Heat Man), where they proceeded to do battle.

Mega Man is shocked that they had returned from the dead, although even though their presence meant Wily was nearby, Mega Man had his doubts about Wily being responsible for the EMP wave, largely because he didn't have this ability the two prior times he did so. He then tried to reason with Flash Man citing they only want answers as to what is going on, but Flash Man mentioned they had their orders to stop Mega Man. Deciding they can't settle this peacefully, Mega Man then copies Metal Man's Metal Blades and Bubble Man's Bubble Lead and proceeded to take them out without killing them. However, they still refused to answer, forcing Mega Man and his allied Robot Masters to continue onwards, eventually encountering and fighting Wood Man, Air Man, and Crash Man while Quick Man and Shadow Man are lurking in the bushes. Mega Man then demands to know why Wily's Robot Masters would condone a plot to destroy all technology.

However, Wood Man, upon realizing this from Mega Man, called a truce, citing that this would not have been in Wily's interests. However, they were eventually ambushed by Shadow Man (who was actually loyal to Ra Moon and not to Wily). Mega Man's forces and Wily's forces teamed up to try and stop him, only managing to drive him off after Quick Man backstabbed him in return for his earlier backstab. They then learned from Break Man that Ra Moon had usurped Wily's control and was responsible for the EMP wave, and also cited that the third generation of Robot Masters run the risk of falling under direct control of Ra Moon due to being directly created by Ra Moon via blueprints on Wily's computer while the second generation Robot Masters, due to being restored via backups, pose no such risk, and also that there was a secret passageway that not even Ra Moon knew about that would lead them straight to the supercomputer.

Mega Man doesn't trust Break Man, but was left with no other options but to follow his advice, having Rush and Guts Man accompany him into the passageway while the others do repairwork on the other Robot Masters, as well as keep an eye on the second generation Robot Masters in case they have something planned. Unknown to Mega Man or the other Robot Masters of both sides, however, their conversation was eavesdropped by one of Snake Man's Search Snakes, resulting in Ra Moon discovering the passageway and dispatching Needle Man and Snake Man to ambush them.

While traversing the tunnel, Mega Man reiterated to Guts Man that he doesn't entirely trust Break Man, but the intel is their best lead to bypassing Ra Moon's defenses, also assuring Guts Man that they are still the good guys. They are then ambushed by Needle Man, although Mega Man managed to outsmart Needle Man by using Super Arm to open up a wall trap to pin his Spike Cannon inside, and tried to talk him out of fighting him. Needle Man then recognized Mega Man's claims about Ra Moon's goals, only to suddenly be brought under the control of Ra Moon, with Snake Man jumping out of his hiding spot, with Mega Man with effort stopping the surveying Robot Master by pinning him to a wall with Spike Cannon (having copied Needle Man beforehand). Mega Man then grew disturbed by their creepy reactions (especially Snake Man's compliment to Mega Man for staging "a well-executed ambush.")

They eventually managed to get out of the tunnels quickly, not wanting to encounter any more surprises, and in front of the Temple of the Moon, although they were surprised that it was morning already. He then contacted Light Labs for a status update. He learned that the situation was getting worse as the EMP wave is reaching such a potency that it's even starting to affect humans, although via vintage radios they managed to spread the EMP dampener solution, resulting in some Robot Masters being brought back online to aid the humans. However, their report was interrupted when Gemini Man ambushed Mega Man and Guts Man. Gemini Man briefly lowers his guard after Mega Man begs for him to stop the attack as humans and robots are going to be harmed by Ra Moon's actions. However, Gemini Man ended up coming under control of Ra Moon... sort of, as it turned out that his holographic projection system was unaffected by Ra Moon's control, resulting in him literally fighting himself until Mega Man hits him.

Gemini Man, after thanking Mega Man for "clearing his head," then tells Mega Man to save Dr. Wily, and warns him about his fellow Robot Masters of the third generation before teleporting off. They then are reunited with Break Man, Bomb Man, Guts Man, and the second generation of Robot Masters, all repaired, and use their combined powers to assault the Temple of the Moon. Mega Man then warns Ra Moon that he either stop the EMP wave or otherwise he will be forced to terminate it. However, Ra Moon, citing Mega Man's too weak to stand effective resistance to the alien supercomputer, has the third generation of Robot Masters attack. While Mega Man and Ra Moon's respective forces attack each other, Break Man and Mega Man attempt to personally confront Ra Moon, only to be knocked back and out by its shielding. Wily then arrives with Ra Thor, declaring it his trump card and ordering it to defeat Ra Moon. Unfortunately, because it was made from Ra Moon's technology, it easily came under Ra Moon's control, thus forcing Mega Man's forces and Dr. Wily to not only fight Ra Moon, and the third generation Robot Masters, but also Ra Thor who was superpowered. Mega Man was eventually roused by Wily, and realizing what happened, told Wily to get to a safe distance while they fought Ra Thor.

Ultimately, however, Ra Thor proved to be too difficult for Mega Man or Break Man to actually beat, and were forced back. Despite learning from Wily that Ra Thor lacked any weaknesses due to being designed to match Ra Moon, Mega Man refused to give up and fought him, using Special Weapons copied from both his allies and the third generation Robot Masters in an attempt to do any damage to Ra Thor. Eventually, he did manage to stun Ra Thor long enough for Break Man to put it down for the count by dropping his shield on him, although not without the cost of expending most of his energy and all of his special weapons reserves. To make matters worse, Ra Moon, via designs on Wily's laptop also created and even improved upon the Yellow Devil blueprints and created the Ra Devil. Mega Man attempted to destroy the Ra Devil by shooting at its eye, but it was shielded. Wily eventually decided to aim at Ra Moon itself due to Ra Moon sacrificing its shielding to shield Ra Devil. Mega Man did so, albeit at the near cost of his own life by using the double Mega Buster on Ra Moon, requesting only that he be returned to Dr. Light in the aftermath. He succeeded, but the strain left him in a state of near death. Mega Man was then brought over to Light Labs by Wily and Light's Robot Masters, Wily having fulfilled his end of the bargain and demanding that Light help as Mega Man was dying.


Because of the Blue Bomber's precarious state between life and death, Dr. Wily during the resuscitation efforts to restore Mega Man had rerouted most of Mega Man's systems to retain the I.C. Chip's functions. His basic systems were eventually restored via an E-Tank at Wily's demand to Auto. Light became proud of Mega Man for keeping strong, although Wily bitterly remarked about how Light was thanking Mega Man again when Wily deserved the thanks for saving him and Blues, to Light's anger. They eventually decide to shut down the now-stable Mega Man for the time being so they can do extensive testing the next day, although Roll and Auto reactivated him briefly at night after the doctors went to bed to run simple tests to see if he is functioning. Mega Man also briefly shed a tear after Roll admitted she felt she should have been the one to fight Ra Moon instead of Mega Man out of guilt for his current condition, and Auto comforting Roll that this would mean Mega Man would be feeling the same emotions as her in that scenario (indicating he had enough functionality to hear what was going on). He eventually awoke just as Wily was protesting about his being arrested by Agents Krantz and Stern, and offered to find evidence proving Wily's innocence. This eventually resulted in a trek back to the LanFront Ruins.

However, the stress of his near-death experience proved challenging to Mega Man, who briefly destroyed a trap in a panic, resulting in Pharaoh Man having to take over leadership of the expedition (composed of Mega Man, Roll, Rush, Pharaoh Man, Plant Man, Dr. Light, Dr. Cossack, and Dr. Astil). Dr. Astil also attempted to sympathize with Mega Man regarding trauma of a near-death event, reminding him of what he had to go through four years prior, although Mega Man denied being afraid. He later sensed something amiss and that someone was watching him. Unbeknownst to him, his suspicions were correct as there was a Search Snake hidden in the trees, although the third generation of Robot Masters (led by Break Man) had no quarrel with Mega Man, as they instead were trying to search out for Shadow Man so they could recruit him. Mega Man then unwittingly led them to the then-renegade Robot Master, as he bore a grudge against the Blue Bomber for destroying Ra Moon. Mega Man then caught up with the party, and mentioned to Dr. Cossack that they need more Robot Masters like Quake Woman, with the latter agreeing and indicating that he plans on creating such a Robot Master when the rest of the group interrupted regarding finding the entrance.

Mega Man, alongside Rush, Plant Man and Pharaoh Man, then entered Ra Moon's chamber, or rather, what was Ra Moon's chamber. However, Mega Man, having an intense flashback to when he died, began behaving erratically and claiming that he's not afraid of Ra Moon and will kill him "again and again" while shooting everywhere before being stopped by Pharaoh Man, pointing out that, aside from themselves, there was absolutely nothing nearby. Mega Man's erratic behavior also scared everyone behind the door, until Plant Man confirmed that Pharaoh Man gave the all-clear, and that Mega Man had been "testing to see if us Robot Masters can be startled into having heart attacks--despite us not having hearts," or at least, not technically having hearts, with Mega Man apologizing to Rush and leaving Roll in Rush's care for the search.

Mega Man then apologized to Dr. Light for his recent actions, with Light informing Mega Man that fear was a natural response, and in many cases an effective survival instinct, although having too much fear was indeed a problem, and also cited that both Cossack and Astil had definite fear about returning to the area, although they had the motives of quelling the fear in his daughter from the blackout and making peace with his traumatic past, respectively, as their driving factor beyond their fear of the location. Light also remarked that Mega Man was still braver than he'll ever be. Their conversation was interrupted when Roll and Rush informed the group fearfully that they found Ra Moon. Mega Man is relieved that Ra Moon is dead, although he shortly thereafter grew disturbed by that reaction as he didn't wish death on Ra Moon, with Light comforting him about it as well, citing that it meant his wanting to save people outweighed his desire for Ra Moon to survive. He also thanked them as being a hero was made easier with them being with him.

Afterwards, Mega Man attended Wily's trial and presented the evidence confirming Wily's innocence, at least regarding the global blackout, although Wily still had to be placed under house arrest for five months due to violating his Robotics ban as well as breaking the UN Quarantine at the Lanfront Ruins. Rock during this time also discovers Wily and Light making a new type of economical testing robot, causing him and Roll to become suspicious due to it having the potential of being more dangerous than Mega Man ever was, leading to a brief argument until Light broke it up. Unknown to Mega Man, however, his suspicions were correct, as Wily's true motive for the robot was to act as a trump card against the Blue Bomber.

Days later, at Titanium Park, Mega Man observed Wily and Light's unveiling of the giant world peace-keeping robot Gamma, although the ceremony was interrupted by the third generation Robot Masters (including Shadow Man, who had presumably been improved upon by Wily and Light beforehand). Rock became Mega Man again and tried to stop them from stealing Gamma's power sources, the Energy Elements, although one of Hard Man's Hard Knuckles ended up injuring Rush, thus forcing Mega Man to let them get away. He then believed they may have been still loyal to Ra Moon, unaware that Dr. Wily was in fact responsible for the theft.

Dawn of X (20XX - Present day)

Using intel supplied by Dr. Wily of the only other lab Wily had owned: a lab inside of a mesa that was also the lab where Wily got banned from robotics, Mega Man, alongside Pharaoh Man and Bright Man, went over to the mesa to find the renegade third-generation Robot Masters at their presumed hideout. Because of Mega Man's earlier actions at an expedition at LanFront Ruins, Pharaoh Man took the charge again, bypassing several traps despite Wily's insistence that there weren't any traps, at least functional traps. Although Mega Man admitted he didn't entirely trust Wily, he still was the one who gave the lab and since he was acquitted, it was enough to trust him enough for the mission, and that if Wily was indeed up to something, he'll stop Wily like before. After bypassing several traps, they eventually entered a large room containing a large robot, the Wily Walker, which was the reason why Wily was banned from robotics due to unethical experiments.

Wily the supplied a code to "shut down" the robot, although it turned out it was actually the activation code, forcing Mega Man and the other Robot Masters to fight it. Mega Man eventually nearly sacrificed himself to save Bright Man from an attack. However, Mega Man, albeit being briefly knocked out, nonetheless continued the fight, albeit losing his helmet to the Wily Walker. He then used another code supplied by Dr. Wily, only for it to activate the exit instead, thus running the risk of it escaping the mesa. Mega Man and the others were eventually forced to destroy the entrance, trapping themselves inside. As they currently don't have a plan of actually stopping it, Mega Man has himself, Pharaoh Man, and Bright Man try to stall it until they figure out a way to defeat it.

Eventually, he conducted some modifications on Bright Man to weaponize his light source at Dr. Wily and Dr. Cossack's request (or rather, Wily's request, as Cossack reluctantly went along with it), completing it just as Rush arrived to deliver an upgrade for Mega Man, also holding Rush down while shielding his eyes from the potency of the attack, which was enough to short out the Wily Walker. Afterwards, upon collapsing the floor to ensure the deactivated Wily Walker does not return, Mega Man left behind a message capsule at Dr. Light's request so that future generations could take it out, and underwent repair work. Mega Man and Light Labs later got a tip from Agents Stern and Krantz about the eight renegade Robot Masters due to the deactivation of eight mining asteroids.

Legends of the Blue Bomber

Some time later, Mega Man, inside Rush's newly modified Rush Space module, headed for the first deactivated asteroid, the Hydroponics asteroid, where Top Man lay in wait. He managed to breeze through most of the traps laid by Top Man, either evading or outright demolishing them, to Top Man's chagrin. He then fought Top Man, who gave the Blue Bomber much difficulty due to his deflecting most of his attacks, although he managed to take him out after Rush bit him, distracting him long enough for Mega Man to take the shot. Mega Man then retrieved the first Energy Element as well as Top Man's IC chip. However, because the transportation modules had the risk of scrambling the IC chips due to being meant for transporting the Energy Elements, he only sent back the Energy Element instead of both.

He then headed for Snake Man's asteroid, although Rush managed to stop Snake Man before he ambushed him, causing Snake Man to fall to Mega Man's Mega Buster. He then sent Snake Man's Energy Element back to Earth and headed en-route to Shadow Man's asteroid. He then fought Shadow Man in a harrowing battle, with the latter declaring he won't fail again (referring to Ra Moon's death), although he nonetheless fell to Top Spin. Mega Man then sent the Energy Element to Earth and then headed over to fight Gemini. He was somewhat disgusted with the tastes of decoration by Gemini Man, and proceeded to fight him. Eventually, Gemini Man seems to acknowledge defeat, with Mega Man then letting his guard down, resulting in him being ambushed by one of Gemini Man's duplicates. However, he managed to evade the attack with just a relatively minor graze on his shoulder, and managed to finish off the replicating Robot Master by shooting him in the face, although not without sustaining nonetheless severe damage. He later learned from Dr. Light the location of the Robot Master Magnet Man from a production facility on Earth designed for taking in materials from the mining asteroids, with Mega Man breezing through Magnet Man's defenses and fighting him. Mega Man eventually managed to use Magnet Man's Magnetized abilities against him, also disarming him, and afterwards tried to reason with Magnet Man offering to rebuild him for a happier life, but is ultimately forced to take him out, although not before Magnet Man tells him to tell his brothers he fought well and likewise learned their locations. He then went to a derelect ship where Needle Man was presumably hiding out due to an increase in robot activity in the area. He then encountered a bitter Needle Man, who proceeded to sarcastically tell him to just get the Energy Element without a fight, only for Mega Man to take it seriously. During the fight, Mega Man was shocked to hear Needle Man complaining about how he is effectively just a tool to be discarded. After Rush managed to pin him down, Mega Man then tried to reason with him, but fell on deaf ears, with Needle Man telling him to just finish him off and get it over with, with Mega Man reluctantly complying with his final request. He then informed Dr. Light about what happened with a heavy heart, with Light informing him that it's almost over. Mega Man then managed to arrive at a mine, where Hard Man was located. Mega Man then got an Energy Tank from Hard Man, learning the Robot Master prefers to fight honorably. He then tried to ask Hard Man about what their real plans were (implying that he is starting to suspect that it wasn't Ra Moon who was actually controlling them and comparing the event to a similar situation that Dr. Wily pulled earlier), and then asked for the energy element, although to the Blue Bomber's dismay, Hard Man's honorable nature didn't mean that he wasn't going to fight Mega Man. Mega Man barely dodged his blows and ended up landing a hit on the gargantuan Robot Master, which didn't even cause him to flinch. Ultimately, Mega Man managed to end up victorious by exploiting Hard Man's massive size by firing Magnet Missiles at him. He then vowed to have him repaired, with Hard Man contently saying before deactivating that Mega Man matched the legends. He then went to a power plant and confronted Spark Man, only to have a very hard time against the Robot Master due to the latter's grief and anger over the deaths of his brothers. Mega Man put him down with the Shadow Blades after the latter threatened to harm Mega Man's family in revenge, only to learn that he was actually bluffing. Spark Man then revealed at Mega Man's request that he and his brothers never actually wanted to steal the Energy Elements, and implied the man responsible was Dr. Wily. He then tries to contact Dr. Light, but is unable to get a response (as Dr. Light is cornered by Dr. Wily, Break Man, and the newly-activated Doc Robot).

The Ultimate Betrayal/Prisoners of War

Concerned, Mega Man rushes home on Rush's Jet Mode and once again tries to hail Dr. Light again, citing the transport module isn't working and expressed a desire for someone to respond so he doesn't get worried. However, he discovers Light Labs on fire, and attempts to land to investigate. Unfortunately, Dr. Wily anticipated Mega Man's arrival, and had Break Man posted nearby and shoot Mega Man and Rush down upon spotting him, citing that Mega Man can't see the doctor right now as he's busy with "someone else." He then fought Break Man to a standstill, with the latter clearly having the upper hand. When Break Man attacked Rush, Mega Man begged him to spare Rush and the IC chips of his brothers, which Break Man accepted. Mega Man asked him why he is doing this while addressing his true name of Blues, but this aggravated Break Man. However, before Mega Man could take a beating, Light Labs suddenly exploded. Mega Man then overheard Wily conversing with Break Man on the radio and got angry, although Break Man supplied Mega Man the access codes to Wily's castle, as the former didn't wish to fight the latter in his current condition. Mega Man, alongside Roll, then comforted an inconsolable Dr. Light (due to his being forced to supply Dr. Wily with Gamma after Wily betrayed his trust) and supplied him with the access codes. While being repaired, his Mega Buster ended up upgraded by Dr. Light, who explained to him that he isn't sure of Break Man's motives, and tells Mega Man that, if he can, spare Break Man, but if not, make sure Mega Man himself survives as he isn't willing to lose both of his sons. After being fully repaired alongside Rush and Auto, Mega Man and Rush teleported to Wily's Castle, where he found Break Man waiting.

Upon finding Break Man at the castle gates, Mega Man, after telling Rush to stay back, inquires Break Man what his deal was and whether he wished to fight Mega Man or help him, citing various instances where he either caused harm to Mega Man and his loved ones or otherwise helped them. Break Man, however retorted back by demanding to know whether Mega Man was Dr. Light's assistant, weapon, or son. Mega Man then replied that he was all of these things before fighting him. He has difficulty in fighting Break Man due to the latter's shield, and briefly considers using his Special Weapons to beat him quickly in order to ensure he stops Wily in time, although he decided against it at the last minute, realizing he'll need the ammunition for when he actually storms the castle, and decides to use the Mega Buster against him. While fighting, Mega Man attempts to tell Break Man that the latter doesn't actually believe what he's telling him about Dr. Light. After reflecting on his conversation with Dr. Light, Mega Man proceeded to fire a blast that severely damaged Break Man, vowing that he won't lose "either of them." He then proceeds to spare Break Man despite the latter telling him to finish him off. He then offered to supply Break Man with an additional function: Be his big brother. Break Man refuses, citing his loner nature is his nature, but nonetheless tells Mega Man to infiltrate the castle via the sewer system, as there were far too many robots in wait for Mega Man to enter the castle directly, also breaking open a hole to allow Mega Man access, and then left, although not before complimenting Mega Man on his earlier shot. Afterwards, Mega Man alongside Rush via the latter's Rush Marine function, heeding Break Man's advice, proceeded to infiltrate the castle via its sewer system, while also reflecting on what transpired and became determined that there will not be any betrayals or any fights against other robots anymore while taking out various enemies. However, he then encountered the Yellow Devil MK-II at the end.

After a brief battle, Mega Man succeeded in dispatching the Yellow Devil MK-II, only to be forced to engage a brand new version of the Copy Robot. After overpowering it, he offered his doppelganger a chance to embrace another path. Unfortunately, the Doc Robot then attacked, and Copy Robot sacrificed itself to save Mega Man. Mega Man then fought the Doc Robot, who to his surprise was equipped with the personalities and abilities of Wily's first line of Robot Masters. Recognizing that the Doc Robot wasn't intended to handle that configuration, Mega Man managed to overload it. After promising his old foes that he would defeat Wily and see them rebuilt, he finished the Doc Robot off and copied their weapon data in preparation for his confrontation with Gamma. Finding the giant construct, he destroyed its control unit only for Dr. Wily to attach a new one and begin attacking him. An intense fight ensued, during which Mega Man recalled Dr. Light's advice on finding Gamma's weak point and destroying it. After Rush was taken down, Mega Man managed to employ the Search Snake to destroy Gamma's Energy Elements, bringing down the massive robot. Mega Man went offline following the battle, only to awaken outside of Light Labs where he was found by Dr. Light, Roll, and Auto.

Realizing that Blues must have brought him home, he apologized to Dr. Light for failing to recover his brother, but Dr. Light recognized that Blues needed to come home on his own terms. Rock and his family soon turned their attention to restoring all sixteen of Wily's Robot Masters. They then offered the restored robots the opportunity to be reprogrammed and given new purposes, and half of them accepted this offer. However, to Mega Man's sorrow and devastation, Quick Man and seven others (Heat Man, Metal Man, Crash Man, Gemini Man, Magnet Man, Top Man, and Needle Man) refused, and thus submitted to deactivation and were placed in the Robot Museum.

Worlds Unite

See also M'egga Man

With help from the first generation of Robot Masters, Mega Man soon had Light Labs back up and running. After he and Elec Man jump started the new generator, Rock went into town to pick up some more supplies. Roll expressed some concern about him going alone, but he allayed her fears, reminding that Dr. Wily was dead-or so they believed-and that the Emerald Spears were in prison. Unfortunately, Roll's sense of foreboding proved true, as Rock was attacked and captured by the Deadly Six from Sonic's world. Despite putting up a brave fight against them, he was defeated when their control over machinery forced him to turn his own Mega Buster on himself. He was then taken by them to Sigma who ordered his capture and that of Sonic at the suggestion of the enslaved Drs. Eggman and Wily, who he had forced to help him begin building a new empire. The two doctors used the technology of Sigma's future to turn Mega Man and Sonic into new members of the Roboticized Members, M'egga Man and Sonic Man. M'egga Man was then dispatched to Mobotropolis to set up one of Sigma's Unity Engines, leading to an engagement with the Freedom Fighters.

Due to M'egga Man's superior arsenal, the heroes quickly found themselves outmatched, despite the arrival of their powerful robot ally Gemerl. However, as their worlds were joined together by the Unity Engines, M'egga Man was brought face-to-face with Sonic Man. This caused the activation of a secondary set of coding that caused the pair to attack each other, the end result being that they restored each other to normal. Wily and Eggman also left the two a message indicating that Sigma was responsible for their capture and corruption, though the doctors' plan was hindered by the fact that the pair had not been returned to normal on the Lost Hex as planned. Mega Man soon joined a force of heroes that included Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, Knuckles, Gemerl, Break Man and the Wily Numbers who had opted for reprogramming, Quake Woman, Dr. Light, Roll, and Auto, the Maverick Hunters X, Zero, and Axl, and the unlikely trio known as Team Sticks. Boarding the Freedom Fighters' Sky Patrol base, Mega Man and Sonic got reacquainted, and Mega Man was informed of the events of their previous alliance.

Mega Man training on the Sky Patrol.

While making use of the Sky Patrol's training facilities, Mega Man met X, and the two soon realized they had much in common. Mega Man explained how he had been a peaceful robot forced to take up arms to defend others, something that X had found himself likewise doing. Mega Man was somewhat stunned to learn that X was a creation of Dr. Light's from 100 years in his future. X also revealed that he had considered asking Dr. Light not to create him so as to avoid all the horrors of his future, but Mega Man and Roll expressed confidence in him, with Mega Man even formally adopting X and referring to himself as X's "big brother." Zero and Break Man then arrived to collect the pair for a meeting, leading to a moment of humor as Mega Man and X simultaneously asked each other if they'd "ever had to fight the red guy" and both responded "Yeah, but it's complicated." The levity soon passed, as Mega Man joined Sonic in looking down on their merged world and realized that the worlds were being adversely affected by their forced fusion. Under the guidance of Sally Acorn, the group of heroes discussed the problem and how they might address it, when they were unexpectedly joined by Eggman, Wily, and Xander Payne. The villains then revealed that Sigma had taken up residence on the Lost Hex, and that Sigma intended to merge even more worlds together and obtain absolute power through the use of his Master Engine. Armed with this knowledge, the heroes set course for the Lost Hex and a showdown with Sigma.

Before they could reach the villainous robot, Mega Man and his allies were confronted by the Deadly Six and an army of Mechaniloids. Mega Man entered the battle aboard Rush, and with his usual determination announced that the robots wouldn't prevent them from "setting things right!" Sonic encouraged him to calm down, but the heroes were hard-pressed by the sheer number of robots. Adding to the trouble, the Deadly Six eventually took command of Mega Man and his fellow robots using their abilities, forcing them to fire on their friends. Unable to stop himself, Mega Man apologized to his allies, who were forced to retreat inside the Sky Patrol. Fortunately, Eggman and Wily's newest creation, the Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon, stopped both the controlled robots and their puppetmasters, freeing Mega Man and the others. They had little time to celebrate before a giant Sigma unleashed his new Maverick army upon them. Mega Man and his allies fought bravely, but in their weakened condition were unable to defeat the superior force of robots. Fortunately, after the majority of Sigma's minions had departed for other worlds, help arrived in the form of the heroes from Street Fighter. Mega Man was particularly impressed by Ryu's Hadoken, and the four heroes made quick work of the handful of remaining Mavericks. Their task accomplished, the heroes prepared to depart in pursuit of Sigma's force, Mega Man being paired up with Amy Rose, with their riding on Rush and an Extreme Gear, respectively. Upon going through a genesis portal, they arrived at Forest Village in Morning Land of the world of Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. Mega Man then noted the world was pristine and emphasized they needed to stop the Mavericks from activating the Unity Engine before it sucks the life out of everything before being notified by Amy about a battle taking place nearby.

Blue Shift

Dawn of X (21XX - Future)

A century after his battle with the Wily Walker, Mega Man's helmet remained buried underneath the rubble, still embedded into the Wily Walker's leg, and was completely destroyed when Dr. Cain inadvertently reactivated the mech while retrieving a dying power supply with the intention of analyzing it. Xander Payne, who used a time skimmer to unintentionally travel to the future, also found X and mistook him for being Mega Man as well as leading the "revolt" against humanity.

Short Circuits

Mega Man appears in a number of the series' Short Circuits strips, beginning in the first issue when he is accidentally rebuilt into Bad Box Art Mega Man. He doesn't appear in Issue 2's strip, but Cut Man does question whether he can go out and fight Mega Man. Issue 3 finds him envisioning-with some terror-a weaponized Roll employing her powers for cleaning. The following issue finds him celebrating Wily's capture with Dr. Light and wondering whether any further adventures await, oblivious to Bass, Rush, and Proto Man pressing their faces against a nearby window. Issue 7 finds him being scowled at by Gilbert Stern as part of a series of images reflecting Stern's long history of disliking new technology.

In issue 9 he is introduced to Mariachi, a perpetual motion robot hamster created by Dr. Light, which Blues points out as evidence of why he didn't want Dr. Light modifying his power source. Issue 12 finds him being attacked by Wily's latest minions, the aliens from Space Invaders, and giving up due to the overwhelming power of old video game villains. Though absent from Issue 13's strip, he is paid tribute to by his ultimate fanboy/bot, Auto Man, who wears a spare helmet of Mega Man's while pretending to fight Dr. Wily. He later returns in Issue 23's Short Circuits, where Break Man annoys him by going on a fifteen minute break during their fight.

Worlds Collide saw Mega Man appear not only in Short Circuits but in the Off Panel strips featured in Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe. The first of these featured the blue heroes meeting each other and expressing excitement at fighting evil together, only to be informed that crossover rules demand that they first do battle with each other. Mega Man Issue 25's strip declared that the biggest battle of the crossover was neither Mega Man vs. Sonic nor the two of them battling Wily and Eggman, but rather a battle of pirates-PirateMan and Captain Whisker of Sonic's world-against ninja-Shadow Man and Espio the Chameleon.

Sonic Universe Issue 52's Off Panel featured Mega Man preparing to battle the Genesis Unit, only to be attacked by Sonic as the group's name reminded him of the Sega Genesis console and the age old Console Wars, despite his objections that he was a multi-platform character. Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 250's strip found Mega Man envying Sonic's success in reaching 250 issues in his main series alone, and Breaking the Fourth Wall by encouraging fans of the Mega Man comic to spread the word about his series. Sonic Universe Issue 54's Off Panel featured Bass and Metal Sonic forming a musical duo, surprising Mega Man as he was expecting the two of them to merge in a fashion similar to the Super Adapter. In the Off Panel of the Sonic the Hedgehog immediately after the crossover, Sonic remembered the sorry state of his world-particularly his closest allies-prior to the event and called Mega Man to see about staying at Light Labs on the couch.

Issue 28's Short Circuits also referred to the crossover, with Break Man's Proto Buster being cited as the reason for the "four month break." The following issue found Mega Man questioning Plant Man about his ability to stay functioning despite the EMP field, with Plant Man responding that he had "an...embarrassing...back-up system..." Issue 30's strip found him trying to confront Needle Man, only to encounter Spark Man and Gemini Man instead, prompting him to ask what purpose Needle Man served. Issue 31's Short Circuits found Mega Man blasting Ra Moon with his Mega Buster, only to cause it to start a tirade over the pain caused to its eye.

In Issue 33's strip, when asked by Roll about a conventional guitar that he was playing, Mega Man referred to the issue's main story title "Unplugged" and claimed that he was "Acoustic Rock" as a result. The next issue saw him and Roll shooing X and Zero out of the book, as they hadn't even done the Mega Man 3 story, and advising them to get their own comic book. The next issue also saw him interacting with X, complaining about having Dr. Wily as a nemesis, only to be given a reality check as X offered to trade him for Sigma. In Issue 36 Roll, Dr. Light, and himself were treated to Dr. Wily's tale of challenging Ra Moon's plans only to be enslaved by it, though Rock and Roll regarded the account with obvious skepticism. Issue 38 found Mega Man going on an adventure with X, unaware that Zero had decided to take Roll on an adventure of their own.

Issue 39 found Bass insulting Mega Man and Rush, claiming that Mega Man's canine partner was inferior to Treble, only to be silenced by the appearance of Sigma with Velguarder. Issue 40 involves Mega Man begging X to tell him about the future, but just as the Reploid is about to do so, Sigma and Wily rip the panel. In Issue 41, rather than engaging Top Man as he did in the main story, Mega Man grabbed him by the top of his head, causing him to spin himself into the ground. Issue 42 found him engaged in battle with Shadow Man, only for the latter to summon an overly large Shadow Blade that caused him to fall over.


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  1. "I built you as Rock, after my love of music." - Dr. Light, shortly after converting Rock into Mega Man in Issue #1.