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This article is about the DOS game titled Mega Man 3. For the NES game, see Mega Man 3.

Mega Man 3: The Robots are Revolting, known in game as Mega Man III is a game in the original Mega Man series licensed by Capcom USA and developed and published by Hi-Tech Expressions in association with Rozner Labs In 1992 for DOS. It is a sequel to the first Mega Man for DOS, with no Mega Man 2 for DOS in between.


MM3PC Castle

Wily's Castle.

"Holy Robot Rebellion! It's three times the thrills... three times the action... three times the fun. It's MEGA MAN 3!

Legions of once peaceful robots have been mysteriously transformed into a horde of humanity-hating berserk droids! Nobody is safe - least of all Mega Man. Armed with every android-annihilator ever invented, they're determined to reduce the super-powered cyborg into a heap of radioactive waste!

Can our hero outfight, outwit and "out-robot" the robots? Will Mega Man pulverize the powerful robot-maniacs? Or will he melt down? It's all up to you, as you join the battle in Mega Man 3: THE ROBOTS ARE REVOLTING!"[1]

Besides the credits, the ending of this game is the same end screen as the first Mega Man for DOS.


Many of the Robot Masters in this game have basic AI, and will simply jump in Mega Man's direction at varying distances, only shooting if they come into contact with a wall. Bit Man and Wave Man are the only two who do not do as such. Bit Man will stand on one end of the room for a while before shooting and running at Mega Man, making tiles fall when he reaches the other side, and Wave Man will always shoot every three jumps.

All of them have 32 HP and take 8 units of damage from their main weakness; as such, they will each be killed by their weakness in 4 hits.


Mega Man 3: The Robots are Revolting was developed by Stephen Rozner and his brother William Rozner. Originally not developed as a Mega Man game (explaining the strange choice of enemies seen within the game), Rozner was told to reskin the game into a Mega Man game to appeal to more fans. The name Mega Man 3 was chosen instead of Mega Man 2 despite the fact that the game was a sequel to the first Mega Man for DOS because Bit Man, one of the Robot Masters from The Robots are Revolting, resembled the depiction of Spark Man on the boxart of the NES version of Mega Man 3.[2][3]



  • This is the first of two Mega Man games to feature swimming for underwater segments in Blade Man's, Wave Man's, and Shark Man's stages, the second being Mega Man 8 for use in the underground section of the Opening Stage and Aqua Man's stage.
  • This was the first Mega Man game in which Mega Man could not shoot through walls, a feature not seen again until Mega Man X5.
  • Even though it shows Mega Man changing color when he first obtains a weapon, Mega Man does not change color in-game when he equips a weapon.
  • Since the game’s release, five of the six Robot Masters now have main series counterparts that have appeared:
  • There are files in the game that name each stage.  They are as follows: City (Blade Man), Tanker (Wave Man), Ocean (Shark Man), Rig (Bit Man), Refinery (Oil Man), Sewer (Torch Man), and Castle (final stage).
  • All six of the Robot Master's portraits were directly ripped from various games and edited to represent such bosses:

Robot Master comparisons.

  • Blade Man: Metal Man - Circular saw is removed and color is changed to purple. Eyes are changed from red to black
  • Wave Man: Air Man - Fan is replaced by seven water guns.
  • Shark Man: Crash Man/Snake Man - Visor and helmet is replaced by a gray helmet decorated to look like a shark's head or a Snake Man with his Snake helmet redecorated like a shark.
  • Bit Man: Hard Man - Color is changed to bright yellow and a decorative piece is added to the head.
  • Oil Man: Flash Man - Color is changed to red and the helmet is altered a bit to cover the mouth.
  • Torch Man: Magnet Man - Magnet is removed. A darker shade of red is used. Eyes are changed from blue to black.