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Script from the game Mega Man 3.


Japanese promo art for Mega Man 3.

Scene 1: After the Robot Masters

(After Mega Man defeats all eight Robot Masters, he returns to the lab to talk to Dr. Light.)

Dr. Light: Oh no! Right after we received the last element... Wiley ran off with Gamma!

(Wily is seen escaping in his spaceship.)

Scene 2: The Final Battle

(Mega Man defeats the fake robot Wily and then continues until he finds Wily controlling Gamma. Mega Man defeats Gamma as well, and Wily falls to the ground, begging for mercy. The fortress starts to fall apart, and pieces of debris fall on top of both Mega Man and Wily. A shadowy figure appears and destroys the debris on top of Mega Man.)

???: Where's Dr. Wiley?... Oh no, too late.

(Mega Man wakes up later in the lab.)

Dr. Light: Megaman, you've regained consciousness. I found you lying here when I arrived. I wonder who brought you here...

(A whistle is heard.)

Dr. Light: This whistle... It must have been Proto Man!

(Mega Man teleports out of the lab and starts running through a meadow. His memories of Dr. Light's notebook with pictures of the Robot Masters from the first game are also seen. After a while, he stops next to a tree and looks up to the sky to see Wily's small spaceship flying away as well as an image of Proto Man. Scene fades to credits.)

End of Script

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