Script from the game Mega Man 4.

Japanese promo art for Mega Man 4.

Scene 1: Opening

AD 200X

Narrator: Household robots Rock and Roll were created by master robot designer, Dr. Light, and were enjoying their peaceful days. Then one day, the industrial robots all over the world went on a rampage and the world fell into chaos. Dr. Light quickly realized that mad scientist, Dr. Wily, was behind the nefarious deed but he didn't know what to do. Rock, having a strong sense of justice, volunteered to be converted into a fighting robot. Thus the super robot Megaman was born. Megaman shattered Dr. Wily's plans three times and world peace has been maintained so far... but history repeats itself. Dr. Cossack, a mysterious scientist, has invented eight powerful robots and sent them after Megaman. Megaman starts for the battle again, this time equipped with the powerful new Mega Buster!!

Scene 2: The True Enemy

(After Mega Man defeats Dr. Cossack, Proto Man teleports in with Kalinka.)

Kalinka: Please Megaman, don't! My father is not really evil. Dr. Wily took me hostage and forced my father to fight you. Please Megaman, don't hurt my father any more.

Dr. Cossack: Oh, Kalinka...

Kalinka: Father...

Dr. Cossack: Megaman, forgive me!

(Dr. Cossack's battle machine starts to explode as Dr. Wily appears in his small spaceship.)

Dr. Wily: You betrayed me, Protoman! I'm gonna break you, Megaman!!

(Dr. Wily flies off in his saucer to his fortress.)

Scene 3: Ending

(Mega Man fights through Wily's fortress and eventually defeats him. Dr. Wily falls to the ground and appears to beg for mercy, but suddenly dashes through a secret door. An alarm goes off inside the lab and Mega Man teleports out just as the fortress starts to explode.)

End of Script

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