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Script from the game Mega Man 5.


Japanese promo art for Mega Man 5.

Scene 1: Opening

Narrator: In the year 20XX AD

A vicious army of robots is bent on destroying the world!! And behind this destruction is...

(Dr. Light is seen kidnapped from his house. Mega Man arrives too late, but sees a small piece of the kidnapper's scarf float to the ground.)

Narrator: Protoman!?

Scene 2: Proto Man?

(After defeating all eight Robot Masters, Mega Man confronts Proto Man in his fortress. A whistle is heard, and Mega Man jumps down to fight Proto Man, but Proto Man fires at him until his energy is almost gone. Another whistle is heard, and both Mega Man and Proto Man look around in confusion. The real Proto Man appears, and dodges a shot from the fake robot while firing on it himself. The fake transforms into Dark Man. Proto Man leaves behind an energy tank for Mega Man before disappearing. After Mega Man destroys Dark Man, the room goes black and another voice is heard.)

???: You've done well, Mega Man! I never expected you to defeat my powerful Darkman robot!!

(Dr. Wily appears.)

Dr. Wily: Until now I have managed to frame Protoman for my crimes, but now the real Protoman has appeared and spoiled my plan!! Dr. Light is a captive in my lab. Come if you dare!! Ha, ha, ha.

(Wily enters his fortress in his ship.)

Scene 3: Ending

(Mega Man fights through Wily's fortress and eventually encounters and defeats the evil scientist himself. Dr Wily falls to the ground and tries to run away, but Mega Man chases him until they both stop in front of a cage containing Dr. Light. Dr. Wily starts to beg for mercy, but the ceiling of the fortress shakes and falls towards the group. Mega Man catches the ceiling and holds it up, and Dr. Wily chooses this time to escape. After a few seconds, Proto Man's whistle is heard, and a section of the fallen ceiling is blown away, allowing Mega Man and Dr. Light to escape just before the whole room collapses. Later, Mega Man, Dr. Light, and Proto Man watch from a short distance away as the fortress falls to ruin. Before the scene fades out, Proto Man disappears again.)

End of Script