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Mega Man Volume 8: Redemption is the eighth and final published volume in the Mega Man trade-paperback series published by Archie Comics. This volume contains reprints of stories from Mega Man #33-#36 (with both After-the-Credits endings).

Official solicitation

MEGA MAN is the hit action-adventure series from Archie Comics! 
Mega Man took up his Mega Buster to stop the evil ambitions of Dr. Wily. That means Dr. Wily is his greatest enemy—right? Not according to the doctor! He says he was being used by the terrifying Ra Moon, and to prove it, he saves Mega Man's life!
What is the truth behind Dr. Wily? Is he plotting something sinister yet again, or has he really been the victim all along? Mega Man embarks on a mission that will test his courage as much as his skill to find out the truth!
MEGA MAN VOL. 8 collects MEGA MAN #33-36.

Reprinted stories

Proto-Type - Part One: Father and Son

Main article: Mega Man #33

Shadow of Ra Moon - Part One: Wayward Son

Main article: Mega Man #34

Shadow of Ra Moon - Part Two: Fear Itself

Main article: Mega Man #35

A Chance at Redemption

Main article: Mega Man #36

The X Factor - Part 1

Main article: Mega Man #34

The X Factor - Part 2

Main article: Mega Man #35


  • The cover for this volume is the same cover for Mega Man #34.
  • The reprint of "A Chance at Redemption" includes both "After the Credits" endings.


Special Features

Character Profiles



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