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Script for the video game Mega Man: Battle & Chase.

Obtaining a part

You can obtain a part from (opponent name). Choose a part.

It is (part name). Are you sure?

(After choosing part, the defeated opponent will say one of the quotes below)

Mega Man:

  • It's regrettable but...
  • How come I lost?...


  • That's not fair!!! I can't lose to you...
  • Nooooo!

Proto Man:

  • I knew that was going to happen...
  • A famous game once said, "I wish you a good luck."

Guts Man:

  • I won't forget this. And I won't forget you!
  • I'll be back!

Ice Man:

  • I'll pay you back double for this insult!
  • I'm not going to go home and cry...yet!

Quick Man:

  • This is embarrassing... I mean, I'm Quickman!
  • My pride... You've hurt me where I can be hurt the most!

Shadow Man:

  • I blew it.
  • You are a worthy opponent.

Napalm Man:

  • That was a good strategy...
  • My parts...

Spring Man:

  • I feel vexed.
  • You're so cruel.


  • I... lost...?
  • Curse you.

Dr. Wily:

  • I'll reform myself. I promise!
  • Forgive me. I’m not really bad, it’s just my name.

Victory and theft

  • Ripot: "Congratulations on your victory."
  • (Player quote 1)
  • Ripot: "Here's your prize, 10 million Zennies"
(a claw appears and takes the money)
  • Ripot: "Uwaaaah!!!!!"
(Dr. Wily escapes with the money)
  • Ripot: "Someone has stolen the prize!!"
  • (Player quote 2)

Player quotes:

Mega Man:

  1. "
  2. "


  1. "I did it! I feel so great!"
  2. "I can't believe it."

Proto Man:

  1. "
  2. "

Guts Man:

  1. "
  2. "

Ice Man:

  1. "
  2. "

Quick Man:

  1. "It was in the bag. My name says it all!"
  2. "That's so tasteless."

Shadow Man:

  1. "It was good training."
  2. "Who's that? Finally, a challenge!"

Napalm Man:

  1. "I am victorious."
  2. "Emergency! Scramble now!"

Spring Man:

  1. "
  2. "


  1. "I'm the strongest!"
  2. "Don't despise me!"


Mega Man


Roll makes her way back to Dr. Light's lab filled with joy. As she drives, the trunk of prize money breaks open. However, Roll doesn't notice it because a dog appears in front of her. Roll steps on the brakes for her new friend!

Proto Man

Protoman has become a star since the victory in Battle & Chase. At every restaurant he visits, the owners proudly display, "Protoman's favorite place" on their signs. He often finds a strange portrait of himself on these signs...

Guts Man

Ice Man

Quick Man

Shadow Man

Shadowman built the Ninja house with the prize money. On the sign, it says, "Challenge my Ninja house! Win and you'll be awarded with 10 million Zennies." But who could visit the house when it's built in a place like that??


Napalmman built the weapon museum with his earnings. But on the opening day, tragedy happened. One of the kids who was visiting the place said, "This museum is boring." Napalmman got mad when he heard that and...

Spring Man


Bass finally defeated Megaman in the race. But somehow he does not seem to be satisfied. "It was just a race. I don't feel I truly defeated him. I must defeat him in a real fight before I can claim victory."

Black Troop

Black Joe

From nowhere...
Black Joe has appeared!

"Battle me one on one!"
Do you accept his challenge?

(If No is chosen...)

"Ha, you coward. You don't deserve to drive!"

(If Yes is chosen...)

"I'll show you what real driving is all about!"

(If player wins...)

"You're so fast... I'm so embarrassed! But you've earned this secret...

You can Rocket Start if you press accl. button as the first light turns on."

Black Roaders

What it is???
Black Roaders appeared!

"Battle with us!"
Do you accept their challenge?

(Choose Yes...)

"Let's do it! Yeah!"

(Choose No...)

"Don't run from us! Booo!"

(If player wins...)

"We must report this to our boss. But before we go, we will tell you something..."

"If you push down three times, you will discard your item."

Black Devil

Say what now??? Black Devil appeared!

"Grrrrrr......" Do you accept his challenge?

(Take Yes...)

"Garrrrrrr...." That means... "You'll lose!"

(Take No...)

"Gar.........." That means... "You're weak!"

(If you win...)

"Uu, garuguru, guguga"

He's saying...uhh... when at a corner, press right... uhh...It's not that important. uhhh... Don't worry about it.

Black Troop

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