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Mega Man Eternal is a fan game made by D.R.Page that began development in 2008. The game was released on December 17, 2014 in celebration of the 27th anniversary of the franchise. The game is available to download on its website. Its sequel, Mega Man Eternal II, was announced in early 2014, and is currently in development.


In the year 20XX, the world is at peace thanks to Mega Man after putting an end to Dr. Wily's latest scheme.

During this time, Dr. Light had developed a new prototype technology to enhance Mega Man's memory and copy abilities called the "Mega Data".  This disk is to be stored in Rush, and is still experimental. Suddenly, Dr. Wily with the help of Bass and three shadowy figures steal the Mega Data. He intends to use the Mega Data to bring back his previous creations to destroy Mega Man and take over the world.  Using the Mega Data, Dr. Wily created eight new robot masters as a part of his new Mega Data Series, each with a Mega Data Number (MDN). Now it is up to Mega Man to stop him, save Rush, and put a stop to Wily's ultimate challenge.


The gameplay itself is similar to fan games Rockman 7 and 8, the de-make of the original Mega Man 7 and 8 into NES-style. This game features some unique changes that are different from the official series.  However, it still maintains most of the elements from its predecessor. 

Versions 1.38 and newer feature native game pad and Xbox 360 game pad (with rumble) support[1].



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Mega Man Eternal II is a sequel that began development in 2014. The game's graphics and music are based on the Game Boy Mega Man games, with a Super Game Boy interface featuring colour themes and colour palette swapping functionality.[2][3] Much of the details for the plot are to be announced in the near future.

Like its predecessor, the game features a Gallery with fan art, concept art, and a sound test. The creator received 60 pieces of fan art to the game.[4]

A new feature is a lobby called Holiday Park. In this lobby, there are eight minigames, one based on the themes of each robot master in the game. The game also includes an online leaderboards system. Much of the details of the entire system have not been announced, but it has been confirmed that every minigame will have leaderboards.[5]

In March 2015, the creator released a simple demo[6] to demonstrate the online leaderboard system. Its inspiration are classic shoot'em'up games and Mega Man Rush Marine.


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Mega Man Eternal Robot Masters

BossSpecial WeaponWeakness
MDN-001 Jolt ManJolt ShockerFrigid Frost
MDN-002 Scorch ManScorch FlameTune Note
MDN-003 Primal ManPrimal BombIllusion Blast
MDN-004 Cipher ManCipher DecodeJolt Shocker
MDN-005 Frigid ManFrigid FrostScorch Flame
MDN-006 Clamp ManClamp RingPrimal Bomb
MDN-007 Tune WomanTune NoteClamp Ring
MDN-008 Illusion ManIllusion BlastCipher Decode

Mega Man Eternal II Robot Masters

On May 30, 2015, the creator announced officially the robot masters of Mega Man Eternal II [7]. It will have four male Robot Masters and four female Robot Masters.

Boss Special Weapon (Mega Man)Special Weapon (Ambient) WeaknessMinigame
Arachne Woman TBAArachne ThreadTBATBA
Poultry Man TBATBATBA Poultry Catcher (inspired by Breakout and Lemmings)

Other Bosses

In order of appearance:

Mega Man Eternal:

Mega Man Eternal II:

  • Dark Auto (Dark Data Chip Possession)[8]

More to come.

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