An Image of the Mega Man 30th Anniversary Bundle featuring Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2, X Legacy Collection 1 & 2, and Mega Man 11.

The Mega Man Legacy Collections are a series of compilations in the Mega Man franchise released by Capcom. They compile the entirety of the mainline video games from a Mega Man series that have been previously released into one to two discs or cartridges, sometimes even including two series in one, but unlike previous collections do not include any spin-off or side titles. There are currently five games in the series, compiling the classic, X, Zero, and ZX series. The latest title is Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, which collects the Zero and ZX series onto a single disc or cartridge, and was released on February 25, 2020 in America, and February 27 of the same year in Japan.

Each collection adds new game modes, galleries, extras, and any DLC that is available for applicable games, as well as higher definition filters and “Easy” modes for newcomers and added PSN Trophy, Achievement points, and Amiibo support depending on the platform as well as a award system for the X and Zero/ZX Legacy Collection games. The Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions for the first Mega Man Legacy Collection also includes additional material in the gallery section that is not available on other platforms.

It is currently unknown if this series will extend to the Mega Man Legends, Battle Network, or Star Force series.


Legacy Collections are sold at a lower price than a full price game, ranging from $15-20 USD for a single collection or $30-40 for a combo pack of both. The Nintendo e-shop is the only digital platform that does not sell the games in bundle packs. Nintendo Switch physical copies include a download code for the second collections as a free digital purchase and download instead of a physical cartridge, with the minor exception of the Japanese release of Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 as both of the Rockman X Anniversary Collection games are also sold separately in Japan in physical format aside from the same combo release like the rest of the world. In addition the first four Legacy Collection games and Mega Man 11 are sold on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade[1][2] in a digital bundle pack as part of the 30th Anniversary Collection which unlike the lesser bundle packs offers a reduced price at $59.99, which is $40 off when compared to the combined individual prices for all five games. Only one game, the first Mega Man Legacy Collection, was released on the Nintendo 3DS.






  • Legacy Collection is a subtitle exclusive to non-Japanese versions of the collections. In Japan, each collection is named differently per series, such as the Classic collections being referred to as the Classics Collections, the X collections being referred to as the X Anniversary Collections, and the Zero/ZX collection being called the Double Hero Collection.
  • The games from the first Legacy Collection for the Classic series have also been released on IOS (along with Mega Man X). In addition, their bundle pack was also given a similar name, Mega Man Legacy Bundle.[3]
  • Some songs that were present in the Japanese versions of the Legacy Collections and/or Japanese versions of the original games have either been completely removed, turned into instrumental tracks, and/or replaced with brand new compositions for the Legacy Collections' Western releases (even when playing the Japanese versions of the games in the Western copies) in order to avoid copyright issues with developers from Japan.
    • However the only exception to this is the Zero/ZX Collection which does not remove or replace the original Japanese song tracks.
  • Originally the Nintendo platform releases for the Legacy Collections of the Classic series were different from the rest as Nintendo does not support an achievement-based system on their Internet system and instead used Amiibo-based challenges, along with extra gallery files in the first Legacy Collection. However starting from X Legacy Collection 1 and 2, Nintendo starting using a challenge system similar to Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 by accomplishing certain tasks in the form of Hunter Medals in the X collections and ZZ Cards in the Zero/ZX collection (and also technically the Records in Mega Man 11).
  • While trailers for all the Legacy Collection games were released on video streaming sites like YouTube, however due to the dual-release of X Legacy Collection 1 and 2, the launch trailer used was a special hybrid trailer to represent both games. The original launch trailers for both games are only available in certain places like Nintendo's official page for both games,[4][5] or certain places for purchasing the digital version like the PlayStation Store, which notably includes footage not used in the hybrid trailer (as the footage in both trailers is limited to material exclusive to that particular collection such as the footage of the version-exclusive battles from X Challenge).
    • Aside from the footage of X, Zero, and Sigma from the X Legacy Collection 1 trailer, the following characters were also not used in the hybrid trailer, Bit and Byte from X3, Double, Colonel, and General from X4, Alia and Signas from X5, and Layer and Pallette from X8.