Cover of the English release of Mega Man Megamix vol. 1, showing Mega Man and Quick Man.

Mega Man Megamix, known as Rockman Megamix (ロックマンメガミックス Rokkuman megamikkusu) in Japan, is a Mega Man manga by Hitoshi Ariga, originally serialized as self-contained one-shots based on the classic Mega Man series in the extra issues of Kodansha's Comic BomBom between 1995-1998. At the time of serialization, only two volumes of the series and Rockman Remix, which collected earlier stories, were published. On his website, Ariga stated that the idea for the remaining third volume's worth of story had been finalized, but was dropped due to poor sales, but later retracted the statement, which has since been deleted. The series was later reprinted by Enterbrain in 2003, Wedge Holdings in 2009, and in 2015, with each reprint featuring new covers, art and dialogue updates, previously uncollected works, author afterwords, guest comments, and newly-drawn chapters and pages to add continuity between the stories. Using the 2003 reprint as a base, the manga was published in the US by Udon Entertainment in 2010.

Release Information

Rockman Megamix vol. 1
Publisher Kodansha Release date April 4, 1997
Region Japan ISBN 4-06-321802-3
Contents Stories: Grim Reaper of Resurrection, Warrior's Day Off, Power Battles
Others: Short stories (including Mega Man V) and concept arts.
Rockman Megamix vol. 2
Publisher Kodansha Release date April 6, 1998
Region Japan ISBN 4-06-321836-8
Contents Stories: The Greatest Enemy in History
Others: Concept arts of the manga.
Rockman Megamix vol. 1 (洛克人進行曲)
Publisher Ching Win Release date July 16, 1998
Region Taiwan ISBN 978-957-539-973-3
Contents Same contents of Japanese version.
Rockman Megamix vol. 1
Publisher Jade Dynasty Group Ltd. Release date September 1998
Region Hong Kong ISBN
Contents Cantonese translation, same contents of Japanese version. Some names are different from the Ching Win release, such as Bright Man's name being 電球人 (lit. "Light Bulb Man") in the Taiwanese version and 光亮人 ("Bright Man") in this version.[1]
Rockman Megamix vol. 2
Publisher Ching Win Release date January 25, 1999
Region Taiwan ISBN 978-957-595-106-1
Contents Same contents of Japanese version.
Rockman Megamix vol. 1
Publisher Enterbrain Release date February 6, 2003
Region Japan ISBN 4-7577-1280-4
Contents Stories: The Birth of Rockman, R Destruction Order, Metal Heart
Others: Character files, special talk
Rockman Megamix vol. 2
Publisher Enterbrain Release date March 7, 2003
Region Japan ISBN 4-7577-1333-9
Contents Main Stories: Grim Reaper of Resurrection, Warrior's Day Off, Power Battles
Others: Character files, Rockman Maniax Vol. 1-2, Rockman's Soccer, special talk
Rockman Megamix vol. 3
Publisher Enterbrain Release date April 4, 2003
Region Japan ISBN 4-7577-1391-6
Contents Main Story: The Greatest Enemy in History
Others: Character files, Rockman Maniax Vol. 3-5, Rockman shorts, Dr. Wily's Robots 101, Mega Gandhara, Special talk
Rockman Megamix vol. 1
Publisher Wedge Holdings Release date May 26, 2009
Region Japan ISBN 978-4-904293-21-8
Contents Stories: The Birth of Rockman, R Destruction Order, Metal Heart, Grim Reaper of Resurrection
Others: Rockman Megamix Material (character charts), Rockman o Tsukutta Otokotachi - Rockman Tanjou Densetsu (part 1), Guest Comment
Rockman Megamix vol. 2
Publisher Wedge Holdings Release date May 26, 2009
Region Japan ISBN 978-4-904293-22-5
Contents Stories: Warrior's Day Off, Warrior's Fate (retitled from "Power Battles"), The Greatest Enemy in History
Others: Rockman Megamix Material, Rockman o Tsukutta Otokotachi - Rockman Tanjou Densetsu (part 2)
Box Set
Rockman Megamix & Gigamix Box Set
Publisher Bunendo Release date February 1, 2011
Region Japan ISBN 9784904293485
Contents A box set with Rockman Megamix vol. 1-2 and Rockman Gigamix vol. 1-3.
Mega Man Megamix vol. 1
Publisher Udon Entertainment Release date February 24, 2010
Region North America ISBN 978-1-897376-16-4
Contents Stories: The Birth of Mega Man, R Destruction Order, Metal Heart
Others: Character files, Special Talk, After Word
Mega Man Megamix vol. 2
Publisher Udon Entertainment Release date September 8, 2010
Region North America ISBN 978-1897376690
Contents Stories: Grim Reaper of Resurrection, Warrior's Day Off, Power Battles
Others: Character Files, Mega Man Maniax Vol. 1-2 and Mega Man's Soccer
Mega Man Megamix vol. 3
Publisher Udon Entertainment Release date November 17, 2010
Region North America ISBN 978-1926778006
Contents Main story: The Greatest Enemy in History
Others: Character files, Mega Man Maniax Vol. 3-5, Mega Man shorts, Dr. Wily's Robots 101, Mega Gandhara, Special talk
新装版 ロックマンメガミックス 1
New Edition Rockman Megamix vol. 1
Publisher Release date February 20, 2015
Region Japan ISBN 9784835451725
Contents Stories: The Birth of Rockman, R Destruction Order, Metal Heart, Grim Reaper of Resurrection
Others: Rockman Tanjou Densetsu (part 1), Rockman General Producer Keiji Inafune "Talking about Ariga Rockman" comments, afterword manga "The Secret Story of Writing Rockman 2009," "The Secret Story of Writing Rockman 2015"
新装版 ロックマンメガミックス 2
New Edition Rockman Megamix vol. 2
Publisher Release date March 20, 2015
Region Japan ISBN 9784835451732
Contents Stories: Warrior's Day Off, Warrior's Fate, The Greatest Enemy in History
Others: Rockman Tanjou Densetsu (part 2), "Spice Man talks about Ariga" segment, afterword manga "The Secret Story of Writing Rockman 2 2009," "The Secret Story of Writing Rockman 2 2015"
Mega Man Megamix tome 01
Publisher nobi nobi ! Release date September 7, 2016
Region France EAN 9782373490473
Contents Same as the 2015 release.
Mega Man Megamix tome 02
Publisher nobi nobi ! Release date November 16, 2016
Region France EAN 9782373490572
Contents Same as the 2015 release.

Related works

Rockman Remix

Main article: Rockman Remix

Rockman Remix (ロックマンリミックス Rokkuman Rimikkusu) is a collection of Ariga's manga works, two based on the original Mega Man series and one on the Mega Man X series called "Mega Mission", which is based on the Carddass Rockman X Mega Mission released by Bandai. The 1997 release of Rockman Megamix was a follow-up of Rockman Remix. From the 2003 release onward, the classic series stories were included in Mega Man Megamix, with the story "Destruction Order" being retitled to "R Destruction Order" and modified to adapt with the story of the first game, "The Birth of Mega Man". The art of the original "Metal Heart" is also different, but besides the addition of two pages in the beginning, one being a recap of Mega Man 3 (and later the "Asteroid Blues" story) events, the story was not modified in the 2003 release.


  1. File R1: Destruction Order (破壊指令 Hakai shirei) (Originally published on Comic BomBom 1995 Spring Vacation Jumbo Special Edition)
  2. File R2: Metal Heart (メタルハート Metaru hāto) (Comic BomBom 1996 Summer Vacation Jumbo Special Edition)
  3. File RX2: Mega Mission (メガミッション Mega misshon) (Comic BomBom 1995 Summer Vacation Jumbo Special Edition)

Mega Man Gigamix

Main article: Mega Man Gigamix

Mega Man Gigamix, known as Rockman Gigamix (ロックマンギガミックス Rokkuman gigamikkusu) in Japan, is a follow-up manga by Hitoshi Ariga first published in three volumes between 2009-2010. It contains new stories, one based on Mega Man 3 and the others being a continuation for Mega Man Megamix. The plots of the stories other than "Asteroid Blues" had already been created at the end of Megamix, more than 10 years before the publication of Gigamix (although, according to Ariga, many of the plots were reworked during the period of absence). However, due to the cessation of the Comic BomBom magazine, which published Megamix in its extra issues, and other factors, Ariga lost his writing space for a long period of time. As a remnant of this, "Burning Wheel" includes a background ad for Street Fighter III, which would have been Capcom's latest title if the chapter had been originally scheduled to appear in the magazine, and the inclusion of Mega Man V-related elements from "White Nightmare" onward is due to the fact that V was scheduled to be released as a Nintendo Power peripheral title at the time, and was therefore supposed to be a current topic.


Volume 1:

  • Asteroid Blues
  • Burning Wheel

Volume 2:

  • White Nightmare
  • Dark Moon

Volume 3:

  • To a Shining Morrow

Mega Man Mastermix

Main article: Mega Man Mastermix

Mega Man Mastermix is a reprint of Mega Man Megamix and Mega Man Gigamix stories in comic format and in full color.

Rockman Nanomix

Rockman Nanomix (ロックマンナノミックス Rokkuman nanomikkusu) was a short story collection project by Ariga that was prepared some time after the release of Gigamix but shelved for various reasons. On May 2021, Ariga shared the initial concept and rough pages of one of the stories called "When the DUST settles." focusing on Dust Man on his Twitter.[2][3]

Mega Man Maniax and other works

Main article: Mega Man Maniax

Mega Man Maniax, known as Rockman Maniax in Japan, are short comical stories by Hitoshi Ariga that were originally published from the May 1997 to March 1998 issues of Comic BomBom. Some of the stories were included in the 2003 Rockman Megamix release and its English translation. The stories were later compiled in a standalone manga book with the same title in 2011 alongside other miscellaneous and previously uncollected works by Ariga, such as his shorts present in Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin. The book was re-released with additional content in 2015 by, being separated in two volumes.


The stories from Mega Man Megamix and Rockman Remix.

The Birth of Mega Man

The Birth of Mega Man

The Birth of Mega Man (ロックマン誕生 Rokkuman tanjō) is based on the first Mega Man game, first published in the 2003 Rockman Megamix release.

In the year 20XX, Rock was invented by Dr. Light. He explains to him the world had humans living peacefully with robots, to help aid their labors and work. He was an inventor who created the Robot Masters, robots of high intelligence, endurance, and were used for new purposes. Later, Rock serves him some tea, and he questions when he would see his "brothers" for the first time. This is interrupted when Roll comes into the room and attempts to kick them out to clean it up, despite Dr. Light says he was very busy. Later, Elec Man was heard leaving his station, and suddenly commands all the robots to attack the humans. The other 5 Robot Masters start doing the same, and Dr. Light is immediately informed of their actions. The human military fails to stop them, and Rock, with a strong sense of justice, asks Dr. Light to convert him into a fighting robot. He is reluctant, as he made him for domestic usage, but he does anyway, equipping him with the Mega Buster (even though he is peaceful, he had to study firearms for Fire Man and Elec Man). He then quickly defeats Cut Man in one shot of his cannon, and takes his Rolling Cutter ability. Soon, a large tank the shape of twin pyramids starts to roll in, and Mega Man infers the other Robot Masters are in there. One by one, he successfully defeats each one, knowing their weaknesses. Dr. Light tries to enter the area, and discovers a chip inside Cut Man's body with Dr. Wily's "W" insignia, and that he caused them to go haywire. When Mega Man reaches Elec Man, he successfully defeats him, but an announcement in the tank says the power of it was beginning to become unstable, and would cause a large explosion if not stopped. Elec Man reluctantly reveals he had to keep its energy balanced, and Mega Man could probably find something to stop it in the control room. As he accesses the room, he is caught by the Yellow Devil, and Wily reveals himself. However, Mega Man breaks free of the Yellow Devil's grasp, and tries to attack Wily, but his arm is sliced off by a mysterious robot covered in a robe. 7 other robots, all in robes appear, and Wily explains he didn't intentionally plan to use Light's robots to take over the world, but simply use them as a distraction to plan for HIS robots. He gets away, and the tank is about to explode. But then, Dr. Light shows up, and shows him he managed to get the Robot Masters under his control again, and they manage to stop the unstable power, preventing the explosion. They thank each other, and they all laugh as Cut Man was being "repaired" by Roll.

R Destruction Order

R Destruction Order

R Destruction Order (R破壊指令 R Hakai shirei) is based on Mega Man 2. It was originally released as "Destruction Order" (破壊指令 Hakai shirei) in Comic BomBom 1995 Spring Vacation Jumbo Special Edition, collected with "Metal Heart" in Rockman Remix in 1996 and revised in the 2003 version of Rockman Megamix to fit with the story "The Birth of Mega Man".

After the events of the first story, the government decides to dispose the six robots of Dr. Light due to the fact they were considered dangerous, despite being under Dr. Wily's control. Rock runs to the disposal building they are located in, despite the large storm, and is attacked by one of the robots covered in the robes. He then reveals himself, and tries to attack Rock, who changes into Mega Man, but fails due to the Air Shooter. He is about to be finished off, but Flash Man appears, and he joins in the brawl. Meanwhile Wood Man is sent to the disposal plant to find the six Robot Masters, and reactivates them. He offers them their lives back by joining him, or else they would be destroyed. They choose not to do join them, despite their fate, but Elec Man and Ice Man decide to (but Bomb Man discovers they were trying to trick Wood Man),and they go with him. After Air Man's robots and Flash Man are defeated, the storm passes, but Metal Man, and Crash Man appear to aid Air Man, and Wily makes a broadcast. He states throughout the city he built several "Skull Satellites", that would go into space and destroy the earth if he didn't achieve world domination. Mega Man is then aided by the other four of Dr. Light's Robot Masters, and Roll passes him Item-2 to get to the base, Crash Man tries to shoot him down, but instead passes his Crash Bombers to Heat Man to chase him.

During the pursuit, Elec Man, at Wily's base successfully betrays Wood Man and burns him. However, his plan on attacking Wily is foiled when his chest is slashed open by Quick Man, who takes the Mecha Dragon. Mega Man, in the meantime, is now being chased over the ocean by Heat Man, and now Bubble Man. Mega Man then defeats both of them by kicking Heat Man into the water, and the boiling heat caused Bubble Man to retreat. The first Skull Satellite is about to launch, but is able to destroy it in one shot. Four more are launched, and all are destroyed except one. Wily is about to launch even more, but the control panel is frozen by Ice Man. When Crash Man, Air Man, and Metal Man see the explosions on the jumbotron, they retreat, saying the plan failed. On the last Skull Satellite, Item-2's engines go out, and he lands on the satellite. However, Quick Man and the Mecha Dragon are on it too, and Mega Man quickly discovers his identity. He is about to be attacked, but Flash Man all of a sudden appears and blocks him. He explains he came back for repairs, but discovered Mega Man was there, so he ends up wanting to be the one to take him out. In one last onslaught, Mega Man dodges Quick man, and destroys the entire satellite. Mega Man was declared destroyed as well, but Elec Man discovers him falling from the sky, unharmed, as he used Flash Man's Time Stopper to escape before the explosion. Later, Quick Man walks away from the wreckage of the satellite's remains, as well as Flash Man, who vows revenge on him.

Destruction Order

Destruction Order

In the original version that was included in Rockman Remix and Maniax, the story begins with Rock and Roll in a stroll in the city. Suddenly, Rock is attacked by Air Man, Crash Man, and Flash Man, the latter using Time Stopper to take Roll as hostage. Dr. Wily is planning to use a satellite he created, and unknown to him, Beat found his base and flies away. As the battle continues, Dr. Light's robots appear to help Rock, but Wily's robots also gain reinforcements. After Roll is rescued, Rock changes into Mega Man and he defeats Flash Man. Light's robots stay behind to fight against Wily's robots while Mega Man and Roll use Rush to stop Dr. Wily.

Elec Man appears in Wily's base with Beat and he defeats Heat Man, but Quick Man takes him down. When Mega Man arrives, Wily launches his satellite and both Mega Man and Quick Man jump on it and start fighting. While Roll takes care of Elec Man and Beat, Ice Man arrives, freezing Reggae and capturing Dr. Wily. Flash Man shows up in the satellite to help Quick Man, but Quick Man simply cuts him down to fight alone. The satellite explodes, but Mega Man survives by using Flash Man's Time Stopper. Dr. Wily manages to escape while everyone is distracted worried with Mega Man. In the last panel Wily's eight robots are shown with several injuries, most with bandages, and Flash Man is glaring at Quick Man.

Metal Heart

Metal Heart

Metal Heart (メタルハート Metaru hāto) was first published in Comic BomBom 1996 Summer Vacation Jumbo Special Edition and later published in Rockman Remix and Mega Man Megamix. Its story takes place after Asteroid Blues from Mega Man Gigamix.

The story starts with a short prologue briefly recapping the events of "Asteroid Blues", with the introduction of eight new Robot Masters, the introduction of Break Man and Rush, and the defeat of Gamma.

Mega Man, Roll, and Dr. Light are headed to a robot convention, while Wily, from his last battle, walks in the junkyard. He notices a torn-up, yet still active toy robot laying on the ground, and he tinkers with it. Later, he uses its brain to create the Yellow Devil MK-II, and commands it to give its revenge on the people that abused it. However, it refuses to obey, and despite the efforts of the Robot Masters of Mega Man 3 to stop it, the Yellow Devil rampages throughout the city. Mega Man, along with Rush search for the robot, but fail to stop it as well. Fortunately, they run into Wily's Robot Masters who were given orders to retrieve, and if needed to, destroy the Yellow Devil. Mega Man, Roll, and Dr. Light then reluctantly join forces with the Robot Masters and Dr. Wily to capture the robot. As it tunnels underground, Tango, Beat, and Snake Man search for it, but fail to find it as it "went out of sight" (Snake Man tried to look for the Yellow Devil himself, resulting in a fight between Tango and Beat, resulting distraction). Roll then suggests they see if the Mother Computer, a large city-wide robot scanner could find it.

As they head over, Wily rudely asks Roll to get him a drink. Getting it himself, the machine suddenly pours out the Yellow Devil, and it trips the security, causing the shutters to close. Mega Man and Shadow Man are the only ones to slide under the closing shutters to chase after the Yellow Devil, but resulted trapping Magnet Man, Hard Man, Needle Man, and Gemini Man. The security robots come out, which they try to fight, but Magnet Man and Gemini Man's ricocheting weapons only attacked each other (coincidentally, the Gemini Laser hit Needle Man and the Magnet Missile hit Hard Man, which are their weaknesses). Dr. Light realizes the security system isn't trying to stop the Yellow Devil, so he tries to access the Mother Computer, but it sends out a strange code, "SON" over and over again, which they dismiss as a display error for SOS. Meanwhile, Shadow Man and Mega Man catch up to the Yellow Devil, which makes its way closer to the Mother Computer. Shadow Man then realizes that its weakness is its eye, because their weapons hurt him more in its head (Mega Man already knew that, and questioned why he didn't know, as those weaknesses are common for "enemies like him"). However, shortly after, Mega Man is literally punched out a window, but is saved after Shadow Man warps his shadow to catch Mega Man through the wall (despite the fact it was nighttime, but Snake Man, Top Man, and Spark Man quickly set up a spotlight to project an area of light). But they once again run into the devil again, but this time, getting very close to the Mother Computer, smashes Shadow Man into bits, defeating him. In one final attempt, Dr. Light asks Roll if she had any data on the Mother Computer, and she responds saying it originally was from a toy factory. Wily then admitted the Devil's brain's origin, and Dr. Light pieced together the fact the computer says "SON", it was trying to reach its "mother." The Yellow Devil finally reaches the Mother Computer, and Mega Man discovers this as well, but Shadow Man remembers Dr. Wily's orders, and attempts to destroy it. He hurls a Shadow Blade at the last moment as a sneak attack, and it slices through the Yellow Devil's eye, but Mega Man yells at him to stop, but it ends up blowing up the Mother Computer, and the entire city blacks out. Mega Man apologizes to the remains of the Yellow Devil's brain for preventing it to meet its mother, but manages to power the connection using what remains of his energy. He wakes up later, and the Mother Computer had suffered too much damage, and it, along with the brain of the Yellow Devil, are converted happily into the maintenance robot for the park. Dr. Wily then swears revenge, as he is "a true genius", with the Robot Masters asking, "Will he ever quit?"

Grim Reaper of Resurrection

Grim Reaper of Resurrection

Grim Reaper of Resurrection (復活の死神 Fukkatsu no shinigami) is the third (fourth story-wise) Mega Man Megamix story by Hitoshi Ariga, originally published on Comic BomBom 1996 Summer Vacation Jumbo Special Edition. According to the profiling of Kalinka in Mega Man Megamix Vol. 3, it takes place around three years after Mega Man 4 in the wintertime.

The story begins giving a brief summary of the past events of the game, explaining the defeat of Wily and introduction of Dr. Cossack. Also in the prologue, it explains the doctor has written a very successful new book named The Future of Human-Robot Relations, in a live TV interview, being watched by Dr. Wily, plotting once again...

The story cuts to Dr. Light's home, where everyone is watching the interview over dinner, including Beat, since he was created by Cossack. Just as Roll is checking the door, Rock, Dr. Light, and everyone else witness Dr. Cossack being taken away by many Skeleton Joe and a large, skeletal figure in a robe. This frightens Beat, who dashes right out the window. Also, it turns out that the person at the door was a very damaged Ring Man, who begs for help from Rock to rescue Dr. Cossack. While Dr. Light repairs him, Rock turns into Mega Man and takes off on Item-2, but Roll grabs onto him at the last second and takes off with him.

Making all the way over to Dr. Cossack's lab, they discover it in ruins, and Beat, who was hovering over a small crevice. They discover Kalinka in the rubble, with Dive Man over her, who tried to save her, but ended up unconscious. Kalinka gets up, unhurt, and Bright Man also shows up, who also avoided damage. He recalls what happened: All Dr. Cossack's robots were planning a surprise party for the success of his new book, but the same robed figure shows up, as it turns out to be Skull Man, who destroys the lab. Toad Man also shows up, but very battered and hurt, explaining that Drill Man, Dust Man, and Pharaoh Man, the other Cossack Numbers were also taken away. Upon hearing that Cossack was taken as well, he faints and falls to the ground. Bright Man attempts to fix Toad Man himself, as he has recently been working at an electronics store, while the others question why Skull Man would do such actions.

Kalinka explains that Skull Man was very different from the other seven, as he was made specifically for combat only (as a result of Wily taking Kalinka hostage, in Mega Man 4.), and was sealed away ever since. Roll jokes that she was really worried of her being taken by Skull Man, but Kalinka yells at her, calling Skull Man a "monster," and she didn't understand because she was a robot too. Roll apologizes, and so does Kalinka, but Beat then zooms away once again.

The story then cuts to an old, large, wooden shack which was Dr. Wily's temporary base, where Wily has Cossack captive. Wily taunts him using his own quotes from his book, including "Robots are irreplaceable friends to us humans." This angers Skull Man, who then proceeds to scold Dr. Cossack for keeping him sealed for so long, being a hypocrite.

As Wily continues to make fun of him, Skull Man discovers that Mega Man, Toad Man, and the newly repaired Dive Man were around the area. Bright Man is driving Roll and Kalinka in a car on a road nearby for safety. While wondering why Beat would lead them to the location, Skull Man comes out and shoots Dive Man. Toad Man demands for where Dr. Cossack was, only for Skull Man to reject letting them rescue the "lying, excuse for a scientist." Kalinka shouts, saying he was not a liar, saying he was more important than Skull Man. Skull Man then proceeds to attack the robots, while Bright Man drives the girls away once again for safety. As Dive Man is attacking Skull Man, Toad Man ponders on the fact Skull Man may just be confused as he can do absolutely nothing but keep fighting, as he is merely a combat robot. However, Skull Man once again catches everyone's attention by landing on the car and taking the two girls (Bright Man, in an act of cowardliness, runs away in the process.). Mega Man and the others try to go after him, but the captured Cossack Numbers, Dust Man, Drill Man, and Pharaoh Man show up to fight them, under Wily's control once again.

Pharaoh Man melts nearby snow to produce steam as a distraction, but the other two are easily defeated, some on the hand that Ring Man finally shows up again, fully repaired, but Pharaoh Man appears with a giant Pharaoh Shot right behind everyone. Meanwhile, Dr. Cossack demands to know what Wily plans to even accomplish from the situation, yet Wily admits he's only doing it to be a bully, and that he only woke Skull Man up because he felt sorry for him. Just then, Beat crashes right through the window to rescue the doctor, but is humorously defeated by a swat of newspaper by Dr. Wily and a small charge by Reggae. Wily uses this again as another motive to torment Cossack, saying he cares about Beat, but not Skull Man.

Outside, the snow starts to pick up, into a full-blown blizzard. Skull Man keeps the girls in a cave, who demands what he will do to them, but he surprisingly says "nothing." While being called "pathetic" by Kalinka, he walks away in anger, saying they will "never know how he feels." Roll thinks he's just lonely, as she hands Kalinka her coat, as a robot, not needing it.

Skeleton Joes fill in information about Mega Man, and decides to take care of them himself, drawing out his Skull Barrier. Pharaoh Man presumes to finish them off, but he is suddenly stunned and defeated by Bright Man, who was hiding behind everyone. While being chewed out by Dive Man for his cowardice, the others take a look at the damage done to the others, which happens to be too severe for them to handle. (even if they knew how to, some of their parts were missing). Reluctantly, they decided they were just going to leave them and find Skull Man. But as if it wasn't enough, Bright Man decides he does not want to fight anymore, as that they were supposed to be "brothers," and he is left behind anyway, so they can find the girls, who can't last much longer in the weather, mainly Kalinka.

Back in the cave, Roll returns from searching to find out where they are, with no luck. Kalinka begins to pass out from the cold, but she comes up with idea for helping her out: She would overheat her core intentionally to keep Kalinka warm. As she presumes to do this, Skull Man finally meets up with everyone, ready to fight. Most of them are easily taken down, except Mega Man, who Skull Man congratulates, as he is technically a combat robot as well, and challenges him mono e mono. Kalinka wakes up, surprised discovering what Roll is doing, and begs her to stop, as she fears Roll might burn out a crucial circuit and die, but Roll persists, as she says she can simply be fixed, leaving Kalinka worried.

Just then, Pharaoh, Dust, and Drill Man show up at the fight, fully functional once again. Pharaoh Man carries a semi-conscious Bright Man, who used his parts just to fix them. They beg for Skull Man to finally stop, as they are just "family" to them, but Skull Man takes them all out using machine guns hidden in his chest. As Wily celebrates, he decides to go there to see for himself, but takes Cossack along with him as well. Complaining that he has no "family", he is presumably the victor, but everyone gets up once again, saying they were his friends, and do not wish to fight anymore.

Just then, Dr. Cossack shows up, coming to stop Skull Man. Everyone is relieved to see him, but he cuts the celebration short, as he tells Skull Man that he was the person he hates, and allows himself to be open to fire, for Skull Man to shoot. In a fit of hysteria and rage, Skull Man draws his buster at him, but Mega Man fires at his spine and blasts him in half.

Skull Man, dying, thanks Mega Man for preventing him from harming Cossack. Cossack himself apologizes for being so careless for Skull Man's feelings, causing so much pain and suffering. Skull Man hands the coordinates for the location of the girls to Mega Man, who goes out to find them. Skull Man's last words is for Dr. Cossack, saying he wants him to never make another robot like himself again, as no one should have to go through what he did again. Right before he dies, Skull Man says "Family, huh?... Sounds kind of nice, actually."

In the end, they all return to a memorial near the lab for Skull Man, with Cossack saying that Wily was right on one thing: he was a hypocrite. But he still hasn't changed his mind on anything, leaving off with the quote: "Robots are dear and irreplaceable friends to us humans."

In the epilogue, it shows Dr. Wily vigorously writing a book himself, called Taking Over the World Over a Game of Table Tennis: World Domination Made Easy!, saying to himself that if Dr. Cossack could sell ten million copies, his book could sell a hundred million.

Warrior's Day Off

Warrior's Day Off

Warrior's Day Off (戦士の休日 Senshi no kyūjitsu) is a story that was originally published on Comic BomBom 1996 Winter Vacation Jumbo Special Edition. It takes place after the events of Mega Man 5.

Dr. Light's six robots from the first game finished their jobs and are going home. On the way they see two robots (Dark Man 1 and 2) robbing a bank and they try to stop them, but suddenly the two are stopped by a mysterious robot with shades (Proto Man). Another unknown robot (Bass) has seen how fast he defeated the two and wants to fight against him. Light's robots try to help, but they get in trouble with Bass and Treble, and Proto Man leaves without fighting to take Bass away from them. A few days later, Mega Man, Roll, Auto and the six robots go to an amusement park, and there they find the Mega Man 5 bosses (who acts like Super Sentai characters when fighting in the manga) working to obtain money for Wily, but they don't want to fight and have fun together.

After a lot of fun, Bass appeared and almost hit Mega Man, but Elec Man noticed Bass and saves Mega Man and a human kid near him. Bass causes chaos in the park, and the Mega Man 5 robots help the civilians while Mega Man fights for the first time against Bass. Bass takes down Light's six robots, and as the battle between Mega Man and Bass is putting everyone in danger, the eight robots working in the park decide to combine their forces to take down Bass. They appear to be successful, but Bass raises and angrily attacks them. During his rampage, someone whistles and Bass is hit by a strong blast. Treble combines with the injured Bass, who reluctantly decides to retreat, and the Mega Man 5 robots commemorate their victory.

Power Battles

Power Battles

In Power Battles (パワーバトル Pawā batoru), named "Warrior's Fate" (戦士の宿命 Senshi no shukumei) in the 2009 release, is a story that was originally published on Comic BomBom 1997 Winter Vacation Jumbo Special Edition. It starts with Roll, Rush, and Auto visiting a shop where the four Dark Men are working. The Dark Men try to capture Roll to use as bait for Mega Man, but they are beaten by Bass, who says that he doesn't approve of their methods, but then considers that it may not be a bad idea and decides to kidnap Roll to lure Mega Man into a fight. A damaged Auto arrives at Dr. Light's lab and shows a message that Bass wrote on his back, and Mega Man uses Item-2 to go to the combined location, a scrapyard.

Waiting above a broken King Gojulus, Bass has a brief conversation with Mega Man and they start fighting. Proto Man appears to help Roll, but says he won't help against Bass, only making sure that Wily will not interfere in their battle.

The Greatest Enemy in History

The Greatest Enemy in History

The Greatest Enemy in History (史上最強の敵 Shijō saikyō no teki) is a story based on Mega Man 6 that was originally published on Comic BomBom 1998 Winter Vacation Jumbo Special Edition.

The story starts with Rock and the others watching the Ultimate Robot Championship via broadcast in their home, when suddenly, eight robots in the championship started attacking the humans and other competitors, which included two of Dr. Cossack's robots. Mr. X, leader of the World Robot Alliance, revealed that he has always been the mastermind behind Dr. Wily's previous schemes, and used the robots in his quest for world domination. Seeing this, Rock turns into Mega Man and goes off to stop Mr. X. Finally confronting Mr. X, Mega Man showed no mercy against the leader of the WRA. Mr. X then reveals himself as Dr. Wily, and Wily begins to, yet again, beg to Mega Man for forgiveness. Mega Man, at first, coldly accepts his forgiveness, but as Wily used his machine to finish him, Mega Man destroys it with no problem and shoots Wily straight into the head. However, that Wily in front of Mega Man turns out to be a robot copy, and the real Wily escaped in his flying saucer, shocked at Mega Man for actually considering killing him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Light and Roll are starting to worry for Rock, as he has been gone for sixteen hours, and Cut Man and Guts Man have gone out to go look for him. Suddenly, Ring Man arrived in Light's house, putting him under arrest as an accomplice to crimes committed by one of his own robots, apparently setting an entire city on fire. On the news, Plum and Ripot revealed that the DLN responsible for this is none other than...Mega Man! He then explains his reason for doing this: He now deems the human race as a threat to the world, and has now declared war upon them! Upon seeing this, Dr. Light and his robots are sent to prison, Roll being reduced to tears in disbelief that Rock would do something like this. Back in Dr. Wily's hideout, Wily and his robots were celebrating in honor of Mega Man's apparent change of heart.

Back at the remains of Mr. X's fortress, Cut Man and Guts Man came to see the robots that were once under Wily's control, and were shocked to see Yamato Man in such bad shape. They learned that Mega Man was the one who mercilessly destroyed Yamato Man in their battle. Hearing this, Cut Man and Guts Man ran off to find Mega Man and ask what's gotten into him, as Dr. Cossack arrives with Kalinka to repair the Robot Masters.

Back in the prison, Roll decides to escape, still believing that Rock is still good. Ring Man helps her along the way, and she escapes the prison along with the other remaining Robot Masters. Meanwhile, Rock, seeing the destruction he caused, can't help but smile at it. He then encounters Proto Man. Now seeing Mega Man as a threat, they battle. But as Mega Man was about to give the final blow to Proto Man, he narrowly escapes.

Cut Man and Guts Man, as well as Roll and the other Robot Masters confronted Mega Man. Cut Man, Guts Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man tried to attack Mega Man all at once, but he was too powerful for them. Just before things can get ugly, Cut Man realizes that the Mega Man he's been fighting is not the real one, and the real Mega Man shows up to fight the copy. The two Mega Mans fight, however, Copy Mega Man, in an attempt to prove he's the real one, starts using the weapons he copied from the Robot Masters he fought earlier. But thanks to the help of said Robot Masters, Mega Man manages to exploit the weaknesses of each weapon, and gain the upper hand.

Suddenly, Copy Mega Man started to overheat, and bits and pieces start to fall off of him, revealing Dr. Wily's mark implanted in him. Upon learning he was the fake all along, Copy Mega Man starts despairing. Mega Man tries to comfort him, but the copy then tries to eliminate him, hoping to be the 'only Mega Man.' But, in a sudden turn of events, Roll ends up taking the bullet for Mega Man. Guts Man then takes Roll to Dr. Cossack, who was the only one close to repairing her.

Rock gets informed by Roll to forgive the copy, as he was created under unfortunate circumstances, but Cut Man can't forgive him after all he's done, and decides to end him right there. However, Shadow Man, who was hiding in the copy's shadow, blocked Cut Man's attack, and took the copy away from the crowd. The others try to stop Shadow Man from escaping, but Dive Man and Drill Man stop them. Dive Man explains that he can't help but see Skull Man in the words of Copy Mega Man. Knowing how Skull Man felt when he was ostricized by his own family, Dive Man begs the crowd to forgive the copy. But this was interrupted when Kalinka announced that Roll was going to be okay.

Meanwhile, in a warehouse, Shadow Man revealed to Copy Mega Man that before Mega Man could fight the Robot Masters, Dr. Wily created the copy with his personality, abilities, and even his memories. The only difference between the two is that the copy's power was pushed beyond the original's limits. Copy defeated Mega Man before he could even start, and Copy Mega Man went to fight the Robot Masters. Apparently, Wily's evil chip cannot override Copy Mega Man's desire to do the right thing, but it clearly influenced him in a way. During the celebration, Wily secretly instructed Shadow Man to follow the copy and keep a close eye on him.

Shadow Man tells Copy that he now has the freedom what to do next and leaves. Meanwhile, while Wily was busy throwing tantrums at Shadow Man's disobedience, Bass appears and runs off to Shinjuku, claiming he senses a great force.

Back to Mega Man, Cossack tries to tell the robot police that the Mega Man who terrorized Shinjuku was a fake, but couldn't convince them. But that was all changed, when they heard that Mega Man was terrorizing Shinjuku again, when Mega Man was with them the whole time...Dr. Cossack then orders the robot police to take them to Shinjuku.

In Shinjuku, Copy Mega Man lays waste to the city again, until Bass comes in and battles him. With his body being overloaded with power, Copy was losing the fight. At this point Bass realizes that the Mega Man he was fighting was Copy. The real Mega Man shows up and fires at Bass, rushing to Copy's side. Cossack makes note that Copy's body is damaged beyond repair, and he could explode at any minute. But as Bass was about to strike back, Copy jumped back up and blasted off with Bass, self-destructing in the air, as Mega Man and the others mourned at his death.

Watching Copy's heroic sacrifice, Shadow Man turns to Proto Man, asking if he planned all this to happen. Proto Man tells him that he gives him too much credit. In the robot hospital, Rock cries silently in Roll's bed, with Roll comforting him. As Dr. Light, being freed of all charges, and Dr. Cossack drive in the city, Proto Man watches a news report, thinking that in his last moments, Copy really was Mega Man.

In Wily's fortress, Wily sees Bass and Shadow Man come back, both of them extremely miffed about what happened. Shadow Man then secretly vows revenge on Proto Man. Meanwhile, back in the prison, it was revealed that Auto was still in there, with Ring Man as a roommate.

For Whom

The first page of the manga

"For Whom" (誰が為に Ta ga tame ni) is a 16 page Mega Man Megamix story that serves as a prologue of Mega Man 9 included with the Rockman 9 Arrange Soundtrack booklet and in Rockman Maniax.

A new law is established by the World Robot Alliance in that robots should have lifespans to regulate the increasing number of robots, with them being scrapped when their time is over. Dr. Light doesn't agree with the law, but there is nothing he can do about it. Some time later, robots all over the world rampage against the new law, all of them being Dr. Light's robots. Dr. Light is the main suspect for this and is arrested. The six robots from the first game fight against the eight from Mega Man 9, but the six are defeated by them. Wily visits Light in jail, and hints he's the one behind it. The story ends with Mega Man preparing for the battle.


Main characters

  • Dr. Light
  • Dr. Wily
  • Dr. Cossack
  • Kalinka

Robot Masters

Dr. Light's robots

Dr. Light's robots:

Dr. Wily's robots

Dr. Wily's robots:
Note: The eight robots from Mega Man 3 are "DRWN" in Rockman Remix and the 1997-1998 version of Mega Man Megamix, and "DWN" in later releases.

Dr. Cossack's robots:

Minor characters


The Birth of Mega Man:

R Destruction Order:

Mecha Dragon

Metal Heart and Grim Reaper of Resurrection:

Power Battles:

The Greatest Enemy in History:


Scrapped Characters

  • Piano (ピアノ) - A character designed by Ariga to be a female partner to Bass like Roll is to Mega Man. She was supposed to give exposition about story details. She was scrapped because Ariga felt that she would draw attention away from the stories, and there were many characters from the games that he wanted to give a deep characterization.[4]


Version differences

Each release had changes to their content.[5] Below are a few samples.

Rockman Remix
Rockman Megamix
Rockman Remix
Rockman Megamix (2003 release)
Rockman Megamix (2009 release)
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Rockman Megamix (2003 release)
Rockman Megamix (2009 release)
Rockman Remix
Rockman Megamix
Rockman Remix
Mega Man Megamix
(2010 English release)
Rockman Megamix (2009 release)

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