Mega Man Powered Up, known as Rockman Rockman (ロックマン ロックマン Rokkuman Rokkuman) in Japan, is a remake of the first Mega Man game. It was released worldwide for the PlayStation Portable in March 2006.

It was later released in a bundle alongside Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X and was slated for release on the PSP's PlayStation Network[1]. It was released for the PlayStation Network service in Japan, but a US release did not occur due to technical difficulties.[2] The game uses a chibi-style that was intended for the original game but was not possible at the time.[3]

The designers intended to keep this design faithful to the way the characters worked and looked in the original. While it received generally positive reviews, the game sold poorly, and plans for a remake of Mega Man 2 titled Mega Man Powered Up 2 fell through.

Differences from Mega Man

  • The game features a graphical overhaul with 3D character models in a chibi-style and updated environments, as well as voice-acting.
  • Two new Robot Masters, Time Man and Oil Man, have been added to the game, bringing the total number of Robot Masters up to the traditional eight instead of six.
  • To fit the two new Robot Masters into the cycle, the entire weakness order has been redone and no longer follows the original game. For example, Elec Man is weak to the Oil Slider instead of the Rolling Cutter. Fire Man and Cut Man are the only Robot Masters to keep their original weaknesses.
  • There are two modes that are available to play: New Style and Old Style. New Style lets the player play as all of the eight Robot Masters, features difficulty choices and level design changes (in order to utilize the PlayStation Portable's wide-screen display) as well as music remixes. Old Style is a recreation of the original Mega Man, and Time Man and Oil Man are not available to fight against.
    • Additionally, the music remixes from the New Style are actually the lower pitches of the original music.
      • Cut Man also had his theme warped to a major key in all playthroughs of his stage.
    • The difficulty options are Easy, Normal, and Hard. The setting changes the player's health and damage, the number of checkpoints, and enemy patterns. Easy mode also makes certain platforming sections easier by adding extra blocks.
    • The player can play as all eight Robot Masters from the game, as well as Mega Man (plus three alternate forms), Roll (downloadable), and Proto Man (unlockable and downloadable), bringing a total of eleven playable characters. The Robot Masters are unlocked by defeating them with the Mega Buster. When playing as a Robot Master, they will battle a Mega Man lookalike as a boss when playing in their home stage.

Title screen of the American version.

  • Unlike the original Mega Man, weapon projectiles cannot pass through walls, aside from Mega Man C's Charge Shots.
  • There are 100 new challenges, ten for each of the nine playable characters (Roll and Proto Man do not have their own challenges) and ten boss rush challenges, which involve beating some or all of the bosses in one run. Completing all 100 will unlock Proto Man as a playable character in Story Mode if the player has not already done so through online mode.
  • An online mode is also available for players to upload and download custom-built levels from the "Mega Man Web" (Rockman Rockman Web in Japan). The player also has the choice to download both Roll and Proto Man from the online mode.
  • The “WARNING” siren that was first introduced in the Mega Man X series from Mega Man X4 on appears for the first time in the classic series.
  • Robot Masters have an opening sequence before the fight starts like they do in Mega Man 7 and 8. They also perform a special attack when their health falls below half in Normal and Hard.
    • An exception to this is Time Man, who uses his Time Slow on all three difficulty levels.
  • Also similar to 8, special weapons display how many uses they have left. The maximum ammunition of each special weapon was changed in New Style, with Thunder Beam and Fire Storm in particular having dratiscally lower values than in Old Style (and subsequently lower than in the first Mega Man game as well).


Robot Masters

Name Special Weapon Weakness
Cut Man Rolling Cutter Super Arm
Guts Man Super Arm Time Slow
Ice Man Ice Slasher Hyper Bomb
Bomb Man Hyper Bomb Rolling Cutter
Fire Man Fire Storm Ice Slasher
Elec Man Thunder Beam Oil Slider
Time Man Time Slow Thunder Beam
Oil Man Oil Slider Fire Storm

Castle Wily Bosses


  • Proto Eye: Boss from the Opening Stage in New Style.
  • Mega Man?: When playing as one of the eight Robot Masters, Mega Man? replaces him in his stage and boss rematches.

Downloadable content


Content Game description Release date
Roll Refuses To Lose!
Select Roll from the Player Select Screen!

Oh no! Dr. Wily is out to take over the world! What should we do? Mega Man's not around! I guess I have no choice but to stop that nasty Wily all by myself!

March 14, 2006
Final Data
Now you can select you-know-who from the Player Select Screen!

This character is normally unlocked by clearing Challenge Mode, so if you want to unlock him the old fashioned way, you’ll skip this download.

February 22, 2007

Roll's alternative costumes

Image Costume Weapon Player Select Screen Quote Release Date
Mega Man 8 Roll
Mega Man 8 Roll
Broom "Cute, huh? I really love this outfit! The big buttons are just adorable!" March 16, 2006
Sports Roll
Sports Roll
Flag "1, 2, 3, go! I may not look it, but I can run really fast!" April 6, 2006
Knight Roll
Knight Roll
Lance "Cool, huh? With this, I'm not afraid of Dr. Wily, ghouls, or even ghosts!" May 4, 2006
Rainy Day Roll
Rainy Day Roll
Umbrella "Who says rainy days have to be boring? Forget board games! I'm ready to rock!" June 1, 2006
Straw Roll
Straw Roll
Butterfly Net "This outfit's perfect for summer! No one gets away from me!" July 6, 2006
Vaction Roll
Vacation Roll
Parasol "It's great to get away from the grind and while away the hours on the beach!" August 3, 2006
Summer Roll
Summer Roll
"Otsukimi Roll")
Mallet "Bad kids better watch out for me! I'll teach 'em a lesson!" August 31, 2006
Halloween Roll
Halloween Roll
Broom "Trick or treat! Smell my feet! Just kidding, silly! Robot feet don't smell!" October 5, 2006
Alley Cat Roll
Alley Cat Roll
Fish "Little kitties might look adorable, but don't forget they have sharp claws!" November 2, 2006
Roll Claus
Roll Claus
"Santa Roll")
Candy Stick "Merry Christmas! What did you ask for this year? I hope you've been good!" December 30, 2006
Ninja Roll
Ninja Roll
"Kunoichi Roll")
Ninjatō "Ninja style! I may be a ninja, but I don't hide! I run straight into battle!" January 4, 2007
Valentine Roll
Valentine Roll
Box of
"Happy Valentine's Day! I wonder if my secret crush is obvious? Tee hee hee..." February 1, 2007

Stage packs

Content Game description Release date
Old Gutsman St. Pack!
This will allow you to choose "OLD GUTS" from the Construction Scenery Pack select screen!
This pack draws elements from the nostalgic old version of Gutsman's stage! Be sure to upload any good stages you make!
March 14, 2006
Old Elecman St. Pack!
This will allow you to choose "OLD ELEC" from the Construction Scenery Pack select screen!
This pack draws elements from the nostalgic old version of Elecman's stage! Be sure to upload any good stages you make!
March 14, 2006
Old Fireman St. Pack!
Select [Old Fire] on the Scenery Pack select Screen!

This nostalgic scenery pack is based on Fireman's old stage! Make hot stages with it and upload them to share!

March 16, 2006
Old Cutman St. Pack!
Select [Old Cut] on the Scenery Pack select Screen!

This nostalgic scenery pack is based on Cutman's old stage! Make cutting edge stages with it and upload them to share!

March 2006
Old Bombman St. Pack!
Select [Old Bomb] on the Scenery Pack select Screen!

This nostalgic scenery pack is based on Bombman's old stage! Make explosive stages with it and upload them to share!

March 2006
Old Iceman St. Pack!
Select [Old Ice] on the Scenery Pack select Screen!

This nostalgic scenery pack is based on Bombman's old stage! Make cool stages with it and upload them to share!

April 6, 2006
Old Oilman St. Pack!
Select [Old Oil] on the Scenery Pack select Screen!

This nostalgic scenery pack is based on Oilman's old stage! Make slick stages with it and upload them to share!

April 27, 2006
Old Timeman St. Pack
Select [Old Time] on the Scenery Pack select Screen!

This nostalgic scenery pack is based on Timeman's old stage! Make timely stages with it and upload them to share!

Note: Oil Man and Time Man didn't appear in the original game. Those packs represent how their stages would look in the NES.

May 25, 2006
Ghosts 'n Goblins St. Pack!
Select [Ghosts 'n Goblins] on the Scenery Pack Select Screen!

This cool Scenery Pack brings the creepy atmosphere of the Ghosts 'n Goblins universe to life! Make lots of stages with it and be sure to upload them!

August 3, 2006
Japan St. Pack!
Select [Japan] on the Scenery Pack Select Screen!

This unique pack takes elements of Japanese pop culture and gives them a unique twist! Be sure to upload the cool stages you make with it!

August 17, 2006
Halloween St. Pack!
Select [Halloween] on the Scenery Pack Select Screen!

Here's a cute and creepy pack that should send chills down your spine and put a smile on your face! Be sure to upload the cool stages you make with it!

September 28, 2006
Christmas St. Pack!
Select [Christmas] on the Scenery Pack Select Screen!

A romantic winter wonderland of Christmas imagery awaits in this cool pack! Be sure to make lots of fun stages and upload them to share with others!

November 23, 2006

Promotional stages

Content Game description Release date
Ultimate Oilman!
"Ultimate Oilman Stage"
Difficulty: HARD
This is the first stage of the Ultimate series. If you can't clear it, try practicing other stages in HARD mode!
March 14, 2006
Ultimate Elecman!
「Ultimate Elecman Stage」
Difficulty: Semi-hard
Proceed in the proper order, and you should have no trouble navigating this stage. But be careful! You''ll need to use your head if you want to make it out in one piece!
April 20, 2006
Ultimate Cutman
[Ultimate Cutman Stage]
Difficulty: Very Hard
This stage is very standard and orthodox in design, but it provides quite a challenge. Can you find all six Party Balls hidden throughout the stage?
May 11, 2006
Ultimate Fireman!
[Ultimate Fireman]
Difficulty: Extremely Hard
Don't get lost in this complicated maze stage! Think of a way to avoid the Big Eyes other than attacks.
May 25, 2006
Ultimate Timeman!
[Ultimate Timeman Stage]
Difficulty: Insanely Hard
Use special weapons and you knowledge of how to play the game if you hope to stand a chance! Don't forget to keep an eye on your remaining Hyper Bomb count!
June 15, 2006
Ultimate Gutsman!
[Ultimate Gutsman Stage]
Difficulty: Crazy Hard
This stage has two routes: heaven above and heck below! You'll need to use the Oil Slider well to deal with the undulating elevators of doom!
June 29, 2006
Ultimate Iceman!
[Ultimate Iceman Stage]
Difficulty: Super Hard
Tons of spikes lining this stage means that it''s not for the faint of heart! Break through blocks and containers with Count Bombs and be careful!
July 13, 2006
Ultimate Bombman!
[Ultimate Bombman Stage]
Difficulty: Crazy Hard
This technical stage will show you that timing is everything. Don't forget that you can change weapons even during an Oil Slider move!
July 27, 2006
Bomb Mania!
「Bomb Mania」
A special Bombman stage! Keep a cool head or it's all over. Use bombs to make your way through this perilous environment!
April 13, 2006
Ice Mania!
「Ice Mania」
A special stage for Iceman! Successfully guide the Big Eye to the goal. You'll need to use expert timing when it comes to your ice powers.
April 27, 2006
Ice Mania 2!
[Ice Mania 2]
Another special Iceman stage. You'll have to use your head to make platforms or you'll lose your footing in this stage! Freeze enemies instead of destroying them!
November 16, 2006
Mega Mania!
A special Mega Man stage! Push the down directional button and the jump button simultaneously to do a slide! If you get caught between flames, try to wiggle your way out!
May 4, 2006
Guts Mania!
[Guts Mania]
A special Guts Man stage! The blocks here break when Guts Man stands on them or bashes them with his head. Be careful!
May 18, 2006
Guts Mania 2!
[Guts Mania 2]
Another special Gutsman stage. Timing is key when trying to place Guts Blocks in this stage! This is definitely one for the puzzle fans out there! Enjoy!
January 18, 2007
Time Mania!
[Time Mania]
A special Timeman stage! Be careful not to destroy the containers underfoot and fall to your doom! Try to take advantage of pitfalls by making enemies take the plunge instead!
June 1, 2006
Oil Mania!
[Oil Mania]
A special Oilman stage! During an Oil Slider jump, press the up directional button and the jump button again to perform a special double jump!
June 8, 2006
Oil Mania 2!
[Oil Mania 2]
Another special Oilman stage. Practive the Oil Slider in a wet and wild environment! The key is to shoot oil while moving!
December 14, 2006
Elec Mania!
[Elec Mania]
A special Elecman stage. Show off your jumping skills as you make your way over the Elec Blocks. Plan your next step while in mid-air or you'll be sorry.
June 22, 2006
Fire Mania!
[Fire Mania]
A special Fireman stage. When Fireman enters water, he's like a, well... he's like a fish out of water! Blast through the containers that come your way and push forward to the goal!
July 6, 2006
Cut Mania!
[Cut Mania]
A special Cutman stage. Be careful or you'll lose track of the elevators. Wall jumping never looked so cool!
July 20, 2006
Cut Mania 2
[Cut Mania 2]
Another special Cutman stage. Get ready to wall jump your way to freedom in this stage full of high walls and obstacles! But be careful! You can't jump off of ice walls!
October 19, 2006
Joe A-Go-Go!
(Joe A-Go-Go!!)
A special stage for Bombman! This one's devious! Keep an eye on the pendulums as you jump between them.
March 23, 2006
Ultimate GnG Action!
[With U_G_Goblins]
Time for a hot Fireman stage! Take your time and choose your path carefully, since you'll be offered easy, medium, and hard choices. Don't let the Killer Bullets get the better of you!
September 7, 2006
CCC_R is Here
Here's a special stage for Timeman! Don't get crushed by the pendulums! You might want to use Time Slow to make things more manageable until you get used to the layout.
October 26, 2006
Go! Power Stone!
Check out this cool stage for Elecman! Use the Elec Blocks like elevators to move downward. Remember that the Thunder Beam can go right through Elec Blocks!
November 2, 2006
("Dengeki PS, Visiting!")
「でんげきPSのちょうせん」 ("Dengeki PS's Challenge") March 10, 2006
(Japan only)
("Dengeki PS, Visiting Again!")
「でんげきPSのちょうせん2」 ("Dengeki PS's Challenge 2") April 14, 2006
(Japan only)
("Dengeki PS, Visiting a Third Time!")
「でんげきPS*FINAL」 ("Dengeki PS * FINAL") May 19, 2006
(Japan only)
("Dengeki PS2, Visiting!")
「でんげきPS2のちょうせん」 ("Dengeki PS2's Challenge") March 17, 2006
(Japan only)
("Dengeki PS2, Visiting Again!")
「でんげきPS2のちょうせん2」 ("Dengeki PS2's Challenge 2") April 21, 2006
(Japan only)
("Dengeki Online, Visiting!")
「でんげきオンラインSP」 ("Dengeki Online SP") March 24, 2006
(Japan only)
("Dengeki Online, Visiting Again!")
「でんげきオンラインSP2」 ("Dengeki Online SP 2") April 7, 2006
(Japan only)
("Dengeki Maoh, Visiting!")
「でんげきマオウからのちょうせん」 ("Challenge from Dengeki Maou") March 31, 2006
(Japan only)
("Dengeki Maoh, Visiting Again!")
「でんげきマオウからのちょうせん2」 ("Challenge from Dengeki Maou 2") April 28, 2006
(Japan only)
("Dengeki Maoh, Visiting a Third Time!")
「でんげきマオウ*FINAL」 ("Dengeki Maou * FINAL") May 26, 2006
(Japan only)
("The Evolutionary Sunday Special!!")
「サンデースペシャルスペシャル」 ("Sunday Special Special") March 29, 2006
(Japan only)
("Famitsu Wave DVD, Visiting!")
「ファミつうWAVEたいせんST」 ("Famitsū WAVE Taisen ST") March 31, 2006
(Japan only)
GameSpy Stage! 「GameSpy」
Join Mega Man on a deadly trip to the GameSpy offices deep within the bowels of the earth.
March 16, 2006
(USA only)
GI Online Stage! 「GI Online」
A look at in-game advertising.
March 23, 2006
(USA only)
Newtype USA Stage! 「Clockwerx NT」
Iceman and Cutman match wits with the diabolical terror of time, Timeman. Which means they shoot him a lot.
April 20, 2006
(USA only)
Power Unlimited Stage! 「Power Unlimited」
Check this short powerful
"Heat under your feet" level
Created by Power Unlimited, Netherlands
July 14, 2006
(Europe only)



Mega Man Powered Up trailer Rockman Rockman commercial
Mega_Man_Powered_Up_Sony_PSP_Trailer_-_Official_Trailer Rockman_Rockman_Commercial


  • Mega Man Powered Up received generally positive reviews, with aggregate scores of 83% on GameRankings[4] and 82 out of 100 on Metacritic[5] as of May 2010. However, the remake sold poorly at retail stores in America, as noted by Electronic Gaming Monthly.
    • Along with low sales, the game has been on Electronic Gaming Monthly's "Japan Issue" on a top 10 list of where Japan went wrong, with Oil Man as a "racist stereotype" type of character.
  • Dr. Wily isn’t aware of Proto Man's existence, even though he took Proto Man in the original timeline.
  • Mega Man's bio in the instruction booklet mentions that he likes animals, especially dogs. This is a possible nod to Rush.
  • In the credits roll, Keiji Inafune is credited as "Inafuking" instead of "Inafking".

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