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Please note that this is an article about a FAN-MADE MEDIA, and is neither licensed nor endorsed by Capcom, and is not canon.

Mega Man RPG Prototype is an ongoing fan-game project with a goal of creating a progress-saving, no-download, no-install, cross-platform, browser-based Mega Man RPG that combines the addictive collection and battle mechanics of the Pokémon series with the beloved robots and special weapons of the classic Mega Man series. You fight your way through 33 different Robot Masters (currently, more will be added as Development progresses) in a turn-based battle system reminiscent of both play-by-post forum games and early 8-bit role-playing games. It usually updates commonly, although bigger updates do occur. Playing the game without an account will result in playing the Demo Mode, designed to introduce new players to the game. However, it is encouraged to make an account and play the Prototype, which will result in the benefits of more missions, more Robot Masters to choose from, and overall a more complete game.


The game is reminscent of the Pokémon franchise and makes heavy use of the collection and battle mechanics found in the handheld games (albeit with a coat of Mega Man paint). There are three doctors to play as, being Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, and Dr. Cossack, who each have their own set of unlockable robots and separate-but-connected save files. Light has the line from Mega Man Powered Up, Wily has the Mega Man 2 robots with Bass, and Cossack has the Mega Man 4 robots and Proto Man, along with support robots Roll, and fan-made robots Disco (Wily) and Rhythm (Cossack). Mega Man 3 bots are also purchasable in the Shop, and are able to be used and transferred between the three doctors. Through the use of "Mecha Support", a move in-game, a Robot Master is able to summon their specific enemy from their original stage. For example, if Ice Man uses "Mecha Support", he will summon a Peng to the battlefield to battle the opponent.

Each robot has its own weaknesses and resistances and must fight other Robot Masters and Support Mechas to earn their weapons and potentially unlock them for use in battle. While each robot has its own unique set of level-up abilities based on classic series weapons, abilities can also be manually equipped to compatible robots by the player so long as the ability matches that robot's Core Type - a mechanic similar to the element types in Pokémon. What this means is that an Explode Type robot like Crash Man could learn Hyper Bomb by defeating Bomb Man  and equipping his weapon. A Flame Type Robot Master like Heat Man is likewise able to equip Fire Man 's signature weapon the Fire Storm because the ability's type matches the robot's core type. However, there are also many dual type moves which are compatible with two different core types (for example, Ice Slasher is compatible with both Cutter and Freeze Type robots).

Battles are carried out in a turn-based system very similar to the Pokémon games where robots fight one-on-one, but each side of the field can have up to seven additional robots on the bench for switching out to that can be targeted by ranged attacks and potentially disabled before they get a chance to attack. Each robot can have up to eight different abilities equipped and each ability has different elemental properties, effects, and weapon energy requirements. Once a target robot's Life Energy has been reduced to zero, it will be disabled and may drop an item like an Energy Pellet, Weapon Capsule, etc. in the process. These items can be used once per turn, and switching does not give the enemy a free attack which encourages experimentation. A new post-game mechanic named Star Force (not related to the Mega Man Star Force) adds 'stars' to the Robot Master and Fusion stages. You can also combine stages to make new fusion stars. For example, you could combine Cut Man's stage and Toad Man's stage to get either a Abandoned Sewer Star or a Rainy Warehouse star which accounts for a different star. There are a total of 1024 stars in total, and each one used to boost the player's elemental abilities, but now is a booster to the player's Battle Points, or BP for short.

The game is integrated with a companion website that hosts a full leaderboard ranking players by their Battle Point total as well as a Pokédex-like database of all the robots and abilities that appear in the game. The database robots features sprites, stats, what robots can learn an ability, and quotes by robots.  Players can also use their game accounts to participate in the community forums and because the game's development is ongoing they are able to directly participate in the formation of new content, mechanics, and features. This "devroom" style of development was inspired by the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype and has been actively shaping the direction of the game since its inception in early 2011. A Chatroom is on the site, for other users to converse and share strategies with.

Upcoming News

-Multiple Boss characters are being added to challenge the player at specific points of the game.

-The Campaign is being greatly expanded, to create a longer experience for the player as well as to overall fit the new mechanics.

-New items are being introduced or revised, from the usage of Cores to the new additions of stat-based capsules. Score Balls from the original Mega Man will return as well, boosting the amount of battle points earned at the end of the battle when used.

-Dark Spires and Dark Fragments are also being introduced. Dark Spires cannot be destroyed, and will nullify the effects of Starforce for the majority of the battle. Dark Fragments, on the other hand, will appear on the enemy's bench, and nullify Starforce until all Dark Fragments are destroyed. Thus, it is imperative to destroy those for the effects of Starforce to return to the battlefield. Sigma Robot Masters may also appear alongside these Dark Frags as well.

-Items will be able to be held, one of the most interesting being cores. Holding cores will expand the robot's pool of moves, allowing Metal Man to use an attack like Atomic Fire. However, the moves will have large weapon energy costs, providing a risk with rewards.

-Battles will now have a ranking system for how well you perform in battle. In addition, bringing more robots than the suggested amount will decrease your overall score.

-Leveling Up and experience rates will be edited to be more like those of Pokèmon, and overkill bonuses will be re-done to prevent exploits in Damage Multipliers.


The year 20XX.  It has been several years since the Roboenza outbreak, and no one has heard from Dr. Wily since.  Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack, thinking about the past and looking toward the future, agreed to work on a massive Robot database, which would compile all the Robot data throughout the world into a single, detailed system so people could reference it in the future.  Robots would be able to "upload" themselves into this database, and hone their skills against the data, which would lead Robotkind to a stronger, smarter future.

After months of finding and compiling this data, Light and Cossack are prepared to unveil a prototype of the database to the public and demonstrate its features (Even if the system still had some bugs).  Little did they know that there were two surprises waiting for them there that night, the first of which was Dr. Wily hiding in the audience, watching the unveil.  The second surprise would prove to be much more devastating.  The public unveil seemed to be going fine at first, but in the middle of a test run, a pair of curious alien Robots appeared!  The Robots Light and Cossack had assembled there were helpless against them, and once defeated, they use an arcane power to digitize Robots and humans all over the world into the Prototype!  The Robots proclaimed that humanity would have to fight one another to the top and defeat them in order to reclaim their freedom.  And thus began a mad scramble for humanity to raise their own digital Robot armies and lead them into combat against one another...

[The story is not yet finalized and will be changed as development goes on]

Featured Users

  • Adrian Marceau - Creator, lead developer, artist, and programmer for the entire project as well as the sister website.
  • MegaBossMan - Assists in multiple aspects of the game and is usually considered #2 of the site.
  • TheDoc-Moderator on Community and offers feature ideas and discussions.
  • Spinstrike - Created most Robot classes, Mecha bios and Robot quotes.
  • Rhythm_BCA - Updated Bass, Disco and Roll design. Moderator on Community.

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