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English logo of the anime.

Mega Man Star Force, known as Shooting Star Rockman (流星のロックマン Ryūsei no Rokkuman) in the original Japanese language version, is an anime series based on the video game of the same name.

The anime first premiered in Japan on October 7, 2006, two months before the game's Japanese release, and concluded March 29, 2008. The anime was licensed by Viz Media and first premiered in English on the online streaming video service Toonami Jetstream on July 23, 2007. On August 25, the series made its television premiere on Cartoon Network with a 2-hour special.



European DVD.

The year is 220X. Technology has advanced rapidly since the age of the Internet, leading to the creation of new and more efficient modes of transportation, as well as the construction of futuristic cities, all linked together by three satellites orbiting the Earth—Pegasus, Leo, and Dragon. The satellites accomplish this by maintaining a network of EM Waves around the planet's atmosphere, thereby powering the invisible EM Wave World. The human population carries portable devices called Transers to interface with the EM Wave World and other electronic devices. Problems caused by criminals and EM Wave viruses manipulating the EM Wave World are commonly dealt with by the Satella Police. Geo Stelar has a device that can help him see EM Wave beings.

Anime Themes

The title sequences of each series are sung by Misato Fukuen as Sonia Strumm. In the original series, the song is entitled "Heart Wave" and in Tribe, the song is entitled "Kizuna Wave" (literally "Bond Wave").


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