Mega Man Trading Cards pack.

The Mega Man Trading Cards are Mega Man cards released by Artbox Entertainment in 2004. The collection has 45 standard cards with game artwork and 9 cards illustrated by Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante.

Card list

  1. Mega Man
  2. Dr. Thomas X. Light
  3. Dr. Albert W. Wily
  4. Roll
  5. Proto Man
  6. Bass
  7. Mega Man X
  8. Mega Man Volnutt
  9. Mega Man Zero
  10. Rock
  11. Cutman & Company
  12. Light Personified
  13. Good vs. Evil
  14. Proto Man's Trap?!
  15. Mr. X and Dr. Cossack
  16. Dr. Wily's Defeat!
  17. Mega Man and Bass
  18. Dr. Wily Escapes
  19. Dual Heroes Battle
  20. Zero
  21. Dr. Cain's Creations
  22. Repliforce War
  23. The Colony Incident
  24. The Zero Nightmare
  25. Sigma
  26. Vile
  27. Allies
  28. The Caskett Family
  29. The Bonne Family
  30. Servbots
  31. Mega Man Legends
  32. Roll Caskett
  33. New Adventures
  34. Tiesel Bonne
  35. Tron Bonne
  36. The Mother Lode
  37. The Resistance
  38. Weapons Master
  39. Ciel
  40. Ciel Searches
  41. Unknown X
  42. Copy X
  43. Elpizo
  44. The Four Guardians
  45. Checklist

Chase Cards


  • There are a few name mistakes in the cards: Dr. Light's full name has a "X.", Teisel Bonne was misnamed as Tiesel Bonne, and "Dr. Cain's Creations" has images of X, Zero, Middy and Techno, but the former two were created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, and the creator of the latter two is unknown.

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