Mega Man Tribute cover by Jeffrey Cruz.

Mega Man Tribute is an art book by Udon Entertainment released in August 2011, following the books Street Fighter Tribute and Darkstalkers Tribute. Mega Man Tribute contains illustrations from the Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX and Mega Man Legends series (the Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force series are absent) drawn by fans. Udon's official site began to take submissions from fans in December 2010, with the deadline being in January 31, 2011. It premiered as a special 300-page limited-edition with a dust jacket drawn by Hitoshi Ariga at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con.


  • The book contains several alternate covers by different artists, which include Sean Galloway, Sanford Greene, Omar Dogan, and others.[1]
  • deviantArt user Soul-Rokkuman created a fanbook called "Art Buster" for submissions that didn't made it to the official art book.[2]


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