Japanese promo art for Mega Man X6.

Script from the game Mega Man X6, Zero's storyline only (see also: X's storyline).

Note: This script starts at Scene 7 because Zero does not appear in the game until then, or until after destroying the Zero Nightmare, which can happen in any one of the Investigators' stages. To see what happens before Scene 7 (which can only happen while playing as X), see X's storyline.)

Scene 7: Zero's Return

X6 scene 12.jpg

(After X destroys the Zero Nightmare, the real Zero reveals himself.)

Zero: My reputation has been damaged while away... being thought of as some stupid toy...

X: ... Zero? Zero! You're alive?!

X6 scene 13.jpg

Zero: Huh. So, X is alive, is he? Seems Sigma didn't defeat me after all.

X: But I searched all over for your parts, your signal, but I found nothing, so...

Zero: That is most unfortunate. I hid myself while I tried to repair myself. I had to wait until I was healed. Well, it's been an emotional reunion... But now we must face the Nightmare.

X: If the Reploids are eradicated, then the mankind... no, the Earth itself will face a crisis.

Zero: Let's go, X! Destroy the Nightmare!!

X6 scene 14.jpg

X: Yes. We will join hands... And never let anyone sever us again! Let's go, Zero!

(X and Zero return to the Hunter Base to receive the mission briefing.)

Signas: I know that you have only just returned, but I need to ask you something... Will you help X and carry out the missions?

Zero: It is my job. I am a Maverick Hunter... I have been away for a while... But I am ready to fight for peace!

Scene 8: Amazon Area

(Zero teleports to a dense jungle area.)

Alia (over radio): This is the Amazon Area. I can't understand the situation there from the Hunter Base. I wonder if the Nightmare caused this jamming.

(Zero fights through the stage until he finds a small insect Mechaniloid.)

Alia: It appears to be a transport Mechaniloid. It has a loading space on its back.

(Zero continues until he sees a strange, floating creature with tentacles.)

Zero: Alia! What is this unusual signal?

Alia: It must be the Nightmare! Stay alert!

Zero: Is this the Nightmare? I see...

(Zero continues until he sees an injured Reploid standing on a high platform.)

Alia: There are many Reploids everywhere who need help. You should search all over for them.

(Zero is teleported to a different area.)

Zero: Is this the Amazon Area? It's similar, yet different...

If Zero encounters High Max

(Zero finds an unknown black-armored Reploid, High Max, in a hidden room.)

High Max: You're not wanted here. Do not disturb our important investigation.

Zero: Your investigation? Come on! You're examining the Nightmare!

High Max: You are nuisance. I'll delete you.

(Zero fights and defeats High Max. High Max teleports out.)

If Zero encounters Dynamo

(Zero finds Dynamo in a hidden room.)

Zero: How persistent you are, Dynamo...

Dynamo: You're also persistent... Now that Sigma finished, I must survive by myself... by making use of the Nightmare!

Zero: The Nightmare is too dangerous! Stop it!

Dynamo: Then give me the Nightmare Soul. OK?

(Zero fights and defeats Dynamo.)

Dynamo: You are too strong. See you later, Zero!

(Dynamo teleports out.)

(Zero continues until he comes across a strange capsule. As he approaches, a hologram of Dr. Light appears.)

Dr. Light: Zero... I'm glad to see again.

Zero: ... I will never die. I don't really remember, but when I came to, I could move... I don't know if the recovery function worked...

Dr. Light: ... The world still needs X and you... ... So you came back to life, didn't you? We must put an end to this Nightmare... Please give X this Armor program... However, for security reason, the Armor won't work until the four programs combine. Now I will give X a foot program of the Blade Armor. This program will enhance X's dash performance and enable him to perform the Mach Dash. X can dash while jumping and X will be invincible in the beginning. For the Earth. For the future. Good luck!

(Zero continues until he comes to a spiked area.)

Alia: The transport Mechaniloid can stand on the spiny trap. You can use it. Try to ride on!

Zero: If I can't make it with a double jump, I'll try it.

(Zero comes to the boss gate.)

Zero: I feel a strong power... Is this an investigator?

Alia: The investigator here is Commander Yammark. Be ready for battle just in case...

Zero: I am always ready. I will destroy the crazy investigator.

(Zero enters the door and encounters Commander Yammark.)

Zero: You're the Nightmare investigator, Commander Yammark?

Commander Yammark: Yes! I'm in charge of the Amazon area. Tell me! What will you do with the Nightmare?

Zero: Are you serious? It is your silly toy!

Commander Yammark: Maverick Hunters and Reploid researchers are all liars! I may end up betrayed and deleted! So I will delete you first!

(Zero fights and defeats Commander Yammark, who explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Alia: You got the Yammar Option! Dragonflies help you on offense and defense. Commander Yammark. An ex-investigator in the Amazon area. He was a Reploid created for the nature preservation project. He burnt the forest by control disorder. He wasn't accused of the incident. But... Someone altered Yammark's flying system... He crashed and died. He was created by... my colleague... Gate.

(If Zero picked up a Nightmare Soul)
Alia: You've found a mysterious item. It's related to the Nightmare. Let's call it the Nightmare Soul. Collect the Souls to increase ranking. As your Hunter Ranking increases, you'll be able to equip Parts. The higher your ranking, the more you can equip Parts. When you achieve the GA rank, you will be able to equip the Limited Parts. Unlike the other Parts, the Limited Parts should be equipped at the Weapon Select screen. Don't forget that you can use it one time only.

Scene 9: The Researchers

(Gate and Isoc are seen inside a dark laboratory.)

X6 scene 15.jpg

Isoc: I have a report. Another investigator has been beaten...

Gate: Blast... That old robot is tenacious.

Isoc: You are quite right, sir. Especially that red Reploid... Zero has outstanding performance. I believe he will cause problems for us if we don't take measures now...

Gate: I'm no longer interested in Zero. High Max will defeat Zero before long.

Isoc: There is no doubt it will be easy for High Max... but we'd better make a move just in case.

Gate: Isoc, I have been thinking about that. You're obsessed with Zero, aren't you?

Isoc: No, no, I'm not...

X6 scene 16.jpg

Gate: Then leave that old robot and focus on the experiment.

Isoc: Yes sir, I'm doing just that. It's going smoothly and effectively. We achieved 99.98% success rate by now. So I assume the experiment is done.

Gate: Then it's time for the next phase... Ha ha ha. It's going to be fun... Isoc.

Isoc: I'm sure, sir.

Gate: Keep an eye on those two Maverick Hunters.

Isoc: I shall obey your orders.

Scene 10: Central Museum

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Central Museum area.)

Alia: You are in the Central Museum, or should I say "in the building that used to be the Museum..." The place has completely changed its appearances.

Zero: This place is deserted... That is good because now I can concentrate on my mission.

Alia: Ok, let's go!

(Zero fights through the stage until he finds a semitransparent enemy much like a totem pole.)

Zero: Why is there a totem pole here? I don't pick up any life signs...

Alia: I can't detect any sign of a totem pole... It must be the work of the Nightmare! Be careful!

(Each time Zero approaches a totem pole, he is teleported to a different area - possibilities listed below.)

Zero: What location? Alia... Can you read my location? Alia? ... The transmission is jammed again...?

Zero: What is this location, anyway!? Can you read my location, Alia? Alia... Jammed transmission... Okay, then.

Zero: What's this place? Alia! Can you read my location!? Huh? Alia! ... Jammed transmission? I'll do it on my own.

Zero: What happened? Alia? Can you read me? The transmission is jammed... What's going on?

Zero: Oh, not again... Give me a break. What a waste of time!

Zero: Now what? It's useless to try to think about it...

Zero: Another virtual area... What do the Nightmares want...

Zero: I've reached an open space at last... But a bigger room can only mean a bigger challenge awaits!

Zero: Have I been transferred again? Alia? What's going on?

If Zero encounters High Max

(Zero finds High Max in a hidden room.)

High Max: You Nightmare scum! What made you come here?

Zero: I came here to eliminate you.

High Max: No! It's you who will be eliminated!

(Zero fights and defeats High Max. High Max teleports out.)

If Zero encounters Dynamo

(Zero finds Dynamo in a hidden room.)

Zero: Dynamo! What are you doing here?

Dynamo: I came here for the Nightmares. I'm attuned to the fashions of the time, you know...

Zero: The Nightmares are too dangerous to play around with!

Dynamo: That's why they are worth checking! The Nightmare Souls are MINE!

(Zero fights and defeats Dynamo.)

Dynamo: I'm not strong enough... Later!

(Dynamo teleports out. Zero continues on.)

(Zero comes across another Light Capsule.)

Dr. Light: Zero... I'll give you data for an Armor program. Obtain all four program, to complete the Armor. The one I give you now is the head program for the Blade Armor. It allows X to consume less energy as he uses his special weapons. I'm praying for world peace and for your safety.

(Zero continues through the stage until he comes to the boss gate.)

Alia: It's been a long mission. You must be tired. The investigator sent to this area is Ground Scaravich. Stay alert!

(Zero enters the door and encounters Ground Scaravich.)

Zero: Ground Scaravich! Why do you need to steal from another ruin? Hmm... You seem to be very close to the Nightmares...

Ground Scaravich: I am cursed, I know it! You are Zero. I heard you were dead. I really wanted to obtain your DNA data, but I no longer need it.

Zero: What do you mean?

Ground Scaravich: You can fight me to find out!

(Zero fights and defeats Ground Scaravich, who explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Alia: You got Ground Dash! Crush certain types of rocks with this. You got the Sentsuizan! Press Attack + Down buttons in the air. Ground Scaravich. An ex-treasure hunter. He was devoted to the research on an ancient site. He also had lots of research data on ancient robots. Gate took care of Scaravich in exchange for the ancient data. Gate improved his knowledge from him. Then Gate had him go to a forbidden area. It was the place you were both discovered. I saw Scaravich enter the place... I felt bad, but I disposed him. Gate didn't seem to care... I didn't want to remember this...

Scene 11: Magma Area

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Magma Area.)

Alia: This is the Magma Area. A dangerous area to investigate is the Hot Spot that spews magmas.

Zero: It's dangerous wherever I go.

Alia: Although I can't confirm it due to the jamming, it must be the Nightmare.

Zero: I don't care, I just move forward.

(Zero comes to a cliff overlooking a large red and green Mechaniloid.)

Zero: I found a giant Mechaniloid...

Alia: Mechaniloid? There is no data signal. It must be the Nightmare.

Zero: The Nightmare. I'll crush it! Its weak point is obvious.

(Zero destroys the Mechanilioid.)

(Zero continues through the stage until he is teleported to a different area.)

Zero: Where am I? Alia... I can't contact...

If Zero encounters High Max

(Zero finds High Max in a hidden room.)

High Max: Here comes a nuisance...

Zero: I don't think you are helpful. Leave.

High Max: Hey! That's my line!

(Zero fights and defeats High Max. High Max teleports out.)

If Zero encounters Dynamo

(Zero finds Dynamo in a hidden room.)

Zero: Dynamo! You're pesky!

Dynamo: You must be busy dying so many times.

Zero: I won't die in such a trifle battle!

Dynamo: You're always passionate. I want many Souls... Even yours!

(Zero fights and defeats Dynamo.)

Dynamo: I can't beat you. Until next time!

(Dynamo teleports out. Zero continues on.)

(Zero comes across another Light Capsule.)

Dr. Light: Zero, please give this Armor program to X. Collect four programs to complete the Armor. Now I'll give X an arm program of the Shadow Armor. This program will enable X to fire in three directions simultaneously, and use a striking charged Saber. Go and defeat the evil of this world.

(Zero continues through the stage until he comes to an area with several metal platforms on the lava.)

Alia: Zero! It is the Hot Spot! Watch out!

Zero: It's too hot...

(Zero enters a rocky area.)

Alia: It's another Hot Spot! Stay alert!

Zero: Magmas are ready to destroy me... I won't die here. I'll move quickly!

(Zero comes to the boss gate.)

Zero: It's getting hotter and hotter... The investigator must be ahead.

Alia: The investigator for this area is Blaze Heatnix. Find out its weak point, just in case.

(Zero enters the door and encounters Blaze Heatnix.)

Zero: It's too hot here. Let's finish this...

Blaze Heatnix: A vigorous guy! I've been waiting! You look so strong compared with the others. I was bored because there is no strong Reploid left on the ground. Although I was not ordered to kill, it's too hard, isn't it? Hee hee hee.

Zero: I'm not interested in your talk... Will you fight or not?

Blaze Heatnix: Good. Let's fight!

(Zero fights and defeats Blaze Heatnix, who explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Alia: You got Magma Blade! Fires a wide-range blade from Saber. You got Shoenzan! Press Attack button while holding Up! Blaze Heatnix. An ex-investigator for the Hot Spot. His ability is far beyond the others. He could research any dangerous area. All others who fell behind were killed... Gate, who created Heatnix, improved his powers and strengths. In order to prevent any more victims, Heatnix was disposed of deep underground.

Scene 12: North Pole Area

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the North Pole area.)

Alia: This is the North Pole Area. Do you feel cold? Are you all right?

Zero: I'm all right... Thanks for asking.

Alia: A High Jump Part may be of help.

Zero: I can manage on my own. Now let's go!

(Zero fights through the stage until he comes to a large, icy hill.)

Alia: It's hard due to the slippery surfaces. Utilize the evacuation spot wisely as you go through the area.

(Zero comes to a series of pits.)

Alia: The land is corrupted and there are many holes everywhere. If you are about to slip and fall, jump directly above! If you try to turn back, you will slip. You had better stop by jumping.

(Zero is teleported to a different area.)

Zero: Was I thrown off course? Alia! ... The communication's out?

If Zero encounters High Max

(Zero finds High Max in a hidden room.)

High Max: You offend me, so I'll delete you!

Zero: You are the offensive one!

High Max: ... Annoying. I shall delete you!

(Zero fights and defeats High Max. High Max teleports out.)

If Zero encounters Dynamo

(Zero finds Dynamo in a hidden room.)

Dynamo: Have you solved the mystery of the Nightmare?

Zero: That's not your business! Leave!

Dynamo: The Nightmare Soul is nice DNA. I want that power! So I will take the Souls you collected!

(Zero fights and defeats Dynamo.)

Dynamo: You're too serious. Later, Zero!

(Dynamo teleports out. Zero continues on.)

(Zero comes across another Light Capsule.)

Dr. Light: Zero, give X this Armor program... Collect four programs to complete the Armor. Now I'll give X a foot program of Shadow Armor. Press the Jump button while holding the Up button to jump high and stick to the ceiling. After sticking, X can dash on the ceiling. This is a tricky Armor. Tell him to handle it well! Please help X.

(Zero continues until he enters a ditch.)

Alia: Although we can't see the Nightmare of ice from the Hunter Base, I wonder if there is a way I can take advantage of this situation?

(Zero comes to the boss gate.)

Zero: I feel... This must be an investigator!

Alia: The investigator in this area is Blizzard Wolfang. Set up your weapons in case you fight... ......... Zero, actually I...

Zero: Forget about the past.

Alia: Zero! Do you know? Wolfang was...

Zero: Now he is the Nightmare investigator. We have to fight him.

Alia: Yeah, right... Good luck, Zero.

(Zero enters the boss door and encounters Blizzard Wolfang.)

Zero: Blizzard Wolfang, nice to see you...

Blizzard Wolfang: Zero! I heard that you returned.

Zero: I won't die so easily.

Blizzard Wolfang: Don't think badly of me, Zero. I won't disobey Gate. I must pay for my past sins. Besides I have a new mission. You know what I mean. Let's fight!

Zero: I have no choice. You will lose!

(Zero fights and defeats Blizzard Wolfang, who explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Alia: You got the Ice Burst! Fires ice blocks you can step on. You got Hydroga! Press Jump button while holding Up! Blizzard Wolfang. An ex-investigator of the North Pole area. One day, his team members were attacked by Mavericks. Although Wolfang was able to defeat the Mavericks, his team members were annihilated... Researchers who oppose Gate schemed to dispose of Wolfang and took advantage of the incident... They made it look like an accident, Wolfang was thrown into the cold sea... ... I did it! But I was deceived into doing it...

Scene 13: Inami Temple

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Inami Temple area.)

Alia: You are in Inami Temple, an important cultural asset.

Zero: Why does the Nightmare phenomena have to happen here of all places? What are they plotting?

Alia: ... We'd better save the Reploids... I'm counting on you, Zero.

Zero: Okay, I'm on my way, Alia!

(As Zero starts to enter the building, a heavy rain begins to fall.)

Zero: Darn! It's some kind of a trap!? It's raining!

Alia: I don't pick up any sign of rain in that area. It must be the Nightmare phenomenon... Stay alert!

Zero: I am gradually getting damaged... However, it's strange that I've been recovering when I'm on this machine...

Alia: I can't guarantee your safety, but it's better to use them if they are helpful... But I'm worried about the rain... Is there any way to stop the Nightmare rain?

(Zero sees a machine inside of the building.)

Zero: Alia, this machine seems to be out of control! And make the matter worse, it's protected by a thick barrier. The cores seem to have been establishing a barrier.

Alia: Watch out for the damage caused by the Nightmare rain! Destroy those cores!

(Zero destroys the machine.)

Alia: It has stopped raining, but you still have to...

Zero: I know... And that means the other Reploids are in danger! I have to hurry!

(Zero comes to a small, spiked passageway.)

Alia: A low passage... It's too narrow to walk into, but maybe there's another way... Maybe X can handle it because his body is a little smaller than yours.

(Zero is teleported to a different area.)

Zero: A different area...

If Zero encounters High Max

(Zero finds High Max in a hidden room.)

High Max: Nightmare scum! You have appeared at last!

Zero: Shut up! All of you, withdraw!

High Max: Let's not talk about, let's fight about it!

(Zero fights and defeats High Max. High Max teleports out.)

If Zero encounters Dynamo

(Zero finds Dynamo in a hidden room.)

Dynamo: How are you doing?

Zero: Save us time and run away now...

Dynamo: Shut up! I may be a coward, but I'm here for the Nightmares. I've been gathering them, thinking that I might be able to enhance my powers... So, will you do me a favor? Give me all the DNA Souls you have gathered!

(Zero fights and defeats Dynamo.)

Dynamo: Oh, give me a break...

(Dynamo teleports out. Zero continues on.)

(Zero finds another Light Capsule.)

Dr. Light: Zero, will you give this Armor program to X for me? Obtain all 4 programs, so that the Armor will be complete. The one I give you now is the body program for the Shadow Armor. With this program, X will take less damage, and the damage X receives will be converted to the energy to perform the Giga Attack. You two are our last hope...

(Zero comes to the boss door.)

Alia: The investigator sent to this area is Rainy Turtloid. There are many dangers already present here, so stay alert!

(Zero enters the door and encounters Rainy Turtloid.)

Zero: Are you Rainy Turtloid?

Rainy Turtloid: Zero, the famous Maverick Hunter! X and Zero are Reploids I respect.

Zero: Fine. So don't fight me, help me.

Rainy Turtloid: I've been resurrected to carry out an important duty. A very important duty given by my master... Though I brought shame on my master, he allowed me to live. That's why... I have to finish my duty, even if it means sacrificing my life.

Zero: I see...

(Zero fights and defeats Rainy Turtloid, who explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Alia: You got the Meteor Rain! Fires the Meteor Rain upward. You got the Ensuizan! Press Weapon + Down buttons. Rainy Turtloid. Ex-investigator of the water-purity improvement team. He had tortoiseshell shield to counter the strong acid rain. Thanks to him, we can explore areas that have a pollution level A. But his high defense ability was regarded as too dangerous. Requests to weaken Turtloid ran high. Gate opposed this and was punished. Turtloid was so loyal to Gate... In the end, he died to save Gate.

Scene 14: Recycle Lab

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Recycle Lab area.)

Alia: This is the Recycle Laboratory. Parts of disposed Mavericks are recycled here. All operations should be stopped now. How are things going?

Zero: Large machines are working overhead.

Alia: It must be the work of the Nightmare. There is no signal. Be careful not to get caught in the compressor.

(Zero finds a Ride Armor.)

Zero: I found the Ride Armor... Can I get by the compressor with this?

Alia: You should be fine, but be careful.

(Zero comes to a junk pile.)

Alia: Zero! Piles of junk narrows the path. You will be gone if you get squished by the compressor.

Zero: OK. I'll move carefully.

(Zero is teleported to a different area.)

Zero: ... What happened? Where am I now?

If Zero encounters High Max

(Zero finds High Max in a hidden room.)

High Max: The Nightmare... What are you doing here?

Zero: What are you talking about?

High Max: ... Silence. I will delete you.

(Zero fights and defeats High Max. High Max teleports out.)

If Zero encounters Dynamo

(Zero finds Dynamo in a hidden room.)

Dynamo: Long time no see!

Zero: Sorry but I will never go with you.

Dynamo: Don't be cruel. By the way... Nightmare Souls... I want them all! I will get the Souls that you collected!

(Zero fights and defeats Dynamo.)

Dynamo: I just can't win. Bye, Zero!

(Dynamo teleports out. Zero continues on.)

(Zero comes to another Light Capsule.)

Dr. Light: Zero, take this Armor program for X. Collect four programs to complete the Armor. Now I will give X a head program of the Shadow Armor. This program will enable X to swing the Saber faster by analyzing it. I hope we can restore peace.

(Zero teleports to another conveyor belt area.)

Zero: The belt conveyor is moving!

Alia: The Nightmare should be doing this, but I can't see any changes here. We don't know what will happen. Stay alert!

Zero: At least I'm not bored...

(Zero comes to a wall of spikes.)

Alia: Wait! You can't jump across a spiny area. What can we do?

(Zero comes to the boss gate.)

Zero: Here comes the boss of junk...

Alia: The investigator here is Metal Shark Player. Stay on guard!

(Zero enters the door and encounters Metal Shark Player.)

Metal Shark Player: What are you doing?

Zero: I don't have time for this... What do you want? Metal Shark Player?

Metal Shark Player: I want DNA! Excellent DNA! But I don't need your DNA data.

Zero: Shut up and fight!

Metal Shark Player: Fine! Heh heh heh!

(Zero fights and defeats Metal Shark Player, who explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Alia: You got the Metal Anchor! A bounding weapon used on the ground. You got the Rakukojin! Press Attack + Down buttons in the air. Metal Shark Player. An ex-investigator of Recycle team. He studied recycling in order to create a new Reploid from Parts of disposed Mavericks. His most important work was to analyze and control DNA data of the Mavericks. His analysis ability was so great, that he succeeded in resurrecting dead Mavericks. Since DNA resurrection is explicitly prohibited, the law instantly dealt with him. Gate was also interested in DNA resurrection, so he encouraged him to collect the DNA data instead of stopping him. Metal Shark would have continued if Gate had stopped him.

Scene 15: Laser Institute

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Laser Institute area.)

Alia: You are in the Laser Institute. It's one of the most mysterious places in the world. Umm... Since this institute does not officially exist, we don't have much data on it.

Zero: But we know this place is full of wonders. I'll check it out.

(Zero continues through the area until he comes to an area with a group of Mets.)

Zero: Huh? Why are they levitating. Are there invisible floors or something?

Alia: I've never encountered this kind of situation, but that's the only logical explanation.

(Zero comes to a sealed door and some lasers.)

Zero: There are laser units... and the light reflectors... The reflectors seem to be inflecting the laser.

Alia: I've witnessed an experiment of the device that inflect the laser before. In that experiment, you could turn the devices. I'm not sure if those devices are same ones though, because they are not visible from here. But one thing I'm sure is that they are Nightmare phenomena.

Zero: I'll try to utilize the laser and see what happens.

(Zero comes to some more lasers and mirrors.)

Alia: Turning the light reflectors to make the laser change directions... It's like a puzzle game.

Zero: Whatever...

(Zero comes to a blank wall.)

Zero: I feel a little wind coming from somewhere near...

(Zero is teleported to a different area.)

Zero: What is this place?

If Zero encounters High Max

(Zero finds High Max in a hidden room.)

Zero: Why do you try to hide with such a big body?

High Max: It is you who were trying to hide!

(Zero fights and defeats High Max. High Max teleports out.)

If Zero encounters Dynamo

(Zero finds Dynamo in a hidden room.)

Zero: Dynamo!? You are alive, too!?

Dynamo: I'm sorry, if I made you worry. But you know what they say, 'Discretion is the better part of valor." We now have the Nightmares and your impostor...

Zero: Shut up. Leave or fight.

Dynamo: Don't be so angry. Say... Let's see who has obtained more Nightmare Souls!

(Zero fights and defeats Dynamo.)

Dynamo: I'm not up to defeating you...

(Dynamo teleports out. Zero continues on.)

(Zero comes across another Light Capsule.)

Dr. Light: Zero, now I'll give you data for an Armor program. Obtain all 4 programs, so that the Armor will be complete. The one I give you now is the body program for the Blade Armor. With this program, X will take less damage, and the damage X receives will be converted to the energy to perform the Giga Attack. Please help X and save the world.

(Zero comes to the boss gate.)

Alia: The investigator sent to this area is Shield Sheldon. Make sure to get your wea...

Zero: Shield Sheldon? Isn't he... He is now an investigator. So be it.

(Zero enters the door and encounters Shield Sheldon.)

Zero: Shield Sheldon... Too bad about your previous life...

Shield Sheldon: Don't be. I was new as a bodyguard. That's all.

Zero: Maverick Hunters are supposed to be able to tell a Maverick from a Reploid... Our officers are not good enough... They could cost us everything...

Shield Sheldon: Reploids all over the world have been needing you. I was useless as a bodyguard... And was useless to everyone else. When I accepted that fact, I accepted my fate. However, there turned out to be someone who needs me. He has given me one more chance... And therefore, I am going to fulfill my mission as a bodyguard now. I'll protect him, even if it means that I have to sacrifice my life. Come on, Zero!

(Zero fights and defeats Shield Sheldon, who explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Alia: You got the Guard Shell! Shields enemy's shot for a counterattack. Shield Sheldon. Ex-security police. He guarded Dr. Jim who was an important person in the laboratory. Suddenly, Dr. Jim became a Maverick. However, he was unable to control himself. The Maverick Hunters identified Sheldon as a Maverick just because he was created by Gate. Sheldon could not deal with being labeled, so he ended it all.

Scene 16: Weapon Center

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Weapon Center area and sees a massive robot in the background.)

Zero: That's Illumina! I thought the project to construct that huge Reploid was suspended...

Alia: You are in the Weapon Center... They have been constructing powerful weapons without the appropriate approvals. As you notice, it's Illumina. Considering that I couldn't pick up any reading of its activation, it must be a Nightmare. There has to be cables which are sending energy to Illumina! Find and destroy them! Good luck!!

(Zero is teleported to a different area.)

Zero: Hmm? I sense something exists near here...

If Zero encounters High Max

(Zero finds High Max in a hidden room.)

High Max: I've been expecting you, Nightmare scum!

Zero: What is your intention!?

High Max: You don't need to know!

(Zero fights and defeats High Max. High Max teleports out.)

If Zero encounters Dynamo

(Zero finds Dynamo in a hidden room.)

Dynamo: You are very impressive...

Zero: Again...

Dynamo: You know, it takes hours for me to come this far. I've been gathering Nightmare Souls at the risk of my life. I've been dying to become stronger... Do you want to challenge me?

(Zero fights and defeats Dynamo.)

Dynamo: You are way too strong...

(Dynamo teleports out. Zero continues on.)

(Zero comes across another Light Capsule.)

Dr. Light: Zero, I'll give you data for an Armor program. Obtain all 4 programs, so that the Armor will be complete. The one I give you now is the arm program for the Blade Armor. With your weapon charged fully, hold the Up button and press the shot button, then you can attack with the charged blade. You can do it, Zero!

Zero: Wait! Are you the one who saved X?

Dr. Light: ............

Zero: Do you know who saved me?

Dr. Light: I'm sorry... I don't. Yours is a miraculous return...

Zero: If you know anything about me...

Dr. Light: I'm sorry, Zero.

Zero: I see. I'll give this program to X...

(Zero comes to the boss gate.)

Alia: The investigator sent to this area is Infinity Mijinion. Stay sharp because he may have very powerful weapons!

Zero: I won't lose.

(Zero enters the door and encounters Infinity Mijinion.)

Infinity Mijinion: Uh? Weren't you dead?

Zero: You heard wrong. You are Infinity Mijinion, one of the investigators for the Nightmares, aren't you?

Infinity Mijinion: Are the other investigators useless fleas? That's the only explanation as to why I have to clean up their messes... But wait... Why are you here anyway? Don't tell me you destroyed my sweet Illumina.

Zero: What do you think...

Infinity Mijinion: Maverick! I haven't even tested her! And I was thinking that I'll destroy all the thick-headed so-called "authorities" with her...! You will die!!

(Zero fights and defeats Infinity Mijinion, who explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Alia: You got the Ray Arrow! Hurt enemies on the same screen. Infinity Mijinion. Ex-test pilot for large weapons. He had a special body that could process at a high speed. He ignored the test program, choosing instead to go on his on schedule. He produced excellent results... But he always had trouble with the other staff. Even Gate was unable to control him... One day, he was disposed of by making it look like an accident...

Scene 17: High Max's Defeat

X6 scene 17.jpg

(High Max stands in Isoc's lab, injured.)

Isoc: Hee hee hee. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Zero: What makes you laugh?

X6 scene 19.jpg

Isoc: Ah ha ha ha! I can't help it! X was no match for High Max, but you... Ha hah. I can't stop laughing!

Zero: ... Are you out of your mind? I just destroyed one of your own... What is so funny? Anyway, you're the last one... I'll crush you now!

(Zero dashes towards Isoc, saber drawn.)

Isoc: Nuh ha ha ha ha! ... Did you say something, boy?!

X6 scene 20.jpg

(Isoc fires a strange purple energy at Zero, freezing him in place.)

Zero: Guhwaaaaah!! Wh... what!? I... I... can't move... Kugh.

Isoc: Zero... I know you inside out... Hmm. Since I found out you're alive, I can capture you at any time. But first I must bring High Max back.

X6 scene 21.jpg

Zero: W... wait! You're... escaping? Da... Darn... M... My body...

Isoc: Hmm. What can you do as you are now? I won't escape. I'll see you soon. I promise!

Signas: Are you all right? Zero! We'll send a rescue team immediately! High Max won't be a threat for a while. So you can come back to the Hunter Base at once!

Alia: It's some kind of force field. It seems to take time to release it. Can you move if it isn't released?

Zero: I hate to admit it, but I can't...

Alia: Aw? The force field... It seems to have a timing device. It might be released in due course. But it's strange... Why did he try so hard to trap Zero? What was his intention?

Scene 18: 3000 Souls

(After Zero has gathered 3000 Nightmare Souls, Alia analyzes them at the Hunter Base.)

X6 scene 22.jpg

Alia: I found out what the Nightmare is... The Nightmare is an artificial virus. It infects Reploids and rewrites their DNA and AI programs, immobilizing them. At worst, even their appearance changes. We don't know exactly as our analysis is not yet complete... But it is very similar to the Mavericks.

Zero: Right...

Alia: But I'll tell you the real threat of the Nightmare. The Nightmare phenomena... An infected Reploid gets out of order... By inputting certain code, in fact, you can manipulate the Reploid freely. The real purpose of the Nightmare is... not to ruin Reploids, but to control Reploids... Finally: When the virus rewrites his system, the Reploid sometimes dies. A normal virus dies with its host. The Nightmare is so strong, the virus can survive after the Reploid dies. On the other hand, we don't need a special vaccine to damage it, since the energy is so strong. Deleting them may be easier than Sigma...

X6 scene 23.jpg

Zero: What is pulling the strings...?

Alia: To create such an advanced virus... He is the only one... The one...who was my colleague... Gate... The investigators... Some look different, but those eight Reploids were created by Gate. They should have been in use somewhere else since they are very able Reploids... Thinking of the Nightmare program, he is the only one capable of this.

Zero: ...Why is Gate doing this?

X6 scene 24.jpg

Alia: When he and I worked for the Reploids Research Team... All his Reploids were super. His program was too advanced to analyze. The Reploids made remarkable progress. But that started to become dangerous. Then some Reploids began to take needless risks. Gate's reputation started to falter. But he continued creating more advanced Reploids so that he would get recognition for his ability. Of course, it was against our boss. One day, making it look like an accident, the Reploids were disposed of. It was our boss' orders. But I participated...

Zero: It was inevitable...

Alia: We could have taken steps to adjust the program. But his program was just too advanced. There were too much that could not be analyzed by us.

Zero: They can't be analyzed... like us.

X6 scene 25.jpg

Alia: I hesitate to say this...He also aimed to make the strongest Reploids. Zero and X... He wanted you. He believed that the ultimate Reploid can never be analyzed...so he strived. So his program advanced to the point where no one could analyze it. He was much smarter than me... but I got ahead as I followed orders. Nobody gave him the proper recognition. Then he got isolated, and left saying this: I'll get revenge on all low Reploids who couldn't appreciate my ability! Building an ideal nation with high-end Reploids only. That was his ambition... The Nightmare is that very revenge on those who didn't appreciate him! It is the embodiment of his "hatred"!

Zero: The time for dreaming is over! We'll crush your ambition, Gate!

Alia: Yes. Stop Gate's plan at once. Gate must delete the Nightmare.

Zero: All right. Let's find Gate!

Scene 19: No More Hiding

X6 scene 28.jpg

(Gate reveals himself to Zero and Alia on a computer monitor.)

Gate: Splendid, Zero! You defeated my stars...

X6 scene 29.jpg

Alia: Do you still hold grudges? Don't you realize what's going on? In the worst case scenario, you might die as well.

X6 scene 30.jpg

Gate: I know... I think it's a golden opportunity! Thanks to the Space Colony incident, a lot of Reploids were lost. Now I can easily control the Reploids remaining... It's the ideal time to build my world! I won't let anybody interfere. Finally I can realize my "dream"! I will build the strongest nation!

Zero: Your ridiculous obsession is a waste of our time. An ideal world made from a virus? It won't last with a corrupt foundation!

Gate: Even though you have Maverick Hunters and Reploids... and you still could not maintain peace, right? Don't accuse me when you use force too!

Alia: Stop quarreling! The Earth needs us now. Gate, I believe you should know better.

Gate: ... I can't forget... They murdered my works instead of appreciating them. They were such excellent Reploids... Why? This Maverick Hunter can't be analyzed and may carry great risks... but why won't you dispose of him? I'm looking forward to seeing... The mysterious hero at my laboratory...

Scene 20: To the Lab

(X and Zero are briefed on the next mission after Gate has been revealed as the creator of the Nightmares.)

Signas: Gate is behind everything! Stop his evil!!

Alia: We've located his secret laboratory!! Let's stop the Nightmares now!!

Scene 21: Gate's Laboratory

(Zero teleports into the beginning area of Gate's lab.)

Alia: The secret laboratory of Gate exists in a place like this? Let's move in!

(Zero comes to the edge of a large, dark hole.)

Alia: Our radar condition seems to be very bad, and I can't get the clear vision. Can you find anything?

Zero: There's a big hole. This hole seems to be made for a big oaf to fit through...

Alia: I assume the laboratory is below this. I think we'll lose transmission once you enter it... Just be careful.

Zero: Don't worry.

(Zero jumps down into the hole and lands far below in a dark room.)

Zero: It's dark here, but I can vaguely see something. Can you identify anything, Alia...? Alia, Alia? I've already lost the transmission... Let's see what is here.

Scene 22: The Mysterious DNA

X6 scene 35.jpg

(Zero finds Gate inside a lab room.)

Gate: Finally you made it. You're truly great, Zero.

Zero: It's simple. Evil must be defeated.

X6 scene 36.jpg

Gate: I wanted to keep silence on this. But I will reveal the secret to you. To be honest, I didn't get here on my ability alone... I got something. It was a blessing. Guess what I got? I thought it was junk at first. ... It was a piece of your body. Zero. I obtained your DNA data! It couldn't be analyzed! I tried using the latest technology.

Zero: What?! You used my DNA?!

X6 scene 37.jpg

Gate: Your DNA was just fabulous. It made High Max and the Nightmare easy. I couldn't contain my excitement... I could now create perfect and the strongest Reploids... But... It couldn't match the original after all. I couldn't analyze it completely.

Zero: How dare you!! Delete the Nightmare virus now! It's too dangerous! It will be your undoing!

Gate: Ha ha ha. How strange... You're usually so calm... Don't worry. I had enough experiments using low Reploids. And that yielded a virus from your DNA. What I should do now is... to destroy the disgusting original body!

Zero: I'll destroy your evil ambition!!

Scene 23: High Max's Final Battle

(Zero continues through Gate's lab until he encounters High Max again.)

High Max: Just die! Die, original one!

Zero: What is he saying? Anyway, it's time to finish!

(Zero fights and High Max and defeats him. High Max explodes and Zero teleports out.)

Scene 24: Battle with Gate

(Zero continues through the lab until he comes to a pitch-black room. Gate appears.)

Gate: So impressive. All of my Reploids have already been destroyed. I confess that I have nothing to use... I couldn't analyze you enough... Or should I say it was impossible to analyze you completely...

Zero: It is too dangerous to put my DNA to use! You must have been aware of that. Delete all the remaining program you have!

Gate: Not yet. Just give me one more chance to fight you! I've never thought I'd be able to fight the original one... This is a long-awaited opportunity! Fight me, Zero.

Zero: It is useless to fight you anymore! Just give up and surrender.

Gate: I won't. I am so close... Prepare yourself, Zero!

(Gate pulls off his lab coat to reveal his battle armor. Zero fights Gate and eventually defeats him. Gate lies on the ground as the scene fades to black.)

Scene 25: Sigma's Return

X6 scene58-62.jpg

(Scene fades back in to show Gate lying on the floor, severely damaged.)

Gate: Kugh. I lost even though I used Zero's DNA... No... Ugh... I should've... analyzed it more... Wa... was there a... fault in the program...? But... ack... this is not the end. I don't... ack... give up so easily... I prepared for this just in case. Ha ha. I really... don't want to use this... I might be destroyed as well, but... I brought back the evil... Si... Sigma...

Sigma: Oh please. I did not die. Nor did I need your help! Now get lost!

(Sigma fires an energy laser on the fallen Gate.)

Gate: GhaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAA!!

Sigma: HA! N... now it's... just y... you, ha ha! I'm waiting for you! Y... You're finished!

Zero: I knew you'd return. So, we meet again. Time to end this!

(Zero is about to leave the lab when he sees the body of Isoc.)

???: G... go, Zero! You're the strongest robot!

Zero: Um? ... Did someone call me?

Alia: Zero, what is it?

Zero: Nothing. I'll go after Sigma!

Scene 26: Confrontation

(Zero continues through the lab until he encounters Sigma, who is barely able to stand up.)

Zero: Sigma.

Sigma: Cough... Is it... X...? Or Zero? Who cares?! Just leave!

Zero: No. Now you are mine!

Sigma: Silence... Such a pitiful Reploid... I'll still be able to destroy you...

Zero: I'll put you out of your misery!

(Zero fights and defeats Sigma and the room goes dark as he explodes.)

Zero: Where are you? Show your face now!

(The room grows light again to reveal Sigma in a monstrous, copper-colored form that takes up more than half the room.)


Zero: His mind is gone. I won't allow you to rise again... This is the last act, Sigma!

(Zero fights Sigma's second form and eventually defeats it.)

Sigma: Gwaaaaaaaa! Ghaaaaaaa!! It's useless! IT IS USELESS!! You know it is, Zero!! You can't defeat me so easily... You know you can't, Zero...

Zero: Shut up. Just die.

Sigma: Bha ha ha ha ha! I'll come back to fight you again! I will! I... will... Wooooaaaaaaa!!

(Sigma's second form explodes and the screen turns white.)

Scene 27: Epilogue

(Zero is seen standing with an unknown Reploid scientist.)

X6 scene 50.jpg

Mystery Scientist: ... I see. It'll take a while to get rid of this. Even with the latest technology, it's hard to succeed... I'm not really sure if I can fix this completely...

Zero: Don't worry. I must do it before it's too late.

Mystery Scientist: But you haven't had any problems yet... You'll be fine as you are, won't you? It's none of my business, but what will we do in a crisis without you?

X6 scene 51.jpg

Zero: Ha. I'm sorry, but don't worry... There's a superior Maverick Hunter. But I'm scared that I may become a disturbing presence.

(Zero enters a capsule.)

Mystery Scientist: ... I agree. You look ready.

Zero: Yeah... So, when will I wake up?

Mystery Scientist: If there is no problem... It will be around August 15, 102 years from now.

Zero: ... Right. Here's to a successful sleep.

Mystery Scientist: I'll do my best. Have a good sleep...

End of Script


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