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Japanese promo art for Mega Man X8.

Script from the game Mega Man X8, Zero's storyline only (see also: X's storyline and Axl's storyline).

Scene 1: Prologue

(Scene opens to view a very tall tower with small railcars traveling up and down its sides.)

Narrator: The endless Reploid rebellions continue. Humans, however, have begun migrations to the Moon, thanks to new technology. This plan is called the "Jakob Project", and an Orbital Elevator was built as part of it. Highly advanced new generation Reploids have been brought to the Moon's surface to work.

(The camera zooms in on a certain railcar that starts to spark and shudder on its way down. Suddenly, it breaks off the track with a large explosion and plummets down towards the earth as the game's subtitle is shown, "Paradise Lost".)

Scene 2: The New Generation

(Scene fades in again with the wreckage of the railcar burning on the ground.)

Announcer: There has been an accident on board the No. 4 descending container. All personnel...

(X stands near the flames, speaking into his communicator.)

X: This is X. I've encountered an accident while on patrol of the Orbital Elevator. Dispatch rescue Mechaniloids immediately!

(X stops and looks up in shock as a large group of Reploids that all look like Sigma suddenly push aside a piece of metal and exit the ruined vehicle.)

X: Si... Sigma!?

(The Sigmas stare at X, who prepares to fight them, but they then step aside to reveal another Reploid.)

???: To protect ourselves from damage during the accident, we had to copy a sturdy Sigma Body. We new generation Reploids enjoy complete and total immunity to all viruses... So even copying something as dangerous as Sigma provides no risk.

(As the stranger speaks, the Reploids around him glow white and shift back to their normal forms. X reluctantly relaxes.)

X: Who are you?

Lumine: I'm Lumine. I'm the director in charge of the Elevator, and of the Jakob Project.

(X stares at Lumine as the scene fades out.)

Scene 3: Crabs-Y

Computer: Warning! Warning!

(Scene cuts to the Hunter Base.)

Alia: I'm picking up Maverick readings near the Jakob facility! All Hunters near Point Galapagos, please dispatch immediately!

X: Roger!

(X and Axl teleport to the Noah's Park area in the middle of a dense jungle. Alia contacts them again.)

Alia: X... This new Maverick... It's pattern is very unusual. I'd like to do some research on it, so try to pick up plenty of samples.

X: Got it. OK, Axl, let's get going!

Axl: Ready when you are, X.

Alia: When you need Axl's help, call him in with a Character Change.

Axl: Better watch out, X. I might just steal your spotlight.

Alia: You two be careful. I'll send Zero over later to give you a hand.

(X continues through the forest until he encounters a large red Mechaniloid, Crabs-Y. Alia contacts him.)

Alia: X! Axl! I've examined the data on that Maverick. Looks like it grabs its opponents and immobilizes them. If you're grabbed by the enemy, call for a Tag Assist and help is on the way!

(X fights and defeats the Mechaniloid before moving on.)

X: Alia... I got a sample of that Maverick for you.

Alia: I'd like to start analyzing it right away. Bring it to me as soon as you can!

X: Roger. I'm on my way. Axl, I'm counting on you to clean up here.

Axl: No problem, X! This'll be a snap.

(The player takes control of Axl, who continues on until he gets to a large pit.)

Alia: Axl, it looks like you'll need to hover over from the edge to continue onward. To hover, press the jump button again and hold it while in mid-air.

(Axl continues through the area until he finds Zero.)

Zero: Axl, pick up the pace! This is no time to slack off!

Axl: You show up late and have the nerve to complain? I can more than handle a few Mavericks all by myself anyway.

Zero: That's the spirit! Let's move!

(Zero and Axl soon encounter Crabs-Y again and engage it in battle. During the fight, the Attack Gauge fills up completely.)

Alia: Now, you two! The Attack Gauge is full! You can use the Double Attack! It's an ultra-powerful combo! Time it carefully!

(Axl and Zero together destroy the Mechaniloid.)

Axl: Ha! Piece of cake! Snagged a sample from that Maverick, too!

Zero: Nice work! Now take it and head back, Axl.

Axl: OK! I'll leave the rest up to you.

(The player takes control of Zero, who continues through the area until he finds a tall wall.)

Alia: It looks like the entrance to that building is above you. Use the Double Jump to get up there.

(Zero climbs the wall and finds X again.)

X: Sorry to keep you waiting, Zero. How've you been holding up?

Zero: Barely broke a sweat... C'mon! Let's go!

(Alia contacts X.)

Alia: I've completed my analysis of enemies who use protective barriers! They can completely defend against normal attacks, but you can break their barriers. X's full Charge Shot does the trick, as does Zero's third hit in a combo... And Axl can break barriers with repeated concentrated shots.

(X and Zero meet again inside the hallway.)

Alia: X, Zero... Can you hear me? That Maverick's signal is getting really close now. According to my analysis, the Double Attack should work best on this Maverick. When the Attack Gauge is full, use the Double Attack!

(X and Zero defeat the Maverick once and for all.)

Scene 4: An Old Friend

(X, Zero, and Axl step forward to warp out, but are knocked backward by a sudden barrage of missiles. When the smoke clears, X looks up to see Vile standing on top of a wall.)

Vile: How nice to see you again, X!

X: Vile!?

(Axl looks at Zero, confused. Zero explains to him who Vile is.)

Zero: He used to be a Class A Hunter, but now he's our sworn enemy! He's a Maverick and a wanted criminal.

(Vile chuckles as he listens to Zero's description.)

Vile: I'd love to stay and play, boys, but I'm afraid have too much work to do.

(Vile gestures to a large machine behind him that is holding an unconscious Lumine captive.)

X: Lumine!?

Vile: That's right. The Orbital Elevator is under our control now.

X: Just what do you plan to do?!

Vile: It begins now, X. A new world will be born! Ha ha ha ha!

(Vile flies away with Lumine in tow before the Hunters can catch him. X, Zero, and Axl return to the Base.)

Scene 5: The New Navigators

(When the three Hunters return to base, Alia speaks to them about the situation.)

Alia: They're after Lumine, the director of the facility. If that's the case... Then the ultimate goal must be control of the Orbital Elevator.

X: I don't know what the deal is, but Vile kept talking about some new world beginning.

Alia: They must be up to something big... Oh!

(Alia's computer suddenly picks up several Maverick readings.)

Alia: I'm picking up a Maverick reading!

(X views the Mavericks' data, then chooses either Zero or Axl to accompany him on the mission.)

Alia: Let me introduce your new navigators...

(One of the new Navigators speaks.)

Layer: Nice to meet you, Hunters. My name is Layer. My specialty is analyzing enemy abilities. I hope I can be of use.

(The other Navigator speaks.)

Pallette: Hi! I'm Pallette. I'm good at analyzing routes through stages.

Alia: I don't suppose I need to say it, but I - Alia - will also assist in navigation. Before you head into battle, be sure to choose a navigator to assist you. Of course, if you're feeling confident, you can always choose to go it solo.

Scene 6: Troia Base

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Troia Base area and Layer contacts him.)

Layer: This place was originally a training facility for Hunters. It's programmed so that you must clear each area in order to progress to the next.

(Zero fights through the rest of the Base and Layer contacts him near the end of the area if the game is being played in either Normal or Hard mode.)

Layer: The management program of the training area is named "Helios," after the sun. I've detected the energy used by "Helios" in the target. Apparently, the target can alter its surroundings. It'll try to use the environment to its advantage. Be careful!

(Zero goes through the boss door and encounters Optic Sunflower.)

If Zero has not defeated four Mavericks

Optic Sunflower: A Maverick Hunter!? Here!? Who in the world are you? Why are you here? Who am I?

Zero: Aw man... He's gone off the deep end.

Optic Sunflower: No! No! No! We may not be the good guys, but we're no monsters. Why can't you see?

If Zero has already defeated four Mavericks

Optic Sunflower: Zero... Surely you've figured it out. You must have an inkling as to what we're after here.

Zero: What would I know about how you Mavericks think?

Optic Sunflower: My master remembers you well. You had the chance to become the ultimate destroyer. That's ancient history now.

(Zero fights and defeats Optic Sunflower, then teleports back to Base.)

Scene 7: Back at the Base

(When X gets back to the Hunter Base, Signas gives him a Mission Report.)

(If X got an AAA rank on the mission)
Signas: Congratulations! You are officially the best Maverick Hunter in history!

(X stops by the R&D Lab on his way to the Command Room.)

Pallette: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the laboratory. This is where you can save your progress and develop Chips.

(If X has a Rare Metal from one of the missions.)
Pallette: The Rare Metal you found has been made into a new Chip. Rare Metal contains powerful properties that are perfect for Chip making. If you manage to find a rare Metal, be sure to bring it to the lab as soon as you can.

(X returns to the Command Room.)

Scene 8: It's Begun Again

(X speaks to Alia in the Command Room.)

X: Darn!

Alia: X? What's the matter? The mission's only just begun.

X: That's right... It's begun again... How long must this war go on?

Alia: .........

Axl: Just the thought of wiping the floor with those Mavericks makes my trigger finger itch!

Alia: Axl!

X: No, Alia... Axl's right. There's no time to be wishy-washy here. Even as we speak, Mavericks are causing havoc.

Scene 9: Pitch Black

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Pitch Black area.)

Layer: If your detected by the security system, patrol droids will be dispatched. Be very careful and try not to get caught in there.

(Zero continues for a short distance until he finds some security drones.)



 (Zero clears the area and comes to a door.)

Layer: The target can move freely in dark areas. He'll move quickly in the dark and toy with you before moving in for an attack. He can also heal himself. Please be careful! You're in for a tough fight.

(Zero enters the door and encounters Dark Mantis.)

If Zero has not defeated four Mavericks

Dark Mantis: Whoa. Get a load of this guy. You're Zero, right?

Zero: If you really knew me, you'd be shaking in your boots right about now, Maverick.

Dark Mantis: We new generation Reploids are designed so that we can't go Maverick, kid.

Zero: That may be, but you've pulled it off somehow, because what I'm staring at right now is a Maverick.

Dark Mantis: You old style Reploids really don't understand a thing, do you?

If Zero has already defeated four Mavericks

Dark Mantis: What a waste, huh, Zero?

Zero: What do you mean by that, Maverick?

Dark Mantis: You could have made a great general in our ranks. My master has shown quite an interest in you, you know.

Zero: Hmpf! I'm not interested in joining up with Mavericks, thank you very much. And don't worry... I'll be going after your boss as soon as I'm finished with you.

(Zero fights and defeats Dark Mantis, then teleports back to Base.)

Scene 10: A Little Crush?

(X and the other Hunters return to Base and find the Navigators waiting for them.)

Layer: Great job, Zero.

Zero: Huh? Oh, thanks.

Pallette: Zero! Have you forgotten already? I'm Pallette. This here is Layer. We're the new navigators here. Don't forget about us!

(Pallette adopts a mischievous tone to her voice.)

Pallette: Layer wanted to talk to you and waited here the whole time for your return. Right, Layer?

Zero: Oh, sorry. Anyway, what is it, Layer?

(Layer looks surprised.)

Layer: Um... I did some research, but I'm unable to determine Lumine's location.

(Layer blushes with embarrassment.)

Layer: Um... Anyway... That's all.

Zero: Hmm. Well, no matter what the Mavericks are up to, looks like I'll have to stop 'em.

Scene 11: Primrose

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Primrose area.)

Layer: This facility has a gravity control system installed. If you change the direction of the gravitational pull, items in the area may be affected.

(Zero enters a room with a Rollerroid.)

Layer: I've detected an enemy with copyable DNA. You can copy the ability to walk on inhospitable surfaces.

(Zero continues until he comes to a door.)

Layer: Here's what I know about the upcoming target: The room contains no gravity switches, but the target has the ability to change the direction of gravitational pull at will. Just like the other areas you've come to, background objects may be affected. Now's your chance to use any weapons you may have that aren't affected by gravity.

(Zero enters the door and encounters Gravity Antonion.)

If Zero has not defeated four Mavericks

Zero: You used to be an incredible scientist, but it looks like you've gone Maverick now.

Gravity Antonion: Incredible? Maverick? What do those words even mean?

Zero: You'd have to ask someone smarter than me.

Gravity Antonion: Your honestly is matched only by your supreme foolishness. Well, at any rate, if you choose to stand in my way, I'll destroy you!

If Zero has already defeated four Mavericks

Zero: Has Sigma made you like this? Did he force you and the others to go Maverick?

Gravity Antonion: Maverick? You actually think you can sum my master up with that word?

Zero: All I know about him is that we can’t let him get away with this or the world's in trouble.

Gravity Antonion: Your honesty is matched only by your supreme foolishness. If you can't understand our great plan, then you must be eliminated.

(Zero fights and defeats Gravity Antonion, then teleports back to base.)

Scene 12: Three Down

(X and the Hunters return to the Base and visit the three Navigators in the Command Room.)

Alia: Phew... That's the third one. But we still don't know what the Mavericks are up to.

Pallette: We still haven't determined exactly why the new generation Reploids are going Maverick.

Layer: I'm running simulators right now, but it looks like their virus resistance is absolute.

Axl: Yeah, I'm a new generation prototype and I can confirm that. I'm immune myself.

Pallette: But if Axl's a prototype, then that means he could go Maverick, too... But maybe since he's a prototype, he'll be OK. Let's analyze his data to be sure.

Axl: What? Hey! I'm no Maverick! Heck, I'm a Maverick Hunter!

Scene 13: Metal Valley

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Metal Valley area. Layer contacts him.)

Layer: This is a mine that produces ore used in space development. We think one of the large Mechaniloids working here has gone Maverick.

(A giant Mechaniloid, Yellow Brontes, jumps down out of nowhere and starts to pursue Zero. Zero eventually is able to lure the Mechaniloid over to a large construction crane and uses it to damage Yellow Brontes, who turns and starts to run in the other direction.)

Layer: My readings indicate that giant Mechaniloid is going berserk. It might explode. Chase it down and stop it! Please hurry!

(Zero chases after Yellow Brontes and follows it inside a warehouse.)

Layer: That Mechaniloid has made it to the warehouse ahead. It's hiding, but still dangerous.

(Inside the warehouse, Zero finds Yellow Brontes and destroys it using another construction crane. He continues to the next room.)

Layer: The target is equipped with a special armor that's super strong and deflects shots. Even if you manage to break the armor, he'll just put it back on. Taking care of that armor will be the only way to defeat this guy. Good luck.

(Zero enters the next door and encounters Earthrock Trilobyte.)

If Zero has not defeated four Mavericks

Earthrock Trilobyte: The minerals we mine here are essential to the development of space. But I don't suppose that means much to you, does it Zero?

Zero: Space development? Mavericks don't usually worry about such complicated issues.

Earthrock Trilobyte: Hmpf! I will not be insulted by a broken down scrap heap like you!

If Zero has already defeated four Mavericks

Earthrock Trilobyte: The minerals we mine are essential to the development of space, Zero.

Zero: And you're mining it for Sigma? Are you crazy?

Earthrock Trilobyte: Have you given any thought as to why my master might want such resources such as this?

Zero: I don't need to know your plan to know that it stinks and I won't let you get away with it!

Earthrock Trilobyte: You'll have to answer to my master sooner or later, you worthless pile of scrap!

(Zero fights and defeats Earthrock Trilobyte, then teleports back to base.)

Scene 14: Data Analysis

(When X returns to the Base, Alia tells him about her new information.)

Alia: I've completed the analysis of the Maverick data acquired so far. What makes new generation Reploids resistant to viruses is their copy chip. The copy chip can actually change a Reploid's DNA.

Axl: Did you examine my data?

Alia: Yes, I compared your data to the copy chips in new generation Reploids. I found something very interesting.

(Alia types something into her computer, and an image of Sigma appears on the screen.)

X: Sigma!?

Alia: The data embedded in the copy chips closely resembles that of Sigma! I'm not exactly sure what this means, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't worry me...

Scene 15: Dynasty

(Zero teleports into the beginning of the Dynasty area and boards a Sirius Ride Chaser to chase after his target.)

Layer: The target is on the move. Chase it down, and stop it. Watch out for the human aircars and signs. Drive safely!

(Zero chases nearer to the Maverick and starts to open fire.)

Layer: The target seems to be absorbing Megalopolis' energy into itself... If you don't do something, we're in for a meltdown! Hurry and shoot him down!

(After being sufficiently damaged, the Maverick lands on a floating platform. Zero jumps off his Ride Chaser and confronts him.)

If Zero has not defeated four Mavericks

Zero: Return Megalopolis' power to normal. Now...

Gigabolt Man-O-War: ......... ................

Zero: He's so far gone, he can't even respond...

Gigabolt Man-O-War: I'm no Maverick... I'm not doing anything wrong...

Zero: Looks like I'll have to teach you a lesson!

If Zero has already defeated four Mavericks

Zero: Megalopolis' power out of control? How does this fit in to Sigma's evil plans?

Gigabolt Man-O-War: ......... ................

Zero: He's so far gone, he can't even respond...

Gigabolt Man-O-War: My master needs energy to make his new world a reality.

Zero: A new world? Well, that plan's not getting any farther than this!

(Zero fights and defeats Gigabolt Man-O-War, then teleports back to Base.)

Scene 16: Suspicions

(After returning to the Base, X speaks with the others about his suspicions.)

X: Sigma... I've suspected as much ever since Vile showed up.

Alia: Whoever's behind it, they were most certainly after Lumine and the Orbital Elevator. There are some dark forces at work behind the scenes here. I'll continue my analysis.

X: I hope you uncover something.

(X pauses for a moment.)

X: By the way, I noticed a Reploid copying Sigma's body back at the Orbital Elevator. Could that be connected in some way to them going Maverick?

Alia: I doubt it. Theoretically, there's no danger in copying others' bodies. X, you've fought Sigma bodies before, so you know how tough their design is.

X: I suppose all I can do now is continue taking care of the Mavericks and collecting data.

Scene 17: Central White

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Central White area and boards a Barius Ride Chaser nearby.)

Layer: The environment is in great danger. The research center's system is down. Don't fall down any crevasses on the way there.

(X fights through the area on his Ride Chaser and soon comes to a long, straight stretch of ice. He is attacked by a large flying Mechaniloid, Ravemanta.)

Layer: You are now approaching a flying object... It looks like a giant sea creature. The soldiers it's dispatching will continue coming unless you destroy the craft.

(Zero comes to a secure door.)

Layer: It looks like this target suffers no loss of ability when fighting on snow. Expect to be bombarded by freeze attacks. If you get frozen, you won't be able to move for a while, so use the Tag Assist.

(Zero enters the door and encounters Avalanche Yeti.)

If Zero has not defeated four Mavericks

Avalanche Yeti: Zero, even if you refuse to understand our ideal, at least just leave us be.

Zero: Hmpf. I could never understand the ideals of Maverick slime!

Avalanche Yeti: You truly are an old model, aren't you? You can't change the world with that thinking.

Zero: Change the world? With destruction? Leave it to a Maverick to come up with that.

If Zero has already defeated four Mavericks

Avalanche Yeti: Zero. My master sees a part for you in his new ideal world.

Zero: What do you Mavericks see in me? Aside from a potential beating, that is...

Avalanche Yeti: Your world... Your ideals... are incomprehensible to my master.

(Zero fights and defeats Avalanche Yeti, then teleports back to base.)

Scene 18: Down in the Dumps

(Layer speaks to the three Hunters when they return to Base.)

Layer: Good work out there, X. Um.. Zero looks (1) awfully down in the dumps...

X: Oh? Are you worried about him, Layer?

Layer: No... Um... Not really... As an operator, I'm just concerned about the overall welfare of the team. That's all...

X: Zero's been used before by Sigma to create a virus. He's upset that his data was used in an attempt to destroy the world...

Layer: Oh, my... Poor Zero...

X: He shouldn't blame himself. The problem's already been solved anyway. It seems Sigma may be involved in this new threat as well. Zero wants to take care of him for good this time. So do I.

Scene 19: Inferno

(Zero teleports into the beginning of the Inferno Area.)

Layer: This is a waste disposal facility that uses the heat of the volcano for incineration. At its center is a core of molten magma. Please be careful.

(Zero continues down into the volcano and sees a large amount of laser generators.)

Layer: The enemy troops in this area are equipped with freeze weapons to control the heat. If you're hit, you'll be temporarily frozen and unable to move. Be careful.

(Zero reaches the bottom of the volcano and comes to a door.)

Layer: This target is resistant to heat and uses fire weapons. It seems to possess the ability to power up its own abilities at will. Use barrier breaking attacks to cancel the enemy's power up techniques. Good Luck.

(Zero enters the door and encounters Burn Rooster.)

If Zero has not defeated four Mavericks

Burn Rooster: Do you know what this place is, Zero?

Zero: The waste disposal center... After I'm through slicing and dicing, this is where I'll toss what's left of you.

Burn Rooster: Hmpf. All I'm doing is listening to the cries of pain... The cries of all the Reploids you've sent here because you decided they were Mavericks.

Zero: If you can hear all that, I guess that means you're a Maverick too, huh?

Burn Rooster: Ha! You'll soon realize who's wrong and who's right in this struggle.

If Zero has already defeated four Mavericks

Zero: Why have you started a riot? Is this Sigma's doing?

Burn Rooster: Can't you hear them, Zero? The cries of woe from those Reploids discarded here in the name of justice?

Zero: Woe? Give me a break!

Burn Rooster: You won't mock me when the new world becomes a reality!

(Zero fights and defeats Burn Rooster.)

Layer: The volcanic control system has gone haywire! The magma has begun to flow backwards. The escape point is at the mouth of the volcano. Get moving!

(Zero manages to climb back out of the volcano and teleports away just in time.)

Scene 20: The Last Maverick

(When Zero returns to the Base, Alia updates the status information.)

Alia: Phew... Looks like there's only one Maverick left. Could this be the last of them? Or is this just the beginning?

Layer: It's been a long time since they've gotten their hands on Lumine. The Elevator seems normal so far, but that's just making me more nervous.

Axl: Just try not to think about it. We've come this far. Let's just take care of that last Maverick and move on, OK?

Alia: You're right, Axl. There's no time to be worried.

X: Right! Let's go!

Scene 21: Booster Forest

(Z teleports to the beginning of the Booster Forest area.)

Layer: Just hearing the words "space rocket" is so nostalgic. How romantic... Oh... Sorry. Anyway, don't worry. I'll navigate properly.

(Zero continues until he encounters an enemy in a Ride Armor .)

Layer: It looks like the enemies are riding antique Ride Armor used when this place was a factory. They may be old, but their Power Charge packs a punch. Watch out when they charge.

(Zero continues until he encounters a Sphereroid.)

Layer: I've detected an enemy with copyable DNA. Apparently, it's high mobility can be copied.

(Zero fights through the area until he comes to a secure door.)

Layer: It has the ability to attack targets from a great distance, though it seems that its greatest asset is its powerful close range attacks. Its defensive power is too strong. If only we had some sort of powerful weapon... We could attack it head-on from the front and break through its powerful defenses.

(Zero enters the door and encounters Bamboo Pandamonium.)

If Zero has not defeated four Mavericks

Bamboo Pandamonium: You mean to tell me you've never thought such things yourself, Zero? That the world wishes for destruction and nothing more?

Zero: .........

Bamboo Pandamonium: That's why space rockets were invented. To escape this destructive world.

Zero: Gimme a break. This perfect world you Mavericks keep blabbering about doesn't even exist.

Bamboo Pandamonium: No, it doesn't. That's why we must destroy this one.

If Zero has already defeated four Mavericks

Bamboo Pandamonium: You mean to tell me you've never thought such things yourself, Zero? That the world wishes for destruction and nothing more?

Zero: Is that what Sigma tells you?

Bamboo Pandamonium: Perhaps. Perhaps my master has also seen a little of himself inside of you...

Zero: Whatever. It's finished between me and Sigma.

Bamboo Pandamonium: What will end, Zero, is this world.

Scene 22: Sigma's Return

(The three Hunters meet back at the Base to discuss the situation.)

X: There's not doubt in my mind now. This whole incident has Sigma written all over it. Where is he, anyway!?

'Alia: It's obvious that Sigma's involved, but things are bound to be different this time. It doesn't seem as if he's controlling these new Mavericks like puppets. They all seem to... BE him...

Axl: Do you mean copies of Sigma?

Alia: I'm... not sure. So far, all the sites attacked have been related to the Jakob Project.

(The discussion is interrupted by an alarm.)

Alia: Huh!? I'm picking up a transmission!

(They all look at the monitor and see Sigma reveal himself.)

X: Sigma!

Sigma: Long time no see, X.

X: You just don't know when to quit, do you?

Sigma: Don't worry, X. It'll all be over soon and we'll never have to meet again. All the primitive space development of your world now belongs to me...

Zero: What? Space?

Sigma: That's right. Our future lies in the sky! Your old world has outlived its usefulness.

X: Maverick scum! What's your scheme this time?

Sigma: Scheme? This is providence! I'm merely ushering evolution along its natural path.

Axl: Evolution?

(The transmission abruptly ends.)

X: So, Sigma was really after the Jakob Project all along?

Alia: If you stop to think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Space development and the emergence of new generation Reploids aren't unrelated.

Zero: So, he's causing these new generation Reploids to go Maverick, huh? We can't let him get away with this.

Alia: Sigma's transmission was disrupted by the orbit of the satellite. This is lucky! The Elevator is still functional, so we can use it to get to him!

(The new mission to Jakob Tower is shown onscreen.)

Scene 23: Jakob Tower

(Zero teleports to the bottom of the Elevator.)

Layer: Orbital Elevator control system... all green. You're cleared to move in.

(Zero boards the Elevator and fights through the multitude of enemies while riding towards space.)

Layer: You're approaching the top of the Jakob elevator. I hope you're ready. ...Oh no! Sensors indicate someone waiting up there to ambush you! Who could it be?

(Zero gets off the Elevator and arrives at a large flat platform. Vile flies down to Zero.)

Vile: Don't you ever get tired of the whole "justice" thing?

Zero: Don't you ever get tired of being Sigma's lap dog?

Vile: The Orbital Elevator... the energy... the space minerals... the rocket data... The route to space - the thing that's allowed this world to survive this long - is ours! How can you take this world seriously when it's all about to end?

Zero: Hmpf! I think I'll take care of you before I go after your boss.

(Zero fights and defeats Vile, who teleports out. Zero returns to Base.)

Scene 24: Chasing Sigma

(Back at the Base, Zero talks to Layer.)

Zero: Vile... Sigma... Just like old times...

Layer: Zero... Does it remind you of the virus?

Zero: So, you heard about that? He tried to use me to destroy the world.

Layer: .........

Zero: That's why I've got to find him and turn him into a pile of molten scrap! Be my navigator. Help me find that Maverick before he fulfills his plan!

(Zeroand the other Hunters teleport to the Gateway area and heads towards where Sigma is.)

Layer: There's definitely something evil in here. It must be Sigma. Everybody be careful.

(Zero continues down the hallway and reaches a large room with eight teleporters inside. He rematches with each of the eight Mavericks again. When they have all been defeated, an alarm goes off and the room starts to shake.)

Layer: Emergency! Get out of there! Please make it back OK...

(Zero dashes out of the room just before it starts to explode and almost reaches the teleportation site before Sigma drops down in front of him.)

Zero: Sigma!? Can't say I was looking forward to seeing you again.

Copy Sigma: Zero. What a shame... You had the abilities and potential to become like me.

Zero: You... you tried to use my DNA. I'll teach you what happens when you mess with me!

Copy Sigma: I'm afraid not. The moon is under my control and the plan is entering its final stage. The moment of the world's unraveling is upon us!

(Zero fights and defeats Sigma, who turns out to be just one of the new-generation Reploids using a Copy Chip. Zero teleports back to Hunter Base.)

Scene 25: Sigma's Base

Alia: I'm picking up multiple Maverick signatures on the moon's surface. What is this?

X: I think it's Sigma...

Layer: How can you tell?

Zero: I can sense it, too. It's him.

Pallette: So you're saying that other was a copy?

Axl: Seemed like it.

(Alia pinpoints Sigma's location and displays it on the monitor.)

X: Well, this is it... Sigma! I'm coming for you! Here we go, Hunters! Let's move out!

(X teleports to the surface of the Moon.)

Alia: This...Layer... Everyone...Can you...... Signal... being... blocked...... ...Sigma...

(X fights through the fortress and eventually comes to a large door. Inside he finds a massive Ride Armor, piloted by Vile.)

Vile: So, you still refuse to give up your struggle, eh? Are you so blind that you've somehow convinced yourself that hope remains?

Zero: Struggle? I'm just tired of running into you and Sigma every time I turn around.

Vile: Ha Ha ha... I suppose it'd be a waste to just destroy you now. Maybe I'll wait till the last possible moment and have a little fun with this.

(Zero fights and defeats Vile, who appears to explode.)

Scene 26: Vile's Revenge

Scene 27: No Turning Back

(X reaches the middle room of the fortress, and sees Sigma himself sitting on a large throne.)

Sigma: Zero... Who could have imagined that we'd cross paths at the end of the world. The moment your virus entered my system, the seed had been planted. That's when it all began... The destruction of the world!"

Zero: I've heard about enough of this garbage, Sigma.

Sigma: Don't get angry, Zero. I'm actually indebted to you. It is because of you that my children are able to create this magnificent new world in space.

Zero: Children? .........

Sigma: That's right. The new generation Reploids born of the Jakob Project all bear copy chips containing my personal data. Now, the end of the world, and of you, has come! Farewell!

(X engages Sigma in battle, but is unable to do much damage and is nearly defeated halfway through the fight. Sigma grabs X by the throat and hold him above his head.)

Sigma: Wallow in despair and hopelessness! The plan to destroy the world you so love is finally coming to fruition! I shed no tears for you and your kind! Ha ha ha ha ha! It will all be over soon!

(Zero struggles to speak.)

Zero: Sigma! As long as I still function, you won't get your happy ending!

Scene 28: Hunters Reunited

If Zero brought X as a partner for this stage

(X suddenly drops down and blasts Sigma, who stumbles back and drops X.)

X: Zero! Are you alright?

Zero: X, you're OK!

X: I'm just glad I made it in time. Let's go!

Sigma: Ha ha ha... What's this? Your friends arrived, eh? No matter! You are powerless in the face of the ruler of the new world! Powerless!

If Zero brought Axl as a partner for this stage

(Axl suddenly drops down and fires at Sigma, who stumbles back and drops X.)

Axl: Hey! It's me, Axl!

Zero: Axl!

Axl: Looks like I've made it in time. What do you think of me now, Zero?

Sigma: Ha ha ha... What's this? Your friends arrived, eh? No matter! You are powerless in the face of the ruler of the new world! Powerless!

(Zero and Sigma resume their battle, and X eventually defeats him.)

Sigma: Impossible! How... could you... You couldn't... Destroy... the old... world... new age... Hrrgh!

(Sigma explodes.)

Scene 29: The True Enemy

(The sound of Sigma's explosion fades, and the three Hunters gaze at their enemy's remains on the stairs. Lumine emerges from the shadows and stands near them.)

X: Oh, Lumine. Are you OK?

Lumine: Am I OK? Of course. Now that you've defeated Sigma, I supposeyou're satisfied. Thanks to you, the plan has gone smoothly.

Axl: But Lumine, weren't you just used by Sigma?

Lumine: Used? I don't think so. You see, he merely helped my plan along. The new generation Reploids have been awakened, and the new world is at hand!

(Lumine suddenly engages X and the Hunters in battle, and X manages to temporarily beat him back.)

X: Lumine! What are you doing? Don't tell me you've gone Maverick, too...

Lumine: Maverick? You don't really think that's the case, do you? That's why you can't finish me off, right? You don't have it in you...

X: .........!

Lumine: The copy chips we new generation Reploids possess... They were derived from data from hundreds of old model Repolids.(2) That means, of course, that Sigma was also included in the mix. Do you understand what I'm getting at here?

Axl: Copy chip? Sigma? That means that I'll go nuts like he did?(3)

Lumine: Sorry, but prototypes like you don't have the specs to cause something like that. Besides, was Sigma really crazy?

Axl: .........?

Lumine: He rebelled against your world. But he had his reasons... The rest of us new Reploids could turn like that at any moment...

(Scene fades out.)

Scene 30: Paradise Lost

(Lumine continues to explain the situation to the Hunters.)

Lumine: This decision to wage battle against the old world was made consciously. In other words, we possess the power to go Maverick at will!

(An image is shown of the New-Generation Reploids in their Sigma bodies from the beginning of the game.)

Lumine: X... Do you really have what it takes to stop us? You're merely tools of the humans... tools of the old world. You think you can stand up to those of us who have evolved this far?

(X lowers his Buster. Lumine cackles with glee.)

Lumine: The world is changing. Therefore, it's only natural that evolution take its course! Now, line up to be exterminated!

(X lowers his head as if in shame, when suddenly a blast from Axl's gun hits Lumine on the shoulder.)

Lumine: Agh!

(Lumine glares insanely at Axl.)

Axl: Don't let him get to you, X. He's the enemy.

(Axl continues to point his gun at Lumine, who clutches his shoulder where he was hit.)

Lumine: Enemy, ally... This issue isn't so black and white. Reploids, along with humanity, have irrevocably changed. The nature of their existence has also changed. You are not needed in our new world!

(Zero tightens his grip on his Saber.)

Zero: You can babble all you want, but we're not going to let you get away with this!

(X and the Hunters prepare to fight again with renewed resolve. Lumine starts to glow and transforms into a massive seraph-like form. X fights and eventually defeats Lumine after a long battle. Lumine reverts to his original form and collapses to his knees a short distance away from the Hunters.)

Lumine: Unbelievable... You may have defeated me, but it's too late to stop what's already begun...

Axl: I'll take on plenty more like you, if that's what it takes.

Lumine: Ha ha ha. You really don't have a grasp of the situation, do you? Oh well... You'll find out soon enough...

X: .........

(Lumine appears to die, and Axl cautiously approaches the body. Suddenly, Lumine's body cracks, and several tentacles shoot out, hitting Axl in the head and shattering his helmet crystal. Zero jumps forward and slashes the tentacles, destroying them. X catches the unconscious Axl in his arms while simultaneously charging his Buster. He fires at Lumine's remains, vaporizing them. After a moment, X turns to look at Axl.)

X: Axl!

(Axl groans, still unconscious, and X looks at Zero. The two sigh with relief. Alia contacts them urgently.)

Alia: X... X... Status report!

X: This is X... Axl... Axl has taken damage, but he's fine. We're headed back now...

(Scene fades out.)

Scene 31: Epilogue

(Scene fades in again as the Hunters ride back to Earth in the Orbital Elevator. Zero Thinks to himself.)

Zero: If what Lumine said is right than Sigma won't be coming back. Maybe this means I won't have to fight anymore.

(Scene fades out and returns to the three Hunters as a group. Zero walks up to stand by X.)

Zero: I bet you've been thinking about what Lumine was saying a while ago.

(X looks at Zero, almost in surprise.)

Zero: Well, don't let it get to you. Just becoming Sigma could hardly be called evolution.

(Zero turns away again.)

Zero: Anyway, X... Even if we Reploids are destined to join the scrap heap when that evolutionary step does comes about, we still have to fight... Not only against the Mavericks, but against our own destiny as well...

(Scene fades out.)

Scene 32: The Future of Copy Chips

(The final part of the story is heard as the game credits roll.)

Narrator: When news of Lumine's going Maverick reached the ears of those in power, it was decided that all new generation Reploids with copy abilities still in production would be canceled, and the manufacture and use of copy chips would be terminated.

However, with the development of space in full swing, the demand for these advanced new generation Reploids had not dwindled.

Years later, production in copy chips once again resumed despite the advice on those who had studied their history...

(Scene fades out)

Scene 33: Dr. Light's Last Wish

(After the final story scene, a message from the late Dr. Thomas Light is shown.

Humans and robots living in harmony and equality. That was my only wish. - Dr. Thomas Light

(Scene fades.)

Scene 34: Encounters with Vile

(Zero encounters Vile during one of the missions.)

Vile: Ha ha ha ha ha! Why don't you just give up now and get it over with? The world as you know it? Mavericks? Kiss it all goodbye! Mayhem, doom, and destruction! That's what we were built for!

(Zero fights and defeats Vile, who teleports out. Zero continues on.)

(X encounters Vile during another of the missions.)

Zero: Vile! What do you plan to do with the Elevator and Lumine?

Vile: Lumine? Ha ha ha... Don't worry. We're taking very good care of him. The Orbital Elevator is too important to us to hurt the one who operates it.

Zero: That toy's a little too complicated for Mavericks like you, Vile.

Vile: Ha ha ha... How I've missed you, Zero. What do you say we have a little fun and make the most of this reunion?

(Zero fights and defeats Vile, who teleports out. Zero continues on.)


(1)The spoken dialogue here says "looked".

(2)"Reploids" is misspelled as "Repolids" here.

(3)The spoken dialogue here says "Does that mean..."