Mega Man X: Command Mission, known as Rockman X Command Mission (ロックマンXコマンドミッション) in Japan, is the second-to-last game in the Mega Man X series to be released. It was released on both the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo GameCube and is primarily RPG-style in nature, playing quite similarly to Capcom's signature Breath of Fire series in a number of ways. The game is considered non-canon to the X series, and set outside of the main storyline in an alternate timeline.[1] Chronologically, it is currently the last game in the series, taking place sometime in the twenty-third century (22XX time period).


In the year 22XX AD, a mysterious mineral known as Force Metal was extracted from the fragments of a meteor that landed in the Pacific Ocean. Technology based on the metal revolutionized the field of Reploid Engineering.

The government built Giga City, an artificial island, near the meteor site for the explicit purpose of mining and smelting Force Metal. Everything seemed to go well until a band of renegade Reploids armed themselves and launched a rebellion on the island. They banished all humans from the island, and demanded that the government recognize Giga City as an independent Reploid state.

Its leader, Epsilon, was branded a Maverick by the government, who dispatched a Maverick Hunter team to Giga City to liberate the island from Epsilon's grasp.

As X, Zero, and Shadow travel to the Lagrano Ruins, a collapsed pillar separates them. X must then fight his way to a place where he and Zero are reunited. Upon reaching Epsilon's destination, Shadow betrays the team, Epsilon's Cadre appears and knocks Zero away. X has no choice but to escape and gather up a team to assist in defeating the minions of the Rebellion army.[2]

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069 - Glass Passageway

Concept art of the Gaudile Laboratory.

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Rockman X: Command Mission commercial Rockman X: Command Mission Opening
Rockman X Command Mission Commercial

Rockman X Command Mission Commercial




Mmxcm 2v1 1

X in an early version of the game.

  • Redips's name was misspelled as "Rideps" in the instruction manual.
  • In an early version of the game, X had his usual blue armor with bright colors instead of the new exclusive armor from the final version.
Sigma Command Mission

Sigma's only appearance in the game.

  • This is the only game in the Mega Man X series (so far) without Sigma making a major appearance. However, Sigma's previous English voice actor Dave Pettitt performs the role of Epsilon in this game.
    • Sigma shows up alongside "Red" on the green monitors of the opening cutscene, which shows some scenes from the Mega Man X7 ending.
    • This is also the only game in the Mega Man X series (so far) that does not feature any Light Capsules, thus also making this game the only one in the series to lack Dr. Light.
  • While not the first in the franchise to be a role-playing game (MegaMan Battle Network being an action RPG), Mega Man X Command Mission was the first (and only) RPG in the X series and in the continuity altogether (as the Battle Network/Star Force series is set in an entirely separate timeline).

Unused Command Mission Mega Man and Cut Man concept art.

  • The background music used during Lagrano Ruins (where Epsilon and other Rebellion members were created) is a remix of the theme used during one of Axl's cutscenes in Mega Man X7, when he reveals to Zero the reason he left Red Alert is his A-Trans copy ability.
  • This is the only game in the X series (so far) that does not feature X's Variable Weapon System. On a related note, Zero's techniques aren't learned normally by defeating bosses.
    • Ironically, the closest to the Variable Weapon System is Axl's Transformation attack, which lets Axl use boss abilites, even though in past games Axl couldn't transform into bosses.
  • Concept art for the game suggests that Mega Man and Cut Man were at one point planned to appear in the game; however, they were removed or left out of the overall game for unknown reasons.
    • However, having a save file on the memory card from the PlayStation 2 version of Mega Man X: Command Mission allows for Cut Man to be fought as a hidden mini-boss in Mega Man X8.

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    Megaman X Command Mission
    The S-Rank irregulars hunters gather up ! !
    Megaman X Another Story
    X, Zero, Axl, the three protagonists of the Rockman X series appear in the series first RPG, this is Rockman X Command Mission. The Rockman X series origins and exists as an action game series, as an RPG a good fight tempo is considerably characteristic. Besides, the story isn't related with the series even though it is exciting in many demo scenes. It also contains elements and complete sub-events, precisely for those that wish to play a long time.
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