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Japanese cover and promo art for Mega Man X: Command Mission.

Script from the game Mega Man X: Command Mission.

Chapter 1: Infiltrate Giga City!

Scene 1: Covert Infiltration

(The scene opens in Giga City as Mega Man X, Zero, and Shadow race along the exterior of the Lagrano Ruins. Colonel Redips's voice narrates in the background, and the scene occasionally flashes back to the three Hunters being personally briefed by the Colonel.)

Colonel Redips: Your mission is to infiltrate Giga City and halt the activities of Epsilon's organization, the Rebellion. I'm afraid the team that went in before you has likely perished. You are our final hope. If you fail this mission, then we... We will have no choice but to launch an indiscriminate assault on Giga City. The whereabouts of Epsilon are unknown. But, we're getting an energy reading from a certain area of ruins. Survey the ruins first.

(The scene fades out.)

Scene 2: Situation Analysis

(The scene cuts to the entrance of the Ruins as X, Zero, and Shadow make their way inside and survey the area.)

Zero: Nobody to greet us, eh?

(X tries to operate his radio device.)

X: Just as I expected... the radio's useless.

Zero: I can't believe they sent only the three of to infiltrate this huge island. I mean, we're good, but I don't know if we're that good!

X: A large force would be cumbersome.

Zero: Keep things small and sleek, huh?

Shadow: I'm no great hunter like you two, but believe me, I know this island.

X: Well we're in your hands, Shadow.

(Shadow gestures towards a pathway.)

Shadow: OK, let's move. I know the perfect place for a hideout.

(As the trio begins to move, a huge column comes crashing down and separates X from Zero and Shadow.)

X: Are you two okay?

Shadow: X, use those stairs. We'll meet up top!

(X glances behind him.)

X: This could be a trap. Be careful.

Zero: Finders keepers for any goodies!

(Shadow and Zero take off, and X heads up the stairwell.)

Scene 3: Searching the Ruins

(X receives a transmission from Zero)

Zero: We can't communicate to headquarters, but we can communicate to each other. If something happens, I'll be sure to contact you. Be careful.

(X continues through the ruins, destroying enemies in his way, he eventually comes across a control panel in a room)

Lagrano Lab Security Control Panel: Disable security in Area 1F-West?

(X pushes a button on the control panel, disabling the security)

Lagrano Lab Security Control Panel: Area 1F-West Security disabled.

(suddenly, X receives a call from Zero)

Zero: X! Did you just operate something there?

X: Yeah. I found and activated what seemed to be a security terminal. It said that some lock was disabled. Did anything happen on your end?

Zero: So that's how it works! X, the door that you unlocked is...The door to the West block where Shadow and I are. The system is structured so that the door in West Block can only be controlled from East Block, where you are. The door in East Block can only be controlled by us here in West Block.

Shadow: In other words, X and I just have to control the terminals for each other!

Zero: Teamwork is vital if we're gonna get through this. Don't be late, X!

(X makes his way up the stairs to the second floor. Once there, Zero calls again)

Zero: X, do you read me? Go to the middle floor. I have a feeling you'll find something there.

(X goes to the room Zero indicated and finds four empty capsules. X inspects the documentation on the first pod.)

Narrator: "Ultra Mobile Bobcat Reploid" Wild Jango. FM Modification System. Production process: ALL GREEN Roll out: OK

(X examines the next pod.)

Narrator: "Computational Humanoid Reploid" Dr. Psyche. FM Modification System. Production process: ALL GREEN Roll out: OK

(X examines the next pod.)

Narrator: "Super Heavy Cannon Reploid" Silver Horn. FM Modification System. Production process: ALL GREEN Roll out: OK

(X examines the next pod.)

Narrator: "Reinforced Light Armor Aerial Reploid" Mach Jentra. FM Modification

System Production process: ALL GREEN Roll out: OK

(Zero contacts X.)

Zero: X, how did it go? So, there one there also?

X: These must be the Reploid production pods Zero mentioned....There are 4 pods here. They've all finished production and the Reploids have already left the pods.

Zero: Shoot, I knew it. There are four pods on my side, too. Of course, all the customization was finished.

Shadow: This was my first detail with you, and I'm not optimistic about the future!

Zero: We're not getting anywhere with this. We gotta check the upper floor. The doors here have been destroyed, so there's no need to unlock them. I unlocked the doors on your side. Now we should both be able to proceed. Time to head to the upper floor!

(X continues through the ruins when he finds another room with two capsules.)

Narrator: "Plasma Energy Reploid: Knight Type" Scarface. Production process: ALL GREEN Roll out: OK

(X examines the other capsule.)

Narrator: "Unknown Energy Manipulator: Test Model" Epsilon. ***WARNING *** Error occurred during production. Reploid requires maintenance.

(Zero contacts X once again.)

Zero: This could be sticky. Two high-performance Reploids are complete. X....How are things on your end?

X: Two were produced here as well. One was....Epsilon!

Zero: What?! Are you certain, X?! Shoot! What do we do now?!

Shadow: Four high-performance units and eight combat units....That's quite a squadron. No wonder those who arrived first never made it back.

Zero: We'll continue investigating, X. But we'll have to act cautiosly. By the looks of things, I'd say there's something upstairs. We're going up to see what it is.

(X continues forward and enters a similar control room on the first floor)

Lagrano Lab Security Control Terminal: Disable security in Area 3F-West?

(X pushes a button on the panel to disable it)

Lagrano Lab Security Control Terminal: Area 3F-West. Disabling signal NOT SYNCHRONIZED

(X receives a call from Zero)

Zero: X! The terminal on this side received a synchronization signal. On this side, the two terminals have to be operated simultaneously. I'll send three audio signals. Press X/A when you hear the third signal! Are you ready?

(X sees the panel flashing red two times. On the third time, X pushes on the panel again, making sure it works this time)

Lagrano Lab Security Control Terminal: Area 3F-West. Disabling signal SYNCHRONIZED'. Disabling all security for Lagrano Laboratory 3F areas East and West.

(X receives a transmission from Zero)

Zero: Alright! We did it! Heading to teh upper floor!

(Just then, a Preon Chaser appears out of the door that X entered)

Rebellion's Guard: Government Maverick Hunter detected! Neutralizing target!!

(Zero calls X once again)

Zero: X! When we used those terminals, we gave ourselves away! Engaging possible Rebellion troops! Commencing attack! X! Stay on guard!

(X fights and defeats the Preon guard. After victory, he is contacted by X)

Zero: Targets destroyed! I've never seen this kind of enemy before. Something must be upstairs! Heading to 4F to investigate!

(X obtains Force Metal from the fight and continues his way up to the fourth floor; once there, he receives a call from Zero)

Zero: I've arrived at the central room. But...I don't see anything here. Looks like we can meet up here. I'll be waiting for you on the cental floor.

Scene 4: Enter Hippopressor

(X enters a room and finds Zero at long last)

X: Zero!! You're safe!

Zero: What took you so long, X? You know I can't stand to wait.

(Just then, a Mechaniloid Hippopressor bursts through the walls)

Zero: Who the heck is this?

(the Hippospressor attacks the duo, but they are barely able to fight back and defeat it)

Zero: They just don't know when to stop! I'm getting back to the investigation. There was a door leading to the upper floor in West Block. Shadow has gone to check on the upper floor. I'll follow suit and catch up with him.

(X and Zero make their way to the fifth floor, up the stairs)

Scene 5: Shadow's Betrayal

(The two Hunters head outside and run into Shadow again.)

X: Shadow, are you okay?!

Shadow: Yeah... But look...

(Shadow indicates the massive Reploid standing in front of them. Epsilon lifts his head and scowls at the two new arrivals.)

X: Epsilon?!

Epsilon: Indeed, it is I. Epsilon, the Rebellion Army Commander.

Zero: Well, well! So the great Commander came out just to greet us?

Epsilon: I have heard many things about you. The great Maverick Hunters... X and Zero. You truly are elite Reploids. Won't you fight alongside us. fight for a common vision?

Zero: Shut your trap, Maverick! You're in no position to make offers. This is three versus one, buddy!

(Epsilon chuckles.)

Epsilon: Oh, but is it?

(Shadow reaches out with his Saber-arm and immobilizes Zero.)

Zero: Unggh!

(X gapes at his friend's betrayal.)

X: Shadow! No way!

Epsilon: Shadow is a believer. He understands our goals. I'll ask again: whose side are you on?

Zero: Okay, Epsilon... My answer is...

(X charges and fires off a quick blast with his Buster as Zero breaks free of SHADOW'S hold. The Buster shot flies at Epsilon as Zero leaps through the air in an attempt to slice the mighty Reploid.)

Zero: This!

Scene 6: The Cadre Arrives

(Scene opens with Epsilon holding out his palm as he effortlessly blocks X's attack.)

X: Zero!

(Scene pans to Zero, who's being held immobile once more, this time by one of Epsilon's Cadres, Ferham. Zero grunts as he tries to break free.)

Ferham: Silence! Show the Commander some respect!

(X notices a flicker of movement.)

X: Zero, behind you!

(Zero turns and sees Scarface, another Cadre, appear.)

X: Zero!

(Scarface activates his double-bladed Saber and aims it at Zero. X fires a shot which frees Zero from Ferham's grasp, but Shadow targets him mid-fall and blasts him out of the sky.)

Zero: *screams and falls*

X: Zero!

(X tries to make a move, but is soon stopped by a laser blast from Botos, yet another Cadre member. Soon, the entire group surrounds X.)

X: Oh no.

(Epsilon chuckles again.)

Ferham: Ha ha ha ha.

Epsilon: Join us, X. 

X: I don't care what your vision is. You're still a bunch of Mavericks! And as you know, I'm[note 1] a Maverick Hunter!

(X turns to face his former comrade, whose eyes now glow red with evil.)

X: Shadow... I can't forgive you...

Shadow: Heh heh heh.

(X faces off against Shadow, but tricks the group by then blasting the floor. In the chaos, X escapes by leaping over the edge of the castle wall. Ferham growls in anger and gives chase.)

Ferham: Why, you... You won't get away!

(Epsilon calls her back.)

Epsilon: Let him go. He will be back. My subjects! The time has come. To show the world our vision!

Chapter 2: Recapture Central Tower!

Scene 1: New Hope

(X comes to in a medical facility.)

X: Where am I? Ow...

Medical Reploid: X, you've come to. This place is known as 'New Hope'.

X: But, what about Zero...?!

Medical Reploid: Take it slowly, X. I don't know what happened, but you've taken some serious damage. This is the Resistance hideout. You can rest here.

Scene 2: Central Tower

(X recovers and chooses to investigate the surrounding area. He makes it to the top of the Central Tower area, and soon hears intruder alert warnings. X ducks behind a barrier as a group of Reploids nearby gaze at a floating message board. Suddenly, Colonel Redips contacts X.)

Colonel Redips: X, can you hear me?

X: Colonel, I have some bad news... Shadow betrayed us!

Colonel Redips: What?!

X: The mission plans were leaked. They got... Zero...[note 2]

Colonel Redips: X... are you ok-

(The transmission fades.)

X: Colonel Redips? Shoot! I can't get a clear signal in here.

(A feminine voice speaks from the hovering board.)

Security Agent: Federation agents have illegally entered Giga City space. Repeat! Illegal entry! Report any sightings of suspicious Reploids immediately.

Scene 3: Enter Spider

(X explores the Tower area until he reaches the North Plaza, where he's confronted by a large Reploid out of the shadows.)

Reploid: Hold it. You're X, aren't you? I heard about you on the news. Sorry, but I had to report you.

(X whirls around in surprise, and levels his Buster.)

X: You're with the Rebellion forces?!

Reploid: I'm not a supporter of Epsilon, but shouldn't you, as a Reploid, support the idea of our independence?

[The Reploid raises his arms almost in a threatening manner, but his movements are cut short by an attack that rains down from above. The Reploid explodes. X gazes up at the assailant.)

X: Huh?! Who are you?!

???: Trust me! I didn't do that for you!!

(He leaps to the ground and straightens up to face X.)

???: I'm neither Maverick, nor Rebellion. But if I brought your head to the Rebellion Army, it would fetch a pretty penny!

X: A bounty hunter!

???: (sarcastically) Well done, chump! That's quite a grasp of the obvious you've got there. Now let's rumble!

(Almost as an afterthought, he introduces himself.)

Spider: I'm Spider... It's a pleasure.

(X and Spider battle, but are soon interrupted by blaring alarms.)

Spider: Drat! I was ready to finish you off. We'll pick this up later. The more you run, the higher the bounty!

(Spider runs off.)

X: Wait!

Scene 4: Aile's Sacrifice

(X walks through a doorway, and suddenly encounters a new Reploid in a hover-craft on the other side of the room.)

X: Hm?

(The Reploid moves toward him.)

Aile: You are the Maverick Hunter X, are you not? I am Aile. I am a member of the Resistance.

X: Okay, Aile. What's going on around here?

Aile: Well, if you've made it this far, then you've probably already figured out that the leader of our Resistance, Chief R, has been caught by the Rebellion Army.

X: So, you've come to rescue Chief R?

Aile: Yes, that is why I came to the Governor's Precinct. But alone... I will not stand a chance.

X: Well, I'm on a reconnaissance mission. Rescuing Chief R might be the best way to get the information I'm after.

Aile: Thank you, X! Well then, if you're going to help me, (AILE tears a jeweled ID from his chest)'d better take this ID.[note 3] With it, you will be able to enter and exit the Governor's Precinct.

(As Aile speaks, the door opens again, and three Preons hop through the door. Aile stuffs his ID into X's hand and shoves him backwards through the door behind him.)

X: Aile, wait!

Aile: There is no time. Leave them to me! Just go!

X: Aile, look at the condition you're in...

Aile: Please... You have to help Chief R!

X: Aile!

(Scene cuts back to Aile, who confronts the Preons head-on.)

Aile: I will not let you pass!

(Aile gives a defiant yell as he engages his self-destruct system. The violent explosion causes the door to cave in, and X is thrown backwards. Recovering, X looks sadly at the damaged door, then gazes at the ID that Aile entrusted him with.)

X: Aile...

Scene 5: Rescuing the Hostages

(While making his way to the top of Central Tower, X finds another Resistance soldier.)

Resistence Class 3 Soldier: Who goes there?! Did you say X? X...You mean the legendary Class S Maverick Hunter? Then... You must help me! My friends are trapped on the other side of this door!

(X enters the room and finds a team of Preon units.)

Security Guard: You don't know when to give up. These guys aren't going anywhere. Your warranty is up! Take this!

(X engages the units and destroys them.)

Scene 6: The Bargain With Jango

(Scene cuts to Wild Jango as he stands in the control room. He is noticeably agitated at X's progress.)

Wild Jango: Hmph! Lousy meddler. But you do live up to your name as a legendary Maverick Hunter.

(Spider speaks from behind Jango.)

Spider: A little too much for a common soldier?

(Wild Jango turns around.)

Wild Jango: What?! Spider! So, you think you can beat him?

Spider: What'll it pay?

Wild Jango: Oh, so it's money, is it? Very well! If you can stop X, you can have as much as you'd like! In due time, we, the Rebellion forces, will rule over all! Once we do, there'll be plenty of money to go around.

Spider: I don't care who rules over who, but I could use a blank check.

(Scene fades out and cuts back to X.)

Scene 7: Thankful Citizens

(Scene returns to X, where he speaks with the former hostages.)

Resistence Class 1 Solider: Aile?! Yes, I see... Ever since Chief R took him in, he looked up to the Chief like a father. X, take this. It's the key to the Data Backup Room where Chief R is being held.

Narrator: Obtained Key Item [Security Card].

Resistence Class 1 Solider: Those three in the back are loaded with goods. If you need supplies, just have them share their things with you. You don't know what kinds of enemies you might face, so be careful! Please... save Chief R.

(X peruses the shopping cache that Jasmine, Cumin, and Saffron offer.)

Scene 8: Spider Returns

(X leaves and heads deeper towards the Governor's Precinct. As he reaches the entrance and begins to inspect a console, a card flies by and barely misses hitting him.)

X: Wha?! Huh?

(X turns around and sees Spider casually leaning against the wall.)

Spider: You've really stirred things up, X. Which is perfect, for my line of work!

X: Filthy bounty hunter!

Spider: The name's Spider. Now, say your prayers...

(X tries to fight, but Spider quickly beats him. Spider approaches.)

Spider: Too bad for you, but I can see you like you're in slow-motion.

[Spider stops short as he notices the ID that X dropped.)

Spider: This ID...?!

X: Don't touch that! A money-grubber like you doesn't deserve to lay his hands on that! That is all that remains of a Reploid who gave his life for his beliefs!

(Spider looks visibly shaken.)

Spider: So he... died?

X: Yes, that's right... He sacrificed himself so Chief R could be saved and the Rebellion forces defeated. A creep who does dirty work for small change has no right to lay hands on Aile's soul!

(Spider crouches, his fleeting moment of confusion gone.)

Spider: So, he gave it to you after he died, huh?

(Spider straightens up and gazes at a security monitor in the ceiling.)

Spider: Sorry, Jango... But I'm through with this job!

Scene 9: The Wrath of Jango

(Scene cuts back to Wild Jango, who is even angrier than before at Spider's betrayal.)

Wild Jango: Blasted bounty hunter! You won't get away with this! Calling all guards! Destroy both of them!

(Wild Jango summons three Preon soldiers who exit the room to hunt down X and Spider.)

Scene 10: Spider Reformed

(Scene returns to the control room hallway, where Spider retorts back to Jango's threat.)

Spider: Yeah, I may be a dirty bounty hunter. But I won't defile a friend's soul! I'll take care of this trash on the way home!

(Spider takes off running towards the Preon guards.)

Spider: You get moving and help Chief R!

X: Wait, what do you mean?

(It's too late; Spider has already destroyed the Preons and disappeared around the corner. X gazes at the ID once again.)

Scene 11: Jango's Revenge

(X heads to the Data Backup room and finds Chief R and his Preon captors.)

Security Guard: Resistance fighters here?! Well, we're not letting this one get away!

(X engages the units and destroys them, then turns to Chief R.)

X: Chief R, I'm here to save you.

Chief R: Thank you, but who are you?

X: I'm X. A Maverick Hunter, sent by the government.

Chief R: So you're X...I see. What about my men...the Resistance?

X: I managed to rescue a few of the imprisoned...But it's possible that others escaped during the attack. And...Aile sacrificed himself, to allow me to come this far.

Chief R: Aile...he did that?!

(Wild Jango contacts X and Chief R via the nearby monitor.)

Wild Jango: Hmph, my good friend R. So, you refuse to work with the Rebellion Army?

Chief R: I've already explained to you. You could scrap my whole body, and even the smallest screw would resist you!

Wild Jango: R! And X! You are utter fools to resist the future kings of the Reploids! Hmph! But enough. I believe that it's about time that you two...

(Wild Jango holds up a badly beaten Spider.)

X: Spider?!

Wild Jango: Are cut down to size. I'll bring this whole building down to the ground too, right along with this dirty traitor!

Chief R: An explosive device?!

Wild Jango: You won't have a screw left to resist after this!

(Wild Jango cuts the transmission.)

Chief R: No...![note 4]

X: Chief! Can you think of any way I can defuse that thing?

Chief R: I can! If you go to the monitor room where Jango was, you can stop it! I'll stay here and tell you the route. Don't let me down!

Scene 12: Find the Bomb

(X has 2 minutes to stop the detonation)

R: I'll guide you to the Command Room. Go there to deactivate the system!

(If X goes to the wrong door)

Chief R: There's only a storage room there. You have no business with it. Go back.

(X travels to the command room, but is ambushed by Preon Bitmasters.)

Security Guard: X is here! Right here! Get him!

(X engages the two Preon Bitmasters and destroys them. Afterwards, R contacts X if he takes a wrong path.)

Transmission from R: X, it's a dead-end that way. Go through the door on the left.

(Shortly after, another Preon squad attacks X.)

Security Guard: This is the end of the line! What can you accomplish all by yourself!? Just admit that you're finished! Here goes!

(X engages the two Preon Chasers and makes his way up until he runs into another locked door. Chief R contacts X.)

Transmission from R: That door is probably locked. It can be opened by remote control.

(The door unlocks. X continues his route to the command room when he encounters a Preon Bitmaster.)

Security Guard: Intruder alert! Engage immediately!!

(X destroys the two Preon Bitmasters and continues toward the command room. Chief R contacts X as he gets closer.)

Transmission from R: The Command Room is through the left door. Watch out, enemies are present.

(X finally makes it to the control room where yet another Preon team is waiting for him.)

Security Guard: The Resistance? Bah! I'd never let them shut down the Self-Destruct System. We will see to it that the Self-Destruct System is allowed to activate!

(X destroys the Preon Spark and Preon Chasers. After the battle he examines the Command Room console.)

Self-Destruct System Computer: Checking termination sequence... .... Switching system to sleep mode.

(Chief R contacts X.)

Transmission from R: Great job, X! We've confirmed the deactivation on this end, as well. Jango is trying to escape from the heliport on the upper floor! I've unlocked the door that leads to the heliport. Hurry over there!

Scene 13: Spider Joins the Fight

(X goes to the Heliport and finds Wild Jango, aiming his buster to him)

Wild Jango: You cancelled the self-destruct?!

(Jango turns around to face X)

Wild Jango: You meddling Maverick Hunter!

X: Jango! What you're doing is wrong! I'm gonna take you down!

Wild Jango: You've got to be kidding!

(Jango attacks X, making him fall and drop Aile's ID)

Wild Jango: You're a fool if you think a single Maverick Hunter has the power to take me on!

(Jango approaches X and notices Aile's ID)

Wild Jango: Hmmm...

(Jango takes Aile's ID and looks at it)

Wild Jango: Hmph, so you used this to sneak into the building!

(A card is thrown on Jango, hurting him and making him drop the ID. An injured Spider appears on the Heliport's door)

X: Spider!

Spider: Jango... Keep your hands off that. Creeps like you have no business touching it! Back off if you know what's good for you!

Wild Jango: You don't know when to give up, do you? Fine! I'll make short work of you both!

(X and Spider fight against Wild Jango and defeat him)

X: Thanks, Spider. You've really helped me out.

Chief R: X, you defeated Jango, didn't you?!

X: Chief R! Yes, I did, but... Without Spider, I would have been in trouble...

Chief R: I see. Spider! I give you my thanks. You fought for our comrade, Aile!

Spider: Aile... Aile was my partner... Back when I started bounty hunting. I goofed, and he got wasted for it.

Chief R: I see. Hmm... Quite a lucky coincidence that you were here.

X: A coincidence...? I bet Aile was the one who brought us together.

Chief R: How fitting.

(Chapter 2 is concluded with the message "Spider joined the party".)

Chapter 3: The Paper Hero

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Chapter 4: Gaudile Laboratory

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Chapter 5: Maverick Hunters Join Forces

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Chapter 6: The Meaning of Friendship

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Chapter 7: Block Transmissions!

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Chapter 8: The Ultimate Weapon

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Chapter 9: When Giants Duel

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Final Chapter: In the name of JUSTICE

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Central Tower

Central Tower (Chapter 3)

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Central Tower (Chapter 4)

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Central Tower (Chapter 5)

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Central Tower (Chapter 6)

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Central Tower (Chapter 7)

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Central Tower (Chapter 8)

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Central Tower (Chapter 9)

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Central Tower (Final Chapter)

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Deployment Center

  • Attack units fight and collect Zenny. Use them often.
  • Search units find items. Use them often.
  • Intelligence units find disks. Use them often.
  • There's still room for improvement. Deploy them more to Level Up.
  • Specialize a unit of keep its abilities balanced? It's a tough choice...
  • They will be in the Hall of Fame soon. Great work on getting this far.
  • They are in the Hall of Fame. They are happy to have served well.
  • They are sure to get excellent results! Let's send them off now!
  • Good selection of units. I have no concerns about this deployment.
  • I hope they bring back lots of stuff! Let's send them out!
  • I hope you get results. I'm confident about this deployment.
  • A bold decision. Let's send them off and hope for victory.
  • I'm worried about them. I'm sure they will gain from the experience.
  • This might not be a great idea. I don't imagine they'll perform well out there.
  • Are you joking? I'd keep them at home if I were you.
  • I'll tell you the results of this mission.
  • (Unit name) did so well, its Level really jumped up. Nice choice of unit.
  • (Unit name) made it back safely and did so well it went up two Levels.
  • (Unit name) performed well enough to go up one Level.
  • (Unit name) managed to make it back, but didn't do well enough to gain a Level.
  • (Unit name) was immobilized, so I had it repaired. Be more careful next time.
  • Absolutely fabulous results. Keep up the excellent work!
  • Not much was obtained from this mission. Better luck next time.
  • You've obtained many disks and a lot of Zenny. Great results!
  • You've obtained many items and a lot of Zenny. They should be useful.
  • You've obtained lots of Zenny. Why don't you go on a shopping spree?
  • Not much luck this time. I hope things go better next time out.


  1. The written dialogue appears as is, but the spoken version says "I am".
  2. The spoken version says "They... they got... Zero...".
  3. The spoken version says "You had better take this ID.".
  4. Audio only. No text is shown