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Mega Man ZX Advent, known as Rockman ZX Advent (ロックマンゼクスアドベント Rokkuman Zekusu Adobento) in Japan, is the sequel to Mega Man ZX, and the second installment in the Mega Man ZX series. The game was first announced at the World Hobby Fair 2007 in Japan, and was released for the Nintendo DS later the same year. In 2020, it was re-released as part of the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Mega Man ZX Advent takes place approximately four years and eight months after the Slither Inc. incident in Mega Man ZX.[1] Various world-building elements are elaborated, such as the Humanoid-Reploid equality laws established by the government organization Legion. Though Model W was thought to have been destroyed along with Serpent, Maverick attacks are still a common occurrence. Inspired by Slither Inc., a Hunter's Guild has formed to seek more powerful technology from the ancient world; however, those who seek the technology for themselves become known as Raiders. This leads to an era of excavation known as the Tech Rush.[2] The player can select one of two protagonists:

After Grey/Ashe faces Pandora/Prometheus and is subsequently rescued, they awaken in Hunter's Camp. They receive their Hunter's License and board a Train headed to Legion HQ, where they meet the Biometal Model A and learn that they are the Chosen One capable of Megamerging into Mega Man Model A. The power granted by Model A gives Grey/Ashe the A-Trans ability, letting them shapeshift into the bosses they defeat.

With the Train broken, they are contacted by the Sage Trinity - Master Thomas, Master Albert, and Master Mikhail - who request that they repair the Train to deliver Model A to Legion. Along the way Grey/Ashe crosses paths with dangerous Pseudoroids, and is confronted by four other Mega Men - Atlas, Thetis, Aeolus, and Siarnaq - who are participating in a so-called Game of Destiny. Grey/Ashe begins unlocking ciphers in Model A that inform them of the Game of Destiny: the Mega Man who collects Model W's pieces and awakens them will be crowned the Mega Man King and gain full access to Model W's power.

By the time they reach Legion HQ, Grey/Ashe unlocks a cipher that informs them one of the Sage Trinity is the creator of Model W and the Game of Destiny. They discover Master Albert is the mastermind, but he escapes before they can apprehend him. Master Thomas orders them to seek out the pieces of Model W to stop Prometheus, Pandora, the four Mega Men, and Albert's Pseudoroids from completing the Game of Destiny. Along the way, Grey/Ashe runs into Vent/Aile, who also seeks to destroy Model W and becomes their ally. However, almost all of Model W is retrieved by Albert.


Master Albert, the main antagonist.

After defeating the Pseudoroids and Mega Men, Grey/Ashe pinpoints the location of Master Albert's hideout in the Undersea Volcano. They confront him, but he is cut down by Prometheus and Pandora, who are done serving him and want to destroy the world. Unfortunately, their hatred is then used by Albert's Model Ws to fully awaken, and he reveals his survival. The Model Ws merge into the massive Ouroboros, the Ultimate Biometal fit for the Mega Man King: that is, Albert himself, who never planned to let the four Mega Men use it.

With the help of Vent/Aile, Grey/Ashe infiltrates Ouroboros, avoids the four Mega Men, and faces Albert. He tells them the truth of their past: Grey is a Reploid created by Albert/Ashe is a direct descendant of his bloodline, making them fit to be his successors using Model A. He requests that they join him in destroying and recreating the world with Ouroboros. Rebelling against their destiny, Grey/Ashe refuses his offer and instead defeats Albert and destroys Ouroboros. With peace restored, Grey/Ashe parts ways with Vent/Aile and embarks on a new journey with Model A to forge their new destinies.

Secret Ending[]

There is a secret ending that is unlocked after completing the game on Expert Mode, then playing the game in Normal Mode once as each protagonist. It reveals that while Master Thomas disagreed with Albert's methods, he believes his goal was not incorrect. He implies that he has plans for the original Human bodies and immortal Reploid data left over from Legion's equality procedures, and summons the four rival Mega Men to ominously declare that the world must be reset. This cliffhanger implied that Thomas would be an antagonist in the planned sequel, "Mega Man ZXC", but the game was canceled and thus this plot thread has yet to be resolved.

While being a tug towards the next installment, what Master Thomas spoke of may also in the distant future become the model for Elysium and the Carbon Reinitialization Program.[3]


Opening Boss[]


Mega Men[]

Endgame Bosses[]


Mega Man ZX Advent has a more linear story than Mega Man ZX, doing away with the mission system but reducing boss choice. There are only certain times when the player may choose to pursue one boss before another, though the game is still rife with sidequests for NPCs and hidden collectibles throughout the stages. Additionally, teleporters can send the player to a much wider variety of targets in each area. There are also five unlockable minigames: the multiplayer Gem Buster, the boss rematch Boss Battle, the boss rush Survival Road, the trivia Quiz Advent, and the retro Mega Man a.

Like Mega Man ZX, this game's main feature is the ability to take on different forms while traveling throughout an interconnected world map. Choosing Grey or Ashe at the beginning of the game has minor consequences: Grey uses a Buster Shot while Ashe uses a Laser Shot. Grey/Ashe only owns a single Biometal, Model A, which wields twin busters. Its A-Trans allows them to transform into certain bosses who relinquish DNA data after their defeats. This lets them play as all eight of the game's Pseudoroid bosses, along with the rival Mega Men utilizing Model F, Model P, Model L, Model H, and Model ZX. Their attacks may differ slightly depending on if the player is using Grey or Ashe. Including their base and Model A forms, plus the secret Model a, the player may gain a total of 16 forms to access.


Reploid/Humanoid: Grey/Ashe's base form. They can't dash or wall kick, but they can crawl through small tunnels and swim on the surfaces of water. They each wield a different buster: Grey's Buster Shot can fire three smaller shots at a time, while Ashe's Laser Shot can fire two larger shots.
Model A: The "Copy Mega Man", a mysterious Biometal secretly created by Albert. It grants Grey/Ashe twin busters (Buster Shots for Grey, Laser Shots for Ashe) that can fire a Charge Shot, a Homing Shot, and a Giga Attack. It is the only Biometal the player actually obtains, but its powerful A-Trans lets them copy many other forms.
Model A
Buckfire the Gaxelleroid: A gazelle Pseudoroid who is copied in Train. He wields fire arrow cannons and can blast through objects with upward and diagonal dashes.
Chronoforce the Xiphosuroid: A horseshoe crab Pseudoroid who is copied in Arctic Ice Floe. He can shoot icicles and slow down time, but can only move underwater.
Rospark the Floroid: A rose Pseudoroid who is copied in Tower of Verdure. He attacks with electricity, but moves very slowly unless he is attached to a wire.
Atlas: The "Fire Mega Man" wielding Model F, of the guardian Fighting Fefnir. She is copied in Oil Field. She wields two Knuckle Busters that can destroy Ceratanium blocks with their charge attacks. She also has Buster Edit, allowing the player to direct the bullets on the touch screen.
Siarnaq: The "Shadow Mega Man" wielding Model P, of the guardian Hidden Phantom. He is copied in Legion HQ. He attacks with kunai knives and shurikens, and can cling to ceilings and navigate through darkness with his Radar Scope.
Queenbee the Hymenopteroid: A wasp Pseudoroid who is copied in Control Center. She can fly, shoot fire stingers, and dock into certain slots to manipulate them.
Vulturon the Condoroid: A vulture Pseudoroid who is copied in Scrapyard. He fights with his microwave guitar, and can glide and cling to walls indefinitely.
Thetis: The "Ice Mega Man" wielding Model L, of the guardian Fairy Leviathan. He is copied in Highway. He wields an ice halberd and can swim through smaller passages than Chronoforce. He also has an Item Scanner that shows the locations of collectible items on the touch screen.
Aeolus: The "Wind Mega Man" wielding Model H, of the guardian Sage Harpuia. He is copied in Floating Ruins. He wields two beam sabers that can summon cyclones, and he can hover or air dash. He also has an Enemy Analysis, which displays the health and weakspots of enemies on the touch screen.
Vent/Aile: The "Ultimate Mega Man" wielding Model ZX, of the legendary X and Zero. They are copied in Quarry. They wield both a saber and a buster, controlling similarly to Zero in the Mega Man Zero series.
Bifrost the Crocoroid: A crocodile Pseudoroid who is copied in Bio Lab. He can shoot icicles and wheel blades, and can destroy plasma blocks with his giant size.
Hedgeshock the Erinaceroid: A hedgehog Pseudoroid who is copied in Mysterious Lab. She can emit electricity and roll through small tunnels.
Argoyle the Shisaroid: A shisa Pseudoroid who is copied in Waterfall Ruins. He throws bombs and can summon Ugoyle as an intangible ghost assist.
Argoyle & Ugoyle
Model a: The "Ancient Mega Man", which is a secret unlockable form. It is obtained by obtaining all 24 medals from the game's Pseudoroid bosses. It wields a buster and can slide through tunnels.
Model a

References to other games[]

Mega Man[]

  • The members of the Sage Trinity are each named after the scientists, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily and Dr. Cossack.
  • One of the Secret Disks in the game, Legendary Hero, can be obtained in a sidequest. Examining it displays an image of the North American boxart of the first game of the franchise. The game describes it as 'colorful coalminers'.
  • Four items from the classic series in the Find Ancient Artifacts quest: L Tank, Old Balancer, Pinwheel and Light Bulb.
  • The description of the item "Comic (Green)" is a reference to Mega Man's Soccer.
  • There are some references to the game Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chōsensha.
    • A Secret Disk contains a comic book with Konro Man as the main character.
    • Ray, the comic book collector, if spoken to after his sidequest, mentions trying to submit a story about a robot with a folding fan in each hand to a publishing company, but it was too similar to another one already made. This robot is probably Aircon Man.
    • The description of the item "Comic (Orange)" is referencing the Clock Men.
  • The Rush Roadster and Red Striker from Mega Man: Battle & Chase appear in Highway Race.
  • The unlockable form, Model a, transforms Grey and Ashe into a 8-bit version of themselves as Model A. The player can fire buster shots that can pass through walls, slide, and wall jump. The Mega Man a minigame includes the Metall enemy from first game of the franchise, and the final boss has a capsule similar (in appearance and attacks) to the Wily Capsule in Mega Man 7. After defeating the boss, he apologizes in the same way as Wily.

Mega Man X[]

  • Model A's appearance, dual handguns, and A-Trans powers are a homage to Axl.
    • In addition, Model A and his Chosen One team up with Vent/Aile and Models X and Z, "reuniting" the trio once more.
    • Model A being a weak version of Model W with an incomplete A-Trans is similar to how Sigma refused to allow Axl into his ranks in Mega Man X8 due to being a mere "prototype."
  • Grey's escape from the Mysterious Laboratory in the beginning (and his being recruited into the Hunters Guild) is similar to Axl's introduction in Mega Man X7.
  • Utuboros from Mega Man X appears as an "ancient robot" on the trophy shelf in Hunter's Camp 4, after completing the mission request "Set the Transmitter" from the reporter on the second room.
    • Therefore, the Oil Field area may have been Launch Octopus's stage, as it is an "ancient dried sea."
  • Wire Sponge from Mega Man X2 can be seen absorbed into the the bottom of the Tower of Verdure.

Mega Man Zero[]

  • Model Z immobilizes Models H, L, F, and P, which is a reference to Zero defeating the Four Guardians.
  • Ouroboros is derived from Ragnarok, the space satellite that spawned Model W.
    • In addition, Model Z went missing after the fall of Ouroboros, similar to how Zero disappeared after the fall of Ragnarok.
  • Legion Headquarters bears a resemblance to the spaceship that carried Omega.
  • Some of the game's Parts also appear in the Zero series.
  • The woman in the stained glass in the background of the Ouroboros Boss Rush resembles Ciel.


Initially, Vent and Aile were expected to continue as the protagonists like in the previous game. However, Inti Creates' CEO Takuya Aizu wanted to make the game more accessible to new players, and ordered that each game should have different protagonists and must not be numbered sequels. This caused Makoto Yabe's mind to go blank, as he already struggled a lot just to design Vent and Aile.

While Model A was modeled after Axl, Axl still being surrounded by mysteries and his uncertain fate after X8 made it difficult to bring his character over to the ZX series. As a compromise, Grey and Ashe inherited the "symbols" of Axl, but it wasn't intended to be the "same" character. The basis for the cap on Model A and the helmets of their Megamerged forms was how at the end of X8, Axl was attacked by Lumine and it looked like his helmet lens was infected. Yabe used that "image" to add a cover, envisioning it as something that limited the spread of the infection.

Yabe intended for the secret ending to both hint at the next installment, and the distant future of Mega Man Legends which the ZX world was inching towards.[3]




  • Model A makes an American football reference in this game. When Mikhail tells Ashe/Grey that Mavericks are increasing in numbers, and that Albert is feeding Model W. Model A realizes that Albert's jig is up and he's going for a "Hail Mary" (A Hail Mary is a football term for a long, high-risk/high-reward throw usually made in bleak situations. It is also used quite frequently in basketball).
  • There's a possible connection between Grey and Ashe's story, as the bridge from the Mysterious Lab is broken when Ashe went there and the airship of the Raiders had crashed at the Oil Field when Grey went there.
    • In Grey's story, the Raiders airship already fell and Ashe, Red, Lazarus, and Nicol are nowhere to be found, indicating that maybe Ashe and her gang died during Prometheus' attack or went missing, like the side quest in Ashe's story where she has to find Red and Lazarus. Meanwhile, Grey survived falling from the bridge.
    • In Ashe's story, the bridge to Mysterious Lab was already destroyed, indicating that there has been a fight (Grey vs. Dogu the Giant) and Grey may have died falling from the bridge or went missing. Meanwhile Ashe survived falling from the airship and Prometheus's attack.
  • The four antagonist Mega Men may have been brainwashed as indicated by their red eyes. This is implied in the first animated cutscene in Grey's story where he is first seen with red eyes upon waking up before they fade into green, further added by Pandora stating that the capsule he was in was for mind control. This particular brainwashing may be directly linked to Model W, as it has displayed such powers before, as when Giro was under its influence, he had red eyes.
  • The game contains leftover data from Mega Man ZX, like the little "O" used for Omega's health as a boss, Model HX's health bar, Serpent's health bar, and some sprites of Model PX. The game also has a stretched "O" that would usually go under the player's life and Biometal gauges, so it is possible that Omega Zero was planned to appear in the game as a bonus boss and bonus form to play as, but was cut from the final release.[4]

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