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Japanese promo art for ZXA.

Script from the game Mega Man ZX Advent, Ashe's storyline only (See also: Grey's storyline).

Scene 1: A New Bounty


(The scene opens as two Hunters pace inside of a large airship. Another Hunter enters.)

Nicol: ...Alright, you guys! Are you ready?

Lazarus: You still don't see that Raider airship yet? We're getting jumpy!

Nicol: Calm down. I'll go check on the mission now. The client is the illustrious coalition government, Legion. Some top world leaders want the help of us, a lowly hunter's guild. Do you know what Biometal is?

Red: Yeah, I heard that it's some kind of cursed stone that eats human spirits.

Lazarus: Ha! That's a good one! I bet Legion has a huge bounty on that.

Nicol: They say that some Biometal was found in some ruins. Found by those illegal Hunters who don't belong to the guild. Our mission is to take back the Biometal and bring it to Legion Headquarters.

Lazarus: So now that your appetites have be whet for booty, let's get this show on the road! This time I'm gonna beat Ashe to the treasure! By the way, where is she?

???: Uh... Ahem! Everyone! Calm down!


Nicol: That voice... Ashe, is that you? Where are you?

Ashe: It was getting kinda hot in there, so I went outside to cool off. We've almost caught up to the Raider airship with the bounty on it. I'm going to go ahead and meet our booty face to face.

Lazarus: Hey, Ashe! That's no fair. You always take all the action. When...

(Ashe doesn't pay attention to Lazarus but looks down off the edge of the airship.)

Ashe: Unngh. Hmm... Bingo. OK! Let's put everything we've got into it!

(Ashe runs to the other side of the airship and jumps off. After a long fall, she lands on the Raider airship and contacts the other Hunters.)

Ashe: This is Ashe, I've successfully docked with the airship. Time to find out where the booty is.

Nicol: Aw, man... Doesn't she know by now that the booty is always in the lead airship? We always go in from the back and end up messing it all up!

Ashe: You guys be careful! OK, here we go! It's on!

(Ashe continues through the until she sees some Mavericks.)

Ashe: ...!? This is Ashe. Do you see any Mavericks on the radar?

Lazarus: It looks like there's a Mechaniloid ship among them! They could be after the Biometal!

Ashe: Yeah, could be. Looks like the competition is high this time. Everyone, be careful!

(Ashe continues until she encounters a large Mechaniloid and then destroys it. She lands on the lead airship.)

Ashe: I've landed! OK, I guess the booty is inside.

(Ashe runs towards the door but stops when she sees a male Reploid standing in front of it.)

???: It seems the Biometal has attracted a bug. Shoo, pest!

Ashe: Hey, what did you just call me!? You've got some nerve, talking to me like that. You don't look like a Hunter... Are you after the Biometal?

???: Don't group me together with those money-hungry Hunters. You're not worthy of the Biometal! Why don't you just go away?


Nicol: Sorry! We can't do that!

(The other Hunters run up to stand beside Ashe.)

Lazarus: We finally made it. Let us join the party!

Red: Who the heck is this guy? A Hunter? A Maverick?

Ashe: Everybody be careful! He's not just anybody!

???: *sigh* How irritating! OK, prepare to draw your last breaths!

(The Reploid activates his beam scythe.)

Prometheus: I am Prometheus, and I control the power of this Biometal... The power of Mega Man!

(Prometheus dashes forward and attacks the group. The scene fades to white.)

Scene 2: Hunter's Camp

(Ashe wakes up on a bed inside a room.)

Ashe: Uh... What is this place?

(Ashe sits up as Nicol walks in.)

Nicol: Hey, you're awake. These Hunters... They helped you. They found you unconscious outside. Luckily you were near Hunter's Camp.

(Ashe stands up.)

Ashe: Um, what happened to our booty... the Biometal!?

Nicol: They managed to recover the whole container and bring it here! I told them everything that happened with the airship and all that... They're planning to take it by train to Legion Headquarters.

Ashe: What? Are they planning to collect on our bounty?

Nicol: Is that what you're worried about? You should consider yourself lucky just to be alive. If you had that Biometal, that Prometheus guy might come looking for you. Sorry, I don't care if the client is Legion, it ain't worth it!

Ashe: Oh, you're pathetic! I'll follow the train by myself if I have to! On top of being called a bug, there's no way I'm going to give up that bounty!

Nicol: Oh, brother! There's just no changing you. If you want to go that bad, I won't try to stop you. Before you go, why don't you save your data, just in case? There's a transerver next door. Follow me!

(Nicol walks out of the room. Ashe follows him to the transerver.)

Nicol: Hm? It looks like you lost your Hunter's License. So you should go to the transerver and have it reissued. If you don't have your Hunter's License, you can't get in and out of the camp. Stand in front of the transerver and press up on the +Control Pad. Once you use it, a license will be issued for you. Don't forget to save often.

(Ashe saves her data and receives a new Hunter's License.)

Ashe: Now I'm set!

Nicol: Those guys who took our Biometal are probably at the station getting the train ready. Be sure to let me know how it goes, OK? I wanna tell everybody that I went on an adventure with you.

Ashe: Leave it to me! People are gonna be talking about me all around the world.

Scene 3: Model A

(Ashe walks around the camp, talking to some of the inhabitants there. She eventually makes her way to the train station and sees Billy waiting for her.)

Billy: So, you're Ashe. I heard about you and how you came to help us.

Ashe: This guy knows a lot about me. Well I guess that makes it easy. Now we don't have to beat around the bush.

Billy: Haha, it's nice to have a girl around. We're all set to go. All aboard!

(Ashe jumps onto the train next to Billy and the strange container. The trains starts to move out.)

Billy: You're something else to want to carry on with this mission by yourself. Why do you want to be a Hunter so bad?

Ashe: I was found by Hunters as a little girl, and they raised me. They said that my town was attacked by Mavericks, and that I was the only survivor of that attack. So nobody really knows who the real me is. I don't even know.

Billy: Sorry, maybe I shouldn't have asked that.

Ashe: It's OK. So, I decided to become the greatest Hunter in the world. I want my story to go down in the history books. People will remember the name Ashe. Soooo, I can't just let booty like Biometal pass me by!

(A voice is heard from inside the container.)

???: She's just like me... She doesn't know where she comes from either.

(Ashe whirls around.)

Ashe: ...I heard something... Was that someone's voice...?

???: Hm? You can hear me?

(Ashe looks around, but sees nothing.)

Ashe: Who said that just now?

(A group of flying Maverick Mechaniloids appear and start dropping bombs on the train.)

Billy: Dang! Mavericks!

(Billy fires at one Maverick and destroys it.)

Billy: They're going for the engine! You wait here!

(Billy runs towards the engine room. Prometheus and another Reploid teleport in.)

Ashe: ...Prometheus! I had a feeling you'd show up!

??? (female): This is it... The Biometal Model A container...

Prometheus: You again... You just don't give up do you?

??? (female): Who's that girl...?

Prometheus: Never mind her, Pandora. She's nothing. Let's take back the Biometal.

Ashe: I can't let you do that. If you want it, you'll have to yank it from my cold Hunter hands!

(Prometheus slashes at Ashe, injuring her and damaging the Biometal's container.)

Prometheus: Just lay there and die quietly, scum.

Ashe: No way... Not like this...

???: Hey! Girl! If you don't want to die, do exactly what I tell you! We should be able to Megamerge! I'll lend you my strength!


Ashe: W-Who are you?

Model A: I'm Biometal Model A! Now I want you to focus. OK, yell, "MEGAMERGE!" as loud as you can!

(Ashe struggles to stand up.)

Ashe: Megamerge!!

Model A: Biolink Established! M.E.G.A. System Online!

(Ashe starts to glow as a new armor forms around her. Prometheus's eyes widen for a moment as he watches, then grins insanely.)

Ashe: This feeling... This power... in my body... What is it? It's the Biometal, making me stronger! ...Mega Man power!

Pandora: Mega Man... Model A!

Prometheus: I can't believe the Biometal chose you! I've got to hand it to you. It looks like you've got what it takes to participate in this little game.

Pandora: Prometheus... Isn't that kid...?

Prometheus: Hmph, no matter! So, Ashe... You can keep the Model A, for now. You've got a few more encounters with other Mega Men ahead of you. You must defeat them in battle! If you somehow manage to survive until the end, then you'll know who you really are... And perhaps all there is to know about the world! So, let the game begin! HIS Game of Destiny!

(Prometheus and Pandora teleport out.)

Ashe: Who I really am...? Game of Destiny...? What's all that about?

(The train starts to shake.)

Ashe: Oh, shoot! I have to help the others!

Model A: Wait a minute! Shouldn't we be getting out of here!?

Ashe: You were acting all big and bad back there, and now you want to run? C'mon, I have to go help them!

Model A: OK, OK, I'll go! Anything is better than what those guys were going to do to me! I'll help you... if you promise not to leave me. Deal?

Ashe: Of course, you're my booty! And you'll be going with me!

(Ashe fights through the Mavericks on the train until she approaches the engine room.)

???: *snort* *wheeze*!

(A gazelle-like Reploid bursts out of the roof of one train car.)

???: Model A! You broke rule! You make big mistake. The one you choose, no good! Mega Man Chosen One, a girl!? No good you lend power!

Model A: Mistake? What're you yapping about? You don't know me!

Ashe: I think this guy is some kind of Maverick.

Buckfire: Me not Maverick! Me Pseudoroid. Me Buckfire! You get away from Prometheus and Pandora, but not from I! Buckfire obey rule! Buckfire will pummel you into ground!

(Ashe fights Buckfire and eventually defeats him.)

Buckfire: You!... traitor... Our future... Our world...! Yeeeoooow!

(Buckfire explodes and some DNA is left behind. Ashe absorbs the DNA as the train slows and comes to a stop.)

Ashe: W-What just happened?

Model A: *chuckle* Do you want to see something cool? Touch the icon on the bottom screen!

(Ashe does so and suddenly transforms into Buckfire.)

Model A: This is my power, A-Trans! I can morph into anyone whose DNA I copy! Hey, try pressing up on the +Control Pad while holding down the Attack Button and then release it. You can use this move to break objects above you. It's a bit advanced, but I'm sure it will come in handy! And here's another great trick! Hold down and release the Attack button while in mid-air, to kick down towards the ground. With this move you can break objects below you. Why don't you try these moves on the two objects in here? If you want to review them, just press the START and open the sub-screen. Take a look in the Profile section. There you will find detailed explanations of other moves as well. Touch the icon on the bottom screen again, and I can change back!

(Ashe changes back.)

Ashe: Man, that was something else! Could that be the reason why people are after you? The power?

Model A: Beats me. I'm not even sure why I was created. This train is all out of chug. So, let's head back to the camp and figure out another way to get to Legion Headquarters.

Ashe: Yeah, now you're getting the right idea.

Model A: Well, it's that or you'll leave me here, right? I know there's a lot we don't understand. Maybe it's meant to be that way. Anyway, let's try to watch each other's backs.

Ashe: You bet! Now let's get those people taken care of.

Model A: What? Forget about those Hunters and let's get back to camp.

Ashe: I can't believe you would say something like that... I wonder if you'd go down in history if I carved my name in you.

Model A: OK, OK, alright already! For crying out loud! Why did you have to be the only around I could Megamerge with?

Scene 4: Around the Camp

(Ashe and Billy meet outside the train station in Hunter's Camp.)

Billy: ...Thanks, you hold on to Model A. That's probably safer. But, I need you to go to the transerver and send a mission report. No mission report for the client, no bounty. Say, we're trying to fix the train, but we need a few more parts. Tell 'em we won't let 'em down, and to wait just a little longer.

(Billy goes back into the train station. Ashe walks around the camp, talking to some of the inhabitants there.)

(Ashe sees a Reploid working at a small information booth.)
Nina: I'm Nina. I work the station information desk. You can ask me anything about the station and the surrounding area. To get to the train, go out that door and go right.

(Ashe approaches a tall Reploid standing outside a building.)
Jarke: Hey, nice to meet you! My name is Jarke! If you're going to Legion, you should enter the door on the right! You know, yesterday I took the train to Legion. The desolate landscape outside of Hunter's Camp looks pretty dreary. It's a far cry from the bustling cityscape of Legion.

(Ashe visits the group of guards stationed on top of one building.)
Abe: I'm Abe. Glad to meet you!

Kyrian: I'm Kyrian. Nice to meet you!

Tim: My name is Tim. I may not look it, but I've been a Hunter for a long time!

Roger: My name is Roger.

Ben: My name is Ben! Lately, you've been the talk of Hunter's Camp!

Chuck: Yo! My name is Chuck!

Kirk: My name is Kirk. I'm a Hunter just like you!

Doug: My name is Doug.

George: My name is George. As you can see, I'm a Hunter. Now I'm waiting for energy stores to arrive. We're expecting 3 units.

(Ashe enters another building and sees a Reploid excavating a new hallway.)
Kidd: Yo! Are you a Hunter too? My name is Kidd! We've been drilling here, trying to find some lost technology or something. It takes a heckuva lotta energy just to run the drill. It ain't worth it, in my opinion! But we found this place that looks like it was used as a room, buried underneath the earth and sand. We can't give up cause there could be something down there.

Kidd (second time): There's no way around it. To keep digging, I'm going to need another 100 EC... Help with a donation?

(If not enough EC)

Kidd: I'm glad you want to help, but that's just not enough EC.


Kidd: Thank you! With this, I should be able to make this passageway a little bit wider!

(Ashe exits the building and sees a masked Reploid standing there.)
Pierre: Who are you? They call me Pierre. I dunno where you're trying to get to, but there ain't nothing thataway. If you're trying to get to the station, it's in the opposite direction.

(Ashe enters what looks like a restaurant and talks to the Reploid in charge.)
Jim: Hey, I didn't know kids liked to drink coffee. I'm Jim, and this is my cafe. I used to make my living as a Hunter, but I wasn't very good with directions, you know. I realized that it just wasn't for me and got out.

Jim (second time): I started this place hoping it'd be somewhere the Hunters could relax and enjoy themselves. I'm still learning the ropes of the business. And, making a lot of mistakes too.

(Ashe talks to one of the restaurant customers.)
Ward: So you're a Hunter too, huh... Boy, there's just no shortage of new recruits lately. The name's Ward... Pleased to meet you! I put bounties out on the Mechaniloids that show up around here, and I make the payouts to those Hunters who have the right stuff. If you think you've got the right stuff, you should take a crack at it.

Ward (second time): Recently there've been some sightings of wild Mechaniloids near Hunter's Camp.

(Ashe talks to another customer, Elena.)
Elena: What are you looking at? Do I have something on my face? You must be 12 going on 20 if you think you can talk to me! Remember that for the next time we meet!

Elena (second time): Don't get so close to me! You're crowding my space! Did I not just warn you about that kind of thing? I don't want you breathing down my neck. I'm an elite Hunter!

(Ashe exits the cafe and sees a nurse Reploid standing outside.)
Anna: Well, are you feeling any better? I'm Anna. I give Hunters medical attention in the infirmary. The transerver isn't here, it's in room 04. To enter the door in the back room, stand in front of it and push up on the +Control Pad! You can also push up on the +Control Pad to examine items or talk to someone!

(Ashe enters a computer database room and talks to the Reploid there.)
Gary: I'm Gary, the Data Room Administrator. If you get your hands on something called a Secret Disk, you should bring it back here for analysis. It contains information about enemies, etc. View the database?

(If Yes, Ashe is shown files on various characters, bosses, and enemies.)

(Ashe climbs up to a hidden alcove above a wall and sees a young Reploid sitting there.)
Chris: Who are you? They call me Chris! I'm a real Hunter, make no mistake about it! But what I really want more than some lost technology is some toys! My dad says that a Hunter needs to be tough. So I tried to get to the top of the ridge to test my toughness. But, it was a lot scarier than I thought. The view IS nice from up here... I think I'll make this my secret place.

(Ashe sees a short Reploid walking around the camp grounds.)
Ray: Whoa... you don't see many people around here dressed like that. Are you supposed to be a new comic superhero or something? ... I get it, you haven't come up with a name for yourself yet... That's cool. My name is Ray. I collect old comic books. It's one of my hobbies. That's why the other Hunters call me the Comic Hunter. But I'm not really all THAT. *blush*

(Ashe sees a blond-haired Reploid.)
Tina: I'm Tina! I used to run with a group of bandits! Don't worry, it's all in my past. Now I make an honest living as a Hunter.

(Ashe goes through a door to another area of the Camp and sees an overweight Reploid sitting on the ground.)
Owl: *munch munch munch* Mnh? Who are you? Can't you see I'm eating? Would you mind not talking to me right now? Eh? My name? ...It's Owl. What about it?

(Ashe climbs a ladder and sees a tall Reploid with a little girl sitting on his shoulder.)
Warren: ...

Blossom: Hello! Is this the first time we've met? My name is Blossom! And this is my daddy!

Warren: ...

Blossom: Oh, my daddy's name is Warren!

(Ashe sees a Hunter standing next to a locked door.)
Richard: When it comes to skills with a Buster, there's nobody in Hunter's Camp even close to me. I could care less if you're supposed to be some Mega Man or whatever. All I know is, you ain't even in my league. If you don't believe me, just go to the Firing Range up ahead and challenge my record. I'll even give you this room key. Give the key back when you're finished though! As a matter of fact, I'll pay you 100 EC if you beat my record!

Scene 5: The Sage Trinity


(Ashe returns to the transerver to save data when she receives a call.)

???: So, you're the one who submitted the mission report? I'm connecting your transerver to Legion's via a secure channel.

???: So, you're the Biometal's Chosen One... a Mega Man.

Ashe: Why do you get to ask all the questions? Do people at Legion always just do whatever they want?

???: Hahaha, we heard that you were a feisty one. It seems that the rumors were true.

???: Mikhail, that's quite enough. Like she said, we are the ones being rude here.

???: We are called the Sage Trinity, and we are the supreme authority of Legion. I'm Master Thomas.

Mikhail: And I'm Master Mikhail, nice to meet you, Mega Man.

Albert: And I am Master Albert. Nice to meet you, Ashe.

Ashe: Wow, it's kinda scary to know they know about me at Legion Headquarters.

Thomas: Word has it that you are quite a Hunter. We'd like you to go on another mission.

Mikhail: We'd like you to bring the Biometal here to Legion Headquarters. It would seem that Mavericks are after the Biometal as well. To reduce the risk of being spotted, it's important to keep the number of men... er, women to a minimum. Can we count on you?

(Ashe receives a Red Card Key.)

Albert: It seems the train bound for Legion Headquarters was damaged. That card key should allow you access to a new area. There's a crashed Raider airship not far from you. Find it and you should be able to get the parts you need to repair the train.

Thomas: The Biometal holds technology and information that we don't fully understand, like the M.E.G.A. mechanism which allows you to Megamerge and become a Mega Man.

Mikhail: And not to mention centuries worth of lost history!

Albert: That's enough, Mikhail. ...We have a duty to study the Biometal so its secrets are never misused. Ashe, can we count on you?

Ashe: OK. Now things are starting to get interesting. You're going to up the bounty, of course?

Thomas: Aah... We'll consider it. First head to the airship crash site. And be sure to heed the advice of your fellow Hunters.

Scene 6: Tower of Verdure

(Ashe enters a large tower completely overgrown by vines. Eventually she goes through a door and an alarm goes off.


(All other doors in the room seal closed.)

Model A: Y-Yo this isn't good!

(Ashe tries to go back out through the door she came in.)

Ashe: It's no good, the doors are locked!

Albert: This is Albert! Are you alright Ashe!? That old tower was built to surveil the surrounding area. The security has been fortified against Mavericks, but there seems to be a malfunction. There should be a computer at the top that controls the security system. You must get there and disarm the system, Ashe.

(Ashe continues fighting through the area until she finds a strange plantlike Reploid harassing a Raider named Gerry.)

???: For a Raider to make it this far is quite something... *evil laugh* I like you! Accept my thorny embrace and allow your soul to be scattered like petals on the breeze!

Gerry: *Aargh*! S-Stay away from me!

Ashe: Stooooooooop! I'm the one you want!

(The Reploid turns around in and sees Ashe.)

???: ...What, a girl? I'm busy. Just wait there! I'll get to you when I finish ripping this man's soul out.

Gerry: Graaah!

(Gerry bolts through a door on the other side of the room.)

Ashe: So, you're the one who caused the security system to malfunction! What are you doing here!?

???: You know, you're really starting to get on my nerves! Now look what you've done! You've let my sacrifice get away! What am I doing here? OK, I'll tell you...

(The Reploid suddenly transforms into a flower-based Pseudoroid and climbs up one of the vines.)

Rospark: Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Rospark. I sacrifice those unfortunate enough to wander into this tower! You too can become a sacrifice... For the strength of the new king... Biometal Model W!

(Ashe fights and defeats Rospark.)

Rospark: *mutter* The nerve! That strength... How!? I'm wilting... wilting! Yeeeargh!

(Rospark explodes, leaving behind some DNA. Ashe absorbs the DNA and continues through the door to find Gerry.)

Gerry: *Ugh* You're one of the gang who attacked our airship, aren't you!? No... Stop... Stay away...!

Model A: It's no use... He's in a total panic.

Ashe: Calm down! I'm here to help you!

Gerry: S-S-Stay back, get away!

(A large spiked machine in the background starts to glow as a ball of purple energy appears around Gerry.)

Gerry: Eeeagghhhh!

(Gerry collapses and disappears as the purple energy is pulled to the machine, which starts to hum with energy.)

Ashe: What the... What just happened!?

(A human in green armor and a Reploid in purple, teleport in.)

??? (green): Total and utter defeat... That man, unable to endure the terror, fell victim to Model W.

Model A: Model W!? This humongous thing is a Biometal!?


Ashe: What the heck are you!?

(The two Megamerge.)


??? (green): You, the Chosen One for Model A? What a disappointment! I am Aeolus, the Wind Mega Man, Model H.


'Model A: Model H, Model P... Are these the other Mega Men Prometheus was talking about!?


Ashe: Wait, I'm right here! Are you just gonna run away!?

Aeolus: Us? Run away? Don't be stupid! We're letting you live for now. Right now, our first priority is developing Model W. We can take care of you anytime.


Ashe: Hey! You mean that Model W caused all of those Mavericks!?

Aeolus: Your ignorance knows no bounds... The fact that you even need to ask shows that you are not fit to be a Mega Man. You may live, for now. But the next time we meet will be your last.

(Aeolus and Siarnaq teleport out with the Model W.)

Albert: Finally, we were able to reach you. Are you OK? We've verified that the security system has indeed been disarmed. Now, you should be able to continue.

(On her way to the transerver, Ashe comes across a passageway filled with spikes, vines, and poles.)

Model A: Be careful, Ashe! There are thorns everywhere. Oh yeah! You can morph into Rospark! Press the +Control Pad up in front of vines and poles, and Rospark will grab hold of them. You can also move sideways, vine to vine, or pole to pole. Just press the Attack Button while holding the +Control Pad left or right to whip out Rospark's arms. Hold the Attack button and release it to do an electric attack! Oh? It looks like Rospark has one more attack! Press the other Attack button to extend Rospark's thorns. Holding this Attack button and releasing it will also do an electric attack. It's a lot to remember all at once, so look at it again on the Profile Screen.

(Ashe returns to a transerver and reports the mission.)

Scene 7: Arctic Ice Floe

(Ashe enters a bleak frozen landscape with icebergs floating on the sea.)

Mikhail: Can you hear me? It's me, Mikhail. It looks like you've stepped into some rough terrain. You should be able to cut a path through the chunks of ice, but the areas that allow access to the crash site are limited. Mega Man, you must find a way to break through.

(Ashe fights through the area until she comes to a long, flat stretch of ice. A human in red armor and a Reploid in blue, teleport in.)

??? (red): Prometheus said he found someone interesting. I came to see who it was. Thetis, she's nothing more than a kid, like you.


??? (blue): Hey, you're not that much older than me.

Ashe: W-What is it with you people!?

(The two Megamerge.)

??? (blue): Didn't Prometheus tell you that you'd meet other Mega Men? My name is Thetis, the Ice Mega Man... Chosen One for Model L.

???: I'm Atlas, the Flame Mega Man... Chosen One for Model F. How is it that an unenlightened Hunter who has no ideals is a Mega Man?

Model A: What is going on with all these weirdos?

Ashe: I don't need ideals, I have my pride. I can't stand people like you who are always looking down on others.

Thetis: Haha, just as I expected. But... I don't feel like fighting right now. We've got other things to do.

Atlas: I've got no time for some kid who became a Mega Man by accident. You look like you could use a nice, cold dip.

(Atlas slams a fist down onto the ice sheet, breaking it. She and Thetis teleport away as Ashe falls into the sea below the ice. A large blue Pseudoroid appears.)

???: *Ha ha ha* Welcome to my sub-zero world where even time freezes! You've got some nerve calling yourself a Mega Man, Plebian! You're nothing more than a lowlife commoner! I, Chronoforce will take that Biometal off your hands!

(Ashe fights and defeats Chronoforce.)

Chronoforce: ...You are nothing more than a pawn in the palm... of HIS hand. ...All you can hope to do is just flail about in the little time you have left!

  • cackle*

(Chronoforce explodes, leaving behind some DNA, which Ashe absorbs.)

Ashe: Do you get the feeling that those two back there are just puppets? "HE" is probably pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Model A: Shoot!... Who do they think they are, taking advantage of our ignorance! Now I want to go all the way and win this game even more!

(Ashe goes through a door and finds a large room with spikes lining the ceiling.)

Model A: You got Chronoforce's power! Morph into Chronoforce and you can use Swim in the water all the time. Use the +Control Pad to move around in the water, and press the Dash button to propel yourself quickly through the current. Press the Attack button to shoot an ice arrow to freeze enemies solid! But be careful, on land you'll become totally immobile. Chronoforce's hard shell protects him from attacks from above. Just get under one of those falling icicles and see.

(Ashe tries out some of Chronoforce's attacks.)

Model A: Chronoforce's charge attack is awesome! Hold the Attack button till the meter is fully charged, then release it to activate the Time Bomb! Time Bomb freezes time for everything around you, and slows down the movements of enemies. Cool, huh? Oh yeah, it's not only enemies that slow down... You can use Time Bomb to slow down falling objects like icicles.

(Ashe returns to the transerver and reports the mission.)

Scene 8: Side Quests

*Note: This script does not include all possible side quests in the game.

(Ashe goes to the cafe inside Hunter's Camp and talks to Jim, the owner.)
Jim: ... Oh hi, it's you! I didn't notice you there. Hmm... I'm sooo stressing out right now. Never mind, I'm just having a personal problem. There's someone I like, but I don't know how I can get her to notice me. They say there's a Magical Fruit... and that if you eat it, you'll fall in love with the person who gave it to you. If I could only get that fruit and make juice out of it, then I could give it to the girl I like to drink. Hey, could you do me a favor? They say that you can find the Magical Fruit at the Tower of Verdure. Could you go and find it for me?

(Ashe finds the fruit and brings it back.)

Jim: You found it for me!? But it just looks like an ordinary green apple. Oh well. Anyway, thank you very much!

(Jim gives Ashe 200 EC for the fruit.)

(Ashe climbs up the wall to where Chris, a young Reploid, likes to be.)
Chris: Hey, my daddy says that in the olden days there used to be supercool superheroes. Did you know that!? But he said that was long, long ago, so there aren't many pictures of them left. Aah... I sure would like to see a legendary superhero. Do you know any superheroes? I know! Could you find somebody who has some legendary superhero stuff? Pleeeease! I'll give you my favorite pin from my pin collection!

(Ashe talks to Ray, the comic book collector.)
Ray: Legendary superhero stuff? Oh, I was kind of short on cash a while back, so I sold all that stuff. That Hunter Tina said she wanted to see some pics of cool guys. I didn't want to give it to her, but she wanted it sooo bad.

(Ashe talks to Tina.)
Tina: Huh? You're looking for some legendary superhero stuff? Let me think... Did I have something like that...? Ah, you must be thinking about that secret disk. I gave that away to one of the kids in Hunters Camp! I heard it had some pictures of nice guys on it, so I bought it for 300 EC!

(Ashe goes back to where Chris is.)
Chris: Huh? Secret Disk...? This flying disk toy thing? The picture on the package was scary, it didn't look like a legendary hero to me. It sure wasn't the kind of superhero I had imagined. I'm sorry I put you to the trouble. Here, I'll give you this disk. But I want my pin back though!

(Ashe enters a room a couple floors down inside building 01 and sees a Reploid standing there.)
Nick: I'm Nick... who are you? As you can see, I'm an old-model Reploid! Just because I'm old doesn't mean that my life cycle settings are any longer. It just means that I'm a previous generation Reploid. You know, this room could use some life. Been thinking about turning it into a cafe. Jim, the Hunter, let me borrow his blueprints for a cafe, but I lost them while walking back from Jim's cafe. It was really windy. Even if I did manage to find them, it'd probably be in some place too hard for me to reach. I feel terrible for asking a favor of someone I just met, but would you mind looking for them?

(Ashe finds the blueprints outside building 01 on top of the fence and brings them back.)

Nick: Thank you. Now I can finally build that cafe! Oh, and I can start by selling E Tanks or something.

(Nick gives Ashe 200 EC for finding the blueprints.)

(Ashe talks to Blossom and Warren.)
Blossom: I want to go pick some pretty flowers for my mommy, but Daddy says it's too dangerous to leave Hunter's Camp. Could you go instead?

Warren: ...

Blossom: Mommy really likes lilies! I think that lilies only grow out in the wild. You can find them in areas where there are lots of other plants, and near waterfalls.

Warren: ...

(Ashe finds the lilies in the Tower of Verdure, Floating Ruins, and the Waterfall Ruins areas and brings them back to Blossom.)

Blossom: Oh, thank you so much! Look, I made Mommy's grave pretty while you were gone. I lost my mommy to Mavericks in the desert when I was two. She's in heaven now... But I know she'll like the flowers the Hunter picked, right Daddy?

Warren: Yeah...

Blossom: Oh yeah, these are for you! These E-Crystals are from Daddy, and this chip is from me.

(Blossom gives Ashe 100 EC and the Eraser chip.)

(Ashe talks to a scientist named Carley in one of the database rooms.)
Carley: It seems that the remains of a rare and ancient Mechaniloid were found in the Oil Fields. With all of the reporters and press everywhere, it's practically impossible to get to that area. Besides, I can't go out there. Everybody knows that the Oil Fields are just too dangerous. If I could only pinpoint the location of the Mechaniloid remains, I could have some guys go in. Could i get you to go and put this micro-transmitter at the site of the Mechaniloid remains?

(Ashe takes the micro-transmitter at the site of the remains and goes back to talk to Carley.)

Carley: Thank you! My guys just got back with the Mechaniloid remains. The analysis results indicate that this Mechaniloid is very, very old. Most likely, those Oil Fields are all that's left of a dried up ancient sea. Oh, by the way! The Hunters brought back this... I don't have any use for it, so I'll give it to you.

(Carley gives Ashe the Frog chip.)

Scene 9: The Raider Airship

(Ashe enters a desert area close to where the Raider Airship had crashed.)


(Ashe deactivates the three switches.)


(Ashe sees an injured Raider named Dan.)

Ashe: Hey! Are you OK!?

Dan: Ugh... Ug... Help me... Our airship is under attack by something nasty... It intends to massacre us all!

Ashe: A massacre!?

Thomas: This is Master Thomas. It seems you've arrived at the crash site. That entire area is an underground resource mining facility. If that airship explodes, it will trigger the entire facility to detonate.

Model A: He means we're going to be blown away! C'mon, let's get outta here!

Ashe: ...The airship is this way, right?

Model A: I don't get it. Those guys are all Raiders. Are you sure you want to help those guys!? Technically, they're your enemies, right?

Ashe: It doesn't matter who they are. This is the story of my life! I don't want to live my life with regrets! I shouldn't need a reason to save lives!

Model A: OK, OK, if you feel that strongly about it... You want me to go with you right? Well let's go, Ashe!

Thomas: If the airship is destroyed, you won't be able to recover any of its parts. Anyway, you have to prevent the worst from happening. Hurry, Ashe.

(Ashe enters the crashed airship and sees another Raider named Tom.)

Tom: Are you here to help us? Some of us weren't able to get out in time. They're still trapped in that room. There's something funny going on with the power. Some of the doors won't open... Please... All of my friends are in that room. Please get them out.

(Ashe reactivates the power generators by hitting them with Rospark's electric attack and then finds a Raider named Daniel in one of the rooms.)

Daniel: W-Who are you? Are you going to hurt me? Please... No...

(Daniel runs out of the room. Ashe opens the next door and finds another Raider.)

Eric: Ohhh! Finally, it opened! Thank you!

(Eric runs out of the room. Ashe opens the next door to see one of the Raiders cornered by Mavericks. Ashe destroys the Mavericks.)

Adam: I dunno who you are, but thank you for helping me.

(Ashe continues on until she sees Atlas standing near the edge of a hole.)

Atlas: So, those Raiders escaped through here. Every last one of you will become nourishment for Model W!

(Atlas jumps down into the hole. Ashe jumps in after her.)

Ashe: Wait!

Atlas: So you managed to stay alive, Mega Man Model A. Don't tell me you're here to help the Raiders? They're not even your allies.

Ashe: This is also part of what Hunters do. Heroes show up just in time.

Atlas: Hmph, you get some Mega Man power and all of a sudden you think you're a hero. The history of the world, the history of the war... And now, the strongest of those who evolved as a product of war remain. A newly crowned king of Mega Men will soon spawn a new evolution. Mega Man's power is the strength to fight. Those without strength don't evolve.

Model A: So you feed them to Model W? I'd say that's pretty barbaric progress.

Atlas: What would you know!? You can't even comprehend your own power. If I'm the one that's wrong, try and beat me!

(Atlas Megamerges with Model F and attacks Ashe.)

Atlas: Aren't you going to finish me off? Very well. I yield to you. As long as your opponent is still alive, the Game of Destiny isn't over. One day you'll regret not finishing me off!

(Atlas teleports away, leaving behind some DNA, which Ashe absorbs. Suddenly she reels in pain.)

Ashe: Aghh! Aaaaarrrr! What's happening!? Model A! Aieghh!


???: EXTRACTING FROM CODE AW15 TO CE70. EXPANDING REPORT DATA. ......Congratulations. The Model A which I created is protected by a cipher that is broken only in battle. You, who broke the first cipher, are worthy to know its truth and power. Through my research of the lost technology, I have created a key to unlock the door to a new evolution. Biometal Model W... He who holds it, will hold the power to rule the world. But it will take much time before people will finally appreciate my work. Sacrifices are necessary to awaken Model W. Model Ws which I have hidden throughout the world are waiting to be awakened. Waiting for when the one who understands my work appears, to receive the power.

Ashe: *gulp* ...Model A... What just happened to me...

Model A: Was that the data recorded on me that those Sage guys were talking about? The data on the one who made Model W... and me?

Ashe: Are you OK Model A? We'd better go help the others.

(Ashe continues and finds two Raiders hiding behind a wall.)

Wolff: What!? Whoind'heck are you! This shield is made of ceratanium! Your attacks are completely useless against it. So, why don't you save yourself the trouble! Go home!

(Wolff laughs.)

Model A: ...All this talk is starting to get really old. Yo, morph into that Atlas lady, and let's hit 'em hard with a Charge Attack! Say goodbye to that precious shield of yours!

(Ashe morphs into Atlas and easily destroys the shield. Wolff immediately stops laughing and cowers in the corner.)

Wolff: Waaaagh! P-Please d-don't hurt me!

Model A: I thought so... just a buncha wusses! Morph back, and let's set the record straight...

(Scene cuts to a short time later. Wolff and Ashe stand next to the Raider airship.)

Wolff: You saved our lives. Thanks a lot, Sis!

Ashe: Drop the Sis, would you? I want to use your airship for parts to repair our train.

Wolff: Aah, it's already been taken care of. I just sent some of our guys to Hunter's Camp to do the repairs. We were all impressed with your strength and courage. We're going to clean up our act and work with you as honest to goodness bounty Hunters.

Model A: *chuckle* It looks like you have a follower. It's not a bad feeling to be appreciated.

Wolff: The repairs should almost be finished. Go back to the camp and have a look. I hope you find out something at Legion, Sis!

(Ashe starts to go to the transerver.)

Model A: Atlas can do a lot more than just that the Charge Attack! Press the Attack button while holding the +Control Pad up to shoot upwards! Hold the Attack button then release it while holding the +Control Pad down to perform the Ground Breaker move! You can even change the trajectory of the Buster shot by using the bottom screen. You can access that function by first selecting "Status" on the sub screen. Then change the trajectory by either touching the boxes or using the +Control Pad. Select "Exit" to complete the changes!

(Ashe returns to the transerver and reports the mission.)

Scene 10: Attack on Legion HQ

(Ashe uses the newly repaired train to go to the city where Legion HQ is. As she enters the area, a large explosion is heard.)

Ashe: ...What was that sound!?

Model A: There's a shootout somewhere. I wonder if Mavericks got the jump on us. I can't get through to the Sage Trinity. This doesn't look good.

Ashe: Let's hurry to Legion Headquarters!

(Ashe fights through the Mavericks in the city, and after a long while reaches an empty room. Siarnaq teleports in.)


Model A: Aw, man, this guy's the weirdest of 'em all.


Ashe: Why don't you just shut up and get out of my way before I blast you!


(Siarnaq Megamerges with Model P. Ashe fights Siarnaq and eventually defeats him.)


(Siarnaq teleports out, leaving behind some DNA, which Ashe absorbs. She reels in pain again.)

Ashe: Aaaaaaaaaah!


???: EXTRACTING FROM CODE CE71 TO FC60. EXPANDING REPORT DATA. ...You who have broken the second cipher now stand at a fateful crossroads. If you continue to read this data, there is no turning back. You too are part of this plan. Biometal has the ability to give its "Chosen One" superhuman powers and combine to become a new lifeform. This combination results in a Megamerge, the transformation into a Mega Man. I've decided to select a new Chosen One suitable for Model W, the next step in evolution. Finding a suitable candidate in this world is nearly impossible. But I can do it, because as one of Legion's Sage Trinity, I know everything about the world...

Ashe: Model W was made by one of the Sage Trinity!?

Model A: That means that he and Prometheus are connected somehow behind the scenes. And it means that we can't even trust the Sage Trinity. Yet you still wanna go?

Ashe: If we run, we won't be able to find out anything! One of the Sage Trinity is behind this, and I'm going to find out who it is!

Model A: The data recorded on me is getting more and more outrageous.

(Ashe goes through the next door and finds herself in a pitch-black room.)

Model A: What is this place? I can't see a thing in here! Try morphing into Siarnaq. Maybe that'll help. Touch the Siarnaq icon on the lower right of the bottom screen. The bottom screen will change into a radar scope. You'll be able to see the landscape and enemy positions! You should be able to attack enemies by touching their location indicators on the bottom screen. But unfortunately, there's no way out of this room... I know! Jump and press up on the +Control Pad. With Siarnaq's ability, you should be able to grab onto that contraption. Give it a try. Just press up on the +Control Pad while you're in mid-jump! Depending on what you've grabbed onto, you can press the +Control Pad up twice quickly to jump on top of it. You can also press the +Control Pad down twice quickly to hang. Hold the Attack button and release it to throw a Cross Star! If there's something you don't quite understand, just take a look at Profile on the sub screen!

(Ashe returns to the transerver and reports the mission.)

Scene 11: Betrayal

(Scene opens to view the Sage Trinity talking together inside the HQ building.)

Mikhail: I can't stand Mavericks!

Thomas: It's hard to believe that they're cooperating.

Albert: They may be taking orders from a leader.

Mikhail: What do they want? To make enemies with every nation on the planet?

(Albert walks to the window.)

Albert: What? What if they're just fed up with the world.

Thomas: What?

(A Model W appears and begins circling around Albert.)


Albert: A new rule... For the evolution of the ultimate Mega Man...

(A second Model W appears.)

Albert: And there's one scientist who wants to see that evolution through to its end.

(Two more Model W's appear and begin circling.)

Mikhail: What are you saying!? No... You didn't!

Albert: I have a proposal. A proposal to this world I've led for centuries. A system to come up with fair solutions based on the doctrine of the Sage Trinity. If you're opposed, then just try and stop me.

(Ashe runs into the room.)

Model A: Hey, isn't that Biometal!?

Albert: Two of the ciphers have been broken. I wanted to stall her longer... but she's developing faster than I had expected. Excellent, Ashe! It pleases me.

Ashe: Hunh!? What do you know about me!?

Albert: I know everything about you! As if you were my own daughter. I want you to grow! Evolve! Show me your strength!

Ashe: Master Alberrrt!

(Ashe locks onto Albert's position and fires multiple times, but Albert deflects all of the shots. Some shots break the window behind Albert, who begins to hover.)

Albert: We will meet again. You are, after all, made in my image.

(Albert floats out of the window and down towards the city. Ashe runs to the edge of the window and looks down, but is unable to see where Albert went. Later, Ashe goes back to talk to Thomas.)

Thomas: I see. I'll tell you everything we know. With these mechanical bodies, we've been able to live for centuries. When Albert became one of the Sage Trinity those centuries ago, he was already working on Model W. So I looked you up in our database, Ashe.

Ashe: You looked me up? Was there any information about me!?

Thomas: Well, there was no data on you... It appears that you never existed.

Ashe: W-What!? That's impossible... I'm standing right here!

Thomas: Calm down! Yes, you most certainly are standing here. So it's possible that Albert erased your data from the database. I'm not exactly sure why, but I know this. He thinks you're special.

Ashe: Albert thinks that I'm... special?

Model A: ...*sigh*

(Mikhail approaches Thomas and Ashe.)

Mikhail: Everyone, bad news. We have Mavericks showing up all over the world. Albert has started hunting for food for his Model W.

Model A: He knows the jig is up! He's going for a Hail Mary! Let's go!

Ashe: Uh, OK...

Model A: C'mon, let's go make Albert tell us everything he knows. And yeah, we can do heroic rescues along the way! What's wrong? Are you scared?

Ashe: W-Who, me!? You've got to be kidding!

(Model A demerges and floats in front of Ashe.)

Model A: Attagirl! That's the Ashe I know. No matter what Albert knows about you, that won't change who you are. The most important thing is what you do now.

Ashe: ...!

Model A: When we first met on that train, you said that you wanted history to remember your name. A hero that put the past behind her and lived for the future... Now that sounds like a great story!

Ashe: I can't believe YOU are giving ME encouragement... Wonders never cease!

(Model A joins Ashe again.)

Ashe: Let's go Model A! Our story isn't over yet!

Thomas: Thank you, Ashe. I have a new mission for you. I want you to stop Albert's plan and save our world. I've added new transport destinations to the transerver. ...I'm counting on you.

(Ashe returns to the transerver to report the mission.)

Scene 12: The Highway

(Ashe enters a highway area.)

Mikhail: There are people being chased by the Mavericks on that Highway ahead. It looks like all the people trying to flee in their cars have caused a traffic jam. The situation is gridlock. Drive back the Mavericks and buy time for the people down there to escape.

(Ashe fights through some of the Mavericks until she sees many damaged cars stuck in a traffic jam. One Reploid starts to yell to the drivers in front of him.)

Raymond: Hey, move it! We're sitting ducks here!

Ashe: Leave the Mavericks to me! When it's clear, I want you to go!

Raymond: I don't know who you are, but thank you! There are still cars stopped back there! They need your help!

(Ashe destroys a large plane Mechaniloid that was bombing the cars. The cars speed away.)

Model A: It looks like the people made it through.

Ashe: OK, now all we have to do is hold off the pursuing Mavericks.

(Ashe continues until she encounters Thetis near the edge of a cliff.)

Ashe: Thetis! Are you the one causing all of this trouble?

(Thetis casually tosses Model L into the air and catches it a few times.)

Thetis: I'm flattered. You remembered my name!

(Thetis catches Model L again and Megamerges.)

Thetis: Come, there's something I want to show you.

(Thetis jumps into the water. Ashe follows him to the bottom to see a piece of Model W humming in the background.)

Model A: Model W!? You attacked the Highway to feed that thing!?

Thetis: That's right. But what I want to show you is further down... At the bottom of this dirty sea. The sea during the war was no place for living creatures. After the war, the sea's beauty was restored. However, as humans repopulated, the sea once again grew filthy. You see, humans have to desecrate the Earth to live on it.

Ashe: You talk all high and mighty, but what you're doing is no different than a Maverick.

Thetis: *chuckle* Me? A Maverick? You are a funny girl... We were planning on playing this little Game of Destiny to decide the Mega Man King by ourselves. You're the one that just happened to Megamerge, then show up and be a nuisance... so I'd say that kind of makes YOU a Maverick!

(Ashe fights Thetis and eventually defeats him.)

Thetis: It's too bad... I thought you, at least, would understand what I'm trying to accomplish! I won't give up. I shall awaken Model W and change this world for the better!

(Thetis teleports out with the Model W, leaving behind some DNA, which Ashe absorbs. She reels in pain again.)

Ashe: Aaaagh!


???: EXTRACTING FROM CODE FC61 TO UC79. EXPANDING REPORT DATA. In order to find a Biomatch for Biometal Model W, first I created sibling Reploids. As well as giving them a portion of Model W's power, I gave them 1 commandment. That was to determine the most powerful Mega Man. A commandment to Biomatch each of my Chosen Ones to a Biometal. And have them fight until only one of them was left. The survivor of this contest will attain the power of Model W, and become the ultimate Mega Man. Yes, the new King of the world, the Mega Man King.

Model A: We broke another cipher. Now I understand why Mega Men fight each other. But where is the information about us? And what the heck are the two Reploid siblings?

Ashe: ...

Model A: Hey, can you hear me? What happened? Why the frown?

Ashe: Uh? It's nothing...

Mikhail: It seems you got everyone out of there safely. Just what we'd expect from a Chosen One.

Ashe: (Chosen One...? But like Thetis said, my Megamerging was an accident. But... was it an accident? Albert said that I'm special... What am I... Who am I?)

(Ashe continues for a short distance.)

Model A: Hey, Ashe! Morph into Thetis and the water becomes your home. You can swim around freely underwater. Underwater, press the Jump button once to get into your swimming position! Then, you can move around by using the +Control Pad. You can dart through the water by pressing the Dash button! Hold the Attack button and release it to perform an ice move. Ice attacks can penetrate the landscape, so that's probably a good thing to remember. Also, Thetis has the ability to show where items are located on the bottom screen! If you're somewhere you're not sure about, morph into Thetis to find items!

(Ashe returns to the transerver and reports the mission.)

Scene 13: Floating Ruins

(Ashe teleports to an area with overgrown ruins. The ground starts to shake violently.)

Ashe: Aagh! The ground...! Aaaagh!

(The entire area rises high up into the air.)

Ashe: Phew... It stopped...

Model A: The ground is floating! What's going on?

Thomas: Are you alright? That area is experiencing a gravitational anomaly. Also, powerful energy reactions have been discovered. In all likelihood they are the cause of the gravitational anomaly. Proceed to investigate the energy reactions.

(Ashe fights through the stage until after a long while she sees a Model W humming.)

Ashe: What's a Model W doing here!?

Model A: Could this be the source of the gravitational anomaly!?

(Aeolus teleports in.)

Aeolus: Inescapable destiny... So, you came, Mega Man Model A. But I'll be taking the Model W.

Ashe: Aeolus! What are you doing collecting all those Model Ws!?

Aeolus: That's a silly question... You call yourself a Mega Man, yet you don't even know the significance of Model W... You fear what you don't understand, and eliminate what you fear... It's because of foolish people like you that there is conflict.

Model A: I don't know what all of that ideological babble was about, but it sounded a lot like a threat.

Aeolus: So it is. In the world I have in mind, there is no place for idiots like you, Mega Man Model A! Your time's up fool!

(Aeolus Megamerges with Model H. Ashe fights him and eventually defeats him.)

Aeolus: A woeful miscalculation...! To think that I could be bested by a plebeian! I'll never acknowledge one as ignorant as you, Mega Man! Your time's up fool! I will right this world's wrongs!

(Aeolus teleports away with the Model W, leaving behind some DNA, which Ashe absorbs. She reels in pain.)

Ashe: Aaaaagh!


???: EXTRACTING FROM CODE UC80 TO AC195. EXPANDING REPORT DATA. The power of Biometal isn't something to be had by just anyone. It's a power which should only be obtained by a Chosen One, one with the ability to change the world. I devised this cipher to lock away the power of the Biometal. A cipher that would allow only the Chosen One to unleash its power. In other words, it's locked to its Biomatch. All Humans who get a bionic body have to come to Legion for inspection. I made sure that every bionic body part I inspected was infused with my DNA. That is the key to the cipher, the proof of being the Chosen One. Yes, by viewing this data, you now have within you my DNA.

Model A: ...Who IS this guy?

Ashe: So I'm a blood relative of Albert?

Model A: I know it's not easy, but don't let it get to you. That's just some label Albert made up. Try not to think about it.

Ashe: Uh... yeah...

Model A: That Albert guy just used his position as one of the Sage Trinity to do whatever he wanted.

Thomas: It's true that Albert knew more about technology than anyone. But we had no idea that was the kind of man he was. We should have known better.

Ashe: It's OK. I was kinda prepared for it. But if it's only a matter of becoming a Mega Man, then I'm no different from Aeolus. There must be a reason that Albert treats me special...

Model A: I guess the only one who knows that... is Albert.

Thomas: The gravity in the area should normalize momentarily. Head to the next destination.

(Ashe continues for a short distance.)

Model A: It seems that you can Air Dash using Aeolus. If you hit the Dash button in midair, it looks like you can get some horizontal hang time. If you hold the +Control Pad up and press the Dash button in midair, you can Air Dash straight up. Air Dash does not reduce your BM gauge. If you press the Jump button in midair, you can hover. (You can modify this in the Options Menu.) Hold down the Attack button and then release it to perform an electric move! These electric attacks penetrate through the landscape, so you can use them to attack enemies behind walls. Also, Aeolus has the ability to check an enemy's data on the bottom screen. Knowing an enemy's weakness, now that's an ability you can use!

(Ashe returns to the transerver and reports the mission.)

Scene 14: The Scrapyard

(Ashe enters a junk-filled maze area.)

Model A: What is this place? There's junk everywhere.

Mikhail: That's a Scrapyard. There are mountains of discarded machines. Until only recently they were buried in snow. Imagine that!

Ashe: I don't see any snow.

Mikhail: The hear from the machines melted it all. Machines that were thrown away simply because they were supposedly broken became Mavericks and started working again.

Model A: Scrap that just starts working again!?

Mikhail: That's the reason I had you two come here. Whoever is controlling the scrap should be here too. Take him down and scrap the Mavericks.

(Ashe fights through the maze until he finally comes to a Pseudoroid in a dark room.)

???: I see you pushed your way through all of those Mavericks to get a special front row seat to watch me perform. That's pretty Mega of you, Mega Man Model A. I'm Vulturon. I play the part of the prince who kisses Model Ws and wakes them up!

Ashe: There's a Model W in here too!?

Vulturon: Not so fast, that's where the VIP seats are. I'm afraid you can't go in there. What do you say we start the show? I'll play the guitar, and you'll sing the vocals. I'm looking forward to the finale as you scream your last breath!

(Ashe fights Vulturon and defeats him.)

Vulturon: What! This was supposed to be Mega's death concert, not mine! Aaaaagggg!

(Vulturon explodes, leaving behind some DNA, which Ashe absorbs. She enters the next room to see Pandora and a large Model W.)

Pandora: I hear it... The discarded machines... the Mechaniloids... Their voices of sadness... of pain... of anger... All food for Model W.

Ashe: Pandora...!

Pandora: Even as you awoke... destiny had already been set in motion.

Model A: What the heck are you talking about?

Pandora: The time will come... when you shall know everything. And you will be driven to despair...

(Pandora teleports away with the Model W.)

Ashe: Pandora... Does she know my secret...?

Mikhail: Hmph... She took Model W with her. She's definitely odd. Good work. The Mavericks in that area seem to be settling down. Mission accomplished. Don't forget to submit a report.

(Ashe enters the next room to see two metal blocks arranged on a pulley system in front of the exit.)

Model A: What the...? Somebody's done something to this room. How are you supposed to get past that? Yes, I know! You can morph into Vulturon and use his ability! Vulturon can scale walls. You should be able to grab onto that counterweight and pull it down. Vulturon can also hover. To use hover, press and hold the Jump button in midair. It looks like it uses some of your BM gauge, though. In other words, be careful hovering for long periods of time!

(Ashe returns to the transerver and reports the mission.)

Scene 15: The Control Center

(Ashe enters a large building and sees everything on fire.)

Ashe: Is it hot in here or what!?

Thomas: That building is the Control Center for several energy furnaces in the surrounding city. But the Mavericks have caused an uncontrollable thermal runaway.

Model A: If we don't do something, the energy furnaces will explode. These guys don't mess around, do they!?

Thomas: We don't know how long those furnaces have until they blow. Do something to take charge of that Control Center.

(Ashe fights through the burning building until she finds Prometheus with another large Model W piece.)

Prometheus: It's been a while. But I see you're surviving the Game of Destiny. Well? Have you found anything out about yourself?

Ashe: I've learned that I'm nothing like you.

Prometheus: Funny... I was under the impression that we were two peas in a pod. You're bitter at me for making you look like a fool in front of your friends. You're here to fight for revenge... Same as me.

Ashe: I don't know what it is you're fighting for... but I'm different. I just don't appreciate you using people for your entertainment as if you know everything.

Prometheus: Stop quibbling and trying to rationalize your own actions. You think you're some kind of a hero! But one day you'll wake up and realize that you'll never be a hero.

Ashe: What did you say!?

Prometheus: That's right, remember that! The next time we meet, I won't just be retrieving Model Ws. No rush, I'll cut you to ribbons soon enough. Look forward to it!

(Prometheus teleports out with the Model W.)

Model A: Bleeeh! He makes me sick!

(A large wasp-like Pseudoroid flies down.)

???: My, my! Did little Prometheus leave already? He's so impatient. In a moment the energy furnaces will explode and a beautiful fire flower will bloom, filled with sweet nectar. The nectar of terror.

Ashe: I'll never let your horrible flower bloom!

???: Oh, it's you. The Mega Man Model A that Prometheus talked about. I'm Queenbee. I'll give you a taste of my special nectar... Despair with a touch of bitterness.

(Ashe fights Queenbee and defeats her.)

Queenbee: *Aagh* What!? You refuse my precious gift of despair!? Aaaaargh!

(Queenbee explodes, leaving behind some DNA, which Ashe absorbs.)

Thomas: I presume that's the main computer which controls the energy furnaces. This can't be! The cooling function can't keep pace with the thermal runaway! Rip out the core module and shut down the main computer by force.

Ashe: How are we going to take out the core module? It's huge!

Model A: Hey, change into Queenbee! She was carrying some kind of big container before, right? Shouldn't we be able to raise the core module up the way she did? When you morph into Queenbee, you can fly by pressing the Jump button! But when you fly, your BM gauge goes down. To lift the core module, first get on top of it and press down on the +Control Pad to dock! When the core module is docked, press the Jump button to fly away with the module! Who knows? There may be other things you can dock with. If you find something in the area that you think you can dock with, give it a try!

(Ashe pulls up the computer.)

Thomas: It seems to have switched over to its subsystem somehow, and the thermal runaway has stopped. The auto-recovery system should kick in momentarily. Thank you for your help.

(Ashe returns to the transerver and reports the mission.)

Scene 16: Model ZX

(After Ashe reports the last mission, Thomas contacts her.)

Thomas: This is Thomas. Albert seems to be retrieving Model Ws from everywhere. Actually, we've just gotten confirmation of Model W activity in the Quarry at Hunter's Camp. Hunters have Mavericks pinned down, but they can't move in any further because of the rough terrain. It's up to you to get into the Quarry, then find and retrieve the Model W. Our reports tell us that there's a large airship closing in on the Quarry. Albert may already be aware of what's going on, so be careful.

(Ashe enters a dark area and continues until she sees a pile of wreckage.)

Model A: Who could have done all this? Another Mega Man? But Albert's guys shouldn't have to fight Mavericks...

Ashe: Enemies are all the same. Just fight 'em one at a time, and move on.

(Ashe continues on until she sees someone standing next to the Model W.)

Ashe: Who are you!?

??? (boy): What's a girl doing here?

(A blue Biometal floats in front of him.)

??? (blue): Careful, Vent! I sense Biometal on her.

(A red Biometal appears as well.)

??? (red): I've never sensed anything like this before. What is she?

Model A: Two Biometals!? A Mega Man!?


Ashe: It looks like you beat us to it. Whaddaya say you be a gentleman and let me have the Model W?

Vent: What do you want it for, huh?

Ashe: Alright, I'm done with the nice approach. I'm gonna take that Model W with or without your permission. Your choice.

Vent: Sorry, no deal.

(Vent holds the two Biometals in the air.)

Vent: Model X! Model Z! Here we go! Double Megamerge!

Models X & Z: Biolink Established! M.E.G.A. System Online!

(Vent Megamerges to become Model ZX.)

Vent: I don't want to hit a girl, but there's a reason I can't give it to you. I will become a Mega Man that can protect everyone!

(Ashe fights Vent and eventually defeats him. Ashe absorbs Model ZX's DNA and reels in pain.)

Ashe: Aaaaagh!

(Vent reels in pain as well.)

Vent: Gyaaagh! What's... this!?

Model Z: She's resonating...! Could it be because of her Biometal?

Model X: Be careful, Vent! There's some kind of data pouring out from her Biometal!


???: EXTRACTING FROM CODE AC196 TO TC2343. EXPANDING REPORT DATA. This is the last cipher. You, who knows all about the plan. You have earned the right to receive the ultimate Biometal. Sleeping Model Ws everywhere feed on the fear of humans, waiting for their day of awakening. And when all Model Ws have combined, the ultimate Biometal will be born. Its name will be Ouroboros... The who holds the Ouroboros will evolve beyond the mere fusion of man and machine. What I seek is to become the ultimate Mega Man. My name is Master Albert. And I decide how things are going to be. You, who will usher in a new way of life in a new world... I hope that one day my research will pave the way to a new course of evolution.

(Ashe and Vent stand there with their Biometals hovering around them.)

Ashe: Ouroboros and the ultimate Mega Man... That's Albert's plan!

Model A: Now I get it... The reason why we were created. Why you can Megamerge with me...

Ashe: Model A...? What did you say just now...?

Vent: Can someone explain it to me too? When I resonated with you just now, I saw a lot of data. That man, Master Albert created Model W right? So who are you?

Model A: That's kinda hard to explain...

(The giant Model W in the background suddenly breaks from the wires and falls down several stories.)

Model X: Uh oh! Model W!

Model Z: It must've taken some damage in the fighting.

Ashe: Tell me, Model A, who am I? What do you know?

Model A: I'm sorry... I can't tell you now...

Ashe: Model A!

Vent: OK, that's enough. There might be a reason Model A can't say anything right now. While we're standing here, that Model W is making more Mavericks, which is going to make it tough to get close.

Ashe: And who made you the big brother all of a sudden!? Anyway... I'm sorry.

Vent: Let's call a truce for now. We should both focus our attention on that Model W.

Ashe: Can you move? You must have overdone it. I'll go ahead.

(Ashe Megamerges with Model A again and starts to leave.)

Vent: You believe what I say so easily. I should finish you off...

Ashe: Gimme a break. You're gonna make me lose my concentration.

(Ashe exits the room and continues through the area until she encounters the heavily damaged Spidrill that she fought earlier. Model W merges with the spider and revives it.)

Model A: Hey, what are we supposed to do? They can't expect us to take this thing back!

Ashe: We have no choice. We have to destroy it!

(Ashe fights the spider, but is unable to destroy it.)

Ashe: Dang! How is this thing still able to move!? What a pain in the neck...!

(Vent appears again and destroys the spider with his saber.)

Ashe: Why did you help me?

Vent: What do you mean, why? I don't have a reason to fight you. My objective has always been to destroy Model W, and stop the Game of Destiny, where Mega Men fight each other. What is your name?

Ashe: Huh?

Vent: My name's Vent. It looks like we got off on the wrong foot.

(Ashe demerges with Model A, who hovers next to him.)

Ashe: I'm a Hunter, Ashe, and this is Model A. We're on a mission for Legion.

Vent: Legion... Wow, that's something.

(Vent demerges with Model X and Model Z, who hover next to him.)

Vent: This blue Biometal is Model X. We're together. And this red one is Model Z. It's a memento from a dear friend... Anyway let's go back to the camp. We can talk on the way.

(Later, Ashe and Vent stand in the Hunter's Camp with their Biometals hovering next to them.)

Vent: So let me get this straight. Master Albert, Prometheus, Pandora and 4 Mega Men. Hm, so that's what happened to the Biometals that were stolen from the lab.

Model X: Unfortunately those Biometals probably have the consciousness of their four Chosen Ones. Biometals gave us strength when we fought the Model W.

Model Z: We followed the stolen Biometals here.

Vent: That's when we found the Model W and you attacked us.

Ashe: I said I was sorry. So, why are you kids fighting Model W?

Vent: You kids... I'll have you know, I'm older than you... The same as you, before I knew it I was just caught up in it. I lost a lot of close people in the battles with Mavericks and Model Ws...

Ashe: So you want revenge...

Vent: No. You can't defeat an enemy with hate... You just make more enemies. I want to use my power for something I believe in. That's why I made that promise to my friends, to be the Mega Man that protects them. Mega Man power is strong. Strong enough to change the world. But, there's one thing it can't change... that is our own destiny. You have to use your own power to do that. Ashe... Don't lose yourself in the power.

Ashe: How can you even say that and keep a straight face... But I like that... Those are good words to live by.

Vent: *laugh* Thanks... By the way, this is for you.

(Vent walks over to Ashe and gives her a Green Card Key.)

Vent: There was Pseudoroid activity in the area that key opens. I was going to check it out myself, but I know that you can handle it. I'm going to join the others and go after the other Biometals. Let's meet again. Next time, let's take on this Game of Destiny, side by side.

(Vent walks away.)

Model A: Ashe... I...

Ashe: Model A... I'm sorry about before. I wasn't myself. Like Vent said, we can change our destiny. A past that I never knew doesn't matter. I am the author of my story from here on out.

Thomas: Good work. It's unfortunate that we couldn't bring back the Model W in one piece. But the destruction of a Model W should put a wrench in Albert's plan. I'd like to use this opportunity to our advantage somehow, but unfortunately, we don't have any leads. Use your new key and search areas you haven't been to yet. Something may turn up. We're counting on you, Ashe.

(Ashe returns to the transerver and reports the mission.)

Scene 17: The Biolab

(Ashe enters an area reminiscent of a sewer.)

Ashe: Ugh... It really stinks down here... That's no ordinary sewage! Is it coming from inside?

Model A: Us Biometals don't really have a sense of smell... I'm kinda glad I'm not you right now.

Ashe: It smells like oil or something... The smell's gonna get into my clothes. Let's hurry and check it out!

(Ashe continues until she sees some industrial sewage.)

Ashe: That smell was coming from this industrial sewage.

Model A: With this equipment, this is obviously not just a ruin. Let's go in and find out what this place really is.

(Ashe continues until she finds a Pseudoroid guarding some large deactivated Mechaniloids.)

Ashe: ...Look at all these huge Mechaniloids!

???: Are you surprised? These soldiers were all born here. They're to be used one day by the Mega Man King!

Model A: Albert thought about all of this!?

Bifrost: My name is Bifrost... Guardian of the sleeping soldiers. When the new world is born, they shall awaken and exterminate the old-world inhabitants. But for now, Mega Man Model A, I shall exterminate you! I shall crush every last one of your bones with my jaws!

(Ashe fights Bifrost and defeats him.)

Bifrost: Am I the one being exterminated!? Is it you who shall bring about the new world and not we!? It is you after all... UWAAAAA!

(Bifrost explodes, leaving behind some DNA, which Ashe absorbs. She continues until she comes to some indestructible blocks.)

Model A: Up ahead... I remember those... Those are the blocks we couldn't break no matter how hard we tried! We might be able to use Bifrost's jaws to do the trick. One of the Attack buttons activates a spinning blade, Crocod'wheel. And the other Attack button fires the Ice Fang! To fire the Ice Fang, hold down the other Attack button. When you release it, you can bite and destroy things in your path! There are two hidden moves that Bifrost can perform that aren't shown on the Profile screen! One is the Stamp Squash, and the other is the Tail Assault! They take skill to master, but when you do, you can go on a rampage!

(Ashe finds a transerver and reports the mission.)

Scene 18: Waterfall Ruins

(Ashe enters a dense jungle area with many waterfalls and rivers.)

Mikhail: It's me, Mikhail. About the information we found on you in the Legion's database... It appears that someone hacked in from the outside and erased it.

Model A: It had to be Albert.

Mikhail: We did all we could to pinpoint the location of the hacker, but the network response is slow in the area you are in. Can you see a large computer facility in that area?

Ashe: Computer facility? No, there's nothing like that around here...

Mikhail: I'm afraid we can't do anything else. Now, it's up to you. If you can find the computer used to do the hacking, there may still be some data on it. The missing data on you is one of the only clues there are left to track down Albert.

Ashe: The computer used to hack my data...? Anyway, I'll look for suspicious places.

(Ashe soon sees two Pseudoroid twins.)

??? (right): Wait right there! I don't care who you are. But I can't allow you to continue any further!

??? (left): *grunt*!

Ashe: Two Pseudoroids! Probably Albert's!

??? (right): That's right! Call me Argoyle!

??? (left): *grunt*!

Argoyle: And he's my other half, Ugoyle! We will defend this area with our lives!

Model A: I see. So, the computer used to do the hacking is in there!

Argoyle: Do you think you can break through our defenses?

Ugoyle: *grunt*!

Argoyle: Then come on, Mega Man Model A! Let me show you the way... The way to the netherworld!

Ugoyle: End of the line for you!

(Ashe fights and defeats Argoyle and Ugoyle.)

Argoyle: You!... Me!... We're broken!

Ugoyle: ...No!

Argoyle: You managed to win this battle, but you won't survive this war!

Ugoyle: Aaaaaaaggh!

(Both Argyole and Ugoyle explode, leaving behind Argoyle's DNA, which Ashe absorbs.)

Model A: To leave Pseudoroids standing guard... Albert must really not want anyone to see what's in there.

Ashe: Never underestimate the skills of a first class Hunter!

(Ashe notices a Secret Disk behind a dirt wall.)

Model A: Ashe! Take a good look over there! There's something on the other side of that wall. Press the Attack button and Argoyle can throw bombs. Press the other Attack button and release it to summon Ugoyle. Ugoyle can pass through obstacles, and get items behind walls. Press the button you used to summon Ugoyle to make Ugoyle kick. If you time it right, you can have Ugoyle kick a Rock Bomb that Argoyle throws. Also, you can adjust the throw trajectory of the Rock Bombs by pressing Up or Down on the +Control Pad. Rock Bombs are designed to bounce once before exploding, so practice to use this to your advantage.

(Ashe gets the Secret Disk and continues until she hears an explosion and the ground shakes.)

Model A: W-Was that the sound of an explosion just now!?

Ashe: It came from this way! Let's go!

(Ashe runs through the door and sees Prometheus and Pandora standing next to a newly destroyed computer.)

Ashe: Were you the ones who destroyed the computer!?

Prometheus: That's right! We've entered the final stage of the plan... We don't need to hack anymore. But we couldn't just let you go snooping around in there looking for information about yourself either. And we can't let you, who beat 5 Mega Men, just retire.

Ashe: What!?

Pandora: The reason we've kept you alive is all part of the plan. Soon it will all be over. The destiny of destruction.

Prometheus: *laugh* Albert, as well as his stupid game are about to be over! As Albert meets his demise!

Ashe: The end of Albert!? Why!?

Prometheus: I'll tell you when it's all over... Perhaps as you are dying... *evil laugh*

(Prometheus teleports away.)

Pandora: We'll meet again...

(Pandora teleports away as well.)

Ashe: Wait just a minute! What are they planning to do!?

Mikhail: Wait, what? Those two weren't working for Albert? What about the computer? Is there anything left of it?

(Ashe examines the computer.)

Ashe: What's this...?

(Ashe only finds Data File A.)

Ashe: It doesn't look like there's anything else.

Mikhail: Don't feel so bad. Even without data, you are very real and you exist in this world. The proof is in the fact that they went to so much trouble to keep you from seeing the data. Let's investigate the data we do have on our own. Send it together with your mission report.

(Ashe returns to the transerver and sends a mission report along with Data File A.)

Scene 19: The Mysterious Lab

(Ashe finds a secret transerver and uses it to teleport to a familiar location.)

Ashe: What is this place?

(Ashe looks around the room.)

Ashe: The bridge is destroyed...

Model A: It looks like there was a fight here.

Thomas: There's no response from that monitor over there... It's giving off some kind of jamming frequency. If this is a secret lab, there may be something here that someone doesn't want us to see.

(Ashe goes into the next building.)

Ashe: We Hunters are very good at finding out secrets. So let's go find it!

Model A: It would be nice to find some treasure, but I have a bad feeling about this...

(Ashe continues through the area until he finds a room with two capsules.)

Ashe: Two open capsules... I wonder who was in there...?

Model A: Look at that panel. There's a message.

(Ashe examines the panel on one of the capsules.)


(Ashe looks at the second panel.)


Ashe: Prometheus and Pandora's capsules... Looks like those two were made here.

Model A: Maybe they're what the data meant by "Reploid siblings." I bet the first two Mega Men Albert made were Prometheus and Pandora.

Ashe: ...!

Thomas: There's no doubt about it. These capsules are the chains that bound them. So that they wouldn't go against Albert's plan.

Ashe: Chains?

Thomas: The counter on the panel is probably Prometheus's life. It's set pretty short. They're made so that they'll die if they don't go back into the capsules for maintenance at regular intervals.

Model A: In order to stay maintained, they have to do what Albert says.

Thomas: It looks like this building goes further in. There may be something left. Keep looking.

(Ashe continues through the area until she sees a small yellow Pseudoroid.)

???: Hey, hey, that's as far as you go! Nobody gets past this point! I'm just following Mr. Albert's orders.

Ashe: *yawn* Yeah, whatever. Now out of my way!

Hedgeshock: Hey, hey! Do you think you can just ignore me, Hedgeshock!? You've got to face the penalty! A shocking penalty! Mr. Albert's orders are aboslute!

(Ashe fights and defeats Hedgeshock.)

Hedgeshock: Hey, hey! That kind of strength... is... cheating! It's just like... Mr. Albert's strength! WAAAAH!

(Hedgeshock explodes, leaving behind some DNA, which Ashe absorbs. She continues until he finds another empty capsule.)

Ashe: There's another capsule here...

Model A: But it's empty. There's something showing on this panel, though.

(Ashe examines the panel on the capsule.)


Ashe: What does "Prototype" mean? I bet this too is part of Albert's plan...

Model A: Huh? There's a disk still in this drive!

(Ashe picks up the disk, Data File B.)

Thomas: Very good, but all you managed to find is an empty capsule and some incomplete data? There might be some Mega Men that we don't know about. We'll analyze the data here and see what we can find. Send it with your mission report.

(Ashe goes through the next door until she comes to a place where the ceiling is too low to continue.)

Model A: The passage up ahead is really low. Crouching looks like the only way to get in. But, with these obstacles in the way, we can't get all the way through. I've got it! Try morphing into Hedgeshock! Then, hold down the +Control Pad and press Dash. That way you can slip under! Hedgeshock's abilities aren't very good on the offensive, so you should avoid using her against enemies. You can shoot balls of electricity by holding down the Attack button and releasing it! Well come on, let's use Rolling Dash to get into that passageway.

(Ashe returns to the transerver and sends the mission report along with Data File B.)

Scene 20: Initialization Key

(Thomas contacts Ashe after she has sent the last mission report.)

Thomas: It's Thomas. We've succeeded in analyzing a file in the data you found. This is the initialization key for a special transerver. It contains transport coordinate data of some kind. We were able to completely recover it using the data you sent.

(Ashe gets the Initialization Key.)

Thomas: Do you remember ever seeing a transerver that hadn't been initialized?

Ashe: A transerver that hadn't been initialized?

Thomas: If you find it, use that key. It's the data that had been split in two and guarded so vigilantly. Albert is presumably at the receiving end of that transerver.

Ashe: I can initialize the transerver with this key... ...OK, I have to remember that.

(Ashe goes to the broken transerver in Biolab Area 3.)

Ashe: That's strange... This transerver seems dead...


Model A: Is this the transerver that Thomas was talking about?

Ashe: Yeah, I'll use the initialization key.

(Ashe inserts the key into the transerver.)


(The transerver activates.)

Model A: Yesss! It worked! I suspect Albert's hideout will be at that transerver destination. Let's make sure we do this right.

(Ashe chooses the "Transport" option.)

Model A: Let's go storm Albert's hideout!

Scene 21: Albert's Hideout

(Ashe is teleported to an undersea volcano area.)

Model A: Do you feel it, Ashe?

Ashe: Yeah, I sense something just up ahead. It must be Model W!

(Ashe continues until she finds a room full of giant Model Ws.)

Ashe: These can't all be Model Ws!?

Albert: Hahaha... Are you surprised, Ashe?

(Ashe runs into the room and sees Master Albert.)

Albert: Do you have any idea how much time I've invested in this plan? Did you think you could foil my plan by destroying one or two of my Model Ws? Not a chance.

(Pandora and Prometheus teleport in, facing Albert.)

Prometheus: We'll see about that.

Ashe: Prometheus...? Pandora!

Prometheus: So this is where he's been keeping the recovered Model Ws. I never thought you would have found this place for us.

Pandora: Thank you, Mega Man Model A...

Prometheus: How many centuries has it been since we last met like this, Master Albert! You look even more ridiculous in person than you do on that monitor!

Albert: What do you all think you're doing?

Prometheus: This is what we're doing!

(Prometheus suddenly slashes Master Albert with his beam scythe, killing him.)

Prometheus: HA HA HA HA HA! To be defeated by the very first Mega Man you ever made! How fitting, for the scum that you are!

Model A: What the!? What's going on!?


Prometheus: You were being used by us all along. From the day we first awoke, we were Mega Men destined to fight each other... To further Albert's insane plan to create the ultimate Mega Man.

Pandora: So we decided... to take revenge on Albert.

Ashe: Revenge!?

Prometheus: We found many Mega Men and brought them into this fight. We knew that if we were successful, Albert would show up. And then you tracked him down, allowing us to exact our revenge.

Model A: I didn't think this is how the game would end...

Prometheus: *laughter* What are you talking about... It's not over yet...! We're still here. The garbage left behind by that scum!

Pandora: We can't get our old bodies back... We can't change our destiny... So we'll hasten the destiny of destruction...

Prometheus: We will destroy all that Albert made. That is our revenge! So let's have some fun, why don't we? And go out with a bang!

(Ashe fights Prometheus and Pandora and eventually defeats them.)

Ashe: That's enough! This fighting is senseless!

Prometheus: That's right... Even you can see that this fight is pointless!

Pandora: Mavericks terrorize humans, and in turn Model Ws absorb that anguish. Albert used Legion as a front to go about selecting Chosen Ones. A world where Mega Men are created to destroy each other all for Albert's satisfaction.

Prometheus: It was all a farce! Albert prepared everything in this world according to his own plan. He said Mega Men are the natural evolution of Man!? Don't make me laugh! What an epic sham! I'm going to demolish this whole wretched world!

(The Model Ws in the background start to glow as large amounts of purple energy are pulled from Prometheus and Pandora's bodies and absorbed into the Model Ws.)



(Prometheus and Pandora fall to the ground and the Model Ws start to hum and vibrate.)

Model A: Hey... could this be...!?

Ashe: All of the Model Ws are awake!

(An unknown man teleports in and absorbs the DNA of Prometheus and Pandora.)


???: Prometheus... Pandora... Your centuries of anger... suffering... hate... and insanity along with your battles against other Mega Men have given me the data I need!

Ashe: That voice... Could it be... Master Albert!

Model A: So who was it that Prometheus defeated...!?

Albert: That was a decoy. A dummy body that worked as one of the Sage Trinity in my stead. I am DAN-000 the "Original"... This me is the genuine article, the real Master Albert!

(The room shakes and rocks start falling from the ceiling.)

Albert: Just as I planned! Soon all of the Model Ws will begin to merge! I will become the ultimate Mega Man and the plan will be complete!

Model A: This place won't last long! We need to hurry and get out of here!

Ashe: B-But Prometheus and Pandora...!

Model A: What are you saying!? We can't carry both of them! If you don't make it, who's going to deal with Albert!?

Ashe: ... ...Prometheus... Pandora... ...Sorry...!

(Ashe dashes away.)


Scene 22: The Rise of Ouroboros


(Ashe returns to Hunter's Camp and talks to Billy.)

Billy: H-Hey! What's that!?

(The ground shakes as Grey and Billy watch a giant snakelike Mechaniloid rises from the sea into the air.)

Model A: That's all of the Model Ws merged... Ouroboros!

Ashe: Albert must be inside! It's airborne. We have to take an airship! Do any of you Hunters have an airship!?


Billy: ...There's not even one left. Mavericks destroyed them all.

Model A: There's nothing left we can do!

Vent: Don't give up so easily! Aren't you supposed to be a first-class Hunter?

(Vent runs up to Ashe and Billy.)

Ashe: Vent!

Vent: We meet again. I've got something to show you. But remember... From here, there's no turning back! I'll be waiting for you here. Call me when you're ready.

(A short time later, Ashe talks to Vent again.)

Vent: This can't be good. So that's the ultimate Biometal... Ouroboros. All of the Mavericks that came out of that thing are wreaking havoc. I managed to smash a few of them, but they just keep coming.

(Ashe turns around.)

Ashe: How cowardly! Just looking down at the world from the sky! Can't we do something?

(Vent points up to the sky.)


Vent: Of course we can. That's why I came to see you. You're coming, right? To write your story?

(Ashe sees a giant airship.)

Ashe: W-What's that...?

Vent: She belongs to me and my crew... She's the Guardian Base! There's only one thing left that we can do... Use the Guardian Base to board Ouroboros. We must take Albert down!

Billy: Hey! Wait!

(Billy and two other Hunters run up to them.)

Billy: You're going after the ringleader, right? Let us have a piece of the action too!

Richard: What do you think the bounty might be on booty that big!? I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

Ashe: Come on you guys! This isn't some kind of bounty mission...!

Thomas: Oh, yes it most certainly is... An official mission from Legion Headquarters.

(Thomas walks up to the group.)

Ashe: Master Thomas!

Thomas: ...How brave you all are... You wouldn't be satisfied unless the mission was official. Legion is having trouble supplying enough manpower to fight the Mavericks. Ashe... I'm putting you in charge.

Ashe: Everybody! Let's show Albert who's world this really is!

Vent: Looks like your friends are ready for action! Let's go, follow me!

(Vent, Ashe, and the other Hunters run to board the Guardian airship.)

Scene 23: Rematch

(Scene cuts to view the Guardian airship speeding towards Ouroboros.)

Vent: Once we grab a hold onto Ouroboros, expect Mavericks to take to us like flies to you-know-what! It's up to all of you to defend the Guardian Base! We're going home victorious, got it!?

(The airship shakes. Ashe and Vent, both Megamerged, run onto the airship's deck with the other Hunters.)

Vent: Ashe! You go ahead! I'll handle things here and catch up to you!

Ashe: OK! Let's go! Model A! It's time to give Albert a little payback!

Model A: OK!

(Ashe enters Ouroboros and fights through the area until he comes to a lavishly decorated room.)

Albert: I'd have never guessed that they would come after the Ouroboros in an airship. The ways of those who can't keep up with progress are savage.

(Albert teleports in.)

Ashe: Albert!

Albert: By the way, there are some people here to see you. Would you be so kind as to make their acquaintance?

(Albert transforms into Buckfire.)

Buckfire: Traitor Model A... I will destroy you!

(Albert transforms into Chronoforce.)

Chronoforce: *Ha ha ha* I've been waiting to get my revenge.

(Albert transforms into Rospark.)

Rospark: Oh, you again... You don't give up, do you, girl?

(Albert transforms into Queenbee.)

Queenbee: Oh, allow me to give you a proper welcome!

(Albert transforms into Vulturon.)

Vulturon: Back for an encore, are you?

(Albert transforms into Argoyle and Ugoyle.)

Argoyle: We won't be beaten again.

(Albert transform into Hedgeshock.)

Hedgeshock: You've still got a shock coming!

(Albert transforms into Bifrost.)

Bifrost: For your disloyalty to the king, you shall perish!

(Albert transforms back into Albert.)

Model A: A-Trans...!?

Ashe: Why do you have the same copy ability as Model A?

Albert: I told you that you were made in my image. But my real power is not in my copy ability. The spirit of everything Model W eats lives on inside me. The power to control all life. That is the power of the ultimate Mega Man. The real A-Trans! They're waiting for you inside with their new bodies. Please go in and play with them. If you can make your way to me, I'll tell you everything, on how, even being incomplete, you can still use A-Trans, and who you really are.

(Albert teleports out. Ashe continues until she finds a room full of teleporters. She uses the first one and encounters Vulturon.)

Vulturon: You'll be getting the VIP treatment this time... I have a special requiem for you!

(Ashe fights and defeats Vulturon.)

Vulturon: I'm going to retire... Now it's up to you... Carry on with the show... Give 'em a Mega performance...

(Vulturon explodes. Ashe continues and encounters Rospark.)

Rospark: *sigh* I was hoping I wouldn't have to see you again... I just despise pesky little girls. Get out of my sight!

(Ashe fights and defeats Rospark.)

Rospark: Aaagh! I don't ever want to see you agaaain!

(Rospark explodes. Ashe continues and encounters Chronoforce.)

Chronoforce: *Ha ha ha* Shall we being our time of bliss together? I'm going to take my time manhandling you!

(Ashe fights and defeats Chronoforce.)

Chronoforce: You can't stop the flow of time! Just let yourself be swallowed by the tidal wave of a new era...!

(Chronoforce explodes. Ashe continues and encounters Buckfire.)

Buckfire: *snort* *wheeze*!! New king born! New world be born soon! You not needed!

(Ashe fights and defeats Buckfire.)

Buckfire: You... broke... law...! Go... and receive... King's... punishment!

(Buckfire explodes. Ashe continues and encounters Argoyle and Ugoyle.)

Argoyle: Only those who are loyal to the new king may pass.

Ugoyle: *grunt*

Argoyle: There's only one way you're getting through... That's as a sacrifice to the king!

Ugoyle: Meet your end!

(They fight. Ashe fights and defeats Argoyle and Ugoyle.)

Argoyle: Very well... you may pass... We throw ourselves before your feet...!

Ugoyle: Graaah!

(Argoyle and Ugoyle explode. Ashe continues and encounters Hedgeshock.)

Hedgeshock: It's my turn! It's my turn! Here I go! Here I go! I'm going to punish you good!

(Ashe fights and defeats Hedgeshock.)

Hedgeshock: It's all over! It's all over! Either way... Mr. Albert will get you in the end!

(Hedgeshock explodes. Ashe continues and encounters Bifrost.)

Bifrost: When it comes down to it, you're nothing but a small fish in a big pond. So just make it easy on yourself and let me end it for you quick and easy!

(Ashe fights and defeats Bifrost.)

Bifrost: Born in the shadow of the king, you can never make a world of light!

(Bifrost explodes. Ashe continues and encounters Queenbee.)

Queenbee: There's going to be a great party tonight... You should celebrate with us. A new king has been crowned. It's definitely going to be a night to remember!

(Ashe fights and defeats Queenbee.)

Queenbee: Are we reduced to colluding with the evolutionarily inferior...? Hmph!

(Queenbee explodes.)

Scene 24: The Final Battle

(Ashe continues through the area until she comes to a long room. Aeolus teleports in front of her.)

Aeolus: You made a foolish choice... You should have stayed away.

(Thetis teleports in behind Ashe to block the other exit.)

Thetis: We've got some unfinished business to take care of! I'm not just going to let you waltz out of here!

(Atlas teleports in.)

Atlas: This is as far as you go!

(Siarnaq teleports in.)


Ashe: What's wrong with all of you? Are you stupid!? Albert has been using you from the start!

Aeolus: A mere trifling technicality... The winner out of all of us need only to defeat Albert to become king. Those are the rules that Albert himself laid down.

Ashe: Oh... You idiots!

(Vent jumps in next to Ashe and charges up, pointing his Buster at Aeolus.)

Vent: I'll take over from here, Ashe! You go on ahead!

(Vent fires at Aeolus, who dodges by jumping and hovering in the air. Ashe quickly dashes underneath him and escapes.)

Aeolus: Why, you...!

Vent: Well, well. We've finally found what we were looking for... I need you to hand over all of your Biometals!

(Scene cuts back to Ashe as she walks through a room full of flower petals blowing in the wind. She sees Albert sitting on a large throne.)

Albert: I thought you might come right about now... I'm so happy... But at the same time, I'm so sad. If you hadn't met Model A, you would have died never knowing the truth.

Ashe: What do you mean?

Albert: Oh? Model A, you haven't told her yet? You should remember everything by now.

Model A: Stop it! Don't listen to him, Ashe! Waste him!

(Albert stands up.)

Albert: Ashe... You are my distant offspring. You are descendant of the family I left before I became one of the Sage Trinity. You were able to Megamerge with Model A because your DNA bears so many similarities to mine.

Ashe: But that's because you somehow incorporated your data into me...!

Albert: No, you are completely unaltered. Your appearance was totally unexpected. The Model A you have was a backup system that contains my entire plan. Model A... In other words, Model Albert.

Model A: I hate that name!

Albert: Don't say that. Soon that name and what it stands for will be gone.

(Albert seems to merge with the throne into a giant three-headed dragon.)

Albert: For me to have to extinguish the life of my own flesh and blood is so sad. But... I'm glad! Because by my own hand, I will become the only "me"!

(Ashe fights and eventually defeats the dragon, which explodes, leaving Albert behind.)


Albert: I can hear them, the anger, the bitterness, the sadness of the sacrifices to Model W. Having consumed the souls of people throughout the world, the awakened Model W is the world's consciousness itself. Model W desires destruction... It desires that the Earth conclude its own autobiography... So be it! Model W... Ultimate Mega Man! If at evolution's extreme... there is destruction, it was destined to be that way.

Ashe: That stuff is only in your head! The power of Model W has taken control of you!

Albert: Hmph... By drowning in peace, by rejecting change, you made the choice for the destruction of the Earth. I am trying to create a new world. I want to bring new life into the world and protect its future.

Ashe: Whoa! Don't talk to me like I'm an idiot! You're blowing things way out of proportion!

Albert: I don't THINK I'm a god... I AM a god!

(Albert pulls off his cloak, revealing a faceless, shadowy form. The illusion of a field of flowers and a blue sky starts to break apart like glass, and a blood-red sunset is seen behind. Albert rises into the air as the pieces of the fake sky float toward him, transforming into a large seraph-like form.)

Albert: The world that you live in itself is defective. Before a new world can be made, this world must be reset. That's where the ultimate power of Model W comes in. I have already decided the fate of the world as its god. The destiny of destruction cannot be changed!

Ashe: No... I can change my destiny! We alone decide our fate!

Albert: There it is... that empty misery... It disgusts me! That's why I made Mega Men, to evolve! You, who couldn't become a god... You're not even a Mega Man, you're a mere mortal!

(Ashe fights and eventually defeats Albert's second form after a long battle.)

Scene 25: Your Own Destiny

(Albert's seraph form is destroyed and he falls to his knees a short distance away from Ashe.)

Ashe: You're no Mega Man king... You're no god... You were gonna destroy the world... You were gonna end the story... You're not the one to make that decision! This is my life, my story!

Albert: Is that your best answer? You're most definitely one of my creations. You... have surpassed me... My research wasn't wrong after all... Goodbye... Ashe...! You can have your peace, and... rot in it!

(Albert explodes. Ouroboros starts to shake.)

Model A:' We're in trouble! This flying fortress is going down!

Ashe: He's gonna try and take us all with him! Let's get back to the others... It's weird... I-I can't... move...


(Model A demerges with Ashe, and Ashe collapses.)

Model A: Hey... Hey! Ashe! Get a hold of yourself! Ashe!

(Meanwhile, Vent stands in front of the other four Mega Men.)

Model X: Vent! It's too dangerous here, we have to go help Ashe!

Vent: I know, but four against one isn't gonna be easy...!

(Model Z demerges and hovers in front of him, leaving him in Model X form.)

Model Z: ...Go ahead. I'll stay here and hold them back.

Vent: No... What are you talking about!? That's ridiculous, Model Z!

Model Z: No worries, today's not my day to meet my maker.

Model X: Let's go, Vent! Trust Model Z!

Vent: Alright! I'm gonna hold you to that.

(Vent dashes away.)

Aeolus: Such beautiful resolve... To throw away your life for a friend.

Model Z: Like I said, today ain't my day to die...

(The screen flashes, and the four Mega Men collapse.)

Model Z: I know more about Biometals than you.

Thetis: Agh... What!? My... body... feels... heavy... Model L...!

Atlas: Biometal!


Model Z: Vent, take care of Ashe!

(Model Z hovers to the top of the screen and the screen goes white. Later, Ashe wakes up in the same room in Hunters Camp from the beginning of the game.)


Ashe: Aaaagh! Huh?... Where am I...?

(Ashe stands up. Model A hovers in front of her.)

Model A: Ashe! Finally you're awake! I'm so glad! I was worried sick about you! W-What's wrong? Are you still hurt?

Ashe: *chuckle*! How cute! You look so concerned!

Model A: W-What! Can't I be worried about my friend!? I'm just happy you're OK. Is there something wrong with that!?

Ashe: *chuckle* Thanks, Model A. For worrying about me.

Model A: Y-Yeah, anyways, let's go outside! Vent's waiting for you!

(Model A joins Ashe again. Ashe goes outside and sees Vent waiting for her.)

Vent: Are you OK? It was tough carrying you out of there.

Ashe: That isn't usually what a boy would say to a girl, is it? Hey, what happened to Ouroboros?


Vent: Ouroboros went down in pieces. And there's no sign of Model W anywhere. Its wreckage just sank in the ocean. Ashe, it's all thanks to you!

Ashe: "Yeah... I know!"... is what I'd like to say, but it was thanks to all of you. Like Vent said, we changed our destiny with our own power. Vent, where are you gonna go now?

Vent: I want to go around the world in the Guardian Base. There are a lot of things that need finding. What about you, Ashe?

Ashe: Me? Well, we already took down that guy who thought he was a god... Maybe I should find a lot of booty, get rich, and buy back the world from Legion. As if... Well, I guess I'll just keep being a Hunter. I'd like to see a lot of different places, learn a lot of things, and have people learn about me.

(Model A hovers next to Ashe.)

Model A: Hey? So, what am I supposed do?

Vent: You can choose your own destiny.

Model A: Oh! Uh, well then... Ashe, I wanna go too. Take me with you!

Ashe: Who said anything about leaving you? You're my booty, and my friend!

(The two run off as Vent waves goodbye.)

Vent: I hope we'll meet again!

Ashe: We can meet anytime... Because this is our story!

(Scene fades to credits.)

Scene 26: Secret Ending (Extreme Mode)

(Thomas and Mikhail stand inside Leigion HQ.)

Thomas: ...To bring new life into the world, eh?

Mikhail: In the last mission report... Albert said some rather outrageous things.

Thomas: Mikhail... Do you think it presumptuous for us to give birth to new life?

Mikhail: How absurd... Thomas, you couldn't possibly hold fast to such foolish imaginings.

Thomas: There are laws that give equality to Humans and Reploids, correct? Don't you remember? Those were passed because Albert and I agreed on them.


Mikhail: W-What are you saying?

(Thomas turns to Mikhail.)

Thomas: Give humans robotic bodies, and give Reploids mortality. So, where do you think the Human bodies for the Reploids are? What do you think happened to the original Reploid data from before we gave them mortality?

(Atlas, Siarnaq, Thetis, and Aeolus teleport in, all Megamerged, and stand beside Thomas.)

Mikhail: Thomas... You...!

Thomas: Albert was wrong, so I helped the Hunters. But I do think he was right about one thing.

(The screen fades to black.)

Thomas: This world needs to be reset.

End of Script


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