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Mega Man ZX Advent Secret Disk database.


B01AtlasModel F Biomatch (Flame Mega Man). She was a soldier of a country laid to waste by Mavericks. She believes that it is only through struggle that people are galvanized to evolve.Oil Field 4
B02Albert (1st Form)The form where the throne on which Albert sits turns into a giant 3 headed dragon-like Mechaniloid, unleashing powerful attacks which manipulate gravity, rend dimensions and create black holes and white holes.Ouroboros 3
B03Albert (2nd Form)The form where Albert manifests the power of the ultimate Mega Man. The 10 Bits that surround him not only protect him, but can change their arrangement to attack, demonstrating Biometal capabilities.Ouroboros 3
B04Argoyle/UgoyleThis is a high speed fighter Pseudoroid dyad. Equipped with Dash Rollers on their feet, and armed with a weapon called a Rock Bomb, Argoyle/Ugoyle are masters of multi-directional assaults.Waterfall Ruins 1
B05QueenbeeDepending on which weapons container Queenbee attaches to, her body becomes a variegated armament. She can transport things other than weapons containers as long as the joint specifications match.Control Center 4
B06Dogu the GiantThis large Mechaniloid was built using technology from an age past. Half of this gas guzzler's energy is spent just to move its mammoth body. Perhaps that's why not many were produced.Hunter's Camp 1
B07ChronoforceThis Pseudoroid was built for electronic warfare, and has the ability to disrupt sensory circuitry to give the sensation of temporal acceleration and deceleration.Arctic Ice Floe 4
B08VulturonVulturon is a bit of a sensationalist narcissist. Using microwaves emitted from his guitar-shaped controller, he can reactivate and control artificial muscles of moribund machines.Scrapyard 4
B09SiarnaqModel P Biomatch (Shadow Mega Man). A former Hunter and assassin for hire whose past includes being betrayed by his friends and left for dead is the reason for his cold, impassiveness towards others.Legion HQ1
B10BuckfireThis Model W equipped highly aggressive Pseudoroid specializes in blitz tactics. Biometal output is used to superheat the blades on his arms and head Buckfire values order above all else.Train 2
B11HedgeshockEquipped with a powerful electric-generating coil, this small Pseudoroid was originally designed to be an independent emergency power source. By further reducing its size it can squeeze into small spaces.Mysterious Lab 4
B12ThetisModel L Biomatch (Ice Mega Man). At a glance, he's an upstanding, kind, model-citizen. But, there's a nasty side to him too. He intends to punish people for polluting the sea with waste.Highway 4
B13BifrostThis stronghold defense Pseudoroid's highly-developed AI delivers a rearward signal to block an enemy's path with an ice wall "Giga Freeze". Bifrost is slow, but get too close and he'll pulverize you.Bio Lab 3
B14PandoraA Mega Man with the specialized ability to control both electricity and ice elements. Usually seen with Prometheus, she's feared by Hunters, who call her "the Witch".Mysterious Lab 3
B15PrometheusA Mega Man with the specialized ability to switch between elemental attacks. Usually seen with Pandora, he's feared by Hunters, who call him "the Grim Reaper".Mysterious Lab 3
B16AeolusModel H Biomatch (Wind Mega Man). Aeolus is very much a perfectionist and a neat freak. He considers everyone besides himself foolish imbeciles who are the reason for the world's discord, and so must eradicated.Floating Ruins 4
B17Model ZXThe form of Biometal Model X Double Megamerged with Model Z. A universal Biometal with the ability to attack close up and far away.Quarry 2
B18RosparkThis limited warfare Pseudoroid is equipped with vine-like tendrils called Spike Manipulators which he uses to attach himself to poles, etc. Rospark He specializes in long-range electroshock attacks.Tower of Verdure 4

Enemy A

M01CankerflyThis thoroughly refined cargo craft is said to be 80% more aggressive than its predecessor, the giant "Rayfly", which is quite an achievement. it has been sent on bombing runs to test its capabilities.Highway 2
M02Capsule ConverterThis security cannon was created using Biometal Model F technology. Because of the thermal runaway incident at the Control Center, it can only operate at 1/5th of its potential.Control Center 2
M03Giganto BoleThis huge tree died some 300 years ago and fused with a Mechaniloid. The top of it is hollow, but if you throw a bomb into it, it will mysteriously spit it back out. Very peculiar.Waterfall Ruins 4
M04King FlyerThis giant fly Mechaniloid is operated by remote control. It uses a special chemical fuel called Methanhydrate and has only recently been put into production. Its numbers are still very limited.Legion HQ2
M05Crushpactor DDExcept for the addition of high powered lasers, this version of the Crushpactor reaffirms its original function and purpose, to break rocks, no matter how hard. Its treads, however; are vulnerable to spikes.Quarry 3
M06CircrushA cross between a Circloon and a Crushpactor, these destructive Mechaniloids were originally created for demolition. Somewhere along the line they started acting strangely and destroying the Highway.Highway 3
M07LangbrachThese Mechaniloids were originally used by the fishing industry. They catch and envelop their prey with very long tentacled arms.Arctic Ice Floe 2
M08SpidrillA large spider type Mechaniloid that lives at the Tower of Verdure. Spidrill needs only use 4 of its 8 legs to support its weight. Its destructive leg drills can easily penetrate 2 ft. thick steel plate.Tower of Verdure 3
M09Spidrill NeoThe remains of a demolished Spidrill brought back to life by a piece of Model W. On the outside, it's no different than a normal Spidrill, but from a performance perspective, it's a different beast.Quarry 4
M10Desert AspisA desert modified version of the giant snake Mechaniloid "Giga Aspis". It trades agility for variegated attack potential. Its head, which is its weak point is a trait left over from its predecessor.Oil Field 2

Enemy B

E01Ice DartsThis hermit crab Mechaniloid can walk upside down on ceilings. Hunters discovered their existence centuries ago. Their extreme cooling power can turn 50 yard swimming pool into an ice skating rink in minutes. Waterfall Ruins 3
E02InvizThis cannon can vanish from sight when it detects an intruder. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. In order not to invade people's privacy, it's has a function known as the Gentleman's Lock. Floating Ruins 2
E03ExspiderThis spider type Mechaniloid accompanies the large Mechaniloid "Spidrill". Set to explode automatically after a set period of time, it is said that they were once used to widen narrow subterranean passageways. Quarry 3
E04ShrimpstrokeThis shrimp Mechaniloid propels backwards through the water. It uses its antennae to feel out enemies and will fire a shot when in range. The revolver-like segment acts like a turbine for propelling it. Bio Lab 2
E05Electric DartsThis hermit crab Mechaniloid can walk upside down on ceilings. Hunters capture Electric Darts and use them as portable batteries. Their life span is dictated by their remaining charge. Waterfall Ruins 1
E06GyrocutterFires ordinance in 2 directions at regular intervals. The razor-sharp propeller blade can slice through just about anything. Control Center 2
E07CannonwalkerThis cannon really does walk. The legs which support its weight have joints which bend the opposite direction of human joints. It doesn't move very fast, but it can move at about the same speed in all directions. Highway 1
E08Galleon AssaultThis close quarters combat Galleon is armed with a large blade. Galleon Assaults have more endurance and are more aggressive than Galleon Hunters. Their attack range is very wide. Oil Field 1
E09Galleon SpiderA Galleon Spider attacks hanging from ceilings and ledges. Its performance figures are similar to those of a Galleon Hunter. An attack to one of its grappling arms will quickly bring it down. Legion HQ2
E10Galleon BazookaThis Galleon attacks using its short range rocket launcher which can also fire heat seeking missiles. When there are no enemies around, it spends most of its time performing maintenance on its artillery. Oil Field 3
E11Galleon HunterThe original model in the Galleon series and the most prevalent type of Galleon. The Galleon Hunter is a true all-'rounder suited to complex tasks. Its AI circuitry is highly advanced. Bio Lab 2
E12Galleon ShockerHas weapons on each arm, an Anode and a Cathode, which it sticks into the ground to produce an intense electrical current. Its body is covered with a special kind of electro-absorptive coating. Mysterious Lab 3
E13Galleon RiderThe Galleon Riders are a motorcycle team. Because of their Pseudoroid DNA, flames make them stronger. But, few Galleons are skilled enough, and most lose control of their motorcycle. Legion HQ1
E14Galleon NogginThis Mechaniloid was created by suspending the head of a Galleon in a special liquid. There are 2 types of Galleon Noggin that differ in their liquid types. Bio Lab 2
E15Cavity CWThis flying Mechaniloid sacrifices its own energy to produce a powerful laser. Just one shot will deplete it of most of its power, so it will quickly run away following an attack. Tower of Verdure 3
E16CaromThis floating security Mechaniloid can fire shots up & down or left & right. If it is on the receiving end of a powerful blast, it'll get sent flying. Tower of Verdure 1
E17CrickaleapIt's said that long ago the world was thrown into terror by these Mechaniloids. 3 years ago there was a large-scale extermination of these pests, but tenaciously, they live on. Floating Ruins 1
E18Funky JunkThis Mechaniloid was created entirely from junk. Funky Junks get lonely easily. They crowd together around people who wander into their habitat. They also seem to enjoy attending an occasional concert. Scrapyard 1
E19CircloonThis odd Mechaniloid flies round and round in circles. Circloons mark their territory by flying circles around it. Territorial disputes between Circloons are common and are rarely ever solved. Oil Field 2
E20PressorThis flying Mechaniloid can nullify frontal attacks. Originally this kind of Mechaniloid was used as a hydraulic press in scrapyards. They are generally found flying in groups of 2 or 3. Scrapyard 3
E21Skull AnchorThis skull-shaped Mechaniloid can expand and contract at will, and borrows its DNA from Pseudoroids that can freeze enemies. Its intelligence rivals that of people. Arctic Ice Floe 2
E22Solid CannonThe Solid Cannon uses the buoyancy of ice to float on the surface of water. The ice at its base contains a special type of very fine titanium, which makes it very strong. Arctic Ice Floe 1
E23SawoodThis Mechaniloid resembles a spinning saw. Attached to walls, it can move about freely. This Mecha used to be used to cut wood. Bio Lab 4
E24ChabanoThis Mechaniloid has a super fast back step. Use caution, as it will swiftly counterattack if attacked. They live together in groups, so if you see one, assume that there are 30 more you can't see. Oil Field 3
E25Disk CannonThese Mechaniloids fire disk shaped cannonballs. They were converted for target practice use. It's said that a good marksman can blow apart a disk as soon as it is launched. Arctic Ice Floe 1
E26BurnerThis Mechaniloid has the DNA data of a Pseudoroid and is well adapted to digging holes in rocks. It drops down from ceilings, plants itself firmly on the ground, and burns like a candle. Control Center 2
E27New RattrapThese Mechaniloid mice tend to come in huge numbers. With so many of them, they are sometimes prone to short-circuit and blow up. Bio Lab 1
E28Nature MineThis small Mechaniloid prefers narrow spaces. It attaches its own genetic material to the ordinance it shoots, and by doing so attempts to reproduce. Oil Field 2
E29VitafulThis insect Mechaniloid pupa looks like an energy item. Generally very docile, if attacked, will change into its adult form and flee. This can cause misunderstanding, but don't take it personal. Tower of Verdure 1
E30BarriodeThe Barriode has a hard body, Pseudoroid DNA, and conceals powerful weapons. The top of its head is its weak sopt, which it protects in its fighting stance. A hatch on its belly opens and releases energy balls. Waterfall Ruins 3
E31Pulse CannonThis cannon locates and shoots down mid-air targets flawlessly. It likely achieves this because it inherits the DNA data of a high speed flying Pseudoroid. Floating Ruins 3
E32DynaflorThis Mechaniloid was found in a facility which is covered with vegetation. It has a habit of storing the power that flows into the facility in its bulbs. It only blooms to discharge stored energy. Tower of Verdure 3
E33Fire DartsThis hermit crab Mechaniloid can move around upside down on surfaces. They were once converted into and sold as portable cooking ranges, until they were recalled after the trouble with them catching on fire. Control Center 1
E34FantacleThis plant-like Mechaniloid lives on the walls of buildings. When it detects an intruder, it spins its razor sharp tentacles. Tower of Verdure 1
E35Fork CannonThis cannon splits into two parts. It fires two cannonballs in different directions at the same time. In addition to its wide attack range, it has the ability to contain the movements of an intruder. Quarry 3
E36Hyper BoleA large tree trunk that became a Mechaniloid over a long period of time. Because it incorporates Pseudoroid DNA data, it has gained the ability to defend itself against attackers. Floating Ruins 1
E37Mini CannonMade to set anywhere, regardless of how small the area, and as easy to install as a light bulb, this lightweight, tiny cannon is mainly used for home security. Train 3
E38Fly Chopper 2This small fly type Mechaniloid hides inside the body of the King Flyer. But this new model was developed to be able to move about independent of the King Flyer. Legion HQ2
E39Hop CannonThis cannon hops continuously. It fires its projectiles, high-resiliency balls from as high up as it can. At its rear, it employs a pump-like catapult system. Hop Cannons are embedded with Pseudoroid DNA. Scrapyard 2
E40Bomb FlowerThe Bomb Flower collects tiny dust particles from the atmosphere and uses them for energy to create tiny bombs. Put simply, the dirtier the air, the more bombs it can make. Control Center 3
E41Pump CannonThis small Mechaniloid has a servo-type cannon it shoots by jumping up and down. At the moment, this is the only one available, but it is rumored that there are various types in production. Bio Lab 1
E42MachYOSThis Mechaniloid is specialized for high-speed flight. When it spots an enemy, it attacks by dropping bombs. It's mainly used for reconnaissance. Legion HQ2
E43MyterysThis enigmatic Mechaniloid dies suddenly. Because their bodies are so fragile and they die so quickly, details about them are scarce. So scarce, in fact, that it's not certain that they are even Mechaniloids at all. Legion HQ4
E44PoyokoThis Mechaniloid has evolved and developed the ability to reproduce. But, as a consequence, its wings have gradually devolved. It's only a matter of time before Poyoko completely lose the ability to fly. Train 3
E45VMettaurThis latest model Mettaur spits mini Mettaur bombs from its mouth. Its cute looks have even earned it nominations to be the mascot for amusement parks. Quarry 3
E46Meteor ThresherLike transervers, this Mechaniloid makes use of data transfer capability technology. Transfer failures sometimes occur. Waterfall Ruins 2
E47RumblefishThis hungry Mechaniloid has eaten everything it can in the sea, so now it has turned its attention to the air. Having inherited violent Pseudoroid DNA, it tricks and then attacks its prey. Waterfall Ruins 2
E48Reflector CannonMounted either on the ceiling or the floor, this cannon fire lasers from its 180 degree rotating barrel. When the lasers strike natural topography, they are reflected. Legion HQ4
E49EnforcerThis policing Mechaniloid enforces speed limits. It chases down offenders, whether they are in a car or not, and warns them about speeding. Highway 1
E50CellwormThis Mechaniloid is made up of small bodies. Except for the head, the other parts are actually baby Mechaniloids. The babies become independent starting at the tail. Scrapyard 3


O01RaidersIllegal Hunters who do not belong to the Hunter's guild. They steal lost technology and deal in illegal merchandise.Oil Field 3
O02ComicSecret Disk that Ray, the "Comic Hunter" had. A digital action comic about the adventures of an unlikely hero, a walking stove.Train 3
O03Sage TrinityThese 3 wise men who control the Federation Government "Legion", Master Thomas, Master Albert, and Master Mikhail, started life as Humans, but took on bionic bodies which have kept them alive for several centuries.Legion HQ3
O04Legendary HeroA collection of rare digital photographs of Legendary Heroes that the Hunter Chris wanted. These Legendary Heroes look more like coalminers in colorful outfits.Hunter's Camp
O05Hunters 1Most of these people earn their living by searching for lost technology buried in ruins, and hunting down dangerous Mavericks for bounties.Hunter's Camp 2
O06Hunters 2Among the Hunters, are café owners, crazy researchers, reporters, nurses, and the list goes on. They're a very colorful bunch of people.Hunter's Camp 3
O07TownspeopleMainly the people who work at the Legion-bound Train Station. They sometimes have valuable items for sale.Train 3
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