US box cover of Mega Man ZX.

Script from the game Mega Man ZX, Aile's story only (See also: Vent's storyline).

Note: Because of the huge amount of dialogue that there is in this game, optional and side missions have been omitted from this script. This script contains only the main missions.

Scene 1: The New World

(The scene opens as a flock of birds flies by. A blond-haired figure stands on a hilltop, speaking into a communicator.)

Giro: Hello! Thank you for calling Giro Express transporters! We can take anything, anywhere!

???: Giro? Is that you?

Giro: Ah, the Guardian... or should I say client.

???: Did you receive the package from the archaeological recon unit?

Giro: Yes, I got it.

ZX aile - giro intro.jpg

???: My unit is heading for the agreed upon rendezvous point. It's a little sooner than expected, but let's meet up there.

Giro: Alright.

(The scene shifts to show Aile looking out over the valley with the Slither Inc. building prominently visible.)

Giro: Hey Aile! You ready to move out?

(Giro walks over to Aile, who was too deep in thought to notice.)

Giro: Aile! Did you hear me!?

ZX intro giro&aile.jpg

Aile: ...

Giro: You can see the Slither Inc. building from here. They sure have done a lot to save this country.

Aile: The country maybe, but ten years ago, their security force couldn't save my mom. We were surrounded by Mavericks... Even now I can still hear the screams of the people. The Mavericks took everything from me.

Giro: I remember the day I found you, all alone. I know it's tough, but I doubt your mother would want you to be so sad. Besides, you're not bad in a pinch. I bet you didn't know that all of our customers like you.

(Aile whirls around.)

Aile: Not bad!? Giro! Is that supposed to be a compliment!?

Giro: Hahaha! Anyway, we have to get moving. The client is already making their way to the rendezvous point.

(Giro and Aile walk back to their motorbikes.)

Aile: Hey Giro, who are those Guardian people we took the job from? They haven't even told us what's in the package they want delivered so badly.

Giro: The Guardians are a defense force that banded together to fight the Mavericks. Right now, they're moving from place to place investigating the cause of Maverick outbreaks. As for the package, try not to ask too many questions. I'm sure it's very important and very dangerous. Don't get too involved or there might be trouble.

(Three energy shots suddenly come from off-screen and hit Giro's bike. They both duck down behind the bikes.)

Aile: W-what's happening!?

Giro: Those are Mavericks! How did they get here!?

(Three Galleons appear and fire again at Giro's bike, which starts to smoke.)

Giro: Ah! They must be after the package!

(The Galleons fire at both bikes and Aile's suddenly explodes, throwing her and the package off the side of the cliff.)

Aile: Yaaah!

Giro: Aile!!

Scene 2: Deliver the Biometal

(The scene fades in to show Aile waking up in the middle of a shady forest next to a river.)

Aile: Ugh...

(Aile stands up.)

Aile: Oww, that was a long fall.

Giro (over radio): Aile! Are you okay!? The package! Do you see it!? It should've fallen near you.

(Aile sees a floating object a short distance away.)

Aile: Is that it?

Giro: Listen! Grab the package. Then take it to the rendezvous point and give it to the Guardians! I'll join you later once I take care of business up here! Protect the package at all costs!

(Aile runs over to grab the strange object, but is stopped by three strangers. Two soldiers aim their guns at Aile.)

Bar: Who are you!? What are you doing here!?

Aile: H-hold on! I'm only delivering a package.

Prairie: Lower your weapons.

(The two soldiers put away their guns.)

Prairie: Are you a transporter?

Aile: Yes, I am... And you must be the Guardians?

Prairie: Yes. We heard an explosion and came to investigate.

(Suddenly a giant snake-like Mechaniloid, Giga Aspis, appears and rears up in front of the group.)

Maquereau: W-what's that!?

Aile: A snake Mechaniloid! Is that thing with the Mavericks!?

(Maquereau and Bar fire at Giga Aspis, but are unable to do any damage.)

Bar: Prairie! It's too dangerous! Take the Biometal and get out of here!

(Giga Aspis whips its tail around and knocks the two soldiers away.)

Maquereau: Aaagh!

(Prairie runs over and kneels by them.)

Prairie: Nooo!

Maquereau: J-just take it... and... go!

(Aile approaches.)

Aile: Hurry! Get up, we need to get away from here! They want the package! You have to leave it behind. If we take it, they're just going to follow us!

Prairie: But I can't let the Biometal fall into the wrong hands!

Aile: Is that Biometal thing that important!? Come on, we have to go!

Prairie: But... Sis... She left that for us. It's too valuable to just give it up now!

(Giga Aspis appears again. Aile dashes in front of Prairie.)

Aile: I know Giro told me not to get too involved... But she seems to think the Biometal is very important. I don't know what I should do...

(The strange object, Biometal Model X, floats down to Aile.)

Model X: Don't worry. I'll lend you a hand.

(Model X starts to glow brightly around Aile.)

Aile: Waaaaaah!

Model X: Biolink Established! M.E.G.A. System Online!

(A new blue-colored armor scheme materializes on Aile. She fires a Buster shot at the Mechaniloid, which reels back in pain. Aile stares down at her new Buster in surprise.)

Aile: *panting* What happened to me? Is this the power of the Biometal!?

Model X: Don't be afraid. I'm Biometal Model X.

Aile: Model... X? The Biometal's talking to me inside my head!

Model X: We have to move away from here or that girl will get caught in the middle. With our combined strength, we can fight them off!

Aile: ...

(Giga Aspis flees off screen. Maquereau sits up and Prairie stands.)

Prairie: She transformed!? Is she one of the chosen ones?

Aile: I just need to make sure this gets to the rendezvous point, right? It's too dangerous for you to follow me, so please just wait here until I can get help! I'm putting my neck on the line, so expect an extra fee when the bill comes!

(Aile starts to run after Giga Aspis.)

Prairie: W-wait!

(Aile stops and turns around.)

Prairie: Thank you for saving me. My name is Prairie.

Aile: And I'm Aile. I'll be your transporter today! Just wait. I'll bring back help!

Prairie: Okay... Be careful Aile!

(Aile fights through the area, destroying several Mavericks. She eventually finds Giga Aspis again, and fights it until she destroys it.)

Aile: Guess that about mops them up. You said your name was Model X. Why did you help me?

Model X: Do I need a reason to help people? You seemed determined to help that girl even though you've never met her before. I just gave your bravery a little power to back it up.

Aile: Power, huh? Well, whatever you did, it saved my hide. Bravery alone isn't enough to fight those things...

Model X: ...

Aile: The rendezvous point should be just up ahead, right? Let's go.

(Aile enters a transerver room and sees Fleuve and a few other Guardians waiting inside.)

Aile: I'm the transporter. I brought the package. Back there a girl named Prairie is waiting and needs your help.

Marue: No way! Come on! Prairie and the others need us!

(Marue and two other Guardians leave, leaving only Fleuve.)

Aile: What's their rush? Those Guardians seem to think Prairie is very important.

Fleuve: Amazing... It looks like you've managed to link up with the Biometal. Anyway, I'm glad it made it to us safe and sound.

Aile: Hey, have you seen Giro? There should have been another transporter. Has he arrived yet?

Fleuve: No. You're the only one that I've seen so far.

(Marue contacts them over radio.)

Marue: This is the rescue squad, we've found the others! We'll treat the wounded and then head on back to HQ.

Fleuve: Hold on. You haven't spotted another transporter out there, have you? Apparently a transporter has gone missing in the area.

Marue: Hey! There's some serious smoke rising from the next area. It's totally like someone has fallen under attack!

Aile: No... Giro! I'm sorry, but I'm going to need to keep the Biometal a bit longer. I have to save him!

Fleuve: What!? You would put the Biometal at risk again!?

Aile: Oh, I see! Now that your precious package is back, you don't care about the guy who risked his life to deliver it!

Fleuve: B-but!

Prairie: Wait! Fleuve! Let her go!

Fleuve: Prairie!?

Prairie: It's okay, Fleuve. She'll keep the Biometal safe from the Mavericks. Aile... You risked your life to save me even though you didn't know me. I have faith in you. I'll clear it with Guardian HQ. Go, help him.

Aile: Thank you, Prairie.

Fleuve: Okay, we'll provide backup then. You may already know this, but these devices known as transervers are scattered throughout the country. With these devices you can save your data and check mission requests. Let's start with saving data.

(Aile chooses whether to save or not.)

Fleuve: I've just received orders from HQ. You currently have two mission requests. One mission is to find your fellow transporter. The other mission is to complete a trial in order to get permission to enter Guardian HQ. Complete the two missions and return the Biometal to HQ. At HQ, we'll sign off on the transporter request and your work will be done. You can decide which mission to start first at the transerver.

Aile: Ten years ago, Giro saved me from the Mavericks... Now it's my turn to return the favor. Hold on Giro, I'm coming!

Scene 3: Locate Giro

(Aile chooses the "Locate Giro" mission and uses the transerver to teleports to Area B. She immediately sees some destroyed Mavericks.)

Aile: It looks like there was a fight here. I can try following this road. Maybe it'll lead to Giro.

Prairie: Aile? Come in Aile. About the Mavericks that attacked us, something with the whole thing is bothering me. There might be a clue in the ruins about what's causing the Maverick outbreaks. Check them out and see if you can find something.

(Aile continues through the area until she comes across a strange chip.)

Aile: What's this? Is this a computer chip?

Prairie: It must be a part that fell off one of the Mavericks. If you bring it back to HQ, we can analyze it. It might give us the lead we need. If you find anything else, bring that back too.

(Aile eventually encounters a large enemy airship. She defeats the ship but is unable to completely destroy it. A red-armored figure jumps in and slashes the ship with a beam saber, destroying it.)

Giro modelZ.jpg

Model Z: So this is the chosen one for Model X?

???: Yes, she's very special to me.

(The figure glows brightly, then appears as Giro.)

Giro: Aile, it looks like you've been chosen by the Biometal too.

Aile: Giro! Just what is Biometal? I don't understand what's going on!

Giro: This is my partner, Biometal Model Z. I'm sorry I kept this a secret from you, but I'm a member of the Guardians. You and me are both chosen ones. We can transform with the power of the Biometal. I was given an order to protect you from the people who are after the power inside you.

Aile: I'm a chosen one?

Giro: I didn't want to hide it from you. I was planning on telling you everything once we safely delivered the Biometal. Aile. Will you join me and the other Guardians? The Biometal is the key to understanding why the Maverick outbreaks are occurring.

Aile: This is all so much for me to take in. I just don't know Giro...

Giro: I don't want to force you to do anything against your will. It's your decision. I'm going to use the transerver to go back to Guardian HQ. I'll be waiting there for your decision. Please don't take too long.

(Giro walks offscreen.)

Prairie (over radio): It sounds like you managed to meet up with Giro. That's a relief. Oh, be sure to go to the transerver in the back room and select Mission Report. Then send confirmation to HQ that the mission has been completed.

Aile: Was Giro with me all those years just because he was ordered to protect the chosen one? I feel so confused...

(Aile returns to the transerver and sends a Mission Report.)

Scene 4: Pass the Test

(Aile chooses the "Pass the Test" mission and uses the transerver to teleports to Area C.)

Prairie: Hold on. It looks like Slither Inc's security force is starting to patrol the area.

Aile: Patrols? That's the first time I've ever heard of them doing those.

Prairie: Slither Inc. must have already heard about the Maverick attack. If you stay transformed, they might think you're in league with the Mavericks and attack you on sight. I'm sure the people around town will also find it hard to approach you if you look like that. In any case, it's too dangerous to walk around town transformed. Be careful.

(Aile finds a Guardian member, Dorado.)

Dorado: You're going to undertake the trial for permission to enter HQ right? There are four Guardians hidden like me throughout town. If you can find all of us, you pass the test. Let the trial begin! Good luck!

(Aile eventually finds a Guardian named Oeillet.)

Oeillet: Hoho! I shoulda known I'd get spotted in this hiding place. You aren't gonna catch my comrades so easily though. They're in places that require more than just strolling on in. Press the +Control Pad diagonally down to crouch while walking. Look around different places, you never know what you might find. I'm heading back to HQ. Good luck with the rest of the trial!

(Oeillet teleports away. Aile continues on and eventually finds another Guardian named Carrelet.)

Carrelet: Oh, looks like you found me! You should be careful of the security patrols. As long as they're giving you the green light, you're safe from attack. But if you're caught with a weapon they will open fire, no questions asked! Anyway, I'm heading back to HQ. Good luck with the trial!

(Carrelet teleports away. Aile continues on and eventually finds a Guardian named Congre near some security Mets.)

Congre: Yikes! Oh! You finally found me. I was afraid of running into the security force and getting hurt. That's why I've been hiding here. *phew* I thought they would find me for sure. Now I can finally head back to HQ.

(Congre teleports away. Aile continues on and eventually finds the last Guardian, Thon.)

Thon: Grahaha! Well done findin' me, little miss! I wish we had more of your kind in the Guardians. But whether you decide to join us or not is up to you. I'll be headin' back. See ya later!

(Thon teleports out. Prairie contacts Aile over radio.)

Prairie: It looks like you found them all. Head to Area C-2 and get the certification for passing the test. That will conclude your trial.

(Aile travels back to Area C-2 and sees Dorado waiting outside a transerver room.)

Dorado: You passed the test. Here, take this.

(Dorado gives Aile a Stuffed Animal.)

Aile: A stuffed animal? *giggle* It's really cute, but is this supposed to be my certification!?

Dorado: You better take care of that. It's one of Prairie's most prized possessions. Anyway, that concludes your trial. There's a transerver in the room behind me. Don't forget to file a mission report!

(Aile goes back to the transerver and does a Mission Report.)

Fleuve: Mission accomplished. Well done. You have permission to travel to HQ. Use the transerver to get here.

Scene 5: Guardian HQ

(Aile teleports in to the Guardian HQ and sees Giro, Prairie, and another Guardian waiting for him.)

Aile: This is the Guardian HQ? I certainly wasn't expecting an airship.

MMZX Scene 04.png

Prairie: The Guardians have to explore the world, so we need a convenient method of staying mobile.

(Prairie walks over to Aile and Giro.)

Prairie: I'm glad you both are okay.

Aile: Hey Prairie, I found a computer chip while I was out there. Here, you should have it.

(Aile gives Prairie the Computer Chip.)

Aile: And I brought back the certification that I passed the trial... I think. Is this it?

(Aile gives Prairie the Stuffed Animal.)

Prairie: Yes, that was a gift from Sis. It holds a lot of memories for me. Thank you for bringing it back.

Giro: Aile! You can't just call her by her first name! Got it? Hmph, kids...

Prairie: Don't worry about it Giro. I want to apologize for the grave danger I put you both in. Let's meet at the command center and I will explain everything there. It's out of this room and to the left.

Giro: *sigh*

Aile: ...

(Prairie, Giro, and the Guardian exit the room and Aile follows after. They meet in the Command Center, where Prairie is sitting at the main computer.)

Prairie: Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to Guardian Headquarters. And...

Prairie airship.jpg

(She stands up) I am Prairie, the commander of the Guardians.

Aile: Wh-what!? Prairie is the commander of all the Guardians!? Th-then that means...

Giro: She's a very important client. Which is exactly why I want you to call her by her proper title.

Aile: But Prairie's my age right? How could a girl my age be commanding the Guardians?

Prairie: The sentient machines known as Mavericks continue to attack people. This terrible situation should not even exist. Hundreds of years ago, man and machine put aside their differences and agreed to a truce. The Guardians have continued to investigate the root cause behind the current Maverick outbreaks. One day we found a research lab belonging to a certain scientist.

Aile: A "certain scientist?"

(Prairie bows her head.)

Prairie: The first commander of the Guardians... The one who disappeared. She was my Sis.

Aile: Oh... I see.

Giro: And we were hauling the Biometal that you found at the research lab.

Prairie: A long time ago, the world humans and machines was saved by a group of legends. Biometal are fragments containing the consciousness of those legendary heroes. There might be some hint regarding the Maverick outbreaks in the data stored at the lab. Fleuve's personal laboratory is right next to the transerver room. Take the Biometal data there for analysis. I'll be here analyzing the computer chip that you brought back.

(Giro and Aile go to Fleuve's lab.)

Fleuve: Oh, good, good. I have been waiting for you! Now, where is this fragment of Biometal?

(Aile gives Fleuve Model X. Fleuve analyzes it on the computer.)

Fleuve: Ah, excellent... Data transfer complete. Much appreciated! You can take the Biometal back now.

(Fleuve gives Model X back to Aile.)

Scene 6: Model ZX

(An alarm suddenly goes off.)

Operator: Mavericks detected in Area D! Mission objectives will be relayed on arrival. Move out and await further orders. I repeat! Mavericks detected in Area D! Mission objectives will be relayed on arrival. Move out and await further orders.

Giro: Area D... That's right next to the Slither Inc. head office!

Fleuve: It's too dangerous for you to go back to town now. We must hurry to the command center.

(Fleuve, Giro, and Aile go to the Command Room.)

Prairie: It looks like our enemy is on the move.

Giro: "Enemy?" So they're not just random Maverick outbreaks?

Prairie: After I did a little snooping on the chip you brought back, I found that there is a program controlling the Mavericks. There is someone behind the Maverick attacks, but they're just making them seem like random raids. They must be trying to steal the Biometal you were carrying.

Aile: Serpent's security force... Where are they? Why haven't they arrived yet!?

Prairie: It takes time for them to be recalled to the head office from their patrol routes in the city. Guardian ground forces are moving to intercept the Mavericks in Area D.

Maquereau: Ground forces reporting! The Mavericks are heading for the residential district. Troops are exchanging fire on the highway in Area D.

Aile: What about the people in town?

(Aile starts to run out of the room.)

Fleuve: Aile!? Where are you going!?

Aile: With the Biometal, I can put up a fight!

(Giro walks towards Aile.)

Giro: Think Aile! If you go running out there with the Biometal, you'll fall right into their hands! You don't know how to fight! It's far too dangerous for you to go out there alone!

Aile: So you're just going to sit back and watch while the Mavericks do this!? The people are going to get hurt when the Mavericks reach them! People just like my mom... You would let that happen again!? Unlike you, I can't just sit there and watch! I'll take every last one of them down!

(Aile runs out the door towards the transerver.)

Prairie: Aile!

Giro: Why won't she ever listen!?

(The scene fades out to show Aile, merged with Model X, running towards Area D. Giro appears, merged with Model Z, and dashes in front of Aile.)

Giro: Hold on, Aile!

(She stops.)

Aile: Giro, I...

Giro: I'm not going to let you go out alone. Whether or not you can handle the Biometal doesn't matter, you're important to me. I will protect you! Come on, let's go!

Aile: Right!

(Giro dashes ahead. Aile follows, fighting through many Mavericks until she comes across a wounded Maquereau.)

Maquereau: Another transporter!? You came too? Giro rescued me and continued on alone. You have to save him!

(Aile rushes ahead and soon finds Giro, still Megamerged, lying on the ground with three unknown Reploids standing over him.)

Aile: Giro!?

???: Ah, you've come. Model X, the blue Mega Man. It's time to see the legend in action.

(The tallest Reploid raises a hand over Giro, who starts to glow.).

Giro: Ugh... Stay... away... It's a trap... Aaaarghh!!

(The three strangers teleport away. Giro gets to his feet, shaking and his eyes glowing red.)

Aile: Giro! What happened!?

Giro: Aile!! Sh-shoot me...

(Giro attacks Aile, who is forced to fight Giro until he stops.)

Aile: Stop it! Giro, you have to fight it!

Giro: Grr... aaagh!

(A thunderbolt suddenly strikes Giro, who crumples to the ground.)

Aile: Girooo!

(Aile runs over to Giro and sees the three strangers watching from a short distance away.)

???: Model X, the blue Mega Man... Model Z, the red Mega Man... Such disappointments. The Biometal the Guardians found might as well have been tin can scrapings.

Aile: Who are you!?

Serpent: The name is Serpent. I rule all that lies before me. I am the Model W Mega Man!

Serpent first.jpg

Aile: Serpent!? You're the president of Slither Inc.!

Serpent: I see my reputation precedes me. You'd do well to remember me, blue Mega Man!

(Aile points her Buster at Serpent, but her arm is shaking.)

Aile: You're the one behind the Mavericks and what happened to Giro!

??? (female): You're shaking... Is it anger... Or fear?

??? (male): Hmph, at least the red one was more of a challenge than this one.

Aile: How could you!?

(Aile starts to charge her Buster.)

Serpent: Prometheus.

Prometheus: Ah, poor blue Mega Man. What you mistake for courage is nothing more than mere recklessness.

Aile: Quiet!

(Aile fires, but Prometheus reflects the shot with his beam scythe and it hits Aile instead.)

Aile: No!

Serpent: Chosen ones like us, who can control the Biometal's M.E.G.A. system and transform. We are called Mega Men. The chosen few are the shepherds for guiding the flock in a new world. But you've proven with your pathetic abilities that not all Mega Men are fit to rule.

(Serpent raises a hand and strikes Aile with another lightning bolt, which forces her to demerge with Model X. Aile collapses to the floor near Giro.)

Aile: Yaaah!

Serpent: Pull the password data out of them.

Pandora: Understood...

(Pandora raises her staff and two pieces of her helmet float over and begin retrieving the data from Aile and Giro.)

Prometheus: That was far too easy. What should we do with them?

Serpent: Leave them to the Mavericks and carry on as you were. A battle between the evil Mavericks and the good Slither Inc. security force. Classic. The people of this town will go on with their lives as usual. We need the facade of peace to continue on just a little bit longer. Eventually they will all become a glorious sacrifice for Model W.

Aile: W-what did you say!?

(Pandora's helmet pieces float back with the data.)

Pandora: Password data retrieval complete...

Serpent: Gyahaha! Now we have all of the passwords. Let's go. It's time to proceed with Project Haven.

(Serpent and Pandora teleport out.)

Prometheus: These two are already finished? This was far easier than he had foreseen...

(Prometheus teleports away.)

Aile: Agh... I... can't move...

Giro: Never... give up... You still have something... you must protect.

Aile: Giro! You're awake!

Giro: Model Z, listen... Don't worry... about me...

Model Z: Do you know what you're asking? Your body is already beyond recovery. If you transform back, you will not survive the wounds...

Giro: Please... lend your strength... to Aile...

Model Z: Alright, I will...

Giro: Aile... don't... give up...

(Giro demerges with Model Z, who floats over to Aile. Giro shimmers, then turns into a red Cyber-elf and flies slowly away.)

Aile: Giro! Giro!!! It's all my fault! I never should have charged into this!

Model X: Aile. This is your last chance. If you combine the power from the two Biometal fragments, you might be able to transform again. I can't be certain whether or not you'll be able to bear the strain when the two fragments are combined.

(A group of Galleons appear and surround Aile, pointing their guns at her.)

Model Z: It's your decision. You alone must make it. Do you have the will to fight? Do you have what it takes to continue where that brave man left off?

(Aile reaches out for the two Biometals.)

Aile: Model X... Model Z... Power... I need your power. I need to protect the people, all of them! Lend me your strength to fight for those I care about!

ModelZX aile.jpg

(Aile merges with both Model X and Model Z, blasting the Galleons away.)

Model X: Aile... our strength...

Model Z: Is yours! And Giro's spirit is also with you!

Aile: Serpent! I'll make you pay for what you did today!!

(Aile runs to the right, only to see Serpent's airship flying away.)

Aile: That's a Slither Inc. airship!

(Aile starts to chase the ship, but it flies away.)

Aile: Giro... I... I...

Prairie (over radio): Aile... The battle between the Mavericks and the security force has begun. You can't stay there. It's too dangerous. Return to HQ immediately.

Aile: Prairie... I will join you in your fight. I won't let them get away with this! I will protect everyone!

(Aile uses the transerver to teleport to Guardian HQ, still merged with Model ZX.)

Aile: I'm such a fool. Giro knew I was in over my head and tried to stop me, but I rushed in anyway. Giro saved me again... Why did I have to be the one to make it out alive?

Prairie: Aile... Don't start thinking like that.

Aile: Huh?

Prairie: Giro gave his life protecting you. Don't ever forget how much he cared about you.

Aile: Giro...

Prairie: We've analyzed the data and foud out a few things. Model W has the power to corrupt machines and humans alike. That's what has been causing the Maverick outbreaks. But Serpent only has the Model W Biometal fragment now. The Model W Core is lying dormant somewhere waiting to be awoken. I'm not sure what that Project Haven Serpent mentioned is... But I think he's going to try and awaken Model W.

Aile: He's going to try and sacrifice everyone. I won't let that happen! Where is the Model W Core now?

Prairie: I'm not sure... Some of the data was corrupt and we couldn't complete the analysis. What I do know is that the six passwords encoded into the Biometal fragments are the keys. Combined they will unlock the seal that contains the core. I managed to get Model X and Model Z first...

Aile: Serpent already has the other four. We're going to have to fight and take them away!

Prairie: I'm going to simulate the data and narrow down the Biometal locations using the Maverick signatures. Once I get a mission plan together, I'll add that information to the transerver. Aile... you're not alone in the way you feel right now. Please don't forget that. Get Serpent... for Giro.

(Aile goes back to the transerver.)

Operator: Aile! I sent a yellow card key to the server. You'll be able to open yellow doors with it.

(Aile receives the Yellow Card Key.)

Scene 7: Find the Survivors

(Aile chooses the "Find the Survivors" mission and uses the transerver to teleport to Area F.)

Prairie: The distress call definitely came from this area. The signal is too weak to pinpoint the exact location.

Aile: I guess it's up to me to find it then. I'll check further back.

(Aile fights through the stage until she detects a radio signal.)

???: ...

Aile: Hello!? Is anyone here? I've come to help!

???: ...

Aile: Hmm... No one's around.

Prairie (over radio): The source of the signal is definitely coming from near your position. The device emitting the signal should be close. Try to locate it.

(Aile eventually enters a room with a dormant computer.)

Aile: Prairie, I'm near the terminal that was sending out the distress call. But I don't see anyone around.

Prairie: What? I wonder what could have happened there?

(The computer suddenly turns on.)

Aile: Hmm.... It looks like there's a data disk still in the terminal.

Computer: I don't have much longer. I pray that this data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

(An old image is shown of several scientists, including Serpent, studying Model W.)

Model w flashback.jpg

Computer: The recon unit has unearthed a strange metal in this area. It seems... conscious. The commander called it "Biometal Model W." We continued to research it, until one day, when we were just about ready to give up... One of our own went mad and destroyed our unit. He erased the data and vanished with the Biometal. His name was Serpent, and he was always the most passionate about our research into the Model W fragment. I will attempt to record what little is known about the cause of his insanity below...

(The computer shuts down again.)

Aile: This is where the data ends...

Prairie: Sis... This is a report from the first commander's recon unit! The distress call must have been activated to make sure someone would find this data. But the recon unit is... gone.

Aile: Prairie... Serpent was a member of the Guardians!?

Prairie: I didn't know either! There was nothing about that in the HQ database!

Aile: Slither Inc. might have the other half of the data. Prairie, where's that enemy Biometal signature?

Prairie: I'm reading the Biometal signature just beyond the locked door. We'll hack the lock from Guardian HQ.

Aile: Thanks Prairie!

(Aile enters an underwater area and eventually enters a large room.)

??? Oh my! What's that disk you've got there? Agh! I thought I told you Mavericks to leave anything of importance to me! Hmph! Worthless fools!

Aile: I should have known you were after this data disk! Where's the rest!?

Lurerre: Oh my my... You must be one of those horrid interlopers trying to stop poor Lord Serpent's plan. Well hmph! I'm not telling you anything, so how do you like that!? I am the lovely Pseudoroid Model L, Lurerre. I'm going to tear you apart piece by piece! Prepare for the end little girl!

(Aile fights and defeats Lurerre.)

Lurerre: Oh my... Oh my... Goodbye cruel world. How could this be! Done in by a creepy little runt!

(Lurerre explodes, and Model L is left behind.)

Model L: I am the Biometal of the Ice, Model L. Thank you for freeing me from that awful body. You're looking for the rest of the data disk right? I'm sorry, but it has already been taken away somewhere. A hundred years have passed since the war, but it looks like some things will never change.

Aile: There's a man named Serpent and he is trying to awaken Model W. I'm going to need your help and the password to stop him.

Model L: Hmm... Model Z, I heard the story about Serpent. I know you were linked with a host body, but I heard he beat you in combat.

Model Z: Yes... My failure led to the death of a good man named Giro.

Model L: I see... Alright, I'll join you. It should be an interesting challenge to take on the one who bested the great Model Z. I'll give you my password, but the data is split into two halves. The other Pseudoroid with my power has the remaining half. I won't be able to give you the complete password until you defeat him.

(Model L joins Aile. Aile heads over to a transerver and reports the mission. While there, she gives Prairie the Data Disk 1, and receives a Blue Card Key.)

Scene 8: Search the Plant

(Aile chooses the "Search the Plant" mission and uses the transerver to teleport to Area E.)

Prairie: The plant... It's still active and producing energy. According to the database, it has been offline ever since the Maverick raid. There's something fishy going on. Be careful, Aile.

(Aile fights through the Mavericks in the area until she comes across a room full of hundreds of Cyber-elves in many different containers.)

Aile: What are these things? I saw one when Giro disappeared.

Prairie: This signature... Cyber-elves!?

Aile: Cyber-elves? What's a Cyber-elf?

Prairie: Sentient programs created with pure energy and made in the image of elves. I don't understand why there are so many of them here. That power plant... It must be using the Cyber-elves to generate power!

Aile: It looks like we found out what's up with this place.

Prairie: Unbelievable! Cyber-elves are all sentient beings like the rest of us! Aile, please, you must shut down that power plant!

(Aile continues through the stage until she sees the silhouette of a winged Pseudoroid, who jumps down to hover in front of her.)

???: Hmph. Now how did a little girl come wandering all the way out here? I should have known better than to rely on Maverick grunts.

Aile: You're one of Serpent's men? For a Maverick, you sure are chatty.

Hivolt: You've done your research. It looks like I can skip the introduction. However, make no mistake, I'm not just a simple puppet like those Mavericks. I'm an artificial Mega Man created to draw out the power of the Biometal. I'm the Model H Pseudoroid, Hivolt. Have no fear. It'll all be over soon. You'll feel just a little jolt before you sleep forever!

(If Hivolt defeats AIle)
Hivolt: Curiosity got the cat, and your curiosity just got you.

(If Aile defeats Hivolt)
Hivolt: Hah... The energy we've produced here is already well on its way to Lord Serpent. All that's left is for him to hack into the Model W Core. Poor misguided fool. Your end draws near as a new age is beginning!

(Hivolt explodes, and Model H is left behind.)

Model H: I am the Biometal of the Wind, Model H. Thank you for saving me, young hero.

Aile: Please, I need your help Model H. I have to defeat Serpent and prevent the resurrection of Model W.

Model H: Do you think that will end this?

Aile: Huh?

Model H: All of this was started by a single man. Even if you destroy the Model W Core and stop Serpent... What's to stop another madman from rising up and taking his place?

Aile: How am I supposed to know that? What I do know is that Serpent is deceiving all of the people in this country. I'm the only one that sees through it! I can't just let this happen!

Model H: Hmph. Those humans we fought so hard to protect hundreds of years ago have been lulled into a false sense of security by the empty promise of peace. But I still believe our fighting had meaning. So, young hero, yes I will lend you my strength. Serpent has separated my data into two halves. There is another Pseudoroid with the other part. If you can defeat it, I will be able to give you my password.

(Model H joins Aile. Aile heads over to a transerver to report the mission and receives the Green Card Key.)

Scene 9: Secure the Biometal

(Aile chooses the "Secure the Biometal" mission and uses the transerver to teleports to Area H.)

Prairie: Aile! Mavericks are concentrating in that area! It looks like they're after the Biometal too, so be careful!

Aile: ...

Prairie: Aile? Did you hear me? What's wrong?

Aile: Oh! I'm okay. I'm going to proceed with the mission now. I can't believe I have to fight here...

(Aile fights through the abandoned amusement park until she encounters a giant Met. She fights and destroys it.)

Aile: Hmm, this isn't the one with the Biometal. I wonder where it could be?

Prairie: Aile, what's going on? You've been acting strange ever since this mission started.

Aile: Prairie, can you tell me where that Biometal signature is coming from!? Just hurry up and tell me!

Prairie: Aile, calm down! What's going on with you?

Aile: Ten years ago I was attacked by Mavericks... I was separated from my mom during the panic, and Giro is the one that found and rescued me.

Prairie: You were there ten years ago during the Maverick raid...

Aile: This place has a lot of memories for me, both good and bad. I just don't want anything to happen to those memories. I want them to stay the way they are.

Prairie: Now I understand. I'm sorry, I...

Aile: No, I'm sorry. I was getting all worked up with the memories of my mom and Giro flooding back.

Prairie: Aile, please remember that you are never alone. You've got me and the other Guardians... And you've got Giro watching over you too. We'll save this country together.

Aile: Thank you Prairie. Recommencing mission!

(Aile continues through the stage until he finds a mandrill-like Pseudoroid.)

Purprill: Ook! Ook! So a Maverick has come to take me back eh? Lord Serpent just doesn't understand how to treat his employees!

Aile: So you're the one with the Biometal! I'm sorry but I'll be taking it now.

Purprill: Oh, so you're not one of the Mavericks? Then get out of my park!

Aile: I'm the one with the memories here. You get out of my park!

Purprill: Ook? You aren't actually going to challenge an officer of Slither Inc. are you? This should be interesting. I'll show you just how powerful the Pseudoroid Purprill really is!

(If Purprill defeats Aile)
Purprill: Ook! Ook! That'll teach you to interrupt me with nonsense about memories. I'm an executive officer! Did you really think I'd be done in by the likes of you?

(If Aile defeats Purprill)
Purprill: N-nooo! I'm to powerful to be beaten! I'm an... officer... I should be... unstoppable... Ooook!!!

(Purprill explodes, and Model P is left behind.)

Model P: Drowning in his own power... What an appropriate end for a low-life that wanted it so badly. I am the Biometal of the Shadows, Model P. You fought bravely. Model X, since you are lending your power to this one, am I to assume the time has come?

Model X: It has. Someone is trying to revive Model W. Will you help us stop him?

Model P: It is our destiny across the ages to protect the world of Man. Let us once again become humanity's blade for striking down evil. I apologize that I cannot hand over the password. Serpent split my data up into two parts. The other part is contained in a different Pseudoroid. As long as that Pseudoroid is operational, you will never reach Model W.

Aile: I better stay alert if there's another enemy out there with the power of Model P.

(Model P joins Aile. Aile heads over to a transerver to report the mission and receives the Purple Card Key.)

Scene 10: Fight the Mavericks

(Aile chooses the "Fight the Mavericks" mission and uses the transerver to teleport to Area G. She immediately sees Maquereau, injured, outside of the burning building.)

Maquereau: Oww... The other Guardians went further on to try and save more people. They were surrounded by Mavericks and haven't come back. Use this old portable transerver. Please, you have to save everyone!

(Aile enters the building and finds Chene, another Guardian.)

Chene: I came here to try and help people, but I can't get through the flames. You could use the dash jump to leap over them! Please! Do whatever you can to help the others!

(Chene teleports away. Aile finds Allen, a little boy, on the lowest floor.)

Allen: Nooo! I can't find Bosch! Someone! Please save him!

(Allen teleports away. Aile finds Platane, another Guardian, on the 5th floor.)

Platane: Thank you for coming to save us! Just remember to transform back to normal before talking to people. Otherwise they'll be too afraid to accept your help. Of course us Guardians know you and won't be afraid.

(Platane teleports away. Aile finds Gayark, a Slither Inc. employee, in the 1st room.)

Gayark: Why me!? How did I end up in this mess? Hey, you there! Would you give me a hand? I'll make it worth your while! This is nothing compared to the value of a life. Please take it. It's yours!

(Gayark gives Aile 100 E-Crystals and teleports away. Aile finds an old man named Kaspar in the 2nd room's window.)

Kaspar: I was too slow and couldn't escape in time. If you hadn't come along, I would have become one extra crispy old man. There are a lot of others that need rescuing.

(He teleports away. Aile finds Banite, another Guardian, in the 3rd room.)

Banite: You there! Are you here to help with the rescue operation? Beyond that window, one of us went inside to help, but the fire has surrounded them and now they are trapped. If you stand in front of the window and press up on the +Control Pad, you can enter inside.

(Banite teleports away. Aile jumps through the window and finds Sole, another Guardian.)

Sole: We came to help too, but we got surrounded by the flames. There are others who need your help in the area. Please, you have to help them! Oh! By the way, make sure you aren't transformed when you talk to the townspeople.

(Sole teleports away. Aile finds a girl named Sonya in the 4th room.)

Sonya: Thank you for saving me. There are other people trapped here too. You can reach the next building over from the top floor... The sprinkler system controls are over there and locked. Take this key and you should be able to access them.

(Sonya unlocks the 8th room before teleporting away. Aile jumps through the window of the 5th room and finds a girl named Thalia.)

Thalia: It's so hot and scary... Where are mommy and daddy? I want to see mommy and daddy! I wanna go home!

(Thalia teleports away. Aile finds a girl named Silvia in the 5th room.)

Silvia: I sprained my ankle and fell behind. I was worried I wouldn't make it out of here alive since I couldn't move. I'm so lucky you came along when you did! Please, take this.

(Silvia gives Aile an energy capsule and teleports away. Aile finds a boy named Malisan through the window of the 6th room.)

Malisan: Did you come to help us? Thank you... I think someone is controlling the Mavericks. This fire is all his fault! He should be at the top of this building, getting ready to head to the next one over. You've got to teach him that if you play with fire, you get burned!

(Malisan teleports away. Aile finds a man named Luke on the 7th floor.)

Luke: *cough cough* Who are you? Did you come to save us? As you can see, this room is covered in smoke. Some of the people escaped through the room windows. They might still be waiting for help on the other side.

(Luke teleports away. Aile continues through the facility until she encounters another Pseudoroid.)

???: Ah the Guardian's Mega Man has arrived... To think their great hero would be just a little girl. But I suppose if the Mavericks have chosen you, then you must be the one.

Aile: Mavericks choosing me? What are you talking about!?

???: The Mavericks were not causing all of that trouble just for fun you know. They were trying to locate the perfect vessel for Model W. It is all tied into the holders of the Biometal. The chosen ones. The Mega Men. You. After all, you survived the Maverick raid those many years ago.

Aile: Are you trying to say the Mavericks let me live!? That can't be!

Fistleo: Ah, it appears you are not willing to accept the truth. It does not matter, Model W will have the sacrifice it requires. The name is Fistleo, I am the Model F Pseudoroid. If you will not accept your destiny, then you will have to accept your end.

(Aile fights and defeats Fistleo.)

Fistleo: How could this happen!? I was transformed into a Pseudoroid... I was supposed to have the power of a god... But I was beaten by a little girl!

(Fistleo explodes, and Model F is left behind.)

Model F: Yahoo! Thanks for saving me! I am the Biometal of the Flame, Model F! Let's get a move on! Who are we gonna take down next?

Aile: W-wait! I haven't even explained anything yet!

Model F: I know, I know, Serpent is up to something sneaky with that Model W. It's all so complicated. I don't really know what's going on. I just know that he used my power to do his dirty work. If you're out for payback, I'm your model! Got a problem with that?

Aile: Well no...

Model F: Oh, the password. Sorry, but I can't give the whole thing to you yet. Serpent split my power down the middle and the other part is with another Pseudoroid. If you can take that one down, I can give you the password.

(Model F joins Aile. Aile heads over to a transerver to report the mission and receives the Red Card Key.)

Scene 11: Attack on Guardian HQ

(Prairie contacts Aile after she finishes her 4th mission report.)

Prairie: Aile! Can you hear me!? Come in! HQ radar has spotted multiple Slither Inc. airships! Their fleet is flying full speed straight at us! Aile! Get back here! We need your help!

(Aile teleports back to Guardian HQ and rushes to the Command Center.)

Aile: Prairie, what's the current situation with the enemy fleet!?

Prairie: Not good! They're right on top of us! This ship wasn't designed for heavy battle. If the enemy boards us, we're done for!

(An alarm goes off as the ship shakes.)

Operator: Slither Inc.'s fleet has fired an opening volley! Returning fire!

Prairie: All hands man the port and starboard machine guns! Don't let them get any closer!

(The ship shakes again.)

Prairie: Aile! You have to get to the deck and do what you can to stop those boarding parties!

Aile: I'm on it! I won't let anyone get hurt! I'll keep every last Guardian safe!

(Aile dashes to the top of the ship to see numerous Galleons boarding. She destroys several enemy deployers only to see Prometheus and Pandora dash inside, along with more Galleons.)

Aile: Wait a second. I've seen them before!

Prairie: Enemy troops have boarded the ship! They're heading for the engine room down below! You have to get down there and protect the engines! Hurry!

Aile: Hmph! I'll stop 'em!

(Aile rushes down to the engine room. She sees Prairie, Maquereau, Prometheus, and Pandora already there.)

Maquereau: Hey you! Stand away from the reactor!


(Maquereau fires, but Pandora blocks the shots with her shield.)

Pandora: Move aside...

(Aile enters the room and dashes in front of Maquereau.)

Aile: Prairie! Are you okay?

Prairie: Aile!

Pandora: You... The girl from before... Model X... Model Z... together...

Prometheus: Or should we just say Model ZX now? I came here to crush the Guardians once and for all, but it's such a shame it has to end so easily. I'll find out whether or not you're worthy of being a pawn in his grand game!

Aile: Game!? Who's game!?

Pandora: Prometheus... It's not fair...

Prometheus: Don't worry, I'll be sure to leave some fun for you. That is unless she's too fragile and gets blown to pieces.

(Prometheus activates his beam scythe. Pandora teleports out.)

Prairie: Aile!

Aile: Stay back Prairie! I'll take care of him!

(Prairie and Maquereau leave. Aile battles Prometheus and eventually defeats him.)

Prometheus: Interesting... You're more powerful than I expected. You are worthy of being one of us. Consider yourself part of the game!

Aile: One of you!? You must be joking!

Prometheus: Your name was Aile, wasn't it? Well, I like your spirit, so I'll let you off this time!

(Prometheus floats upwards. Aile runs towards him.)

Aile: W-wait!

Prometheus: Aile! You still have a long way to grow before you can hope to challenge us. Come to us when you are ready! Model W will be waiting with open arms!

(Prometheus teleports away. Prairie runs back into the room.)

Prairie: Aile! Are you alright?

Aile: Who... am... I?

Operator: Commander Prairie! The enemy fleet is moving away!

Prairie: The enemy has retreated. I want a damage report! And make sure the wounded get priority.

Operator: Understood.

Prairie flashback.jpg

Prairie: Aile, come back to the command center.

(Aile and Prairie return to the command center.)

Aile: You have to tell me everything you know! Who am I? Why was Giro watching over me all of those years!?

Prairie: Calm down Aile! I don't know much about what's going on either. The one that gave Giro the order to protect you was the first commander.

Aile: By first commander, you mean your sister, right?

MMZX Scene 12 (Aile).png

Prairie: The order was to protect anyone that survived the Maverick raid. At first I didn't understand why she would give such an order. But when I saw Giro transform into the Model Z Mega Man, I finally understood the reason. Survivors of Maverick raids share the ability to transform with the power of the Biometal. People like you and Giro. I'm telling you the truth when I say that's all I know. I have no idea why some are chosen to be Mega Men while others are not. I'm guessing the only one who knows the real truth behind all of this is Serpent.

Aile: So if I want the truth, I'm going to have to keep fighting. Alright then, give me my next mission. I have to find out just who I really am!

Scene 12: Save the People

(Aile accepts the mission "Save the People." She heads over to Area I.)

Prairie: The life signs look like they're located in the very back of the area. Since you defeated the one in charge of the power plant operation, some of the equipment isn't functioning now. If you could just find a way to get the electricity flowing...

Aile: Alright, I'll find some way to get the power back on.

(Aile fights through the stage, destroying various Mavericks, until she encounters another Pseudoroid.)

Hurricaune: Let me guess, you're here to save the poor folks in the next room? Quite the little heroine aren't you? They're valuable sacrifices for the resurrection of Model W. Cyber-elves exposed to data on fear are the key to reviving Model W. I am the Model H Pseudoroid, Hurricaune! You're about to become the next sacrifice. Just make sure to scream for me!

(Aile fights and defeats Hurricaune.)

Hurricaune: Hah... Not bad... Do whatever you want with the people in the next room... It won't matter anyway. Model W's awakening will still come to pass! Ahahaha!

(Hurricaune explodes, and the second half of Model H is left behind.)

Model H: It looks like you've recovered the password and my power. I am grateful. However, it will take time to reassemble the password into something you can use. Please be patient.

(The other half of Model H joins Aile. Aile enters the next room and sees several townspeople being held behind an energy barrier.)

Prairie: The people are in that room. You have to free them.

(Aile destroys the barrier.)

Leonardo: W-we're saved!!! We were just about to become Cyber-elves! Thank you for rescuing us!

Aile: You were going to "become" Cyber-elves? What do you mean?

Leonardo: Those bad guys, they steal our memories and change us into Cyber-elves. They were also trying to scare us before we changed. I saw them... I saw the others changing one-by-one into those Cyber-elves.

Prairie: So that's how they were able to create so many of them... They're even crueler than I had imagined. We'll send the people back to town. Thank you for saving them, Aile.

(The townspeople teleport away. Aile heads over to a transerver to report the mission.)

Scene 13: Recover the Disk

(Aile chooses the "Recover the Disk" mission and uses the transerver to teleport to Area J.)

Prairie: The data disk contains the report that Sis was working on while she was in the recon unit.

Aile: So that disk is going to contain the rest of the data that was missing from the one we found at the distress call terminal.

Prairie: We found the enemy delivery unit along with a Biometal signature. There must be something important stored on that disk. The Biometal signature is further back in the same area. Be careful Aile.

(Aile fights through the area and eventually encounters a large Pseudoroid.)

???: Hwahaha! So you're the great Mega Man that keeps trying to interfere with our plans. I suppose it's asking too much to expect someone so young to understand what we're trying to do. You should respect your elders and listen to us old folk.

Aile: You're asking for respect when you're going around hiding the truth from people? Yeah, you're a great role model.

Leganchor: Hwahaha! Sometimes ignorance is bliss little one! I am the Model L Pseudoroid, Leganchor. It looks like I'll have to teach you some respect.

(Aile fights and defeats Leganchor.)

Leganchor: Why... Why do you fight so hard? Why do you risk your life for those fools? Youth is wasted... on the young...

(Leganchor explodes, and the second half of Model L is left behind.)

Model L: How could anyone give my power to someone like that!? I'm sorry, it'll take some time to recover the password. I'll make sure it's available before you have to take on Model W.

(The second half of Model L joins Aile. Aile picks up Data Disk 2.)

Prairie: Aile, the data disk, is...

Aile: Yes, the recon unit report is on it.

???: Serpent wiped out the recon unit and vanished with the Model W fragment. Others had come into contact with the fragment, so I don't understand the reason Serpent was the only one affected. If I recall correctly, there was one thing that was different. He was a Maverick raid survivor. His passion for research must have been linked to his fear. Model W must have been able to manipulate his emotions. However, that still leaves the question of what Model W is after... I don't have much longer. I pray that this data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Prairie: Serpent was awfully worried about the data leaking out. He must have known the reaction the people of this country would have if they knew the truth. Send the data disk along with your mission report. We can't allow the information contained on it to get out until we know exactly what it is.

Aile: So Serpent is a survivor of Maverick raids just like me... If he became what he is now. What's to stop me from becoming the same thing?

Prairie: Aile, you won't become the same as him. Remember the courage you showed when you saved me. If you hold onto that purity, you won't stray from the right path.

Aile: ...

(Aile goes back to the transerver and sends the mission report along with Data Disk 2.)

Scene 14: Attack the Excavators

(Aile chooses the "Attack the Excavators" mission and uses the transerver to teleport to Area K.)

Prairie: The dig sites looks like it continues deep underground. Try to find a way down there.

(Aile fights through the stage, ending up deep underground. She encounters Maquereau again.)

Maquereau: We were sent here to check out the trap in the area. According to reports, lava flows through the next area and sweeps intruders away. That lava will do you in if you come into contact with it.

(Aile encounters another Pseudoroid a short time later.)

Flammole: Hmm? Oh... It's you. You're the one goin' around stealin' the Biometal. I could feel your presence a mile away. It was drilling straight through the ground to me. Lord Serpent said there was an even more powerful Biometal buried deep beneath the surface. But! Nothin' is comin' up! I am the Model F Pseudoroid, Flammole. I'll take ya down and the Biometal you stole will be back, safe in our hands!

(Aile fights and defeats Flammole.)

Flammole: I see now... You weren't the one I sensed... It musta been... Model W? Or... Is it somethin' else entirely!? Aaagh!

(Flammole explodes, and the second half of Model F is left behind.)

Model F: Haha! What a waste that a loser like that had my power! Sorry, but it'll be some time before I can recover that password. Don't worry, I'll get it for you.

(The other half of Model F joins Aile. Aile goes back to the transerver and sends the mission report.)

Scene 15: Protect the Lab

(Aile chooses the "Protect the Lab" mission and uses the transerver to teleport to Area L.)

Prairie: Aile! The enemy has commenced their attack! If we don't hurry, all of the data in the research lab will be lost! The room with the data should be up ahead!

(Aile fights through the Mavericks in the stage until she eventually encounters a large, heavily armored Pseudoroid.)

Protectos: You've come at last... The foolish Mega Man who has sided with the Guardians. All of the data that was found here is now in my internal data disk. I just need to destroy this room with you in it, and all of the loose ends will be tied up. I am the Model P Pseudoroid, Protectos! I will crush anyone that stands in our way!

(Aile fights and defeats Protectos.)

Protectos: Ugh! No! How could anyone break through my armor! Rrraaagh!

(Protectos explodes, and the second half of Model P is left behind, along with Data Disk 3.)

Model P: Oh how the mighty have fallen. Strong armor is nothing compared to the power of will. It will take some time before I am capable of recovering the password. The password will be ready when you need it.

(The other half of Model P joins Aile.)

Prairie: That data disk was left behind by Sis. It had to be. Make sure you don't forget to pick it up.

(Aile picks up the Data Disk 3.)

???: Biometal Report Classification #555913 *Chosen One* This message is intended for the chosen one who will someday find the Biometal I have created. In order... fight... Model W... causing the Maverick...

Aile: No good. It looks like the data is corrupt.

Prairie: We might still have something that can recover the data at HQ. Please send it to us along with your mission report.

(Aile goes back to the transerver to send the mission report, along with Data Disk 3.)

Scene 16: Faded Memories

(Prairie contacts Aile over radio after the last mission report has been submitted.)

Prairie: We finally have all six Biometal fragments. We must regroup and prepare. Head back to HQ.

(Aile uses the transerver to teleport back to Guardian HQ. She goes into the Command Room to find Prairie waiting for her.)

Prairie: Good work. We've successfully recovered the content on the data disk you brought back from the research lab. It was left behind by Sis after all.

Aile: It seemed to be a report on the Biometal. There was some kind of message on it too.

Prairie: The message is to the chosen one. In other words, you. I'm going to play it back now.

Aile: ...

????: Biometal Report Classification #555913 *Chosen One* This message is intended for the chosen one who will someday find the Biometal I have created. In order to fight against Model W, which has been causing the Maverick outbreaks, I have constructed Model X and Model Z with the data I have obtained on ancient heroes. There is still so much I don't understand... And I was forced to use the research on Model W as a basis for constructing the other two models. In other words, the ones with the potential to use Model X and Z, are the same ones with the potential to unleash Model W. As a chosen one, you have the power to save or destroy the world. I can only hope you use the power for good and that you will decide to guide the people to a bright future.

Aile: ...

Prairie: The chosen one can decide their own path. They can become a hero, or they can control the world. That explains why Prometheus said you were one of them.

Aile: The power within me is for protecting the people and ideals I care about. I refuse to be anything like Prometheus and the others!

Model X: I'm relieved to hear you say that, Aile. It looks as if all of the passwords have been reassembled. With them, you can enter the ruins where the Model W Core lies.

Aile: We should hurry! They're already digging and must be close to the core by now.

Prairie: You're right! I'll enter the mission data into the transerver right away! Aile, I believe in you.

Scene 17: Stop the Dig

(Aile chooses the "Stop the Dig" mission and uses the transerver to teleport to Area M. She soon comes to a locked door with six glowing rocks around it, each with the initial of one of the Biometals.)

Aile: Model W must be nearby.

Model Z: We'll open the door when you're ready.

Aile: I'm ready. Open it.

Model X: Everyone... Input your passwords.

(The six Biometals demerge and hover around Aile.)

Model H: I am the wind that blows through the sky, Ventus Airus.

(A green light floats from Model H and lands on its respective lock.)

Model L: I am the water that flows across the land, Glacius Passio.

(A blue light floats from Model L and lands on its respective lock.)

Model F: I am the fire that brings heat to all life, Flamma Wies.

(A red light floats from Model F and lands on its respective lock.)

Model P: I am the shadow that never leaves the side of justice, Umbra Profess.

(A purple light floats from Model P and lands on its respective lock.)

Model X: I am the light that illuminates all possibilities, Lumine Infinitus.

(A pale blue light floats from Model X and lands on its respective lock.)

Model Z: I am the courage that fights for beliefs, Fortitude Creed.

(A pale red light floats from Model Z and lands on its respective lock. All six of the lights converge on the topmost lock and the door is unlocked. Models X and Z merge again with Aile.)

Model X: Let's go!

Model Z: The rest is up to you.

(Aile continues through the door and fights through the rest of the stage until she comes to a large room. Serpent teleports in.)

Serpent: Well well, it looks like you found me. I never imagined that you could survive this long, child.

Aile: Serpent!

Serpent: It's a shame you're too late. Witness the power to control the world! The true form of Model W!

(Aile notices a giant spiked machine in the background.)

Aile: !!!

Serpent: Do you feel it!? Its glorious presence is starting to rise! Even the precious Biometal in your possession is insignificant compared to the might of Model W! Finally, the power is mine! All of it! Pandora!

Serpent - modelWcore.jpg

(Pandora teleports in.)

Serpent: The young lady has honored us with her presence. Make sure to take good care of her.

Pandora: I will...

Serpent: Project Haven is now in its final stage! Gaze upon the beginning of a brand new age!

(Serpent teleports away.)

Pandora: Model ZX... Mega Man... You will not... interfere...

(Aile fights and defeats Pandora. The room starts shaking and the giant machine starts to rise.)

Aile: No! Model W!

Pandora: The wheel of fate... in motion... No on can stop... our destiny of destruction... Not you... Not Serpent... No one...

Aile: Huh!?

(Pandora teleports away. The ground stops shaking.)

Aile: Destiny of destruction!? Just what are they up to!?

Prairie (over radio): Aile! The Slither Inc. fleet is on the move!

Aile: I couldn't stop them from digging up Model W! Can you catch them?

Prairie: We'll do what we can! Hold on! Wh-what's this!? There is a massive outbreak of Mavericks detected in the western region of Area D! The readings are off the chart and interfering with our ability to track Model W!

Aile: Serpent. How appropriate that you would slither away from me like a snake in the grass!

Prairie: I've added the mission data for the Mavericks! Get prepared and start the mission ASAP! I'll do what I can to get a fix on Model W's signature!

Aile: Please do what you can!

(Aile returns to the transerver and sends the mission report.)

Scene 18: Repel the Army

(Aile chooses the "Repel the Army" mission and uses the transerver to teleport to Area O.)

Prairie: Aile! You made it to Area O. The Maverick army is drawing closer to the residential district with every passing second. We need to stop them and avoid as many Guardian casualties as possible. Find the Maverick leading them and take it out!

(Aile fights through the Mavericks in the stage until she encounters Prometheus and Pandora.)

Aile: Surprise, surprise. You two are the ones behind all this, Pandora and Prometheus!

Prometheus: Well, we've finally drawn the curtain and have arrived at our final act! All of the chosen Mega Men are together for the grand finale. We are all the same. Lives brought together by some cursed fate that hangs over our heads.

Aile: I'm nothing like you!

Pandora: On the contrary... You are the same... A Mega Man... Holder of the power... Controller of Biometal...

Prometheus: Serpent has done well for us. Just digging up Model W was enough for him to serve his purpose. Too bad Model W is too much for his weak will to handle and he'll end up losing more and more of his soul as time passes.

Aile: So you've been using Serpent the whole time!

Pandora: It's too late... Model W... about to awaken.

Prometheus: We'll keep you occupied while you wait Mega Man... Model ZX!

(Aile fights and eventually defeats Prometheus and Pandora.)

Aile: What are you trying to accomplish!? And why do I have to be involved in all of this!?

Pandora: It is destiny... Mega Men must fight until only one remains.

Prometheus: Hah-hahaha! If you want to know the truth, you'll have to fight! You. Serpent. Us. We are all just pawns on the great board. His board.

(Prometheus and Pandora teleport away.)

Prairie: The Maverick activity is finally subsiding. You must have taken out their leader!

Aile: This fight is far from over. Have you managed to narrow down Model W's location?

Prairie: I'm sorry. We're going to need a little more time with that. Aile, come back to Guardian HQ while we try to find it.

Scene 19: Model W's Location

(Aile and Prairie meet in the Command Center of Guardian HQ.)

Prairie: Aile. We've tracked down Model W's location. It's in the tallest building right in the center of the country - Slither Inc's head office. I'm detecting a huge concentration of energy amassing within the building. Something big is about to happen. It's going to be dangerous.

Aile: It probably will be, but I don't have much choice now.

Prairie: Aile, I know it's a little late for this, but... I'm so sorry that I didn't tell you about Giro and his mission to watch over you. Please believe me when I say that we didn't want to deceive you. Giro's face always lit up so much when he talked about you... Giro... He loved you very much.

Aile: Prairie, did you have feelings for him...?

Prairie: W-what!?

Aile: Hahaha! Maybe Giro resembles someone you cared about. Every time you talk about him, you look so happy. Don't worry, I won't hold it against you if you did like him. It's thanks to all of you that I'm finally able to fight for what's important.

Prairie: Aile...

Aile: I'll be right back. I'm going to finish this battle. For the people of this country, and to honor the memory of the man we cared about.

Prairie: The final mission data has been added to the transerver. Aile, make sure you come back to us, okay?

Scene 20: Destroy Model W

(Aile chooses the "Destroy Model W" mission and uses the transerver to teleport to Slither, Inc.'s HQ. While fighting through the stage, she finds a room full of teleporters and rematches against all of the defeated Pseudoroids.)

Hivolt: The curtain is rising on a new age! Unfortunately, you won't be around to see it. The light of the new world burns too brightly for people like you!

(Aile fights and defeats Hivolt.)

Hivolt: *cough cough* I have no fear of the end! My spirit will fuse with Model W and Lord Serpent!

(Hivolt explodes.)

Hurricaune: Hmph. You're a real pest! Still trying to fight the inevitable. Lord Serpent will be victorious! I'll carve you up and then you'll realize how futile your battle was!

(Aile fights and defeats Hurricaune.)

Hurricaune: Agh! I will continue to live on as one with Model W... I don't care how long it takes, I will defeat you!

(Hurricaune explodes.)

Lurerre: Unbelievable! You've been bothering poor Lord Serpent this whole time! You little brat! I'm going to grind you up!

(Aile fights and defeats Lurerre.)

Lurerre: Oh! Lord Serpent... Take my spirit... it's yours to have! As for you, I hope you get squished like the bug you are!

(Lurerre explodes.)

Leganchor: Youth truly is wasted on the young. You still continue to defy Lord Serpent!? You're blind to reality! The world that Lord Serpent is building is the next step in humanity's evolution!

(Aile fights and defeats Leganchor.)

Leganchor: If only you could become one with Model W, you too would understand the truth. We must evolve... with a new world...

(Leganchor explodes.)

Fistleo: Another chance to fight the kid. My spirit is on fire! Alright little girl! Show me your strength!

(Aile fights and defeats Fistleo.)

Fistleo: Even if it is only in spirit, I will continue to fight! I will become one with Model W! This... this is what Serpent must have been saying about the power of a god! It is incredible... Simply incredible!

(Fistleo explodes.)

Flammole: Haha! You should thank me. I went through all the trouble of diggin' your grave! Now I just have to bury ya!

(Aile fights and defeats Flammole.)

Flammole: I can sense the shockwaves of Model W ripplin' underground... Feel free to take your dirt nap when Model W is done with you!

(Flammole explodes.)

Purprill: Ook! Ook! It's a miracle! I'm back and feeling great! I'm sorry, this won't be a fair fight! I'll probably take you down with one hit!

(Aile fights and defeats Purprill.)

Purprill: Ook... Ook! Done in again! Oh well, at least I was back for a little while. Lord Serpent! Take my spirit, I freely give it to Model W!

(Purprill explodes.)

Protectos: I never expected you to make it all the way to our head office... But this is where your journey ends. Your smug sense of righteousness will be your undoing!

(Aile fights and defeats Protectos.)

Protectos: Lord Serpent... He will leave a big footprint in history! The footprint left behind where he crushes you!

(Protectos explodes. Aile continues through the area until she finds a room full of hundreds and hundreds of Cyber-elves in containers.)

Aile: How could there be so many Cyber-elves everywhere!?

(Serpent teleports in next to another giant spiked machine.)

Serpent: You must be wondering why we need so many Cyber-elves to awaken Model W... Hmph! I child like you could never understand that! Their fright... It becomes the power that drives Model W!

Aile: What!?

(The room starts shaking. Model W appears next to Serpent.)

Serpent: Model W, it's time! The despair and fear of this country are yours!

(The Cyber-elves' containers are broken, and they start being pulled towards Model W Core and absorbed.)

Serpent: By joining us, the weak are freed from their suffering! The chosen one, Mega Man, will save the people! That is the glory of Project Haven!

Aile: Mega Man will save the people!? How is sacrificing the people of this country going to save them!?

Serpent: Precious misguided little girl. It's time for you to come off of your high horse. Our power is the result of many sacrifices. We are the chosen ones. It is destiny for the last of our kind to rule. Model W is not about destruction. It is about rebirth and evolution! I am the giver of meaning to the lives of people who cannot keep up with the tide of evolution.

Aile: The only thing you are is afraid. Afraid of your past. Afraid of yourself and what you've become! Your fear is what drives your desire to rule! You think this is evolution!? Is this really what you want!?

Serpent: You think I'm doing this all out of fear? That's nonsense! The spirits of the people have given me what I need to obtain the power of Model W! Look at you! You're only able to stand before me today thanks to the power of Model Z absorbed from that red Mega Man! Evolution requires sacrifice! The ones who will determine what needs to be sacrificed are the Mega Men!

Serpent modelW.jpg

(The Model W Core absorbs the last Cyber-elves. Serpent Megamerges with Model W.)

Serpent: Your fear and despair combined with my joy in victory... They shall be the ultimate gift to Model W!

(Aile fights and eventually defeats Serpent.)

Serpent: Gyahahaha!

Aile: What do you find hilarious about this, Serpent?

Serpent: It's just as Prometheus and Pandora said. You are the final key. Right now... you are being controlled by a powerful emotion...

(Serpent raises his arms.)

Serpent: Emotion so powerful it exceeds even mine!

(The Model W Core sends out a strange purple shockwave. Aile suddenly demerges as a glowing purple energy is pulled from her body and absorbed into the Model W Core)

Aile: My transformation was cancelled! What's happening to me!?

(The room starts shaking again.)

Serpent: The emotion driving you now... That emotion is not bravery... It's not born out of some sense of righteousness... It's hate. Your hate for me and everything I've taken from you!

Aile: What!?

(Model W Core starts glowing bright red and begins to merge with Serpent.)

Serpent: Hahaha... Gyahahahahaha! The new age is beginning right now before your very eyes. The age of the Mega Man... The destined ruler!

(Serpent grows into a monstrous form and finishes merging.)

Aile: That's impossible. I'm the key to awakening the power of Model W? All my fighting and I did nothing more than fulfill some madman's destiny!


Model X: Don't give up yet.

Model Z: Your battle is not over.

Aile: Huh!?

(Models H, L, F, and P appear and hover around Aile.)

Model H: We did not lend you our power just to let you carry out some kind of petty revenge...

Model F: Beating up someone just because you don't like them is nothing more than the action of a playground bully.

Model L: Don't give in to the hate. If you fight the flow, you just end up swimming in place.

Model P: Even in the darkest tunnel, there is always a light at the end of it for you to follow.

(Models X and Z also start to hover around her.)

Model X: Your power is not based on hate. Your real power. Your wellspring of bravery lies within you!

Model Z: Look within yourself!

(Aile Megamerges with Models X and Z.)

Aile: You're right. I made a promise to you on that day! I said I will protect the people! All of them!

Serpent: Well then. If you're so sure of yourself, let's find out which Mega Man is destined to rule the world!

Aile: I'm not interested in ruling the world! Serpent, if you want to be the Mega Man destined to rule the world, then I am the Mega Man that is destined to save it!

(Aile fights Serpent's merged form. She eventually defeats it after it grows several levels larger.)

Scene 21: Your Own Destiny

(Rocks start to fall from the ceiling as the room is falling apart.)

Aile: This is the end of the line. I will never become like you!

Serpent: Never become like me, eh? Gyahaha! You just don't get it do you? The Mega Men are all designed with one purpose, to destroy each other and survive to control Model W. It's all just a game, his game. We are all pieces on the board, and the winner becomes the ruler of the world!

Aile: "His game!?"

Serpent: Ah yes! His blood flows in your veins too! The man who made Model W!

Aile: No... No, that can't be!

(The Biometal demerge and hover around Aile again.)

Model X: Aile! Everything's falling apart! You've got to get out of here!

(The scene shifts to show the Slither Inc. building start to collapse. Serpent's voice is heard from the remains of his Model W Core merged form.)

Serpent: The destiny of destruction... Still awaits... So long as you have hearts, hate will lurk in the shadows... You who possess the wellspring of emotion known as the heart... You are the true Mavericks!

(Serpent explodes and the scene changes again as the Slither Inc. building collapses. The scene fades out to white and back in to show Aile floating in a white void, with the six Biometals hovering in a circle around her.)

Aile: His blood flows in my veins... The power within me... Is the power to control the world?

(A red Cyber-elf floats down to Aile's level.)

Giro: Hey, I don't want to hear that kind of talk. You promised to continue the fight where I left off.

(The Cyber-elf turns into a hologram of Giro.)

ZXend giro&aile.jpg

Giro: Don't tell me you forgot your promise already. You did mean it, right?

Aile: Giro!? But, the blood that flows in me...

Giro: Is just blood. Are you going to let some man you don't even know decide your destiny for you? Destiny is not something that is given to us by others. Destiny comes from the concept of "destine," or directing something towards a given end. Be the one doing the directing. Only you can decide your destiny.

Aile: Only I can decide my destiny...

Giro: Yes. Forget the past. It means nothing. The power you contain within is the key to creating your future.

Aile: Serpent said that my power is a result of many sacrifices... But those sacrifices didn't just give me power. The first commander who first made the Biometal... You, who protected me for all those years. The Guardians... All of your sacrifices have given me something beyond just power. They gave me the will to protect the world. And I will protect it!

Giro: Then it looks like you have decided to direct your own destiny. Take this world into the tomorrow you desire. That's my last job request for you, transporter.

(Giro flies away. Aile floats down to land on the highway of Area D.)

Model X: Aile, I have faith in you and your courage. I believe that the tomorrow you create will be a bright one.

Model Z: Face your destiny and carve out a new future for yourself. That's the struggle that you and every living thing on the planet must cope with.

ZX end aile.jpg

(The six Biometals join Aile again.)

Prairie: Aile!

(Aile turns around to see Prairie and the other Guardians waiting for her. Prairie and Aile run towards each other).

Aile: Facing our destinies and carving out the future... That's our struggle. Everyone has fought to give me something precious. I have a power, and with that power comes responsibility. I will fight! I will fight for what matters!

(The game credits roll as Aile is seen running along the highway.)

End of Script


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