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This is the Secret Disk database for Mega Man ZX.


B01RayflyThis giant flying machine drops bounce cannons from its cargo bays. It never comes in for a landing, so attacking it head-on is extremely difficult.
B02OmegaThis mysterious Reploid was found in some ancient ruins. It was rumored to have been destroyed by a legendary red warrior.
B03Giga AspisSeveral large parts combine to create this giant snake Mechaniloid. Its body is covered in special plating that reflects all attacks. Its only weak spot is its head.
B04Giro (Model Z)Giro transformed with the power of Model Z. He fell under the influence of Serpent and was used for evil.
B05Serpent (1st form)Serpent transformed into a battle form with the power of the Biometal Model W fragment. The orange horns associated with Model W can be found on his head, shoulders and feet.
B06Serpent (2nd form)Serpent's form after being absorbed into Model W. He continues to transform upon taking further damage.
B07PurprillPurprill the Mandroid. Half of the Model P data is contained in his arms.
B08HivoltHivolt the Raptoroid. Half of the Model H data is contained in his wings.
B09HurricauneHurricaune the Wolveroid. Half of the Model H data is contained in her neck.
B10PandoraThe mysterious woman who always accompanies Prometheus. She has mastered the power of thunder and ice. She prefers to attack from a distance.
B11FistleoFistleo the Predatoroid. Half of the Model F data is contained in his head.
B12FlammoleFlammole the Moleroid. Half of the Model F data is contained in his powerful arms.
B13ProtectosProtectos the Goreroid. Half of the Model P data is contained in his giant belly.
B14PrometheusThe mysterious man that always accompanies Pandora. He has mastered normal attacks as well as flame attacks. The giant scythe he wields is bigger than his body.
B15LurerreLurerre the Abysroid. Half of the Model L data is contained in the lure she uses.
B16LeganchorLeganchor the Gelroid. Half of the Model L data is contained in his head.

Enemy A

M01DiadrakeThis Mechaniloid belonged to a wealthy individual. Several days after purchase, it was infected by a virus, began to act strangely and was disposed of. It is equipped with a dispersion laser in its mouth.
M02OrehawkThis Mechaniloid belonged to a wealthy individual. It was programmed to obey its owner but it ran away never to be heard from again. Its wings are like giant fans that can be launched as an attack mechanism.
M03Deluxe Galleon WingA modified Galleon Wing that was introduced in combat on the assault against Guardian HQ. It has additional offensive functionality not found in the non deluxe models such as nitro cans.
M04King FlyerThis giant fly Mechaniloid is operated by remote control. It uses a special chemical fuel called Methanhydrate and has only recently been put into production. Its numbers are still very limited.
M05CrushpactorThis compactor Mechaniloid was originally designed for crushing rocks, but has been retrofitted as a weapon. It's quite heavy, but once the treads get moving, it can move at incredible speeds.
M06SteephinxThis Mechaniloid belonged to a wealthy individual. A month after purchase, all functionality ceased and it was thrown away. It has three sets of logical circuits and its parts can operated independently.
M07TentalamiaThis Mechaniloid can stretch out tentacles from four different holes to attack enemies. It has been known to steal life from victims as well, so caution is required.
M08PowmettaurThis giant Mettaur moves about by jumping around, despite its enormous size. It was designed as an amusement park mascot but ended up being converted to a Mechaniloid.
M09Lava DemonNo attacks can penetrate the magma surrounding this Mechaniloid. Its blind but can detect enemies by their movements. When an enemy is spotted, it can transform into several variations for attacking.

Enemy B

E01EyeballoonThis Mechaniloid was developed to prevent wild Outland birds from eating the crops. As this need faded, they were equipped with ring beam weapons to drive away other enemies.
E02FrostybearThis polar bear Mechaniloid has portable cooling units on its arms allowing it to create snowballs for hurling at enemies. While its arm

temperature can drop below zero, it manages to stay warm internally.

E03Angle CannonThis Mechaniloid's tough armor can repel any attack. Its powerful attack can also blast through any armor. However, every Achilles has a heel...
E04Web BoltThis spider Mechaniloid lives in the wiring. Over time, it has evolved the ability to fire electric bolts to trap prey. With an infrared sensor in its stomach, it can operate just as effectively in the dark.
E05RattrapThese Mechaniloid mice tend to come in huge numbers. With so many of them, they are sometimes prone to short-circuit and blow up.
E06Energy CannonThis cannon has a protective hatch which will open up just long enough for it to fire an energy blast. Given time, it learns how to more efficiently utilize energy for more powerful attacks.
E07ShrimpstrokeThis shrimp Mechaniloid propels backwards through the water. It uses its antennae to feel out enemies and will fire a shot when in range. The revolver-like segment acts like a turbine for propelling it.
E08Electric DartThis hermit crab Mechaniloid is often found to crop up near lightning strikes and can use its powerful suction feet to move upside down on surfaces.
E09Auto Counter ECOWhen hit, this Mechaniloid rains fire down on the surrounding area. It was originally designed for incinerating garbage, but is now being used for evil purposes.
E10Auto Counter POPThis Mechaniloid was originally designed to be a vending machine, but with a little tinkering it has been transformed into a strange weapon that rains junk food down on enemies when hit.
E11Cutting GyroThis Mechaniloid regularly fires shots in two directions. The propellers are sharp blades that will cut anything that comes in contact with them into pieces.
E12Capsule ShooterThis cannon fires capsules that bounce off of floors and walls. Once the capsule settles down, it blows apart and shots come out. Cutting-edge prize machine technology is used to prevent capsule jamming.
E13Galleon WingThis Galleon has a flight unit attached to its back. It can fly freely through the air while using its buster weapon to attack. Its frame is much lighter than a normal Galleon to aid in flight.
E14Galleon ShroudThis Galleon uses a bunker for protection. It opens a hatch to fire its bazooka and fires its buster weapon from a gap in the bunker. If the Galleon inside is destroyed, the bunker is taken down with it.
E15Galleon DiverThis Galleon rides an aqua cycle and receives compressed air from a pipe, allowing it to dive deep beneath the surface. If the pipe ruptures, the Galleon will succumb to water pressure and be destroyed.
E16Galleon BurnerThis Galleon has a jet burner on each shoulder. When the fuel runs out, it will drop down and wait to recharge. It is outfitted with special heat shielding allowing it to withstand extreme temperatures.
E17Galleon HunterThis is the basic Galleon model equipped with arm busters. It is programmed to follow orders and complete its mission at any cost.
E18Galleon SledderThis unit has received training to handle its special features. They fire a bazooka from above and a buster from below. There are two jet engines attached to the sled.
E19Platform CannonThis cannon Mechaniloid floats up and down in the air while firing shots from its sides. If the cannon gets destroyed, the floating platform left behind can be used as a foothold.
E20CaromThis floating security Mechaniloid can fire shots up & down or left & right. If it is on the receiving end of a powerful blast, it'll get sent flying.
E21CrickaleapThis wild Mechaniloid hops around erratically. A long time ago, an outbreak of the hoppers resulted in hundreds of casualties and they have been much feared ever since.
E22Sci-sensorThese assembly kit Mechaniloids were donated to schools all over by Slither Inc. They don't require glue or tools to put together and are quick to be thrown away when something else catches the child's fancy.
E23Spi-KingThis weapon is comprised of 30 recycled tires smashed together and fitted with 8 dangerous spikes. The spikes give it the ability to roll anywhere regardless of the surface condition.
E24SpringerThis security Mechaniloid uses its powerful springs to constantly leap about. It has a special stabilization system that prevents it from falling over.
E25Chain AnchorThe spike at the end of this Mechaniloid's chain attaches itself to a surface and sends a powerful electrical current coursing into the target. It's possible to grab onto the chain or use it as a footing.
E26BeanballThe principles of leverage are employed with this rock throwing Mechaniloid. If it manages to build up enough energy, the flaming rocks it hurls are enough to punch through walls and cause an explosion on impact.
E27SphenalauncherThis iguana Mechaniloid fires the spikes on its back likes missiles. It is normally quite docile, but if a perceived threat approaches, it will react aggressively.
E28Tornado FencerThis drill-shaped Mechaniloid is constantly rotating at high speeds. It can put up a shield to block enemy attacks, but it has weak spots that can cause it to surge when hit.
E29ValkyraffeThis tall Mechaniloid is composed of three major segments - a head, neck and body segment. There is a unit contained within its body that can regenerate broken parts.
E30PattrolaurThis security Mechaniloid was designed and developed by Slither Inc. It wears a helmet and appears in great numbers thanks to factory overproduction.
E31BamboolossThis plant Mechaniloid is found in the forests of Innerpeace. Its roots are so deep that it's rumored all of them are connected to a single source.
E32Bee RocketsThese bee Mechaniloids are very territorial. They tend to travel in groups and are willing to sacrifice themselves for other members. On occasion, they will use their combined heat to trigger an explosion.
E33Whirling 38It sprays out fire while spinning around at high speeds. Its rotational ability comes from an internal drive device. If it gets hit with too powerful a shock, it will fly off the rope. Exercise caution.
E34Whirling 44This Mechaniloid continues to move up and down on a metal rope. Its original design is based on a toy that the designer's child used to play with. It was created to be art, but has become a dangerous weapon.
E35Fire DartThis hermit crab Mechaniloid can use its powerful suction feet to move upside down on surfaces. With a little tinkering, these hot machines can be reverse-engineered to become a convenient cooking range.
E36BuoybuoyThis sea turtle Mechaniloid uses its fins to stay afloat. It protects itself from enemies by laying down bombs while swimming around.
E37Shock FaceThis model of Mechaniloid was based on a giant face sculpture. It fires electricity that crawls across the ground. It used to let out a strange laugh, but that functionality was creepy and later removed.
E38Heat FaceThis model of Mechaniloid is the second in a series based on giant face sculptures. This particular model breathes fire and will scorch any enemy that comes near. Many engineers were lost in the design phase.
E39Frozen FaceThis model of Mechaniloid is the third in a series based on giant face sculptures. It fires frozen junk from its mouth at enemies and will make sad noises when no one is near.
E40Fly ChopperThese Mechaniloids tend to operate in groups of three and will vary their formations to try and confuse the enemy while they swoop in for an attack.
E41BattyThese bat Mechaniloids tend to appear out of nowhere and focus their attacks on weakened enemies. There's an urban legend that says the locations they congregate at are cursed.
E42Presto CannonThis cannon has been weighed down with modifications to increase its firing and cool down rates. The main flaw in this design is that it is so heavy it can't move.
E43Hover CannonThis cannon has two firing ports. If an enemy approaches, it attempts to use its hovering ability to run away, but it quickly runs out of power. It fires a special shot that breaks into three smaller shots.
E44Bora BoraThis fish Mechaniloid eats microbes, converting them to energy, and this helps clean the water making it quite environmentally friendly. However, it is not so friendly to enemies that enter its territory.
E45Marine GeneralThis sea anemone Mechaniloid was designed from the beginning as a weapon. It was meant to provide an obstacle for enemies in the water and is based on a biological organism that has long gone extinct.
E46MechadragonThese dragonfly Mechaniloids tend to move in groups and act as sentries. They begin to dart around upon sensing an enemy and transmit the imagery to another location.
E47RemettaurA factory began to produce these special Mechaniloids on Slither Inc.'s request. Their helmets protect them from attacks and upon exploding, they will release smaller versions that run around and blow up.
E48Moth QueenThis wild Mechaniloid makes its home in frozen areas. It is mostly harmless and people often gather them to put on display
E49ReleafThis Mechaniloid camouflages itself as a leaf. It can remain well-hidden in foliage, but will join with others to drive away threats. Their wings are sharper than they look and can cause serious damage.
E50Warp PrismThese mysterious entities were the result of research into ancient technology. The experiments conducted failed and resulted in these troublemakers. They will act aggressively towards perceived threats.


O01HarengHe always has to be the best at whatever he does. Hareng does what he can to act cool, but when push comes to shove he tends to lose it and his true personality comes out.
O02AnguilleHe is quite reserved and is an expert at making others feel good about themselves. He serves as an assistant to the mechanic Silure. He can get emotional and when it comes to women, he does have a tendency to show off.
O03OperatorsThese three are in charge of Guardian HQ operations. They are (from left to right): Gardénia, Tulip and Marguerite.
O04GuardiansThese are the most commonly seen Guardians. They might look alike, but they all have unique personalities once you get to know them.
O05CarreletHe is passionate about his work and tends to dislike anyone that doesn't take their work seriously. He places his faith in logic above all else and because of this has issues with the emotional Anguille.
O06CongreHe is easily startled and his assignment as a Guardian soldier is one of the seven great Guardian mysteries.
O07SardineHe is the only child Reploid in Guardian HQ. He is always playing with the toy Silure made him.
O08SilureHe is the head mechanic and Anguille's boss. He is busy, but is always willing to put together a toy in his free time. Fleuve has been known to consult with him from time to time.
O09GiroThis young man owns his own transporter business, Giro Express. He looks after children who have lost their parents and is wise beyond his years. His full name is Girouette, but most people just call him Giro.
O10ScombrésoceHe tends to stick his nose where it doesn't belong and this doesn't do anything to endear him to the other Guardians. Despite this bad side, he is always a gentleman to the ladies.
O11CédreShe can be harsh at times, but it's obvious that she cares. She does have a tendency to get hot-blooded. In order to cool her down, Prairie assigned her to Guardian HQ instead of out in the field.
O12SerpentThis well-known president of Slither Inc. is considered a national hero for his handling of the energy crisis and the Maverick outbreak.
O13TruiteHe is slow and overly careful about everything. Despite being thoughtful, he tends to get confused when talking to other people. No one ever has the heart to tell him he is wrong though.
O14ThonThe biggest, scariest Guardian of them all. He is a big guy, but loses his tough edge in front of Prairie.
O15FleuveHe continues to perform research at Guardian HQ. He has a thirst for knowledge and would always choose reading a book as the perfect way to spend a free moment.
O16PrairieThe second commander of the Guardians. She values the stuffed animal the first commander gave her a long time ago.
O17Stuffed AnimalThis cute stuffed animal is a present from the first Guardian commander to Prairie. It has seen better days and its back in particular seems to have been stitched up countless times.
O18TownspeopleThese people live freely under the umbrella of Slither Inc.'s protection. They are very leery of potential Mavericks and are not very talkative to strangers.
O19MuguetShe is in charge of the medical facilities at Guardian HQ. Her bedside manner is a bit rough around the edges, but her treatment is top notch.
O20RoseShe is the shy assistant to Muguet. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking she never speaks, but once someone gets her talking, she never stops.