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'''Leviathan:''' Hello, Zero. It's nice to see you again. I'd love to play with you... But unfortunately I have no time. As soon as I defeat you, I have to take care of Commander Elpizo. So let's go, Zero!
'''Leviathan:''' Hello, Zero. It's nice to see you again. I'd love to play with you... But unfortunately I have no time. As soon as I defeat you, I have to take care of Commander Elpizo. So let's go, Zero!
(Zero fights Leviathan and eventually defeats her.
(Zero fights Leviathan and eventually defeats her.)
'''Leviathian:''' Hah hah hah... While playing with you... Elpizo went somewhere... I got caught up in the fun of the moment. How foolish of me... Your strength drives me crazy... Next time... I'll do better... So, see you again...
'''Leviathian:''' Hah hah hah... While playing with you... Elpizo went somewhere... I got caught up in the fun of the moment. How foolish of me... Your strength drives me crazy... Next time... I'll do better... So, see you again...
(Zero teleports back to base.)
(Leviathan teleports out and Zero teleports back to base.)
'''Ciel:''' Elpizo seems to have acquired the secret code. The secret code can unlock a door to the highest security area in Neo Arcadia... I guess... the Dark Elf is sealed there...
'''Ciel:''' Elpizo seems to have acquired the secret code. The secret code can unlock a door to the highest security area in Neo Arcadia... I guess... the Dark Elf is sealed there...

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Script from the game Mega Man Zero 2.


Japanese promo art for Zero 2.

Scene 1: Prologue

(The scene opens as a cloaked Zero struggles through a sandstorm in the middle of a desert.)

Z2 scene 02

Narrator: It has been a year since Zero chose to take a different path from Ciel...
He still fights against Neo Arcadia.
But these battles have lost meaning for him.Zero knows that to find his purpose, he should find Ciel and the Resistance soldiers...

Scene 2: Desert Ambush

(As Zero continues on, the sandstorm starts to clear. An army of Pantheons pursues him, and he throws his cloak off and prepares for another battle.)

Zero: Let's go...

(Zero destroys the Pantheon army.)

Zero: This isn't fun anymore...

(Zero turns and starts to fight through more of the Neo Arcadian hordes, eventually having to destroy the Mega Scorpia Mechaniloid.)

Z2 scene 04

Zero: Somehow... I... I did it... But... it... It cost me everything...

(Zero falls to the ground, unconscious. The sandstorm starts up again, and Harpuia appears riding on the griffin form of the revived Aztec Falcon.)

Harpuia: ... ... ... Zero... To live or die...? Hmm...... ...

(Scene fades out.)

Scene 3: The New Base

(The scene opens inside the new Resistance Base as Commander Elpizo is addressing the troops.)


Elpizo: Ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to your great efforts, it gives me great pleasure to announce the completion of this new Resistance Base... I thank you all for accepting me as the commander of this new base. I promise to bring about a new era of peace.
Z2 scene 05

(The soldiers cheer as they start to exit.)

Soldiers: Hooray! Yah! Victory! For peace! Yah!!

(Ciel enters the room.)

Elpizo: Ha ha ha... I'm still a little embarrassed when I think about being a commander... Are you sure about this? Trusting our fate to a Reploid like me...?

Ciel: Absolutely. It was you who organized us to fight against Neo Arcadia, when we were barely able to escape from there...

Elpizo: I'm flattered... But you helped me all along. You know how unreliable I am without you, Ciel.

Ciel: You just keep in mind... ...that we had to organize a resistance force in order to defend ourselves...

Elpizo: Yes, I will remember that. And now we are buying time for you to complete your research. Still... Since X has not been resurrected yet, we couldn't ask for a better opportunity than now. Please, allow me to carry out my operation.

Ciel: ... ... ... All right... But promise me one thing... Do not be too strict.

Elpizo: You have my...

Z2 scene 06

(A Resistance Soldier runs into the room.)

Soldier: Excuse me, sir! It's about Zero. He was found lying unconscious... just outside the base!

Ciel: What? Zero!?

Soldier: This way!

(Ciel and the soldier run out of the room, with lots more soldiers following.)

Soldiers: Zero! Zero!

Elpizo: ... ... ... Zero...

Scene 4: Back Home

(Scene changes to view the Maintenance Area, where Cerveau is repairing Zero.)


Ciel: Zero...!

(Zero regains consciousness, and sits up.)

Ciel: I'm glad you are alive, Zero!

Cerveau: Zero! You're functional again! You were in rough shape... I'm amazed you are still alive. Welcome back!

Zero: ... ... ... Where am I?

Ciel: You are in our new Resistance Base. Thanks to you, we were able to escape from Neo Arcadia and start a new life in this place. Thank you so much... And I'm sorry... that we were unable to come rescue you.

Cerveau: C'mon, Ciel... Zero must be very tired. I know you have lots to discuss with him, but why don't we let him rest for a bit. And Zero, I'm afraid that most of your weapons were broken. Therefore, I've fixed them. I also created a new weapon, so why don't you come by later to pick it up.

(Cerveau goes back to his lab.)

Ciel: Okay, I'll go here. I'll be in my lab for a while. Come talk to me when you are feeling better.

(Ciel leaves the room. Zero roams around the base, talking to the inhabitants there.)

Resistance Soldier: You have recovered, Zero. You are known by all of our Resistance soldiers, Zero. Well, except for the really new members who have just arrived here recently. If you meet someone, please press + Control Pad Up and then you will talk with them. They will be glad to talk with you. I remember! Ciel and Cerveau are looking for you.

(Zero walks through the command room, and stops to talk to Commander Elpizo.)

Elpizo: My name is Elpizo. I have been appointed as commander of this new Resistance Base. I've heard a lot about you. Please lend your support to us. Let's fight together and destroy Neo Arcadia!

(Elpizo offers a hand for a handshake, but Zero ignores it.)

Zero: Destroy Neo Arcadia, huh? It's not that easy...

Elpizo: Then what are you gonna do?

Zero: I don't know.

Elpizo: Ha ha ha ha. You are a funny Reploid. Anyway, nice to meet you, Mr. Legend.

(Zero stops to talk to Cerveau.)

Cerveau: How are you doing, Zero? Honestly... How can you wear out your weapons like that? But don't worry. I've fixed them. I even created a new weapon called the Chain Rod for you. It is an outstanding weapon. Want instructions?


Cerveau: With the Chain Rod, you can hook and then hang on the ceiling, or draw in an item. You can stab an enemy by holding the Attack Button as well as hitting an enemy normally. It is a useful weapon. You can also draw in an enemy once they are stabbed by pressing the +Control Pad. Why don't you try to hook the ceiling to hang!

Narrator: You got the Chain Rod!! You got the Shield Boomerang!!

(Zero leaves the lab with the new weapons and stops to talk to Ciel.)

Ciel: Zero! Are you okay?

Zero: Uh-huh.

Ciel: That's good... I was so worried about you. We have been trying so hard to find you... I'm glad you found us.

Zero: I found you? I came here... before I lost consciousness? ... ... ...

Ciel: Do you remember what I'm working on? I'm conducting research that will help develop a subsequent energy for Energy Crystals... It's a great invention that can drastically change the world.

Zero: ...Change the world?

Ciel: Neo Arcadia began its Ironfisted Policy because of the energy shortage... In order to protect the human society, Reploids were discriminated against, labeled inferior citizens, and were sent to concentration camps for "retirement..." History shows that an energy shortage in an era usually triggers a large scale conflict... Once a substitute energy has been developed, the destructive conflict ends... When I told this story to the Commander Elpizo, he laughed at it. He does say we will wait until I succeed in developing a subsequent energy, but... In truth, Elpizo believes defeating Neo Arcadia is the only way to regain peace... I have to finish this... I'll bring order to the world not with destruction, but by the power of science. My research is almost done... I still need a little more information, though... Anyway, I'm going to manage your data for you, if you need me, come and talk to me anytime, okay?

(If Zero asks about Cyber-elves)
Z2 scene 07

Ciel: Just in case you forgot, the Cyber-elf is a type of program, which was created to support us. Usually you can use it after you download it. However, some of them can't be used unless they are bred. Also, although we created them with our most cutting edge technology, a Cyber-elf cannot be resurrected. So, please use each of them wisely...

(If Zero asks about the Cyber-elf in the container behind Ciel)

Ciel: Look at this Cyber-elf. Isn't it amazing? It keeps emitting high tension energy from such a small body... This Cyber-elf is a present from Commander Elpizo. He brought it from Neo Arcadia, where he used to work. I'm conducting tests on this elf in order to understand its mechanism. I know this is the key to develop a safe and clean energy. I'll do it, Zero.

Scene 5: Guerrilla Warfare

(Zero returns to the Command Room, where he finds all of the Resistance troops there.)

Elpizo: ... ... ... So, that's the "Operation Righteous Strike." We are going to take advantage of the absence of X, and thrust our forces upon Neo Arcadia. Victory is in your hands. For a better tomorrow for all Reploids!

Soldiers: For our future!!

(The Resistance soldiers exit the room.)

Elpizo: Why, it's you, Zero... We are now preparing for an operation. Unlike the past minor scale ones, this operation will inflict a crushing blow to them. Once it succeeds, it will boost the morale of the Resistance.

Zero: Neo Arcadia is not a sitting duck. We should not carry out a frontal assault. We should gain time with guerilla operations, and wait for Ciel to complete her research...

Elpizo: Thank you for the advice. We ARE going to continue our guerilla activities. We have gained strength... And we are ready to work it out by ourselves.

Zero: ... ... ...

Elpizo: I'm sorry. I was too harsh... Needless to say, we still appreciate your cooperation. Umm, will you help?


Elpizo: Thank you. Now, here is the current missions I'd like to ask of you... Look at the monitor. Can you see them? They may not be enough of a challenge for a legendary hero, but it would be very appreciated if you help us.

(Elpizo describes the available missions.)



Elpizo: In this mission I'd like you to rescue our comrades. There are ruins known as Dysis deep in the forests. Scout soldiers who went there to investigate, have not returned yet. I'd like to send someone to rescue them, but considering our current state of preparing for the coming operations, we don't have a soldier available. I'm very sorry to bother you, but will you find and rescue them?



Elpizo: This mission is about sabotage. There is one of the computers in Antarctica which controls the defense system of Neo Arcadia. Once you destroy the guardian boss and the computer room, the defense of the enemy stronghold will be weakened enough to carry out "Operation Righteous Strike." Will you do this?



Elpizo: There is no way to exterminate all of Neo Arcadia. The rumor says that there is an arms factory in a city situated at about 100km north of our Resistance Base... We found a power reactor supplying electricity to the factory close to there. If we destroy the power reactor, we would be able to limit their number of enemy soldier. Will you do it?

Computer: AREA: TRAIN OF N.A.


Elpizo: In this mission I'd like you to seize supplies. Currently we are moving a large amount of troops, but we are a little short on supplies. Therefore, we are thinking about assaulting an enemy transport and seizing their supplies. Will you help?

(Zero accepts the mission to Forest of Dysis.)

Operator 1 (Rouge): Mission commencing... Everyone, prepare for the transfer.

Operator 2 (Jaune): We are now ready to transfer... Transfer start!

Elpizo: Good luck.

(Zero uses the Trans Server to teleport to the Forest of Dysis.)

Scene 6: Rescue in the Forest

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area, finding a Resistance Soldier there.)

Soldier: Commander sent us here to investigate something called a Baby Elf... But we encountered the Neo Arcadian army. My comrades are still somewhere in the forest. Please save them, Zero!

Operator: The ruins are beyond this forest. Use the portable Trans Server and rescue the Resistance soldiers who were lost. (Zero fights through the stage, finding another soldier.)

Soldier: Thank you, Mr. Zero. The ruins are full of traps. Please be careful.

(Zero finds another soldier later on.)

Soldier: Thank you. I hope the others are fine.

(Zero finds another soldier trapped behind a stone block.)

Soldier: Thank you so much... I went too far and got stuck...

(Zero finds another soldier.)

Soldier: I'm glad that you came here to help me. Thank you very much.

(Zero finds the final soldier near the boss gate.)

Soldier: Thanks! I almost lost hope of a rescue...

(Zero goes through the boss gate, and encounters Hyleg Ourobuckle, who's threatening another Resistance soldier who has the other Baby Elf.)

Hyleg Ourobuckle: Give that back... And your life may be spared. Hisss!

Zero: What are you waiting for... Run!

(The soldier runs offscreen with the Baby Elf.)

Hyleg Ourobuckle: Hiss! This is a restricted area, even for us Neo Arcadians... You will never leave here alive. Hiss!

(Zero battles Ourobuckle, and defeats him.)

Hyleg Ourobuckle: No... If only that Baby Elf wasn't stolen... I could have easily destroyed the nameless soldier... Hissssss!

(Ourobuckle explodes. Before Zero teleports away, Cyber-elf X appears.)

X: It's been a long time... Zero...

Zero: X!

X: I can no longer rest... Both Baby Elves have awakened... The Baby Elves are still children... They cry for their mother as they tremble from the loneliness.

Zero: ... ... What's your point, X?

X: The Baby Elves will do anything to reunite with their mother. Stir the humans' minds and bring chaos... It's all to meet their mother, the Dark Elf... The Dark Elf that I sealed... (X slowly flies away.)

Zero: Wait, X! ... ... The Dark Elf...

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Rouge: Mission accomplished.

Jaune: Transfer in progress... Two... One...

Rouge: Transfer complete.

Elpizo: Well done, Zero. You have been very helpful! With your valuable cooperation, we've been able to retrieve another Baby Elf. We now have both Baby Elves that Neo Arcadia kept inside their vault. Once again, I'd like to thank you for your support.

Scene 7: Around the Base

(Zero roams around the base, talking to the inhabitants there.)

Alouette: Zero! I really wanted to see you! I asked you to stay with us... You lied to me! But I'll forgive you because you came back. Ciel has looked sad since we escaped from our old base. I loved our old Resistance Base, because I... I don't like Commander Elpizo.

Andrew: You are new here. Welcome to our base, son. My name is Andrew. If you have time, come to my place. I'll tell you an interesting story. What is your name, young man? Zero... You have the same name as that legendary Reploid... Work hard and don't disgrace that hero's name!

Cerveau: Ah, Zero. Can you use your weapons well? By the way, I wanted to tell you one thing that I noticed while watching you... You seem to have a secret potential ability... For example, if you defeat a boss enemy when your level is high, you will learn how to use their ability... And... If you use only Busters, the attack power of the bullets will increase... If you defeat many enemies with the Shield, your defense power will increase. It seems that there are more abilities inside you... It's really amazing... You are a Reploid that was created a long time ago, but you have such incredible abilities...

Ciel: Are you OK, Zero? I wonder why Elpizo is bothering you with these hard orders... If there is a very difficult mission, I will help you. Please tell me if you need the power of the Cyber-elf. And, I just remembered! The computer at the entrance has data that I have studied. Please take a look at it when you have time.

(Zero boots up the computer.)

Computer: Boot complete. Do you want to know?


Computer: Request accepted. What do you want?

(The computer displays several different data files.)

*Note: For the sake of clarity, all the computer's data entries have been compiled into one segment. Zero actually earns each entry as the game progresses.

(MAVERICK WARS) - The Maverick Wars was started by the Sigma virus, which terrified the world. Eventually the Maverick Wars turned into everyone misusing the power of the Cyber-elves. Thanks to X, the evil Cyber-elves have been deleted. No further information can be found.

(CYBER-ELF) - The Cyber-elf is a program created to support humans and Reploids. The Cyber-elf has its own will and can talk. However, once it is used, it dies.

(X) - X is... A Reploid who was a famous Maverick Hunter. After he ended the Maverick Wars, he created Neo Arcadia in hope of creating a lasting peace. However, he went missing and his location is still unknown... If Cyber-elf X is real... Then the body of the original X should still exist somewhere.

(FOUR GUARDIANS) - The Four Guardians are Harpuia, Fefnir, Leviathan and Phantom. They are designed based upon parts of the original X. Three of the Guardians have attributes like Thunder, Flame, or Ice. However, Phantom blew himself up in a fight against Zero a year ago.

(DARK ELF) - The Dark Elf is a special type of Cyber-elf created to bring the Maverick Wars to end... X used it and the wars quickly ended... After that, it was stolen by someone, and then the Dark Elf brought about the Elf Wars. Dark Elf... Power unknown... Unknown... Unknown... Unknown... ERROR: Termination commencing...

(ELPIZO) - Elpizo once worked for Neo Arcadia. Then he rebelled against Neo Arcadia and built up the Resistance Base. Presently, he has abandoned the Resistance Base because he has become enchanted by the power of the Dark Elf... His location is unknown...

(Zero returns to the Command Room.)

Scene 8: Destroying the Reactors

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Power Plant area.)

Operator: Destroy all power reactors to put a stop to the factory functions for good. Currently, there are four power reactors in operation.

(Zero fights through the stage, destroying each of the four generators. As he destroys the final generator, Phoenix Magnion appears.)

Phoenix Magnion: What are you doing here? How dare you fool around in my area! I am Phoenix Magnion. Well, you'll pay for this insult... With my phoenix flame! I shall purify your evil mind with my flame.

(Zero battles Phoenix Magnion and defeats him.)

Phoenix Magnion: ... I am... ...A phoenix... I will be back... Again and again... Until you pay for your insult... Uh... Uwooooooh!

(Phoenix Magnion explodes.)

Narrator: You got the Flame Chip!

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Rouge: Transfer in progress... Two... One...

Jaune: Transfer complete.

Elpizo: Thank you very much, Zero. Another concern has been handled thanks to you, and our operations are moving smoothly. I'm now very confident of our success.

Scene 9: The Arctic Computer Zone

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Arctic Neo Arcadian Base area.)

Operator: There are four cooling systems for the computer room of the facility. Once you destroy all of the systems, the abilities of the computer room will be weakened.

(Zero fights through the stage, destroying each computer as he goes. Eventually he comes to a boss gate, and meets Poler Kamrous inside.)

Poler Kamrous: Bwooooh! You are the one!? You are trying to destroy this and confuse us! Bwooooh! I won't let you do that!

(Zero battles Poler Kamrous and defeats him.)

Poler Kamrous: Gh gh gh... I can't believe this. I was beaten by this little bug thing... Bobobohfa...!

(Kamrous explodes.)

Narrator: You got the Ice Chip!

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Rouge: Transfer in progress... Two... One...

Jaune: Transfer complete.

Elpizo: Well done. You are as amazing as I thought you'd be. I've never doubted your success... Thanks to your cooperation, our operations are progressing fine. You are such a great help to us.

Scene 10: Robbing the Train

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Neo Arcadian Train Yard area.)

Operator: We confirmed that there are supplies in this transport train. Watch out for obstructions and seize the train.

(Zero fights through the stage, eventually coming to a car loaded with supply boxes.)

Operator: Mr. Zero! Please listen! Enemy Mechaniloids are approaching you. Their mission is to retrieve the supplies. Please protect the supplies and defeat the enemies.

(Zero fights off all the Carryarms and protects the supplies. He continues on through the stage until he reaches the front of the train, where Panter Flauclaws appears.)

Panter Flauclaws: Hey, you! Don't you know that this is Master Harpuia's territory? Huh, a minion of the resistance force! I shall stop you!

(Zero battles Flauclaws and defeats him.)

Panter Flauclaws: No... No... I can't believe this... Master Harpuia... I'm ashamed... I was not good enough... Guhhha....h!

(Flauclaws explodes.)

Narrator: You got the Thunder Chip!

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Rouge: Transfer in progress... Two... One...

Jaune: Transfer complete.

Elpizo: Excellent. We now have enough supplies to launch our all-out attack. The preparations are almost done, and we are going to open fire shortly. Thank you very much for your support, Zero. We appreciate your continued support.

Scene 11: Operation Righteous Strike

(Zero returns to the Command Room.)

Elpizo: Thanks to you, we have completed our preparations for our all-out attack. Now leave everything to us. You can save your current data, and take a rest. You deserve it.
Z2 scene 08

(Zero leaves the room and comes back later.)

Soldier: We are ready to open fire, sir.

Isosu (over radio): We're waiting for the signal, sir!

Elpizo: Well... The time has come to launch a massive attack against Neo Arcadia. Or maybe it's best to say that it is time to destroy it once and for all. I'm happy to announce that we are commencing this Operation Righteous Strike! This has been a team effort, but I would especially like to thank the efforts of Zero. Now, ladies and gentlemen, BEGIN...

Ciel: Wait!

(Ciel and Cerveau rush into the room.)

Elpizo: What is it, Ms. Ciel?

Ciel: Is this necessary? Do we really have to do this? If we conduct an all-out attack, the casualties will be so high...

Elpizo: I'm afraid that's the price we must pay for our future. It's sad...

Cerveau: Ciel's research will be completed soon... Once the substitute energy has been developed, Neo Arcadia loses its reason to crackdown on us... Will you give us a little more time?

Elpizo: That... Well, that's nothing but a sweet illusion. If a substitute energy is developed, and if we give it to them for free, I don't think Neo Arcadia will show mercy to us...

Ciel: B... But...

Elpizo: Silence! ... ... ... I apologize for my orders, Ms. Ciel. But you must follow them. I'm... I'm so worried about you Reploids... About Ms. Ciel... and about the Resistance soldiers... I just want what is best for YOU ALL!! All troops... Open fire...Engage!

Rouge: All troops. Open fire now!

Isosu: Roger!

Elpizo: I'm going to the front line to give commands. Transfer me.

Isosu: Preparing to transfer.

Elpizo: Don't worry. We can work this out later... And when this is all over, I... I'd like to...

Jaune: Transfer commencing.

(Elpizo is teleported away. Ciel runs off, noticeably upset.)

Cerveau: Zero, will you follow Commander Elpizo? I've got a very bad feeling...

Rouge: Zero, please. Will you watch him?


Rouge: Thank you, Zero. Preparing to transfer.

Jaune: Transfer commencing. Transfer start!

(Zero teleports away.)

Rouge: Good luck...

Scene 12: Aftermath Disaster

(Zero teleports to the place where the Resistance began the Strike. As he fights through the area, he sees all the Resistance members dead. After defeating three Golems, he finds Harpuia, Fefnir, and Leviathan, who are tormenting Elpizo.)

Leviathan: Why are you so late, Zero? I was so bored that we had to retire all the Resistance soldiers to pass the time... All that remains is only this inferior ex-Neo Arcadia citizen.

Fefnir: Zero, I've been waiting for you too long. They were too weak to have fun with... I have wanted to face you. Why don't we have fun together!

Harpuia: Stop!

Fefnir: Wha...?

Harpuia: ... ... ... Did you come to rescue this Reploid, Zero?

Zero: ... Yeah.

Harpuia: Why do you bother? Even if you help him, he won't thank you. And... If he lives, even more Resistance soldiers are going to die.

Zero: I'll save this Reploid... And I won't let any more Resistance soldiers die.

Harpuia: How greedy... But can you really do that by yourself?

(Rouge interrupts.)

Rouge: Emergency call for Zero! An unidentified object is rapidly flying toward the Resistance Base. Return to base immediately!

Leviathan: Ooh. Can you hear it? A bombardment aircraft is heading for your base with a special bomb.

Fefnir: Using bombs is not my style. But all is fair in love and war...

Harpuia: Your Resistance forces have made a mistake that can't be forgiven. Neo Arcadia, or should I say, human society is not a thing that Reploids can rebel against. If they do, they should be exterminated...

Zero: Operator! Transfer us back to the base!

Operator: Roger... Transfer commencing.

(Zero and the unconscious Elpizo are teleported away.)

Harpuia: Zero... I don't think that justice is destroying Resistance forces. But, as long as they try to disobey humans, destroying them is my goal.

Scene 13: Countdown

(Scene cuts back to the Command Room.)

Rouge: We have injured. Bring the Emergency squad.

Jaune: Transfer in progress... Two... One...

(Zero and Elpizo teleport in.)

Jaune: Transfer complete.

Rouge: Stand-by alert. The huge enemy aircraft is approaching. Estimated time of arrival is... Ten minutes.

Zero: I'll take care of it. Ready a shuttle.

Rouge: Roger. Zero is going to intercept it. Prepare an aircraft for launch.

Ciel: I'm coming with you, Zero! I heard it is carrying a special bomb. I don't think you can just destroy it. You must neutralize it before you can destroy it.

Zero: No. It's too dangerous.

Ciel: Zero. You can act brave, but you shouldn't be reckless. You know we have no other choice.

Zero: ... ... ... Use a portable Trans Server... I'll let you know when. (Zero teleports away to intercept the aircraft.)

Pilot: No, we can't approach any further... Or we will appear on their radar.

Ciel: ...Zero. Once you reach the enemy aircraft, please let me know by activating a portable Trans Server.

(Zero jumps down to the enemy aircraft below and fights through it until he reaches the cockpit.)

Zero: I set the transfer coordinates. Transfer Ciel here.

(Ciel teleports in.)

Ciel: I'll quickly release the bomb... The device is... It's here. I need ninety seconds to release fuse. Please, provide cover for me...

(Zero destroys the enemies approaching and deflects their shots as Ciel works.)

(After 30 seconds)

Ciel: I finished about half of my analysis...

(When 10 seconds are left)

Ciel: Maybe I'll be done shortly.

(When the time runs out)

Ciel: The fuse has been released!

Operator: We confirmed the fuse has been released. Preparing to transfer. Secure your position.

(Zero destroys the remaining enemies.)

Operator: Position secured. Transfer commencing.

Zero: Ciel! You go ahead!

Ciel: All right! You follow me quickly!!

(Ciel teleports out, and the ship begins to shake.)

Ciel: It's an emergency, Zero! Due to air turbulence... The transfer won't work! The storage of the aircraft is broken. Please escape from there!!

(Zero reaches the end of the storage area.)

Ciel: Please jump off! Our aircraft is on standby and ready to pick you up.

(Zero jumps off the airship, but is stopped by Kuwagust Anchus, brother of the already defeated Herculious Anchortus.

Kuwagust Anchus: Don't expect you can go back easily. Zero! I know you have released the bomb... However, we can still continue our mission if I have the aircraft crash into your base! I am Kuwagust Anchus! We will become a flaming arrow and crash into your base!

(Zero battles Kuwagust and defeats him.)

Kuwagust Anchus: B... brotheeeeer! I'm sooorrrrry... I failed to avenge yoooouu!

(Kuwagust explodes and Zero teleports back to base.)

Scene 14: Elpizo's Disappearance

Rouge: Zero, Ciel, thanks for intercepting the aircraft.

Z2 scene 09

Ciel: Where's Commander Elpizo?

Rouge: Commander Elpizo has assigned Ciel as the acting commander and took to the field.

Jaune: His current location is unknown... I will play the message he left behind. Listen.

(A message comes onscreen.)

Elpizo: Ms. Ciel... Our operation has failed... You can blame my foolishness. Ha ha... I'm such a fool... I was an errand boy in Neo Arcadia. When I came here, they assigned me as a commander, and I failed everyone. I was such a fool... This is all because... I didn't have the power... I want to be strong... I want to be all-powerful... I want to be the most powerful Reploid ever... I'll destroy Neo Arcadia... And all the humans! Then... I'll be a true HERO!

Rouge: We may be able to track down the history of the Trans Server that Elpizo used... Here they are...

Jaune: The Commander must be in one of these locations. Will you follow, locate, and bring the Commander back?

Ciel: We must... We must help Elpizo...

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Ciel: How can I help you?

(Ciel describes the available missions.)



Ciel: This must be ruins of the lost civilization which Neo Arcadia has been administrating. This area is considered to be the forbidden land, where even the Neo Arcadian citizens are not allowed to enter... I don't understand why Elpizo went there... Will you go there?



Ciel: This is Neo Arcadia's computer facility in Antarctica. You have destroyed most of it, but some of the systems are still alive. Elpizo seems to be trying to find out the secret code to go into the facilities in Neo Arcadia... I wonder if he intends to break into Neo Arcadia alone... Will you go there?



Ciel: This is the crystal cave where the bombardment aircraft that we destroyed has crashed... Elpizo seems to have been there to look for something, but I don't know what it is... Since the area is very close to our base, I asked some resistance soldiers to look for Elpizo. I don't know if they can manage by themselves. Will you help them?



Ciel: This is a redundant factory. But I guess they reconstructed it, and it was working on a small scale... Why this place, anyway? What did Elpizo go to this factory for? I don't understand. Still, one thing I'm certain is that it's too dangerous to act alone. Please stop him.

Scene 15: Hunting Elpizo

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Notus Forest area. He immediately sees Elpizo with the Baby Elves.)

Elpizo: Ha ha ha, Zero. Nice to see you again. Are you... Looking for me...?

Zero: Return to the base. What can you do by yourself...?

Elpizo: Actually, I can do anything and everything... If I obtain a certain thing. I learned about something that makes you invincible once you obtain it... Thanks to these Baby Elves...

Zero: You mean... The Dark Elf...

Elpizo: Yes. Hee hee hee. I once thought it was something from mythology... But I was wrong. I have come believe in it. The key to unlock the seal of the Dark Elf is somewhere around here... Let's see who'll find it first!

(Elpizo laughs and dashes off with the Baby Elves.)

Ciel: ... You found Elpizo. Zero... Take care of him... Please.

(Zero fights through the rest of the stage and goes through the boss gate. He finds Elpizo again inside.)

Elpizo: Hee hee hee. Finally, I found the key! Nice try, Zero. Hee hee hee.

(Elpizo dashes through the next door. Zero starts to follow, but Burble Hekelot drops from the ceiling and stops him.)

Burble Hekelot: W... Waaait! Wait. Wait. Wait. No one can go beyond here, ribbid! This is an order of Master Harpuia, ribbid! ... ... ...? Hmm? Is there someone on the other side of the door? Ribbid. No way... This must be a false alarm. I need to have my sensor replaced...

(Zero battles Burble Hekelot and defeats him.)

Burble Hekelot: Um... Ugha.... Master Harpuia! How can I apologize to Master Harpuia...? Ug... Gwaaaah!

(Burble Hekelot explodes, and Zero dashes into the next room. He finds Elpizo with the Baby Elves, who have trapped X with their power.)

Elpizo: Gha ha ha ha! Now... All I have to do is break the seal of the Dark Elf. Then I will be as strong as you, Zero. Or should I say stronger than you...? Oh, don't get me wrong... I won't use this power for evil. I do this for world peace. And, for Ms. Ciel!

Baby Elf: Mi mimi... Mam.. ma... Mi Mimimi...

(Elpizo and the Baby Elves elves teleport away. Released from the Baby Elves' power, X floats to the center of the room.)

X: ... ... ... Sorry, Zero... I didn't expect them to have become that strong...

Zero: X...

X: As long as I'm protecting the seal of the main body, I'm not ready to deal with them...

Zero: Don't worry... I'll handle it...

X: ... ... ... She is responding to her children... Zero... We have no time... You must find a way to stop Elpizo.

(X slowly flies away.)

Zero: ... ... ... The Dark Elf... ... ... ... Mission accomplished. Transfer me back.

Operator: Roger. Transfer commencing.

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Ciel: The Dark Elf... A key to unlock the seal... Invincible power... I'm not sure... What's Elpizo is up to...? I believe it's wrong to bring peace to the world with power. Please Zero... Please stop him!

Scene 16: The Arctic Base

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Neo Arcadia Arctic Base area.)

Ciel: ... Zero. Can you hear me? It seems you can't enter it through the facility. You need to enter from the outside. Stay alert...

(Zero fights through the stage, and encounters Leviathan at the end of the area.)

Leviathan: Hello, Zero. It's nice to see you again. I'd love to play with you... But unfortunately I have no time. As soon as I defeat you, I have to take care of Commander Elpizo. So let's go, Zero!

(Zero fights Leviathan and eventually defeats her.)

Leviathian: Hah hah hah... While playing with you... Elpizo went somewhere... I got caught up in the fun of the moment. How foolish of me... Your strength drives me crazy... Next time... I'll do better... So, see you again...

(Leviathan teleports out and Zero teleports back to base.)

Ciel: Elpizo seems to have acquired the secret code. The secret code can unlock a door to the highest security area in Neo Arcadia... I guess... the Dark Elf is sealed there...

Scene 17: The Crystal Caves

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Crystal Caves area.)

Ciel: This should be the meeting spot for our comrades. It's strange... No one has arrived... Zero... I've got a very bad feeling...

(Zero fights through some of the stage, and finds a hostile Resistance soldier.)

Ciel: ... Zero! They are being controlled by something! Make sure you don't harm them, Zero.

(Zero eventually comes across Elpizo and the Baby Elves.)

Elpizo: Fu fu fu... This is it... Now I am a step closer to the Dark Elf... Fu fu fu...

(Elpizo teleports away before Zero can reach him.)

Zero: ... ... ...

(Harpuia suddenly teleports in.)

Harpuia: That commander of yours seemed to have retrieved the IFF beacon... I wonder what he is up to... Why is he acting alone, breaking into Neo Arcadian facilities...? I don't understand the logic at all... Well, I don't really need to know... All those Inferior Resistance behaviors are not all that different. Well Zero, it's time for you to die!

(Zero eventually defeats Harpuia.)

Harpuia: Ha ha ha... You are still so strong... I like it... No... I love it this way. You are the only one who can make me feel this alive... I enjoy the sensation, I love the pain... You are worthy...

(Harpuia teleports away.)

Zero: ... ... ... Mission accomplished. Transfer me back.

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Ciel: The IFF beacon that Elpizo was looking for is... Used for Neo Arcadia radar to identify friend or enemy... I know you need one when you want to sneak into an enemy base, without letting them notice you... But I don't understand why he is trying to do that...

Scene 18: The Shuttle Factory

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Hidden Shuttle Factory area.)

Ciel: ...Zero. Stay alert...

(Zero fights through the stage and encounters Fefnir.)

Fefnir: Oh! You must be Zero!! Ha ha! I'm so glad yo see you again! I was chasing a guy named Elpizo, you know him, right? Ha ha! I am lucky to meet you here. Now, let's start! Let's do it now!! Here I goooooo!!!

(Zero battles Fefnir and eventually defeats him.)

Fefnir: Huh huh huh... Whew. That was really fun! Thank you, Zero. I enjoy a challenging fight like this one. Hee hee. Next time, let's go for even more! See ya!!

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Ciel: He seems to have stolen a transport from the factory. It's true that you can't travel to Neo Arcadia by a portable Trans Server, but... Elpizo does intend to sneak into Neo Arcadia alone!

Scene 19: A Vile Threat

(An audio transmission comes through to the base.)

Elpizo: Hee hee hee hee. You couldn't stop me, Mr. Zero.

Rouge: Transmission through a secret line. According to the ID signal... It's from Commander Elpizo!

Ciel: Switch it to the main monitor!

Elpizo: Guess where I am, Mr. Zero. Surprise, surprise... I'm in the deepest core of Neo Arcadia... I'm in the room where the Dark Elf is resting. This is where even the high executives are prohibited to enter. Hee hee hee. First, I'll awaken the Dark Elf... Next, I'll destroy the Original X... Then I will be able to obtain the true power of the Dark Elf... Hee hee hee... I'm going... I'm going to gain the ULTIMATE POWER! Um? It's you... X... I'm not afraid of you. You can't move while you are sealing the Dark Elf. You'd better take care of the Baby Elves... ... What? What are you doing? No... Stop it...! Don't bother me, X!!

Baby Elf: Meeeeee!
Z2 scene 11

Elpizo: Hey, don't go, Baby Elf!! I won't... Give in...! Arghhhhh!

(The transmission abruptly ends.)

Ciel: What just happened to him...?

(A massive energy shockwave shakes the base.)

Ciel: What was that?

(Cyber-elf X appears.)

Cyber-elf X: At last he has made his way to the sacred vault of Neo Arcadia... Worse, he has damaged the seal of her.

Zero: The Dark Elf...

Cyber-elf X: I'm sorry... My voice couldn't seem to draw off his attention... But she... ... They call her a Dark Elf. She is not fully awake yet... With my remaining power, I'm still trying not to wake her up... Please, Zero... Come to Neo Arcadia... And please stop him...Zero...

(Cyber-elf X slowly flies away.)

Scene 20: Breaking In

(Zero decides to infiltrate Neo Arcadia.)

Zero: Ciel. Trans me now.

Ciel: We can't transfer you directly to the core of Neo Arcadia... ... ... ... But if you go, we can transfer you to somewhere around the main entrance... Though it's very dangerous... But... Zero!

Zero: Don't worry... I'm sure... I can work it out.

Jaune: We are now ready to transfer... Transfer start!

Ciel: Zero... ... ...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the Neo Arcadia area. He fight through the stage and defeats the second incarnation of the Rainbow Devil.

Ciel: I've set a coordinate axis... Now you can return here anytime you want... So please return to the base once, before you go any further. Please... Zero.

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Rouge: Zero is returning.

Jaune: Transfer in progress... Two... One...

Rouge: Transfer complete.

Ciel: Zero! I'm glad that you are fine... Thank you very much for your effort. Please, just rest for a while.

Scene 21: Temple of Flame

(Zero teleports to the next Neo Arcadia area.)

Ciel: You are about to go to the first area of Neo Arcadia... It's the temple of flame. Are you sure?

Rouge: Zero is going to take to the field. Everyone, prepare to transfer.

Jaune: We are now ready to transfer... Transfer start!

Ciel: Please don't overstrain yourself...

(Zero fights through the stage until he comes to a boss gate. Through it he encounters Fefnir.)

Fefnir: Hey, Zero! You came along to get Elpizo? I know you did! He is crazy about the Dark Elf. Leave that guy to Harpuia and have fun with me instead!! Iiieyahh! Get ready for a fight!

(Fefnir transforms into his Armed Phenomenon form, a giant tank with four large cannons. Zero eventually defeats this form as well.)

Fefnir: Ngwooooohhh!! What's the problem! Even though I had powered up, I'm no match for you! I... I won't give up... Someday... I will destroy you for sure!! Just you wait!!

(Fefnir teleports out.)

Ciel: I've set a coordinate axis... Now you can return here anytime you want... So please return to the base once. Please... Zero.

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Rouge: Zero is returning.

Jaune: Transfer in progress... Two... One...

Rouge: Transfer complete.

Ciel: Zero, thank you for your efforts. But don't take it too far... If something should happen to you... I...

Scene 22: Temple of Ice

Ciel: You are about to go to the second area of Neo Arcadia... It's the temple of ice. Can you do it?

Rouge: Zero is going to take to the field. Everyone, prepare to transfer.

Jaune: We are now ready to transfer... Transfer start!

Ciel: Please don't overstrain yourself...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the next Neo Arcadia area. He fight his way through the stage until he comes to a boss gate. Through it he encounters Leviathan.)

Leviathan: Fu fu... I'm waiting for you, Zero. I guess Fefnir's disease infected me. Once I start thinking of you... I stop caring about the Dark Elf... Even if the world dies, I will be happy as long as I can defeat you. Now, let's battle!

(Leviathan transforms into her Armed Phenomenon form, a large spiked submarine. Zero eventually defeats this form as well.)

Leviathian: Huh huh huh... I'm getting worse than ever... The only thing I can take seriously is... Fighting with you. But... I'm happy. I'll keep going... Dreaming that I can destroy you someday... See you... soon...

(Leviathan teleports away.)

Ciel: I've set a coordinate axis... Now you can return here anytime you want... So please return to the base once. Please... Zero.

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Rouge: Zero is returning.

Jaune: Transfer in progress... Two... One...

Rouge: Transfer complete.

Ciel: Zero! Are you OK? I'm sorry that I asked you to risk your life...

Scene 23: Temple of Wind

Ciel: You are about to go to the third area of Neo Arcadia... It's the Temple of Wind. This is the last area before the Arcadia capital. Want to go there?

Rouge: Zero is going to take to the field. Everyone, prepare to transfer.

Jaune: We are now ready to transfer... Transfer start!

Ciel: Please don't overstrain yourself...

(Zero fights through the stage until he encounters Elpizo, the Baby Elves, and the half-awakened Dark Elf. Harpuia bows to Elpizo.)

Zero: Harpuia!!

Elpizo: Ha ha ha! You've made it here at last, Zero. Look... This is... Dark Elf... A perfect Cyber-elf, which will bring peace to this world... Hee hee, it will not be long before I can get rid of all the humans who waste our valuable energy, and destroy Neo Arcadia which protects them. All I have to do is... Destroy X, who has been interfering with the true revival of the Dark Elf...

Harpuia: I won't... Let that happen...

Elpizo: You!! You can still say such a thing...!

(Elpizo fires a strange energy blast that paralyzes Harpuia.)

Elpizo: Be a good boy and die... Wha ha ha ha ha! You must know your own worth. Do you regret that you haven't shown any respect for me...? Now that I am so much more than you! I've acquired a power that no one can match. I've become invincible! Hee hee... It's getting late... Time to wake the Dark Elf up... Let's celebrate the new history of the world. Why don't you enjoy yourselves. Well then, enjoy!

(Elpizo and the Dark Elf dash away. The Baby Elves enter into Harpuia's body, possessing him.)

Harpuia: U... Ugh... Z...Zero... Kill... me...

Zero: ...

Harpuia: Just kill me... I will... soon be controlled by the Baby Elves... Kill me now... And stop him...!!

(Harpuia screams and transforms into his Armed Phenomenon form, a massive clawed fighter jet. Zero eventually defeats this form as well. Harpuia collapses, and the Baby Elves come out of him.)

Harpuia: H... hurry, Zero... Protect Master X... and the world... from him...

Zero: I understand... Leave it to me.

(Harpuia teleports out.)

Ciel: I've set a coordinate axis... Now you can return here anytime you want... So please return to the base once. Please... Zero.

Rouge: Zero is returning.

Jaune: Transfer in progress... Two... One...

Rouge: Transfer complete.

Ciel: Zero! I was so very worried about you... Soon, you'll be able to reach the deepest part of Neo Arcadia, where Dark Elf is sealed.

Scene 24: The Final Stronghold

Ciel: At last... Here is the final area of... Neo Arcadia. Will you go...?

Rouge: Zero is going to take to the field. Everyone, prepare to transfer.

Jaune: We are now ready to transfer... Transfer start!

Ciel: Please don't overstrain yourself...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the stage. He fights through the fortress until he comes to a room full of teleporters. Entering into each one, he rematches against each of the previous bosses.)

Hyleg Ourobuckle: With Master Elpizo and... Master Dark Elf, the new world is... Ready to start...

(Zero fights and defeats Ourobuckle.)

Hyleg Ourobuckle: Where... where am I?! Elpizo came... and Baby Elf came... What am I doing...? Hissssss!

(Ourobuckle explodes. Zero continues on and encounters Poler Kamrous.)

Poler Kamrous: Bwooooh! Master Elpizo... Master Dark Elf... The new world... It's ready...

(Zero fights and defeats Kamrous.)

Poler Kamrous: Bwooooh!... !? Where is Elpizo!? What? What... am I doing? So hot... Bwooooh!?

(Kamrous explodes. Zero continues on and encounters Phoenix Magnion.)

Phoenix Magnion: With the combination of Master Elpizo and Master Dark Elf, the new world is... Ready to begin...

(Zero fights and defeats Magnion.)

Phoenix Magnion: Ugh... It can't be... I didn't think my heart could be tricked by them... Foolish...

(Magnion explodes. Zero continues on through the fortress until he reaches another teleporter room. He encounters Panter Flauclaws.)

Panter Flauclaws: The greatest thing ever will soon... awaken in this world... Master Elpizo, forever!

(Zero fights and defeats Flauclaws.)

Panter Flauclaws: What?! It can't be!? Hey!! What am I doing...!? Guhhha....h!

(Flauclaws explodes. Zero continues on and encounters Kuwagust Anchus and Herculious Anchortus.)

Kuwagust Anchus: The greatest thing ever is ready to awaken...

Herculious Anchortus: Another chapter in our glorious history begins...Master Elpizo, forever... Let's go, little brother...

Kuwagust Anchus: Yes, brother!

(Zero fights and defeats both of them.)

Kuwagust Anchus: What... what happened? Brother!!

Herculious Anchortus: It can't be!! We were manipulated!!!! Uggggg!!

(They both explode. Zero continues on and encounters Burble Hekelot.)

Burble Hekelot: The greatest thing... Ribbid! is going to awaken again... in this world. Ribbid... Our story is about to unfold... Master Elpizo, forever... Ribbid!

(Zero fights and defeats Hekelot.)

Burble Hekelot: Ribbbbid!! Where am I?! What am I?? Ribbbbbbbiid!!

(Hekelot explodes. Zero fights through the rest of the fortress.)

Z2 scene 12

Scene 25: Sacred Destruction

(Zero comes to the Dark Elf's vault.)

Z2 scene 13

Elpizo: Hee hee hee. I've been waiting for you, Zero. Nothing is worse than having a show that no one comes to watch. Once I destroy the original X, I will be invincible!

Zero: I won't let that happen!

(Zero dashes forward, but Elpizo fires a blast the paralyzes him.)

Zero: What the...

Elpizo: Hee hee hee. Thank you for coming to my show. But, I'm afraid that... this is the real "retirement" of your friend...

(Elpizo draws his Beam Saber.)

Elpizo: Hee hee hee! Time to die, X... And release the Dark Elf!

(Elpizo lunges forward and stabs X in the chest, destroying the seal of the Dark Elf.)

Z2 scene 18

Elpizo: Ha... Ha ha ha... Gha ha ha ha ha! I did it! I did it at last! I terminated the legendary hero! I destroyed X at last!

(The two separated parts of the Dark Elf merge together and become whole. The Baby Elves and the Dark Elf merge with Elpizo.)

Elpizo: Arrgghhhh!!

(Elpizo transforms into a stronger version of his former self.)

Elpizo:...Sorry to have kept you waiting, Zero. I'm going to terminate you, destroy all Neo Arcadia, and exterminate all human beings. What do you say? A world without humans... The world only for Reploids... Don't you think it will be paradise!?

(Zero battles and defeats Elpizo.)

Elpizo: This can't be... I am supposed to have become invincible... I'm supposed to have obtained the power that had nearly brought the world to destruction... It was not enough, Dark Elf! Give me more strength!!

(Elpizo screams as he is transformed into a monstrous Dark Seraph. Zero battles him and eventually defeats this form as well.)

Scene 26: Regrets

(Elpizo lies wounded, near death.)

Z2 scene 19

Elpizo: Thank you... Zero... Thank you for stopping me... You saved me. I almost did something... That can't be forgiven... Thank you so much... I was so weak-minded... I was so pathetic... Accepting your failures in life is a very difficult thing... I think that I've become a little stronger from this lesson... Time to say goodbye, Zero... Tell Ciel... I'm sorry...

(The Dark Elf suddenly glows a bright golden color.)

Baby Elf: Me...? Meeeee!

(The two Baby Elves fly off, startled by their mother's change. The Dark Elf floats down and envelops Elpizo in her glow.)

Elpizo: I feel warm... Ahhh...

(The Dark Elf heals Elpizo and transforms him into a Cyber-Elf.)

Z2 scene 21

Elpizo: It appears that she... saved me. She is not evil... Thank you, Zero. And good-bye...

(Elpizo flies away. The Dark Elf's color flickers and she reverts back to her previous purple color.)

Dark Elf: Zer... Z...Zero... ...

Zero: !?

(The Dark Elf flies away as well. Cyber-elf X appears to talk to Zero.)

Cyber-Elf X: She wasn't always called the "Dark Elf"... When she was born, she had a mission to save the world, and had another name. However, when her ability became a threat of world destruction, they began to call her the "Dark Elf..." Since someone called Dr. Weil placed a curse on her...

Zero: I... I feel that I know her... Dark...Elf... ...

(The scene fades out as Zero watches X ascend into the sky once more.)

Scene 27: Foreshadowing

(After the credits roll, a heavy metal vault is shown. An unknown voice is heard.)

???: It seems the Dark Elf has been awakened. Hee hee hee hee. The time has come for you to take action, Omega... Hee hee hee...

(Scene fades out.)

End of Script


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