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Vile Numbers & Zero & Ciel & Vile

Japanese promo art for Zero 3.

Script from the game Mega Man Zero 3.

Scene 1: March of Neo Arcadia

(Bells are heard tolling in the background as the narrator recounts the plots of first and second games.)

MMZ3 Scene 01

Narrator: The legendary Reploid Zero awoke from a long slumber...
With Ciel's Resistance he defeated Copy X, the ruler of Neo Arcadia.
The terror of the Neo Arcadian regime ended, but the energy shortage remained a constant problem.
Ciel devoted herself to researching new forms of energy.
Elpizo became the newly appointed Resistance leader.
However, overcome by his desire for power, Elpizo awakened the Dark Elf,
whose magic had once nearly destroyed the world.
Elpizo, thirsting for the power of the Dark Elf, lost sight of his true duty,
and was finally defeated after a fierce battle.
However, the Dark Elf fled, her destination unknown.
The battle over the Dark Elf had only just begun...

(Scene fades out.)

Scene 2: The Mysterious Ship

Narrator: Two months later.

(Scene opens as Zero leads Ciel and two Resistance soldiers through a snowy wasteland.)

Soldier 1: It sure is quiet... There haven't been many Neo Arcadian attacks lately. Things are almost too peaceful now...

Soldier 2: Ms. Ciel completed her research on the new energy... And if it solves the energy crisis, Neo Arcadia won't have a reason to fight us anymore.

Ciel: Actually... I already informed Neo Arcadia about this new energy, the "Ciel System"... But... I haven't received a reply yet...

Soldier 1: Don't worry! I'm sure their answer will come soon! There's no more reason to fight. We can live in peace! Right?

Zero: We're in the middle of a mission. So put a lid on it and walk!

Ciel: *gulp!* Sorry!

(Ciel pauses as she analyzes her energy readings.)

Ciel: The reading is getting stronger. We're close...

MMZ3 Scene 02

Soldier 2: The snow is letting up...

(A strange ship becomes clearly visible in the background.)

Soldier 1: W-wow! Look at that!

Zero: Is that... some kind of ship?

Soldier 1: Ms. Ciel... Did that... huge thing... fall from outer space?!

Ciel: Yes... but what's more... It's giving out the same energy reading as the Dark Elf... of which there is only one in the whole world... Zero was against the idea, but I just had to find out... What could possibly be going on here?

Zero: Neo Arcadia has the area ahead of us cordoned off.

Ciel: What?!

Zero: You guys stay here until I make sure it's safe.

Ciel: Okay... Be careful, Zero...

(Zero dashes away.)

Scene 3: Omega's Call

(Zero fights through the stage until he comes to the entrance to the ship.)

MMZ3 Scene 04

Zero: Up ahead... That's where the Dark Elf reading is coming from. She knew who I was... Why would the elf who almost destroyed the world know me?

Ciel (over radio): Zero? Are you there?

Zero: Maintain radio silence! The enemy is near...

Ciel: Oh, I-I'm sorry...

Soldier 1: Get down! Neo Arcadians!

Soldier 2: Ms. Ciel, look out!

(A group of Pantheons attack the group. Ciel's scream is heard.)

Zero: No!

(Harpuia teleports in front of Zero.)

Harpuia: Relax. They won't come to any harm.

Zero: Harpuia?!

Harpuia: I'm letting you off the hook this time. But you and those Resistance fighters must leave, now!

Zero: You're letting us off the hook?!

Harpuia: Scram! I don't have time to mess with you now!

(Harpuia teleports away again.)

Zero: ...

Ciel: Zero... Can you hear me?

Zero: Seems you're okay... Leave the rest of this up to me. I want you all to head back to the Resistance Base.

Ciel: But, Zero...

(Zero hears a deep roar coming from inside the ship.)

Zero: I've heard that voice somewhere before... Is it... calling me?

(Zero enters the ship and comes to a gate. The scene shifts to show Fefnir and Leviathan getting thrown against the far wall by an attack from an unseen enemy.)

Fefnir: Now you're askin' for it! I'll blast you to pieces!

MMZ3 Scene 05

(Fefnir fires at the enemy offscreen but is hit by a huge clawed fist.)

Fefnir: Ooph!

(Omega is revealed, looming over Fefnir.)

Leviathan: *pant pant* Are you alive, Fefnir?

Fefnir: What a monster... The two of us fighting together, and not a scratch.

Leviathan: Omega, the evil Reploid banished from Neo Arcadia... He's pretty tough...

(Zero dashes in front of Fefnir.)

Fefnir: Zero?! What the heck are YOU doing here?!

Zero: What is that thing?

Leviathan: That's Omega. His mere existence defies reality... He's strong, but... He's not as fun to fight as you are. Hehe... I don't feel like fighting him, so he's all yours... See you later, Zero.

(Leviathan teleports out.)

Fefnir: Bah, that Leviathan... Grr, I can't move! We'll have to finish this another time! Hey, Zero! I'll get you and that Omega one of these days!! Don't you dare die before then, Zero!!

(Fefnir teleports out. Zero turns to look at Omega.)

Zero: Omega, huh? So you were the one who called me here?

(Zero fights and defeats Omega.)

Omega: Grrr...

(Omega powers up.)

Zero: You just don't give up, do you...

(A familiar lightning attack hits Omega. Harpuia teleports in.)

Omega: Gaaarrrrwl!

Harpuia: So you're Omega... I'm afraid I can't let you leave this place, ever. Time for your destruction!

(Harpuia prepares another attack, but a new voice interrupts.)

???: Hehehehe... Omega, that will be quite enough.

(Omega disarms.)

???: From this day forward... You will fight with this person as a Neo Arcadian. It's not polite, smashing a friend like that.

Omega: Gaarwl... Lord... Weil...

MMZ3 Scene 06

Harpuia: A Neo Arcadian?! Who is this guy?!

(Dr. Weil appears.)

Dr. Weil: Hehehehe... I am Weil. You may call me Dr. Weil. You must know my name, Harpuia of the Four Guardians. And you... the legendary hero. Zero...

Harpuia: Dr. Weil?! You're kidding me! It can't be! Why are you, who were banished from Neo Arcadia a century ago, with Omega?!

(Another new voice is heard.)

Copy X MK-II: That's simple. I-I brought him.

(Copy X enters, only with blue eyes instead of red.)

Harpuia: M... Master X?! Is that you?!

(Harpuia drops to the ground and bows.)

Copy X MK-II: Harpuia! Hehe, you haven't ch-changed! And th-then there's... I missed y-you, Zero...

Zero: You must be... You're a copy, aren't you?

Dr. Weil: Hehehe! I brought back Master X, whom you defeated long ago! To protect humanity from the chaos of this world!

Copy X MK-II: Weil saved my life. I owe h-him, see... I'll take Omega back, thank y-you. Harpuia, you k-keep searching for the Dark Elf. Omega and the Dark Elf... We'll need them both for what's to c-come...

Harpuia: But Master X! Think how many humans died because of the Dark Elf and Omega, both built by this man... How can you justify exposing humanity to such a grave danger, especially now with the energy crisis almost solved?!

Dr. Weil: What's this? Are you trying to tell Master X what to do? When did you grow so bold, Harpuia?

Harpuia: Weil... you...

Copy X MK-II: So, Zero. You g-guys are also searching for the Dark Elf, right? Let's m-make a contest out of it! I'll sh-show you who the real hero i-is!

(Copy X teleports away.)

Dr. Weil: Hehehe... Now things are getting interesting, Zero! Let's see how far you get with that body! Hehehe...

(Harpuia, Weil, and Omega all teleport away.)

Zero: "With that body"...? ...

Ciel (over radio): Zero... This is terrible...

Zero: So you were monitoring the whole thing?

Ciel: Hurry back to base. Operator?

Operator: Commencing trans.

(Zero teleports out.)

Scene 4: At the Resistance Base

Operator 1: Transferring... Two... One...

(Zero appears.)

Operator 2 (Jaune): Transfer complete.

Ciel: What should I do?

Zero: Well, for now... Not letting Neo Arcadia have the Dark Elf... That would be priority number one.

Operator 1 (Rouge): I will calculate our best course of action, giving priority to the search for the Dark Elf. I will report to Ms. Ciel as soon as the results are in.

Soldier 1: Ms. Ciel, please cheer up. Everything's turned out alright before, hasn't it?

Soldier 2: That's right. We believe in you, Ms. Ciel. And in Mr. Zero, too!

Ciel: Thank you, everyone.

(The soldiers walk out of the room. Ciel turns back to Zero.)

Ciel: The simulation will take a while longer to finish... I think we're going to need your help again, Zero... I think you shouyld get a little rest, first. One more thing... You should go see Cerveau. I hear he's finished his Secret Disk analyzer. If you find any Secret Disks that you can't analyze, ask Cerveau to have a look for you.

(Zero heads to Cerveau's room.)

Soldier in 4th floor: (before talking with Cerveau) Cerveau's room? Go through the Commander's room to the right, and it's the room right in front of you. It's convenient that the base is so big now, but it sure is easy to get lost!

Cerveau: Hey, Zero! You're all right! I heard the news. Despite the new energy, the world is still not at peace. I never thought peace would be easy, but still... Anyway, I just finished a new weapon for you. I also fixed your S. Boomerang! Here, take it!

Narrator: You got the Recoil Rod! You got the S. Boomerang!

Cerveau: Oh, one more thing. About Secret Disks. Secret Disks contain things that you can't decode, right? Well, I can analyze them for you, so stop by anytime. You can also talk to me if you ever want to look at the contents of a disk we've already analyzed.

Operator: Mr. Zero... Please come to the commander's room, immediately.

Cerveau: Hmm? Zero, they're asking for you.

Zero: This Recoil Rod looks easy to use. Thanks.

(Zero starts to leave.)

Cerveau: The world is too much for Ciel to bear alone... Take good care of her, Zero...

Scene 5: Ciel's Data Library

(Zero uses the computer in Ciel's room.)

Computer: Boot completed. Enter command

(Zero selects "Look something up".)

Computer: Subject of interest? (OMEGA): Omega is a giant Reploid with the same energy signature as the Dark Elf. Some say that Omega was involved in the Elf Wars. The records state that a century ago, Omega was ejected into Space... There is no other data available on Omega.

Computer: (DR. WEIL): Dr. Weil used the Dark Elf a century ago, causing the Elf Wars. He was banished from Neo Arcadia. He is a scientist who excels at bringing dead Reploids back to life.

Computer: (DARK ELF): Dark Elf is a Cyber-elf originally designed to end the Maverick Wars. X used her to bring a prompt end to the conflict. Afterward, she was stolen by Dr. Weil, subsequently causing the Elf Wars. There is no other data available on the Dark Elf.

Computer: (HARPUIA): The shrewd General Harpuia is one of the Four Guardians, and is a Reploid cloned from X's DNA. Filling the void left by the destruction of Copy X, he became leader of Neo Arcadia. He was rendered unconscious by an attack from Omega, and remains so today.

Computer: (MENART): Menart is the coolest Reploid in the universe. He is the kindest, smartest, and most hard-working one of them all. ... I do not recall entering this data into my system... ... Commencing shutdown.

Computer: (CIEL): Ciel is a human girl with an empathic connection to Cyber-elves. Also, she is a highly talented scientist who has devoted herself to research on energies. She recently completed the Ciel System...

(If Zero selects "Transmission")

Computer: Can trade BattleChips w/ "MMBN 4 Red Sun" and "MMBN 4 Blue Moon." Send BattleChips to "MMZ 3" to change enemies in Cyberspace. Begin transmission by selecting "BattleChips" from "Trade" in "Comm." on the PET screen of "Mega Man Battle Network 4 ."

(Computer gives Zero the option to begin "Transmission".)

Scene 6: The First Mission

(Zero enters the Command Room.)

Ciel: Sorry this took so long, Zero. Are you ready? We've simulated our options based on the information at hand. I've had the results prepared in the form of missions. The first two are... Missions to prevent Neo Arcadia getting the Dark Elf. The other two are... Guerilla attacks on Neo Arcadia to protect everyone from its threat. ... ... Zero, is fighting our only option? I mean, we've developed this new energy... I thought the world would finally be at peace... Do we really have to keep fighting?

Zero: Ciel... You're already doing the best you can. And you're not alone. Leave the rest to us.

Ciel: Ze... Zero...

Operator: Mr. Zero, we're ready. You can leave at any time.

(Zero decides to select a mission.)

Scene 7: Around the Base

(Zero roams around the base, talking to the Resistance members.)

Doigt: (first time) Hmm? Oh, it's you Zero. Did you get your new weapon from Cerveau? If not, you should go get it soon. Let me know how it works when you do. I can't really test its potential in the lab...

Doigt: (second time) The Recoil Rod is strongest when charged. It incorporates features from Triple and Chain Rods... It will require some effort to master it.

Rocinolle: (first time) The lull in attacks from Neo Arcadia had me optimistic... But it seems they're on the move... I just hope they don't come here... For my job, the quieter things are, the better.

Rocinolle: (second time) Ah, yes... if you have some time, do visit old Andrew. Let's see, I think he's on the 3rd floor. Oh! Speaking of old Andrew, I just remembered... This disk belongs to old Andrew. But since he's no good with machines, you just go ahead and take it.

(Rocinolle gives Zero Secret Disk #167.)

Rocinolle: (third time) Have you studied what's on that disk? You see, that was an ID card from when old Andrew worked at a bread factory. Hmm... I wonder how young he was back then... He's such an enigma.

Soldier in right tower: (first time) Ah, Mr. Zero! Lately I've been so bored... my trigger finger is itching. But I suppose that's nothing to complain about, right? Oh, yes! I can't make out what's on this disk... You can have it!

(The soldier gives Zero Secret Disk #58.)

Soldier in right tower: (second time) That disk I gave you... Did you decode it?


Soldier in right tower: Yup! I knew you would, Mr. Zero! Your decisiveness is such an inspiration!


Soldier in right tower: Oh, my! Not yet? You really should have Mr. Cerveau take a look at it.

(If Mod Card #36 is active, the following is added)

Soldier in right tower: Oh, Mr. Zero... Old news I guess, but do you remember the Crystal Cave? Go to the very end of the 2nd Crystal area, and go back to the left. Then, Z Panels will rain down. ... Sorry it's old news.

Soldier in left tower: Mr. Zero! Before I worked here I was a security guard in the desert. Of course, that was over a year ago.

(If Mod Card #57 is active, the following is added)

Soldier in left tower: Oh, Mr. Zero? Have you been using Cyberspace? I think that place is more than just a shortcut. There must be some secrets to it.

Pic: (first time) Hey, hey! How's the new guy doing? Oh, pardon me! Can't keep calling the legendary 'roid the "new guy"! It's been so boring since that Elpizo left here. No one complains when I skip work, And I don't have any stories to tell. There's just no excitement anymore.

Pic: (second time) Did you take the disk lying there? That disk is pretty much just my personal profile. Wonder what would possess someone to write about me... It was as accurate as could be, but surely there's something more interesting to write about.

Hirondelle: (first time) Hey there, Zero! Have you heard? The appearance of Omega, who has the same signature as the Dark Elf, has caused a rift in our world. The rift is called Cyberspace. A mysterious doorway connects it to the real world. Inside Cyberspace, Cyber-elf abilities auto-activate.

Hirondelle: (second time) Oh, yes... About Cyberspace... Want to know more?


Hirondelle: Then let me explain. Some elves activate when you go into Cyberspace... But not all elves do. Only elves with the A mark on the lower left of the icon activate. They activate even when not grown, and they also don't die. There are also no penalties for using elves! But, when you enter Cyberspace, you lose five mission points. Also, in Cyberspace you get no Secret Disks from foes. And you can't fight bosses while still inside!

(Not really...)

Hirondelle: Oh, is that right? That's fine, if you already know.

Andrew: (first time) What's this? You must be the new whippersnapper! ...hah, I'm kidding. Even MY memory isn't quite that bad!

Andrew: (second time) By the way, son... Where's the young lad with the long blonde hair, who was in the commander's room until just recently? Well, it's nothing really. There was just this thing...

Andrew: (third time) Hey, Zero... When you have a moment, won't you listen to my story? Can I tell you?


Andrew: I see... no time eh? Can't be helped... Sorry to bother you when you're busy...


Andrew: A long time ago... I was a teacher at a school... Back then, there were many humans... It is no falsehood to say we lived in harmony together... I have so many good memories of those days... The one I remember most vividly is when we went on a picnic. There was a girl who had forgotten to bring her lunch... And when lunchtime came, she sat alone by herself. All her friends were too busy talking and eating to notice. She hard a hard time fitting in. Didn't speak up much... She didn't know how to tell her friends she forgot lunch. When I saw her, I figured that as much had happened. So I gave her some doughnuts I had made that morning. Oh? Bored already?


Andrew: Ah, bored I see... There's more I want to tell you, but, oh well...


Andrew: You know, before I taught, I worked at a bread factory. And before that I was a sailor. Oops... Went off track... I was telling you about my giving the girl a doughnut. She didn't thank me and ran off with her head bowed... I thought she was going off to be with her friends... But on the way home, The girl got off the bus and gave me something. It was a short letter and a piece of clover. The letter said: "Mr. Andrew, I'm sorry I didn't find you a 4-leaf clover" Written in tiny letters. That was her way of saying "Thank you." Whenever I pass by the harbor where the school was, I recall the sweet voices of children calling to me, "Mr. Andrew"...

(Young Andrew's modified text with Mod Card #44:)

Andrew: (first time) Hey, Zero! Remember me? Hah hah hah hah! It's me, Andrew! Surprised?

Andrew: (second time) By the way, whippersnapper... Where's the young lad with the long blonde hair, who was in the commander's room until just recently? Well, it's nothing really. There was just this thing...

Soldier in room 3D: Ah, Mr. Zero. I was just cleaning this room, and I came across a Secret Disk. It must be around somewhere. If you find it, it's yours.

Hibou (first time): Hi-ya, Zero! It's been 2 months since Mr. Elpizo left here. I wonder when I'll be promoted to commander... I don't think there is a more qualified success - or... If that weren't possible, I might be an operator instead!

Hibou: (second time) Busy, busy, busy! I think I work the hardest of everyone here at the base! Zero, when you see everyone, tell them how hard I work!

Soldier in room 2D: Ah, Mr. Zero! Good to see you! I'm taking a break after patrolling the second floor. So, don't think I'm just slacking off.

Perroquiet (first time): Nice to meet you, my name is Perroquiet. Oh, it's Mr. Zero! Sorry about that, I have poor vision. But that aside, Ms. Ciel's research is just incredible. Incomplete as it is, I think that the miracle of undying Cyber-elves shows the fruits of her labor.

Perroquiet: (second time) About Cyber-elves... Want to know more?


Perroquiet: Ms. Ciel's research says that there are 2 types of elves: Fusion elves, and Satellite elves. Fusion elves perish, as it has always been. For example, when an elf turns into a Sub Tank or destroys some enemy units. Then, there's the newer type, the Satellite elves. These elves can be equipped and removed freely, and they won't perish. But you can only equip two at a time. One each in Satellite 1 and Satellite 2. There is no penalty for using Satellite elves. Some Fusions can be upgraded into Satellites.

(No thanks...)

Perroquiet: Is that so? I'm the type that won't quit talking. So I can understand if you don't really want to listen.

Autruche: (first time) Hello, Mr. Zero. I'm sure you've forgotten my name. I'm Autruche. I've been carrying loads around here for years. Sometimes I wish I could do something else, but there just isn't anything that I'm good at... Sorry, I didn't mean to gripe to you, Mr. Zero.

Autruche: (second time) Keep up the good work, Mr. Zero. I'll be working hard too... Yes indeed...

Menart: (first time) Oh, it's you, Zero. I just can't stand work! My job? My job is to watch the harbor all day. All day, every day! Heh, just kidding! If that Hibou heard me say that he'd sure be mad.

Menart: (second time) Oh, hey! I found this disk underneath this load... Do you want it?

(No thanks...)

Menart: Hmm... Well if you don't want it, you won't have it.


Menart: Well... You're not expecting to get it for free, are you? Let me think... Alright, you can have it if you answer my question. Do you know that small Reploid down the hall? The one that carries a book with him wherever he goes. Answer me this! What's his name?


Menart: Uh... I'M Menart! How could you forget my name!


Menart: So, you knew. Very well, then. Here, take it, as I promised!

(Menart gives Zero Secret Disk #175. Zero goes back to Cerveau's lab.)

Menart: (after obtaining disk 175) About the disk I gave you... To tell you the truth, I don't know what's on it.

Alouette (first time): Oh, hey, Zero! I've been waiting here the whole time for Ciel. She came in and left again right away... This little guy is a bit worn out, so I'd like it fixed... I guess Ciel must be busy...

Alouette (second time): I wonder where my little Crea and Prea went... They are my precious Baby Elves... Did you know that I could talk to them a little...? At first it was just "MiMiMiMi" and other baby babble. Zero, please let me know if you find them! Promise me... okay?

Cerveau: (first time) Oh, Zero... Sorry I couldn't fix up your weapons in time... Since there haven't been any attacks from Neo Arcadia... I thought I'd just upgrade your weapons instead... But it ended up taking more time than I expected... Sorry about that... But I was able to make some pretty good improvements to your weapons. By the way... about your Recoil Rod... Do you want to know how to use it?

(Sure do.)

Cerveau: I see, I see! The Recoil Rod can blast enemies with a charge, and you can also aim down and shoot to fly up into the air! Certain barriers can only be destroyed with the charge attack, so don't hesitate to give it a try. Doigt and I spent a month putting it together for you, so use it well! Of course, the trick with new weapons is to give them a try, and get used to them!

(Not really...)

Cerveau: I see. You don't even care at all, do you? If Doigt could hear that from outside of the room he'd sure be disappointed.

Cerveau: (second time) I got so caught up in making your weapons... that I worked for 10 days without taking any E-Crystals, and almost ended up shutting down. Hah hah hah... Oh yes... I have something to give to you. It's no use to me anyway, so have this disk.

(Cerveau gives Zero Secret Disk #092.)

Cerveau: (third time) You can get disks from all kinds of people. Make sure to make your rounds and try talking to people often!

Ciel: (first time) Zero... I guess I got out of control back there. But when I imagine somebody getting hurt... I... Everything just turns black... There must be some other way... I will not give up until peace is secured.

Ciel: (second time) Zero... I hate to think that I might trouble you again, Zero... But without you, humans and Reploids will never be able to coexist peacefully.

(Zero decides to select a mission.)

Scene 8: Aegis Volcano Base

(Zero chooses the Aegis Volcano Base mission.)



Operator 1 (Rouge): The Neo Arcadian army is building up at the base in Aegis Volcano. We do now know what their intention is.

Operator 2 (Jaune): Do some scouting?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Mission assigned... All personnel, prepare to transfer. Preparations for transfer complete. Transfer!

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Ciel: Zero... Be careful.

Operator: A strong energy reading detected. They are building a huge missile outside the base. The base must be here to support the construction.

Ciel: Analyzing a route to the missile factory will take quite a while... Zero, what should we do?!

Zero: All right. I'll buy us some time by attacking the base. Start your analysis!

(Zero fights through the stage until he encounters Blazin' Flizard in humanoid form through a boss gate.)

Blazin' Flizard: I almost gave up on finding a foe worthy of fighting me... You look like you might as least be a minor challenge. I'm gonna enjoy this, Zero!

(Flizard morphs into his battle form.)

Blazin' Flizard: Ssyaaaaah! Get ready for Blazin' Flizard, one of Weil's Numbers! Let's heat it up, Zerrroooo!!!

(If Flizard defeats Zero)
Blazin' Flizard: What, is that all you got? How... tepid. And I was hoping to have a little fun, too. Ssyahahah!

(If Zero defeats Flizard)
Blazin' Flizard: Who are you to... put out my flames? Lord Weil will get you, though... Make no mistake... He'll cover the whole world in flames, you'll see. You can't... put out the flames... of our new world... Ssyah... aaaarrgh!

(Flizard explodes and Zero teleports back to base.)

Jaune: Transferring... Two... One... Transfer complete.

Ciel: Thank you, Zero. We failed to destroy the missile, but I believe we succeeded in delaying its construction. I will analyze the route to the missile factory as quickly as possible. Please wait a bit longer, okay?

Scene 9: Ruined Oceanic Highway

(Zero chooses the Oceanic Highway Ruins mission.)



Rouge: We've verified a reading similar to the Dark Elf on the ruins of an intercontinental oceanic highway... We have verified that Neo Arcadia is pursuing this. We believe it will take some time for them to reach the source of this reading. If possible, you should verify the signal, and if it is indeed the Dark Elf, protect it.

Jaune: Do you accept?

(Zeeo accepts the mission.)

Operators: Mission assigned... All personnel, prepare to transfer. Preparations for transfer complete. Transfer!

Ciel: Zero... Be careful.

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area. He immediately encounters the Dark Elf.)

Ciel: Zero! We've just got a reading!

Zero: Dark Elf detected. Beginning pursuit.

(Zero dashes after the Dark Elf, but is stopped by Childre Inarabitta.)

Childre Inarabitta: Who the heck're you? Heh, you must be after that Dark Elf, too. Am I right? You'll have to get past me first!

(Inarabitta hops inside a submarine mech and leaves.)

Ciel: Can you hear me, Zero?! There's a switch up ahead that lowers the ocean's water level. Hit it and slow the mech down!

(Zero gets ahead of the mech and finds the Dark Elf in a room surrounded by Pantheon Aquas.)

Dark Elf: Zeeeeeeerrooooo...

Zero: Dark Elf!

Dark Elf: Stoooooop iiiiiit!

(The Dark Elf transforms one of the Pantheon Aquas into a Seraph form and leaves.)

Zero: !!! I'll have to take care of this guy first...

(Zero destroys the Seraph and continues on until he finds Childre Inarabitta through a boss gate.)

Childre Inarabitta: What a pain you are! I thought you'd be easier to scare off than that! No more games. I'm Childre Inarabitta, of Weil's Numbers! I'll see that smug face of yours frozen with fear!

(If Inarabitta defeats Zero)
Childre Inarabitta: You're shark food now! Now, time to go after that Dark Elf!

(If Zero defeats Inarabitta)
Childre Inarabitta: You're kidding me... Why is this... happening... to me?!

(Childre Inarabitta explodes and Zero teleports back to base.)

Rouge: Transferring... Two... One... Jaune: Transfer complete.

Ciel: Zero, I'm sorry. You risked your life to go after the Dark Elf... But the Dark Elf was too fast, and we lost sight of it. I scanned that area again, but there's no reading anywhere in the vicinity. I know an apology is not enough, but I am truly sorry, Zero.

Scene 10: Waste Recycling Factory

(Zero chooses the Waste Recycling Factory mission.)

Computer: AREA: W.R. FACTORY


Rouge: We have discovered a Neo Arcadian weapons factory. They are fixing and refitting broken weaponry. It seems this is more efficient than making new ones. They have doubled their weapon production recently. Destroy this factory to cut Neo Arcadia's military power. Do you accept?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Jaune: Mission assigned... All personnel, prepare to transfer. Preparations for transfer complete. Transfer! Ciel: Zero... Be careful.

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Operator: Ahead is the factory control unit. Data from cameras in the factory is sent to this unit. Destroy the cameras as you proceed.

(Zero fights through the stage until he finds Devilbat Schilt behind a boss gate.)

Devilbat Schilt: Well, if it isn't the legendary hero. The Mechaniloids to all the repairs on their own. So I was just trying to enjoy a little tea break. How dare you disturb my peace and quiet! Where are your manners, sir hero? I, Devilbat Schilt, of Weil's Numbers, shall educate you.

(Devilbat morphs to his battle form.)

Devilbat Schilt: Kekeke! The first lesson a gentleman must learn in refinement is... Intruders are to die without a fuss!

(If Devilbat defeats Zero)
Devilbat Schilt: Keke! The blood of a century-old hero has such a lovely odor!

(Zero defeats Devilbat Schilt)
Devilbat Schilt: Ke...keke! No manners... No manners at all! Trying to defy Lord Weil, what dismal behavior! Ke...kekekekeeee!!

(Devilbat explodes and Zero teleports back to base.)

Jaune: Transferring... Two... One... Transfer complete.

Ciel: Zero... Thank you. That recycling plant will be out of operation for some time, I think. Thank you so much...

Scene 11: Old Residential District

(Zero chooses the Old Residential mission.)



Rouge: This was a residential area where humans once lived. We sent some people to investigate... And received news that Dark Elf may have been seen. For some reason, we are unable to scan this area. We would like you to go there to investigate first-hand. Can you investigate?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Jaune: Mission assigned... All personnel, prepare to transfer. Preparations for transfer complete. Transfer!

Ciel: Zero... Be careful.

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Operator: Mr. Zero! You can burn away the ivy with Flame-based attacks. The Recoil Rod's charge attack can destroy things too. Keep that in mind.

(Zeor fights through the stage until he encounters the two Baby Elves, Crea and Prea.)

Crea: Maaama. Maaama. Hey, Prea. Mama's not here.

Prea: That's right, Crea. Mama's not here.

Crea: Hey, Prea. Let's look a little farther inside.

Prea: That's right, Crea. Let's look a little further inside.

(The two Elves fly off.)

Zero: ... Those must be...

Ciel (over radio): Zero! I've picked up some Baby Elf readings on that portable scanner I gave you! They may be the same ones I was studying...

Zero: Their mother... They must be looking for the Dark Elf.

Ciel: Hey Zero, can you protect those babies?

Zero: Alright. I'll find them.

Ciel: Thank you, Zero...

(Zero continues on until the scene shifts to show the Baby Elves hovering around Deathtanz Mantisk.)

Crea: Who are you? You smell like Mama.

Prea: Who are you? You smell like us.

Deathtanz Mantisk: Chikachika... So these are Baby Elves? Lord Weil ordered me to find them... They really are just little elves. Are they useful?

(Zero dashes into the room.)

Zero: Hand over the Baby Elves.

Crea: Oh, I know him! He pushed Mama around!

Prea: I know him, too! That's the guy who pushed Mama around a century ago!

Crea: You faker!

Prea: You faker!

Zero: Hmm?

Deathtanz Mantisk: Chikachika... Shut up, you Baby Elves! If you don't wanna get chopped up, go into that room!

Crea: Waaaaaah!

Prea: Waaaaaah!

(The Baby Elves fly into the next room.)

Deathtanz Mantisk: Those two belong to Lord Weil. You can't have them.

(Deathtanz morphs into his battle form.)

Deathtanz Mantisk: I'm Deathtanz Mantisk, one of Weil's Numbers. Now, time to slice you into ribbons!

(If Deathtanz defeats Zero)
Deathtanz Mantisk: I can cut anything with my beautiful scythe! Chikachikachika!

(If Zero defeats Deathtanz) Deathtanz Mantisk: Chikachika... Even if you defeat me here... My associates will cut the old chains that bind the world. And build... A new order... Lord Weeeeiiiil!!!

(Deathtanz explodes and the scene fades out.)

Scene 12: Dr. Weil and the Baby Elves

(Scene fades in again in the room next to the one in which Zero fought Deathtanz. The Baby Elves are hovering around Dr. Weil.)

Crea: Who are you, mister? I've seen you somewhere before.

Prea: Who are you, mister? I've seen you somewhere before, too.

Dr. Weil: Heheheheheee... My name is Weil. I'm the one who made your mother, the Dark Elf. You might think of me as your Grandpa.

Crea: Prea, did you hear that? He's our Grandpa!

Prea: I heard, Crea! He's our Grandpa!

Dr. Weil: I'm looking for the Dark Elf, too. I need your help. You should come with me to Neo Arcadia. I'll give you new powers, and a new body...

Crea: Okay! Let's go, Prea!

Prea: Okay! Let's go, Crea!

(Zero runs into the room after Deathtanz explodes.)

Zero: Wait!

(Weil and the Baby Elves teleport away.)

Zero: Darn... Ciel, can you follow their readings?

Ciel: I'm sorry, Zero. That won't be possible with your scanner.

Zero: ...

Operator: Mr. Zero, please return to base. Commencing transfer.

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Scene 13: Status Report

Rouge: Transferring... Two... One... Transfer complete.

Ciel: Zero... Thank you. The reports of the Dark Elf... They were really Baby Elf sightings... I wonder what Neo Arcadia is planning on doing with them.

Jaune: You have completed all the missions. This next mission involves deciding what to do with a missile factory that's been newly discovered. We are also currently searching for the Dark Elf, while we look into solutions for this problem.

Ciel: We have to do something about that missile right now. We had to calculate the transfer coordinates for the missile factory based on old satellite photographs. ... So the coordinates would be too dangerous to use as a direct transfer route.

Rouge: The land route to the missile factory is also dangerous, due to the scout patrols that are searching the area. We're scanning for the Dark Elf, but no luck yet.

Zero: Understood. Let me know if anything changes.

Ciel: All right. Oh, yeah...

(Ciel saves the game data.)

Ciel: We'll contact you soon, so please get some rest for now.

(Scene fades out.)

Scene 14: The Four Guardians No More

(Scene fades in as Harpuia and Copy X are speaking inside a throne room.) Harpuia: Master X... Do you still trust that man... Weil?

Copy X MK-II: His banishment did not follow official ch-channels. Just because what he did resulted i-in a terrible calamity... Do-does not mean that banishing him was justified. He has returned to Neo Arcadia in a legal manner. What reason-n is there to drive him out? Don't worr-rr-rry. He learned many things from his mistakes of the past. He'll do things right th-this time.

MMZ3 Scene 07

Harpuia: But...

(Dr. Weil teleports in.)

Dr. Weil: Hehehe... Thank you, Master X. I, Dr. Weil, shall never repeat my past mistakes. Never again. Yes. Hehehe... Still, to gossip about me behind my back... My, how the almighty Four Guardians have fallen!

Harpuia: What?! Weil!

Dr. Weil: Master X. The Dark Elf has appeared in Neo Arcadia. Area Z-3079. It's the farthest area from here. A human residential district.

Harpuia: We'll go. Leviathan and Fefnir are still undergoing maintenance, but if we hurry things along a bit...

Copy X MK-II: Harpuia, how long do you plan to act like you're in charge? Letting th-the Resistance get away with countless uprisings... Even letting the Dark Elf escape... I'm tired of useless p-people like you. The Four Guardians are going to be stepped down.

Harpuia: But... Master X?!

Copy X MK-II: Dr. Weil... I'm entrusting you with the leadership of our ar-armies. Will you accept?

Dr. Weil: Hehehehe... Yes sir! I will capture the Dark Elf, without fail... ...Before she falls into the hands of the Resistance and becomes a threat to this world...

(Scene fades out.)

Scene 15: The Missile Launch

(Scene opens again at the Resistance Base.)

Rouge: Preparations have begun for the launch of the missile. We do not know the target area, but we are attempting to hack our way in and find out. A tremendous energy is emanating from the missile. It seems that Omega is on board.

Ciel: Omega?! That Omega, on the missile!?

Zero: ... Ciel... Enter the coordinates you found.

Ciel: That's... dangerous!

Zero: Operator. Hurry up and prepare for transfer.

Ciel: Zero, I'm not sure about this!

Zero: I believe in you.

Ciel: ... Okay... ... Enter... the data... Please, transfer him!

Jaune: Understood. Commencing transfer preparations. Transfer!

Ciel: Zero...

(Zero teleports near the missile.)

Ciel: You made it! What a relief!

Zero: Have you determined the missile's target?

Ciel: The target is... Area Z... 3079. What?! That's a human residential district!! Wait, that's not all... The Dark Elf is there, too!

Zero: So he's trying to jump right in and take the Dark Elf... Understood.

(Zero fights through the area until he reaches the missile itself, which is beginning its launch.)

Zero: No!

(Zero jumps on top of the missile.)

Ciel: They launched it! Zero! Don't get any closer!

Zero: I have to act now, while Omega is immobile... I'll sneak inside and stop both him and the missile.

Ciel: Zero!!!

(Zero races through the missile structure, clearing each section as it separates. He reaches the gate to the control area and finds the Baby Elves.)

Zero: Baby Elves?!

Crea: He came! The bad Reploid!

Prea: He came! The nasty Reploid!

Crea: Omega will go rescue Mama! Don't get in his way! Leave!

Prea: We'll protect him from you! Don't get in his way! Leave!

(The Baby Elves fight Zero.)

(If the Baby Elves defeat Zero)
Crea: Hehe! Grandpa will be so proud of us!
Prea: Haha! Grandpa will be so proud of us!

(If Zero defeats the Baby Elves)
Crea: Waaaaah! You horrible thing!

Prea: Owwwwww! That hurt!

(The missile starts to shake.)

Crea: We may have lost, but the missile will land soon! Our mission is a success!

Prea: We may have lost, but we'll see our Mama soon! Our mission is a success!

Zero: *gulp!*

(Zero dashes away to escape the explosion as the scene fades to white.)

Scene 16: Omega's Transformation

(A growl is heard while the screen is still black.)

Omega: Grrawrrr!

(Scene shifts to show the decimated city where the missile landed. Zero lies wounded on the ground. He gets to his feet to see the Dark Elf, Baby Elves, and Omega in front of him.)

Crea: Yay! Maaama! Maaama!

Prea: Yay! Maaama! Maaama!

(Omega creates a strange energy distortion.)

Omega: Grrarraarrrr!

(The Dark Elf enters Omega's body, turning his armor gold and blue and increasing his power.)

Omega: Grrarraarr!

Crea: Hey, can you beat up that bad Reploid for us?

Prea: Yeah, can you beat up that fake Reploid for us?

(Omega starts to move towards Zero but is stopped when Harpuia teleports in.)

Harpuia: ... We, the Reploids of Neo Arcadia... We are defenders of humanity. The only justice here. Is this wasteland what you people call justice?! Weil!!!

(Harpuia attacks Omega with a lightning bolt, but fails to do any damage. Omega fires three large lasers at Harpuia and interrupts his attack. Harpuia falls to his knees.)

Harpuia: Arrrggh! I... I am...

(Zero, though wounded, dashes in front of Harpuia.)

Zero: Harpuia!

Crea: Perfect!

Prea: Get him! Get him!

Ciel (over radio): Zero, don't move! I'll transfer you to the base, now!

(Zero and Harpuia are teleported away just as Omega fires again. Scene fades out.)

Scene 17: Facing the Consequences

(Scene opens again at the Resistance Base.)

Ciel: Zero... I'm so happy that you're safe... Please, never do anything as crazy as that again...

Zero: ... I'll think about it. By the way... How is Harpuia?

Ciel: Cerveau took him to the maintenance room. He wasn't hurt very badly, but... He'll have to rest and recuperate for a while. ... Things really have gotten horrible... The operators will collect as much info as possible. Analyzing all of the information will take a while. Try to get some rest until then.

Zero: I'm all right.

Ciel: I still don't understand how Neo Arcadia could fire a missile into an area where humans live... ... even to obtain the Dark Elf.

Rouge: Someone has broken into our transmission circuit! It's Neo Arcadia!

Zero: Put them through!

(Copy X and Dr. Weil appear on the monitor.)

MMZ3 Scene 08

Copy X MK-II: Can you h-h-hear me? Members of the Resistance. And... Dr. C-Ciel.

Ciel: Copy X!

Copy X MK-II: We have custody of the D-Dark Elf. Let us put a stop to this foolish conflict. We ask that you surrender t-to us.

Ciel: Surrender?

Dr. Weil: Hand over the new energy you invented, the Ciel System. If you do this, I guarantee the safety of you Mavericks.

Ciel: He's got to be...

Dr. Weil: As a result of our analysis of the Ciel System information you so kindly sent us... We have determined that by combining it with the Dark Elf, it may be possible to generate enormous amounts of energy. This would solve the energy crisis in one fell swoop. There would no longer be a reason for us to fight.

Copy X MK-II: Ciel... A single answer from you will bring peace t-to the world.

Ciel: ... I can't... trust... you.

Copy X MK-II: What's th-that?

Ciel: You were prepared to sacrifice humans to obtain the Dark Elf! I cannot trust you after seeing that. You cannot have the Ciel System. It was built so that humans and Reploids could live in peace!

Copy X MK-II: Is that... y-your answer? Fine. You have a monopoly on energy resources... And Zero, a Reploid with terrifying f-fighting skills... Y-you are nothing more than filthy extremists! Ciel... I was holding-ng back until now, because you were there, a human... Now, you can face the consequencs, along with your Maverick friends!

(The transmission ends abruptly.)

Jaune: The transmission was cut off.

(An alarm starts blaring.)

Operator: The Neo Arcadian military has begun advancing on our base from multiple areas. They've launched a total offensive.

Ciel: Zero... I...

Zero: You believed in yourself, and fought accordingly. What comes next... is my job. Tell me which areas they are in. I will intercept.

Ciel: Zero...

Rouge: Displaying the Neo Arcadian movements on the monitor... Select a mission?

(Zero decides to choose a mission.)

Rouge: Displaying the available missions:

(The three new Neo Arcadian army generals are shown onscreen.)

Scene 18: The Twilight Desert

(Zero chooses the Twilight Desert mission.)



Operator: We have detected Neo Arcadian units moving through the Southern desert. These forces must be intercepted as soon as possible. Can you intercept?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Mission assigned... All personnel, prepare to transfer. Preparations for transfer complete. Transfer!

Ciel: Zero...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area and fights through the stage until he finds Necromancess.)

Anubis Necromancess V: I have been summoned by Lord Weil back from the netherworld to continue my reign of terror. Ancient One, it is now your turn to lie beneath the soil... Back to the earth with you!

(If Anubis defeats Zero)
Anubis Necromancess V: There is no eternity in this world. Even your life must come to an end!

(If Zero defeats Anubis)
Anubis Necromancess V: You, of the ancient soul. You have no place in the new world Lord Weil is creating. I will enjoy viewing your torment from my grave below... Hahahahaa!

(Anubis explodes and Zero teleports back to base.)

Jaune: Transferring... Two... One... Transfer complete.

Ciel: Thank you, Zero. Now that they are without a leader, the Neo Arcadians in that area have retreated. Thank you so much...

Scene 19: Around the Base 2

(Zero roams around the base, talking to the inhabitants.)

Doigt: (first time) Oh! It's you, Zero! Are you finding the Recoil Rod useful? I'm busy developing yet another new weapon!, well, not really. I'm actually totally drained from working on the Recoil Rod. I need some time off.

Doigt: (second time) There's no time to rest. Cerveau and I have to make weapons for the entire Resistance. That is no small task!

Cerveau: (first time) Dr. Weil... He'll stop at nothing to get what he wants... It's just dreadful. Zero! We can't let Weil get away with this! First we must find out where he is... I imagine Ciel and the others are doing all they can to find him by analyzing the data.

Cerveau: (second time) About Harpuia... His internal body temperature seems to be rising because of his wound from Omega... Fortunately, the wound isn't deep, so there's no need to be too concerned.

Soldier in right tower: I looked through my binoculars just now and saw a missile. It was well out of the range of this cannon... All I could do was just hold the trigger and watch...

(If Mod Card #36 is active, the following is added)

Soldier in right tower: Oh, Mr. Zero... Sometimes snow falls out of season at this base. Well, Leviathan might be behind it I guess.

Soldier in left tower: I just glanced to the east a moment ago... Enemy activity is on the rise.

(If Mod Card #57 is active, the following is added)

Soldier in left tower: To change topics... Did you know that the core of Rainbow Devil consists of the head of a Pantheon? Oh? You did? I thought I was the only one who knew that...

Hirondelle: (first time) Hey, Zero! Have you heard? Cyberspace is a wholly uncharted territory for us. For all we know, the spirits of the dead could be in there. Hah hah hah... Just kidding. But, it's not as if I've checked every corner of Cyberspace, so who knows what could be in there!

Hirondelle: (second time) Hey, Zero! Have you heard? The night sky is absolutely beautiful here. I love writing poems while stargazing. Want to hear one?


Hirondelle: OK, here goes... Fighting ends. Tomorrow offers the promise of peace. But to those who fall and vanish with the night sky, dawn never comes... What do you think? Pretty good, wouldn't you say? Hah hah hah... Sorry, sorry. It's not really a poem that I made. It's from an ancient text that I read a long time ago.

(Um, no...)

Hirondelle: Really? Oh well... Never mind then.

Hirondelle: (third time) Did you come to listen to a poem? Hmm, sorry. I just don't feel up to it.

Pic: (first time) Hey there, new guy! I mean, greetings, O legendary Reploid! Heh heh. I heard a rumor that... Harpuia is injured and sleeping in the maintenance room. Is that true? Now's the chance to finish Harpuia off, don't you think? Well, I know you're not into underhanded tactics like that. Don't get mad at me, it was just a suggestion.

Pic: (second time) So, I heard that Harpuia's room is locked, hm? Can't I just take a little peek inside? Heh heh... It's not every day that a plain old 'roid like me gets to see somebody special like that, y'know...

Andrew: (first time) Oh, it's you, Zero. By the way, did I ever tell you about my younger days?


Andrew: Is that so? Guess I haven't then. It'd probably bore you anyway...


Andrew: Ah, yes... do you remember what the story was about?


Andrew: Of course you don't... It can't be helped, my stories are all boring anyway...


Andrew: Really?! I'm gonna quiz you to see if you do! Before teaching I...

(Was a sailor)

Andrew: Wrong. Before teaching I worked at a bread factory... Nobody pays any attention to my stories anymore...

(Was a bread maker).

Andrew: Wow, that's correct! But maybe you just got lucky. Next question: As a teacher, my fondest memory was of when I... ...went to a:


Andrew: Nope. Well... I suppose my stories are all useless anyway...


Andrew: Well done! How about this? On the picnic, a girl forgot her lunch. I saw this... ...and gave her:

(A hamburger)

Andrew: ... Incorrect. I had my hopes up for a second there... *sigh*...

(A doughnut)

Andrew: Yes! That's correct! And in return for the doughnut, she... ...gave me a:

(4-leaf clover)

Andrew: ... Not 4, but 3-leaf... It's obvious you weren't really paying attention!

(3-leaf clover)

Andrew: Yes, that's right. She looked hard for a 4-leaf clover... But couldn't find one... And now, the last question for you! The girl's name was:


Andrew: I never told you what her name was! Ah well, I guess it's only natural that you'd be bored by an old geezer's ramblings...

(I don't know)

Andrew: Ooh! Fantastic! That was a trick question! Thanks for humoring an old Reploid... Here's a token of my appreciation. Take this disk I have!

(Andrew gives Zero Secret Disk #107.)

Andrew: (after obtaining disk #107) Hey, whippersnapper. What was on that disk I gave you?

(Young Andrew's modified text with Mod Card #44:)

Andrew: (first time) Oh, it's you, Zero. You think it looks funny that I'm so young, don't you? Well, you'll get used to it. By the way, did I ever tell you about my younger days?

Andrew: (After obtaining the disk) Hey, whippersnapper. Well I suppose I'm still pretty young, too. A big perk of being a Reploid is having replaceable parts.

Soldier in room 3D: I wonder where Mr. Elpizo's subordinates went off to. They were in this room until just recently. Perhaps they felt uncomfortable now Mr. Elpizo has gone?

Hibou: ... Oh, it's you, Zero! I'm so busy, I didn't notice you were talking to me. Um, Zero? Do you think that I've lost a little bit of weight? You do, right?

(Not really...)

Hibou: WHAT?! That's harsh... Even Reploids have feelings, you know.


Hibou: I knew it! So, you could tell? Aw, shucks...! It just goes to show how hard I've been working! I feel pretty good today. Here, take this!

(Hibou gives Zero Secret Disk #169.)

Hibou: (after obtaining disk #169) Zero! Did you check out that disk? Wasn't it quite a testimony to all my hard work?

Soldier in room 2D: Ah, Mr. Zero! Good to see you! I found a Secret Disk while on patrol just now... If you can answer my question, then I'll give it to you! Deal?


Soldier: Oh you don't want it then...


Soldier: Alright! You're pretty confident, Mr. Zero! Here we go! What's the name of the shrimp-like Mechaniloid found in desert or snowy areas? Do you know?


Soldier: I'm sorry, that is incorrect. Try again some time.


Soldier: Ooh, correct! You're pretty good! Next question. What is the name of the Mechaniloid that jumps out of the lava at Aegis Volcano? Do you know?


Soldier: I'm sorry, that is incorrect. Try again some time.


Soldier: Correct again! Very good Mr. Zero! The next one's hard. How many doors are there that you can enter in the Old Residential Area?


Soldier: I'm sorry, that is incorrect. Try again some time.


Soldier: Wow! All questions answered correctly! Here, this is yours, as promised!

(The soldier gives Zero Secret Disk #023.)

Soldier in room 2D (after obtaining disk #023): I'm certain that there's something great on that disk I gave you. When I picked it up it just felt very heavy.

Perroquiet: (first time) I understand Mr. Harpuia is in the maintenance room. I've heard that he's brilliant, so I'd like to talk to him. But, I suppose he is from Neo Arcadia and all... Yet, if he would only help us, Ms. Ciel's research would most certainly benefit.

Perroquiet: (second time) I hope Mr. Harpuia gets well soon, even if he is the enemy! There are so many things I'd like to discuss with him, if only he weren't from the other side. It's really too bad.

Autruche: (first time) Hello, Mr. Zero. I wonder if I'd be good at anything besides loading. What do you think?


Autruche: You're just saying that to make me feel better, right? Mr. Zero, I don't need sympathy.


Autruche: Yeah, it figures. I knew you'd think that... It's fine... Really, it is...

Autruche: (second time) I wonder if I'll be working here in storage forever. Well, I guess I can't complain... It's just...

Menart (first time): Zero!! You're okay, even after that dive with the missile? Wow, you really are a legendary Reploid.

Menart (second time): Zero! I know you're pretty tough, but don't overdo it! For us Reploids, our bodies are all we have! That might sound strange coming from someone like me...

(Zero tries to visit Harpuia.)

Text: Maintenance room in use...

Alouette (first time): Oh, Zero! Did you really find Crea and Prea?

Alouette (second time): Crea... Prea... Do they remember me?

(Don't think so...)

Alouette: You're horrible! I hate you, Zero! I was going to give you this disk, but I changed my mind!


Alouette: Hurray! That makes me so happy! I'll give you this!

(Alouette gives Zero Secret Disk #116.)

Alouette (after obtaining disk #116): Hey, Zero? What was on that disk that I gave to you? I hope it's something useful. Well that disk... I found it when I was going to clean this little guy up! It's probably Menart's idea of a prank. Did you know that he used the computer here without permission, and also drew graffiti all over the walls? Rocinolle and I cleaned every last bit of it up!

Ciel: (first time) Zero... What should I do? I never wanted to cause pain or grief to anyone... If only I had never made the Ciel System... None of this would have happened... ... I'm sorry, Zero... Everyone is out doing their best fighting for us, yet I'm always here, feeling sorry for myself...

Ciel (second time): Zero... There are some in the Resistance... who question why you saved him, when he's a Neo Arcadian, and what's more one of the Four Guardians... But you know what? I... I believe that someday he'll understand us... and come to help our cause...

Scene 20: Forest of Anatre

(Zero chooses the Forest of Anatre mission.)



Rouge: We have detected Neo Arcadian units moving through the Forest of Anatre... These forces must be intercepted as soon as possible. Can you intercept?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Jaune: Mission assigned... All personnel, prepare to transfer. Preparations for transfer complete. Transfer!

Ciel: Zero...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area and fights through the stage until he finds Hanumachine R.)

Hanumachine R: My body had returned from decay... For Lord Weil, who gave me life... I have returned! And now, I will take your pitiful soul. Let's see you fight like a hero!

(If Hanumachine R defeats Zero)
Hanumachine R: Justice is on the side of the Neo Arcadians!

(If Zero defeats Hanumachine)

Hanumachine R: An impressive fight! However... Evil must fail in the end! History will judge who the true winner was! May you perish, O Ancient God of Destruction!

(Hanumachine explodes and Zero teleports back to base.)

Operator: Transferring... Two... One... Transfer complete.

Ciel: Thank you, Zero. Now that they are without a leader, the Neo Arcadians in that area have retreated. Thank you so much...

(Zero talks to Cerveau in his lab.)

Cerveau: About Harpuia... His internal body temperature seems to be rising because of his wound from Omega... Fortunately, the wound isn't too deep, so there's no need to be too concerned.

(Zero returns to the Command Room.)

Scene 21: The Ice Base

(Zero chooses the Front Line Ice Base mission.)



Rouge: We have detected Neo Arcadian units moving through the northern tundra... The enemy is constructing a frontline base. There seems to be a reasonable amount of time left to act. Can you intercept?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Operators: Mission assigned... All personnel, prepare to transfer. Preparations for transfer complete. Transfer!

Ciel: Zero...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area and fights through the stage until he finds Blizzack Staggroff R behind a boss gate.)

Blizzack Staggroff R: Hmph. I am impressed you made it to this base. Still... I cannot dishonor Lord Weil, the man who brought me back. I'll just have to freeze you, now. Hmph.

(If Blizzack defeats Zero)
Blizzack Staggroff: Hmph. A century is not enough. This time, sleep forever!

(If Zero defeats Blizzack)

Blizzack Staggroff R: *groan* Forgive me... Lord Weil... Hm...phahh!

(Blizzack explodes and Zero teleports back to base.)

Jaune: Transferring... Two... One... Transfer complete.

Ciel: Thank you, Zero. Now that they are without a leader, the Neo Arcadians in that area have retreated. Thank you so much...

Scene 22: Infiltrating Neo Arcadia

(Zero chooses to fight Copy X.)

Computer: AREA: AREA X-2


Operator: We have analyzed the enemy's movements... As a result, we have succeeded in determining the location of the Neo Arcadian HQ. It seems that Copy X and Weil are commanding the entire army from this base.

Zero: If we strike here, we may be able to stop Neo Arcadia.

Operator: Are you ready?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Operators: Mission assigned... All personnel, prepare to transfer. Preparations for transfer complete. Transfer!

Ciel: Zero... Come back safely... Okay?

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area and fights through the stage until he finds Copy X in his throne room.)

Copy X MK-II: So you've come, Zero. D-do you know what you are doing? Doing? You are helping extremists! Why would a-a legendary hero help an evil army?

Zero: So you're saying that we're an evil army... ... and you people are fighting for justice?

Copy X MK-II: Exactly right. Almost a-all humans support our cause. All humans dream of defeating th-the extremists.

Zero: What value is there in the justice that complacent humans seek?

Copy X MK-II: Wh-who cares about value? Neo Arcadia's doing what's right. That i-is enough proof that what we do is j-just!

(Copy X MK-II transforms into his Ultimate Armor and attacks Zero.)

(If Copy X defeats Zero)
Copy X MK-II: Aha! Ahahahah! Did you s-see that?! I am the true h-hero!

(If Zero defeats Copy X)

Copy X MK-II: N-no! Wh-why-why?! I'm a hero! I f-fight for justice! Weil! Dr. Weil! Use Omeg-Omega! Crush him in your h-hand!

(The original X appears in Cyber-elf form.)

X: He is... ... no longer here.

Copy X MK-II: Who a-are you?!

Zero: X!

Copy X MK-II: X?! Y-you are my original form?!

X: Weil has moved to another base. With Omega... Weil was using you for his own purpose.

Copy X MK-II: Gee... g-gee... Everyone treats me l-like a fool! I-I won't stand for it! Let me show you my true power! Haaaaah!!!

(Copy X attempts to morph into his Seraph form, but begins to explode.)

X: Oh no! Weil has placed a trap on your body!

Copy X MK-II: Gee... gagaga?! I... can't... can't move... Gagagaaa... Aaaaaaarggh!!

(Copy X explodes and the scene fades to white.)

Scene 23: Weil's True Ambitions

(Scene fades back in as Cyber-elf X and Zero speak.)

Zero: ?!

X: Weil knew from the start how things would turn out, so he must have rigged a trap on him... To fulfill his true ambition...

(Dr. Weil appears on screens all around Neo Arcadia, interrupting the conversation.)

Dr. Weil: Hear me, citizens of the great land of Neo Arcadia... I must inform you of sorrowful news.

Zero: Dr. Weil...

MMZ3 Scene 09

Dr. Weil: Just now... Our hero Master X was taken by bloodthirsty extremists, and he has sadly passed away... So, in accordance with Ordinance #8, I, Dr. Weil, will become your new leader... It is time to put a stop to these extremists! ... Thank you all. I have just confirmed your approval. I will have to ask you all to do a number of things... Neo Arcadia cannot know true peace until the extremists are eradicated! Let us fight together, until they are wiped out! He... Hehehehe... Heheheheheee... Bwahahahahah!

(The transmission ends.)

Zero: ... It's all going according to his plans.

X: Dr. Weil... Will he try to repeat the tragedy of the Elf Wars, that ended a century ago...?

Zero: I'll look for Weil. I need you to help.

X: Okay. I'll look for him, too... I wanted to say something. About Omega... ...

Zero: What is it?

X: Well... never mind. I'll bring it up again when the time comes. The heart is what counts. Not the body...

(X flies away.)

Zero: The heart? ...

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Scene 24: The Next Mission

(Scene opens again inside the Command Room.)

Rouge: Transferring... Two... One... Transfer complete.

Ciel: So this is what it has come to... Dr. Weil as the ruler of Neo Arcadia...

Zero: Those humans haven't been told a thing... No, that's not it. They haven't tried to learn a thing...

Ciel: Lives with plenty of food and comfort... People have stopped bothering to think with their heads... There may stil be some people who want to do something. If we could somehow let those kinds of people know what Dr. Weil is really thinking... We might be able to change Neo Arcadia.

Rouge: Who is this Dr. Weil, anyway? What has he been doing since he reappeared?

Jaune: If you can gather some information... We might be able to analyze it to determine where he is presently, and what he's been doing until now.

Zero: Okay. Where do I need to go? Just tell me...

Operator: We've isolated some locations for you to gather information.

(The new missions are displayed.)

Scene 25: The Energy Facility

(Zero chooses the Energy Facility mission.)



Rouge: This is a Neo Arcadian energy plant. It is currently shut down. What is so important that they had to shut down the plant in the middle of an energy crisis? The place was shut down around the time Weil appeared, so it bears investigation. Can you investigate?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Jaune: Mission assigned... All personnel, prepare to transfer. Preparations for transfer complete. Transfer!

Ciel: Don't do anything dangerous, Zero...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Operator: The facility's core has not yet been activated. We'll need to activate the core and reestablish facility operations to get into the deeper areas.

(Zero fights through the stage until he finds a large machine behind a boss gate.)

Zero: What's this?

(Cubit Foxtar appears.)

Cubit Foxtar: Teeheehee... Hey! You weren't supposed to see this place.

Zero: ...

Cubit Foxtar: This is a Dark Elf copy factory. We've got copies of the Dark Elf sleeping here. In other words, Baby Elves. We had the factory sealed off so nobody'd get suspicious. Now you've done it! I'll have to ensure you remain silent about this... ... Forever!

(Foxtar morphs into her battle form.)

Cubit Foxtar: I am Cubit Foxtar, member of Weil's Numbers! I'll make sure you never talk again!

(If Foxtar defeats Zero)
Cubit Foxtar: Teehee! That's it! See what happens to nosy people! Relax! I'll show you the way to the afterlife.

(If Zero defeats Foxtar)

Cubit Foxtar: If I am defeated, this room will cease functioning, and the copies will all die... There will be no proof. Nobody will know the truth. And anyway... We don't actually need the Baby Elves. The Dark Elf alone will be enough to take care of the Reploids... I can already see it... The shining future, the new world Lord Weil is about to create... And I see... you, wallowing in the depths of despair! Teeheeheeeeee!

(Foxtar explodes and Zero teleports back to base.)

Jaune: Transferring... Two... One... Transfer complete.

Ciel: Welcome back, Zero. It appears that Weil was attempting to mass-produce Baby Elves at that factory. But I wonder... What was he planning on doing with all those Baby Elves?

Scene 26: The Snowy Plains

(Zero chooses the Snowy Plains mission.)



Rouge: Containers have fallen out of a space ship, which fell onto snowy plains. It is possible they contain data about Omega or Weil. We sent a scouting party, but the Neo Arcadian forces are too strong, and they cannot pass. We would like you to reinforce them, and retrieve the data.

Jaune: Do you accept?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Mission assigned... All personnel, prepare to transfer. Preparations for transfer complete. Transfer!

Ciel: Don't do anything dangerous, Zero...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area and sees a Resistance soldier.)

Soldier: Ah, Mr. Zero! The enemy is waiting in ambush up ahead... There's no way we can break through. Mr. Zero, if you can make an opening, we'll follow you.

(Zero fights through the stage until he finds Glacier le Cactank behind a boss gate.)

Zero: Is that it?

Glacier Le Cactank: Hah! That container was on Omega's ship. So you see, it's ours. Has the legendary hero stooped to thievery? How deplorable. As king of the Snow Plains, I do hereby judge your crime.

(Glacier le Cactank morphs into his battle form.)

Glacier Le Cactank: I, Glacier Le Cactank, of Weil's Numbers, have reached a verdict. The punishment for thievery is death!

(If Glacier Le Cactank defeats Zero)
Glacier le Cactank: Hah! Consider your sins from beneath the silent snow!

(If Zero defeats Glacier le Cactank)

Glacier Le Cactank: Oh... my... Not stopping at thievery, you also defy Lord Weil!? Lord Weil's new order will issue judgement upon you! Arrrrgh!

(Glacier le Cactank explodes and a Resistance soldier approaches Zero.)

Soldier: We've discovered data inside the container! Mr. Zero! We've recovered all of the data! I will continue searching for more data.

Operator: Mission completed. Commencing transfer.

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Rouge: Transferring... Two... One... Transfer complete.

Ciel: Zero... Thank you. I'm analyzing all of the data you recovered for us. We may be able to figure out what Weil is attempting to do. by analyzing past data. I'll do my best.

Scene 27: The Sunken Library

(Zero chooses the Sunken Library mission.)




Rouge: The ruins of an ancient library have been found. It's completely soaked inside, but there may still be some data around. We'd like you to search for data on Weil or Omega.

Jaune: Do you accept?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Jaune: Mission assigned... All personnel, prepare to transfer. Preparations for transfer complete. Transfer!

Ciel: Don't do anything dangerous, Zero...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Operator: First, please go to the Data Room. That room has the highest probability of containing information about Weil and Omega.

(Zero fights through the electric traps until he reaches the Data Room.)

Operator: This is the Data Room. Please search for information on Weil at that console. After searching, the data's location will be displayed. Please go to that area, and recover the data.

(Zero searches the computer.)

Zero: Four matches... Weil, Omega, Dark Elf, Elf Wars...

Computer: Specify search data.

(Zero selects each match individually and collects the files.)

Narrator: You got Weil's data!

Zero: File #650326 (Dr. Weil) From Neo Arcadia... Creator of Omega... Altered the Mother Elf, sparking the Elf Wars... Banished from Neo Arcadia after the Elf Wars... If we can analyze this data, we might be able to find some new information about Weil...

Narrator: You got Omega's data!

Zero: File # 815156 (Omega) The ultimate Reploid, created by Dr. Weil... Possesses incredible power when combined with the Dark Elf. Banished to outer space to avoid another Elf War... If we can analyze this data, we might be able to find some new information about Omega...

Narrator: You got the Dark Elf data!

Zero: File #351848 (Dark Elf) Officially known as the "Mother Elf." Creator unknown. This Cyber-elf was originally created for the purpose of restoring Maverick Programs to their original state. But the Mother Elf was altered by Dr. Weil so she could be used to manipulate Reploids, by freely rewriting programs. Although the organized fighting of the Reploids manipulated by the altered Mother Elf did end the wars, this terrible power was sealed off to prevent misuse.

Zero: So, the Dark Elf... What's going on? ... If we can analyze this data, we might be able to find something new about her...

Narrator: You got the Elf Wars data!

Zero: File #945388 (Elf Wars) .........end of the.........Wars......Cyber-elves...... used ........... from this........................................... .Elf Wars........................the us........................"Dark Elf," and copies ...........................amplify the power .............. while ............ will............the worst .... in............ ....... ........................the war.....end............... Approximately 90%.................................wiped.....

Ciel: Zero? It looks like that data is corrupt. I think we may be able to repair it at the base. Thank you... Zero...

(Zero starts to leaves the area but is stopped by Volteel Biblio.)

Volteel Biblio: Who dares intrude upon my territory? ... Ze-Zero! Heheh! So, it's you! Heheh!

(Volteel morphs into his battle form.)

Volteel Biblio: I am Volteel Biblio, of Weil's Numbers. What is it you've got there? Give that data back! Nooowww!

(If Volteel defeats Zero)
Volteel Biblio: Heheheheh! You can't have this data! Nyah nyah nyah nyaaaah nyah!

(If Zero defeats Volteel)

Volteel Biblio: What's up with you! You're opposing Lord Weil?! Aren't you afraid of him?! You... you're crazy! Aaaaaarrrggghhh!!!

(Volteel explodes and Zero teleports back to base.)

Operator: Transferring... Two... One... Transfer complete.

Ciel: Zero... Thank you. I'm analyzing all of the data you recovered for us. We may be able to figure out what Weil is attempting to do, by analyzing past data. I'll do my best.

Scene 28: The Giant Elevator

(Zero chooses the Giant Elevator mission.)



Rouge: Neo Arcadia has completed a giant elevator. We do not know its purpose. They are bringing something up from deep underground.

Jaune: Can you investigate?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Operators: Mission assigned... All personnel, prepare to transfer. Preparations for transfer complete. Transfer!

Ciel: Don't do anything dangerous, Zero...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area and fights through the stage until he finds Tretista Kelverian behind a boss gate.)

Tretista Kelverian: Grrr... So you're Zerrooo? You're so tiny, I almost stepped on yah! My name is Tretista Kelverian, of Weil's Numbers. Your neck is so tiny... I'll snap it with one chomp! Grrrrrrr!

(If Kelverian defeats Zero) Tretista Kelverian: What's this? Ahh, I must've stepped on you. You're so tiny, I didn't even realize it!

(If Zero defeats Kelverian)

Tretista Kelverian: Huh? Zero... Where did you go? I don't see you... And my whole body hurts... Ouch... Oouuuch! Gaarrrwwwrrr!

(Kelverian explodes and Zero teleports back to base.)

Rouge: Transferring... Two... One... Transfer complete.

Ciel: Zero... Thank you. It looks like that elevator was being used to carry mass amounts of E-Crystals. But, I wonder... What was Weil up to with all that energy?

Rouge: And... there. We've just finished inputting the data recovered so far.

Jaune: Now, to begin the analysis.

Ciel: Thanks to Zero, we've collected much information. It will take time to analyze the data. Oh yes, that reminds me. Cerveau told me that Harpuia's condition has improved a lot. Why don't you go pay your respects?

Scene 30: Harpuia

(Zero visits the Maintenance Room and finds Harpuia standing there.)

Zero: Can you stand up already? Wow, Harpuia, you're hard to keep down...

Harpuia: What are you up to? Why did you rescue me? Do you expect some favor in return?

Zero: Perhaps.

(Cerveau enters the room.)

Cerveau: Oh, you're awake. How do you feel?

Harpuia: Horrible. Just the thought of being helped by you makes me nauseous. Stripped of my position, and driven out of Neo Arcadia. I'm used goods...

Cerveau: That's not true. You just stood up for your beliefs, just like we do. You've made no mistakes.

Harpuia: My beliefs... I can't sit back any longer... We must protect the humans from Weil. We have to stop him immediately. That... that... Weil!!!

Cerveau: Wait! Your wounds are not fully healed yet!

Harpuia: I am a warrior, born to protect humans. I am a proud warrior of Neo Arcadia! I don't need any help! Even if my body should fall into ruin... I will still gladly fight for humanity!

(Harpuia teleports out.)

Cerveau: So... Harpuia refuses to go with us.

Zero: ...

Operator: Mr. Zero... Come to the commander's room immediately.

Cerveau: They sure run you ragged, don't they, Zero.

Zero: I'll be back later.

(Zero dashes out of the room.)

Cerveau: Zero... Harpuia... Don't you dare die...

Scene 31: Around the Base 3

(Zero roams around the base, talking to the inhabitants there.)

Doigt: Oh, Zero. I'll give you this disk. I meant to hand it to you a second ago, then I blanked. But don't expect too much of it!

(Doigt gives Zero Secret Disk #174.)

Rocinolle: (first time) I'm so glad that Mr. Harpuia is better. Mr. Zero, remember to take care of yourself.

Rocinolle: (second time) Oh, Mr. Zero. I found this disk while cleaning. It won't do me much good, so go ahead and take it. Here.

(Rocinolle gives Zero Secret Disk #044.)

Rocinolle: (third time) Mr. Zero, don't you overwork yourself. I've helped a lot of injured Reploids, but... Every time I do, my heart just aches.. And it's not a sadness that fades over time, you see.

Soldier in right tower: Oh, Mr. Zero... Is it true that Dr. Weil is behind the Elf Wars? If that's true, do we even stand a chance? Oh, my. It's just frightful.

(If Mod Card #36 is active, the following is added)

Soldier in right tower: Speaking of which, how is it that Weil can fly? Oh, I guess he is a scientist! That's probably not even a challenge for him!

Solder in left tower: Your efforts are an inspiration to us all, Mr. Zero! I'll wring Dr. Weil's neck myself if I have to!

(If Mod Card #57 is active, the following is added)

Solder in left tower: Ah, Mr. Zero... Cyber-elves have gotten easier to use, haven't they? All thanks to those late nights Ms. Ciel spent researching. It'd be really neat if elves became even more easier to use.

Hirondelle: Zero! I just know it! I know you can overcome any hurdle, no matter how high!

Andrew: (second time) Hmm? What that? We're not moving? And here I thought we were leaving like we did last year...

(Young Andrew's modified text with Mod Card #44:)

Andrew: (first time) So, whippersnapper, The Resistance Base has really been active lately... Are we going to be relocating again? Leave the heavy-lifting to me! I'll prove it's not just my looks that are rejuvenated!

Andrew: (second time) Hmm? What that? We're not moving? And here I thought we were leaving like we did last year... I thought I'd get a chance to flex my young muscles...

Alouette: Hey, Zero... What is Weil trying to accomplish? It's the scientist's job to plan for the future, right? But Weil is planning something terrible, isn't he? I just hate people like Weil...

Scene 32: Dr. Weil's Revenge

(Zero returns to the Command Room.)

Rouge: Information analysis is complete. Ms. Ciel will report on what we've found.

Ciel: Zero... I'm sorry. You gathered a lot of information for us, but... We still do not know where Weil is. But we have figured out what he might be attempting to do. Before we talk about Weil... I'll open the data file for the Elf Wars that you found.

(Scene fades to show a decimated battlefield, with Omega shown prominently in the background.)

Z3 scene 12

Ciel: File #945388 (Elf Wars) Near the end of the Maverick Wars, many Cyber-elves were used. The period from this time until the end of the fighting was referred to as the Elf Wars, as a result. In particular, the use of the gigantic elf known as the "Dark Elf," and copies of this elf, known as "Baby Elves," to amplify the power of Reploids... while controlling said Reploids at will... made this the worst war in recorded history... While use of the Dark Elf brought the war to an end in four years... Approximately 90% of all Reploids, and 60% of all humans, were wiped out.

(Scene fades back to the Command Room)

Ciel: The technology used at this time... ... the technology of using Baby Elves to control Reploids. This must be what Weil is attempting to use again. I'm sure that what Zero saw at the Dark Elf copy factory, was machinery prepared for just this purpose.

Jaune: ... Hehehehe... Excellent detective work, Dr. Ciel.

(Zero and Ciel whirl around to face Jaune.)

Ciel: What?

Rouge: Unfortunately... you were a little too late.

Zero: Is that Dr. Weil?!

(Scene changes to show Weil and Omega.)

Dr. Weil: Hehehe... This time, Omega is absolutely perfect. I can now manipulate all the Reploids on the planet, without using the Baby Elves, and make them do whatever I want! Hehehehe... Time to start, Omega. Now you will see, pitiful humans, what you get for banishing Dr. Weil!

(A bright flash comes from Omega.)

Z3 scene 13

Dr. Weil: Taste the fear... Foolish Reploids, who banished me! Inscribe my name, upon this world... The name of your new ruler!

(Omega flashes multiple times.)

Dr. Weil: That name is Dr. Weil. The entire world is in my hands... I have the power to crush it between my fingers at any time!

(The scene cuts back to the Command Room.)

Rouge: Heheheheheee... Bwahahahahah!

Ciel: No!

(A soldier enters the room the room and levels a gun at Zero and Ciel.)

Soldier: Rrr...grrph...

Ciel: This can't be happening!

(Another soldier enters.)

Jaune: A new world... A new order... History is once again in motion...

Zero: Ciel! Back!

(More soldiers enter, surrounding Ciel and Zero.)

Ciel: Zero?!

Soldiers: Inscribe it upon the world... The name of our ruler... Weil! Weil! Weil! Weil! Weil! Weil! Weil! Weil! Weil!

???: Both of you, freeze!

(Cyber-elf X appears and casts an attack that drops all the soldiers to the floor.)

Ciel: Argh!

X: It's okay. They're just unconscious. All I did was disable the power of the Dark Elf. But my current power can only protect those at this base.

Zero: Took you long enough, X. Where's Weil?

X: In Neo Arcadia's underground power system... "Sub Arcadia"! Omega is there too, transmitting the power of the Dark Elf around the world.

Zero: Apparently... X and I are the only ones who can move around freely. X. Tell us the coordinates for Sub Arcadia.

X: So you plan on fighting against Omega?

Zero: Yes. Why?

X: Nothing, I'm sure you'll be fine... Be careful, Zero.

(X flies away.)

Scene 33: Sub Arcadia

(Rouge and Jaune suddenly come to.)

Rouge: I... I've verified the coordinates for Sub Arcadia on the transfer device.

Zero: Transfer me.

Rouge: Roger. All personnel, prepare for transfer.

Jaune: Preparations for transfer complete.

Rouge: Transfer!

Ciel: Zero... Come back safely...

(Zero fights through the stage and eventually finds a Cyberspace gate. Through it he encounters Phantom.

Phantom: I never thought I would meet you again in this world. If, thanks to Omega and his ilk, the portal to Cyberspace has been opened, then fate is truly an ironic thing.

Zero: Phantom... one of the Four Guardians of Neo Arcadia! But... I defeated you...

Phantom: This is a shadow world, where both Reploid souls and Cyber-elves live. After you defeated me, I became a mere soul, and somehow drifted back to Cyberspace. This space, where all data flows to in the end... And there I learned all truths. About Omega... The Dark Elf... And you, Zero... That's right. Everything.

Zero: So... what's your point?

Phantom: Exactly this. You never had what it takes to be a hero. I can't stand to look at you. Now it is time for your deletion, by my hand!

(If Phantom defeats Zero)
Phantom: All legends are forgotten in the end. Goodbye, Zero!

(If Zero defeats Phantom)

Phantom: *Gasp* You truly did... have the soul of a hero... Go... Cross blades with Omega, and show what that body can do! Will your blade flinch after you learn the truth? Do you have what it takes... to be a hero? You must be the one to determine that!

(Phantom disappears. Zero exits Cyberspace and fights through the remainder of the stage. He eventually finds Dr. Weil behind a boss gate.)

Zero: Dr. Weil!

Dr. Weil: Heheheheheee... How gallant you are, Zero. To play hero, all by yourself! All the Reploids in the entire world are now under my power. Humans are like pigs, dependent upon the Reploids for their very existence... You do realize, don't you, that if I felt like it, I could wipe all the humans out in the blink of an eye?

(Weil teleports out, but speaks over radio.)

Dr. Weil: Crea! Prea! Do with this one as you please! I've got some pig squeals to enjoy. The squeals of indolent pigs, wasting their pitiful lives on idle pursuits. Would you like to know who rules the world?! Heheheheheee... Bwahahaha!

(Crea and Prea appear.)

Crea: He's back! The bad Reploid!

Prea: He's back! The fake Reploid!

Crea: I'll rip you to pieces!

Prea: I'll tear you to shreds!

(If the Baby Elves defeat Zero)
Crea: Ahahahahahahaa! He's all ripped to pieces!

Prea: Teheheheeehee! He's all torn to shreds!

(If Zero defeats the Baby Elves)

Crea: Prea, there's something wrong...

Prea: Yes Crea, there's something wrong...

Crea: I feel like I'm being stabbed with pins and needles...

Prea: I feel like I'm being smashed with clubs and hammers... Mi...meeeeeee!

(The two Elves explode and Ciel contacts Zero over radio.)

Ciel: Zero, are you all right? I just received some new information from X. Come back to the Resistance Base.

Zero: Understood. Transfer me.

(Zero teleports out.)

Rouge: Transferring... Two... One... Transfer complete.

Ciel: Zero, it's great to see you back safe. X just sent us some new coordinates. Apparently, they indicate where Weil and Omega are. This may be the last battle... Come talk to me when you are ready.

Scene 34: Weil's Lab

(Zero returns to the Command Room.)

Rouge: Coordinate data obtained from Original X... ... has been input completely.

Ciel: The coordinates lead to an abandoned research lab. According to our records, this is where Weil used to carry out his research. It's right next to the place were you were sleeping, Zero.

Zero: Weil and Omega are there, aren't they.

Ciel: Zero... Be careful...

Zero: I will. Operator... Is everything ready?

Rouge: You can go at any time, Mr. Zero.

Jaune: Are you ready?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Mission assigned... All personnel, prepare to transfer.

Jaune: Preparations for transfer complete.

Rouge: Transfer!

Ciel: Zerrroooo!

(Zero fights through some of the stage until he finds a room full of teleporters. Using them, he rematches against four of the Weil Numbers again.)

Deathtanz Mantisk: What's the use of century-old junk in this new world? I'll cut you down and send you off to the deadlands! Chikachikachika!

(If Mantisk defeats Zero)
Deathtanz Mantisk: Chika! Chikachika! Watch as I slice your old world and all your friends to ribbons! Chikaka!

(If Zero defeats Mantisk)

Deathtanz Mantisk: How could I, the newest and greatest, lose to a century-old piece of junk?! Impossible... No, I don't want to die. I don't want to die! Chikachikaaaaa!!

(Mantisk explodes.)

Childre Inarabitta: You dunderhead! Lord Weil's ideals were set in motion a century ago! Who are you to complain now! Get with the times! Do you wanna get left behind?

(If Inarabitta defeats Zero)
Childre Inarabitta: You sure are slow-witted! The times have passed you by!

(If Zero defeats Inarabitta)

Childre Inarabitta: *ooph!* You can hurry as fast as you want... But you'll never catch up with a history that has already passed you by... You'll be trailing behind Lord Weil forever! *grimace* Arrrggh!

(Inarabitta explodes.)

Devilbat Schilt: You sure are a boisterous lout. Knock quietly next time. Where are your manners? You have no right to live in this new world. So I'll see that you don't!

(If Devilbat defeats Zero)
Devilbat Schilt: Go back home. Back to the depths where you slept all those years away!

(If Zero defeats Devilbat)

Devilbat Schilt: Kekeke... You silly... ... inconsiderate.. barbarian! Your type won't survive in the new world that's coming! Kekeke... kekeeee!

(Devilbat explodes.)

Blazin' Flizard: Yaaaaah! I love Lord Weil's new world! So hot! I won't let you get in the way! I'll turn you to ashes!

(If Flizard defeats Zero)
Blazin' Flizard: Yaaaaaaah! Inscribe his name on the world! Our ruler, Dr. Weeeeiil!

(If Zero defeats Flizard)

Blazin' Flizard: hot! I hope you writhe in pain, alone in the new world! Yaahaaah!

(Blizard explodes. Zero continues on through the stage until he finds another teleporter room.)

Tretista Kelverian: I am the guard dog of Hades! Lord Weil instructed me not to let you in. I'll bite you to chunks. Come and get it!

(If Tretista defeats Zero)
Tretista Kelverian: Grrarwooorrr! There's not enough meat on your bones! I'm still hungry!

(If Zero defeats Tretista)

Tretista Kelverian: H-how did this happen? Why can't I bit you to chunks? Why do I hurt all over again? Ouch. Ouch. Ouuuuuch!!! Grrauwruurrrr!

(Tretista explodes.)

Glacier le Cactank: Hah! First thievery, and now unlawful entry! How outrageous! There is no mercy for those who disrupt the order! I sentence you... to death!

(If Glacier le Cactank defeats Zero)
Glacier Le Cactank: Hah! Those who disrupt Lord Weil's world must face my wrath!

(If Zero defeats Glacier le Cactank.)

Glacier le Cactank: What is this? You dare to defy my judgment?! Lord Weil... Strike down this foolish one! Ugghhh!!!

(Glacier le Cactank explodes.)

Volteel Biblio: Hehehehe! So you're back! Back again, ready to be broken! Hehehe! I'll do it, I don't mind!

(If Volteel defeats Zero)
Volteel Biblio: Hehehehehehe! Look at you! You're broken now! Hehehe!

(If Zero defeats Volteel)

Volteel Biblio: Hehe...he... You broke me! But you won't be able to break Omega! I guarantee that! Heheheheheheeee! *groan*

(Volteel explodes.)

Cubit Foxtar: What are you doing in a place like this, little boy? It's your bedtime... You mustn't see the world that lies ahead, little boy. You mustn't survive to see it!

(If Foxtar defeats Zero)
Cubit Foxtar: Good night, little boy. I don't expect you'll wake again! Teeheehee!

(If Zero defeats Foxtar)

Cubit Foxtar: Arrgh... No need to throw a temper tantrum... All your struggles will be in vain. That's right. You're no hero. And you're no God of Destruction, either. There's... Arrrrrgh!

(Foxtar explodes, and Zero continues on through the remainder of Weil's lab.)

Scene 35: Faded Memories

(Zero finds Weil at the end of the fortress.)

Dr. Weil: Hehehehe... Having fun playing the hero, Zero? Hmmm?

Zero: You do understand, don't you, that I have no time for your petty games? So let's finish this for once and for all, shall we?

Dr. Weil: Hehehehe... How pitiful. Of course, a Reploid like you would never understand. The joy of ruling all that you see... Only a human could possibly understand!

Zero: A... human?

Dr. Weil: That's right! I'm a bona fide human. The creator of Reploids... A human being!

Zero: ...

Dr. Weil: The desire for power. The joy of making everything work for you. You have no way of experiencing this without a human brain. It's the ultimate joy! No mere Reploid could ever understand!

Z3 scene 14

Zero: I bet most decent humans wouldn't understand, either. You look just like another Maverick to me. All I gotta do is dispose of you like any other Maverick.

Dr. Weil: Hehehehe... Good, good! An excellent speech, Zero! You must feel great, right?!

(Omega teleports in.)

Omega: Oh, oh ho, Zeeerroo!

Dr. Weil: You were a fun guy, Zero! I'd like to play some more, but it's time we parted. I have some more fun surprises left in store for you... Enjoy them to the last, Zero!

(Zero and Omega battle, and Zero emerges victorious.)

Omega: Grrr... Rarwrarr!

Dr. Weil: Hehehe... Not bad, Zero. But Omega's true power is much greater than you've been led to expect. Go get him, Omega! Release the power of the Dark Elf!!!

(Omega creates a hole in the floor and drops through. Zero follows.)

Omega: GrrrrrrRRRRRAAWRR!!!

(The screen fades to white, and Zero finds that Omega has transformed into a monstrous form with shoulder parts resembling X and Zero's heads. Zero battles Omega eventually defeating him. Omega starts to explode, and the screen fades to white again.)

Zero: What is this place? This is where I was sleeping...

Dr. Weil: Hehehehehe! Excellent, Zero! Your power is extraordinary, for a mere fake.

Zero: Fake?!

(There is a bright flash, and a perfect "duplicate" of Zero appears, turning out to be his original body.)

Dr. Weil: Hehehehe... You, the legendary Reploid? You fool! Those Resistance losers just decided to call the Reploid they found here "Zero" for some reason... You may be Zero, in a way, but you are still merely a copy. You're no legendary hero at all. You're just a reproduction!

Z3 scene 15

(Scene fades back to the Area of Zero.)

Dr. Weil: Hehehehe... You thought you were a hero all along, didn't you! Never suspecting that you were a mere copy. What a joke! Omega himself is the one and only, original Zero! You're just a copy of him!

Zero: The original Zero... Why is he your slave, then?

Dr. Weil: Hmph! He's a bloodthirsty God of Destruction. All I did was upgrade him to draw out all his power! All right, Omega...... or should I say "Original Zero"! Time to wake this pitiful fake from a century-long deam!

Original Zero: I am the Messiah! Hahaha!!

(The two "Zeros" battle, and "copy" Zero eventually defeats Original Zero.)

Scene 36: Destruction of the Original

(Original/Omega Zero lies wounded on the ground, and the Dark Elf emerges from his body and hovers over him, starting to heal him with her power. Zero watches from a short distance away.)

Zero: You plan to... reactivate Omega?

(Zero dashes at Omega, but is thrown back by a powerful force field. Zero falls to the ground.)

Zero: *gulp!*

Dr. Weil: Hehehe... Watch, but don't interfere. Don't forget... I hold the lives of all humans and Reploids in my hand!

Zero: Erk!

(Harpuia suddenly teleports in and begins slashing Omega, managing to hit him several times before being thrown back by the same force field.)

Harpuia: Zero! What are you doing?! Hurry, stand up!!

(Fefnir teleports in and fires several blasts at Omega.)

Fefnir: Hey! I'm here to get a little payback, Omega!

(Leviathan teleports in and strikes Omega with her staff, but is also thrown backward.)

Leviathan: Time to straighten the record!

Zero: You guys!

Harpuia: Weil is trying to bluff you... He can't do anything in his current state.

Dr. Weil: Argh! Dark Elf! Shut them up!

(The Dark Elf starts to change colors.)

Dark Elf: Zeeeerroooo!

Omega: What is it, Dark Elf?!

(Cyber-elf X appears.)

X: Her... The Dark Elf's curse is fading...

Dr. Weil: Who's that! X?!

X: That's right, Weil. Just like a century ago... I worked with Zero to defeat this Omega then... And we saved the world from your greedy clutches.

Zero: Just like... a century ago?

X: The defeated Omega is using your original body. That's all... Your current body may be a copy... But your heart is the real thing. All right, now's the time. While the Dark Elf's power is weak. Time to finish what you started a century ago, Zero!

(Zero gets to his feet.)

Dr. Weil: Zero, don't do it!! That's your original body! Don't you feel any attachment?! Are you really prepared to spend the rest of your life in that cheap fake?!

X: You can do it. You know what's truly important. Go on, Zero!

(Zero charges forward and slashes Omega, who starts to explode. The scene fades to a blinding white.)

Scene 37: The Curse is Broken

(Ciel is heard speaking while the screen is still white.)

Ciel: Zero... Wake up... Zero...

(Zero lies on the ground, unconscious. X appears next to him.)

X: Can you hear me, Zero? My energy is almost all spent. I can't... stay in this world... much longer. Zero... I want to leave this world in your care. The threat Weil represents has not left this world. I want you... to protect humans and Reploids. You can do it... You... can...

(X disappears. The scene fades to show Ciel, Cerveau, and two soldiers standing around the unconscious Zero on the roof of the Resistance Base.)

Ciel: Zero, wake up!

(Zero shakes his head and gets to his feet.)

Ciel: Zero! Ah, what a relief! I was so worried about you...

Soldier: Mr. Zero! You've regained consciousness! What a relief...

(Soldier starts to run off screen.)

Soldier: Hey! Everyone! Mr. Zero is awake! He's all right! Yahooo!!

Zero: Where is this... the Resistance Base? Who could have...?

Mother Elf: Zerrroooo...

(Zero looks up to see the Mother Elf, restored from her curse, hovering over them.)

Zero: Dark Elf? Wait, no. You are...

Cerveau: She brought you back here.

Mother Elf:

Ciel: What a warm, gentle light...

Zero: Mother Elf... Has Weil's curse been broken?

(The Mother Elf slowly flies away.)

Zero: Shouldn't we follow her?

Ciel: She's finally free. There's still Weil, but let's let her go in peace for now. X told me about you, Zero.

Zero: Really...

Ciel: I know you're not worried about a thing, but...


Ciel: Even if your body is a copy... As long as your heart is your own, you are Zero. The one and only, Zero...

(Zero starts to walk past Ciel, gazing at the sunset.)

Zero: Ciel... Thank you.

Ciel: Ze-Zero!

Z3 scene 16

Zero: It's just me... I am... ... Zero.

(Scene fades to the credits.)

Scene 38: Extras

(Zero roams around the base, talking to the Resistance members.)

Soldier in 3rd floor: (Mod Card #75) Mr. Zero! Do you know the operators in the commander's room? The redhead is Ms. Rouge, and the blond is Ms. Joan. But, I've never heard them called by their names... Maybe it's because they once worked for Mr. Elpizo... It's only been 2 months since Mr. Elpizo left... Oh, my! I'm rambling now. Didn't mean to bother you. I know you're busy, Mr. Zero... Here, please accept there E-Crystals as an apology!

(The soldier gives 32 EC to Zero.)

Soldier in 3rd floor: (second time) Despite how calm Ms. Rouge and Ms. Joan appear, if you called them by name, I bet they'd be bowled over!

Soldier in the "room" of 3rd floor: (Mod Card #76) Mr. Zero. This Resistance Base is dependent upon E-Crystals, too. Especially the teleporter in the commander's room. It uses plenty of power. Compared to that, our needs are really quite humble. Hm? What am I trying to say, you ask? Hah hah hah? Just, that no one would even notice if I took a few E-Crystals from storage... Don't tell, Mr. Zero! Here, will this be enough to keep you quiet?

(The soldier gives 52 EC to Zero.)

Soldier in the "room": (second time) Mr. Zero! You can't tell anyone about this. You don't talk much, so my secret is safe you, right?

Soldier in room 3A: (Mod Card #72) Mr. Zero! There are things I ponder about every day. Like, why do people wage wars out of greed? I'm perfectly happy with a few E-Crystals. What about you, Mr. Zero? It's the little things in life that really count! Here, let me share some of my blessings with you, Mr. Zero!

(The soldier gives 32 EC to Zero)

Soldier in room 3A: (second time) Mr. Zero. I don't have any more E-Crystals! Don't be greedy. If you are, you'll end up just like Weil and Elpizo.

Soldier in room 3B: (Mod Card #73) Mr. Zero! I was just cleaning under this bed. You'd be surprised what you can find down there! Most of it useless junk, of course... Sometimes I get lucky and find some E-Crystals. It wouldn't be right hoard them all to myself... Here, Mr. Zero, I'll give you some!

(The soldier gives 52 EC to Zero)

Soldier in room 3B: (second time) On another note... Lately I've been hearing the sound of a cat or baby... There are no Baby Elves here, so what could it be?

Soldier in room 3C: (Mod Card #74) Oh, Mr. Zero! Our life here in the Resistance has improved a lot. All thanks to you, Mr. Zero! In the past I had to watch friends die before my own eyes. I really am grateful to you, Mr. Zero! I know! As a token of my gratitude, take these E-Crystals!

(The soldier gives 40 EC to Zero)

Soldier in room 3C: (second time) Mr. Zero... Will we ever achieve peace again? People said that when the energy crisis is solved, we would finally have peace, but... I don't see what our being branded Mavericks has to do with the energy crisis...

Soldier in 2nd floor: (Mod Card #39) Ah, Mr. Zero! Hibou shared some of his E-Crystals with me the other day. I was surprised that Hibou would do such a thing. I wonder... He said he gained 15 kilograms, so he might be dieting... What's that Reploid think he's doing? Sorry that it's hand-me-down, but take these please!

(The soldier gives 52 EC to Zero)

Soldier in 2nd floor: (second time) Oh! Maybe Hibou is on a diet so he can be an operator! That chair would be too small for him...

Soldier in the hall: (Mod Card #06) Mr. Zero! This big room doesn't get any use at all. I was just cleaning up that locker... and inside it I found some E-Crystals. Then I noticed that it's Hibou's locker. I hear he's on a diet so he won't be needing these. Here, Mr. Zero!

(The soldier gives 52 EC to Zero)

Soldier in the hall: (second time) I wonder if it was wrong to give you those E-Crystals. But Hibou has a bad memory anyway, so he won't notice.

Soldier in the "room" of 2nd floor: (Mod Card #33) Hey, Mr. Zero! Thanks for saving me that time. If it weren't for you, Mr. Zero, I'd still be locked up. That deer monster would have frozen me and sent me to the bottom of the ocean. I'm only here thanks to you, Mr. Zero. Please let me thank you for that... It's not much but please accept these E-Crystals.

(The soldier gives 100 EC to Zero)

Soldier in the "room": (second time) I don't have any more E-Crystals to give, Mr. Zero. I'll shut down if I give you them all!

Soldier in room 2A: (Mod Card #14) Zero, how are you? I'm so glad I could meet you again! Do you remember me?


Female soldier: You're terrible! Even though you've kissed me before... Shoot, you probably forget every girl...


Female soldier: Of course you do! That's right! You rescued me when I was captured at that secret base! I'm so happy you remembered me! Here, let me give you some E-Crystals! *SMOOCH!*

(The soldier gives 200 EC to Zero.)

Female soldier: (second time) Don't tell Ciel about that, OK? Human girls get angry over little things like that.

Soldier in room 2B: (Mod Card #37) Mr. Zero! Mr. Zero! Looks like you're on a patrol of the Resistance Base. So, Mr. Zero, is it hard to raise Cyber-elves? I wish to help you in any way I can, so please, Mr. Zero... Use these E-Crystals for raising your Cyber-elves.

(The soldier gives 32 EC to Zero.)

Soldier in room 2B: (second time) I can't do nearly as much as you, Mr. Zero, but... My desire to fight for peace is as strong as anybody's!

Soldier in room 2C: (Mod Card #38) Ah, Mr. Zero! Fancy meeting you here. Oh? You don't remember me? I was working security for the subway long ago. Now that I think about it, that place was the perfect target for the enemy. I know that I have you, Mr. Zero, to thank for my safety. It's not much, but please accept these E-Crystals.

(The soldier gives 52 EC to Zero.)

Soldier in room 2C: (second time) I'm sorry, I don't have any more E-Crystals to give. I wonder if there's a way to get them fast and easy.

Soldier in the 1st floor: (Mod Card #42) Mr. Zero! I went to the harbor to go stargazing... and a shooting star came down and hit me on the head. Now I have a big bruise! On closer inspection I realized it was in fact E-Crystals. And these are those very E-Crystals. Every time I look at them, I remember that incident. Let me give these E-Crystals to you, Mr. Zero.

(The soldier gives 80 EC to Zero.)

Soldier in the 1st floor: (second time) You know, I was thinking... how is it possible for E-Crystals fall out of the sky? Could a seagull have dropped them as a practical joke? Or maybe it was a flying fish... Life is full of mysteries.

(Zero looks to the Cyber-elf in the roof)

Zero: ...? This elf has a sadness to it, like it's calling to me from inside Cyberspace...

(Zero looks to the Cyber-elf in the 4th floor)

Zero: ...? It has a warm light but there's a sadness to it... Almost as if it remembers this base.

End of Script


  • Game script found at The Mega Man Network, contributed by users Tim, Zantetsu, JohnCT311, and LanceHeart.