This is the Secret Disk database from Mega Man Zero 3. Note that not all Chips and enemies from the game are listed in the database, and some names where shortened to fit in the screen.

Disk 1 to 6 are Chips, 7 to 20 files, 21 to 94 are Cyber-elves (21 to 47 are Nurse Elves, 48 to 60 are Animal Elves and 61 to 94 Hacker Elves), 95 to 110 E-Crystals, 111 to 125 bosses, 126 to 163 enemies, and 164 to 180 characters.

Most enemy disks are obtained by defeating the enemy in the stage listed until they drop its disk. They don't drop disks in Cyberspace.

No.NameDescriptionDisk location
(Head Chip)
Automatic charge to your weapon.Old Residential. Use the Flame Body Chip to burn the tree in the way of the door near the first Gyro Cannons.
(Head Chip)
Automatic recovery of vitality.Forest of Anatre. Above the first door, use fire to see a path to it.
(Head Chip)
Boosts your charge spd.Snowy Plains. Inside a box hidden in snow.
(Foot Chip)
Slide slower down walls.Energy Facility. Top left of the spiked room with moving platforms before the boss.
(Foot Chip)
Jump on water.Oceanic Highway Ruins. In the beginning of the stage, fall in the water and use Recoil Rod to open a passage.
(Foot Chip)
Can use all Foot Chip traits.Sub Arcadia. Defeat Phantom in Cyberspace.
007FILE AThe beast-like Mutos Reploids defend the human race.Derelict Spacecraft, inside a box. Wall Kick to reach it.
008FILE BNeo Arcadia is a utopia of peace without any Mavericks.Aegis Volcano Base. In the box near a Top Gabyoall.
009FILE CCyber-elves are smart programs for helping man and Reploid.Oceanic Highway Ruins. After the first Cyberspace door, go left through the surface to find it.
010FILE DWeil altered Mother Elf, starting the Elf Wars.Sunken Library
011FILE EPantheon are degraded, massproduced Reploid copies of X.Final stage, in a box after the second wave of boss rematches.
012FILE FMaverick Reploids fated to die formed the Resistance.W. R. Factory. Inside a box.
013FILE GCyber-elf X was once the original X, but now he has no body.Old Residential. Go down the first pit before the first Pillar Cannon.
014FILE HThe Four Guardians are Reploids made from DNA of X.Forest of Anatre, in a high area from the ruins.
015FILE IElpizo was a Neo Arcadian Reploid that was seduced by Dark Elf.Frontline Ice Base. Inside a box near a Grand Cannon.
016FILE JDark Elf was Mother Elf before Dr. Weil altered her.Sunken Library
017FILE KOmega was made by Dr. Weil, but was banished to space.Sunken Library
018FILE LUse of Dark Elf made the Elf Wars terribly tragic.Sunken Library
019FILE MA Maverick now means somebody who fights Neo Arcadia.Last stage.
020FILE NThe Sigma virus turned Reploids into Mavericks.Last stage.
021 -A Cyber-elf Martina was inside.Missile Factory. After the conveyor belts, jump above the area near the first Generator Cannon in the way.
022 -A Cyber-elf Milvy was inside.Twilight Desert. Above the pillar of the second Cyberspace door.
023 -A Cyber-elf Elphy was inside.Resistance Base, 2nd floor, room 02D, after completing the first four missions and before defeating Copy X.
024 -A Cyber-elf Sylphy was inside.Derelict Spacecraft, fall in the snow pit.
025 -A Cyber-elf Rilphy was inside.Snowy Plains.
026 -A Cyber-elf Artan was inside.Aegis Volcano Base. Use Recoil Rod or double jump between the first and second Gyro Cannons to reach it.
027 -A Cyber-elf Zictan was inside.Giant Elevator. Use Recoil Rod to break the left wall before the elevator door to find a hidden room.
028 -A Cyber-elf Mott was inside.Old Residential. Inside the box in the area with Pantheon Bombers.
029 -A Cyber-elf Dott was inside.Snowy Plains
030 -A Cyber-elf Curiph was inside.Missile Factory. Near the first Cyberspace door.
031 -A Cyber-elf Luriph was inside.Twilight Desert. Above a pillar after the sub-boss.
032 -A Cyber-elf Suriph was inside.Frontline Ice Base. Above the door after the area with water.
033 -A Cyber-elf Tiriph was inside.Sunken Library.
034 -A Cyber-elf Yuriph was inside.Area X-2. Inside a box.
035 -A Cyber-elf Beriph was inside.Frontline Ice Base. Visible above a ladder.
036 -A Cyber-elf Wiliph was inside.Sub Arcadia, near the Cyberspace door.
037 -A Cyber-elf Cyliph was inside.Derelict Spacecraft.
038 -A Cyber-elf Snoq was inside.Sub Arcadia, in the room Phantom appears.
039 -A Cyber-elf Mathiq was inside.Old Residential. In a box inside the door near the first Gyro Cannon.
040 -A Cyber-elf Miyaq was inside.Forest of Anatre.Break the blocks before the boss room.
041 -A Cyber-elf Ajiq was inside.Giant Elevator. Near the beginning, above the first Batring. Use Recoil Rod to reach it. (While Double Jump helps a lot, it is not necessary)
042 -A Cyber-elf Dobuq was inside.Area X-2. Box in the second spkied area.
043 -A Cyber-elf Mulaq was inside.Sunken Library
044 -A Cyber-elf Mailla was inside.Resistance Base. Talk to Rocinolle twice after Harpuia is healed.
045 -A Cyber-elf Miulla was inside.Giant Elevator. Make an enemy follow you to the beginning of the stage, use Recoil Rod above him to reach it. Double Jump helps to reach it easier.
046 -A Cyber-elf Cloppe was inside.Snowy Plains, destroy the snow balls released by Blanc Wormer.
047 -A Cyber-elf Sloppe was inside.Aegis Volcano Base. In the first part of the stage, stay in the third platform on the lava until the lava push it up, and jump to the right.
048 -A Cyber-elf Putite was inside.Old Residential. Go up after the Seimeran in the area with Pantheon Bombers and pass the wall to find a door, or go down in the third hole in the area with Pillar Cannons and enter the door, using Recoil Rod to reach it.
049 -A Cyber-elf Balette was inside.Oceanic Highway Ruins. In the surface of the area after the sub-boss.
050 -A Cyber-elf Maya was inside.Derelict Spacecraft, use the ice blocks as a ladder.
051 -A Cyber-elf Kwappa was inside.Sunken Library
052 -A Cyber-elf Gambul was inside.W. R. Factory. Destroy Lemmingles nests.
053 -A Cyber-elf Biraid was inside.W. R. Factory. Inside a box under the ladder after the last Lemmingles.
054 -A Cyber-elf Birleaf was inside.Giant Elevator. Top right of the first area. Use Dash and Double Jump to reach it.
055 -A Cyber-elf Pitapah was inside.Missile Factory. Jump the spikes in the area with conveyor belts.
056 -A Cyber-elf Pitapuh was inside.Energy Facility. Inside the first box.
057 -A Cyber-elf Beetack was inside.Missile Factory. Jump through the spikes after the first Generator Cannon.
058 -A Cyber-elf Beenipe was inside.Resistance Base. Talk with the soldier in the right tower before completing the first four missions.
059 -A Cyber-elf Archim was inside.Oceanic Highway Ruins. Inside a boss after the first switch.
060 -A Cyber-elf Archil was inside.Snowy Plains. Defeat the sub-boss, Blanc Wormer.
061 -A Cyber-elf Byse was inside.Area X-2. Top left before boss room.
062 -A Cyber-elf Dylphina was inside.Area X-2. In the first spiked area.
063 -A Cyber-elf Lizetus was inside.Forest of Anatre. Above the beginning, hidden in the foliage. Use fire to make it visible.
064 -A Cyber-elf Cottus was inside.Energy Facility. After the sub-boss, above the area the first Flopper appear.
065 -A Cyber-elf Shuthas was inside.Twilight Desert. Destroy the two Carrybee G.
066 -A Cyber-elf Malthas was inside.Frontline Ice Base. Go up instead of underwater in the first area by using the Splash Jump or Double Jump.
067 -A Cyber-elf Ilethas was inside.Old Residential. Defeat the sub-boss, Megamilpa.
068 -A Cyber-elf Enethas was inside.Frontline Ice Base. Visible in the path between two ladders.
069 -A Cyber-elf Busras was inside.Area X-2. Before boss room.
070 -A Cyber-elf Sabras was inside.Area X-2. Near Cyberspace door in second spiked area.
071 -A Cyber-elf Roderas was inside.Forest of Anatre. Visible in the path.
072 -A Cyber-elf Boomeras was inside.Aegis Volcano Base. Inside a box.
073 -A Cyber-elf Clokkle was inside.Aegis Volcano Base. After the first Lamplort, push the obstacle under the ladder with Recoil Rod twice. When passing through an area with a ladder and spikes, the obstacle will be on the spikes, allowing to jump to the other side.
074 -A Cyber-elf Metoras was inside.Old Residential. Use Flame Chip in the mushrooms inside the door between the first Seimerans.
075 -A Cyber-elf Metorika was inside.Oceanic Highway Ruins. Fall in the pit before the first Cyberspace door to find it.
076 -A Cyber-elf Metorph was inside.Forest of Anatre. After the spikes near the Sub Tank, stand in the last button and use Recoil Rod to reach the big block and the disk above.
077 -A Cyber-elf Metella was inside.Area X-2. Second spiked area.
078 -A Cyber-elf Meterom was inside.Energy Facility. Inside the broken wall near the first ladder after the room with Crossbynes.
079 -A Cyber-elf Kynite was inside.Oceanic Highway Ruins. Defeat the sub-boss, Modified Pantheon Aqua.
080 -A Cyber-elf Surnite was inside.Giant Elevator. Inside a box near two Pantheons in the first area.
081 -A Cyber-elf Tenite was inside.Sub Arcadia.
082 -A Cyber-elf Stopalla was inside.Energy Facility. Inside the second box.
083 -A Cyber-elf Stopina was inside.Sub Arcadia, inside a box.
084 -A Cyber-elf Stopule was inside.W. R. Factory. In the way of a conveyor belt.
085 -A Cyber-elf Stopeta was inside.Twilight Desert. Inside a box.
086 -A Cyber-elf Stoposa was inside.Snowy Plains
087 -A Cyber-elf Hanmarga was inside.Sub Arcadia, inside a box.
088 -A Cyber-elf Hanmarji was inside.Giant Elevator. Defeat the sub-boss, Spearook.
089 -A Cyber-elf Hanmarbo was inside.Twilight Desert. Defeat the sub-boss, Or Wormer.
090 -A Cyber-elf Aina was inside.Missile Factory. Early in the area with conveyor belts.
091 -A Cyber-elf Acooi was inside.Twilight Desert. Destroy 5 Shrimpolins.
092 -A Cyber-elf Achoon was inside.Resistance Base. Talk with Cerveau before completing the first four missions.
093 -A Cyber-elf Anater was inside.W. R. Factory. Defeat the sub-boss, Bee Server.
094 -A Cyber-elf Awarne was inside.Sunken Library
095 -80 E-Crystals were inside.Energy Facility. After the first Lamplort, in the spiked area.
096 -100 E-Crystals were inside.Sunken Library
097 -200 E-Crystals were inside.Final stage. Inside a box.
098 -150 E-Crystals were inside.Missile Factory. Defeat Keatons.
099 -40 E-Crystals were inside.Room 03D of Resistance Base, 3rd floor.
100 -100 E-Crystals were inside.W. R. Factory. Near a nest of Lemmingles.
101 -100 E-Crystals were inside.Derelict Spacecraft
102 -50 E-Crystals were inside.Aegis Volcano Base. Inside a box.
103 -80 E-Crystals were inside.Snowy Plains. Hidden in the snow wall of a pit with breakable ice.
104 -100 E-Crystals were inside.W. R. Factory. Before the sub-boss.
105 -100 E-Crystals were inside.Twilight Desert. Above a pillar after the first Carrybee G.
106 -40 E-Crystals were inside.Resistance Base. Left corner of rooftop.
107 -500 E-Crystals were inside.Resistance Base. Talk with Andrew after completing the first four missions and before defeating Copy X.
108 -100 E-Crystals were inside.Forest of Anatre. Push a small block into spikes to reach it.
109 -100 E-Crystals were inside.Frontline Ice Base. Top Left of the room with Grand Cannons. Use Recoil Rod or Double Jump to reach it.
110 -100 E-Crystals were inside.Area X-2.
111OmegaThis Reploid has a the signature of Dark Elf.Derelict Spacecraft, inside a box.
112D. MantiskUses scythes to dispose of old Reploids.Old Residential. Use Recoil Rod in the blocks near the first Seimeran to find a door.
113C. InarbittaCan become small to boost speed.Oceanic Highway Ruins. Inside a box.
114B. FlizardThis lizard can detach his tail and frill.Aegis Volcano Base. Before the first Lamplort, use Recoil Rod to push the obstacle blocking the ladder.
115D. SchiltAttacks with small bat drones from his cape.W. R. Factory. Use Recoil Rod to push the hammer after the first Snakecord to break the ceiling.
116CreaA blue Baby Elf named by Alouette.Resistance Base. Talk with Alouette after completing the first four missions and before defeating Copy X.
117PreaA red Baby Elf named by Alouette.Missile Factory. Inside a box.
118Anubis Necromncss VJackal 'loid revived by Dr. Weil.Twilight Desert. Above a pillar after the first Carrybee G.
119Hanumachne RMonkey 'loid revived by Dr. Weil.Forest of Anatre. Between two big movable blocks. Move fast to enter between them.
120B. Stagrff RElk Reploid revived by Dr. Weil.Frontline Ice Base. Inside a box.
121Copy X MK.IIA revised Copy X revived by Dr. Weil.Area X-2. Inside a box.
122T. KelverianCan detach the 2 heads on his shoulders.Giant Elevator. Inside a box near two Floppers.
123Glacier Le CactankSwings chained arms around.Snowy Plains, in the box after the sub-boss.
124Cubit FoxtarFox Reploid that uses 9 remotes.Energy Facility. Above a ladder in the path.
125Volteel BiblioEel Reploid that uses electricity.Sunken Library
126P. HunterCarries a 3 shot gun.Abandoned Research Lab
127P. GuardianCarries an electric club.Missile Factory
128P. AquaShoots a harpoon from its arm.Frontline Ice Base
129P. FistPunches when close.Giant Elevator
130P. BaseRides a hovercraft, uses hammer.Snowy Plains
131DeathlockMechaniloid made from old parts.W. R. Factory
132Gyro CannonFloats up with a propeller.Frontline Ice Base. Go up instead of underwater in the first area by using the Splash Jump or Double Jump to find Gyro Cannons.
133Grand CannonA cannon made for frozen terrain.Derelict Spacecraft
134Tile CannonA cannon that hides in walls.Forest of Anatre
135P. CannonA cannon that attacks from poles.Old Residential
136Heavy CannonShoots a one-ton cannonball.Frontline Ice Base
137C. CannonShoots 2 shots from a capsule.Area X-2
138G. CannonCreates small Mechaniloids.Missile Factory
139Eye CannonSpots intruders and attacks.Missile Factory
140ShrimpolinThis foe can move quickly in sand or snow.Derelict Spacecraft
141VolcaireStores lava inside body then splits mid-air.Aegis Volcano Base
142ClavekerThis foe shoots from ceilings.Sub Arcadia
143PetatriaRevives if eye is not attacked.Sub Arcadia
144ShotloidShoots while moving in small steps.Giant Elevator
145SeimeranThis plant Mechaniloid smells nice.Old Residential
146LamplortMechaniloid made to cook fish.Aegis Volcano Base.
147Lemmingles4 mouse-like Mechaniloids in a group.W. R. Factory
148CattatankGuards with shield then punches.Giant Elevator
149Top GabyoallPatrols floors and walls.Energy Facility. Defeat the sub-boss, Locomo IF.
150SnakecordHangs from ceilings and bites when separated.Energy Facility
151GallisniAppears when alarm is tripped.Last stage.
152CrossbyneShoots 4-way bullets and warps.Aegis Volcano Base
153FlopperExplodes, damaging close units.Twilight Desert
154PurpleNerpleThis foe has a bomb underneath.Twilight Desert
155MothjiroCongregates near light.Energy Facility
156BatringRepels any attack when wings close.Derelict Spacecraft
157MellnetA bee-type Mechaniloid that stings.Forest of Anatre
158ShotcounterCan block frontal attacks.Derelict Spacecraft
159Sharkseal XA shark-type Mechaniloid that bites. Oceanic Highway Ruins. Inside a box.
160ShellunoAttacks from behind its target. Oceanic Highway Ruins
161IcebonProduces ice underwater. Oceanic Highway Ruins
162ShellcrawlerRuns when it loses its shell. Snowy Plains
163CannonhopperShoots from ceilings and floors. Sub Arcadia
164WeilScientist who created Reploids. Last stage.
165CielResearcher specializing in energy. Resistance Base, near Alouette.
166CerveauEngineer who makes Zero's weapons. Resistance Base, near Cerveau.
167AndrewOld Reploid who likes to talk a lot. Resistance Base, talk with Rocinolle twice.
168AlouetteTreasures a doll Ciel gave her. Resistance Base, hall on 2nd floor.
169HibouThis hungry Reploid eats E-Crystals. Resistance Base, after the first four missions and the missile strike mission is completed, talk to him and answer 'Sure' about his weight.
170RocinolleHelps with wounded Reploids. Resistance Base, near Rocinolle.
171PerroquietA brilliant assistant to Ciel. Resistance Base, left room in 1st floor.
172AutrucheA tall Reploid known for his dull speeches. Resistance Base, right room in 1st floor.
173HirondelleFlies around and gathers information. Resistance Base
174DoigtCerveau's helper and weaponmaker. Resistance Base
175MenartA mischief-maker who plays hooky. Before completing the first four missions, talk with Menart in the 1st floor of Resistance Base and answer "Perroquiet" to his question.
176PicA cynical Reploid who makes snide comments. Resistance Base, near Pic.
177HarpuiaThe shrewd Green Lord leads the Rekku Army. Use Recoil Rod to reach it in the last stage, in the end of the spiked area.
178FefnirThe fierce Red Lord leads the Jin'en Army.Last stage.
179LeviathanThe sly Blue Lord leads the Meikai Army.Last stage.
180PhantomThe evil Dark Lord Leads the Zan'ei Army. Sub Arcadia, bottom of the spike room. Near the exit door, dash jump left across the spikes to reach a pillar with the disk on it. Satellite usage of Putite may help.

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