Japanese promo art for Zero 4.

Script from the game Mega Man Zero 4.

Scene 1: Prologue

(The scene fades in to show three sheets of paper with blueprints of a Reploid on them.)

Narrator (Neige): The Reploids... They were robots designed to look like Humans... These technical marvels were given unique personalities and were intended to be the perfect workers and the perfect partners for mankind... But... the wheels of peace between Reploids and Humans were beginning to grind to a halt.

(The scene shifts to show Omega with a group of Golems in the background.)

Neige: The Reploids were well designed. Perhaps too well. Their humanity began to sow the seed of rebellion. The rebels were labeled Mavericks and feared by their Human masters... The Humans decided to pit Reploid against Reploid... That was the fate given to them. The Reploids fighting for humanity were never given a choice... Thus the war of the machines began and the humans just watched...

(The scene shifts to show Dr. Weil and Omega.)

Neige: War begot war... And time passed... Even with the construction of the utopian Human city Neo Arcadia, the war dragged on... The Mavericks defeated the leader of Neo Arcadia. And now... Neo Arcadia is under the control of the criminal Dr. Weil. The former utopia is now only a shadow of its former glory. Many have started to flee the city. We are one of those groups fleeing from the clutches of Dr. Weil in our caravan...

(Scene fades out.)

Scene 2: The Caravan

(Scene fades back in to view several trucks speeding through a dry wasteland area. They are pursued by many Neo Arcadian troops.)

Neige: Ah! I should've grabbed a faster car!

Man: Neige! They're catching up!

Neige: I know, I know! But this is as fast as it goes!

Man: Shoot! Dr. Weil is trying to bring us back!

(A group of Variants land on one of the trucks, but are suddenly hit by a Buster shot and destroyed. Zero appears, jumping onto the truck and destroying the rest of the Variants. He then jumps to a Resistance truck.)

Z4 scene1.jpg

Ciel (over radio): Zero! Can you hear me? The enemy is heading for the caravan. Help them!

Zero: Understood. Commencing mission. Ciel, I'll need some help with the trailer.

(The Resistance truck speeds up, catching up to the next one. Zero jumps on to it. Zero destroys the rest of the enemies scattered around the trucks.)

Ciel: Zero!

(The Resistance truck drives closer to the one Zero is standing on.)

Ciel: I'm detecting heat signatures! Zero, something's coming!

Zero: Bring the trailer closer, I'll take care of it.

Ciel: Gotcha.

(Ciel increases the truck's speed again and Zero jumps on top. At the same time, a massive submarine-like machine breaks out of the ground and starts pursuing the trucks. Zero jumps on to the machine and eventually destroys its core, causing a huge explosion. Zero dashes out just in time.)

Scene 3: Confrontation

(Scene cuts to a short time later, when all the trucks have been stopped and the Caravan members meet outside. Zero approaches the group.)

Zero: It looks like everyone is okay. I'm surprised to see someone crazy enough to drive out here in the middle of nowhere.

Neige: Do you always give lectures to the people you save? Well... Thanks anyway.

Z4 scene2.jpg

Man: Neige, We don't have time for this, let's go.

Neige: You're right... But there's time to say thank you. I don't want the Reploids thinking we're ungrateful. Prepare to leave. I'll be there soon.

Man: Alright. No good can come of dealing with Reploids...

(The other two humans walk back to their truck.)

Zero: ... You're human?

Neige: Yes, we are. Are Humans outside of Neo Arcadia that rare?

(Ciel's trailer come to a stop next to the Caravan, and she approaches the group as well.)

Ciel: Zero!

Neige: Zero?

Ciel: Zero... I'm glad you're okay. It looks like the vehicle is okay too.

Neige: Thanks to you both. You saved us, Dr. Ciel.

Ciel: Huh? How did you know... Who are you?

Neige: The name's Neige. I'm human just like you. I used to be a journalist who traveled the world. That's why I heard rumors about you and the Resistance. That you led the Reploids against Neo Arcadia... And are supposed to be very dangerous.

Ciel: Dangerous? We're not...

Zero: ...

Neige: I've hard a lot about you too. I knew you were in the Resistance when I heard Ciel call your name just now. So you're the legendary Reploid, Zero.

Zero: We don't want any strange rumors being spread about us.

Neige: There won't be. I'm just telling you what I've heard. But others might think differently than me. I'll be seeing you. It's time for us to get going.

Ciel: Going? Where are you going anyway?

Zero: If you're human then why don't you just stay in Neo Arcadia? You put all this together just to escape from there?

Neige: Just stay there!? Because we're human? You must be joking! Wait, you don't know do you? That place has changed... Didn't you see us getting attacked just now? It's terrible. It doesn't matter anymore. Human or Reploid, it's all the same. Anyone that apposes Weil is treated like a Maverick. The evil Dr. Weil who was driven away from Neo Arcadia... He controls all of the energy and production there and everywhere all because some "hero" defeated the leader of Neo Arcadia. The great sanctuary for us humans... Is no more...

Ciel: But then that means what we did was...

Neige: The humans are afraid of being "removed" if they oppose Weil, so he rules unchecked. As long as they stay quiet, they stay safe... But who knows how long before Weil decides to get rid of them too. That's why we've fled from that place. We're heading for the Settlement in Area Zero.

Zero: Area Zero? There's a human settlement there?

Ciel: Then we'll go with you. Who knows when Weil will strike next...

Neige: Well, Ciel is human, but Reploids aren't welcome. Especially "heroes" like you.

Zero: What's that supposed to mean?

Neige: The Settlement is full of people who were caught up in the Reploid war, so they don't take to kindly to Reploids. Humans aren't as strong or friendly as you might think. I won't tell the Caravaners that you are the Zero that defeated the leader of Neo Arcadia. Don't get us involved in anything. Talk to you later.

(Neige returns to her truck, and they all drive away.)

Zero: Humans, huh...

Ciel: Zero... We should get back to the trailer...

(Ciel walks back to the Resistance truck.)

Zero: Right...

Scene 4: Around the Base

(Zero returns to the Resistance trailer and heads to the Command Room to talk to Ciel.)

Zero: Something about the Caravan bothering you?

Ciel: Yeah... I was shocked to hear that all of the humans at the Settlement hated the Reploids... It's just I've... we've fought so hard for the Reploids, that I didn't know other humans felt that way...

Zero: Didn't they say the Settlement was in a place called Area Zero?

Ciel: That's where we should be heading too. They're struggling to maintain their independence from Weil, and we have to help them.

Zero: Do what you feel is right.

Ciel: Thanks Zero, I just need a little more time. Now might be a good time to drop by Cerveau's for some maintenance. After that come and see me in the commander's room. Oh, before that... I'll save your data!

(If YES)
Ciel: All saved! I'll be here in the commander's room. If you ever want to store your data, just drop by. ...

Ciel: You sure? Don't overdo it. I'll be here if you change your mind. I'm in charge of data. Just drop by if you need to save. ...

(Zero roams around the temporary base, talking to the inhabitants there.)

Faucon: Hey Zero! Weil's troops are still wandering around up ahead. If we're not careful, we might be discovered. We'll have to wait until they leave.

Faucon: Oh yeah, Zero. Did you meet up with Cerveau? If not, you should. He'll tell you how to use your new weapons.

Hirondelle: Hey there, Zero! Have you heard? This trailer has been riding so rough for so long, my body is all messed up.

Hirondelle: Oh yeah, Zero... Weren't you going to head over to Cerveau's?

Alouette: Oh, Zero! A new Elf is coming soon! I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a name, but I can't narrow it down to just one. I guess I need to see it first.

Alouette: Hey, Zero. I heard the new Elf is really smart! If the Elf is smarter than me, maybe I can get it to teach me something.

Ciel: I'm gathering intelligence on Area Zero, but I'm going to need a little more time. Drop by Cerveau's in the meantime for some maintenance.

(Zero heads over to Cerveau's lab.)

Cerveau: Hey Zero, you hanging in there? Need a little work? Those dust clouds are something else.

Zero: No, I'm fine.

Cerveau: Alright, but don't overdo it. Did you try out your Zero Knuckle yet? You probably already know about it, but it's a weapon on board a chip implanted into your hand. It gives you a big strength boost that comes in handy when attacking enemies or stealing their weapons. It doesn't work for every enemy, but for the ones it does, just finish them off with the Zero Knuckles to grab their weapon. By the way, what's your next move?

Zero: Ciel is looking into Area Zero. I think the humans there need our help...

Cerveau: Looks like you've got your work cut out for you. If there's anything I can do to help, don't be afraid to ask! Oh! I almost forgot something important. Enemies sometimes drop parts. You might be able to use some of those to make new chips. If you want to try making one, just let me know!

(Zero leaves Cerveau's lab and comes back later.)

Cerveau: Just some extra info on the Zero Knuckle... You can push the Toss Button or pick a weapon from the sub screen to throw away one you've taken from an enemy. There's a limit to the amount of times you can use a weapon that was taken, so keep that in mind. Oh, and another thing, if you're hanging down, you don't need to go to the screen to equip the Zero Knuckle, you can just press Up while jumping or falling. Just remember that you can't use your Zero Knuckle or any of the weapons you've taken while hanging down. That's because you're using the Zero Knuckle's power to hang down. If you need to practice, go ahead and try it out in this room.

Cerveau: If you want to make chips, the easiest way to go about it is by finding recipes. The only problem with that is some of the better chips don't have recipes.

Faucon: Hey Zero! I just received word from Ciel. She's like you to see her in the commander's room. You don't want to keep Ciel waiting...

Hirondelle: Hey there, Zero! Have you heard about the Weather Changer? Let me just briefly explain it... It's an orbiting satellite capable of altering the very weather. It's still a work in progress, but it should be online soon. There are only some areas it can be used in. Depending ont he area, a change of weather might make it easier or harder to progress through it!

Hirondelle: Hey there, Zero! Have you heard? Ciel's been waiting for you.

Alouette: Hey, Zero. I asked Ciel to let me look after the new Elf. I'm a little worried if I can do a good job or not.

Alouette: I hope the new Elf comes soon...

(Zero returns to the Command Room.)

Zero: Did you find out anything about Area Zero?

Ciel: Yes... It's not far from here. Neige and the others should arrive there soon. Area Zero is the site in the Maverick Wars, where the space colony Eurasia crashed... Many lives were lost there...

Zero: Area Zero is the painful reminder of a war long past... Humans are living there now?

Rouge: Data about Area Zero has been sent from the Resistance Base. Since the crash of the space colony, the section has been sealed off, but apparently the land has been renewed in that time and nature is becoming more and more abundant.

Ciel: Nature is coming back to Area Zero!?

Rouge: It's said to be due to an environmental system still left active after the crash. It's not much, but it still means hope for humanity.

Ciel: Have you managed to find the human settlement?

Rouge: There was not enough data to pinpoint an exact location. We need to conduct a closer investigation of Area Zero.

Ciel: Zero, can you head out there and check it out? We'll be following in the trailer.

Rouge: Going to Area Zero?

(If NO)
Rouge: Understood. I'm ready when you are...

(If YES)

Zero:: Understood. Operator, transport me.

Rouge: Alright. Coordinates set... How could this be!?

Zero: How could what be?

Rouge: I'm detecting multiple Reploid signals! I think they're Neo Arcadian... No, they're Weil's Reploids!

Ciel: What are they doing in Area Zero!?

Zero: Operator, get me over there. Hurry!

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer.

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Zero, be careful.

(If Zero declines the mission and roams around the base again)

Cerveau: What's that? Nature is growing again in Area Zero? Just goes to show the power of nature is head and shoulders above the power of science...

Cerveau: Zero, weren't you going to Area Zero? You better not keep Ciel waiting.

Faucon: Hey Zero! With Weil's troops still crawling around, it's better to wait a little longer.

Faucon: Zero... Sorry, I wish I could come with you and offer a little protection on your way to Area Zero, but I have to stay here and stand guard.

Hirondelle: Huh? Nature is coming back to Area Zero? I-I heard about that! Of c-course it is...

Hirondelle: Huh? What kind of place is Area Zero? I-I know, b-but you should see it with your own eyes.

Alouette: Oh, Zero! What's Area Zero anyway? Rouge, the operator, explained it to me, but I don't get it.

Alouette: I'd like to see Area Zero just once.

Ciel: If nature really has been revived, that would be amazing. I have to see it to believe it.

Ciel: Zero... Can you go on ahead to Area Zero? We'll be there shortly.

Scene 5: Exploring Area Zero

(Zero teleports to a thick, shady forest and looks around in wonder.)

Zero: So this is Area Zero? Ciel, are you seeing this on the monitor?

Ciel : Yes, I'm seeing it now. That's amazing. I didn't know such a natural place still existed.

Zero: Ciel... What's my mission?

Ciel: Oh, sorry! The enemy is in the colony remains... The entrance should be up ahead.

Zero: Understood... I am in pursuit. What could Dr. Weil be up to?

(Zero fights through the stage until he comes to a large room. He hears a birdlike voice and looks over to see a strange Reploid seemingly built to look like a cockatrice.)

???: Kyakya! Why sweat the small stuff! I'm all for crushing Area Zero, but this is taking forever. I guess I don't have much choice but to follow Lord Weil's plan.

Zero: It looks like I missed a grunt.

???: Kya! Who dares call me a grunt! Who are you? And where did you come from? I'll teach you to come in here and insult me! Kyakya!

Zero: You're a noisy one.

???: Kyakya! Now I'm mad! Come on! I'll show you! Kakya!

???: Don't steal all the fun, Cocapetri.

(The scene shifts to show seven other animal-like Reploids standing near Cocapetri.)

???: Yes... I want to be the one to light his fire!

Cocapetri: Kya! Quiet! He's going to be my dinner!

???: You're the one that needs to be quiet. You weren't back on time, so we had to come find you.

???: By the way, who is that Reploid standing over there?

???: Roar! Th-that... is... Ze...

???: His name is Zero. There was data on him in Lord Weil's master plan. Mino Magnus... Try to speed it up next time.

???: Zero? So this Reploid is our target? Then we should take care of him here and now!

Z4 scene3.jpg

Zero: Aah!

???: Time's running out. Leave him.

(Another Reploid, Craft, teleports in.)

Craft: We're only here to investigate Area Zero. You don't have clearance to fight.

Pegasolta Eclair: Oh come on, Commander Craft! You aren't saying we should just leave the enemy, are you?

Craft: We need the power of Ragnarok to destroy this much nature. Once Ragnarok has begun, one Reploid will be beneath our concern. There's no time to deal with him now.

Zero: Destroy the nature in Area Zero!? Just what are you trying to do!?

Craft: My name is Craft. I am a soldier of Neo Arcadia... No, Lord Weil. We... Lord Weil... requires all nature be destroyed.

Fenri Lunaedge: Lately there are a lot of impudent humans thinking the world outside Neo Arcadia is better.

Sol Titanion: That's why we must make sure it isn't by burning it.

Popla Cocapetri: Then, nobody will have delusions of escaping Lord Weil!

Noble Mandrago: Who would choose nature over Lord Weil anyway?

Pegasolta Eclair: I can't believe it. Humans are so foolish.

Mino Magnus: Roar! Commander Craft... is... the...

Tech Kraken: ...Is the leader of the Einherjar, the Eight Warriors!

Heat Genblem: The eight of us will destroy the environment.

Craft: Then, as part of Lord Weil's plan, we will destroy Area Zero as well. That is "Ragnarok." You see, Zero. There's nothing you can do... You're no threat to Lord Weil. You'll come to understand. This world belongs to Lord Weil. One person can't change the world. Heroes are a thing of the past...

Zero: ...

Craft: Time to go... Ragnarok has begun.

(Craft and the Einherjar all teleport out.)

Zero: ...

Ciel (over radio): Zero! Are you okay?

Zero: Ciel, is that you? Did you get all of that?

Ciel: Yes, I can't believe Dr. Weil would do that... We've arrived in Area Zero too... We found the Settlement, return to the trailer.

Zero: Understood... Operator, bring me back.

Rouge: Commencing transport.

(Zero is teleported out.)

Scene 6: The New Cyber-elf

Rouge: Transferring in... 2... 1...

(Zero teleports in.)

Rouge: Welcome back.

Ciel: Welcome back Zero. It seems the Reploids weren't aware of the Settlement's presence. I know Neige warned us not to go to the Settlement, but we need to tell them about Ragnarok.

Rouge: With Weil's army so close, we can't afford to risk alerting them to the Settlement's presence by transferring you there. You'll have to go on foot, just exit the trailer and keep going right. It shouldn't take you long to reach it.

Ciel: Oh, and Zero... We just received data on an all-new Cyber-elf from the Resistance Base.

Zero: New Cyber-elf?

Ciel: They've been conducting research on Cyber-elves. We've got one of the new ones in the room next door with Alouette. Pick it up from her. She also has the operating manual, so ask her for more details about it.

Zero: I will.

Ciel: When you're ready, head out to the Settlement. I'll catch up to you later in the trailer.

(Zero talks to the Resistance members around the trailer before heading to Alouette's room.)

Ciel: If Ragnarok is carried out, this world will become a desolate graveyard in a matter of minutes...

Ciel: Zero... Pick up the latest Cyber-elf from Alouette and go on ahead to the Settlement.

Rouge: Zero... I got word that the newest Cyber-elf has arrived. Alouette is eager to show you.

Rouge: Alouette was really looking forward to that new Elf.

Cerveau: Ragnarok... That Weil is a fool.

Cerveau: Zero... Even you don't stand a chance if Ragnarok is implemented... You have to stop it before it's activated.

Faucon: Hey Zero! With Weil's troops still crawling around, it's better to wait a little longer. I'll keep standing guard here!

Hirondelle: Ragnarok? That's the first time I've heard of it. I'll try to find out what I can to help you stop it!

Alouette: Oh, Zero! Check this Elf out! Its eyes are closed because it's still a baby. It just came! Oh yeah, Zero! I came up with a name... How's Croire?

Alouette: No!? I put a lot of effort into that name... Well, go check with the others, they might have a better name. When you find one, come back and I'll tell you how to use the new Elf.

Alouette: Really? That's great. I'm glad you like it! Croire means "believe." Not a bad name at all! Okay Zero, I'm going to tell you how the Elf works. It came with a manual... Want me to explain?

Alouette: Okay, I'll explain! This new Elf can copy the abilities of other Elves. In fact, it can handle up to 3 at a time! It's still a baby though, so you can't use all of them yet. Give it E-Crystals to help it grow. Here's where it gets a little tricky. The Elf has something called a max level. If the 3 ability levels combined exceed the max, then you lose a point for each level over the max. In other words, as long as you keep the combined levels below the max level, you don't lose any points! There's probably also a way to raise the max level. When you want to help the Elf grow, come on by!

(If NO) Alouette: Hmph! I was all set to tell you about the Elf! You're no fun at all... I hope you know what you're doing.

(If Zero refuses the name "Croire", he goes to ask the other Resistance members for name suggestions.)

Ciel: Zero, did you decide on a name for the Elf? No, from the looks of it... I feel bad for the poor little thing not having a name. How about Charite?

Ciel: It's a gentle name fit for a gentle Elf.

Ciel: What was wrong with it? Tough to pronounce?

Ciel (second time): What's up Zero? Still haven't decided on a name for the Elf yet? If that's the case then... Charite's no good?

(If NO)
Ciel: Too bad, I kind of liked the name... Hurry up and pick a name, don't keep Alouette waiting.

Rouge: Need something Zero? A name for the new Cyber-elf? Alright, let me do a quick search for something good. ... ... Thanks for waiting! How about the name Variable? I picked it because it was the first thing that jumped out at me... is that name okay?

Rouge: I wonder if naming should be this easy? Then again, a name is just an identifier.

Rouge: I'm sorry you didn't like it...

Rouge (second time): What's up Zero? Do you like the Elf name I chose after all? You like Variable?

Rouge: You really don't like it? Too bad, but I hope you find a name you like soon.

Cerveau: Hmm? What's up Zero? Ah, you're making the rounds trying to figure out what to call the new Elf eh? Hmm...How about Progress?

Cerveau: Progress is a great name for a brand new kind of Elf.

(If I DON'T THINK SO) Cerveau: Hmm... Not your thing? Naming is not easy.

Cerveau (second time): Hmm... Well, it doesn't matter how many times you ask, Progress is what comes to my mind. Well, how about it?

(If NO)
Cerveau: Hmm... No good, huh?

Hirondelle: What is it Zero? Huh? You want me to pick an Elf name? Hmm, well... How's Nouvelle?

Hirondelle: Nouvelle's my favorite word! It means "news." Figures an information hound like me would come up with a name like that, eh? I'm glad you liked it.

Hirondelle: B-but... *sigh* It was such a good name too...

Hirondelle (second time): Zero! Nouvelle is the perfect name for that Elf! Don't you agree?

(If NO) Hirondelle: What? Here I thought you'd like it... Nouvelle is such a cool name...

Faucon: Hey Zero! Me? Come up with an Elf name? You sure it's okay for me to make that important decision? Alright... How about Recrue?

Faucon: Are you sure? Well, I'm glad you like it!

Faucon: No good huh? Too bad...

Faucon (second time): Zero... Recrue means new warrior. Not bad, eh?

(If NO)
Faucon: Not even with that meaning, huh? Too bad.

Alouette: Hey Zero... Let's just go with Croire for the name. Croire's okay, right?

Alouette: Really? I'm glad I thought of it, then!

Alouette: You're no fun... Hurry up and name the poor thing!

(After Zero chooses a name for the new Cyber-elf, he goes around the temporary Base and talks with the members again.)

Ciel: I just heard from Faucon guarding outside. Weil's troops have left the road to the Settlement.

Ciel: Zero... Do you think you could scout ahead and check out the Settlement?

Rouge: Zero... Alouette really likes that Cyber-elf, so make sure to take good care of it for her.

Rouge: Zero... Weil's troops have left the area around the Settlement. You should head over and talk with the people there.

Cerveau:Hey Zero! Did you know there are different levels for chips? The different levels have similar recipes. Just add a certain something to a level 1 chip recipe and voila, it becomes a Level 2 chip.

Cerveau: If you start to find a lot of parts, just come to me. I'll make you some great chips from them!

Hirondelle: Hey there, Zero! Have you heard? You can use the Change Weather now.

Hirondelle: The areas you can use the Weather Changer are limited, but you can tell which areas can be adjusted by the weather icon on the monitor.

Faucon: Hey Zero! Weil's troops have finally left the area. Now you can go to the Settlement whenever you want! I have to warn you though, they aren't going to be throwing any welcome parties for Reploids like us. It's too bad because we just want to help them.

Faucon: Hey Zero! What's that? You want my weapon? Sorry, I need this little baby.

Scene 7: An Unwelcome Guest

(Zero walks to Area Zero and starts to enter the Settlement, but is stopped by Neige and another guard)

Guard: Hey you! Stop! You're a Reploid. This isn't the place for you! Get out of here!

Ciel: Wait! We have to tell you something!

(Ciel runs to stand beside Zero.)

Neige: We told you to get out...

Ciel: Weil is going to destroy this place. If you leave now, there's still time.

Guard: Hmph... Another Reploid War? First the Maverick Wars, then the Elf Wars, now Weil... How long does this world have to suffer while you carry out your petty wars?

Ciel: Huh?

Guard: Just leave us alone. This settlement was built by humans, for humans, and we'll protect it by ourselves.

Ciel: But it's dangerous for you to fight Weil alone...

Guard: So you'd like humans and Reploids to join forces? Don't be a fool! It's you Reploids and your wars that got us into this mess. We have no reason to trust you.

Ciel: B-but... We were just trying to protect you!

Zero: Save your breath. Neige said we wouldn't be welcome...

Ciel: B-but!

Zero: We told them what we know. It's up to them to decide what to do with that. Isn't that right, Neige?

Neige: That's right...

Zero: I'm going back to the trailer. The enemy will be making their final move soon.

(Zero walks away, and Ciel follows after some hesitation. They meet again in the Command Room of the trailer.)

Ciel: Zero... I...

Zero: Worrying won't stop Weil's army. You can only do your best and hope that's enough.

Ciel: Alright then, let's do what we can to protect the nature around Area Zero. I hope the people in the Settlement will come to realize we're not trying to hurt them.

Zero: I'm sure they will.

Rouge: I've found signals for Weil's army! There are 8 units!

Zero: Ragnarok has begun...

Rouge: Feeding data to the screen now. Choose mission?

(If NO)
Rouge: Tell me when you're ready to go!

(If YES)

Rouge: These are the area you can go to.

(The mission select screen is shown.)

Scene 8: Around the Base/Area Zero 2

(If Zero refuses to choose a mission and goes to talk to the Resistance members again.)

Ciel: I'm not surprised the people at the Settlement don't like us. It's only natural they wouldn't trust us when we talk about helping them... But we don't have time to fix that impression of us... We just have to hope they'll learn to trust us after we stand up to Weil.

Ciel: We might not have much time, but I'll do my best to get the people in the Settlement to understand us. Maybe someday they'll come around.

Cerveau: Hey Zero! Are you picking up some parts? Try just combining some of the parts you have. You might discover a brand-new chip!

Cerveau: If you want me to make a rare chip, try finding more parts. When you get more parts, be sure to drop by and see me!

Faucon: Hey Zero! When I was cleaning the trailer, I found this. I'm not too sure, but it looks like a recipe. Maybe you can put it to better use than I can.

Faucon: Zero... I've heard that Hirondelle has some Sub Tanks on hand for when he goes traveling around the world. If you can find an S-Crystal, he might trade you for one.

Hirondelle: Hey there, Zero! Have you heard? IF you alter the weather with the Weather Changer, some of the Eight Warriors' weapons will be no good. It would seem they use the weather to power up their attacks, so make sure you avoid giving them the edge when picking the weather for an area. The one drawback is that you won't be able to pick up their EX Skill.

Hirondelle: Hey there, Zero! Have you heard? IN order to make body chips, you'll need to pick up Ceratanium.

Alouette: Hey Zero! Can you look after my Elf for me? Take good care of it!

Alouette: Hey Zero! You know... Don't tell Ciel, but when I grow up, I want to do research about Elves.

(Zero walks to the Settlement and talks to the inhabitants there.)

Guard 1: We're setting up traps outside the Settlement to make sure Reploids can't attack us...

Guard 1:We'll show you that we can take care of ourselves!

Neige: You again? What is it this time? As a journalist, I'd love to do a story on you... But these people feeing from Neo Arcadia need me. I hope when this is all over, you'll let me do an interview.

Neige: Something up? Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't have much to say... I'm better on the giving end of an interview than the receiving end of one.

Guard 2:You again... You just don't get it, do you!? I'll give you this if you promise not to come back!

(The Guard gives Zero a recipe.)

Guard 2: Some "legend" defeated X... Now Neo Arcadia is in chaos! The only Reploid that has ever protected us is X.

Human: I don't care how many times you warn us, we're not leaving! This is our newfound paradise. Stop parading around like you're some hero!

Human: We'll show you that we humans can get along just fine without you Reploids! We don't need your help!

Typhon: Hello Mr. Reploid! Oh yeah... When we were leaving Neo Arcadia, I picked this up. It's no use to humans, here, take it!

(Typhon gives Zero a recipe.)

Typhon: Hey Mr. Reploid... Ever seen an S-Crystal? You can make on with somethin' called Ceratanium and some enemy parts, ya know! I think the recipe required one type of Variant, some robot that spits out other robots and then something with an orange body. My pop was a scientist so I've heard all sorts of things like that!

Guard 3: There are still a lot of people who didn't make it out of Neo Arcadia in time ya know... Neige will do her best to bring them here.

Guard 3:' There's no guarantee we'll survive out here ya know... But then we all knew what we were getting into when we took the risk of escaping.

Guard 4: Hey you... You're a battle Reploid aren't you? You're probably not interested, but I have a bad memory of a battle Reploid... Our leader X was defeated by a legendary Reploid with a glowing sword. It was then that our utopia of Neo Arcadia was ruined. It hurts just thinking about it...

Guard 4: What is it? You didn't know that Reploid did you? I hate violence,but if I EVER find that Reploid, I'll... I'll make him share X's fate.

Brise: Mr. Reploid... It's better if you don't show your face around here anymore. I know you're not a bad guy and all... Oh, I almost forgot! I found this and wanted to give it to you. Don't tell anyone though, I'd hate to think what would happen if people knew I was helping a Reploid.

Brise: So this is Area Zero? Apparently, it's where the colony crashed long ago... It was way back even before my grandparents' time.

Guard 5: I don't care what you say, you're wasting your time. We don't need your help to stop Ragnarok.

Guard 5: If we rely on your help, what was the whole point of leaving Neo Arcadia in the first place? We've decided to make our own destinies.

(Zero returns to the trailer.)

Scene 9: The Particle Beam

(Zero chooses the "Cut the Power" mission.)

Rouge: A large particle beam has been placed at point A-4 by Weil's army. It fires intermittent laser beams destroying everything in the area. It appears to be solar powered. Soon, it'll be within firing range of Area Zero. Cut the power supply to the particle beam before Area Zero comes into its range.

(If the weather is set to Overcast)
Rouge: Since the weather is overcast, the beam is not charging at 100% capacity. This may be your chance to strike. This mission?

(Zero accepts the mission.) Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer. Transfer!

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Zero, be careful.

(Zero teleports to the top of a giant cannon-like machine.)

Rouge: Zero! We can't stop that particle beam from the outside! Infiltrate it and stop it from the inside! I'm scanning for a way inside.

Zero: That's okay... I'll just go in through the barrel.

Rouge: That's way too dangerous!

Zero: It looks like it is charging up... There's no time. Commencing mission!

(Zero fights through the stage until he finds Heat Genblem behind a boss gate.)

Heat Genblem: Ragnarok will wake the humans from their stupidity... It is the grand plan of our group under Commander Craft! I am one of the Einherjar warriors, Heat Genblem! I will defeat all who stand in our way!

(If Genblem defeats Zero)
Genblem: Target has been destroyed! Ragnarok will continue!

(If Zero defeats Genblem)
Genblem: Gragh! I failed to destroy my target! I'm sorry I failed you, Commander Craft... Graaagh!

(Heat Genblem explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Rouge: Transferring in... 2... 1...

(Zero teleports in.)

Rouge: Welcome back.

Ciel: It looks like the boss of that area was the power reactor for the particle beam. Without that around, the beam's power is slowly fading away and no longer poses a threat to Area Zero. Good work, Zero.

Scene 10: The Hanging Gardens

(Zero chooses the "Stop the Acid Rain" mission.)

Rouge: We've located Weil's floating fortress. It generates special clouds that become a source of lightning and acid rain. Get on board and ground that floating monstrosity.

(If the weather is set to Sunny)
Rouge: As the area is sunny, some of the clouds have dissipated, keeping visibility high. This seems like an opportune time to strike. This mission?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer. Transfer!

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Zero, be careful.

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area and sees some strange machines.)

Rouge: There are acid rain generators! Destroy them and save the ground below!

(Zero fights through the rest of the stage, destroying the acid rain generators, until he encounters Pegasolta Eclair.)

Pegasolta Eclair: I will smite the worthless vermin down below... Lord Weil came up with a plan as beautiful as myself. All ugly things must bow down before me. Pegasolta Eclair will send you to the depths below!

(If Pegasolta defeats Zero)
Pegasolta: Hahaha! Suffer your grand and hideous fate! My loveliness is a gift to the eyes of one so ugly!

(If Zero defeats Pegasolta)
Pegasolta: Wah! How could this happen to me!? You... Beating me?! That's impossible... death, it's so beautiful!

(Pegasolta explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Rouge: Transferring in... 2... 1...

(Zero teleports in.)

Rouge: Welcome back.

Ciel: I can't believe they were planning to attack using that flying fortress. Weil means business. I can't believe he's human. How can he be so cruel?

Scene 11: The Hibernation Chamber

(Zero chooses the "Destroy the Enemy" mission.)

Rouge: I've discovered an old Cyber-elf research lab that is over a century old. Some of the failed experiments have been in hibernation since the war... They are starting to wake up, and some of them are quite dangerous. There are Mechaniloids and Mavericks all over the place. Infiltrate and wipe out the enemy.

(If the weather is set to Sunny)
Rouge: It's sunny out, so some routes blocked by ice may become available. You might discover a hidden route. This mission?

(Zero accepts the mission)

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer. Transfer!

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Zero, be careful...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Rouge: I found a door in a different location with a special lock and it looks like you'll need a card key to open it. This doesn't have any direct bearing on your current mission, but I just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to check it out.

(Zero fights through the area until he encounters Fenri Lunaedge.)

Fenri Lunaedge: Gaaah... You've kept me waiting, hero. I thought you might have been ripped apart by my helpers. And here I rushed to get everything ready for you. Then again, there are none that can keep up with me! I hope you can at least make things interesting for me. After all, you are a hero.

(If Fenri defeats Zero)
Fenri Lunaedge: Gaaah! What!? Done already!? How boring! You should give up the hero thing.

(If Zero defeats Fenri)
Fenri Lunaedge: Gaaah!? Hehe... Not bad... True to the name hero... But it's not over yet. Not by a long shot! The true power of Ragnarok is only just beginning... Hehe... You should start preparing your list of excuses when you have to explain why you couldn't save Area Zero! Graaah!!

(Fenri Lunaedge explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Rouge: Transferring in... 2... 1...

(Zero teleports in.)

Rouge: Welcome back.

Ciel: Thank you Zero. You helped contain the Cyber-elves. Now they can rest in peace...

Scene 12: The Underground Forest

(Zero chooses the "Stop the Erosion" mission.)

Rouge: This area used to belong to another resistance group. Now it's being used as a forward base by Weil. I'm detecting plant-like nanomachines. They seem to be thriving on the geothermal energy. At this rate, they'll continue until they engulf Area Zero. Stop them before that happens.

(If the weather is set to Cloudy)
Rouge: It's overcast, so the nanomachines and Mechaniloids are not operating at 100% efficiency. Now is a good time to strike. This mission?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer. Transfer!

Ciel: Zero, be careful.

Rouge: This area is overflowing with nanomachines. Nanomachine vines blocking the way can be cleared out with the Buster or Saber... Or even just plucked with the Zero Knuckle.

(Zero fights through the stage, destroying the nanomachines and various Mechaniloids, until he encounters Noble Mandrago.)

Noble Mandrago: Oh my, I thought a rat wandered in, but it was just you. You're going to a lot of trouble for the environment. Too bad that trouble will be wasted. You have no hope of stopping Ragnarok. If you're just going to waste energy, give it to me. I'll drain you dry!

(If Mandrago defeats Zero)
Noble Mandrago: What? Was that all? You're already finished? Then we're done here. You'll make great fertilizer!

(If Zero defeats Mandrago)
Noble Mandrago: Agh... Aah! I'm shriveling up! I am a flower cut down before I could blossom... Agh... Aah! Lord Weiiil!

(Noble Mandrago explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Rouge: Transferring in... 2... 1...

(Zero teleports in.)

Rouge: Welcome back.

Ciel: Artificial plants... How ironic that the very technology meant to protect nature is destroying it. Humans are capable of the most wonderful and the most terrifying things with the power of science. As a scientist, it makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Scene 13: Attack on the Settlement

(A beep is heard from Rouge's computer.)

Rouge: There are Reploids converging on Area Zero! Weil's Reploids are heading for the Settlement!

Ciel: What!? They found it!?

Rouge: Fighting is breaking out across the Settlement! The Reploids are advancing.

Zero: Operator! Transfer me to the Settlement!

Rouge: Inputting coordinates!

Ciel: Zero! Protect the Settlement... Please... Oh, before that... I'll save your data!

(Zero chooses to save data.)

Ciel: Data saved! Zero, be careful!

Rouge: Zero! Ready for transfer!

Zero: Transfer me!

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer.

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Zero...

(Zero teleports in to the Settlement and sees several of the tents on fire.)

Rouge: People from the Settlement are trapped in several of the rooms! To make things worse, fire has broken out. Extinguish the flames and save the people!

(Zero breaks in to the burning tents and trucks to rescue the humans inside.)

Human in Tent 1: Hmph, to think you would be the one to save me.

Human in Truck 1: I shoulda known humans wouldn't stand a chance!

Human in Truck 2: This doesn't mean I like you, you know!

Human in Tent 2: I never asked you for your help.

(If Zero talks to the Typhon before saving the rest of the humans)
Typhon: I'm begging you, please help the others.

(Zero rescues all the humans and returns to talk to them and Typhon.) Typhon: Thank you for saving us Mister.

Ciel: Zero? Is everyone at the Settlement alright?

Zero: Yes, everyone's okay. But I can't find Neige... I wonder if she's hiding somewhere. I'll check around.

Ciel: Alright, but be careful.

(Zero checks around the Settlement buildings, looking for Neige, but finds Craft standing there.)

Craft: Hmm, she wasn't here either...

Zero: Craft!

Craft: Ah, Zero... I see, you were protecting Area Zero because of the Settlement.

Zero: You were a Neo Arcadian Reploid... You used to fight for humanity, how could you fight for Dr. Weil and attack the Settlement?

Craft: Lord Weil has all of the world's energy in his grasp. Humans and Reploids have no choice but to live under him. There are fools who don't understand that and fight us even though they have no chance of victory. As long as you and the humans continue to fight, there will be casualties!

(Craft and Zero fight.)

(If Craft defeats Zero) Craft: I couldn't let myself fail... I have someone who I must live on to protect...

(If Zero defeats Craft)
Craft: So this is the power of the legendary Reploid... I should have known.

Zero: What's holding you back, Craft?

Craft: What are you talking about?

Zero: You're not going all out... It's almost like you wanted to lose. There must be something else behind your attack on the Settlement.

Craft: There is nothing else... Now, just as then, I am fighting for humanity! Area Zero and this Settlement must be sacrificed for the greater good. Humans must learn the folly of defying Lord Weil!

Neige: Stop it!

(Neige runs over to Craft and Zero.)

Zero: Neige!

Neige: Greater good!? What are you doing to help humanity!? How can you talk about the greater good after seeing what you've done to harm nature and this Settlement!? It took a long time for nature to return to its former glory for the humans living here to find peace... You're trampling humanity underfoot, not helping it! It doesn't matter how hard you try to justify your actions, you're both just fighting the same stupid war!

Craft: Neige... I should have known you were here...

Neige: Craft... Why did you follow Weil? When I first met you, you were a proud warrior... You said you'd bring peace to the world and protect humans. You promised me...

Craft: Yes, I remember. And I'm keeping my promise by doing this.

(Craft grabs Neige and teleports out.)

Zero: No! He escaped...

Ciel: Come in Zero. I'm reading the Reploid signals growing fainter. You did it.

Zero: Ciel, Craft's got Neige. Can you track his signal?

Ciel: What!? I'll get right on it.

Guard 1: So she was friends with one of those Neo Arcadian Reploids... She pretended to be helping us this whole time.

Guard 2: And you... You are the Resistance Reploid Zero... Hmph. Some legend. Then that other one kept talking about helping humanity but look at what he did to our Settlement!

Typhon: Are you gonna go help Neige?

Guard 1: Th-that woman... She's with the Reploids. I'm not gonna stick my neck out for her.

Typhon: I-I can't believe you...

Zero: You're just going to abandon her? She put her life on the line to stop the fight and save you and your Settlement!

Guard 1: What of it!? If we save her, we might get attacked again!

Zero: Look at you all cowering in fear. You're no different than the humans in Neo Arcadia...

Guard 1: H-how dare you!

Zero: If you're going to be like that, why even put your lives at stake to leave Neo Arcadia in the first place?

Guard 1: W-well...

Ciel: Zero? I found Neige. Get back here ASAP...

Zero: I'll be right there.

(Zero teleports out.)

Typhon: Please... Save Neige...

Rouge: Transferring in... 2... 1...

(Zero teleports in.)

Rouge: Welcome back.

Ciel: Welcome back, Zero. I know where Neige was taken. There's an enemy base west of our current position. Neige and Craft should be there.

Rouge: We're ready for transfer when you are.

Scene 14: Around the Base/Area Zero 2

(Zero roams around the temporary base, talking to the inhabitants.)

Ciel: Zero... I'm worried about Neige. Please, you have to help her!

Ciel: We know where Neige was taken. There's an enemy base west of here. Neige and Craft should be inside.

Cerveau: What!? Craft took Neige!? Then... The people at the Settlement must be off mounting a rescue attempt, right?

Cerveau: I don't think the humans stand a chance against Weil. You need to get to Neige first.

Alouette:Hey Zero... The humans at the Settlement don't seem to like Reploids very much... But, I have faith in them. Neige and the others are human just like Ciel, so they'll come around...

Alouette: Hey Zero... Neige is okay, right?

Hirondelle: Hey there, Zero! Have you heard? The journalist woman in the Settlement got kidnapped! What? You knew? You're pretty down with the latest happenings, huh?

Hirondelle: Hey there, Zero! Have you heard? The name of the Reploid who has the journalist is Craft. What? You knew that too!? You really know your stuff!

Faucon: Zero... I can't believe what happened... I hope Neige is okay...

Faucon: If the Settlement was attacked, we might be in danger too. I'll be extra vigilant in my guard duty!

(Zero walks to the Settlement and talks to the inhabitants there.)

Guard 1: And here I thought Neige was one of us. She was friends with that Reploid, unbelievable. She's probably revealing our location to Neo Arcadia as we speak.

Guard 1: To think we would be betrayed by one of our own... We're done for. And after all we went through by leaving Neo Arcadia.

Guard 2: Hmph. To think you're the legend that defeated X. You almost had me fooled. Either way, I don't want anything more to do with Reploids.

Guard 2: Why aren't we going to save her? ... She betrayed us. We're under no obligation to help!

Tempete: Neige was with the Reploids the whole time...I can't believe her!

Tempete: It's Neige's fault the Settlement was attacked. It's all her fault we're in danger!

Typhon: You weren't just a Reploid, you were THE Reploid! Thanks for saving everyone... Mister... Promise me you'll save Neige!

Typhon: Please Mister! Nobody else wants to help her...

Guard 3: I'm sorry I didn't say it sooner, but thank you. I feel so pathetic needing a Reploid's help ya know.

Guard 3: I trusted Neige ya know... Come to find out she's in with one of Weil's Reploids... I can't forgive her for what she's done to us!

Guard 4: *sigh* Our poor Settlement... Ahh! I knew a Reploid would be trouble.

Guard 4: Neige? Why should we risk out necks for her? She deserves what she gets!

Brise: You were that famous Reploid the whole time, huh? If you really are, then... Please, help Neige!

Brise: I know it's not right for the same humans who were talking bad about you to be making requests, but you're the only one who can save Neige...

Guard 5: We couldn't even protect out own Settlement. We're so pathetic...

Guard 5: This is all the Reploids' fault... Trouble follows them around like a stray looking for scraps.

Scene 15: The Prison

(Zero returns to the Command Room.)

Rouge: This is the point where Craft disappeared after taking Neige. This is probably the forward base for Ragnarok operations.

Zero: So Neige is here...

Ciel: Hey Zero... Are we doing the right thing?

Zero: You mean the people in the Settlement?

Ciel: Yeah... Even if we help Neige... What good will it do if the people don't open their hearts? I've been thinking ever since I heard about how much the humans hate the Reploids... I wonder if we can make this world a better place.

(A beep is heard from Rouge's computer.)

Rouge: An outside line. It's coming from the Settlement.

Ciel: Huh?

Rouge: Patching it through.

Tornado: Come in Zero... We can't do anything to save Neige. We humans aren't as strong as you Reploids. But you were right. If we abandon Neige, this whole Settlement means nothing. From the moment we all decided to live free of Weil's rule, Neige has helped us too many times to count. We don't have the right to ask you this, but... Please save Neige for us. If you really aren't like Weil and the others, please lend us your strength!

Ciel: Zero!

Zero: I will save Neige.

Tornado: Thank you... and...good luck...

Rouge: Zero, we're ready when you are.

Ciel: Zero... Be careful out there!

Zero: Operator, transfer me.

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer... Transfer!

(Zero teleports out.)

Ciel: Zero... Make sure you come back in one piece.

(Zero teleports in to the beginning of the area.)

Rouge: Keep going and you'll eventually reach a duct leading inside. It's dangerous, but it leads to Neige's location.

(Zero goes through the air duct, fighting through the various Mavericks, until he comes into the room where Neige is.)

Neige: Zero! What are you doing here!?

Zero: I'm here to rescue you. The people back at the Settlement sent me.

Neige: Thanks... But I still want to talk to Craft...

Zero: Is he a friend of yours?

Neige: Craft saved me from Mavericks when I was just starting out as a reporter. I was amazed at how he fought to protect the humans. Hehe, it's kinda strange, a human falling for a Reploid.

Zero: ...

(Craft teleports in.)

Craft: Then I fell in love too. Neige fought her hardest to expose the truth to people.

Neige: Craft!

Craft: Neige... You haven't changed a bit. Once you set your mind to something, you see it through to the end.

Neige: You've changed. You think you're fighting for humanity, but you are just a pawn being played by Weil.

Craft: You understand nothing. Weil will destroy everything outside of Neo Arcadia with Ragnarok. That includes you. That's why I helped him, so I could find you... To protect you... Not just you, but all humans and Reploids... We have to maintain what little energy we have to survive. Even if that means a life under Weil's control...

Neige: So that's why you blindly follow Weil? Stealing freedom and destroying nature just for survival? Is this the justice you have fought for?

Craft: ...

???: Hehehe... You humans dare talk about justice? A hundred years ago you drove me from Neo Arcadia... you've disposed of Maverick Reploids like garbage... Humans complaining about justice!? Don't make me laugh!

(Weil teleports in.)

Neige: Y-you!

Zero: Dr. Weil!

Weil: Hehehe... You've been keeping busy Zero. There are only four soldiers left now... But no matter... You still can't stop Ragnarok. Not a chance! Hehehe! A question for the lady: Will you stay and die in Area Zero for your "freedom?" Or will you follow Craft's example and follow me? I really don't care one way or the other.

Neige: Ah! Weil!

Weil: Hehehe... That's the face... The face of rage, suffering and humiliation... It's my greatest pleasure... A pleasure only a ruler can fully appreciate!

Craft: Don't you get it? Justice has long abandoned this world. Only life and death matters now. Neige... I don't want you to become one of the dead.

(Zero steps in front of Neige.)

Zero: Hmph!

Weil: Zero... Can you really kill me? A human? Do you want to become a Maverick in front of her?

Neige: (Zero, close your eyes when I give the signal...)

Zero: ...

Weil: So what will you do? Zero? Girl?

Neige: If the only other choice is a living death under you... Then I'd rather choose to laugh death in the face and face it with dignity! Zero! Now!!

(Neige throws a small sphere into the air, which creates a huge white flash and obscures all vision.)

Craft: What!? A trick!

Weil: Agh! I can't see! You'll pay for that!

(While the screen is still white, Zero slashes a hole in the floor with his Z-Saber and jumps through with Neige.)

Weil: The little scoundrels escaped. Hmph, no matter... Craft, continue with Ragnarok. And find those two. We'll show them the error of their ways!

(Weil teleports out as the screen fades back to normal.)

Craft: Laughing death in the face and facing it with dignity is better than a... living death... Neige... I...

(The scene changes to view Zero and Neige.)

Zero: Are you okay?

Neige: That was nothing for a hardened journalist. Did you like the little trick I keep handy?

Zero: We can't stay here, it's dangerous. Ciel, come in. Get us out of here.

Ciel: Zero! I'm glad to see you're okay! Neige is with you? I'll bring Neige back first.

Zero: I'm counting on you.

Neige: Thanks Zero...

Zero: I only did what the people at the Settlement asked. If you're going to thank anyone, thank them...

Neige: I will then...

(Neige prepares to transfer.)

Neige: Craft, I'm sorry...

(Neige is teleported out.)

Ciel: Neige is back. Now it's your turn, Zero.

(An alarm suddenly goes off.)

Alarm System: Prison Area escape detected! Repeat: escape detected! Upgrading to Security Level 3!

Ciel: Zero!? What's happening!? I can't...coordinates... Zero... Respond!

Zero: The signal's being jammed! I have to get out on my own now!

(Zero fights through the Mavericks set out by the alarm system until he reaches the outside of the prison.)

Ciel: Zero! Come in!

Zero: I'm free of the jamming, bring me back.

Rouge: Understood. Retrieving Zero.

(Zero is teleported out.)

Rouge: Transferring in... 2... 1...

(Zero teleports in.)

Rouge: Welcome back. Transfer complete.

Ciel: It's good to see you back.

Zero: Where's Neige?

Ciel: She went back to the Settlement to tell everyone thanks.

Zero: I see...

Ciel: Do you think we really helped the humans?

Zero: I do... But we're not out of it yet, there's still work to do.

Ciel: Right! Let's put a stop to Weil's evil plan!

Scene 16: Around the Base/Area Zero 3

Ciel: Thanks Zero... I'm glad Neige was alright.

Ciel: Zero... Ragnarok is still underway... ... We have to protect the world from Weil!

Cerveau: Hey Zero! I'm glad Neige is okay. I hope this helps the humans to open up to us.

Cerveau: Zero... Ragnarok is still underway? We better stay on guard.

Alouette: Zero! What a relief Neige is okay!

Alouette: Hey Zero... I wonder if I can make friends with the people in the Settlement too?

Hirondelle:Hey there, Zero! Have you heard? That journalist is safe now. Oh! That's right, you saved her... Sorry about that!

Hirondelle: I'm sorry. Since I've been stuck here, I haven't been able to go and get any new information for you. I'm looking forward to traveling around the world again...

Faucon: It's a relief to hear Neige is okay. But poor Craft... I can understand where he was coming from though.

Faucon: It looks like the people at the Settlement are finally starting to understand us. I wonder if the day when humans and Reploids can live together in peace is closer than we realize.

(Zero walks to the Settlement and talks to the inhabitants there.)

Guard 1: Neige wasn't a traitor... She was probably the one that believed in us the most. I'm sorry for all of the terrible things I said about her.

Guard 1: I'm sorry for all the terrible things I said about you too.

Neige: Thanks Zero... I just wanted to tell you that again. ... I never would've thought the Reploid that defeated out leader would be the one to save us... I committed one of the gravest sins a journalist can commit... I based all of my opinions on the information and rumors from the government without looking into the facts for myself... Some journalist...

Neige: ... I'm sorry. I was thinking about Craft... Where is the Craft I knew? How can I get him to listen to me? Please tell me Zero...

Guard 2: I'm sorry about what I said earlier... Thank you for saving Neige.

Guard 2: Maybe not all Reploids are bad after all. I'm starting to see you guys in a whole new light.

Tempete: You're Zero... I'm still having trouble believing it...

Tempete: I guess I should say thanks...

Typhon: Thanks Mister! Everyone else thinks you're great too!

Typhon: I knew you would save Neige, I really did! You're THE Reploid after all!

Guard 3: Thank you for helping us even after the way we treated you. I don't know what else to say besides thank you. Take this as a small token of my gratitude. I found it in the stuff over there ya know. You might be able to make better use of it than me.

(Guard 3 gives Zero a recipe.)

Guard 3: Humans and Reploids might not be so different after all. I think we're both after the same thing ya know.

Guard 4: Hmph! So you're the legendary Reploid? I can't believe it. Sorry... You did save us, I shouldn't talk like that.

Guard 4: Thank you for saving Neige... Without you, I don't know what would've happened to her.

Brise: Thank you Mr. Zero. Your saving Neige helps the people at the Settlement feel whole again somehow.

Brise: It was just as I thought. I knew you weren't a bad guy after all.

Tornado: Th-thank you for saving Neige...I guess not all Reploids are bad. Oh! Here, take this! It looks like instructions, but I can't make heads or tails of it.

(Tornado gives Zero a recipe.)

Tornado: Your companions left Neo Arcadia too... I guess it was fate that we ended up together.

Scene 17: The Artificial Sun

(Zero chooses the "Halt the Sun" mission.)

Rouge: I'm reading an abnormal spike in the heat signature at point A-2. It seems as if Weil has taken over an artificial sun, originally designed for weather control, and has modified it to overheat. The extreme heat has dried out the area, making it a desert. The desertification is spreading towards Area Zero, so stop that sun before it's too late.

(If the weather is set to Overcast)
Rouge: It's overcast now, so the temperature is not as bad as it could be. Consider yourself lucky, now is a good time to strike. This mission?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer. Transfer!

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Do your best Zero...

(Zero teleports to underneath a small overhang of rock, with scalding heat waves visible outside.)

Rouge: The temperature is rising rapidly at your location. Even you won't be able to last long in that heat... Once your armor reaches 100% capacity, you will start taking damage. Hide in the shade as much as possible to stay cool. There are several energy generators. If you can destroy them, you should be able to lower the temperature.

(Zero fights through the stage, destroying as many of the generators as possible, until he encounters Sol Titanion.)

Sol Titanion: Kahahaha! You must be quite fired up to come this far! Ah, but you're not fired up enough for me. I wanna see you sweat! I wanna see tears! Show me everything you've got! I love making guys like you into charcoal! Now it's time to get burned!

(If Titanion defeats Zero)
Sol Titanion: Kyahaha! Pathetic! Is that all you've got? Did you really think you stood a chance against Lord Weil?

(If Zero defeats Titanion.)
Sol Titanion: W-what? Why...can't I... move? How could I... lose to you? Unbelievable... no, impossible... Kyaaah!

(Sol Titanion explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Rouge: Transferring in... 2... 1...

(Zero teleports in.)

Rouge: Welcome back.

Ciel: Welcome back Zero. How are you holding up? Even for you, that level of heat is dangerous. I was so worried... I'm glad to see you're safe.

Scene 18: The Magnetic Zone

(Zero choose the "Halt the Factory" mission.)

Rouge: I've detected a large magnetic flux at point B-1. The electromagnetic pulses are generating a lot of noise and it's spreading. There's a good chance the noise could interfere with the operation of the environmental control systems in Area Zero. Infiltrate and put a stop to that device.

(If the weather is set to Sunny)
Rouge: The lightning serving as a source of power has stopped, rendering the device temporarily inactive. This is your chance to stop it for good. This mission?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer. Transfer!

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Do your best Zero...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Rouge: From inside the building ahead... I'm reading a powerful magnetic field. Because of the field, your jump might be affected. If you share polarity, you'll jump higher... If it's different you'll jump lower. There are capsules that can change your magnetic polarity... Use them wisely to get through there.

(Zero fights through the Mavericks and Mechaniloids in the stage until he encounters Mino Magnus.)

Mino: Rrroar! You... You've finally...come... Zero! I won't...let... you...stop... Ragnarok! I am...the... great...Mino... Magnus! I...will...crush... you...and then... Uhm...

Zero: I really don't have time to listen to the rest of this. Let's go!

Mino: Rrroar!

(If Mino defeats Zero)
Mino: I...did it! I...did it! myself!

(If Zero defeats Mino)
Mino: Roar!? I...I... lost? How...can this... be...happening!

(Mino Magnus explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Rouge: Transferring in... 2... 1...

(Zero teleports in.)

Rouge: Welcome back.

Ciel: You managed to stop the spreading noise. Good thing too because if it would've kept going, even this trailer would've been in danger.

Scene 19: Deep Sea

(Zero chooses the "Stop the Drill Sub" mission.)

Rouge: I received a report that the giant drill sub is currently patrolling the bottom of the sea. Explosives are packed on board, so I believe they are going to drill into the earth and detonate the sub. By breaking up a tectonic plate, they may start an earthquake of catastrophic proportions. Stop the drill sub before it reaches its destination.

(If the weather is set to Sunny)
Rouge: The weather is sunny, so we shouldn't have any problems maintaining radio contact. Ciel should be able to help you navigate your way to the sub. This mission?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer. Transfer!

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Do your best Zero...

(Zero teleports to a dark undersea location.)

Ciel: There should be an enemy submarine in the Deep Sea. Even for you, there is a limit to how much water pressure you can handle, so I will try to find you a route. Get in before the count in the upper right runs out.

(Ciel, throughout the mission [if the weather is set to Rainy])
Ciel: ...area around... sub... maze. Don't... get lo...

Ciel: Zero... Reception... ...king...

Ciel: Hurry...not... ...time!

Ciel: Zero!,... hurry!

Ciel: It... you've... made it...

(Ciel, throughout the mission [if the weather is set to Sunny])
Ciel: The area around the sub is a maze. Don't get lost!

Ciel: Hurry up! There's not much time!

Ciel: Zero! Please, you must hurry!

Ciel: The entrance is just up ahead if you take the top right passage.

Ciel: It looks like you've made it inside.

(Zero eventually encounters Tech Kraken inside the sub.)

Tech Kraken: You're here... I've been waiting a long time for this, Zero! I'm not just one of the Eight Warriors, I am a remnant of the Zan'ei Army led by the late Phantom. I am Tech Kraken! I only put up with that Weil and this whole plan just so I could get revenge on the one who defeated Phantom! Feel the rage of my former master! I will enjoy sinking these fangs of ice into you!

(If Kraken defeats Zero)
Tech Kraken: Now I only need to run this sub into the ground and cause a great earthquake! Are you prepared to sink with me to the bottom of the ocean? Phantom... I will be joining you soon!

(If Zero defeats Kraken)
Tech Kraken: Hragh! I have lent my strength to Weil, and now I must pay. There's no way for me to save Phantom's soul... But... I did what I had to do! Phantom! Forgive me!

(Tech Kraken explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Rouge: Transferring in... 2... 1...

(Zero teleports in.)

Rouge: Welcome back.

Ciel: So the boss of this area was one of Phantom's men... Phantom lost his life in one of our many battles. I sometimes wonder if all of our fighting is only creating more suffering in the world?

Scene 20: The Living City

(Zero chooses the "Stop the Security System" mission.)

Rouge: I've discovered the ruins of what used to be a great city a century ago. It looks to be a fully functional city, but I detect no signs of life. The security system has been hijacked by a virus. It would appear the security system is growing and attacking anything in sight. Put a stop to the city's ambitious expansion plans.

(If the weather is set to Snowy)
Rouge: The snowfall in the area has interfered with security system operation. Now is the perfect time to strike. This mission?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer. Transfer!

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Do your best Zero...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Rouge: Zero... This area is being operated from two locations. One is the control tower and the other is the computer room that lies beyond it. Keep going and put a stop to that control tower.

(Zero eventually comes across a large tower.)

Rouge: Zero, there's the control tower! You can't straight out destroy it, but you can pull the key disk out and disable the tower.

(Zero destroys the tower and continues on until he encounters Popla Cocapetri.)

Popla Cocapetri: Kakya! I've been expecting you Zero! You made a fool of me the last time we met! But I assure you it won't happen again! I am Cocapetri, of the Einherjar eight warriors! We will see Ragnarok through! Kyakya!

Zero: So you're the one who's in control of security here?

Popla Cocapetri: Kyakya! Surprised? It's all thanks to Lord Weil's virus program! It takes care of intruders without me lifting a finger!

Zero: So you're the type that can't do anything yourself...

Popla Cocapetri: Kya! First "grunt," now this insult! Unforgivable! I'll turn you into a lawn ornament!

(If Cocapetri defeats Zero)
Popla Cocapetri: Kyakya! Having trouble moving there, tough guy? Oh, I'm sorry. That's my fault! Now who can't do anything for himself? Kyakya!

(If Zero defeats Cocapetri)
Popla Cocapetri: Kya... kya... Why can't I move? I haven't been turned to stone, have I?'s... fear keeping me frozen... Kuh... Kyakyaaa!

(Cocapetri explodes. Zero teleports out.)

Rouge: Transferring in... 2... 1...

(Zero teleports in.)

Rouge: Welcome back.

Ciel: There's something lonely about a ghost town... Even if we win this battle, so long as a gulf exists between humans and Reploids, things like that are bound to exist. We must do what we can for everyone's future.

Scene 21: The Dawn of Ragnarok

(Back at the Command Room.)

Rouge: All missions are complete. Area Zero's situation is nominal.

Zero: It looks like I made it in time then.

Ciel: It looks like you did! Now Area Zero is safe. I'll save your data!

Ciel: I saved your data for you. Take a break, you deserve one.

Ciel: Is everything okay? Take a break, you deserve one.

(A beep is heard from Rouge's computer.)

Rouge: I'm receiving word from the Resistance Base. Opening channel.

Jaune: Ciel! Zero! It's terrible! The base radar has detected a large energy signature! The signature is coming from space!

Ciel: Space!?

Jaune: The energy signature is off the charts! It's heading... Area Zero! Get out... there!

Ciel: What is it!? Respond! What's going on up there!?

Rouge: Something's overridden the signal! The source is... Neo Arcadia!

???: Hehehe... Bwahahaha!

Zero: I knew it... Dr. Weil!


Weil: I told you Zero! You don't have a chance of stopping Ragnarok! Laying down a blanket of destruction from the comfort of my space cannon was what Ragnarok was built for the whole time! The Eight Warriors were nothing more than a diversion until I could complete Ragnarok!

Zero: Operator! Can you transfer me to Ragnarok?

Rouge: I'm sorry, I can't pinpoint the coordinates! I can't send you anywhere without a destination!

Weil: Hehehe! Bwahahaha! Your confusion thrills me to no end! You pathetic insects around getting excited about your precious nature! I want to hear you scream as you meet your doom!

???: The only one that's doomed is you!

Weil: How dare you! That voice... Craft!?

Craft: I've destroyed Ragnarok's remote control system. I am no longer your dog to yank around by the chain!

(The scene changes to view Craft standing in the control room of Ragnarok.)

Craft: Now I control Ragnarok! Your space cannon is no longer pointed at Area Zero... It's pointed at you and Neo Arcadia!

Weil: Seduced by the sweet words of a woman! Unbelievable! You do realize how many humans and Reploids are living under my control!

Craft: Are you saying I should play the loyal Reploid and follow you!? Not doing... Not thinking... Just waiting at your beck and call? And are you condoning the destruction of nature, struggling just to survive!? I... I will not let you take control! I've fought too long and too hard for humanity to let you! I will change the world!

Ciel: What!? So you're going to attack Neo Arcadia instead!? There are still humans and Reploids there! Come in Resistance Base!

Jaune: ...el! Com...! Cie... Communication restored! Ciel, come in!

Ciel: Get everyone in the Resistance over to Neo Arcadia! Get the humans and Reploids out of there! Even if you have to force them out, try to save as many as you can! Too many have already seen enough suffering...

Jaune: Understood! I will relay your orders immediately!

Rouge: Preparations for transfer to Ragnarok complete! Since the coordinates are based on Craft's signal, this will be a forced transfer. Also, your position will be somewhat removed from Craft's in the control room.

Zero: Alright, just transfer me... Ciel... Don't give up hope...

Ciel: Zero!

Rouge: Alright... ready for transfer. Transfer!

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Zero... Please come back to us...

(Zero teleports to the inside of Ragnarok and fights through the Mavericks until he nears the control room. Ragnarok suddenly shakes as its cannon fires a massive laser at Earth.)

Zero: It already fired! Ciel!! Respond!!

Radio: Zzz...zzz...

Zero: It's not working... What's going on up there?

(Zero dashes into the control room.)

Craft: Zero... What are you doing here?

Zero: I won't let you fire again!

Craft: You were after Weil weren't you? Ragnarok is charging for a second shot. This will change the world and the people in it...

Zero: Do you think Neige would approve of what you're doing?

Craft: I know that what I'm doing makes me seem like Weil. I don't care if people think I am a Maverick! Someone has to take a stand and fix humanity's course.

(Craft and Zero fight.)

(If Craft defeats Zero)
Craft: Zero... I know what you're trying to say... But lofty ideals won't save any lives!

(If Zero defeats Craft)
Zero: We're only Reploids designed for war. It's not our place to change the world. That's up to humans like Ciel and Neige. As Reploids, we can only lend strength to those we trust.

Craft: Trust? And just who should I be trusting? The humans that do nothing while their world falls apart? The humans that fear us, their own creations? Or the humans that try to conquer the world? We fight each other for them!? This world screams out in pain under them... Why should I trust anyone? How can you trust them? How can you fight?

Zero: I made a promise to a friend I intend to keep. To someone who believed harmony between human and Reploid as possible. I trust that friend. And I trust the humans that friend trusts...

Craft: I...see... I couldn't even bring myself to trust Neige... Even though... she has always only told the truth... Agh!

(Zero runs over to Craft.)

Zero: Craft!

Craft: Leave my body... here... I longer face Neige... I don't want... to cause her to suffer any more...

Zero: I will do as you asked.

Craft: Zero... The humans... The Reploids... The world... And Neige... Watch...over them. ...

(Craft goes limp and dies.)

Zero: ...

Ciel: Zero! Respond!

Zero: Ciel... I stopped Ragnarok...

Ciel: And Craft?

Zero: ... And Craft...

Ciel: I'm sorry... I don't know what to say...

Zero: You don't need to say anything... Mission complete... I'm coming back...

(Zero teleports out of Ragnarok.)

(Back at the Command Room, a transmission is received from Colbor.)

Colbor: Colbor Team here! Mission complete, Ciel! The humans and Reploids have been evacuated! Neo Arcadia has been eradicated by Ragnarok's attack... There is nothing but a crater in the center where Weil was. I doubt there were any survivors in that area...

Ciel: I see... Good work everyone... Continue to search for any survivors...

Z4 scene5.jpg

Colbor: Acknowledged...

Zero: Ciel, are you okay?

Ciel: I'm okay... Just a little tired...

Rouge: Incoming communication from an outside line... It's from the Settlement. I'll patch it in.

Neige: Zero...

Zero: Neige... It was just like you said... It doesn't matter what I do, as long as I keep fighting, I'm no different from Weil. And I...I had to fight Craft...

Neige: No Zero... Thank you... For stopping Craft...

Ciel: Ragnarok and Neo Arcadia are no more... Is it finally over? So many humans and Reploids lost their lives... Zero, did we do the right thing?

(Suddenly the room shakes violently.)

Ciel: What was that!?

Rouge: It... came from Ragnarok! It's still operational!

Ciel: But Weil and Craft are gone! Who could be controlling it!?

Z4 scene6.jpg

Zero: Operator! Send me back to Ragnarok!

Rouge: I can't! Only the control room is connected. There's protection around the circuit to the center. We can't transfer you from the access part in the trailer! Ragnarok is accelerating... And it's heading straight for...

Zero: What's wrong?

Rouge: It's heading straight for Area Zero! Someone's trying to crash it!

Ciel: What!?

Rouge: There's still some time before it touches down, but we can't disable the circuit protection from here!

Zero: Isn't there something we can do!?

Neige: Zero! Ciel! You okay!?

Ciel: Neige! Ragnarok is...

Neige: I heard! I'm sending over some coordinates, you might be able to reach Ragnarok with these!

Ciel: Wh...Where do these go?

Neige: To the Teleporter Base in Neo Arcadia. It was originally designed to transfer troops. It might have just enough power to get you over to Ragnarok!

Rouge: Coordinates received from the Settlement. Inputting now.

Ciel: Zero!

Zero: If that's our only chance, it's one I have to take.

Rouge: Coordinates to the Teleporter Base have been set. Transfer to T. Base?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer. Transfer!

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Zero... Please come back to us...

(If Zero refuses the mission)
Rouge: Alright, I'll add the Base to the map. It's available whenever you're ready.

Scene 22: Around the Base/Area Zero 4

(If Zero refuses the mission and roams around the two areas, talking to the inhabitants there.)

Ciel: I would've never though to use the Transporter Base. Neige knows her stuff.

Ciel: Zero... It's going to be dangerous out there, so watch yourself.

Cerveau: It's been a long and tough fight... But, I think you made the right decision.

Cerveau: Zero... I'm so sorry that all I can do it help you with new weapons and chips. I fell terrible leaving all the fighting to you.

Alouette: Hey Zero... What'll happen to us if Ragnarok crashes down?

Alouette: I'm scared Zero...

Hirondelle: Zero... Back when I was traveling around the world, I saw a lot of the devastation caused by war with my own two eyes. I can understand now why Neige hates war so much. Zero... I wonder if humans and Reploids will ever be able to live together in peace again?

Hirondelle: Zero... I have a feeling we still have a lot left to do. We need to pool our strength if we want to bring peace back to this war- torn world.

Faucon: Zero... You did good out there.

Faucon: I'll keep watch until we're sure the threat is over.

(Zero walks to the Settlement and talks to the inhabitants there.)

Guard 1: Your leader is human too, right? Probably just like Neige... Strong-willed, intelligent and well-liked.

Guard 1: You guys in the Resistance left Neo Arcadia behind too. If you can do it, maybe we have a shot too.

Neige: ... Zero... Thank you... Craft heard me, right? Before the end, he changed back to the old Craft I knew and loved, didn't he? Thank you... It's all because of your help...

Niege: Zero... This leads to the Teleporter Base, doesn't it? It's dangerous, so be careful...

Tornado: Hey Zero... I hope humans and Reploids can live together in peace.

Tornado: Area Zero's not much now, but someday I hope it becomes a place we can be proud to b ring the Neo Arcadians to.

Tempete: I don't think humans and Reploids would ever be able to live together in peace again, but maybe someday...

Tempete: I want to make the Settlement the kind of peaceful place Neige can bring people from Neo Arcadia to.

Typhon: I wanna be strong like you someday... Then I can protect everyone too!

Typhon: If I do become strong someday... I'll never use my power for wrong like Neo Arcadia!

Guard 2: I heard about it from Neige... The Reploid that attacked us is no longer around. It must be tough on Neige ya know.

Guard 2: If Neige loved him, that Reploid must've been a good one.

Guard 3: Ever since Dr. Weil took over, Neo Arcadia has been filled with horror and fear... My eyes still water when I remember the suffering of those around me...

Guard 3: I've never talked to Reploids since the time one of them killed my parents... After meeting you, I know there are some good Reploids.

Brise: Mr. Zero... I was so filled with worry when I first left Neo Arcadia, but now I know I can make it into Area Zero.

Brise: Mr. Zero... I wonder if the human heart can heal the way nature in Area Zero does...

Guard 4: Is it true that Ragnarok is going to fall on Area Zero!? After barely escaping Neo Arcadia with our lives, it comes down to this?

Guard 4: Isn't there something we can do to stop Ragnarok? Please, you've gotta help us!

Scene 23: Teleporter Base

(Zero returns to the Command Room and chooses the "Destroy Program" mission.)

Rouge: I've put in the coordinates for the Teleporter Base.

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer. Transfer!

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Zero... Please come back to us...

Rouge: In order to send the transporter coordinates, you're going to have to disable the base's protection. You can disable it by pulling all of the switches at the end of each of the hallways.

(As Zero goes down each of the hallways)
Rouge: 3 Left. Pull all the switches.

Rouge: 2 left. Pull all the switches.

Rouge: 1 left. Pull that switch.

(After Zero pulls all the switches)
Rouge: Protection disabled. I'll input the coordinates. Return to the central section and check the transporter.

(Zero returns to the center room and is attacked by a large Mechaniloid. After he defeats it, Rouge contacts him over radio.)

Rouge: Inputting coordinates... Done.

Ciel: Now you can reach Ragnarok, so get back here ASAP.

Rouge: Transferring in... 2... 1...

(Zero teleports in.)

Rouge: Welcome back.

Ciel: Thanks to you, we've secured access to the Teleporter Circuit. We still have to bypass the protection surrounding Ragnarok, but I've got an idea. Let's continue with the next mission when you're ready.

(Zero wanders around and talks to the inhabitants of both areas again.)

Ciel: The transporter circuit is a lot like Cyberspace. Just be careful in there, Zero.

Ciel: Find a way to disable that protection program.

Cerveau: Hey Zero! It looks like you've managed to disable the protection surrounding the Teleporter Base. Now all that's left is the protection program blocking access to Ragnarok.

Cerveau: It's said that the inside of the circuit is like Cyberspace but the big difference is that Elves won't automatically activate in the circuit.

Alouette: Hey Zero... Why does Weil keep doing bad things? He used Crea and Prea too! I hope he gets what's coming to him!

Alouette: Speaking of them, do you think Crea and Prea are getting along with the Mother Elf? I hope so!

Hirondelle: Zero! You're going to enter Ragnarok from the Teleporter Circuit? That's nothing I've ever experienced, so I can't tell you much about it...

Hirondelle: Tell me what it's like inside circuit when you get back.

Faucon: Zero... Can you really use the Teleporter Base to reach Ragnarok? I was surprised to learn that neo Arcadia made such remarkable advancements in technology.

Faucon: I'm sorry that you're the one that always ends up having to risk your life for us...

(At the Settlement)

Tornado: Area Zero has become like a second home for us. We'll work hard to keep it up.

Tornado: It's hard to believe the colony crashed here to long ago after seeing all of the nature growing all around us.

Neige: Zero... You're humanity's last hope. You're the only one that can save this world.

Niege: Zero... I wonder what would have happened if you weren't here. Please... watch over us.

Guard 1: I have to admit I was surprised to learn that you were the legendary Zero. It's not really surprising anymore now that I know you better, and for that I'm grateful...

Guard 1: For the legendary Reploid, I was picturing someone a little more evil. Someone more like Weil.

Tempete: It's still early, but this place is the gathering of our hopes and dreams... Someday it might become a thriving paradise.

Tempete: Zero... We humans used to live under the protection of Neo Arcadia... We escaped after the place was transformed by Dr. Weil. Soon, we realized how difficult it was surviving on our own. But I don't regret anything... Our future lies here in Area Zero.

Typhon: My mom and pop are still in Neo Arcadia... But I'm okay!

Typhon: I'm tough, so I don't need them!

Guard 2: If we would've had a Reploid like you watching over us, Neo Arcadia might never have become like that. But we don't regret anything about the lives we've led.

Guard 2: If we had stayed in Neo Arcadia, who knows what would've become of our future...

Guard 3: Once my life outside gets back on track, I want to bring my brothers out here from Neo Arcadia.

Guard 3: I wonder how my brothers are doing now... I can't wait to see them again.

Brise: Mr. Zero... Thanks to you, I see smiles on the faces of people here at the Settlement again...

Brise: Yesterday I went walking outside the Settlement and found a four-leaf clover! My grandma used to tell me how four-leaf clovers reminded her of her gentle Reploid teacher... I wonder if humans and Reploids will live together in harmony like that again someday?

Rafale: If Ragnarok falls, it'll be just like the other crash all over again...

Rafale: We'll have to live out that sad fate once more.

Scene 24: Cyberspace

(Zero selects the next "Destroy Program" mission.)

Rouge: Using the Teleporter Base, we can transfer you to Ragnarok, but you'll have to disable the protection around Ragnarok on your own.

Zero: How do I do that?

Ciel: I can help there. Whenever we transfer you somewhere, we transfer you into program data and send you over a circuit. I can modify the transfer program to allow you to move freely inside of the circuit.

Rouge: It superimposes visuals on the circuits so you can tell what's going on... That way you can navigate from the Teleporter Base to Ragnarok via something akin to Cyberspace. If you head towards the end of the circuit, you should be able to directly disable the protection program. With that out of the way, you should be able to finish transferring over. This mission?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer. Transfer!

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Zero... Please come back to us...

(Zero teleports into a digital area much like Cyberspace.)

Zero: So this is the inside of the Teleporter Circuit? It looks a lot like Cyberspace.

Rouge: Zero! Come in! The circuit leads to Ragnarok. It looks like the enemy is there too. Destroy the protection program up ahead.

(Zero fights through the stage until he encounters a strange floating object.)

Zero: This is the protection program?

Protection Program: Beep... Beep... Circuit intrusion detected... Protection activated... Eliminating intruder...

(The ball of light transforms into a larger machine. Zero fights it and defeats it.)

Rouge: Protection has been disabled... You can head to Ragnarok any time now! Zero, hurry back.

(Zero teleports out.)

Rouge: Transferring in... 2... 1...

(Zero teleports in.)

Rouge: Welcome back.

Ciel: If we don't stop Ragnarok, Area Zero is done fore... And the last of nature goes with it. You can't fail... The world is counting on you. And... Make sure to come back, okay?

(Zero wanders around the two areas, talking with the inhabitants one last time.)

Ciel: Zero, keep it up... You're just one step away from saving everyone.

Ciel: Zero... Stay safe...

Cerveau: Hey Zero! Good job taking out that protection program.

Cerveau: Zero, the time has come. ... I'm so sorry that all I can do is help you with new weapons and chips. I feel terrible leaving all the fighting to you.

Alouette: Hey Zero... When you and Ciel have free time, we should all go and check out Area Zero together. Let's promise!

Alouette: Zero, don't forget our promise!

Hirondelle: Zero... It's time... You're the only one that can protect this world of ours from the power of Ragnarok... Take care of yourself!

Hirondelle: Zero... Play it safe and come back to us!

Faucon: Zero... I know it won't be easy, but watch it out there...

Faucon: I'll be waiting here for your safe return!

(Zero visits the Settlement again.)

Tornado: Area Zero... Maybe someday it will become a lush, living paradise.

Tornado: Long after the scars are gone, we must still remember the terrible things that happened here...

Neige: Zero... You've finally come this far... You truly are a legend... As a journalist, or even as a human being, I have thousands of questions, but those can all wait for another day. Zero... Just... Make sure you come back in one piece.

Guard 2: I owe you a lot. All of us here at the Settlement do.

Guard 2: Zero! We'll never forget what you did for us!

Tempete: Thank you Zero... You've helped us to realize our mistake. Even if we weren't attacked by Neo Arcadia, we would have been torn apart...

Tempete: Zero... You know, we wouldn't mind you dropping by again. We'll join together and transform this land into a wonderful place for humans and Reploids.

Typhon: Mister... When we're not at war, are you gonna leave us? It's gonna be lonely without you around.

Typhon: I'll be stronger by the next time you see me! I promise.

Guard 3: I just can't thank you enough... I didn't like you back when Weil's Reploids first attacked us, but now I'm happy we did run into you.

Guard 3: Can you give your leader a message for me? "Let's start a new chapter in the history of humans and Reploids..."

Guard 4: Area Zero... Without nature... Without hope... Everybody had given up on this world... But the world had not given up. This place is the start of a new beginning. Zero... Now, humans and Reploids must work together to preserve this precious opportunity for future generations.

Guard 4: When I first left Neo Arcadia, I never thought I would trust a Reploid. Zero, if there are others like you, humanity is in good hands...

Brise: Mr. Zero... When this war is over, you're going to leave, aren't you? Will we ever meet again?

Brise: I guess it's your duty to help all the humans and Reploids out there... I'll be sad to see you go, but I look forward to seeing you again someday!

Rafale: We've had our differences, but I'm glad we could be friends in the end. Thank you for everything!

Rafale: Just look me up anytime you stop by! I'll be happy to see you again!

Scene 25: Ragnarok Core

(Back at the Command Room.)

Ciel: It's finally time for Ragnarok.

Rouge: I'll transfer you inside. Try to find a way to disable Ragnarok's core without destroying it. If the core is destroyed, Ragnarok may break apart.

Ciel: With both Weil and Craft gone, who could still be running Ragnarok? Zero, I have a bad feeling about this. Just be careful, okay?

Zero: Alright...

Rouge: This mission?

(Zero accepts the mission.)

Rouge: Alright... Ready for transfer. Transfer!

(Zero is teleported away.)

Ciel: Zerooo!

(Zero teleports to the inside of Ragnarok.)

T:Ciel: Zero! This isn't good! Ragnarok is speeding up! If you can halt the core now, you might still be able to stop it! Hurry!

(Zero eventually comes to some rooms full of teleporters. Using them, he rematches against each of the Einherjar Eight Warriors.)

Heat Gemblem: Intruder sighted... You defeated Commander Craft... You!? I will rid this world of your presence!

(If Genblem defeats Zero.)

Heat Genblem: I'm taking over Ragnarok where Craft left off. Now Ragnarok will crush the foolish humans!

(If Zero defeats Genblem.)

Heat Genblem: What did Craft entrust to you? The future of the foolish human race? C-Commander!!

(Genblem explodes.)

Pegasolta Eclair: The satellites falling from the sky are like the Maverick Wars all over again... It really is Ragnarok, the end of the world! You stand on the threshold of your annihilation!

(If Pegasolta defeats Zero.)

Pegasolta Eclair: All of the fallen Reploids are so lovely... You should thank me. I will help you die a beautiful death!

(If Zero defeats Pegasolta.)

Pegasolta Eclair: W-why!? Why struggle when you know Ragnarok will bring about your destruction!? Graaagh!

(Pegasolta explodes.)

Fenri Lunaedge: Yo! Looks like our favorite hero is in a hurry! Don't be in such a rush, stay with me and watch the end of the world unfold!

(If Fenri defeats Zero.)

Fenri Lunaedge: Grr! We've reached the climax, how exciting! I'm getting chills imagining the screams!

(If Zero defeats Fenri.)

Fenri Lunaedge: Hehe... You're really tough when you put your mind to it... Your little victory won't stop Ragnarok... I'll be waiting to fight you again on the other side... Grr!

(Fenri explodes.)

Noble Mandrago: Ragnarok is the seed of destruction which will ripen and fall from space carrying with it the end of the world. It's perfectly natural. Everything on this earth was born doomed!

(If Mandrago defeats Zero.)

Noble Mandrago: Hehehe... You were meant to fall here. All this time protecting nature and the only unnatural thing was you!

(If Zero defeats Mandrago.)

Noble Mandrago: Nooo! Impossible! I won't be able to witness the descent of Ragnarok... I will try to enjoy this final glimpse of the world before it ends...

(Mandrago explodes.)

Sol Titanion: Kyahaha! Are you in a rush!? It doesn't matter, it's already way too late! You've got a date with some fire! Kyahahaha!

(If Titanion defeats Zero.)

Sol Titanion: Kyahaha! Aww, too bad! Looks like you and everyone you were trying to protect are about to become charcoal!

(If Zero defeats Titanion.)

Sol Titanion: How can you be so calm? The world is ending! You should be more worried! And sweating all over! You'll be blown away by Ragnarok! Kyahaha...haha!

(Titanion explodes.)

Mino Magnus: Rrroar! This time... I will... crush you! gone... Ragnarok will... destroy...the world. And Area Zero... will be... too... Then...

Zero: Sorry, I don't have time for this. Get out of my way.

Mino Magnus: Rrroar!

(If Mino defeats Zero.)

Mino Magnus: Rrroar! I did it! I crushed...Zero! Now Ragnarok... will crush... the world!

(If Zero defeats Mino.)

Mino Magnus: It's...too late... Even with me gone... Ragnarok will... still cover... the land... You...and everyone else will be... crushed! Rrroar!

(Mino explodes.)

Tech Kraken: It looks like even death is too good for me... Death is the defining moment for a warrior. I will not lose to you! If you want to stop Ragnarok, you have to stop me! If you can't beat me, how can you protect the world!? Show me the power that was able to defeat Phantom!

(If Kraken defeats Zero.)

Tech Kraken: Is that all you were capable of?! Then it is your pathetic destiny to be destroyed by Ragnarok.

(If Zero defeats Kraken.)

Tech Kraken: Gragh!! There, that's it! G-go... There's no need to see my pathetic death... Go, Zero!!

(Kraken explodes.)

Popla Cocapetri: Left like this, we're both going to meet our ends by slamming into the ground below. I'd hate to let the ground get to you first when I could have the pleasure of crushing you myself! Kyakya!

(If Cocapetri defeats Zero.)

Popla Cocapetri: Kyakya! That felt great! That'll teach you for insulting me! Kyakya!

(If Zero defeats Cocapetri.)

Popla Cocapetri: H-how could this be happening!? Why did I have to taste defeat at the hands of someone like you!? Unbelievable! Simply unbelievable!

(Cocapetri explodes.)

(Zero continues through the Ragnarok until he finds the Ragnarok Core floating in the center of a large room.)

Zero: So this is the Ragnarok Core...

???: Hehehe... Welcome to your front seat for the end of the world!

Zero: That voice... Dr. Weil! How did you survive that attack from Ragnarok!?

(Weil teleports into the room, heavily damaged and smiling insanely. SFX of Weil laughing insanely.)

Weil: Survive? That's easy... Because I can't die!

Zero: What happened to you!?

Weil: Hehehe... Did my mechanical body surprise you? Did you think that I was a Reploid and you could fight me? I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm pure human... Even with a body that looks like this!

Zero: How!?

Weil: When the Dark Elf took control of the Reploids and destroyed the Mavericks in the Elf Wars... The humans of the time modified me... They transferred all of my memories into program data... And switched my body for this armor with the power to rejuvenate me... Do you have any idea what that means? I can't age, and wounds heal more quickly than normal. After the war, I was cursed to live an eternity in a world without light or nature... The humans expelled me from Neo Arcadia!

Z4 scene7.jpg

Zero: !

Weil: Justice!? Freedom!? Worthless ideals! You Reploids are just machines, but you started a war a long time ago in the name of freedom! And humans! Look what they did to me! Driving me away while spouting the word "justice!" Zero, would you insist on saving them!? Controlling the Reploids is nothing! The destruction of all mankind is only fleeting! Not quite alive... Not quite dead... Forever, by my side! I'll make you suffer a fate far greater than anything ever experienced before!

(Weil seems to merge with the Ragnarok Core, growing larger in size.)

Weil: Bwahahaha! I'll teach you there is no place for fools to hide! Fools must live under my rule and my rule alone! Thanks to Ragnarok!

(With the exception of the defeat line, all lines below are audio-based)

Weil: Ideals are utter nonsense!

(If Weil defeats Zero)
Weil: Legend!? Hero!? Hah! Lie there like the garbage you are!! Bwahahaha!

(If Zero defeats Weil)
Weil: Most impressive, hero!

(Weil's outer armor explodes, blowing the roof of the Core room apart. The Ragnarok begins to hurtle faster towards Earth as Zero stands on the outside, with Weil nowhere in sight.)

Zero: Agh! I can't stop the descent!

Ciel (over radio): Zero! Reaching critical speed! If it goes any faster, I won't be able to get you back! Hurry!

Weil: No... This isn't over yet!

(note: The following line is audio-based)

Weil: I can't die! I can't die like this!

(Weil rises from the hole in the floor. )

Zero: Weil!!

Weil: Hehehe... Bwahahaha! I told you... I can't die! Nobody can stop Ragnarok now!

Ciel (over radio): Z-Zero! There's no time! Get back here!

Zero: No, there is a way. If I destroy Weil's core, the explosion will take Ragnarok out with it... If Ragnarok is blown apart, it no longer poses a threat!

Ciel: But what about you?

Weil: Bwahahaha! Are you even capable of it!? The Reploid hero... Protecting justice and humanity! I am one of those humans you were sworn to protect! Do you have it in you to defeat me!?

(note: the following line is audio-based instead of text based)

Weil: Do you see this pain!? You'd NEVER understand any of it!!

(Several mechanical tentacles appears and attach themselves to Weil, who morphs into a hideous, monstrous form with a large spike at the top and a glowing orange sphere where Weil's head is.)

Zero: I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!

Ciel (over radio): Zero! Zero!!

Zero: Ciel... Believe in me!

Ciel: Zerooo!!!

(Zero begins the final battle with Weil's new form.)

(note: with the exception of the defeated quote, all of the quotes below are audio-based).

Weil: I am the devil!

(If Weil defeats Zero)
Weil: Live out an eternity of suffering, fool! I will be the first entry in a glorious new history! Remember the name Dr. Weil! The world, everything, mine... Forever!!

(if Zero manages to destroy Ragnarok)
Weil: How could I... defeated by this... miserable doll... Perish!! Perish forever...!!!

Z4 scene8.jpg

(The scene changes again to view the Ragnarok burning brightly red as it enters the atmosphere.)

Scene 26: A Hero's Legacy

(Scene changes to view the Resistance Trailer.)

Rouge: Ragnarok... is... breaking apart...

Rouge: Ragnarok has entered the atmosphere. Most of it will burn upon entry... Impact with Area Zero has been averted. Mission... successful...

Ciel: Zero! Come in, Zero!! Zero... please... Come in...

(Ciel gazes hopefully at the monitor.)

Z4 scene9.jpg

Rouge: There's no response from the receiver... The connection has been lost...

Ciel: ...

(Ciel runs out of the trailer.)

Rouge: Ciel!

(The scene changes to show the inhabitants of the Settlement along with Alouette and Cerveau all standing outside, looking up at the sky. The pieces of Ragnarok burn like shooting stars as they go through the atmosphere.)

Typhon: Oh! A shooting star!

(More fragments burn up.)

Typhon: Wow, look! A lot of shooting stars!

Tornado: No, those are pieces of Ragnarok... Does this mean... we're saved?

Neige: Craft... Zero...

(Ciel runs up to the group, panting. She also looks up at the sky.)

Cerveau: ... Did you... reach Zero?

Ciel: ...

Cerveau: ... Zero, why...

Colbor: How could this happen... After saving all of us... And just when humans and Reploids were finally coming together... What do we do now?

Z4 scene10.jpg

Tornado: ...

Neige: ...

Ciel: It's okay... I'm sure Zero is... still out there...

(Ciel smiles.)

Ciel: And one day he'll come back to us!

(After a short time, Ciel leaves, running again.)

Z4 scene11.jpg

Neige: Ciel...

(The scene shifts to view Ciel running to a clifftop. She sits on the ground under a tree and weeps as the credits roll in the background, with many "shooting stars" visible as well. At the credits' end, she stands again and gazes at the stars.)

Ciel: Zero... You believed in us... Now it's our turn to show you that your faith in us was not misplaced... Watch Zero... I'll make this world a better place... One where humans and Reploids can walk hand in hand, living in peace... Just come back someday... I... I believe in you!

(The scene fades out to show an image of Zero's cracked helmet and other pieces of debris near some desert cliffs.)

End of Script