This is the database from Mega Man Zero 4. Unlike the Mega Man Zero 3 database, all enemies are listed, and the data is obtained by defeating enemies or meeting people. It's divided in four parts: Boss (16), Enemy A (8, sub-bosses), Enemy B (56, enemies) and Other (16, characters). Some names in the English database where compacted and shortened. The most reduced names has their complete ones in parentheses. Typos and shortened words like "undrgrnd" (underground) and "w/" (with) were kept.


Data about the bosses.

English nameDescription
Carnage 0
(Carnage Force 0)
Built from ancient blueprints. It's code name is Mod-CF.
CraftNeo Arcadian combat reploid that was an old friend of Neige's.
CyballProtection program in the Teleport Circuit. Can utilize Cyber-elves.
(Fenri Lunaedge)
Wolf Reploid that spits sharp fangs of ice.
(Heat Genblem)
This turtle Reploid can reflect all attacks w/ its shell.
(Mino Magnus)
Reploid capable of coming apart & combining using its magnet.
(Noble Mandrago)
Reploid that lies in the Undrgrnd Forest. Can recover on sunny days.
(Popla Cocapetri)
Bird Reploid entrusted w/ the security of the Living City.
(Pegasolta Eclair)
Pegasus Reploid destroying nature from the Hanging Garden.
(Randam Bandam)
Protects the Teleporter Base. Connected w/ four computers.
(Sol Titanion)
Butterfly Reploid that flaps around on its wings of fire.
Sub Core
(SubDesert Core)
Large core. Pull the plug to halt the lasers.
(Tech Kraken)
Squid Reploid inside the Submarine. Attacks from amidst ink.
(Hell the Giant)
Has spent a long time in prison. Attacks w/ a hammer punch.
Weil (Form 1)Strapped w/ Ragnarok parts, this Dr. Weil is powered up.
Weil (Form 2)Dr. Weil after melding completely w/ Ragnarok.

Enemy A

Data about the sub bosses.

English nameDescription
ClabangerNSCrab Mechaniloid that guards the Magnetic Zone from intruders.
Fire RenantThis ant Mechaniloid burns intruders of Undergrnd Forest.
GearBankSpits out Serpent Gears. Weak spots are the four hatches.
RibopsDestroy or pull the eight key disks to stop this monstrosity.
SpyLarueEWyvern Mechaniloid that spits out electricity.
SpyLarueFWyvern Mechaniloid that fires incendiary shots.
SpyLarueIWyvern Mechaniloid with breath that turns into ice shards.
TyrineMechaniloid with eight GlassCannons in tow.

Enemy B

Data about the enemies.

English nameDescription
AppnetWill swarm in if Noble Mandrago's honey attack hits. Doesn't drop parts.
ArcCannonA cannon found on ceilings, walls and floors.
AxeloidA shotloid converted to harvest timber.
BeamWalkerMechaniloid that walks the roof of floor and fires beams.
BeeneranMechaniloid growing in the Undrgrnd Forest. Growth chng w/weather.
BombadeerSpat from Mechameson and sets bombs on the floor.
BongalMechaniloid that drops bombs down from above.
BonsectA bomb that tries to fly into its target. Comes in diff. lengths.
(Cannon Hopper)
Attached to ceilings and floors, it has a wide shot radius.
CocaPouletMachines coming from Popla Cocapetri. Don't drop parts.
CrossbyneWarps around and fires shots in eight directions.
CryoNeonConverted hologram projector. Fires elec from core.
E-LaserAttached to walls, this cannon will focus energy to fire a laser.
EleDeserterMechameson spits these mechaniloids that emit balls of electricity.
FaitalMechaniloid that expands & contracts. Can ride on top.
GangaGunMechaniloid originally designed for digging, it scatters debris.
GlacialA mobile mechaniloid that fires ice shots.
GlassCannonConcentrates around the Tyrine found in the artificial sun.
GyratorMechaniloid designed for watching power lines. Will stop with damage.
GyroCannonHFlies and shoots in two directions. Can hang on propeller.
HechrystaSpat from Mechameson and fires ice shards in six directions.
KerberosRunning mechaniloid capable of jumping over small obstacles.
KeroshSwims and whips out its tongue to attack prey.
LamplortXMechaniloid originally designed for burning garbage.
MagneMineNFloating mine with magnet. Can deflect w/MagPunchN. No parts.
MagneMineSFloating mine with magnet. Can deflect w/MagPunchS. No parts.
MagnePaNProtects the Magn. Zone along with the blue MagnePaS.
MagnePaSProtects the Magn. Zone along with the red MagnePaN.
MechamesonSpits out three types of Mechaniloid.
MeduHopperMechaniloid that jumps and shoots left and right.
MettaurAncient Mechaniloid that can resist any attack when it's closed.
MiniCrabanBClabangerNS sends this Mechaniloid. Explodes if it runs into MiniCrabanR.
MiniCrabanRClabangerNS sends this Mechaniloid. Explodes if it runs into MiniCrabanB.
MoleguleMole that pokes its head up from the ground and fires drill shots.
MoloidConverted Shotloid. Uses hammer to fire water from pumps.
NicosCrabBMechaniloid carrying bombs that split into three parts.
NicosCrabCMechaniloid that moves and carries card keys. Doesn't drop parts.
NeedBalloonMechaniloid resembling a balloonfish. Fires off spikes from its body.
(Pantheon Corpse)
Pantheon in Hibernation Chamber that scrap elves can return to life.
PechPrickerLies in narrow holes and can't be destroyed. Doesn't drop parts.
PetitNetMechaniloid that lies inside the Beeneran. Doesn't drop parts.
PoplanPlant Mechaniloid that is weak against flame.
RaikenRolls electricity along the ground. It powers up in lighting.
RBCannonProtected by a shelter, this cannon fires round projectiles.
RefleBeemerMechaniloid that fires reflecting lasers from the sky.
SandDozerSand digging mechaniloid that drops down from above.
ScrapElfCyber-elf that's weak against light and is in H.Chamber capsule.
SerpentGearMechaniloids spat from GearBank in the Hibernation Chamber.
TellyBombExcels at tracking. Explodes and causes dmg to nearby targets.
TriaformerMoves in a triangle pattern and fires three shots.
TriRayFires lasers in three directions. Can't be destroyed. No parts.
(Variant Claw)
Assassin variant. Likes to sneak attack.
(Variant Fencer)
Variant that hangs from power lines and attacks with a fire sword.
(Variant Fire)
Very generic variant. If its shot hits, the target is lit on fire.
(Variant Missile)
Variant that fires a wide sweeping missile attack.
YadokroidMechaniloid crab that can reflect shots off of its hard shell.


Data about characters.

English nameDescription
AlouetteLonely Reploid in charge of Cyber-elves.
BriseHuman girl that feels no ill will towards the Reploids.
CaravanerHumans saved from Neo Arcadia by Neige.
CerveauEngineer who designs new weapons for Zero. Will design new chips.
CielScientist developing Elves, Reploids & Energy.
ColborDedicated leader of the Colbor Team, has made some mistakes.
FauconCombat Reploid that is traveling with Zero and the others.
HirondelleResistance intel. Joined to provide information.
NeigeLeader of Humans in Settlement. Is an active journalist.
RafaleFunctions as a leader for the Caravan. Trusted by everyone.
RougeFemale Reploid in charge of mission planning.
TempeteHuman who guards the baggage. Only trusts X.
TornadoTrying to bring all of the Humans to Area Zero.
TyphonBoy that has joined the Caravan. Friendly to Zero.
Weil (Norm)An evil scientist. After the loss of Copy X, he rules Neo Arcadia.
ZeroLegendary Reploid found by Ciel in an underground laboratory.

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