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Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works, known as Rockman Zero Official Complete Works (ロックマンゼロ オフィシャルコンプリートワークス) in Japan, is a book with a collection of illustrations, character designs, concept art sketches, location designs and much more artwork and information from the Mega Man Zero series.

The book was released in 2006 in Japan by Capcom. An English version was planned to be released in 2007, but was delayed several times to the point of pre-orders being temporarily cancelled until its release in May 28, 2008. The English version was published by UDON with a special foil cover. The book was re-released with a hardcover on June 11, 2019.

The book has (roughly) 180 pages and is in full color. The contents are divided by introduction, main characters, enemy and boss characters, Cyber-elves, and special contents (sketches, interviews, items, game voices, and others). This book also features exclusive interviews with the series creators.

As the title implies, this is a book about the art of the Mega Man Zero continuity, and does not feature the rest of the Mega Man lexicon.


  • Most of the bosses' EX Skills (a attack used only when the player has rank A or S) have a different name of Zero's EX Skills in the Japanese version of the book. The English version uses the same name of Zero's EX Skills, including translations for skills that were not translated in the games like Phoenix Magnion's Tenshouzan (Heaven Rising Cut) and Kuwagust Anchus' Sengatotsu (Rotating Fang Thrust). The only exceptions are bosses that don't grant EX Skills to Zero, like Aztec Falcon and Pantheon Core.
  • The name of the Four Guardians' armies have a different translation from the games, being more literal. For instance, Phantom's Zan'ei Army is called the Cutting Shadow Squadron.
  • Several codenames have different translations from the games. For example, ユウシャ (Yuusha) and エイユウ (Eiyuu) can both be translated as "hero", the former being called Hero in all games while the latter was translated as Superhero (Mega Man Zero), Valiant (Mega Man Zero 2-3), and Legend (Mega Man Zero 4). In the book, the former was translated as Courageous, while the latter was translated as Hero.
    • One of the codenames, ユウカン (Brave), was misnamed as コマ (Pawn) in all versions of the book.
  • Some Zero Knuckle weapons have different translations from the game: Lamp was translated as Light, Blaze Shot and MagPunch N (and S) kept their Japanese names Blaze Buster and Magne-Punch N (and S), Tang Rod was properly translated as Tongue Rod, 2-Way Shot and 3-Way Bomb are written without the hyphen, and Tri Shot has a hyphen.
  • In the English version of the Reploid Dialogue section, there is a printing error in Aztec Falcon's head.
    • Three quotes were omitted in the English version: One from Fighting Fefnir's second form from Mega Man Zero 2, one of Sol Titanion's attacks, and Popla Cocapetri's first defeat.
    • Some of the quotes were mistranslated. For example, when Pegasolta Eclair is stunned by his weakness, he will cry "Gesu ga!" (下衆が!) which was translated as "My wounds!" in the book. However, "gesu ga" is actually an insult meaning a crude or vulgar person, a sleazebag.
    • There is an error in the Japanese version: Cubit Foxtar yells out "Kaen Guruma!" (火焔車!, "Flame Wheel!") when performing the attack of same name. However, it was written as "Kaen-sha!" (火焔車!, "flame car!") in the book, and the error was carried to the English version as "Flaming Car!".
    • Dr. Weil's in-battle quotes from his second form were not included in the book, only from his first form.
      • On a similar note, Weil's quotes included a reference to "Nurei!", which was never included in the game itself, but rather in the Ragnarok Battle drama in Ragnarok Record.


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