Japanese promo art for Mega Man Zero.

Script from the game Mega Man Zero.



MMZ1 Scene 01.png
MMZ1 Scene 02.png

(The scene opens as Ciel and a group of Resistance soldiers are running from enemy Pantheons.)

Ciel and soldiers: (Puff Puff Puff) Arggghhhh!

(Some of the Resistance soldiers try to slow down the Pantheons with guns, but they are gunned down by the enemy.)

Resistance Soldier: Waaaaaa!

MMZ1 Scene 04.png

(Golems start to pursue them as well.)

Resistance Soldier: Wha!? What kind of monsters are these?!

Ciel: (Puff Puff Puff)...

MMZ1 Scene 05.png

(They come to a wall.)

Ciel: Puff! Puff! A dead end!?

Passy: No. I feel a strong energy inside. This must be the place.

Resistance Soldier: Okay. Leave this to me! Stay back, Ciel.

(Soldier breaks through the wall, entering the Underground Laboratory.)

Resistance Soldier: You should go. I'll take care of them!

(Soldier stays behind to guard the entrance. Ciel and Milan enter to see Zero in stasis at the other side of the room.)

Milan: This must be...

Ciel: ......

MMZ1 Scene 06.png

Ciel: This... must be Zero...

Milan: We found him at last!

(Milan approaches Zero but is thrown back by an invisible energy field.)

Milan: Waaaa!

Passy: It's protected.

Milan: What should I do...

(The soldier guarding the door is shot down by Pantheons.)

Resistance Soldier: Waaaa!!

Milan: Watch out!!! We are cornered. We have to evacuate now!

Ciel: But...

Milan: We have no time to argue!

(Milan is shot down by a Pantheon.)

Milan: Arghhhh!!

Ciel: Milan!!

Passy: Ciel...

Ciel: ...... ......... ...........

Passy: Ciel!!!

Ciel: Huh?

Passy: You should use my power!! You have no choice!

MMZ1 Scene 07.png

Ciel: What!? Passy... If I do, you'll be...

Passy: Don't worry about me. Remember, everyone is waiting for your safe return!

Ciel: ...... ......... ............ Okay. Thank you.

Passy: No. I should thank you, Ciel. Good-bye...

MMZ1 Scene 10.png

(Passy charges towards Zero's energy field.)

Ciel: Passssyyyyyy!

(Passy dismantles the energy field, and there is a bright flash of light as Zero awakens.)

MMZ1 Scene 11.png

Ciel: Zero... has been resurrected...

Zero: ......

Ciel: Zero? Help me. Please.

(Zero fights through the Pantheons and other enemies, guiding Ciel along. They eventually come to a wall.)

Ciel: What!? It's a dead end... What should we do...?

(The floor underneath Ciel collapses, and Zero dashes forward to catch her, landing safely on the ground.)

Ciel: You... Thank you... This place seems to be a pre-historic laboratory. We may be able to find a Trans Server, which we can use to go back to the Resistance Base.

(They walk down the hall a short ways.)

Ciel: How nice... This passageway has collapsed in. Shall we go back?

Zero: Stay back!

(A Golem fist crashes through the debris and grabs Ciel, receding into the next room. Zero chases after it.)

Ciel: Zero! No! Run... You can't damage this thing with a Buster...

(Zero tries to fight the Golem, but is unable to gain much advantage with his Buster.)

Zero: Rats!

(A nearby computer monitor light up.)

Zero: Huh?

???: ...USE THIS... ZERO...

(The Z-Saber appears.)

Zero: Who are you!?


(Zero slashes the golem with the saber, defeating it in one hit.)

Ciel: I can't believe you were able to destroy a Golem... We were right. You ARE Zero, the legendary Reploid!

Zero: Zero...? Is that my name? ...... ............ Ugh, I can't remember...

Ciel: Just relax for a moment. You have hibernation sickness. I'm sorry for forcing you to wake up. And... thank you for saving me. My name is Ciel. I'm a scientist. Let's go to our base, before more enemies arrive.

Zero: What if I'm not the Zero you were talking about?

Ciel: You proved to me that you are Zero by saving me from the Golem.

(They enter the Trans Server room.)

Ciel: We are in luck. The Trans Server is still active. Stand on the Trans Server and press Control Pad Up, then you can go back to our Resistance Base. Let's go!

(They both teleport back to the Resistance Base.)

Resistance Base

Ciel: Welcome to our Resistance Base, Zero. This is a shelter for injured Reploids who are suspected of being Mavericks. We have fought so hard to survive... However, we know that the end is coming... But that's why we have been looking for you. You are our last hope. Most of us think that Zero is nothing but a fantasy. However, a few still believed in your existence and have looked for you... You ARE Zero, the legendary Reploid who fought with X to save the world 100 years ago.

Zero: X...? That name sounds familiar.

Ciel: X... That legendary Reploid is still alive and he's trying to retire all of us.

Zero: X is trying to... retire you...?

Ciel: His plans have already begun. Many innocent Reploids are being retired as we speak... We need your help. Our future depends on you... Please help us...

(If OK)

Ciel: Thank you... It's like a dream comes true. Now... With your help... I think I can save everyone. I have something I need to ask you. Please talk to me, when you are ready.


Ciel: I understand... You need time to think about it. Okay then, we'll find a way to work it out by ourselves. Still, if you change your mind... please talk to me... Okay?

(If Zero accepts and comes back later)

Ciel: Are you ready...? Now, listen. What I want to ask you is if you would try and do something that no one has been able to do so far... I want you to destroy the Disposal Center, where they retire our comrades one after another... Even while I speak, they may be retiring a Reploid who is wrongly suspected of being a Maverick. To prevent any additional loss of Reploid life, please destroy the enemy facility... Will you accept?

(If Zero refuses and comes back later)

Ciel: ...? Will you... help us? Thank you... It's like a dream comes true. Now... with your help, I think I can save everyone. What I want to ask you is if you would do something that no one has been able to do so far... I want you to destroy the Disposal Center, where they retire our comrades one after another... Even while I speak, they may be retiring a Reploid who is wrongly suspected of being a Maverick. To prevent any additional loss of Reploid life, please destroy the enemy facility... Will you accept?

Around Resistance Base 1

*Note: Due to the enormous amount of possible conversations around the base, only the basic ones have been included.
(Zero explores the base, talking to the inhabitants there.)

Alouette: Nice to meet you. You saved Ciel, didn't you? My name is Alouette. Ciel named me.
Alouette: Have you heard of a thing called Cyber-elf? A Cyber-elf is an electronic entity that gives some kind of power. But once they use their power, they die... I feel sorry for them...

Dande: You don't look familiar to me, sir... I see. Zero is your name...
Dande: Then I'll call you Mr. Zero. My name is Dande. It's the name Ciel gave me. I used to be called ONB6. Dull name, isn't it.

Resistance Soldier: Are the Reploid known as Zero, sir? Thank you for saving Dr. Ciel. By the way... know how to use a Trans Server?
(If YES)
Resistance Soldier: If you need to know something about it, please let me know.
(If NO)
Resistance Soldier: Let me explain. A Trans Server basically moves something to someplace. It can transfer you to wherever you have been. If you want to download an electronic entity called a Cyber-elf, this is also the place to do that. Some of the Cyber-elves that you capture are not usable at first. You should give these Cyber-elves blue items called Energy Crystals, which you will sometimes find when you destroy an enemy. As you feed a Cyber-elf with Energy Crystals, it will grow. Once it is fully grown, it will become available to use. However, once you use a Cyber-elf, it will perish... Remember, they are only electronic code, but if you treat them poorly, they will turn on you.

Andrew: Oh, you are unfamiliar to me. Are you new here? Kick butt so you can become a Reploid like the others.

Cerveau: Wow, are you Zero? I never thought I'd get to meet you. We believe that your Z-Saber has unlimited potential for powerups. It could also have an effect on other weapons. I believe your Buster can be charged to shoot a powerful energy bullet. Learn more about weapons?
Cerveau: I know you've lost your memory, but you still have skills. You just need to find a way to recover them. Supposedly, your memory has been improving since you obtained the Z-Saber. Don't worry, everything you learned during the battles in your past life will return in time. The number of skills you've recalled is shown in the Sub-screen by the number of *.
Cerveau: I see... That's unfortunate. I'm not good at persuading someone to change his mind...

Hibou: Huh? Who are you? Ah, who cares. Will you do me a favor? I'm too hungry to move. Will you spare me some energy crystals? 250 Crystals will do. Will you give them to me?
Hibou: Really?! How kind of you!
Hibou: Hey, give me a break. Do you really think I can get healthy with a few measly crystals like this?

Hibou: Huh? Now what? Did you realize your mistake and decide to give me Energy Crystals?
Hibou: Really?! Thank you so much! But I don't have anything to give you in return. Sorry.
(If still NOT ENOUGH)
Hibou: Really? Hey, this is not enough. What are you trying to pull?
Hibou: Oh, okay then...
(After Crystals are given)
Hibou: Thank you for the Crystals. See? Now I'm in tip top shape. Time to work!

Desert guard: So, it was you that saved Dr. Ciel. Thank you so much. Dr. Ciel says she wants to ask you something. Please help her.

Subway guard: Ciel asked me to watch for when the enemies' transport train arrives. I'll inform you when a train comes, so you can leave this place to me.

City guard: Are you the one called Zero? Ciel has been looking for you. Please help us, Zero!

Rescuing the Reploids

(Zero accepts the mission and teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Ciel: The Disposal Center is up ahead of you! Please rescue our comrade!

(If Zero goes to the subway.)

Ciel: Not that way.

(Zero fights through the stage, coming to the boss gate.)

Ciel: Through the shutter you'll reach the Disposal Center.

(Zero enters.)

Aztec Falcon: I'm Aztec Falcon. Harpuia, the Guardian, sent me to clean up.

Resistance Soldier: Hey! Help! Help me!

Aztec Falcon: You must be some of the garbage. Hee hee. Just in time. I'll dispose of both of you together!

(If time runs out.)

Resistance Soldier: Aahhhh! Noooooooo!!

(Zero fights Aztec Falcon and defeats him. Falcon explodes, and the spiked ceiling stops moving.)

Resistance Soldier: Uh... Ha. Ahem. Thank you. I never expected someone would come to rescue me. Thank you so much. I'm still in shock... ...ha ha ha. I'll return to our Base... when I'm able to walk again. You can go back now, I'll be fine.

Ciel: Thank you for your cooperation, Zero. That is the Thunder Chip, I presume. You must get it before you return to the Base.

Resistance Soldier: My only hope is that it never happens again.

Resistance Soldier: Thank you so much.

Resistance Soldier: My legs are still trembling from fear...

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Ciel: Zero... Thank you. I never thought I'd see the day when the Reploid Disposal Center is destroyed. Innocent Reploids will be safe for a while... Thank you so much, Zero. You ARE Zero, the legendary Reploid... I'd like to ask your help again when you have time. That is, if you don't mind doing us favors... Please come and talk to me... I'll be waiting for you... By the way, if you go to the engine room downstairs, you'll find our engineer named Cerveau. He asked me to give this to you. It's called the Escape Unit. If you use it during a mission, you will be able to abort that mission and evacuate. But remember, the mission will be considered to be a failure if you evacuate it.

Around Resistance Base 2

(Zero roams around the base again.)

Soldier rescued from Aztec Falcon: Zero... Thank you for saving me...
Soldier rescued from Aztec Falcon: Zero, thank you for your continued support.

Alouette: Zero, I want to be a scientist like Ciel, when I grow up. Oops, I almost forgot... I heard that a Cyber-elf who was in Ciel's room is missing. It's said to be a baby elf, so I wonder if it lost its way home or something...?
Alouette: If I become a scientist like Ciel, I want to study Cyber-elves... Ciel is very kind and generous to anyone. I think I should follow her good example. I never felt kindness from others, when I was in Neo Arcadia...

Dande: Thank you very much, sir! They say you saved a friend of mine. Thank you so much!
Dande: I don't know to thank you, Mr. Zero.
Dande: I've never thought I could meet him again.

Cerveau: I still can't believe you are who Ciel says you are. Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Cerveau. As you can see, I'm a Reploid engineer. Ciel and I have been researching and conducting experiments on entities called Cyber-elves. They were kind enough to spare me an engine room which I modified to be my laboratory.
Cerveau: If only I had enough time and data, I could develop some weapons for you... I'm too busy to ask old Andrew to tell me about old times. But, you should try to keep him company and listen to what he has to say. It's helpful and informative to spend time with the aged.

Andrew: Ummm... You are a new boy, aren't you. Are you kicking butt, so as to become like the other Reploids? Listen, son. Are you interested in what I have to say?
Andrew: How unfortunate. If you were a Reploid, you could spare some time, I guess... Oh, well.
(If YES, I AM)
Andrew: You are interested in my story! Thanks for saying that... I may not look it, but I used to be a handsome Reploid. I was very popular with the ladies. It was the night of the full moon when it happened... I was carrying containers in a warehouse at the harbor, when I heard a song drifting over the night air. I looked up to find a beautiful lady with long hair singing in front of the crowd that had gathered at the harbor. I was amazed to find that I was deeply moved by her song though my body and mind are made of machines... After spending time together and talking, we fell in love, and eventually started living together... Umm? Are you tired of listening to my story yet?
(If YES)
Andrew: I see. I understand. It's boring to listen to what old folks have to say.
Andrew: Oh, you want to listen! I told you up to the time we began to live together, didn't I? I'll continue... As time went by, she grew older and older, while I remained the same. She came to resent how she looked, and began avoiding me. So, I asked Ciel to modify me to be what I am now... So that we could be together. She has long since passed away, but the memory of her will never be erased from my memory chip... Thank you for indulging me with your company and listening to my story. Keep this as a token of my gratitude.
(Zero gets the Cyber-elf Clocka.)

Retrieve Data

Ciel: Do you remember the place in which we met? We had no choice but to escape then, but my research tells me that there remains some very important information for you there. The enemies must be trying to obtain it before you do... Go and retrieve it before it's too late...

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Ciel: We're picking up several energy readings from enemies. They must be looking for the remaining data, too. Be careful, Zero...

(Zero fights through the stage, coming to the boss gate.)

Ciel: There's a massive energy reading ahead! Stay alert!

(Zero enters.)

Maha Ganeshariff: My name is Maha Ganeshariff. I'm in charge of data processing and handling information. All of the information you had has been stored in the server in my body. If you want it back, you'll have to destroy me and download it from my memory... Will you do it?

(Zero fights Ganeshariff and destroys him.)

Ciel: The self-destruct system has been activated, Zero!! You have to evacuate now!!

(Zero rushes back to the safe area.)

Ciel: Zero!! Zero!! ..... Thank goodness! You are alive... I'm sorry we got you involved in this... I await your return to the Resistance Base.

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Ciel: We have analyzed the data you retrieved... But, most of the data is damaged and useless... The good news is that we can restore the information on your weapon. If you want to know about it, ask our engineer named Cerveau. I'm sorry that the mission ended poorly, but we hope you will continue to help us.

(If Zero fails the mission)
Ciel: The data seems to have been carried away. But don't worry... I'll try to hack into the enemy base to keep them from using it.

Around Resistance Base 3

(Zero roams around the base again.)

Alouette: I'd never thought about the importance of our existence... But everything changed when I met Ciel.
Alouette: This doll is a present from Ciel. She made it for me. To tell you the truth, Ciel is the only human in this base! Are you surprised?

Dande: I'd like to be a useful Reploid. Can you think of something I could do, sir?

Andrew: Welcome, son. You must have a lot of time on your hands! Will you spare time to listen to what I have to say?
Andrew: You say you've heard enough... Okay, then. Thanks for listening. Please come back if you have time.
Andrew: I'll tell you a story of when I was a sailor. The first ship I was assigned to was a huge, gorgeous yellow vessel. Storms and high winds tossed me into the ocean many times during my freshman days. Every time I fell in, I'd cause the crew a lot of trouble. I can't remember how many times I thought I should quit the job and go back home... Hmm? Do you wish to leave now?
(If YES)
Andrew: That's too bad... Well, thank you for your time.
(If NO, I DON'T)
Andrew: Okay, let me continue. Time passed, and I became a full-fledged sailor. I traveled all over the world and got to meet lots of people, and experienced emotional farewells. There's just as many farewells for that as there are hellos. Funny, I know that some of my bosses were very demanding, yet I only have fond memories of them now. Once peace is restored, I'd like to go see the ocean again. Thank you for sharing your time. As a token of my gratitude, I'll spare you some Energy Crystals.

Cerveau: Zero, you came just in time. Look at this. It's a weapon called the Triple Rod. You can attack in any of the eight directions. It requires some technique, but I'm sure you'll be able to handle it. I hope you like it.
Cerveau: By the way, if you want to perform an attack with the attribute of the Element you have equipped, remember to charge your weapon before you use it!
Cerveau: As you may know, the more you use a particular weapon, the more your skill on it will go up!
Cerveau: Just between us, developing weapons is not easy to do.

Hibou: I know they call me "Excess Baggage" behind my back. But I didn't ask to be created like this.
Hibou: We are Reploids. We can't go on diets, you know.

Destroy Train

Ciel: We want to destroy the enemy transport train in order to disrupt their supply. Based on the report from our scout unit... The enemy train is at the old platform loading cargo... The time to attack is now. Please help us destroy that train. Will you accept?

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Ciel: The transport train is lying deep within an underground passage. Keep your guard up.

Transport Guard: The transport train has just arrived! It's time to attack!

(Zero arrives at the train.)

Ciel: Being held within the transport train is a Cyber-elf that was stolen from our base. If it is taken to their base, they will abuse its power... Rescue it...Please!

(The train starts to move forward.)

Ciel: The train seems to have left! Please rescue the abducted Cyber-elf! I'm counting on you, Zero...!

(Zero fights through the stage and reaches the Pantheon Core.)

Ciel: You've reached the engine chamber! Be careful, Zero!

(With 8 seconds left.)

Ciel: The train will arrive at the Enemy Base any minute, Zero!

(If time runs out.)

Ciel: The train is arriving at its destination! You have to evacuate now, Zero!!

(Zero fights and destroys the Core.)

Ciel: Thank you, Zero. The mission was a success because of you. I really appreciate your help...

(Zero rescues the Cyber-elf Totten and teleports back to the base.)

Ciel: Thanks to you, the abducted Cyber-elf has been saved! And the enemies' supply route has been cut off... Thank you very much, Zero. We owe all of this to you. The Cyber-elf you rescued is only a child. But she is a unique Cyber-elf and will learn an awesome ability, when she grows up. Raise her with love and care...

(If Zero failed the mission)
Ciel: Zero... Don't worry. It's not your fault. Thanks, anyway...

Around Resistance Base 4

(Zero roams around the base again.)

Alouette: We feel reassured with a Reploid like you, Zero.
(If Zero failed the last mission)
Alouette: Zero, please... Please help Ciel.
Alouette: I wonder if this place is safe. I wish you'd stay and help us, if this place is attacked.

Dande: That's you, Mr. Zero! Everyone calls you "Zero the [codename]!" You are true to your reputation. Keep going and fight for world peace for me, sir.

Subway guards: I'm sorry to put you through this... We'll go in as soon as we have an opportunity! You have nothing to worry about... Trust us and concentrate on your mission.

Factory guards: I came here to investigate the factory above, but it's heavily guarded. I'm afraid I'm not up to this mission...

Andrew: Hello, son. How are you doing? Have you settled into the job? I guess it's tough for a rookie. Good luck!
Andrew: If you need someone to tell your woes to, call on me at anytime.

Cerveau: Zero, I created a new weapon for you! It's called... Oh, I haven't named it yet... Say, I'll call it the Shield Boomerang!
Cerveau: Not only can you use the Shield Boomerang to block enemies' bullets, but you can also throw it if you charge it. However, you can't perform a dash while you equip the Shield Boomerang. Keep that in mind.

Occupy Factory

Ciel: Unfortunately, our stock of energy is running out... If we could use the abandoned factory, we could generate the energy... But the boss guarding the factory is too strong for us to gain control of it... Will you destroy the boss for us? Will you accept?

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Guard: I was planning to go into the factory, but it's too heavily guarded...

(If a sensor is tripped.)

Ciel: The sensor has been activated! The shutter is starting to close! Hurry!

(Zero approaches the boss gate.)

Ciel: I'm picking up a massive energy reading... It must be the boss! Stay alert, Zero!

(Zero enters and defeats Guard Orotic.)

Resistance Soldier: Zero, we have secured all the floors! Our mission is complete!

Ciel: Good work, Zero... thank you. Don't forget to get the Flame Chip before you return back to base!

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Ciel: Thanks to you, we have gained control of the factory. Now we can live without the fear of retirement. Thank you very much. It's like our dream has come true. We feared that we were doomed...

(If Zero fails the mission)
Ciel: Zero, thank you for your effort. We have some Energy Crystals in stock... All we have to do is to develop a substitute energy before our stock of the Energy Crystals run out. I'll go for it!

Find Shuttle

Ciel: Some of the abducted Reploids seem to have hijacked an enemy transport plane and have now escaped. But the plane disappeared over the desert... They might have crash-landed in the desert, and so we sent our scouts to look for them... However, our scouts are having difficulties due to the hordes of hostile enemies in the area... I'm sorry, but will you go and help their rescue? Will you accept?

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Guard: I'm worried about the lost soldier. I wanted to go look for him, but the desert has so many enemies... Good luck, Zero...

(Zero fights towards the craft.)

Ciel: The aircraft that the Reploids are on has crash-landed somewhere in the desert. Hurry and help them out.

(Zero approaches a boss.)

Anubis Necromancess: My name is Anubis Necromancess the Third. I work for Fefnir, one of the Four Guardians. I'm the king of destruction and the ruler of the desert... The Reploids you are looking for are deep in the desert. If you wish to rescue them, you need to defeat me first. En-garde, old-timer!

(Anubis explodes after Zero defeats him. He continues on and finds a wounded Resistance soldier.)

Zero: Hey! Are you alright?

Soldier: Hmm... I'm... all right... You came to rescue me... Thank you very much...

Zero: Can you walk?

Soldier: Yes...

Zero: I'll help you get back to base. Follow me.

Ciel: Thank goodness! There is a survivor! Thank you, Zero. I'll have a medic standing by. Can you take him to the entry point?

(If soldier gets left behind, then found again)
Soldier: Thank you. I'm OK.

(If soldier is hit)
Soldier: Help me...

(If soldier dies)
Ciel: Huh? We've lost the life reading on my monitor! What happened, Zero!? Zero!!

(If Zero gets the soldier back successfully)
Soldier: Thank goodness... I'm saved...

Guard: Zero has brought back a survivor!! Hurry and take him to the medic!

Ciel: I'm glad we could save him... Thank you, Zero...

Ciel: Another comrade has been saved, thanks to you. According to his report, enemies are planning to conduct a large scale attack on the Resistance Base. If that happens, we will need your help again... We appreciate your continued support, Zero.

(If Zero fails the mission)
Ciel: I'm sorry that we asked you to be a part of this difficult mission. We appreciate your effort, regardless of the result. I'd like to say thank you one more time...

Giant Mechaniloid Invasion

(An alarm goes off inside the base.)

Guard: A giant enemy Mechaniloid is approaching our base. If we don't do something, it will destroy our base in no time!!

Ciel: Everyone! Guard the front of our base at all costs! Zero! Go around and attack it from the rear... That should buy us some time... You are our only hope... Good luck, Zero.

(Zero teleports to a short ways away from the Mechaniloid.)

Ciel: The giant Mechaniloid must be up ahead of you. Stay sharp, Zero...

(Zero approaches the Mechaniloid.)

Ciel: There must be a weak point... even for a giant Mechaniloid... Good luck.

(Zero attacks the Mechaniloid as it moves forward.)

Ciel: Are you okay, Zero? We've almost finished preparing for the assault. Don't worry.
Ciel: We have the enemy within visual range. It IS a giant Mechaniloid. Be careful, Zero.
Ciel: The enemy Mechaniloid has reached our shield generator. We're engaging the enemy!
Ciel: The gate won't hold much longer!

(If Zero destroys the Mechaniloid.)
Ciel: Good work, Zero! Our base is safe, thanks to you! We really appreciate your effort, Zero.

(Zero teleports back to base)
Ciel: If you didn't stop the giant Mechaniloid, the Resistance Base would have become a sitting duck. Thank you, Zero. With your cooperation, maybe peace will be restored...

(If Zero is unable to destroy the Mechaniloid)
Ciel: The enemy has penetrated our defense line! Smoke is coming out of the Mechaniloid! It's gonna explode! Evacuate the base, immediately! You should evacuate too, Zero!!

(If Zero fails the mission)
Ciel: Our shield generator has been severely damaged by that giant Mechaniloid... If they attack the Resistance Base, it will be easily penetrated. We have to fix the generator as soon as possible...

Find Hidden Base

Ciel: We have received information that there is a hidden base of the enemy somewhere in the desert, and that they are holding Reploids in it... We have been trying to locate it, but... If there is a hidden base, and if Reploids are being held there, we must save them as soon as possible... Will you find where the hidden base is? They must be somewhere in the desert! Will you accept?

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Ciel: I'm counting on you, Zero...

Guard: We've got a report that says that some energy activities have been taking place somewhere around here. Be careful...

(Zero approaches an electric field.)

Ciel: There's a trap! Wait a minute, I'll disarm it! ....... OK! You can proceed!

(Zero reaches the gate.)

Ciel: This is the hidden base! Wait for a minute, and I'll unlock the door for you. ....... It's unlocked. Stay alert.

(Zero comes across the Computer gate.)

Ciel: I wonder where that door leads to... I can't open it now, it's too well protected!

(Zero is seen by a Pantheon.)

Ciel: They found you? Are you alright?

(Zero finds the hostage Reploids.)

1st Hostage: Thank you for saving me. There are 6 more Reploids being held in this base... We are going to hijack a shuttle in the hangar and escape after you save everyone. Please save the others. I'll head for the hangar and wait for you.
2nd Hostage: Please also rescue the others!
3rd Hostage: Thank you!
4th Hostage: Thank you! There are 3 more prisoners left to save.
5th Hostage: I'm free!! Thank you!
6th Hostage: 1 more prisoner to go! Good luck!
7th Hostage: Have you rescued all the others? Wonderful! Thanks for saving us!

(If Zero reaches the hangar before rescuing all hostages)
Reploid: The door that leads to the main hangar is in front of us. Please rescue the others and then we can evacuate from here.

(Zero reaches the hangar after rescuing all hostages.)
Reploid: Thank you for saving all of us. But it is not over yet... A boss is protecting the hangar for the shuttle... There is no way for us to defeat him without your help. Zero... please help us!

(Zero goes through the boss gate.)

Blizzack Staggroff: Hmmmm... You must be Zero... You have done well to make it this far, but this is where your journey ends. I'm Blizzack Staggroff, the best warrior of Leviathan, the Guardian. You won't beat me! Get ready!

(Zero fights and defeats Blizzack.)

Zero: This is Zero. I'm returning to base with the prisoners!

Ciel: Roger! And don't forget to bring the Ice Chip! I look forward to your return, Zero.

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Ciel: Zero... Thanks to you, as many as seven Reploids have been saved... We cannot thank you enough... You know what? My experiment is going fine so far... Once we succeed in developing a substitute energy, we plan to find a place to live a happy life. Somewhere out of the reach of our enemy, Neo Arcadia... There, we'd like to live in peace, free from the anxiety of hunger in a warm blanket of happiness... If that happens... You are going to come with us, aren't you, Zero?

Rescued hostage: We couldn't have made it without you... I am so lucky to be able to work in the warehouse for the Energy Crystal again. By the way, did you notice that strange room near the Computer Room?

(If Zero fails the mission)
Ciel: The Reploids who have been confined are... Everyone is... ...... I guess that it couldn't be helped. Thank you for trying though... It was not your fault...

Rescue Colbor

Ciel: One of our comrades named Colbor said he was very sorry that we couldn't help but rely on you. He seems to have found a way into their base through the subway area, but we have lost contact with the Colbor team... I just hope that he is alright... If you don't mind, will you go and look for him? Will you accept?

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Ciel: Enemy activities are increasing in intensity! Colbor's unit may have been discovered and taken hostage. Good luck, Zero!

Guard: I wonder what happened to our comrades who rushed the base! I'm so worried...

(Zero fights through the rest of the area and finds Colbor about to be terminated by Harpuia. All other members of Colbor's unit are already dead.)

Zero: Run! Now!

Colbor: Zero! Thank goodness!!

(Colbor runs offscreen.)

Harpuia: You must be Zero. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Harpuia, one of the four Guardians of master X. Such foolish behavior for a legendary hero to side with Mavericks... You shall repent and atone for your sins, Zero!

(Zero battles Harpuia, eventually defeating him.)

Harpuia: Incredible... I underestimated him... I will have revenge someday... Stay healthy until our next meeting... when I shall retire you!

(Harpuia teleports out, and Zero goes back to the base.)

Ciel: Thanks to you, our comrade, Colbor was rescued. Thank you so much... He sometimes makes mistakes, but he is a good Reploid at heart. Please forgive him.

Colbor: Thank you very much. I can work here, thanks to you.

(If Zero fails the mission)
Ciel: Despite your effort, Colbor didn't make it back. I feel bad for him, but what's done is done...

Duel in the Desert

Ciel: We've got a report that enemies are assembling in the desert area. They haven't started their attack yet, but a large scale assault can be expected. Even though our comrades built barricades and are taking precautions against their attack, I am still worried. If you don't mind, will you go and help them? Will you accept?

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Ciel: We have a problem, Zero. They are coming at us in large numbers!

Guard: We'll hold the final defense line at any cost! You should destroy their main vein!

Ciel: Their main troops are approaching! Zero, please take care of them!

Guard: You'll assault the enemy base, while we hold our final defense line and keep them away!!

(Zero fights through the stage and sees a large carrier ship in the distance.)

Ciel: Their reinforcement units have arrived! Watch out!

(Zero destroys some more enemies, and the ship prepares to land.)

Ciel: Their transport chopper is rapidly approaching! Stay alert, Zero!

(Fefnir jumps out of the ship.)

Fefnir: I heard there's a highly skilled Reploid in the Resistance... But I never expected you to be this good... You are amazing, and that is what excites me the most! My name is Fefnir, one of the four Guardians of master X! Now don't let me down, kid!!

(Zero battles Fefnir, eventually defeating him.)

Fefnir: Puff... Puff... I have never been so excited... I'll let you live for a little longer. Make sure that you do not lose before I fight you again! Farewell!!

(Fefnir teleports out, and Zero returns to base.)

Ciel: Thank you, Zero. If our defense line was broken, this Base wouldn't last long... Still, I can't believe you wiped out such a large number of enemies... You are truly a legendary hero.

(If Zero fails the mission)
Ciel: Now that our defense line is broken, this base will be an easy target for them. I'm afraid that they may attack us at any moment!

Protect Factory

Ciel: Thanks to you, we've gained control of the factory. But I don't think we can hold it forever... Can you go and check on the factory for me? Will you accept?

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Ciel: This is strange... our watches are missing...

(Phantom drops from the ceiling.)

Phantom: Humph! You have been doing well... My name is Phantom, one of the four Guardians of master X. Every generation has its legend. However, a lost legend should remain lost... Allow me to show you why!

(Zero battles Phantom, eventually defeating him.)

Phantom: This can't be true... Still, I have more surprises for you. The bombs I set all over the factory will explode any minute now. And when they do, this factory will be smashed into nothing! Your legend will end, not with a whimper, but with a bang!!

(Phantom teleports out.)

Ciel: There is no time before the bombs explode! Evacuate the place! Now!

(Zero rushes to the factory entrance.)

Ciel: Will you deactivate the bombs? Okay... I'll help you. There are 8 readings of the bombs... Just please don't feel that you have to do this...

(Zero approaches the first bomb.)

Ciel: Slash a bomb with your Saber and then touch it to deactivate and retrieve it. Just be very careful...

(Zero continues deactivating the bombs.)

Ciel: 7/6/5/etc. more bombs to go.

(Zero destroys 7 of 8 bombs.)

Ciel: 1 more bomb to go. Good luck!

(If 30 seconds are left.)
Ciel: 30 seconds before the explosion! Hurry up! Zero!

(If Zero fails to deactivate all the bombs, and they explode)
Ciel: Zero!!

(If Zero deactivates all the bombs in time)'
Ciel: All the bombs are deactivated and Zero is fine... Thank goodness... I look forward to your safe return, Zero.

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Ciel: Zero, I'm sorry that we are always risking your life... How long do we have to live like this, anyway...? I'm sorry, I'm kind of depressed... I'll do my best to develop a substitute energy. If we can obtain a substitute energy, we could live happily in a quiet place... Until that happens, I hope to have your continued support, Zero.

(If Zero returns to the factory) Reploid: Look! Crystals are everywhere! If you don't get them all, you'll be sorry!!
Reploid: There must be some more Crystals up ahead, but I don't have enough courage to go...

Factory guard: Since you have gained control of the factory, we seem to have no shortage of energy. Thank you, Zero.

(If Zero fails the mission)
Ciel: While the factory was destroyed, I'm glad that you are safe. I was so worried about you... Really... Please... Do not push yourself too hard from now on... Keep in mind that we are all worried about you, Zero.

Stop the Hacking

Ciel: The main server of the Resistance Base has recently become the target of several malicious hack jobs. We know that the hackers are in a hidden base located beneath the desert. If we don't do something about it soon, we will have many problems with the generation project of the new energy. Zero, will you sneak into their hidden base and destroy their main computer? Will you accept?

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area.)

Ciel:Do you remember where the entrance is? Good luck... Zero...

Guard: The entrance to the enemy base is up ahead of us. Please prevent their hacking activities. The development of a substitute energy is the dream not only for Ciel, but for all of us.

(Zero reaches an electric trap.)

Ciel: Wait a second... I'll unlock it for you. ...... It's open... Be careful, Zero.

(Zero reaches the gate.)

Ciel: I'll open the door. Stay put, Zero. It's open! Okay, Zero... Find the Computer Room... And destroy all of the machines! Good luck...

(Zero finds the entrance to the Computer Room.)

Ciel: Their main computer is supposedly in this room. All I could do with our computer is... unlock this door... ...... How's that? Is it unlocked!?

(Zero enters and destroys a computer.)

Ciel: You destroyed a computer! Their hacking attempt has been weakened...

(Zero destroys all computers.)

Ciel: Their hacking attempt has ceased completely. Thank you, Zero... I'm waiting for you to get back to the base.

(Zero starts to leave.)

Ciel: Be careful, Zero! I've got a massive energy reading. The enemy is near!

(Leviathan appears.)

Leviathan: My name is Leviathan, one of the four Guardians of master X. After hearing so much about you from that pretty kid and the combat nerd, I have been looking forward to seeing you. I can't wait to see their faces when they find out that it was I who retired you! Now don't hold back just because I'm a woman!

(Zero battles Leviathan, eventually defeating her.)

Leviathan: Why didn't you terminate me... Are you showing me mercy? How rude... I told you not to hold anything back. Next time we meet, you had better give me your best! Farewell!

(Leviathan teleports out.)

Ciel: Good work, Zero.

(Zero teleports back to base.)

Ciel: Attempts to hack into our base have ceased, thanks to you. I'll do my best to achieve my mission to develop a substitute energy. The future of all the Reploids depends on us!

(If Zero fails the mission)
Ciel: I'm sorry that you couldn't prevent their attempt to hack into our base... They have penetrated and damaged the security of our Trans Server, and now some of its functions are currently unavailable... I guess that it will take a little time to restore the system. I'm sorry, Zero.

Resistance Base Perseverance

(The Resistance Base enters on red alert, and a soldier voice is heard)

Soldier: We've got a problem!! Enemy troops are attacking our base!! We can't hold out much longer!

MMZ1 Scene 12.png

Soldier: The main gate will be destroyed any minute now!

Ciel: Begin the evacuation immediately! Remember that the elderly and children take priority! You should also evacuate, Zero. Thank you for having helped us so much...

Zero: Ciel, hurry and head for your evacuation transport.

Ciel: It's okay. This is my fault.

Zero: Your fault?

Ciel: The world has become out of control. It's all because of Neo Arcadia... Extreme justice, where peace is maintained by force. Reploids were sacrificed for the happiness of humans. It was I who created Neo Arcadia... And it was I who regenerated X... It was I...

Zero: What? What do you mean "regenerated"...? You resurrected X like you resurrected me?

Ciel: No. It's different... You are an original, meaning that you are exactly like what you used to be... But X is...

(A large explosion is heard.)

Ciel: You should go now... Help everyone evacuate...

Soldier: Zero, can you hear me? The engine room has fallen to the enemy. Since we can't activate the elevator, the Reploids on the upper levels can't head for the evacuation transport. Get rid of the enemies in the engine room!!

Cerveau: Thank you, Zero... I'll turn on the elevator. OK. We're done!

Soldier: Zero, can you hear me? The enemy commander is occupying the warehouse where the Energy Crystals are stored. If we lose the Energy Crystals, we are done for. Head for the warehouse and get back the Energy Crystals!

(If Zero tries to go exit the base.)

Soldier: It's closed!

(Zero goes to the energy warehouse and finds Hanumachine.)

Hanumachine: Well well well. I've heard a lot about you. You must be Zero, the legendary Reploid... Or should I say the old and out of date Reploid? My name is Hanumachine, I'm the number one apprentice of Phantom, the Guardian. I'll retire you for the glory of the Stealth Unit! En-garde!

(Hanumachine explodes after Zero defeats him. Zero teleports out.)

To Neo Arcadia

Ciel: We have been saved again, thanks to you... Still... As long as X exists, maybe someday...

Zero: So, you'll only be happy if X does not exist... I'll take care of that. Just tell me where he is.

Ciel: You can go directly to the core of the enemy base with the Trans Server... Unfortunately, we haven't cracked the security system of their Trans Server yet...

Soldier: Without the Trans Server, you won't be able to reach your destination easily... And if you are away from the base for such a long time, I don't know what might happen to us...

Zero: Huh?

(A familiar light appears.)


Zero: You... You're the one who gave the Z Saber to me...


Ciel: Wait, who are you...!? ...... It's not possible...

Zero: Did he say that I can now use the Trans Server!?

Soldier: Yes... He did...

Zero: I'm going now! Take care!

Soldier: Zero, head for the Trans Server. You can trust us to protect this place.

Ciel: Good luck... Zero...

(Zero roams around the base again.)

Reploid: Zero... Are you alright? I wonder what we should do...

Alouette: Zero, I was scared...! Ciel wasn't injured, was she?
Alouette: Zero, what's going to happen to our base next? I don't want to be deported back to Neo Arcadia.

Dande: Miss Ciel was fine, right? Oh, thank goodness.
Dande: That Neo Arcadia! I'll never forgive them! Zero, please avenge our fallen friends!

Soldier: I never imagined that the base would be attacked... I'm very sorry that I allowed them inside! You saved us again, Zero. Thank you.
Soldier: An unfamiliar Cyber-elf appeared a while ago, and decoded the security system. You are now able to go to Neo Arcadia... We'll protect the base while you are away. Good luck!

Andrew: Hello son. Are you all right?
Andrew: If I were a little younger, I would kick their butts, or toes...

Colbor: Is everyone all right? I was just lucky that it was just a scratch... You should be careful, Zero.

Reploid: I was so afraid... Is Ciel fine? How about the others? I wonder what will happen to us... Zero, we won't lose to Neo Arcadia, will we...?

Cerveau: Thank goodness! Zero, are you alright? I thought I was doomed... Thank you for saving us, Zero...
Cerveau: I'm fine, thank you. It could have been worse. Is everyone okay? You don't need to worry about me and my laboratory anymore. You should go check Ciel.

Hibou: We are in big trouble! I told them it's reckless to fight by ourselves. It's not my fault!

Resistance Soldier: I can't believe Neo Arcadia's attack has reached our base! But it could have been worse... Thank you, Zero.

Neo Arcadia Shrine

(Zero uses the Trans Server to get to Neo Arcadia and fights his way through the first area. He finds Herculious Anchortus at the end.)

Herculious Anchortus: You are trespassing on the sanctuary of master X. I, Herculious Anchortus, will eliminate you, in the name of Harpuia, Guardian of master X. You should view it as an honor to be slashed to retirement by my sword!

(Herculious explodes after Zero defeats him.)

Ciel: You have disrupted the area. The Trans Server near your current position has been activated. You should return to base now to take a rest...

(If Zero moves on)
Ciel: You want to proceed without saving? Good luck, Zero...

(Zero returns to base and talks to the inhabitants there.)

Ciel: Zero... Promise me that you will not try to push yourself too hard... If something happens to you, I can't... Just please promise me.

Alouette: I'm not designed for combat, so I can't assist you. But remember that I'm praying for you.

Dande: I wonder if Neo Arcadia is really a utopia?
Dande: I like this place better than Neo Arcadia.

Andrew: Hello, son. You know what? I heard it was a red Reploid who saved us and our base. You should take a leaf out of his book, and be a hero like him.
Andrew: A legendary Reploid... I wonder what he looks like. I'd like to catch a glimpse of him.

Cerveau: I'm proud to have helped a Reploid like you.
Cerveau: I hope you continue to support the Resistance.

Hibou: Watching you fight has made me realize that the most important thing is not to give up hope!
Hibou: I'll never give up until the day Ciel can smile and laugh from the bottom of her heart.

Resistance Soldier: Zero, please defeat Neo Arcadia.

Neo Arcadia Tower

Ciel: Zero... You must survive... I'll wait for you here until the day you return... Promise me that you will come back alive... Will you accept?

(Zero teleports to the beginning of the area. He fights through the stage until he reaches a boss.)

Zero: You are too big to be a slug. Just get lost.

(Zero fights the Rainbow Devil, and defeats it. He goes through the next door and finds Ciel.)

Zero: Ciel... What made you come here...?

Ciel: I... I'm sorry... It's... It was I who recreated the duplication of X... That's why...

Zero: You don't have to apologize. It's not your fault. You did because you thought it would be good for everyone... Please just leave everything to me now.

Ciel: Zero, thank you...

(If Zero talks with Ciel again.)

Ciel: Zero... Thank you...

(Zero and Ciel return to the base. Zero talks to the inhabitants there.)

Resistance Soldier: Zero... We've got trouble! It's about Dr. Ciel... She left the base... I'm so worried about her...

Resistance Soldier: Zero... Are you all right? I wonder what we should do...

Alouette: Zero, don't leave us... You will stay here with us, won't you?
Alouette: Zero, they say that a human would shed tears over a situation like this...

Dande: Mr. Zero, don't work so hard, sir.
Dande: Everyone is waiting for you to return, sir!

Andrew: Hello, son. You look much stronger than when you first arrived. It may just be my imagination, but you look very familiar... Am I hallucinating?
Andrew: I almost forgot... I meant to ask you your name when you came here again... Never mind. It's too late now. See you later.

Cerveau: Zero... Since you came to this place, I've regained my confidence both as a scientist and engineer.
Cerveau: I want to develop more weapons for you... Come back alive, Zero.
Cerveau: I look forward to your safe return.

Hibou: I'm so glad I got to know you! Though I don't know if you feel the same way about me. Hmm, I don't know what I'm saying...
Hibou: What I meant was... Simply... Always be my friend...

Neo Arcadia Core

Ciel: I'm happy that I could meet you... If it were not for you, everyone would be gone by now... ...... Promise me that you will come back alive. Even if you cannot destroy Neo Arcadia, I just want you to be able to return safely. Good luck...

(Zero enters the beginning of the area.)

Ciel: Zero...

(Zero fights through the stage until he comes to a room full of transporters. He rematches with all the previous bosses.)

Anubis Necromancess: Everything returns to the soil in the end... Now it is time for you to do so...

(Zero defeats Anubis, who explodes.)

Blizzack Staggroff: Hmmmmmm. Outdated Reploid garbage. You should have remained in your place of rest... With my blizzard, you'll regret not staying there! Hmmmmmm! Time to go back to sleep...

(Zero defeats Blizzack, who explodes.)

Herculious Anchortus: I still can't believe you defeated me... It's such a disgrace... I must redeem myself by terminating you! Get ready!

(Zero defeats Herculious, who explodes,)

Maha Ganeshariff: I've fully analyzed all of your strategies. Let me show you what I have learned!

(Zero defeats Maha, who explodes. He moves on until he comes across another transporter room and faces off against the Four Guardians again.)

Harpuia: This is not a place for someone like you! You will regret coming here!
(Zero battles Harpuia, and eventually defeats him.)
Harpuia: No... I'll never forget this...
(Harpuia teleports out, and Zero moves on.)

Fefnir: Hee hee hee hee. Welcome, Zero. I've been expecting you. You've kept me waiting for quite some time, so please don't give up too easily. Let's get started!!
(Zero battles Fefnir, eventually defeating him.)
Fefnir: No! Not yet... But... No! Why can't I move my leg...? So be it. I'll let you live for a little while longer. Farewell!
(Fefnir teleports out, and Zero moves on.)

Leviathan: I've been looking forward to playing with you again. You have no chance to win this time!
(Zero battles Leviathan, eventually defeating her.)
Leviathan: Puff, Puff... That's enough. You won. I accept my defeat... Ha ha... I am happy that I have met someone who can defeat me... I've been looking for a Reploid like you... I'll personally terminate you... Someday...
(Leviathan teleports out, and Zero moves on.)

Phantom: Give light to the people. Give death to Mavericks. No one shall disgrace master X. Your termination will now commence!
(Zero battles Phantom, eventually defeating him.)
Phantom: Impossible... How could I... I won't... I won't allow you to reach where master X is... I'll take you with me... Arrrgggghhhh!
(Phantom self-destructs in a last attempt to kill Zero, but Zero teleports just in time.)

(Zero moves on through the fortress, and goes through a door to find the three remaining Guardians.)

Harpuia: Stop!

Fefnir: I won't allow you to proceed anymore!

Leviathan: Give up!

???: Stop. You are no match for him. Leave!

(Copy X appears.)

Harpuia: Master X! But...

Fefnir: ...No!

Leviathan: ...As you wish, my master...

(The Guardians teleport out.)

Copy X: We meet at last, Zero. I've been looking forward to this moment.

Zero: You... You must be the pirate copy of X...

Copy X: No... A perfect copy of the original X. The new hero who saved the human race from this wasted world. Didn't you notice...? The humans have found happiness more than ever before... The utopia that humans have searched for, is here in Neo Arcadia. This is something that you and the original X could never create... Only I could do this!

Zero: This is a peace that can only be achieved by retiring uncountable numbers of innocent Reploids... This is not what anyone wanted! This place is just a joke!

Copy X: Ha ha ha. You are so funny... It's been fun... Now, let's get down to business!

(Copy X transforms into his ultimate armor. Zero battles him and defeats him.)

Zero: Too weak. Was the original X this weak?

Copy X: Wha...What...!

Zero: I may have lost my memory, but my body seems to remember... that the original X was mightier than you...

Copy X: Silence. Now you will feel my true power!! Haaaaaaaaa!

(Copy X transforms into his Seraph form. Zero eventually defeats this form as well. Copy X falls to the ground, damaged beyond repair.)

Copy X: Why... Why... I was... supposed to be... the perfect copy... How can this be... possible... I was supposed to be... a hero...

Zero: I've just remembered something... He was not as naive as you are. That's what made him a hero.

Copy X: I won't forgive you. I'll take you with me... ................


Zero: It's time to go...

(Zero dashes out of the fortress as it explodes.)


(Zero lies unconscious in the desert. Cyber-elf X appears.)

Cyber-elf X: Since you disappeared I've been fighting this war alone against an uncountable number of Mavericks for nearly a hundred years... Battle after battle... So painful and so sad... But the hardest part was when I discovered that I no longer cared about fighting enemies...

(The Cyber-elf shows himself to be the original X.)

MMZ1 Scene 13B.png

Cyber-elf X: I'll leave this world to you... Please allow me... to rest in peace... for a while... ......... I'm sorry, Zero...

(Cyber-elf X slowly flies off into the distance.)

Zero: ................ ................

(Zero gets to his feet.)

MMZ1 Scene 14.png

Zero: So be it... But that's why we are the best partners... I'll do what you want... Rest for a while. I will handle it, you can count on me. I won't stop! When an enemy appears... I'll terminate it...

(Zero looks around to find that he's surrounded by a massive army of Pantheons. The scene ends as he slashes one of them in half.)

End of Script