The Mega Man franchise has had many animated commercials and promos that have been used to promote their games and shows. These original animations contain unique stories that are used to convey the overall story of the game they are promoting. Commercials are usually 15-20 seconds long, while animated promos are around 2-3 minutes. Most of these original animations were only aired in Japan.


Yamato Man

Classic Rockman series


Rockman X series

A commercial for the original Rockman X game starts out with a golden X appearing across the screen as an announcer says “X”. It then depicts Rockman X in a capsule equipping his armor parts as Storm Eagleed, Launcher Octopuld and Armor Armarge attack a city. X equips all his armor and watches the destruction as it switches to gameplay. X fires a charge shot from his buster and the Rockman X logo appears as X breathes heavily. X un-equips the armor parts and faces the screen as the Death Rogumer crashes behind him. The Capcom logo then appears.

In the commercial for Rockman X2, a golden “X2” appears on the screen in front of X as he equips his second set of armor. X then targets Wheel Alligates who attacks him before it switches to him falling down with some Installers before he air dashes away. X fires a charge shot at Flame Stagger as it switches to gameplay of the shot hitting Flame Stagger in-game and the boss fight with Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0. It then switches to a shot of X using Giga Crush before the Rockman X2 logo appears. The Capcom logo is shown afterwards.

Rockman Zero Series

In the Rockman Zero commercial, the Neo Arcadian forces, including Maha Ganeshariff, are congregated near a monument and are about to open fire on it. Ciel, restrained by a Golem's hand, attempts to run over to the monument but falls over as it reaches for her again. Part of the monument falls away showing Zero awakening, causing the monument to explode, annihilating the Neo Arcadian forces in the process. He then levitates over the blazing inferno holding an unconscious Ciel while a voice over mentions he has been awoken and asks what he ought to do. It then cuts to gameplay snippits, including Zero's fight with Sage Harpuia, before showing Zero among blazing wreckage.

The Rockman Zero 2 commercial features Zero and Panter Flauclaws, who is much larger in the commercial than in the game, fighting as Flauclaws slams Zero into a wall and pins him. As Zero struggles to free himself, Ciel stands in front of the Resistance in defiance as Flauclaws' targets them and proceeds to unveil an energy cannon from his mouth. Zero starts shifting colors before assuming his Energy form and knocks him away. He then jumps up and unveils his Chain Rod as Ciel watches. It then cuts to gameplay segments, including the actual in-game battle with Panter, before showing off the forms Zero can take in the game.

In the Rockman Zero 3 commercial, Zero, in a flowery environment, is significantly damaged to such an extent that he has to lean on his Z-saber while struggling to stand as Ciel watches with noticeable concern in the background. It then shifts to a giant robot (indicated in the Telos interview with the ad creators to be Tretista Kelverian) collapsing with such force that it causes a dust cloud to envelop the area. It then shows gameplay clips, before cutting to a panting Zero looking at the camera while showing the title.

The Rockman Zero 4 commercial shows a conglomeration of gameplay clips before showing a white sketch of Zero turning around in a pose mirroring his pose for the game, only to calmly close his eyes and fade away as Japanese text comes up translating to "Everything goes to Zero."

Rockman ZX series


Rockman.EXE series

In the commercial for the first Rockman.EXE, “Neo Venus” by Janne Da Arc plays in the background as FireMan attacks Rockman before it switches to a shot of Netto operating Rockman, who sends him a HiCannon and Sword Battle Chip. Rockman defeats FireMan and three screens of gameplay are briefly shown before switching to Rockman and Netto leaping towards the screen. The game's box art is shown before the Capcom logo is shown.

In the Rockman.EXE 2 commercial, “Feel the Wind” by Janne Da Arc plays as Netto operates Rockman and his Wood Shield, Heat Guts, and Elec Team Style Changes are shown off. It then shows gameplay and Rockman, his Styles, and Netto again before the EXE 2 logo is shown.

In the commercial for Rockman.EXE 3, Rockman and Netto are in a heated battle with Blues and Enzan as a large crowd including Dekao and Yaito watch intensely. Rockman and Blues lock into a struggle with each other before Netto inputs and Extra Code. The Navi Customzier and gameplay are shown before switching back to the battle and showing the game's logo.

A commercial for Rockman.EXE 4 is live action and features an actor playing Dr. Regal tempting someone to use Dark Chips as an actress playing Meiru runs in a building with rain falling begging a unknown person (either Netto or the player) not to. A very brief scene with a young man looking into this sky is shown before it switches to gameplay and pictures of Netto and Rockman and then the Red Sun and Blue Moon logos.

A second similar live action EXE 4 commercial features Meiru saying something about Dark Chips as Regal presumably tempts her to use one, laughing maniacally. The same brief shot of the young man is seen again before slightly different gameplay than the other commercial is shown.

Yamato Spear


Mega Man (Ruby-Spears)


Mega Man Ruby-Spears Cartoon Sales Pitch VHS 1994

A promotional VHS for the 1994 animated series Mega Man was made as a pitch to bring a Mega Man anime to America. This promo was vastly different than the cartoon that was made, and featured an anime art style closer to the art featured in the games.

The promo features a narrator who explains the franchise to the audience as the video plays. It starts with the Mega Man logo, which was kept for the actual cartoon, before zooming in on a city where it shows Doctor Thomas Light along with Roll and Rush working on Mega Man. It then shows Mega Man running along crumbling skyscrapers before switching a shot of Doctor Albert W. Wily pulling levers and a shot of him surrounded by Yellow Devils and Yellow Devil MK-IIs. It then switches to a a legion of Robot Masters charging as Gemini Man pushes Elec Man out of the front of the charge. It then shows shots of Mega Man bursting out of the water while riding Rush Jet, getting picked up by Rush Jet in a desert, and Rush Jet fleeing from some Killer Bombs before throwing them off, causing them to explode.

It then shows Mega Man fighting Dark Man 2 and Gemini Man and jumping on some Appearing Blocks and then goes to a brief shot of some wiring and transitioning to Mega Man falling between some skyscrapers and curiously Wall Kicking down them. It then shows Mega Man dodging a pantheon of Killer Bombs and Adhering Suzys before showing Cut Man using his Rolling Cutter on Mega Man, who jumps on the Rolling Cutter and riding it back to Cut Man. The Rolling Cutter cuts the ground beneath Cut Man and he falls in. Mega Man is then shown grabbing onto a oddly small Big Eye and crashing it into Elec Man. Mega Man fights some Pepes underwater before it switches to a shot of him dodging Fire Storms and debris before smacking into Fire Man.

Yamato Man

Rockman Online

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Rockman Online teaser


Rockman Online - Trailer 2 HD

The cancelled game Rockman Online had two animated trailers.

The first trailer featured an arrange of Drill Man's stage theme. It starts with a shot of the world from space at night and then a lit-up city before transitioning into a DNA-like sequence that zooms out to Rockman's eye. It then shows a shot of the city in either the morning or dusk as a large crowd of robots riot in the streets. One robot drags another robot before a larger one carrying a large metal pole with some debris on it, who proceeds to bring the pole up over his head and presumably down onto the victim robot. It then shows the same shot of the world but with a red light emitting from a certain spot in it. It then transitions to the city where this red spot begins to spread like a wave over the city and the all over the world. Dr. Light is shown getting up in shock as a beeping sounds are heard. A room in a skyscraper possibly with Dr. Light in it is then seen exploding and before switching to a shot of the explosion from outside as it is seen that the city in in flames. Rockman is then seen trying to get past a legion of marching robots to Roll, who is pushed away from him. Dr. Wily is then seen laughing manically in front of several screens and a shot of the city crumbling and in flames is shown. It then switches to a shot of Iris and Alia frantically operating and then a shot of a Yellow Devil lumbering through the city and then a shot of Signas watching the situation. It then shows a quick pain over the city that leads to Rockman standing a rooftop before showing a shot of the original six Robot Masters from the first game, and then Rockman jumping off the rooftop down to the chaos below. It then shows him facing |Blues in battle and then Forte walking in a waste land with a blank expression wearing a cape. It then switches to a shot of a tall skyscraper in the middle of the city with a red energy emitting from it and then another shot of the Yellow Devil in the city, then switches to an unknown device in the center of a spherical structure and a mysterious robot with red eyes and a red light coming from the top of his helmet. It shows Rockman and Blues fighting once more, a stranger energy capsule being held by an unknown person or robot, Rockman jumping from a building, Rockman struggling on the floor, Forte with a crazed smirk on his face, and ends with Rockman charming his buster and shooting at the screen.

The second trailer focused on the Rockman X series characters, having only four from the original series.

Rockman ZX

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Rockman ZX trailer

The music Asayake plays in the promotional trailer, which shows some parts of the game as an animation.

Yamato Spear


  • Panter Flauclaws being featured in the Zero 2 commercial after Maha Ganeshariff was featured in the original Zero commercial is a Japanese pun using the on-yomi of the kanji 爪 (sou) (claws), which rhymes with ゾウ (zou) (elephant).[1]
  • One clip from the Ruby-Spears animated series pitch was used by Capcom in the Rockman 7 commercial.
  • In the first Rockman Online trailer, Forte dons a cape that covers his neck and mouth and is shown to cover the front of his body, reminiscent of Forte.EXE.

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