"Where's your hoses? Where's your truck? Where's your spotted dog?"
—Mega Mini's initial reaction to Fire Man, Throwing Shade Part I

Mega Mini is Mega Man's sidekick and the deuteragonist in Mega Man: Fully Charged. He is a small robot that resides inside Mega Man's head and acts as his onboard repair unit and external conscience drive.


Mega Mini is a small robot that is no bigger than a cricket. He has digital displays for eyes and translucent blue safety glasses that are attached to knobs on his head.


Mega Mini is well-disposed and has a biting, often rude sense of humor.[1] He's usually the voice of reason for Aki/Mega Man, constantly advising his partner against bad decisions that could cause problems later on, but usually to no avail.


Mega Mini can easily move through Mega Man's body to perform repairs and analyze his circuitry. When requested, he can activate Aki's transformation into Mega Man and the schematics copied from bosses. From time to time he unexpectedly pops out of various access hatches in Mega Man's armor to act as his pit crew and sounding board. As Mega Man's partner, Mega Man can "talk to himself" in order to sort things out.[1] Mega Mini can play the saxophone.

Hockey Player: In the episode "Chill Out Bruh" he knows how to play hockey and has a tiny hockey stick at his disposal.



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