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Mega Scorpio (メガ・スコルピオ, Mega Sukorupio) is the boss of the opening stage from Mega Man X7. It's a giant scorpion-like Reploid[1] Red Alert used to track down Axl.


Mega Scorpio has three standard attacks:

  • Tail Shot: It will fire three energy shots from its tail. Evade this by dashing away or deflect them back at Scorpio by using Zero to slash them with the saber. Scorpio's tail can be destroyed to stop this attack.
  • Ground Circle: Scorpio unleashes a large blue energy sphere that spirals into a whirling scythe that covers the entire ground. Cling to the walls to avoid, getting in a few shots with Axl while doing so.
  • Scissors Attack: When the player is close, Scorpio will attempt to stab them with its claws. Both claws can be destroyed to stop this attack.

Scorpio will often jump across screen, attempting to crush the player. It will also charge across the ground, and the player can evade this by either crouching or dashing underneath. When Scorpio has passed by, the player can get a good attack in on its tail (Zero being the most suited for this as he inflicts the most damage). However, destroying its tail will cause it to frenzy, rushing back and forth from wall to wall.

Being the games introductory boss, Mega Scorpio is not that difficult to defeat. Just continue dodging and attacking, aiming for its head, to bring it down.


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