Mega Scorpio (メガ・スコルピオ) is the boss of the Opening Stage from Mega Man X7. It's a giant scorpion-like Mechaniloid used to track Axl.

Boss Guide

Mega Scorpio has three standard attacks. He will fire plasma shots from his tail. Evade this by dashing away from it or reflect them by slashing them back by Z-Saber. He will also dash over the ground and you can evade this by either crouching or dashing beneath him. When he has dashed past you, use your A-Bullet weapon to fire at his tail or slash it with Z-Saber. Once his tail is destroyed, his claws will be your next target. Use the same tactic to destroy them too. When the tail explode, he will explode.

Stage enemies

Enemies in the Opening Stage from Mega Man X7:

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