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Megamilpa (メガミルパ) is the sub-boss of the Old Residential stage (Deathtanz Mantisk's stage) from Mega Man Zero 3. It is composed of several circular segments that can fire shots on either side.


It burrows out of the ground, flies around in a semi-circular pattern, and unleashes blasts from its left, right or both sides. The easiest way to defeat it is to charge the Shield Boomerang and stay on a side; the shield will block the bullets. When the weak spot (segment with green orb) is in front of Zero one should release the shield and start charging again at once. Megamilpa shoun't be a problem then. Megamilpa becomes drastically easier if a Satellite Elf is equipped that turns bullets into vitality, removing the danger of its unpredictable random bullet attacks.Megamilpa could be based on a worm.

Along with the EX Skills mentioned, 1000 Slash, Split Heavens and Soul Launcher are also good substitutes to strategic offence.

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