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Meiru's First Date (メイルの初デート Meiru no Hatsu Dēto) is the 42nd episode of Rockman.EXE Axess. This episode only aired in Japan.




The episode begins with C.F. Rockman fighting a losing battle against SwordMan and several minor Darkloids. Although it appears that Netto is on the verge of losing, Meiru surprisingly come to his aid and surprised him by performing Cross Fusion with Roll. As C.F. Roll, Meiru easily defeats the army of Darkloids and deletes SwordMan. While talking to Netto of how strong she is, a Metall suddenly fell from the sky and hit her on the head. It turns out the entire scene was only Meiru's dream and Metall that hits her was actually Rush knocking her with an alarm clock to inform her that she is late for school. Realising what time is it, Meiru gave out a scream.

After school has ended, Meiru and Netto discussed about Meiru's dream to which Netto explains that his father is trying to create more Synchro Chips to make Cross Fusion possible for everyone. Netto then received a phone call from Meijin informing him about a large virus attack, possibly the work of Nebula. As Netto was on cleaning duty that day, he asked Meiru to help him while he deal with the incident. Although Meiru at first complains, she quickly defends Netto when Mariko questions his absence, saying that she is helping Netto to clean the classroom while he takes out the trash since it is a secret that Netto is a Net Savior. In her mind, Meiru feels bad for lying to her teacher but cheer herself up as that Netto busy saving the world and she is doing whatever she can to help him.

On the way home, Meiru stopped by the playground where she and Netto used to play when they were kids. The nostalgic scene reminds her of Netto protecting her from an older boy several years ago and reminiscence the changes Netto had undergo. Inside one of the playhouses, Meiru found the lucky charm she and Netto drew which signifies their everlasting friendship.

That night, Netto and Meiru are having an online conversation about Netto's mission and Netto thanked her for backing him up in class. He then try ask Meiru for another favor; give him the answer for their latest assignment. A furious Meiru started scolding him for treating her as his fill-in. Netto was so frighten of her that he pulled back his previous request. On a new topic, Netto ask Meiru to meet him at the station the next day as he wanted to bring her someplace that would make her happy. Before Meiru could ask what he mean, Netto had already sign out. As Meiru try to understand what Netto mean, Roll tells her that it could be that Netto is inviting her on a date. Meiru immediately become nervous as she wasn't prepare to handle such situation.

The next day, a well dressed Meiru met up with Netto at the appointment time at the station. Upon seeing Meiru's dress, Netto started blushing and state how cute she is. Meiru was excited to hear his answer and upon seeing Netto holding her hand, she begins to smile. Meanwhile, Roll is chatting with Rockman and wish that to see things work out between them though Rockman was confused with her with her statement. It turns out the place Netto wanted to bring Meiru to was the Ministry of Science where Dr. Hikari is testing her Synchro Rate with Roll. Yuichiro reveals that Meiru has a very high Synchro Rate with her Navi and it is possible for them to perform Cross Fusion in the future. However, Meiru was not in the mood as she was still disappointed that Netto wasn't going to take her out. To cheer her up, Netto's father gave her tickets to an amusement park so she can go on an actual date with Netto.

At the park, just as the two of them can enjoy themselves, a park train suddenly run passed its tracks and head towards them. Luckily, the two of them managed to dodge it in time. A mysterious voice was heard to which Netto recognize was SwordMan's who was trying to eliminate him. He then summon a Dimensional Converters to materialized into the real world and finish him off. Netto tell Meiru to get to safety, promising that he will protect her no matter what. This reminds Meiru of the time where he promise to protect him from the bully when they were kids. As Netto attempts to perform Cross Fusion, SwordMan immediately uses Sonic Blade to stop them from doing so, causing Netto to drop his Synchro Chip. Without the chip, Netto had to dodge all of SwordMan's attacks. Meiru found the chip underneath some rubble but had to tear her skirt while trying to reach for it.

Before she could able to gave the chip to Netto, SwordMan begins to attack her. Meiru start running until she ended up at the top of the roller coaster tracks. With no where else to go and no other options, Meiru remembers Dr. Hikari's saying of her and Roll's high Synchro Rate and decides to use the Synchro Chip to Cross Fuse. However, her PET is unable to read the chip and gives out an error. This angers SwordMan and proceeds to destroy the tracks. Meiru manage to hang on and threw the chip back to Netto. Now in his Cross Fusion form, C.F. Rockman led SwordMan to the playground and tricked him into entering the playhouse where the lucky charm he and Meiru drew when they were kids was located. The plan worked and SwordMan is unable to get out. Not wanting to accept his defeat. the Red Sword detached from the main body and engaged Netto in a final attempt to kill him but was easily defeated. With one of their personality deleted, the other two fall back. Netto then head Meiru screaming and quickly use Dash Condor Battle Chip to save her before she fell. Meiru realized that Netto was holding her in his hands and remind her that he will always protect her. Meiru however started hammering him for being late as the Dimensional Area begins to disappear and with it, Netto's Cross Fusion and Hell Condor. With nothing to stand on, the two of them begin to fall but manage to land on the roof of a food stand. Upon realizing that they are safe, Netto and Meiru started laughing.

At the playground, Netto apologize to Meiru as the lucky charm that they drew had been destroyed during the battle. Meiru however was glad that Netto is able to remember their childhood promise of being friends forever. Netto then tells her that even without a charm, he and Meiru will always be friends till the end. This makes Meiru happy and proceeds to hug Netto.


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This episode was released on 15th volume of the anime in Japan on DVD.