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Melda ore

Screenshot from inside the plant.

The Melda Ore Plant (メルダ鉱石プラント) is a location from Mega Man X: Command Mission. The Force Metal mined in Giga City is brought to the Metal Ore Plant for refining and to be converted for use in generators. The plant traverses the surface of the sea to collect the Force Metal form each of the plates. The temperature of the refinery itself is kept low to absorb the heat given off when Force Metal is refined. The Rebellion Army took over the plant and uses it to prepare a missile armed with a Supra-Force Metal warhead. Most of the entire area is made up of multiple small hallways that look practically identical and elevators that bring X closer to the Missile Silo that Epsilon planned on using to achieve his "ideal". After obtaining the "Melda Ore Key", X will be able to open a door that leads to the secret boss Duckbill Mole and Zero's "Absolute Zero" Hyper Mode.


There are 33 items.

Area Description Items
Ore Plant External Tank Starting point. This area has a Rabbid for the Deployment Center. Figure Token
Figure Token
Tank Parts
Heavy Motor
B1 Entrance Hall The entrance. This area contains a door that can only be opened with the Melda Key. Once X unlock the door, it has an elevator to the Missile Maintenance Room. Ultra Thunder
Figure Token
Figure Token
Figure Token
Area E-B02 Area with several peepholes. Gaudile asks X to investigate them. Here are 3 peepholes. Build WE
Figure Token
Build LE
Area E-B03 Area with 3 peepholes. Mini Battery
Build Shield
800 FME
Area E-B04 Area with 3 peepholes. There a Wolfloid for the Deployment Center. The panel unlock the door to B5 East-West Block Access Tunnel. Tank Energy 50
Figure Token
B5 East-West Block Access Tunnel Is divided in two areas. In the first area there a Save Device, and X faces Botos again. In the second area is found the item box. Build Speed
Missile Silo Base Lower Section Ferham is here after defeating her in Silo Interior, Middle Maintenance Deck. 3000 Ƶ
Gain Hyper
Figure Token
1000 FME
Area W-B04 Save Device. Battle with Botos(v.3) or Decoy Botos. Figure Token
Tank Energy 50
Build Power
Area W-B03 Save Device. Battle with Botos(v.3) or Decoy Botos. Build Armor
2000 Ƶ
Area W-B02 Botos locks two doors. Gain Hyper
Tank Energy 100
Figure Token
Silo Interior, Middle Maintenance Deck X's group battle Ferham to obtain her key. X don't forget to steal her Build Hyper, since only there are twelve Build Hypers in whole game.

After the battle, she falls to the Missile Silo Base Lower Section and Botos rips the warhead key from her body.

Area W-B01 Is divided in two areas. The second area can only be accessed after defeating Scarface in Central Tower, and in this area is found the item box. Generator
Missile Warhead Adjustment Room Room with access to the missile warhead, which requires the key from two Rebellion Cadres to be accessed. Botos took Ferham's key and, alongside his key, attempted to steal the Supra-Force Metal. However, someone appears and kills him, taking the Supra-Force Metal with him. His body is later found by X's group, and they wonder who stole the Supra-Force Metal.

After defeating Scarface in Central Tower, X may get the item box of this area.

Gatling Buster II
Missile Maintenance Room Room with a Meltdown for the Deployment Center and the optional boss Duckbill Mole. Absolute Zero



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