Meltdown (メルトダウン Merutodaun) is a humanoid enemy from Mega Man X: Command Mission that has an enormous amount of LE. In each of Meltdown's turns, its mace-like left arm, with a danger mark on it, increases in size. If the party can not beat it before three turns are up, Meltdown will self-destruct on its fourth turn by using Atomic Fall, causing 9999 damage to each member in the party. The only chance of surviving the explosion is to use Axl's and Spider's Hyper Modes or to have equipped the Force Metals X Heart and Decoy. For each turn that Meltdown takes in battle, it halves the EXP and FME left by that Meltdown gained in battle.

Meltdowns appear in the Vanallia Desert, in the lower section of the Melda Ore Plant, and in one battle from the Eternal Forest in Gaudile Laboratory. One Meltdown can be used in the Deployment Center.

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