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  • I live in Brasil
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  • I am Masculino
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  • Hi! I see you’ve been doing images for the anime versions of the Star Force characters. Might you be interested in also making their pages? It’s easy, you just have to make pages titled *character* (anime) (example: Zack Temple (anime).). Then you can add your images and maybe a small synopsis to get the page started as a stub. It’ll help me immensely with getting these anime pages going, since I won’t be getting to the Star Force anime for a bit.

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  • Great job on all that concept art! Keep up the good work!

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    • thanks TornadoMan.Exe!

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    • Don't forget to categorize and give a description to the images. It can be something simple, like copy/pasting the examples below while uploading a file:

      MMSF artwork. (or concept art)
      [[Category:Mega Man Star Force images]]

      MMSF sprite.
      [[Category:Mega Man Star Force sprites]]

      MMSF2 artwork.
      [[Category:Mega Man Star Force 2 images]]

      MMSF2 sprite.
      [[Category:Mega Man Star Force 2 sprites]]

      and so on...

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    • Good night Quick, I'll do it now with the images I sent, I'll edit them now! thank you.

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    • A FANDOM user
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