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  • Hi, welcome to MMKB! Thanks for your edit to the File:Falconarmor image.gif page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • ugh yeah dudeman is erasing every comment i mmake tell him to stop

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    • Hey ShowdowRockZx. As an admin and a caring member here I would like to help you resolve this issue that you are having. First I would like to begin by elaborating on why majority of time contributed edits get reverted (for anyone). If an edit has information that is factual but is not placed in the proper location or is not formated correctly (not following our overall guidelines and/or contains spelling/grammar mistakes) it stands a chance of being undone. 

      In the few cases that I had to undo your edits, the above is the criteria I used for my decisions. In addition, I have also seen you put information as a conclusive fact, that was merely a speculation. Also, you are NOT allowed to sign pages you edit (I have seen you throw your name onto some pages; that is a big no-no). These are just a few things on top of my head that I can use to show you why I or other people might have undone you edits.

      As for Dudeman, I have known him to be a long time contributor to this wiki and observing from his past actions, I can safely vouch for his edits as being justified. To give an example, in your last edit to Chaud, you mentioned something as Trivia, which was more of a summary/detail to be included in his Anime history (since it did not go with the definition of trivia). The edit to Model O was undone because you signed the page with your name (as well as showed very poor formatting). 

      I do not mean to make you feel bad or anything. I just wish to show you why your edits were undone so that you understand and will not take it personally in the future. Also, I hope for this to serve as a little push to help you improve your edits to the better quality that I know they can be.

      I would also like to stress the fluidity of wiki's. By the virtue of its definition, a wiki is a dynamic body of information. No article/page is 100% solid and will remain unchanged. Sometimes, more popular pages, even after they seem perfect, are still constantly edited by new and old users alike, effectively overwriting (sometime even undoing) the past efforts of others and this is okay, because something new or better (such as formating) gets introduced to make the article better as a whole. By telling you this last piece of info I just wish to let you know that not all of you edits will stay untouched as they are bound to be edited at one point or another.

      Now, I hope my long message has not been an attemt at futility. Let me know if you understand what I am trying to say and if you need any more help. I am more than happy to help you out.

      P.S. Pay attention to edit summaries of other users, as they often tell you what has been edited or why an edit has been undone. Also, be sure to fill in an edit summary for your own edits as well.

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    • okay? i will try

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    • A FANDOM user
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