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  • I live in a place Pinterest doesn't clutter the net with reposts and make it maddening to find the original copy of an image with undiminshed resolution by its original name and its character/show/creator info!
  • My occupation is Anything where I have creative freedom and am not made to sink a ton of time into something when there's so much more I want to do
  • I am a love rival
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  • Hello, me and a bunch of my friends are rather curious about an old piece of information you have from three years ago. It's been a long time, I understand, so I'll link the relevant article: Dr. Weil

    The text specifically states:

    "Weil was branded a criminal, and himself, having been severly injured, was rumored to have bargained with X for his life, and convinced X to spare him at the disgust of Zero."

    It's extremely difficult to figure out where this was found on our own, and it'd really help us out if you could tell us where this piece of information came from. Thanks in advance!

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