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MMX8BlueMetal 1 Metal
MMX8YellowMetal 5 Metals
MMX8RedMetal 50 Metals
MMX8PurpleMetal 500 Metals
For the Mega Man X6 character, see Injured Reploids.

Metals (メタル) are collectible items from Mega Man X8. Much like Screws from early Mega Man games, they act as currency and can be used to purchase upgrades for the playable characters. They vary in size and color depending on their value.

Aside from Life and Weapon Energy recovery items, Metals can be dropped by defeated enemies. They can also be found scattered throughout each stage, and also hidden in various places, such as in destructible objects, underground, or in hidden rooms.

In addition, defeating a stage boss (except for Opening Stage and Sigma Palace) will allow the character to gain a shining silver Metal worth 3000 Metals.

Hidden Metals

Within six of the eight stages are several locations where X's Crystal Wall can be used to excavate a purple Metal. Each Metal can only be collected once per game.

Rare Metals


Many Chips are not available for development until the proper Rare Metal (レアメタル) has been recovered. These large, gold Metals are always hidden in out-of-the-way places, and usually require the use of a certain characters abilities (e.g. Zero's double-jump and Axl's A-Trans) and/or Special Weapon (Crystal Wall) to collect them.

Rare Metal locations

Weapon Bottle Full
Weapon Tank
Noah's Park Use Zero's double jump in the first waterfall to find it. Although difficult, it can also be obtained with Axl in the first run by hovering and shooting.
Shock Absorber (Axl)Noah's ParkAfter the room with several enemies, use X's Icarus helmet to break the ceiling and get the Rare Metal.
Weapon Converter (X)Booster ForestUse Axl's A-Trans to copy a Sphereroid and roll down a small passage containing the Rare Metal.
Double Barrier (Axl)Booster ForestThe Ride Armor is required for this Rare Metal, so avoid losing it at any cost. In the area with alternate paths, take the highest path and use the Ride Armor to break the blocks in the way. In the point with rolling spikes that the Ride Armor can't pass, jump out of the Ride Armor and the spikes will transport it to the other side. Be fast to return to the Ride Armor, or it will fall down. Leave the Ride Armor in a safe spot and go ahead to hit a button and make a platform move down. Return to the Ride Armor, leave it in the platform, and hit the button again to take it up. Use the Ride Armor to break the blocks, and use X's charged Crystal Wall to find the Rare Metal.
Shield Armor (Zero)Booster ForestThe Ride Armor is required for this Rare Metal. Follow the same path from Axl's Double Barrier shown above and, from the elevated platform, dash-jump and hover to the door. Continue until a small area with rolling spikes that the Ride Armor can't pass. Leave the Ride Armor and it will be carried by the spikes to an elevator that moves in the background. Follow it and, as soon as it becomes available, jump back to it and return to the rolling spikes before the elevator goes down. The Ride Armor's weight will break the floor and, if the player is inside the Ride Armor, take a ride in the elevator, obtaining the Rare Metal in the path. Alternative, players with Prickle Barrier can follow the Ride Armor in the spiked path. Of note, from this point it is possible to take the Ride Armor to the boss, as long as the boxes aren't broken with the Ride Armor's weight.
Shock Absorber (Zero)Central WhiteAfter leaving the Ride Chaser, use Zero's double jump to climb the area. At the top, use either Axl's hovering ability or Zero's Raikousen to reach the Rare Metal in the top left.
Weapon Bottle Full
Weapon Tank
InfernoAfter the second area with flaming enemies, there is an area that automatically scrolls down when the player jumps on the platforms. Before that, use Zero or Axl to jump up on the falling platforms to find a hidden room with the Rare Metal.
Double Barrier (X)InfernoIf Pallette is the navigator, she will inform of a floor that can be broken. Use Zero's Dairettsui to break it and find the Rare Metal.
Life Bottle Full
Life Tank
Metal ValleyNear the beginning, climb the skeleton and take it before Yellow Brontes breaks the bones. Easier to be taken with Zero's double jump and Axl's hover.
Double Barrier (Zero)Metal ValleyWhile Yellow Brontes is on the chase, activate a switch in the way to move the cranes before it is destroyed. After making Yellow Brontes retreat, use Axl to hover between the beams in the cranes.
Metal DiscountMetal ValleyWhile Yellow Brontes is retreating, some areas from the floor will open. Use Crystal Wall in one them to find the Rare Metal.
Shield Armor (Axl)Pitch BlackIn the top left of the dark area with spotlights, there is a hidden room with a sleeping guard. Touch the spotlights and use Axl's A-Trans to copy one of the guards that appear, or copy the lone guard on patrol. Transform and salute the sleeping guard to make him open a door. Inside, use Plasma Gun to energize the generator and bring light to the area. Return to the beginning to find that platforms appeared in the area, one of them with the Rare Metal.
Life Bottle Full
Life Tank
Pitch BlackUse X's charged Crystal Wall in the middle of the room with the generator mentioned above.
Weapon ConverterTroia BaseIn the bottom-right of the area between the sixth and seventh challenges. It is easier to be taken with Axl's hover.
Life Bottle Full
Life Tank
Troia BaseRewarded in the end of the stage if 6-7 challenges are cleared in their highest difficulty.
Metal GeneratorTroia BaseRewarded in the end of the stage if all challenges are cleared in their highest difficulty.

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