Metal Hawk (メタルホーク) is a blue armed version of the spaceships that serves as platforms from Storm Owl's stage in Mega Man X4, that unlike its green counterpart, attacks the player. Depending on the player's position, it may attack by either shooting energy blasts from its front cannons, or by shooting homing missiles from its rear.

If the player stays in the more or less in same X axis of Metal Hawk, it will shoot barrages of energy shots, three at a time, varying in height. If the player X axis is different or he is stepping on its platform, it will attack with four homing missiles. As they are highly homing, it is recommended to destroy them to avoid taking damage using the character's standard weapon. However, as hitting them with the X-Buster may prove to be hard, the Frost Tower is a good alternative defense against them. Moreover, after around three seconds, they lose their homing capabilities and go straight off-screen, making it also possible to trick them and evade their attack.

Metal Hawk is weak to lightning-based weapons, getting electrocuted and paralized if hit with the Lightning Web or Raijingeki.

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