Metall C-15 (メットール C-15 Mettōru C-15), also known as Mettaur C-15[1] and Mettool C-15,[2] is a Met from the Mega Man X series. As a Maverick, this construction foreman Reploid[3] hides under its helmet most of the time, and attempts to attack enemies from behind.


Mega Man X

Maverick Metall C-15s appear as enemies in the stages of Armored Armadillo, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, and in Sigma Stage 1, and as a mascot in the password option screen.

Mega Man Xtreme and Mega Man Xtreme 2

Metall C-15 appears in the stages of Armored Armadillo in Mega Man Xtreme and in Volt Catfish's stage in Mega Man Xtreme 2. Their behavior is the same from Mega Man X.

Other appearances

Other media

Metall C-15 has minor appearances in the Rockman X manga. Armored Armadillo ordered one Metall C-15 to repair X's X-Buster the first time they met.



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