Geo Stelar face-to-face with Meteor G.

Meteor G, or Meteor Grave, is a large meteor and server which formed in space entirely out of Noise.


Meteor G is not a solid meteor, in fact, it is constructed by the formation of large noise masses. The surface is similar to the concept of a gas giant, but instead is covered with Noise and becomes more dense closer to its core. Large masses of Noise Frags constantly hover around the surface. The meteor's hot corona continuously expands in space releasing the red noise winds, a stream of charged noises that extends to the heliopause. The core however, is protected by a hard layer of Crimson. As such, inside itself is a complex structure consists of many EM Roads and unknown mechanisms in order to hold the Meteor Server.

The Dread Meteor Lazer (Grave Meteor Laser in Japan) is one of Meteor G's signature weapons. It is an enormous wave of noise that can be directed at both general and specific locations. Once Mr. King gained power over Meteor G, he uses the Dread Lazer to jam both WAZA headquarters as well as WBG Studio, both times foiled when people fled the area in time while Mega Man rescued those trapped inside of the powerful Noise Waves it creates.


Meteor G is a main antagonizing force and the center of Dealer's plans in Mega Man Star Force 3. During the events of the game, it is set on a collision course with Earth. It is later revealed that such a crash would render all EM technology useless, as well as wiping out 80% of the human population outright.

Throughout the game, WAZA and the Satella Police do all they can to redirect its course, but Mr. King eventually gains partial control of the meteor through the use of Crimson. His Wizard, Dread Joker, is also able to draw upon the power of the meteor. As it approaches Earth, the effects are seen in the weakened state in which it leaves Hertzes, among other things.


  • Dread Joker shares part of his Japanese name (Grave Joker) and strongest attack (Dread Lazer) with Meteor G.
  • When the plot of Mega Man Star Force 3 was first revealed, many fans speculated that Meteor G was Duo, returning after his parting words in Mega Man Battle Network 4. This turned out not to be the case.