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The Meteor Server (流星サーバー) is a server from Mega Man Star Force 3 located inside the Cyber Core of Meteor G, deep within the Noise that forms it. This server is full of free-flowing Noise and some Noisms, as well as more powerful viruses than those located on Earth. Accessing the server is tough, and requires a high level of Noise resistance.

It is later revealed that none other than Kelvin Stelar is located at the core of the Meteor Server, and is the sole reason that the meteor has been unable to strike the earth yet. He has interfered with the core thus far, and is slowly weakening until Mega Man arrives, whereupon the core absorbs Kelvin and tries to use what remains of his power to fight Mega Man.


Finalize is a phenomenon caused by accessing the Meteor Server when the Noise rate exceeds 200%, which can only be done by EM Beings who possess the Ace Program or Joker Program and have a significant level of experience with Noise. Users are taken into a state known as Finalized Noise, granting them vast amounts of power as well as immunity from Noise by becoming attuned to it. The EM Being will become either Black Ace or Red Joker, based on the program being used.

While Mega Man has a copy of Acid or Joker's program (depending on the game version), Acid and Joker are able to Finalize naturally. Joker refers to this as their "Shooting Star Power" as a reference to the Japanese name of the series.

Meteor Folder

Those who connect to the Meteor Server are also given access to the Meteor Folder. This folder is filled with powerful Battle Cards, most of which are V3, X, or GA form, as well as Noise Force Big Bang cards. The overall strength and skill of the Battle Cards vary depending on the Noise Level of the person connecting to the Meteor Server. For Mega Man, the exact cards from which he is given depends on the version of the game being played.

Meteor G Core


Crimson Dragon

Main article: Crimson Dragon

Located at the core of the Meteor Server is the Crimson Dragon. Though it lacks its form when Mega Man first encounters it, the core takes shape after absorbing Kelvin and Mr. King. It then becomes a large dragon whose wings and core bear a striking resemblance to the Black Ace and Red Joker Finalized Noises, respectively. When the head absorbs too much damage, it will split into two; one red, one black. The core is then exposed to further attack.

Though it is a beastly creature in nature, the core itself is able to speak when controlled by Mr. King, though it rarely does so. The Crimson Dragon itself does not have access to the Dread Laser, but does have access to a myriad of other attacks using Noise, its head(s), and its claws.

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